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Hi,look at that.Hi,yo,how are you?Its a family.你好 看你们那样 你们好 过的如何 我们是个大家庭Yeah,where is Cee Lo?Why is Cee Lo not here?是的 Cee Lo去哪了 Cee Lo为什么缺席了Ask Cee Lo,where is.I can not,hes not here.你问Cee Lo去 在哪 我问不了 他不在这Lets call him.I think Cee Lo will thank he isnt here right now.Is that right?让我们打给他 我想Cee Lo会很庆幸他不在现场 是这样么Hes really even no worries,Hes,hes at the Super Bowl.Am I supposed to say that?他都不用担心 他在超级碗现场 我应该说么All right,Hes not,hes not necessary at the Super Bowl.当然可以 超级碗根本不需要他He is,somewhere.But he might be at the Super Bowl.yeah,doing something.他在 一切皆有可能 但他也可能在超级碗现场 是的 在做着什么Doing something and well find out what he is doing at Super Bowl,We are not sure.Yeah,some kind of show.做着什么 晚点我们就能知道是什么了 我们也不确定 是的 某种类型的演出Something maybe with Madonna,something like.We dont know though,we dont,we dont ever.I,I dont know.和Madonna合作 或者类似演出 我们并不知道 我也不知 我也不知道Im just guessing that might be it,But we dont know.我只是猜猜而已 我们并不知道He might be doing it at the half-time show with Madonna at the Super Bowl,Thats right.他也许正进行半场秀和Madonna共同在超级碗上演出 是的He might be doing any things too,He might be,he might be brushing his teeth.Who knows,he might,we dont know.他也可能在做别的事情 他也可能在刷牙 谁知道呢 我们也不知道And Blake you might be at the Super Bowl as well.Oh,is that,yes.Yes,who is this?Sunday,oh crap.Blake你也会在超级碗上表演吧 刚说到我了么 是的 是的 这个人是谁 星期天 废话Its sunday,you gonna get.yeah,I do have time.I have time.You got get there.星期天你要 我有时间 我还有时间 你要去那了Whats going on right now?I dont know.I cant get a straight answer,I konw.刚发生了什么 我不知道 我不能得到直接的回答 我知道But,so,so you are gonna be at the Super Bowl.I am.Im,Damn it.Im going to be at the Super Bowl.Sing with a microphone at television.Yes,I am.所以你也会参加超级碗的演出 我是要参加超级碗的演出 在电视上拿着麦克风唱歌 是的With your wife,Miranda.With Miranda,with Miranda.Are you do anything with her?Singing America Beautiful.和你的妻子Miranda合唱吗 和Miranda合唱 是的 你俩形影不离吗 演唱“America the Beautiful” /201703/499578Subject:Get yourself together. 迷你对话A: I have missed a good opportunity for the manager this time. I am so disappointed.这次我错过了提升为经理的绝佳机会,太失望了。B: Get yourself together! You can get another through your efforts.振作点不行!通过努力,你一定还有机会。 地道表达 get oneself together 1. 解词释义此语的意思是“振作精神”。用于劝说和鼓励别人,使之高兴和振作起来。 2. 拓展例句He did his best to get himself together and look unconcerned.他竭力振作精神,做出满不在乎的模样。But he had to get himself together and attend to business.可是他不能不打起精神招呼生意。 /201405/295149网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic:小心眼He is narrow-minded.他很小心眼。If you describe someone as narrow-minded,you are criticizing them because they are unwilling to consider new ideas orother peoples opinions.对于心眼很小、看不开的人你就可以说他是narrow-minded.例如有人总是见不得别人好,你就可以说:You are narrow-minded. 相对于narrow-minded 的就是open-minded,形容心胸宽大,凡事都很看得开,也可以指一个人没有先入为主的观念,能够接受别人的意见。 记得有一次考试时教授就对我们说:You have to be open-minded. 就是说“你们不要有先入为主的观念,不要太去钻牛角尖(splitting hairs),这样才能考得好”。Are you narrow-minded? 你小心眼吗?Do you like narrow-minded people? 你喜欢小心眼的人吗? /201302/226085迷你对话:A: You seem to be very hesitant about doing things.看来,你好像做事有点犹豫不决。B: I dont know why I cannot take a step forward.我不知道为何我做事就是没有进展。A: You are meeting trouble halfway, I guess.我猜你是在自寻烦恼。B: Many things are troubling me. I dont know whether I should come or go.我还有很多烦心事,我是进退两难。A: Thats where the shoe pinches. 这就是问题所在。地道表达:meet trouble halfway解词释义:halfway的意思是“半路上”或“在中途中”,引申为“快要,几乎”。习语meet trouble halfway意思是“麻烦还未来临就觉得碰到麻烦了”,与“杞人忧天”意思相近。持范例:I have been feeling upset as I think that I blew the English exam. Come on, dont meet trouble halfway, you are the first in our class.我很烦恼,因为我想我的期末考试考砸了。得了吧,别杞人忧天了,你可是我们把的第一名呀。Things may not be as bad as he says. Maybe he is meeting trouble halfway. 事情未必如他所说的那么可怕, 也许完全是杞人忧天。词海拾贝:1. be hesitant about doing something:做某事犹豫不决Eg. Im rather hesitant about signing this.我不大愿意签这个字。Eg. He was hesitant about giving her the secret. 他对是否告诉她秘密还犹豫不决。Eg. Hes hesitant about whether he should give in. 他在犹豫他是否该让步。 Eg. She was hesitant about accepting the invitation. 她对是否接受邀请犹豫不决。 2. take a step:迈出一步Eg. With justice on your side, you can go anywhere; without it, you cant take a step. 有理走遍天下,无理寸步难行。 Eg. The policeman shouted to him if he takes a step forward, he is about to be as good as dead警察向他大声喊道如果他再向前走一步,他就完蛋了。 Eg. After overcoming this one-sidedness, they will take a big step forward. 克了这种片面性,他们就会大进一步。 /201212/217580

Subject:He is the cream of the crop. 迷你对话A: Do you know? He is the cream of the crop. And he looks very smart.你知道吗——他是本届的优秀学生。而且看上去很聪明。B: Really? What is his major?真的吗?他是哪个专业的? 地道表达cream of the crop 1. 解词释义牛奶一直被人们认为是很有营养的食物,对于西方人来说,牛奶是他们每天不可缺少的饮品之一。从牛奶中提炼出来的精华是奶油。习语中牛奶提取出来的奶油比喻为“食物的精髓,精华”,即用cream表示the best of something。随着时代的发展,后来就有了cream of the crop,它不仅仅用来表示“the best of the crop”,还可以用来形容“一个群体中出类拔萃的人物”。 2. 拓展例句e.g. I his application and he is the cream of the crop.我看过他的申请,他是出类拔萃的。e.g. The candidates for the post are good, but Mr Smith is the cream of the crop.这一职位的候选人都不错,史密斯先生尤为其中的佼佼者。e.g. Undergraduates are the cream of the crop.中国大学生是青年中的精英。 /201403/280113

Hi, everyone,my name is Chris I’m a teacher with Meisi.Hi ,大家好,我的名字是Chris ,我是美思的英语老师。How is the haze today? Has it gotten better?今天的雾霾怎么样?好点了吗?There are a few words sound very similar to haze. Don’t get them mixed up! For example, hazel. Very similar right? It’s just an L added at the end.有几个词和haze很相似,别混淆了。 比如,淡褐色,只是后面加了个L。(Kelly Clarkson有首歌叫《Behind these hazel eyes》)This is one reason why learning a language can be hard. Words that sound similar are often confusing for students.这是一个加高学语言难度的因素,听起来很像的字令学员困惑。For example微信班朗读内容1. Are you deaf? Can you hear me? I told you to come here.你聋了吗?你能听见(hear)我吗?我叫你过来这里(here)。2. You have to start the name of a country’s capitol with a capital letter. Isn’t it confusing?一个国家的政治中心(capitol)必须用大写开头(capital). 是不是很令人困惑?3. We are going to the desert for a trip. I’m going to miss eating dessert. Don’t mix these two words up!我们要去沙漠(desert)一趟,我会想念我的甜品(dessert)。不要混淆了这两个词!Who can make a sentence with two different words that sound similar?谁可以造一个两个不同的词发相似的音的的句子?公众微信账号:贵旅特(shanghai_greeters) 公众账号:meisi1949 /201701/487544

Subject: I hope they can bail you out from illness soon. 第一、迷你对话A: Here are your drugs. I hope they can bail you out from illness soon.这是您的药,希望您早日康复。B: Thanks a million.非常感谢。 第二.地道表达 bail out 1. 解词释义Bail out这个短语可以表示帮……解脱困难,还可以表示“把……保释出来”,还可以表示“跳伞逃生”。例如:They will discuss how to bail the economy out of its slump. (他们将讨论如何使经济走出低谷。)He has been jailed eight times. Each time, friends bailed him out.(他已经蹲过八次监狱。每次,朋友们都把他保释出来。)Reid was forced to bail out of the crippled aircraft.(里德被迫从严重受损的飞机中跳伞逃生。)在对话中,bail out from illness可以理解为“康复”,就是“摆脱病魔缠身”,bail out在这里的具体意思就是“摆脱一些麻烦或危险”。从以上例句中,可以看到表示“摆脱具体的麻烦或危险”,在短语的后面用解词from,也可以用解词of。 2. 拓展例句e.g. We can’t expect the government to bail out all the failing companies. /201503/361513

网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic:有优势He has a leg up.他很有优势。【讲解】have a leg up: 占上风,有优势。give sb. a leg up 则是;帮助某人;的意思。【情景一】参加比赛的时候,那些有先天优势的人比常人有一定的优势。A: John seems has a leg up on the other competitorsB: Yes, he does. What a beautiful voice he has!A:约翰似乎比其他的竞争者更有优势啊。B:是的,他有一副金嗓子。【情景二】有些老师非常nice,考前都会给学生补习功课。The teacher is trying to give his students a leg up for the exam.老师正帮助他的学生准备考试。 /201205/180851

Subject : Hang tight.第一,迷你对话A: Here is the laundry slip. Please pick up my laundry.这是我的洗衣单,请找出我洗的衣。B: Hang tight, please. I’ll check.等一下,我查查。第二,地道表达hand tight1.解词释义Hang tight的字面意思是“握紧拳头”,引申为“坚持”的意思。坚持需要等待,所以在剧中,high tight的确切意思是叫A等待一下,等一等。2. 拓展例句e.g. I left my book in the classroom. Hang tight. Ill be back in a minute.我把课本放在教室里了。在这儿等我,不要走开,我马上就回来。e.g. Hang tight! Let me put my tie straight.请等等! 我要把我的领带弄好。e.g. Hang tight. Don’t hang up and I am coming.等等,别挂电话,我来了。第三,咬文嚼字1. Pick up有很多意思,在这个小情景剧中的确切意思是“发现,找到,识别(特点或模式)”。在柯林斯词典中解释道: If you pick up something, such as a feature or a pattern, you discover or identify it. 例如:Consumers in Europe are slow to pick up trends in the use of information technology. 欧洲消费者在辨别信息技术应用的潮流上表现迟缓。 2. Laundry既可以表示“洗衣店,洗衣房”的意思,也可以指“洗的衣物”。 /201504/368292

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