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福州第二人民医院封闭抗体检查好不好费用多少福州输卵管输通最好的三甲医院She asked me what I did for a living. When I told her I was a writer, she frowned and said a new nose could help me find a better job.她先是问我是干哪行的。当知道我是个作家后,她皱了皱眉头说整下鼻子就能帮我找份更好的工作。“Your nose is too flat. A well-shaped nose commands respect,” said the consultant. “Businessmen come in to get more prominent noses. And ladies have better chances in both career and love after their operations.”“你的鼻子太扁了。漂亮的鼻子会让人‘顿生敬意’。”整容顾问说,“老板们来这里都是为了整个好看的鼻子。整容后的女人会事业爱情双丰收。”I was in one of the biggest cosmetic surgery hospitals in China, located in the southern city of Shenzhen, where over half the population is made up of migrants from other parts of the country. Most of them are here for factory or construction work, but many long for better prospects.这是我在深圳一家全国最大的整形医院采访时的内容。来这家医院整容的人大半都是外地人。他们大部分人都在深圳的工厂或建筑公司上班,但很多人都希望生活能过得更好些。A nose job costs around ,900 at this hospital, which is a bargain compared to the average cost of rhinoplasty in the US of ,500, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. But when the average yearly income for urban residents in China is just ,000 and the average monthly pay for a migrant worker a measly , a nose job would take years for most people to save up for.(在这家医院)做一次隆鼻手术的价格是2900美元。对比美国整形协会的数据—均价4500美元,这个价格算是便宜的了。但当了解到中国城镇居民的年均收入只有7000美元,而外来打工者的月薪也只有可怜的40美元时,对大部分打工者来说,要想做一次隆鼻手术他们得攒上好几年的时间。Yet cosmetic surgery is an investment more and more Chinese women from all rungs of society are splashing out on, according to new research from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. And it’s not all about vanity. Those who go under the knife usually believe surgery would improve all aspects of their lives.然而,中国香港大学的最新研究显示,中国花钱整容的女性越来越多,各行各业的都有。她们并不一定是为了虚荣,且她们通常认为整容将全面改善她们的生活。“The dramatic economic, cultural and political changes in China have produced immense anxiety experienced by women, which stimulates the belief that beauty is capital,” said anthropologist Wen Hua, author of the recently published book, Buying Beauty: Cosmetic Surgery in China.最近中国出版了一本书叫《买来的美丽:在中国整容》,该书的作者兼人类学家文华(音译)谈到:“中国在经济、文化和政治上经历了巨大的变革,这令中国的女性们产生了极大的焦虑情绪,从而促使她们认为漂亮就是资本。”The idea that beauty is capital “epitomizes the idea that good looks are the key to increased opportunities for social and career success,” she said. “Cosmetic surgery has become a form of consumer choice; it reflects in microcosm the transition of China from communism to consumerism with its own Chinese characteristics.”“好的相貌对改善人际关系和职业晋升都至关重要,这也折射出‘漂亮就是资本’的思想。“她还说道,“整容已变成了消费者的一个选择,这从微观上反映出中国正在由共产主义社会过渡到中国特色的消费主义社会。”Wen’s research focused on field studies in Beijing, interviews with 58 women from age 16 to 55 and analysis of Chinese media reports. She found that cosmetic surgery is less taboo in China than in North America, and is particularly popular among women struggling to find work.文华的研究内容主要包括在北京地区进行实地调查,对58名年龄从16至55岁不等的女性进行采访,以及对媒体的报道进行分析。她发现,相对于北美地区,整容在中国的忌讳要少些,而且在那些急于找工作的女性中整容尤为盛行。Between 1993 and 2001, 43 million urban employees were laid off, amounting to a quarter of China’s total urban labor force. Women were often the first to be laid off and the last to be hired back, and when applying for jobs they encountered much more discrimination than men, said Wen.1993年至2001年间,中国约有4300万城镇居民下岗,这一数字相当于中国城镇劳动力人数总和的1/4。文华表示,最先解雇的是女员工,最后复工的也是女员工,相比男人来说,女人在找工作时遭受的歧视要多得多。A 2003 review of job advertisements found that among positions open to women, nearly 90 percent were open only to those younger than 30 years old. Youth is particularly cherished in a country where women who remain unmarried past the age of 27 are labelled “leftover women” by the government. Women who don’t meet minimum height requirements (usually set at 1.58 meters) are also often denied government jobs.对2003年的招聘广告回顾后发现,在这些面向女性的职位中,几乎90%的职位都要求应聘者在30岁以下。在中国,年轻人会受到百般照顾,而女性在27岁之后还没结婚的话,政府就会给其贴上“剩女”的标签。女性身高若不足最低身高要求(通常是1.58米),政府部门也通常不予录用。But these obstacles have not kept women from aiming high. A 2011 study by the Centre for World-Life Policy found that 76 percent of women in China aspire to top jobs, compared with 52 percent in the ed States.尽管存在各种限制,但也不能阻止她们的远大追求。2011年,世界生活政策中心曾进行过一项调查,结果显示76%的中国女人渴望高级职位,而在美国这一比例是52%。Ambitious women who turn to cosmetic surgery to gain an edge in the job market fuel a 2.5 billion a year industry in China that has grown at a pace of 20 percent per year, according to the official Xinhua News Agency. China is now the third largest market for cosmetic surgery in the world, after the US and Brazil, although when population is taken into account cosmetic surgery may be most common in South Korea.据新华社报道,事业型的女人会将整容当作是工作中的一种优势,中国的整容行业会因她们而产生每年25亿美元的收益,且年均增长达20%。目前,中国是世界第三大整容市场,仅次于美国和巴西。而就整容的人数来看,韩国则是整容最流行的国家。In China, the practice has become so socially accepted that beauty pageants have been held especially for “artificial beauties” and vocational schools for flight attendants routinely herd students into cosmetic surgery hospitals, said Wen.文华说道:“在中国,整容已经相当普遍 ,到处都有专门甄选“人造美女”的选美比赛。 有些培养空的职业学校甚至还会定期组织学生去医院整容。”Outside the hospital in Shenzhen, I met a woman surnamed Liu from a smaller city in Guangdong Province, who had also come from a consultation. She had glossy hair, a pointed nose and a slim figure. She showed off her long legs in a mini-skirt and platform heels.在这家深圳的整容医院外面,我遇见了一位广东某个小县城来的刘女士,她也是来这里整容的。头发锃亮,鼻子尖尖的她身材很好,穿的迷你裙很配她的长腿,脚上穿着一双平跟鞋。“I’m thinking of getting herbal weight loss injections,” she told me. “Injections are safer and cheaper than liposuction.”她说:“我想用药物注射来减肥,药物注射要比抽脂手术安全些。”In the past year, Liu, a 28-year-old administrative assistant at a financial company, had aly undergone double-eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty at the hospital, which offers a mind-boggling range of procedures including some adapted from traditional Chinese medicinal practices. When I asked Liu why she chose to get cosmetic surgery, she said: “It’s just like applying makeup; everybody wants to enhance their beauty. A woman especially needs to work to maintain her appearance as she gets older.”刘女士今年29岁,曾任职于一家金融公司做行政助理。她去医院隆过鼻,也拉过双眼皮,这些手术的复杂程度超乎想象,有些手术还是源自传统的中药疗法。当我问她为什么选择整容时,她回答到:“这就好比是化妆吧,每个人都想要自己变得更漂亮。女人年龄一大(皮肤)就特别需要保养。”A daughter of struggling shopkeepers, Liu said she was barely able to finish secondary school and was lucky to find decently paid work. “I wouldn’t have been hired if I had been an ugly duckling,” she said. Liu is now worried she will lose her job once she gets older. She has taken evening classes in business management, but believes an attractive appearance is just as important as education.因为得帮着母亲忙生意,刘女士说,“我初中都没上完就辍学了,幸好找到了份体面的工作。如果我是个‘丑小鸭’,我是不会被录用的。”刘女士现在担心随着年龄的增大,她会失去这份工作。虽然她晚上也去学习商业管理课程,但她仍然认为好的相貌和良好的教育背景两个都重要。Liu is aware of the horror stories of botched surgeries. Around the world, risky operations such as “leg-stretching” surgery are rarely used for cosmetic purposes but such operations are popular in China. In efforts to meet height requirements for jobs, men and women have paid tens of thousands of yuan to have their bones broken so that doctors could insert steel pins under the knees and above the ankles, but complications have left dozens of people crippled for life. China’s Ministry of Health has banned some risky cosmetic surgeries, but most private clinics for cosmetic surgery are widely unregulated.刘女士对整容失败的不幸遭遇也有所耳闻。就全世界来说,像拉腿这样存在风险的手术很少会被当作整容手术来进行,但它在中国却颇为流行。为了达到职位的身高要求,求职者们不惜花费数万元来切断腿骨,并分别在膝盖和脚踝处植入钢钉。目前已有数十名患者因并发症而导致终身残废。中国卫生部明令禁止此类有风险的整容手术,但许多私人整容诊所仍然在违规进行。Out of curiosity, I decided to visit a private clinic in Shenzhen. After an hour of walking in circles, I found the clinic on the 18th floor of a rundown residential building with drunk or drugged men sprawled in the hallways. A teenage boy greeted me at the door, and sat me down for the consultation at a flimsy table while his father watched a soap opera a few feet away in the living room. The clinic doubled as their living quarters.出于好奇,我决定去当地一家私人诊所看一看。在一栋旧居民楼里转了一个小时后,我终于在18楼找到了一家私人诊所,楼道里躺着几个人,可能是喝醉或者是嗑药的吧。诊所门口有一男孩,见我就热情地询问并招呼我在一个桌子旁坐下,桌子有些破了,而此时男孩的父亲正在几尺远的客厅里看电视剧。I inquired about liposuction treatments, but the boy mumbled something about the doctor being unavailable and to my horror, suggested that I get human placenta injections instead, vaguely explaining that placenta treatments are “good for women.” The injections cost about ,630 per pack of five syringes and must be self-administered. I declined the offer and bolted out of the clinic.我向男孩咨询了有关抽脂手术的情况,但他却吾说医生现在没空,居然还建议我进行胎盘注射,还含糊地说胎盘注射手术对女人“有益”,这可把我吓坏了。手术需花费1630美元左右,一包注射器(5个/包),须自己注射。我婉拒了男孩的建议,并迅速离开了诊所。“Cosmetic surgery is a choice and you have to make the best decisions for yourself and your family,” said Liu. “That’s what people are doing all over China today.”刘女士说:“整容手术是一个选择,而你得为自己和家人做最好的选择,这就是当下中国人都在做的事情。” /201311/264273福州去那家医院孕前检查比较好 After giving birth生娃之后I heard recently that after giving birth, women aren#39;t allowed to take a bath or shower. They shouldn#39;t wash their hair for over a month. They shouldn#39;t return to work for nearly 3 months. Very different in the West. I really don#39;t know or understand the rationale or if it#39;s just some kind of tradition.我最近听说,女性在生完孩子之后不可以洗澡淋浴,一个月不能洗头,近三个月内不能工作。这和西方完全不一样。我真的不明白为什么要有这些规矩,或者这是某种传统。Boiled water开水In China, all water has to be boiled before you can drink it. I am not sure why the Chinese do it, but I have heard that it is very good for your digestive system.在中国,所有的水只有烧开了才能喝。我不明白为什么,但我听说这对人的消化系统比较好。Drinking饮酒Drinking is a part of Chinese culture that I find weird. If you want to create or enhance your network, you have to drink as much as you can.饮酒是中国文化的一部分,不过我觉得这很奇怪。如果希望增加人脉,或是促进双方的关系,你就必须得大喝特喝。Red envelope红包A far more pervasive feature is the red envelope.红包这个东西更让人匪夷所思。If you are married to a Chinese you will be surprised by the sheer number of events that give people an automatic right to obtain red money-filled envelopes:你要是嫁了或是娶了一个中国人,那你就会遇到各种各样人们可以收红包的场合:A house-warming party;乔迁喜宴;the marriage;婚礼;death of someone;葬礼;promotion (of a civil servant);(官员)升迁;birth of a child;孩子出生;birthday;生日;Raised by grandparents爷爷奶奶看孩子In China, children were raised primarily by the grandparents because of the parents needing to work. My husband was raised by his grandparents, and my in-laws were raised by their grandparents. Should children#39;s primary caretakers be their parents?在中国,孩子基本是由爷爷奶奶养大的,因为父母都要出去工作。我的丈夫就是被他的祖父母养大的,我的几个中国亲戚也是由他们的祖父母养大的。最应该照顾孩子的难道不该是他们的父母吗?Driving驾驶I#39;m studying for the driving exam. The laws are similar to the West. What#39;s amazing is, NO ONE FOLLOWS THESE LAWS IN CHINA! Seriously. The licensing process in China is far more difficult than in the West. However, it seems that in China, as soon as you do get the license, you forget everything that you learned and do whatever you want, whenever you, wherever you want, however you want. Parking on sidewalks, driving on the wrong side of the road, constantly honking the horn and many others. Most of the laws are exactly the opposite of what more than 50% of the drivers do in China. In the West, we have driving laws that are enforced. It is rare to see someone breaking the driving laws in the West.我正在学驾驶。中国的交规和西方差不多。但神奇的是,中国根本没人遵守交规!说实话,中国的驾照考试要比西方难一百倍。但在中国,一旦拿到驾照,人们就把学的东西都忘了,无视各种规则,想怎么开就怎么开,比如把车停在人行道上,反道行驶,没事按喇叭等等。中国超过50%的驾驶员都违反了交通规则。在西方,我们必须驾驶法规,很少看见有人违章。Sneeze打喷嚏My wife tells me I#39;ll have good luck when I sneeze.我老婆跟我讲,打喷嚏会走运。I like this much, much more than hearing the tired, old ;God bless you; common in the West.西方人打喷嚏时人们老说“上天保佑你”,我都听腻了,比起这个,中国这个说法我简直太喜欢了。Cupping therapy拔火罐Cupping therapy. My wife does dry Cupping Therapy and I understand it is an ancient practice but I don#39;t see any benefits or results to it. I believe it is to draw bad blood to the surface of one#39;s skin.拔火罐。我老婆会去拔火罐,我知道这是一个古老的疗法,但我没看到它有任何效果。我觉得它只是让皮肤淤血而已。 /201408/323303福州市二医院复通手术费用

福州做结扎恢复手术专业医院If people need motivation to get up from their office chairs or couches and become less sedentary, two useful new studies could provide the impetus. One found that sitting less can slow the aging process within cells, and the other helpfully underscores that standing up — even if you are standing still — can be good for you as well.如果人们需要一些动力才愿意从办公椅和沙发上站起来,少坐一会儿,那么两项有用的新研究能提供这种动力。其中一项研究发现,少坐能减缓细胞衰老速度;另一项研究强调站立——哪怕只是静静地站着——也对健康有益。For most of us nowadays, sitting is our most common waking activity, with many of us sitting for eight hours or more every day. Even people who exercise for an hour or so tend to spend most of the remaining hours of the day in a chair.静坐是我们大部分人清醒时最常见的状态,很多人每天坐八小时以上。甚至连那些每天锻炼一小时左右的人其他大部分时间也都是坐着。The health consequences of this sedentariness are well-documented. Past studies have found that the more hours that people spend sitting, the more likely they are to develop diabetes, heart disease and other conditions, and potentially to die prematurely — even if they exercise regularly.久坐会带来健康隐患,这一点据确凿。过去的研究发现,人们坐的时间越长,越有可能患上糖尿病和心脏病等疾病,甚至可能早死——即使进行有规律地锻炼。But most of these studies were associational, meaning that they found a link between sitting and illness, but could not prove whether or how sitting actually causes ill health.但是这些研究大多得出的是关联性结论,也就是说,它们发现久坐与患病有关,但是不能明久坐是否的确或者如何导致健康问题。So for the most groundbreaking of the new studies, which was published this month in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, scientists in Sweden decided to mount an actual experiment, in which they would alter the amount of time that people spent exercising and sitting, and track certain physiological results. In particular, with this experiment, the scientists were interested in whether changes in sedentary time would affect people’s telomeres.到目前为止,新研究中最具突破性的是本月在《英国运动医学杂志》(British Journal of Sports Medicine)上发表的研究——瑞典科学家们决定进行一项实际实验,他们在实验中改变人们锻炼和静坐的时间长度,然后追踪某些生理后果。科学家们对这个实验最感兴趣的是,这些改变是否会影响人们的染色体端粒。If you are unfamiliar with the componentry of your genes, telomeres are the tiny caps on the ends of DNA strands. They shorten and fray as a cell ages, although the process is not strictly chronological. Obesity, illness and other conditions can accelerate the shortening, causing cells to age prematurely, while some evidence suggests that healthy lifestyles may preserve telomere length, delaying cell aging.你可能对基因的组成部分不太了解,所以我简单介绍一下,染色体端粒是DNA链条末端的小帽子。随着细胞老化,它们会缩短、磨损,不过这一过程不完全由时间决定。肥胖、疾病和其他健康问题会加速端粒缩短,导致细胞提前老化,而有些据表明健康的生活方式能维持端粒长度,延缓细胞衰老。For the new experiment, the Swedish scientists recruited a group of sedentary, overweight men and women, all aged 68, and drew blood, in order to measure the length of telomeres in the volunteers’ white blood cells. Then half of the volunteers began an individualized, moderate exercise program, designed to improve their general health. They also were advised to sit less.为了这个新实验,瑞典科学家招募了一群习惯久坐的68岁超重男女,采血测量他们白细胞中端粒的长度。然后,其中一半志愿者开始个性化的适度锻炼计划,旨在提高总体健康状况。同时建议他们少坐。The other volunteers were told to continue with their normal lives, although the scientists urged them to try to lose weight and be healthy, without offering any specific methods.科学家们让其他志愿者继续像往常那样生活,但是鼓励他们尽量减肥,保持健康,不过没有提供具体方法。After six months, the volunteers all returned for a second blood draw and to complete questionnaires about their daily activities. These showed that those in the exercise group were, not surprisingly, exercising more than they had been previously. But they were also, for the most part, sitting substantially less than before.六个月后,志愿者们第二次抽血,完成关于日常活动的问卷。结果表明,锻炼组的人不出所料比从前锻炼得更多。但是他们大部分人坐的时间也比从前少了很多。And when the scientists compared telomeres, they found that the telomeres in the volunteers who were sitting the least had lengthened. Their cells seemed to be growing physiologically younger.科学家们在比较端粒时发现,坐得最少的志愿者的端粒延长了。从生理上讲,他们的细胞似乎更年轻了。Meanwhile, in the control group telomeres generally were shorter than they had been six months before.与此同时,控制组志愿者的端粒总体来说比六个月前更短了。But perhaps most interesting, there was little correlation between exercise and telomere length. In fact, the volunteers in the exercise group who had worked out the most during the past six months tended now to have slightly less lengthening and even some shortening, compared to those who had exercised less but stood up more.但是也许最有趣的是,锻炼与端粒长度之间几乎没有联系。实际上,在锻炼组中,在这六个月里锻炼最多的人与锻炼得不多但是站立时间更长的人相比,端粒增长得略微少一些,有些甚至缩短了。Reducing sedentary time had lengthened telomeres, the scientists concluded, while exercising had played little role.科学家们得出结论,减少静坐时间延长了端粒长度,而锻炼对此几乎毫无作用。Exactly what the volunteers did in lieu of sitting is impossible to say with precision, said Per Sj#246;gren, a professor of public health at Uppsala University in Sweden, who led the study, because the researchers did not track their volunteers’ movement patterns with monitors. But “it’s most likely,” he said, that “sitting time was predominantly replaced with low-intensity activities,” and in particular with time spent standing up.这项研究的领导者、瑞典乌普萨拉大学的公共健康教授佩尔·肖格伦(Per Sj#246;gren)说,志愿者们用什么活动来代替静坐无从准确得知,因为研究者们没用监测器追踪志愿者们的活动模式。但是他说,“最可能的情况是,静坐时间主要是被低强度的活动代替”,尤其是站立。Which makes the second new study of sedentary behavior particularly relevant. Standing is not, after all, physically demanding for most people, and some scientists have questioned whether merely standing up — without also moving about and walking — is sufficiently healthy or if standing merely replaces one type of sedentariness with another.这让另一项关于静坐行为的新研究显得格外重要。毕竟,对大多数人来说,站立不是生理需求。有些科学家质疑,只是站立——不动,也不行走——是否足够健康;站立是否只是另一种形式的久坐。If so, standing could be expected to increase health problems and premature death, as sitting has been shown to do.如果是这样的话,站立可能会和静坐一样增加健康问题,导致早逝。To find out whether that situation held true, Peter Katzmarzyk, a professor of public health at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, La., and an expert on sedentary behavior, turned to a large database of self-reported information about physical activity among Canadian adults. He noted the amount of time that the men and women had reported standing on most days over the course of a decade or more and crosschecked that data with death records, to see whether people who stood more died younger.为了弄清那种情况是否属实,路易斯安那州巴吞鲁日彭宁顿生物医学研究中心的公共健康教授、静坐行为研究专家彼得·卡兹马兹克(Peter Katzmarzyk)开始研究一个巨大的数据库,里面是加拿大成年人自我陈述的身体活动信息。他记下那些人在十年或更长时间内大部分日子里站立的时间,与死亡档案里的数据交叉检查,看看那些站得更多的人是否死得更早。The results, published in May in Medicine amp; Science in Sports amp; Exercise, are soothing if predictable. Dr. Katzmarzyk found no link between standing and premature death. Rather, as he writes in the study, “mortality rates declined at higher levels of standing,” suggesting that standing is not sedentary or hazardous, a conclusion with which our telomeres would likely concur.今年5月,他的研究结果在《运动锻炼医学科学》(Medicine amp; Science in Sports amp; Exercise)上发表。结果不出意料,令人安慰。卡兹马兹克发现站立和早逝之间没有关系。相反,他在研究报告中写道,“站立时间越长,死亡率越低”,称站立不同于久坐,没有危害——我们的端粒很可能会赞同这一结论。 /201410/333797福州去那间医院染色体检查比较好 From the outside, it looks like a prison. At least that#39;s what some of the well-heeled residents of the Scottish village of Kilmacolm say of Windyhill — and the house does look somewhat austere, with its uncompromising cement and stone exterior.从外部看起来,它就像座监狱。至少,这是苏格兰小村启马科姆(Kilmacolm)中一些殷实的居民对“风之丘”(Windyhill)的评价。这栋房子毫不妥协的水泥及石头外观,令它看起来确实有点朴实无华。But the moment a recent Japanese visitor stepped inside, she was overcome with emotion and burst into tears. To her, it was perfection.但就在最近,当一位日本访客步入这栋房子的那一刻,她的情绪失控,潸然落泪。对她而言,那就是完美。Windyhill is one of only two surviving houses built by the architect, designer and artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh — the other is the Hill House in Helensburgh, now a National Trust for Scotland property. Mackintosh was acclaimed throughout Europe in the early 1900s, but his talent was little celebrated in his hometown of Glasgow until long after his death in 1928. He now is considered one of Scotland#39;s most famous designers.这栋“风之丘”,是建筑师、设计师兼艺术家查尔斯·雷尼·麦金托什(Charles Rennie Mackintosh)所建造的房屋当中仅存的两栋之一。另外一栋是海伦斯堡(Helensburgh)的希尔之家(Hill House),现属一处苏格兰国民信托财产(National Trust for Scotland property)。麦金托什在20世纪早期即享誉全欧洲,但在他的家乡格拉斯哥(Glasgow),直到他于1928年逝世之后的很长一段时间内,其才华都无人喝。现在,他被认为是苏格兰最著名的设计师之一。Windyhill, his only residential design that is still a private home, is for sale at 3 million pounds, or about million.“风之丘”是他的民宅设计作品中,唯一一处仍被用作私人住宅的建筑,现在,它即将以300万英镑(约合人民币3057万元),或大约5百万美元的价格出售。David Cairns, the current owner, said the house had scores of visitors every year, as there is strong interest around the world, particularly in the ed States, in Mackintosh#39;s work and the Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts movements. He recalled one visitor: ;This lady had seen pictures of the house as it was when it was built in 1902, so when she came into the hallway, it seemed to her as if nothing had changed, as if she was stepping into the past.;房子目前的主人大卫·凯恩斯(David Cairns)说,这栋房子每年都会接待大批造访者,世界各地的人对麦金托什的作品、新艺术(Art Nouveau)和工艺美术运动(Arts and Crafts movements)都有很强的兴趣,特别是在美国。他回忆起这样一位访客:“这位女士看过这栋房子在1902年刚刚建好时的老照片,所以当她走进门厅时,在她看来一切都没有改变,就好似她一下踏进了过去一样。”The reception hall, almost 11 meters long by 2.7 meters wide, or 36 feet by 8.8 feet, is decorated as Mackintosh specified — he always insisted on controlling the décor within his designs. The original beams are picked out in black, as are the door and window frames, and the fireplace has a black surround flanked by thin tapering columns. It creates a strong contrast with the neutral walls and plain muslin curtains.那间近乎11米长、2.7米宽的接待大厅里的装饰,就好像由麦金托什亲自督办的一样——他总是坚持将装饰控制在自己的设计风格之内。原有的横梁被漆成黑色以突出效果,门框和窗框也如法炮制,壁炉的黑框两侧,也饰以一道道逐渐收敛的细柱。这就同柔和的墙壁和灰白色的棉布窗帘产生了一种强烈的对比效果。Most of the fittings throughout the house are originals, while the hall furniture and other pieces, including the tables, huge oak sideboards and wicker high-backed chairs, were recreated from Mackintosh#39;s designs and could be included by negotiation in the sale.房子里的多数陈设都还是原物,而大厅里的家具和其它诸如餐桌、巨型橡木餐具柜和柳条编织的高背椅,则是麦金托什设计的复制品。它们经协商也有可能随房产一起销售。William Davidson, a wealthy Glasgow merchant, hired Mackintosh to design the house in 1900. The result was a seven-bedroom mansion with three reception rooms, a kitchen, two bathrooms and a scullery.1900年,一位富有的格拉斯哥商人威廉·戴维森(William Davidson)聘请麦金托什设计房子。结果就得到了这栋包含七间卧室、三间会客厅、一间厨房、两间浴室和一个炊具餐具存放室的宅邸。Windyhill is considered one of the most important examples of Mackintosh#39;s work and is listed Grade A, the top rating, by Historic Scotland, the government agency charged with protecting the country#39;s heritage.“风之丘”被认为是麦金托什作品当中最为重要的一处范例,被致力于保护境内文化遗产的政府机构“历史苏格兰”(Historic Scotland)列入A级,即最高一级。Mr. Cairns, who bought the house 12 years ago, said at the time that the interior was ;all swagged curtains and thick carpets — so to restore it, I took advice from the Hunterian Museum and the Glasgow School of Art, which are authorities on Mackintosh, and studied the old photographs.;于12年前买下这栋房产的凯恩斯说,那时候房子内部“全是挂着帷幕的窗帘和厚实的地毯——所以,为了恢复其原貌,我听从了来自亨特物馆(Hunterian Museum)和格拉斯哥艺术学校(the Glasgow School of Art)的意见,它们都是研究麦金托什的权威;我还研究了房子的老照片。”;Much of the original fabric, such as the dadoes and woodwork, is still here, but many of the pieces are in the School of Art, so I contacted craftsmen that the museum and the school approved to recreate the lights, the furniture and the fabrics,; he said.“很多诸如护墙板和木制品这样的原有素材还在原处,但也有很多部件在艺术学校里,所以我联系了物馆和学校认可的工匠,复制了那些灯具、家具和装饰素材。”他说。Mackintosh designed the Glasgow School of Art, which was damaged in May by a fire that destroyed its library, considered by many to be one of the world#39;s finest examples of Art Nouveau design.麦金托什设计的格拉斯哥艺术学校,被普遍认为是世界上最优秀的一处新艺术设计实例。但它在五月时发生了一场火灾,图书馆遭到损毁。A visitor first sees Windyhill through a narrow gate, the rugged harled walls — harling is the very Scottish practice of throwing small stones at cement to create a rough surface — painted gray. The L-shaped house, which totals about 400 square meters, or 4,400 square feet, almost faces away from the road and has simple barred window frames, steeply pitched slate roofs and chimneys at the gable ends. ;The windows look small from the outside,; said Mr. Cairns, an entrepreneur. ;But inside when you switch on the lights, there is an infusion of color. In the dining room, the light plays on the surfaces.;通过一道窄门,来访者初次见到“风之丘”时,第一眼会看到被涂成灰色的崎岖泥墙——灰泥涂抹法(harl)是一种非常具有苏格兰特色的工艺,就是将小石子投到水泥面上,以制造一种粗糙的表面。这栋总面积为400平方米的“L”型房屋,几乎完全背向马路,带有栅栏线条简洁的窗框、陡峭倾斜的板岩房顶和山墙末端的烟囱。“窗户从外面看起来很小,”身为企业家的凯恩斯说,“但在房间内部,当你打开灯后,颜色就会注入进来。在餐厅里,光线会在各种平面上游走。”Perhaps nothing exemplifies the Mackintosh style more than the lighting fixtures. Square or rectangular, some in groups of four hanging from the ceilings or from the dining room paneling, their black or shiny steel frames are uncompromisingly functional — but several have Art Nouveau swirling floral motifs in a delicate pink that transform them into objects of beauty. (A set of four in the drawing room cost £70,000 to recreate.)也许,没什么东西比那些灯具更能体现麦金托什的风格了。这些正方形或长方形的灯具,有的四个一组挂在天花板或餐厅嵌板上,它们那黑色或银色的框架,透露出毋庸置疑的功用性——不过,其中若干盏上绘有新艺术风格的浅粉色花朵图案,又将它们转化为柔美之物(会客厅里那组四头吊灯的复制成本是70000英镑[约合人民币713496元])。he rooms are minimalist in design, with small touches to bring them alive: leaded glass in a window, a carving on a door and, in the master bedroom, a frieze of pink roses and two long-stemmed green flowers that reach from floor to cornice. Reflecting the designer#39;s typical attention to detail, the latter are in the direct line of sight when anyone looks into the dressing table mirror.房间的设计奉行了极简主义,并以一些小细节激发出其中的生气,比如一扇窗户上用的含铅玻璃、一扇门上的一处雕花,以及主卧室里的一条粉色玫瑰花带和两条由地面直抵天花板的长梗绿花装饰。而绿色花饰的位置,也体现出设计者对于细节的别具匠心。只要有人看向梳妆台的镜子,它们就恰位于视线所及之处。;This is not a house for an accountant,; Mr. Cairns said. ;This is a stage for art.; He has used it to showcase his own collection of modern and contemporary art, including many pieces by the Glasgow Boys, painters from the late 19th century who captured rural life in the region.“这不是一栋为一名会计师设计的房子,”凯恩斯说,“这是一座艺术的舞台。”他一直用这里展示他自己收藏的现、当代艺术品,包括19世纪末期的画家团体“格拉斯哥男孩”(the Glasgow Boys)的许多件作品,该团的成员描绘了许多当地乡村生活的场景。Not everything in the house is in the Mackintosh style. The kitchen is thoroughly contemporary, with an A stove; the bathroom is clad in marble tiles inspired by a shower scene in the 2006 James Bond movie ;Casino Royale,; and a sound system delivers music into every room.这栋房子里也不是所有东西都是麦金托什风格的。厨房是彻底的当代风格,有一座A炉灶;浴室覆盖着大理石砖,其设计灵感源于2006年那部詹姆斯·邦德影片《皇家》(Casino Royale)里一个淋浴的镜头;此外还有一套可在每间房间里播放音乐的音响系统。The one-acre site has the original layout of formal shrubs and a lily pond, where Mackintosh is reputed to have been doused after his Santa Claus beard caught fire one Christmas. Beyond the house walls is the valley of the River Gryffe and the low hills of Ayrshire.这处占地一英亩(约合0.4公顷)的地块上,还保留着最初设计里的正规灌木丛和一方莲花池,据说有一年圣诞节,当麦金托什戴的圣诞老人胡着火后,他就是跳进这个水池解的围。围墙之外,是格里夫河谷(the valley of River Gryffe)和埃尔郡(Ayrshire)的低矮山丘。The village of Kilmacolm is a built-to-last sort of place with 19th-century buildings of solid sandstone, mostly independent shops, a pub and cafes, and a golf course and two schools are nearby. It is about 15 miles, or about 24 kilometers, from central Glasgow and 10 miles to the international airport.启马科姆村是个有历久弥新之感的地方,到处是以坚固的砂岩建造的19世纪房屋,大部分是独立商店,还有一家酒吧和一些咖啡馆。附近还有一处高尔夫球场和两座学校。从格拉斯哥市中心到这里约有15英里或大约24公里;到国际机场则有10英里(约合16公里)。The average asking price for properties on sale in Kilmacolm is £351,433, while the average for Scotland is £160,000, according to home.co.uk.根据home.co.uk的统计,启马科姆当地在售房产的平均要价在351433英镑(约合人民币355.8万元),而苏格兰地区的平均值为160000英镑(约合人民币162.0万元)。;This is where the social elite live,; said Rory Ballantyne, owner of the eponymous real estate agency that is handling the sale.“这是一个社会精英居住的地区,”负责本文这处房产销售的罗里·巴兰坦房产经纪公司的所有者罗里·巴兰坦(Rory Ballantyne)说。Who would buy such an unusual property? According to Mr. Ballantyne, most business activity in Scotland is on hold until the Sept. 18 independence referendum, an opinion supported by the July report on prime Scottish house prices by the real estate company Knight Frank, which showed sale prices unchanged from April to June of this year.谁会来买下这样一处非同寻常的房产呢?据巴兰坦说,在9月18日的独立公投之前,苏格兰的多数商业活动都暂缓了。这个说法,也得到了房地产公司莱坊国际(Knight Frank)一份有关苏格兰主要房价的七月报告的佐。报告显示,本年度的房产销售价格自4月到6月间未曾发生变化。;Foreign money has disappeared,; Mr. Ballantyne said. ;But I think it might be a Mackintosh lover who will buy the house — an American perhaps. The actor Brad Pitt is known to be an admirer of Mackintosh and was one of the first to contribute to the restoration of the art school after the blaze. Maybe he#39;d make an offer.;“海外投资都消失了,”巴兰坦说,“但我认为,可能会有一个麦金托什爱好者愿意购买这栋房子——美国人吧,可能。演员布拉德·皮特(Brad Pitt)是个出名的麦金托什崇拜者,他也是在艺术学校失火后第一批为修缮捐款的人。或许他会报个价。”Whatever the result of the vote, he added, ;Scotland will still be Scotland — and who knows, if it becomes independent, that might add to its romantic appeal.;无论公投结果如何,他补充说,“苏格兰还将是苏格兰——谁知道呢,如果它独立了,也许还会增加一些浪漫色。”And Windyhill#39;s interiors will still be what Pamela Robertson, senior curator at the Hunterian, describes as ;the room as a work of art.;而“风之丘”的内部装饰,也依然如亨特物馆的高级管理员帕米拉·罗伯特森(Pamela Robertson)所言,“堪称一件艺术品的房间”。 /201409/328951福州检查卵泡那家医院好

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