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乌克兰再现岁真人芭比 称未整容 -- 00:7:53 来源: Meet Lolita Richi, the youngest 'Human Barbie' yet to emerge, who claims to be the most doll-like beauty yet. Lolita, , from Kiev, Ukraine, boasts the same improbable body proportions and blank facial features as a Barbie.  让我们隆重有请洛丽塔·瑞琪,迄今最年轻的“真人芭比”!她声称自己是最像娃娃的美女岁洛丽塔来自乌克兰基辅,她有着和芭比娃娃一样不可思议的身材比例和无表情的面部特征  Lolita maintains that her striking looks were achieved without plastic surgery, dieting or Photoshop. The outspoken high-school student, who is now temporarily living in Turkmenistan, says: 'I think I've achieved this image better than anyone else. I haven't even heard of Valeria Lukyanov. People have openly told me that they're jealous of me and how good I look. All of the boys at school fancy me as well but I don't like any of them. They are not to my taste.'  洛丽塔坚称自己的长相和身材绝不是通过手术或者节食得来的,照片也没有ps过这个坦率的高中女生现暂住 土库曼斯坦,她直言不讳地说:“我觉得我比任何人长得都美,我也没听说过瓦莱里娅·露可安诺娃(另一位乌克兰真人芭比)人们公开对我的长相表示嫉妒,学校里所有的男孩子都很喜欢我,但我没一个能看上的,他们不是我的菜”  Growing up, Lolita was a playful tomboy who showed no interest in her appearance. She says: 'I never thought about playing with dolls when I was younger. I was always outside playing with the boys. It was only a year ago that super-confident Lolita first adopted the doll look. She has since gained a devoted band of followers on Russian social network VK.  洛丽塔一直是个对外貌不太在乎的假小子她说:“我小时候从来不玩洋娃娃,反而是经常在外面和男孩子玩”只是一年之前,这位超自信的洛丽塔第一次尝试娃娃妆,自那时起她在俄罗斯社交网络VK上便有了一众的持者  Lolita explains: 'I started dressing up like this because I want to look perfect. I think that all women should be well-kept and immaculate. I wanted to be my own inspiration. If a girl doesn't have beautiful eyes then they should wear contact lenses to sort it out. If they have a crooked nose, then she must do something about it, whether that's plastic surgery or not.  洛丽塔解释说:“我打扮成这样是因为我想看上去是完美的我认为所有的女人都应该仔细打扮做到完美我想成为自己的精神柱如果一个女孩子没有漂亮的眼睛,她就应该戴美瞳;如果她鼻子歪,就应该去做整形手术或者采取点什么别的措施”  'I have a gorgeous figure so I don't even have to diet. I just eat whatever's available in the fridge whether that's sausages or fruit. I started wearing afdable contact lenses and make-up. My mother used to be an actress so I borrow her wigs. I feel comtable and confident in my appearance. There are many women who want to look like this.'  “我的身材很好所以不必解释冰箱里有什么我就吃什么,不管是香肠还是水果我会戴舒的隐形眼镜,也会化妆我妈妈曾经是个演员,所以我可以戴她的假发我对自己的外表很舒,也很自信很多女人都想长成芭比娃娃一样”  However Lolita confesses that she does receive a fair share of negative criticism online. She says: 'People make good and bad comments about me online. I've blocked a few users who have been particularly mean about my appearance. But I do get nice compliments too, I like when men admire my hands.'  然而,洛丽塔也承认在网络上她收到了一些负面的评价她说:“在网上,说我好说我坏的人都有不过我屏蔽了几个对我长相评价刻薄的人但是我也会收到一些正面的赞扬,我喜欢男人称赞我的手”  One person who is wholly supportive of her eccentric look is Lolita's mother, Anya Richi, 33. Anya is her photographer and captures all of the snaps that Lolita uploads online. She says:'My mum doesn't say anything about my appearance. She allows me to dress however I want. My mum's proud of how I look.'  对于洛丽塔反常打扮全力持的只有她的母亲,33岁的安雅·瑞琪安雅是洛丽塔的摄影师,她传到网上的照片都是安雅拍摄的她说:“妈妈对我的打扮不做评价,她允许我打扮成自己喜欢的样子,也同样以我为傲”  Lolita says there is no man out there at the moment who is a worthy candidate her affections. 'I'm not attracted to any of the boys at school, although they all like me. They aren't good enough me and they have an immature mentality. I want to be with a really manly man who is polite, sensible and who doesn't run away from problems. He also needs to have a full head of hair. I don't like bald men.'  洛丽塔说目前还没有男孩子吸引到她的注意“学校里那些男孩子都很喜欢我,但我对他们都不感兴趣他们太幼稚,还配不上我我想和一位有礼貌、感性、不逃避问题的真男人在一起,他也不能是秃顶,我不喜欢秃头的男人“  Lolita wants to become a psychologist after she finishes school but would love to achieve fame her look. She says, 'I'm only 5ft in tall so I can't become a model untunately. But if I can become famous my appearance in some other way, I will be extremely happy.'  完成学业后,洛丽塔想成为一名心理学家,但她也愿意因自己的长相而成名她说,“我只有公分高,所以很遗憾不能做一名模特不过如果有其他方法让我因为容貌而出名,那我会相当开心的”

巨富们的新宠:未来主义风格的超级游艇 -- :9:33 来源:   Will this futuristic design signal the wave of the future superyachts the super-rich? Shaped like the top half of a star, the concept vessel measures feet in length and more than 60 metres in height, and has over 3,500 square metres of luxury interior space guests. Aptly named Star, the private yacht contains a central cluster of four lifts that provide access across eight decks.  这一未来主义风格设计是否预示着未来超级游艇将成为巨富们的新宠?这一概念产品形似星星上半部,英尺长,60多米高,为顾客提供3500平方米的豪华内部空间这款产品的名字为“星星”,可谓名副其实这艘私人游艇内含四个电梯使八个甲板各自相连,方便人们通行  With enough space a helipad, sub-marine viewing deck and viewing platm at the top of its pointed tip, the yacht was designed 36 overnight guests but can hold over 0 people parties or other events. The vessel would have a maximum speed of 18 knots and a range of 5,000 nautical miles at knots, and it would have the capability of rotating within its own length. The innovative superyacht was the brainchild of Lobanov Design and BMT Nigel Gee, and it began as a rough sketch on a napkin.  有足够空间供直升机起落,潜艇观景台,并在游艇顶端设有瞭望平台虽然游艇设计能使36人进行通宵活动,但实际上能够允许0多人举办派对或其他活动这艘游艇最大时速为18海里以海里小时行驶时,该游艇可驶出5000海里虽然该游艇有英尺长,但能够自行旋转这艘富有创意的超级游艇是设计师洛阿诺和奈吉尔·吉智慧的结晶它一开始只是印在餐巾上的粗糙的双桅纵帆船  Designer Igor Lobanov said the initial idea was proposed by Alex Malybaev of FIRMA branding agency after the pair came to the conclusion that all yachts look the same to people outside the marine industry. He said: ‘It seems that modern architecture, product design and car design have no influence on yachts. Malybaev penned an idea “on a napkin”and asked me if a yacht could be like that.  设计师洛阿诺表示他们发现虽然对人们而言除了海军舰队外所有游艇的设计都没什么差别,但这一设计起初是由冷杉公司品牌宣传部的亚历克斯·麦尔巴福提出的他说:“无论是现代建筑、产品设计还是汽车设计都似乎对游艇设计有所启发麦尔巴福在一块餐巾纸上画下了他的设计,并询问我它看起来像不像游艇  ‘I looked at the sketch and set to work. The idea was so great that I wanted to prove it could become a yacht.’ Igor collaborated with BMT Nigel Gee naval architecture and to assess technical feasibility, and the result was a wildly unusual design a vessel that could be used as a billionaire’s at-sea playground or an exclusive floating hotel.  我看着草图开始制作这个设计实在是太棒了,我想明它能变成一艘游艇”伊戈尔与合作测试该潜艇的技术可行性,奈吉尔·吉是海军建筑师这一与众不同的游艇设计可以作为亿万富翁的海上游玩平台或是独一无二的私人海上酒店  James Roy, yacht design director of BMT Nigel Gee, said: ‘Historically yacht design has been described as both an art and a science.'Star is a tangible view of a 1st century interpretation of art and science. ‘We are tunate to live in an era where technology makes the delivery of bolder designs more possible – clients who are adventurous innovators anything is truly possible.’  詹姆斯·罗伊是基本军事训练部的设计主任,他说:“‘星星’是二十一世纪科技与艺术完美结合的最好体现我们很幸运生活在一个可以让大胆的设计也能成为现实的时代,对于富有冒险精神和创新精神的顾客来说,一切皆有可能”

冰桶挑战为“渐冻症”致病基因的发现筹集资金 --9 :56:01 来源: 或许还记得那年的冰桶挑战,那时过两年,你是否还在关注“渐冻症”这一需要关爱的群体? Scientists have identified a new gene contributing to the disease, NEK1.科学家们实,已经发现了一种导致肌萎缩型侧索硬化症这一疾病的新的基因NEK1The Ice Bucket Challenge has raised m from people pouring cold water over themselves and posting the on social media.“冰桶挑战”项目已从参与冰水浇遍全身并将该视频上传至社交媒体的人们那儿筹集了1.亿美元It was criticised as a stunt, but has funded six research projects.虽然有人批评冰桶挑战是逢场作戏,但是它已经资助了六个研究项目Research by Project MinE, published in Nature Genetics, is the largest-ever study of inherited ALS, also known as motor neurone disease (MND).MinE项目的研究是迄今为止对通过遗传而得的肌萎缩型侧索硬化症(ASL),也称运动神经元症(MND),规模最大的一次研究,目前已发表在《自然遗传学上了More than 80 researchers in countries searched ALS risk genes in families affected by the disease.来自个国家的80余名研究人员对受肌萎缩型侧索硬化症影响的家庭的风险基因展开了研究The identification of gene NEK1 means scientists can now develop a gene therapy treating it.基因NEK1的发现意味着科学家们现在能够发明一种基因疗法来治疗这一疾病Although only % of ALS patients have the inherited m, researchers believe that genetics contribute to a much larger percentage of cases.虽然只有%的肌萎缩型侧索硬化症病人是通过遗传患上此病,但是研究人员们相信:更高比例的病例均与遗传因素有关Social media was awash with s of people pouring cold water over their heads to raise money ALS in the summer of .在年夏季,社交媒体被那些往自己头上浇冷水来为肌萎缩型侧索硬化症筹集资金的视频给刷屏了More than million people uploaded s to Facebook, including many celebrities who rose to the challenge, which were then watched by 0 million people worldwide.超过00万人将视频上传到了脸书上,其中还包括很多参与挑战的名人,这些视频而后得到了全世界.亿人的观看What is amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as motor neurone disease (MND)?什么是肌萎缩型侧索硬化症(ALS),也称运动神经元症(MND)?fatal, rapidly progressive disease that affects the brain and spinal cord一种致命、快速发展的影响大脑和脊髓的疾病attacks nerves that control movement so muscles refuse to work (sensory nerves are not usually affected)攻击控制运动的神经,从而导致肌肉无法运动(感觉神经通常不受影响)can leave people locked in a failing body, unable to move, talk and eventually, breathe能够导致人体瘫痪、无法行动、不能说话并最终呼吸衰竭scientist Stephen Hawking is best-known person with the disease科学家史蒂芬·霍金便是最知名的“渐冻症”患者kills around a third of people within a year of diagnosis and more than half within two years三分之一的患者在确诊一年左右死亡,过半数患者两年内死亡there is no cure尚无疗方

澳大利亚男妓讲述行业秘辛 -- :7: 来源: OZ是一名来自澳洲的男妓,由其前女友介绍进入这个行业,他目前正在伦敦从事秘密性务在一场采访中,OZ向我们介绍了男妓行业的一些秘辛 Oz, who defines himself as ’mainly straight’, said: ’I expect we see a lot of bisexuals because gay guys can meet up with each other and they don’t need the discretion.’OZ认为自己是“更偏向于直男”,他说:“我预料我们会遇到很多双性恋,因为男同可以自己约,他们也不需要在这件事上太过于慎重”His most popular service is a naked oil massage with sex, although some clients do prefer kinkier acts involving whips, sex toys, handcuffs and gimp masks.OZ最受欢迎的务是裸体精油性,而有些客户更喜欢变态一点的玩法,使用鞭子、性玩具、手铐和面具等工具He says that ex-public school boys like being tied up and spanked, while older men prefer the ’kinky stuff’.OZ透露说,小男生喜欢被绑起来打屁股,而老男人则更喜欢一些“怪异的东西”’Spanking is very common here, especially with ex-public school boys - they seem to have a bit of a kink that and being tied up,’ he said.OZ说:“打屁股的玩法很常见,那些以前在公立学校上学的小男生们特别沉迷于此道,他们似乎对这种玩儿法很着迷,还很喜欢被绑起来”‘I don’t see a lot of women kinky stuff, it tends to be the older guys.“没有多少女人喜欢那些怪东西,反而是老男人们喜欢这样的玩儿法”’I’ve got a ball-busting regular who likes being kicked in the groin - and I used to practice Thai kickboxing so I can kick pretty hard.’“我有一个喜欢受虐的常客,他经常叫我踢他的腹股沟我以前还专门为此去练习泰拳,那样我就可以更用力地踢他”But Oz has rules he sticks to. He tends not to offer ’boyfriend’ services, which tend to be more affectionate acts like kissing - and even having sex without a condom.但是OZ也有他自己的坚持他不提供“男票”务,因为那意味着他要做一些像接吻一样更亲昵的举动,甚至还要无套做爱‘Occasionally I accompany somebody on a date to an event and then usually we go back to a hotel or somebody’s house. But the majority of clients I see at my place, their house or a hotel,’ he said.OZ说道:“有时我会陪客户约会,然后我们就会去酒店或者某人的家里不过大多数时候我都在家里、客户的家里或者酒店里接客”‘I don’t kiss and I don’t do sex without a condom. I don’t do drugs, but apart from that I’m pretty open to all kinds of fetishes’.“我不会和客户接吻,做爱也必须戴套我不嗑药,但我接受任何性癖Oz says that he doesn’t find kinky requests strange any more, and books a dungeon if a client requests something that will be ’messy’.OZ说他再也不会对客户的任何变态要求感到奇怪了,如果有客户的要求比较“脏”的话,他会预定一个地牢’There’s a few places in London that has specific equipment such as suspension racks - I’d rather not set things like that up at my flat as if the landlord comes by it might be a bit hard to explain.“伦敦有些地方有像悬挂架一样的特殊装备我不想在我的公寓里装那样的东西,不然等房东上门的时候,我很难向他解释”‘Kink stuff seems to be a lot more popular here and in European countries like Germany,’ he added.OZ补充说道:“在伦敦和德国等欧洲国家里,捆绑玩儿法似乎更受欢迎一些”While Oz mostly works in the UK, he also has a number of rich overseas clients.尽管OZ大多数时候都在英国接客,但是他还有一大票富有的海外客户‘Overseas clients sometimes clients pay my air fare and expenses to visit them abroad,’ he said.OZ说道:“国外的客户有时候会付我出国的机票钱和相关的费用”‘I have a regular in Dubai, that pays my flights and hotels in a luxury resort. I’ve been taken to New York, Hong Kong, Sweden, Singapore. And plenty of other European countries.’“我在迪拜有一个老主顾,他给我付机票钱,还请我住在豪华度假酒店里他带我去了纽约、香港、瑞典、新加坡,还有许多其他欧洲国家‘We should be able to go to the police and not worry about getting arrested.’“我们应该可以去警察局,而不必担心被逮捕”Oz says the sex industry is not as exciting as many people believe. The stuff that people usually find interesting is the richest client or the most exciting date as they make the best stories.OZ说这一行并不是像许多人所想的那样光鲜人们通常认为有趣的只是那些最富有的客户和最一颗赛艇的约会,因为那往往能够诞生出最美好的故事‘But I think people get the wrong idea about what it’s actually like - it’s just a job to us.’“但是我认为很多人都对这一行的真实情况有所误解--对我们来说,这只是工作而已”

防狼利器!3D装可根据目光变换形状 --30 :19:36 来源: The anti-ogling shirt: 3D printed outfit changes shape when men stare at itIt is an outfit that attracts attention - and one that can stare back.这是一件引人注目,同时也能“反观外界”的外套Fitted with a range of gadgetry, this fabric is covered with smart fibres that can expand and contract depending on who, and where, people look at it.衣的面料上配有一排小部件,表面附着一层智能面料,可以根据注视者目光的位置伸缩By detecting how old they are and whether they're men or women, it knows just how much to respond.通过追踪注视者的年龄和性别,面料就知道该做出多大反应防狼利器!3D装可根据目光变换形状Those features may not make 'Caress of the Gaze,' as creator Behnaz Farahi calls it, creep-proof, but it certainly lets them know something's blocked their gaze.这些功能可能未必会让这件被发明者本纳兹·法拉希(Behnaz Farahi) 称为“目光的爱抚”的衣成为防狼利器,但是绝对能让他们觉察到有东西阻挡了他们的视线Beneath the garb's spotted spikes lie a hidden camera and microcontroller.在这件衣斑驳的尖状物下,隐藏着一个摄像头和微型控制器They use an algorithm to spot onlookers and determine exactly where they're looking, twisting around the wearer to match where they're glancing.他们通过算法法则辨认观看者,并确定他们具体在看哪里,衣会随着观看者所看的位置在穿着者身上扭动'What if our outfit could recognize and respond to the gaze of the other?' Farahi writes on her website.“如果我们的衣能识别并对他人的目光做出反应会是怎样的?”法拉希在其网站上写道'This is an interactive 3D printed wearable, which can detect other people's gaze and respond accordingly with life-like behaviour.'“这是一件交互式3D打印可穿戴外套,它可以追踪到别人的目光,并相应的给予生动的回应”It's not the first kind of clothing to change according to its surroundings—Chinese fashion designer Yin Gao, instance has also made clothing that moves and lights up when people look at it.这并不是第一件能随环境改变的衣物——比如,中国时尚设计师高银(Yin Gao)也做过被人们注视就会移动、发光的衣But when it comes to Farahi's garment, its sophisticated ability to identify viewers and move exactly in line with their gaze set it far apart.但法拉希的这件衣,其通过辨别注视者并与注视者目光进行动态调整的复杂功能,确实令其脱颖而出防狼利器!3D装可根据目光变换形状Another reason: its futuristic material, designed to flex like skin, was made by special 3D printer.还有一个原因:它充满未来感、可以像皮肤一样收缩的面料由特殊3D打印机制成That 'allows the fabrication of composite materials with varying flexibilities [and] densities,' Farahi said.“这就让复合材料制成的面料具有极大的灵活性和多变的密度”法拉希如是说'Inspired by the flexible behaviour of the skin itself, this outfit theree exhibits different material characteristics in various parts of the body ranging from stiff to soft.'这件衣的灵感源自皮肤本身柔韧、有弹性的特点,它展示了身体不同部分的组织特性,软硬兼备Farahi isn't an ordinary designer—she's an architect and interaction designer working toward her Ph.D. at University of Southern Calinia.法拉希可不是普通设计师——她不仅是位建筑师,还是名交互设计师,目前正在南加州大学攻读士学位(University of Southern Calinia)And this isn't her first ay into printed attire -her previous projects include a flexible collar and helmet.这并非她首次进军打印装界,此前她还做过可伸缩衣领和头盔等项目But 'Caress of the Gaze' is the first to directly respond to outside observers.但“眼神的爱抚”是首个能直接回应外界观察者的作品She made it during Pier 9 artist residency at Autodesk, getting support from non-profit Madworkshop.她在欧特克公司(Autodesk)举办的“九号码头艺术家居所”活动中得到非营利组织“疯狂工作坊”(Madworkshop)的持,从而做出了这件衣And while it may not be coming to stores anytime soon, it's certainly showing what novel technology can do fashion.虽然这种装或许不能很快进驻商店售卖,但它肯定显示出了新技术对时尚界的影响Vocabularyalgorithm:算法,运算法则ay:袭击

为什么中国女性如此热爱自拍修图? -- :5: 来源:chinadaily Chinese women are radically altering their faces to look whiter and more 'Western' online CREDIT: QUARTZChinese girls were taking selfies way bee the West had even heard of them – and probably even bee the word ‘selfie’ had been invented in English. 在西方国家的人们还没听说“自拍”这个词的时候,中国女孩就已经开始玩自拍了,甚至在还不存在“自拍”(selfie)这个单词的时候就已经开始了And so, while the world embraces the selfie revolution – young Chinese women are again one step ahead, editing their pictures in a way the rest of us can only imagine. 之后,当世界开始“自拍革命”的时候——中国年轻女性又领先一步,用我们只能靠想像的方式,开始编辑她们的自拍照We're not talking about adding a few flattering filters on Instagram here. The augmentation of facial features – using phone apps such as Meitu Xiu Xiu – is becoming so widesp and powerful in China that it’s become fashionable to say online that they work better than plastic surgery. 这里所说的图片编辑不只是在Instagram上添加一些好看的滤镜那么简单调整面部特征——使用手机应用程序,如美图秀秀——在中国变得如此的普遍和有影响力,网上盛传这比整形手术还管用These hugely successful, homegrown photo editing apps specifically target two distinct psychologies of Chinese women: the unabashed posting of selfies (often a whole series of close-up pictures with different expressions) and the desire to look whiter than they really are. 这些极其成功的国产照片处理应用专门针对中国女性的两大明显的心理特征:一是可以随心所欲地晒自拍(通常是一系列的特写照片,只有表情不同);二是希望自己看起来比实际更肤白貌美Such apps play to Chinese women’s fantasies of achieving a ‘Westernised’ aesthetic - whiter skin and bigger eyes. 这类应用也使中国女性实现了她们所追求的“西化”的审美观——皮肤白皙、大眼睛Photo enhancements are nothing new, of course and Photoshop has been ily available a long time. But simple-to-use photo-editing apps, which create the same effect as Photoshop on your phone, are a relatively new invention. 当然,美化照片并不是什么新技术,Photoshop这样的图片处理软件我们已经使用了很久相对而言,操作简易、功能与Photoshop相似的手机应用软件却是一个新发明In China at least, the phenomenon has become an integral part of the online culture. Most of my female friends edit their faces bee posting pictures on social media – it’s a must-do, ingrained step. 至少在中国,这种现象已经成为网络文化的一个必不可少的组成部分我的大多数女性朋友在社交媒体发布照片之前一定会先美化这些照片,这已经成为发照片的“必经之路”,成为一个根深蒂固的习惯This is more than a digital ‘touch up’ – the likes of which are growing more popular in the Western world, too. Such apps play to Chinese women’s fantasies of achieving a more refined––or more ‘Westernised’––aesthetic that specifically lies in having a more streamlined facial contour, whiter skin and bigger eyes. 这已经不仅仅是数码“润色”,这在西方国家也逐渐盛行起来了此类应用软件帮助中国女性“实现”了她们对精致容貌的追求——或者说是更“西化”的美貌——有更流线型的面部轮廓、白皙的皮肤和大眼睛Natural is the exact opposite of what many Chinese women want (posed by models) CREDIT: EPAMeitu Xiu Xiu, the leading app of its kind in the Chinese market, is phenomenally successful, According to its official website, Meitu has over 500 million users and is installed on over 900 million mobile devices worldwide. 美图秀秀,是中国美图类应用市场中领先的应用软件,此款应用获得了极大的成功根据其官网数据,美图秀秀的用户超过5亿,全球超过9亿用户安装了这款应用The ‘refine and whiten’ button is by far the most popular function, since having white skin in itself is a standard of beauty in China. 一键“磨皮美白”是目前最受欢迎的功能,因为皮肤白在中国是美的标准之一Famous Chinese women are driving the trend. The best-known actress in China, Fan Bingbing, has publicly declared Meitu her favourite app and often posts photos of her snow-white skin. 一些中国知名的女性也在推动这个潮流中国最有名的明星范冰冰,就曾公开称美图秀秀是她最喜欢的应用,也经常在网上发她肌肤白皙的照片In recent weeks, a ,000 'selfie camera' has also been flying off the shelves, as it make users look like they've had plastic surgery. The Casio's official name is Exilim TR, but it’s mostly known as ”zipai shenqi” in China, which means ”Godly tool selfies.” 最近几周,一款价值约00美元的“自拍相机”也被抢购,因为这款相机拍出来的照片能让用户看起来像是她们做过整形手术这款卡西欧自拍相机的官方名称是Exilim TR,它在中国被称为“自拍神器”,意思是神奇的自拍工具Indeed, the hot plastic surgery trend in China and Korea in recent years has been ‘jawline thinning’ – where women try to reduce their ‘bigger faces’ to resemble those of Western women. This ‘shaving’ involves cutting into the jaw and trimming off some of the bone. The result is a more sculpted face and a more triangular chin that resembles the supposed “pixie” look of Western faces. 事实上,近年来在中国和韩国的整形手术中,“削尖下巴”十分热门——女性们希望自己的“大脸”可以像西方女性那样立体精致这里所说的“削”需要切削下颌,以及削骨其结果就是一张更有型的尖下巴“瓜子脸”,与人们印象中的西式“小精灵”面容相似But if you can’t afd surgery, these new apps let you ‘suck in’ your face with the subtle slide of a finger.但如果你负担不起整形手术,那么这些新兴的应用软件只需你动动手指就可以让自己的脸部缩小,拥有精致的轮廓One charmer asked me why I used such “life like photos” rather than edited pictures. 有人问我为什么更喜欢用“生活照”,而不是美化过的照片Chinese women are afraid to look natural online (posed by model) CREDIT: QUARTZ“Brightening my skin and making my face thinner is normally all I do on Meitu”, says my attractive friend Leah Zhang. Although she does admit to having gone much further in modifying her features - and having toned it down after one boyfriend told her that her pictures looked nothing like her. 我的一位漂亮的朋友张莉(音)说,“我一般用美图秀秀‘美肤瘦脸’”然而她承认自己对照片改动很大,自从她的一个男朋友告诉她,她的照片与她本人相去甚远之后,她对照片的美化就没那么夸张了I’ve experienced the opposite problem. All this extreme digital photo editing is leading to unrealistic expectations as to what Chinese women actually look like in real life. 而我却经历过相反的问题所有的这些美化照片导致大家对于中国女性在现实生活中的模样有了不切实际的期望A guy I met on a dating app told me he was shocked when he first saw me as I was “much better looking” than my photos suggested. “You look really dark in your photos”, he said, “and your face looks round.” 我在交友应用上遇到的一个人告诉我说,当他第一次见到我时,他感到很震惊,因为我本人比我的照片更好看“照片上你看起来真黑,”他说,“而且你的脸在照片上看起来是圆的”Another charmer asked me why I used such “life like photos” rather than edited pictures. 又有另一个人问我为什么用这样的“生活照”而不是美化过的照片“Nowadays, men are so used to seeing faces of girls on social media where the skin has been whitened, features softened and jaws thinned down, so that anything unfiltered looks strangely under par,” 7-year-old graphic designer Xiaolin told me. 7岁的平面设计师小林告诉我,“现在,男性都习惯于在社交媒体上看到已经‘磨皮美白、脸部特征更柔和、尖下巴’的女生的照片所以,任何未经处理的照片反而让人看起来觉得奇怪不舒”My -year-old friend Zhao Siyuan tells me that plenty of her male friends have been deceived in online dating with a little help from Meitu. A few were apparently so appalled by the difference in their date's face that they “just directly turned around and walked away”. 我岁的朋友赵思源(音)告诉我,她的很多男性朋友在网上交友时被欺骗了,就因为美图秀秀的“一点点帮助”有一部分在见面的那一刻,对约会对象的相貌是如此的震惊以至于他们“转头就走”了A couple of months ago I too gave into the pressure downloaded Meitu Xiuxiu, partly because I was curious. Now I’m addicted - because it's so easy to change the way you look, and because, no matter where you are from, a bit of “brightening” is never a bad thing. 几个月前,我也下载了美图秀秀,部分原因是因为我很好奇现在,我竟然“上瘾”了,因为它真的可以轻易“改变”你的容貌而且,无论你来自何方,“白一点”总不是什么坏事I can just tap to erase blemishes on my face – meaning my lazy morning routine doesn’t impact my online persona. My jawline, as much as I don’t want to admit it, is quickly streamlined with a quick ‘sucking’. It’s a lot of fun. 我可以点击抹掉我脸上的瑕疵——这意味着即使我每天早晨再懒,也不会影响我在网上的形象虽然我不想承认,但我的下巴轻轻一点击就迅速“变尖”了这是一个很有趣的过程Photoshopping your face with an app is just that – fun - and isn’t harmful in most cases. 用一款应用美化你的照片是如此地有趣——在大部分情况下,也是无害的But, in China, it’s increasingly redefining standards of beauty. Chinese women are moving away from their natural selves and I can't help but feel this 'fun' is rapidly turning into an even greater pressure to conm, and look a certain way.但是,在中国,美的标准不断被重新定义中国女性正逐渐远离最本真的自我,这使我不禁觉得这种“有趣”正在迅速转变成一种巨大的顺应潮流、以及以一定的方式去看待周围的压力The gap between reality and our online lives is widening as we sit on our phones playing plastic surgeon - and it can't be long bee Western women join in. 我们的现实和网络生活之间的差距正在不断扩大,因为在手机上,我们都是一位整形外科医生——相信不用过多久,西方女性也将加入这个行列Vocabularyselfie:自拍,自拍照plastic surgery:整形,整形手术来源:每日电讯报翻译:梁茜(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)编审:yaning

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