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年万能句式:介绍类金句 --9 3:9:59 来源: 同学们最近有没有感觉到春天的脚步越来越近了,伴随着万物复苏的春天英语四级考试又快要和大家见面了备考需要同学们记住一些万能句式下面小编为大家整理了年万能句式:介绍类金句,供各位考生参考  年万能句式:介绍类金句  1.……was set up two years ago.  .The club organizes various activities regularly catering the needs of…… and is well know among ……  3.We have ……every weekend and you can practice your ……with……  .In addition,……are invited to give lectures on occasion(不时地)  5.A lot of benefits are responsible (作为……的理由)your joining us,……hence(无逗号)……  6.Besides you can……with more ease.  7.……was successfully held in Beijing, China, ,which attracted the whole world`s attention more than ever bee.  8. China won 51 gold medals , ing almost % of the total 3.  9.I`m deeply moved and inspired by the……spirit.  .Life is a journey full of competitions and challenge , …… will definitely drive me along the way.  .Many experts point out that physical exercise contributes directly to a person's physical fitness.许多专家指出体育锻炼直接有助于身体健康  . According to a recent survey, a growing number of people express a strong desire to take another job or spend more time on their job in order to get more money to support their family.根据最近的一项调查,越来越多的人表达了想从事另外的工作或加班以赚取更多的钱来补贴家用的强烈愿望  .可靠的信息源 a reliable source of inmation  .因特网 the Internet (一定要由冠词,字母I 大写)  .综合素质 comprehensive quality  .社会地位 social status  .The latest surveys show that quite a few children have unpleasant associations with homework.最近的调查显示相当多的孩子对家庭作业没什么好感  希望以上年万能句式:介绍类金句的内容能对大家有所帮助年词汇题精选0道试题(1-道) -- :55:35 来源:qnr   年词汇题精选0道试题(1-道)001. Most of these leaders were involved in public life as remers, activists working women's right to vote, or authors, and were not representative at all of the great of ordinary women.The word "representative" is closest in meaning to which of following?(A) typical(B) satisfied(C) supportive(D) distinctive0. In the ed States, Louis Comt Tiffany (183-1933) was the most noted exponent of this style, producing a great variety of glass ms and surfaces, which were widely copied in their time and are highly prized today.The word "prized" is closest in meaning to which of following?(A) valued(B) universal(C) uncommon(D) preserved0. The Art Nouveau style was a major ce in the decorative arts from 1895 until 19, although its influence continued throughout the mid-19's. It was eventually to be overtaken by a new school of thought known as Functionalism that had been present since the turn of the century.The word "overtaken" is closest in meaning to which of following?(A) surpassed(B) inclined(C) expressed(D) applied0. During most of their lives, surge glaciers behave like normal glaciers, traveling perhaps only a couple of inches per day. However, at intervals of to 0 years, these glaciers move ward up to 0 times faster than usual.The word "intervals" is closest in meaning to which of following?(A) records(B) speeds(C) distances(D) periods0. The increasing water pressure under the glacier might lift it off its bed, overcoming the friction between ice and rock, thus freeing the glacier, which rapidly sliders downhill surge glaciers also might be influenced by the climate, volcanic heat, or earthquakes.The word "freeing" is closest in meaning to which of following?(A) pushing(B) releasing(C) strengthening(D) draining0. A flood of ice would then surge into the Southern Sea. With the continued rise in sea level, more ice would plunge into the ocean, causing sea levels to rise even higher, which in turn would release more ice and set in motion a vicious cycle.The word "plunge" is closest in meaning to which of following?(A) drop(B) extend(C) melt(D) drift0. Group members look to instrumental leaders to "get things done." Expressive leadership, on the other hand, is leadership that emphasizes the collective well-being of a social group's members.The word "collective" is closest in meaning to which of following?(A) necessary(B) typical(C) group(D) particular0. They offer sympathy when someone experiences difficulties or is subjected to discipline, are quick to lighten a serious moment with humor, and try to resolve issues that threaten to divide the group.The word "resolve" is closest in meaning to which of following?(A) avoid repeating(B) talk about(C) avoid thinking about(D) find a solution 0. Thousands of tons were extracted bee 1875, when it was first noticed that the tar contained fossil remains. Major excavations were undertaken that established the significance of this remarkable site.The word "noticed" is closest in meaning to which of following?(A) predicted(B) announced(C) corrected(D) observed0. Since then, over 0 tons of fossils, 1.5 million from vertebrates, .5 million from invertebrates, have been recovered, often in densely concentrated tangled masses.The word "tangled" is closest in meaning to which of following?(A) buried beneath(B) twisted together(C) quickly med(D) easily dated 词汇 词汇 试题如:冰梅凉瓜 Bitter Melon in Plum SauceIf we can escape from the others,I told him,we#39;ll need your help to get the ship home.如果我们能摆脱他们的话,我告诉他,我们也需要你把船开回去。He seemed happy with this.他似乎对我的承诺很满意。I was in Flint#39;s ship when he and six seamen hid the treasure,he said.弗林特和六个船员藏宝的时候我正在船上,他说。They were on shore nearly a week,then Flint came back alone.他们上岸有一星期左右,结果只有弗林特一个人回来了。Not a man on board could guess how he had killed the others.船上的人谁也不知道他怎样干掉了其余的人。Then I was in another ship,three years ago,and we saw this island.三年前,我在另一条船上,我们看见了这个岛。Boys,I said,let#39;s go ashore and find Flint#39;s treasure.伙计们,我说,这里有弗林特的宝藏,我们上岸去找吧。Twelve days we searched,and the men got angrier with me every day.我们找了12天,大家一天比一天恨我。Then they went back to the ship.Ben Gunn,they said,you can stay here and find Flint#39;s money.Here#39;s a gun,a spade and an axe.直到有一天,他们都回到船上。本·葛恩,他们说,给你一枝,一把铲和一把斧头。关于《金银岛》另外,史蒂文森常常到处旅行,部分原因是寻找适合他治疗结核病的气候。 /201307/248963-- ::3 来源:kekenet

并列 连词

TOEFLGRE阅读中关键词汇总结 -- 18::5 来源:qnr mores 风俗,习惯 submit 屈从;提交;主张,认为backfire 产生反效果;逆火speculate 推测;思索;投机(venture)wield 行使(权利);挥舞(宝剑)recreation 再创造; 消遣,peer 同等人,同辈人;凝视project 预测;凸出;投掷,发射;计划mitigate减轻,缓和negate 否认familial 家庭的vain 无用的,虚荣的vein 面纱; 掩饰bound n. 范围 v. 跳跃;以…为界;bind的过去式和过去分词be bound to do 必定,一定rationale 基本原理,论据launch 开始,发动;发射supplant in place of 代替retain 保留status quo 现状downplay 低估,贬低radical 词根,激进分子; 根本的;激进的conviction 信念;定罪credit 功劳,声望,信任appeal to 求助于gloss 掩饰;使有光泽explain away 搪塞,把…解释过去complementary 补充的complimentary 称赞的,问候的indefensible 站不住脚的misgiving 疑虑dissent 异议,不同意dispense with 免除exempt 免除shun 避开identity 身份,本体; 同一性,完全相同;特性sustain 维持; 遭受; 忍耐contend 主张,声称;争论 (n. contention)object n. 物体 v.反对 (objection n.反对)objective n. 目标; adj.客观的dispose 处理,处置;安排,使用except that 只是,只可惜;除了fanciful 幻想的,想象中的apprehend 领会,理解; 逮捕; 忧虑whereupon 于是,administer 实施;给与;用(药);管理mulate 明确地表达champion v. 拥护; n. 冠军posit 断定,假定 词汇 词汇 关键 TOEFL GRE

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