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瑞金医院有无痛人流术吗宁都医院在线咨询Bomb explodes in downtown Bangkok, killing at least 12泰国曼谷市中心发生爆炸 至少12人死亡A large explosion rocks the center of Thailands capital Bangkok.泰国首都曼谷市中心发生大爆炸。At least 12 are dead and 20 injured near Erawan Shrine, a popular tourist destination.旅游胜地四面佛附近造成至少12人死亡,20人受伤。 译文属201508/393500赣州中医院医生有哪些 In many ways,plastic is the perfect material:we can make it strong and rigid enough to build spaceships and replace bones,or thin and flexible enough to makes shopping bags,that weigh as much as a nickel but carry up to 8 kilograms.在很多方面,塑料都是完美材料,塑料可以非常牢固坚硬,以制造航天飞船,替代骨骼,也可以很薄很坚韧,以制造购物袋,一块薄镍币厚度的塑料袋就能撑8公斤重量。And unlike other materials,plastic doesnt rust or rot,it can last for centuries,even when we only need it to last a few seconds.We make tons of plastic precisely because its cheap,durable and yet expendable.But the features of plastic that make it so useful to us have also transformed life in the oceans,where as much as 10% of our discarded plastic-millions of tons per year-ends up.但是和其他材料不同的是,塑料保和省锈蚀也不会腐烂,即便我们有时只需要几秒钟,塑料却能挺过好几个世纪。人们大量生产塑料因为它便宜又耐用,但是塑料依然属于消耗品。人们懂得利用塑料的特性,但也因为如此,塑料改变了海洋生物,每年全球10%的废弃塑料进入海洋。Big pieces of plastic are definitely bad news for marine animals like whales,albatross,and sea turtles which risk getting tangled in the debris or ingesting large pieces of it.Yet despite the publicity about huge garbage patches in the sea.most of the oceans plastic isnt big,our castaway shopping bags and soda bottles get weakened by sunlight.and torn apart in the wind and the waves into little bits of plastic confetti.对于鲸,信天翁和海龟等海洋生物来说,大块塑料当然不好,海洋生物可能被塑料缠住,或吞下大块塑料。虽然媒体中出现在海中的都是大块塑料,但是大多数海洋中的塑料并不大,购物袋和汽水瓶会在阳光下变薄 被海风和海浪撕扯成为小块碎渣。On the micro-scale,though,its still super durable the microorganisms that decompose ripped-up bits of wood and seaweed down into simpler organic compounds cant easily digest plastic.So while the plastic confetti gets broken into smaller pieces,it doesnt go away it just sps out over time.从微观角度看,塑料依然无法被微生物分解,分解木头和海藻的微生物无法轻易消化塑料。所以虽然塑料碎渣碎成更小颗粒,但并未消失 时间过去,塑料只是扩散开来。Which is why weve found;microplastics;pretty much everywhere in the oceans,from the Arctic to the Antarctic,and from the seafloor to the surface.Unlike the easy-to-observe impacts of large plastic trash.the effects of microplastics are as subtle and difficult to trace as the fragments themselves:the durable fragments can serve as new real estate,on which small ocean creatures can grow and multiply;or choke slightly larger ocean creatures that think the plastics are food;or attract and collect toxic chemicals,which become introduced into the food chain if the particles are eaten;and probably a million other problems we havent noticed yet.这就是为什么几乎全世界任何海洋中都发现了塑料微粒,从北极洲到南极洲,从海底到海面 和大块塑料垃圾不同,塑料微粒的影响不易观察,和微粒本身一样,其造成的影响微妙且很难追踪:耐性良好的碎片会成为生物新的栖息地,小型海洋生物在其上生长繁殖。稍稍大些的海洋生物会认为塑料是食物,如果吞下就造成阻塞。塑料也会吸附并积累有毒化学物质 如果微粒被动物吃下会进入食物链。也许还有更多问题,只是我们还未察觉到。Because weve only recently started paying attention to all these microplastics in the oceans.But its undeniable how much plastic trash weve introduced into marine ecosystems,and the wonderful durability of plastic guarantees itll be an issue for years to come.its possible we can decrease further impact by Switching to biodegradable plastics,dumping less plastic in the oceans,or cleaning up the patches of sea most strewn with plastic.因为我们也只是刚刚开始关注海洋中的塑料微粒问题。人类向海洋生态系统倾倒塑料垃圾数量之巨不容置疑,塑料惊人的耐性肯定会在未来的日子里成为一项难题,但是我们可以改用生物降解塑料减少以后塑料造成的影响,减少向海洋倾倒的塑料量,或是清理堆满塑料的海岸。But until we do,the question is,will the oceans be plastic enough to deal with our favorite material?不过在此之前,我们要问海洋是否能够适应我们最喜欢的塑料?201501/355414Despite their reputation for discipline,就算中国在纪律方面有着良好的声望Chinese teachers like Li Ayun are not used to raising their voices in class.像李爱云这样的中国教师并不打算在课堂上提高嗓门When you talk, I will wait.我等你们说完我再讲课I feel very surprised.我觉得很惊讶Why was this morning so quiet when Mr Vaughn was here?为什么今早沃恩老师在时你们那么安静Because were scared of him, frankly.坦白说,我们怕他Honestly, Im not exactly scared of you.但是实话说,我并不怕你I dont think you need respect if you go on like this.如果你们再这样下去,我觉得你们不需要尊重了Class begins. Stand up.上课,起立Stand up. Oy, shush!站起来,闭嘴Keeping control is even more difficult when the subject youre teaching is English grammar.当你在教英语语法的时候,管理纪律就变得更加艰难Sit down, please.请坐But despite their problems managing the class,尽管在管理班级方面困难重重the Chinese teachers are doggedly sticking to their guns.中国老师们还是固执地坚持他们的原则The formation of the passive voice of the verb is?动词过去式的形式是什么Verb of be and PP.be动词和PPWho can tell me what PP means?谁能告诉我PP什么意思What do you mean by PP? Its a PP!你说什么PP?是一个屁屁吧You said ;Pee-pee;!你说的是;尿尿;Grammar is very important in learning a language.学一门语言,语法是很重要的It is especially important to the foreigners,对外国人来说尤其重要but it is still important to the native speakers.但对母语者来说,也很重要What is present continuous?什么是现在进行时What youre doing now, at the moment.你现在在干什么,就现在For example, Miss Li is talking about grammar.比如说,李老师在讲语法We are listening to her.我们在听她讲So far, they dont have a lot of knowledge on grammar, which made me surprised.目前来说,他们没学太多语法知识,这让我非常吃惊In China, we learn more grammar than British people在中国,我们学的语法比英国人还多and our students do better in the international tests in grammar.而我们的学生在国际语法测试中也做得更好So, at the moment, we are all absolutely fantastic at analysing language.所以现在,我们都能游刃有余地分析语言了Youre very good at starting to evaluate it.你们在分析上开了个好头But what Im not getting is a clear point of view within your answers.但我在你们的里找不到任何鲜明的观点Im not really getting a voice or an opinion behind your answers.我在你们的里找不到你的个人观点In Britain, drilling the rules of grammar was phased out of most secondary schools in the 1960s,在英国,探究语法规则早在上世纪90年代就被大多数中学淘汰了to make way for a more creative approach.来给更多有创造力的教学方法让路I want you now to come up with a list of what you think writing to argue does involve.我现在需要你们想出一串跟does有关的动作Jot that down in your books and in three minutes, we will take some feedback.三分钟之内,写在你们的书上,我们会收上来大家写的结果I give the students more responsibility for their own learning,我会让学生在自主学习中对自己更负责任so I like to have a little bit of my own input at the start of the lesson,我喜欢在课堂开始时给出自己的一点观点but then I like to set tasks up and let the students go with it.但接下来我就会给任务,让学生自己去完成So, theres quite a lot of enquiry-based learning in my lessons.所以在我的课堂上就有很多探究式的学习Its giving the students the tools to learn with,我给学生学习的工具but then making them do a bit of learning on their own, before I sort of give them the answers.然后在我给他们之前,让他们靠自己来学习So yeah, I think a bit more active.所以,是的,我觉得这样会更活跃201604/435574大余县人民医院妇科华

瑞金引产多少钱TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201510/400101于都县人民医院评价 With over 300,000 plants species on Earth,theres no doubt that they have highly developed senses to stay alive and thrive.But while some of their features may be compared to taste,sight,touch and smell in humans,have you ever wondered-can plants think?世界上共有三十多万种植物,毫无疑问,为了繁荣昌盛 它们的感官都已高度进化。不过,尽管一些特征可以与人类的味觉 视觉 触觉和嗅觉做比,你是否曾想过 植物会思考吗?On land,the cumulative mass of plants is 1000 times highter than that of animals.But these plants are immobile and cant move around in their environment;which is,seemingly,a pretty big evolutionary disadvantage.This has forced plants to adapt in amazing ways that often go unnoticed by the naked eye.陆地上,植物总重量比动物高1000倍。但这些植物都是固定不动的,似乎在进化中这也很不利。这点迫使植物采取些容易被眼睛忽略的奇特方式。Smell something funny?Plants do too-and they react to these chemicals in the air.For example,when fruits start to ripen,they release a chemical called ethylene.And when neighbouring fruits sense this pheromone,they ripen faster,so that all fruits mature at the same time.Plants also give off scents which attract insects to sp their pollen.味道怪味了?植物也能闻,并会对空气中的化学物质做出反应。比如,水果在成熟时会释放出一种叫乙烯的物质。当周围植物感测到这种信息素时,它们会更快成熟,而所有的水果就能同时成熟了。植物也会释放出吸引昆虫传粉的气味。In particular,the amazing carrion flowers grow tiny hairs,feel warm and smell like rotting flesh in an attempt to mimic a dead corpse.This is to attract flies and beetles as pollinators.On the other hand,when a plant is attacked by an insect,animal or pathogen,it knows.When acacia trees are grazed by animals,they quickly react by producing chemicals called tannins,which make their leaves unappetizing and tough to digest.特别地 大王花会长出腐肉味的绒毛 籍此模仿死尸。这是为了吸引传粉者 苍蝇和甲虫。另一方面 当植物受到昆虫 植物或病菌的侵害时 它也知道。当金合欢树被动物盯上时 它也会立即产生单宁酸,这让它们的叶子更难吃 难以消化。Some even produce enough toxin to kill the animal.Perhaps more impressive are some corn and cotton plants,which when eaten by caterpillars,release chemicals in the air that attract parasitic wasps,who fly in and ultimately kill the insects.有些甚至会产生足以杀死动物的毒素。更惊人的是一些玉米类和棉类植物 在被毛虫啃咬时,它们会释放化学物质 吸引寄生蜂,后者受吸引而来 杀死昆虫。On some level,they communicate with the wasps.Crazy as it seems,even sound recordings of caterpillars chewing leaves,trigger this response.Without any from of touch,the plants react,as if they can hear.On a large scale,plants also work together.A web of underground fungi can connect tree roots in forests,allowing them to exchange nutrients and information.一定程度上说,它们能与黄蜂交流。让人诧异的是,毛虫啃咬叶子的录音也会引起这种反应。没有任何形式的触碰,植物也像有听觉一样做出反应。多数情况下,植物也会齐心协力。地下的真菌网会将森林里的树根相连,让它们交换养分和信息。Using radioactive isotopes,scientists discovered that trees share water and nutrients with others in need.Large trees nourish smaller shaded ones until they are tall enough to reach sunlight,And trees that stay green all year round share nutrients with trees that lose their leaves in winter,helping them through the season.Which is then repaid in the summer months,like a transactional exchange.Some scientist refer to this as the ;wood-wide web;.科学家通过同位素观测发现 树木会与有需求者分享水和养料。大树会与受遮蔽的小树分享养分 直到它们能受到日照。四季常青的树木会与冬季落叶的树木分享养分 帮助它们过冬。在夏天它们得到偿还的养分 像是生物交换。一些科学家称此为“树联网”。Perhaps the most shocking fact,is that some plants seem to have memory.Mimosa pudica plants,are those leafy plants that close up when touched.This reflex is meant to scare away insects that land on them.In an experiment on these reflexes,scientists notice that when dropped from 15cm.they would close when they hit the groud,Not so surprising.But after repeating the drop 4 or 5 times,some of the plants stopped closing.as though they had realized the stimulus wasnt harmful.If they were shaken istead,they would close,but any time they were dropped from this same height,they stayed open.this effect lasted for weeks-the plants had memories.更惊人的是 一些植物似乎有记忆能力。含羞草 一种受触碰时叶子会合拢的植物。这种反射是为了吓唬落在它们身上的植物。在一项关于这种反射的实验中 研究者发现从15厘米高出落下 它们的叶子会在落地时合拢 没什么奇怪的。但重复四五次后 一些植物不再合拢(叶子)了,似乎它们也发现这种刺激不会伤害它们。受到摇晃时 叶子就会合拢,但无论何时 从同样的高度掉下 叶子仍然张开。这种效果会持续数星期,植物也有。Of course,plants dont have brains or other cells and organs that we deem necessary for intelligence.Brains and neurons are irreplaceable,but plants are immobile and often attacked,so they must be able to survive after part of them is eaten,or destroyed.A brain just wouldnt work.But if you measure intelligence or thought as the ability to solve problems,interact with an environment,and even work in groups,then plants are incredibly smart.当然 植物没有大脑或者其他“智力”不可或缺的器官或细胞。大脑和神经无可替代,但植物无法移动,也常受攻击,在部分被吃掉或毁坏后 它们还得能活下去。大脑没什么用。但如果你将智力或思维视作解决问题的能力,与周围环境的交互 甚至团队合作力,那么植物相当聪明。Its something to think about next time youre munching down on a piece of broccoli!下次嚼西兰花时,好好想想这点吧!201503/361976南康市横寨卫生院医术怎么样

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