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An American woman has receive a suspended jail sentences after she threatened to kill physicist Stephen Hawking.美国一名女子在威胁称要杀死物理学家史蒂芬·霍金之后,被判入狱,缓期执行The woman, known only as Jenny Theresa C, pleaded guilty to making erious threats against the physicist. The court tried the woman after she refused to be seen by an expert who wanted to evaluate her state of mind.该女子名为珍妮·特丽萨·C,承认自己因“严重”威胁霍金而获罪法院对这名女子进行了审判,而她之前曾拒绝了一名专家想要对其进行精神状态评估的请求A court source confirmed: The American citizen arrested threatening Stephen Hawking has been released because the four month prison sentence she received was suspended as she didnt have a criminal record in Spain. As part of her sentence she is prevented from going within 500 metres of Professor Hawking and communicating with him via any means during an eight-month period. She has agreed to the sentence and recognised that she committed a crime of serious threats.来自法院方面的消息实:“这名美国公民因威胁史蒂芬·霍金而被捕,但是她又被释放了,因为她在西班牙没有犯罪记录,所以她四个月监禁的处罚将缓期执行作为判决的一部分,在接下来的8个月时间里,这名女子不能接近霍金500米以内的范围,同时还不能以任何手段和霍金对话她接受了这一判决,并且承认自己犯下了严重威胁罪”Police said: he had been pursuing Mr Hawking throughout the world and in the last few days had sent him grave threats through social media and to his personal email.警方表示称:“她一直在全世界各地追寻霍金的脚步,最近几天她还通过社交媒体向霍金的个人邮箱发送了非常严重的威胁信息”In the various emails he received she outlined plans to end his life during the scientific conference being held in Tenerife. Because of the inmation contained in the emails, it appeared the person sending them could have been inside the conference venue.“在他收到的众多邮件中,有一封是该名女子计划杀死他的详细计划,在邮件中该名女子曾计划要在特内里费举行科学会议期间杀死霍金从这封邮件中所含有的信息来看,发送邮件的人可能已经潜入了会议场馆里”The 37-year-old woman was arrested in a hotel near where the world-famous physicist was due to speak.最终,这名女子在一间宾馆里被捕,而这间宾馆的旁边就是霍金要发表演讲的地方Local reports said the 7-year-old Oxd-born professor was also due to give evidence to a judge in a behind-closed-doors hearing at the court in the southern resort of Arona.据当地媒体报道,这起案件将在西班牙阿罗纳南部举行闭门听会,而7岁的剑桥教授霍金也会出席,向法官陈述据His family raised the alarm after he received messages which said: Im going to kill you and Im next to you and can kill you. The detention took place the same day the scientist gave a keynote speech at the centre as part of the Starmus Festival.在收到威胁信息后,霍金一家都提高了警惕这些威胁信息这样说道:“我要杀死你”、“我就在你身边,我能杀死你”就在这名女子被捕的同一天,作为“上帝粒子科学节”的一部分,霍金在该会议中心发表了一份主要讲话 50How pensions work in the ed StatesA pension is an income payable after a worker retires,usually at the age of 60 or above,depending on the provisions of the particular retirement plan.Pensions can also be paid out earlier if a worker becomes disabled,or to the survivors of a worker who dies.About 90 percent of all U.S. workers are covered retirement and disability under SOCIAL SECURITY.Most of the others are members of some public-employee retirement system.Perhaps half of all workers in the private sector are covered by some m of private pension or PROFIT-SHARING plan.Modern retirement plans come in two general ms.In a defined-benefit plan the amount of the pension is specified by some mula recognizing the worker length of service and earning history;then the contributions(from employer and employee) needed to provide the pension are determined.A defined-contribution plan indicates how the contributions are to be determined on behalf of each employeeand accumulates these contributions in an interest-earning fund;then,at retirement age,the accumulated fund is applied to provide whatever pension it will.A typical pension plan,of either type,will be a written document of some complexity.Among the detailed provisions that will be found are:1.The rules that determine which workers are eligible to become plan members;.The age or ages at which workers can retire,and any choices they may have with respect to retirement age or to the m of the retirement income;3.The details of the pension mula(if a defined-benefit plan) or of the contribution mula(if a defined-contribution plan);.The rules with respect to the disposition of a worker pension if he or she leaves employment bee retirement age or dies;5.The arrangements by which the employer and employee contribute to the cost of the benefits provided.Retirement plans can be classified in terms of the entity that sponsors the plan.When the sponsoring agency is some part of government,the plan is considered to be in the public sector.When the plan is sponsored by an employer,when it arises out of the collective-bargaining process,or when it is arranged on an individual basis by the worker,it is said to be in the private sector.Private pension plans and state or local government accumulate substantial amounts of money awaiting distribution in the m of pensions.These dollars are invested in virtually every kind of income-producing resource,including stocks,bonds,mortgages,and real estate.As pension funds have increased,they have become an increasingly important factor in the nation economy.The actual management of pension-fund assets is often the responsibility of some institutional investor-typically the trust departments of major banks or the investment departments of life insurance companies.The aging of the American population(there were 5 million people age 65 and over in 1980; an estimated 9. million in 1986;and a projected 6.5 million by the year )has given increased economic importance to pension fundIn the ed States,public and private funds totaled . trillion in 1986,representing an enormous ce in financial markets.Nevertheless,only slightly more than 0 percent of civilian workers were covered by company-provided pensions in the late 1980s.Control of pension fund investmentsIt is perfectly possible,although not necessarily wise, an employer to set up a pension scheme where the benefits,are paid out of moneies solely provided by the employer out of revenues.Such a scheme would,of course,be heavily dependent upon the consistency of profits of the employerand in most circumstances would not give much security to the pensioner or prospective pensioner.This type of scheme is to be found on the Continent and is generally known as a ;Book Reserve Scheme;.Nearly all employers(and the government by virtue of the tax exemptions on investment activities which it gives).recognise that a more secure base the payment of pensions can be achieved by setting aside monies in a trust fund and investing them in a variety of Stock Exchange and other securities.Such a trust fund will consist of the contributions of the employer,the contributions of the employee,(in the case of a contributory fund),and the investment income from previously acquired investments and those assets themselves.The management of the trust fund will be carried out by the trustees who are normally appointed by the employer.(but increasingly from names put ward appointment by an elective process carried out in conjunction with trade unions and other employee representative bodiesWhile all the duties of the trustees are extremely important(and they are dealt with elsewhere in this book),among the most onerous is the investment of the trust property.The manner in which the trustees carry out their investment responsibilities will be governed by the trust deed,or other instrument under which the pension scheme is constituted.Most,if not all,modern trust deeds will have a specific investment clause which will permit the trustees to invest over a wide rangewhich enables them to take full advantage of the various investment outlets available to them.No matter whether the funds are self-administered,internally or externally managed or wholly managed by an insurance company,the trustees cannot abrogate their responsibility the investments of the scheme.It is,theree,important that the essentials of policy-making are fully understood.Investment policy will be a function of the requirements of the scheme.The vast majority of present-day pension schemes are what are known as ;finalsalary; or ;defined-benefit; schemes.In this type of scheme,the pension payable is linked to the salary of the pensioner bee retirement.(perhaps the average of the last five years,three years or,more commonly these days,the salary in the final year).Final-salary schemes have the merit of at least making sure that the pension,when first paid,has taken of inflationary movements in salaries up to the point of retirement.Such a link is an important factor in the type of investment policy followed.While final-salary schemes are now the most common,the money purchase or defined-contribution schemes cannot be totally ignored.(and they have come back into the limelight following the recent decline in the rate of inflation.)Clearly,an investment policy designed to cater inflation,at least to the point of retirement,will be quite different from one which does not attempt to do this. 7

It no surprise that there is a vast global divide in life expectancy, with those living in more developed countries far more likely to live into their 70 and 80 than those from less-developed countries. The divide is so considerable that the predicted life span of those at the top of the life expectancy table is almost double that of those at the bottom. But which nations can expect their people to live the longest?人的平均寿命长度存在着全球性鸿沟,这一点也不奇怪居住在发达国家的人比居住在发展中国家的人更容易活到70岁或80岁,位于寿命表顶端人的预期寿命是位于底端人的倍,这样的落差是十分巨大的但是,有哪个国家能断言本国人民拥有最长的寿命呢?.Australia.澳大利亚You dont have to look far to understand why Aussies can expect a lengthy existence of up to 81.91 years. Most residents live a laid-back, stress-free life, and consume a healthy, balanced diet. The healthcare system in Australia is also of a high standard, and the population is well educated about the importance of health.你不必深究澳大利亚人能有平均81.91年寿命长度的原因大多数澳大利亚人有着悠闲无压力的生活方式,健康均衡的饮食习惯,医疗保障制度在澳大利亚成熟完备,所有人深知健康的重要Females born in Australia are predicted to live 8.35 years, while males can expect a life span of 79. years. But it isnt all good news the Aussies, as their life expectancy could plummet in the coming years, due to a steep rise in obesity rates among adults. Hey, nothing lasts ever, even long life.澳大利亚的女性平均寿命长度为8.35年,男性则为79.年但现如今澳大利亚出现了新问题,由于成年人中肥胖率急剧上升,人们的平均寿命在未来几年会出现暴跌的状况,没有什么是一成不变的,即使是长寿9.Guernsey9.根西岛Guernsey, a small island in the English Channel, inhabits just over 65,000 residents. The island is a British overseas territory, but boasts a far higher life expectancy than mainland Britain. The overall life expectancy the people of Guernsey is 8.3, in comparison to the 80.1 years of mainland Brits.根西岛,位于英吉利海峡面积不大的群岛,却居住着65000多的人口这片群岛远离英国本土,但是人的平均寿命却比居住在本土的人长与本土平均寿命80.1年相比,根西岛人的寿命长度是8.3年Like most entries on this list, the island of Guernsey is very wealthy, which perhaps explains the high life expectancy. Most inhabitants can afd to live a high-quality lifestyle, with lots of residents originally from rich countries such as the UK and France. The island also has very few dangerous manual jobs, and has an excellent healthcare system.同本文涉及的其他地区一样,根西岛物资丰富,人们生活富裕,这也许能解释其平均寿命长的原因居住在岛上的人能担负起高质量的生活需求,因为他们中有从发达国家如英国和法国移民来的人根西岛有体力型的工作,危险系数不高,也有着高水平的医疗保障制度8.Switzerland8.瑞士Switzerland, with an overall life expectancy of 8. years, has a reputation being one of the most peaceful nations on earth, with very little conflict and a stable economy and government. Switzerland also has one of the highest GDP per capita rates in the world. The Swiss are known having very high standards in all public sectors; including health and education, and the people of Switzerland generally live a high quality lifestyle, consuming a healthy and balanced diet. Swiss women are expected to live an average of 6 years longer than their male counterparts, by the way. Swiss dudes clearly arent consuming enough of their country delicious chocolate.瑞士人的总体预期寿命是8.岁,因为瑞士很少与其他国家发生冲突,加之其有着稳定的经济与政府,其有世界上最和平的国家的美称,它还是人均GDP率最高的国家之一瑞士人在公共部门,包括医疗教育等部门有着很高的标准,瑞士人的生活质量都非常高,他们有着健康和均衡的生活方式,瑞士女人的平均预期寿命比男人长六岁,顺便提一下,瑞士男人并没有消耗太多美味的国产巧克力噢7.Andorra7.安道尔共和国After a huge boom in tourist numbers, Andorra has been transmed from one of the poorest countries in Europe into one of the richest in the world. It hosts vast mountains and stunning landscapes, but also a population who firmly believe in living a natural, peaceful, healthy life. It is common people in their 70 and 80 to exercise daily, and the population is well educated about the importance of having a healthy diet. There is also virtually no violence, and Andorra has been labeled as one of the safest places on Earth. As a result of their lifestyle, Andorrans can expect to live into their 80 and beyond. At birth, females are expected to live to around 85, while males have a life expectancy of just over 80. The overall figure Andorra life expectancy is 8.58 years, placing it 3rd in the whole of Europe, despite its puny size.在旅游人数激增后,安道尔共和国从欧洲最贫穷的国家之一变成了世界上最富裕的国家之一,安道尔境内山岭纵横,景色宜人,安道尔人都坚信他们过着自然,祥和,健康的生活,安道尔人民七八十岁还坚持锻炼,这一现象并不奇怪,他们都知道有一个健康生活方式的重要性因为有着健康的生活方式,所以安道尔人民预期寿命到达80岁甚至80岁以上出生时,女性的预期寿命是85岁左右,然而男性的预期寿命是80多一点,安道尔人民的总体预期寿命是8.58岁,尽管国家很小,但这并不影响其成为欧洲人口寿命第三长的国家6.Hong Kong6.香港Hong Kong, a Special Administrative Region of China, makes it onto the list with an overall life expectancy of 8. years. This figure is considerably higher than that of China itself, which has an overall expectancy of just 75. Males from Hong Kong have a life expectancy of 79.3 years, while females can expect to live to 85.香港,中国特别行政区之一,能够让香港榜上有名的是它总体上的平均寿命可达8.岁这个数量很大程度上超过了中国本身,因为中国的平均寿命只有75岁香港的男性平均寿命为79.3岁,而女性却可达85岁Hong Kong is one of the wealthiest cities in Asia, and occupies some of the richest people in the world. It also has a booming economy and very low tax rates, meaning its residents have more money to spend on healthcare and a healthy diet, contributing to a longer life span.香港是亚洲最富有的城市之一,并且拥有着世界上一些最为富裕的人此外,它还有着繁荣的经济和极低的税率,这就意味着居民们可以拥有更多的钱投资在保健和健康的饮食上,为更长的生命跨度做贡献翻译:listen8+7 前十网 88

A: I have a question about extra people living with me in my apartment.B: You may have one roommate, but they need to have an approved application on file with us.A: What about overnight guests?B: An occasional overnight guest is not a problem.A: How many days could I have an extra guest?B: We usually consider any guest who stays over a week to be a possible problem.A: Will I have to pay extra roommates or visitors?B: If you are given permission extended visitors, you may be charged extra.A: Can my guests use the pool and laundry room?B: Your guests may use the pool and laundry facilities, but you must be with them at all times. 773

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