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永康市面部除皱纹费用浙江金华妇幼保健院胎记多少钱It sounds like the sort of character who would have been deeply unpopular in one of his plays. William Shakespeare was a #39;ruthless businessman#39; and tax dodger, researchers have claimed.研究人员近日声称,恰似莎翁戏剧中那些令人深恶痛绝的角色——莎翁本人就是“冷酷无情的商人和偷税漏税的家伙”。Although he wrote plays that championed the rights of the poor and the needy, archived documents show the playwright was actually a wealthy landowner repeatedly dragged before the courts and fined for illegally stockpiling food and threatened with jail for evading taxes.尽管莎翁笔下维护穷苦贫弱民众的权利,但档案资料显示,莎翁本人却是个富有的地主,多次被揪上法庭、因非法囤积粮食而罚款,甚至因偷税漏税差点蹲监狱。He #39;stored grain, malt and barley for resale at inflated prices to neighbours and local tradesmen#39; at a time when Europe was suffering famines, the academics said, and channelled the profits into land purchases.研究人员说,莎翁囤积谷物、麦芽和大麦,等欧洲饥荒遍野时,再以高价转售给邻居及当地商人,以此牟取高额利润。They added that Shakespeare did all he could to #39;avoid taxes, maximise profits at others#39; expense and exploit the vulnerable – while writing plays about their plight#39;. And his approach of #39;combining both illegal and legal activities#39; meant he could retire after a working life of only 24 years.他们还说,莎翁一边创作有关弱势群体的戏剧,一边却又用尽一切办法逃税、从弱势群体身上尽可能地压榨利益。通过此类非法牟利手段,莎翁仅仅工作了24年便不劳而获、坐享其成了。Researchers at Aberystwyth University carried out an academic study looking into Shakespeare#39;s #39;other life#39; as one of Warwickshire#39;s biggest landowners and have uncovered the less than savoury side to Britain#39;s greatest playwright.在阿伯里斯特威斯大学,研究人员组织了一项学术研究,旨在挖掘莎翁作为沃里克郡大财主的“别样生活”,揭秘英国最伟大的文豪不为人知的阴暗一面。The allegation he exploited famine has also led to suggestions that his Coriolanus, for years regarded as a plea for the starving poor, was in fact his way of trying to expunge a guilty conscience.莎翁利用饥荒大发横财的推测恰好也表明,一直被认为是替穷苦民众伸张正义的《科利奥兰纳斯》,实不过是莎翁自己欲盖弥彰的良心不安作品罢了。Jayne Archer, a researcher in Renaissance literature at Aberystwyth University, said in the Sunday Times: #39;There was another side to Shakespeare besides the brilliant playwright — as a ruthless businessman who did all he could to avoid taxes, maximise profits at others#39; expense and exploit the vulnerable — while also writing plays about their plight to entertain them.杰恩-阿彻在阿伯里斯特威斯大学研究文艺复兴时期的文学。他对《星期日泰晤士报》说:“除了伟大的剧作家身份外,莎士比亚还有另外一面——即逃税避税、无情压榨他人、欺凌弱势群体的商人,尽管他笔下尽是些伸张正义的故事。”#39;Shakespeare is remembered as a playwright, but there was no copyright then and no sense that his plays could generate future income. That drove him to dodge taxes, illegally hoard [food] and act as a money-lender.“莎翁是家喻户晓的剧作家。但当时还没有版权保护,因此他的戏剧作品并不能带来收入。所以,莎翁便靠逃税、非法囤积牟利,完全是个高利贷商人。”Coriolanus depicts a famine created and exploited by rich merchants and politicians to maximise the price of food and includes the lines: #39;They ne#39;er cared for us yet: suffer us to famish, and their store-houses crammed with grain.#39;《科利奥兰纳斯》讲述了富商和政治家哄抬物价而造成大饥荒的故事,其中有句台词就是:“他们才不会管我们的死活呢。我们在这里忍饥挨饿,他们的店铺里却堆满了粮食。”It has now emerged that as Shakespeare wrote the play at the height of the 1607 food riots, he was himself hoarding grain. As one of the biggest landowners in Warwickshire, he was ideally placed to push prices up and then sell at the top of the market.如今看来,莎翁在戏剧中写到1607年粮食危机时,他本人正在囤积粮食。作为沃里克郡的大财主,莎翁占尽地利之便,抬高物价后又在市场上售卖。In a paper, the academics wrote: #39;Over a 15-year period Shakespeare purchased and stored grain, malt and barley for resale at inflated prices to neighbours and local tradesmen.学者在文献中写道:“大概有15年之久,莎士比亚购买并囤积谷物、麦芽及大麦,然后再以高价转售给邻居和本地商人。”#39;In February 1598 he was prosecuted for holding 80 bushels of malt or corn during a time of shortage. He pursued those who could not pay him in full for these staples and used the profits to further his own money-lending activities ...“1598年2月,莎士比亚因在粮食短缺时囤积了640加仑的麦芽或玉米而被告上法庭。他通过向贫弱的民众收购主要粮食来牟取利润,然后进行高利贷交易……”#39;Profits were channelled into land purchases. He also acquired tithes on local produce, including ;corn, grain and hay;, allowing him to cream off the profits from others#39; manual work.“获得的盈利用来购置土地。他还从玉米、谷物、干草等农产品中牟取什一税,也就是从他人的血汗中榨取利润。”#39;By combining both illegal and legal activities, Shakespeare was able to retire in 1613 as the largest property owner in his home town, Stratford-upon-Avon. His profits — minus a few fines for illegal hoarding and tax evasion — meant he had a working life of just 24 years.#39;“通过正当或不正当的买卖,莎士比亚很快就在家乡埃文河畔的斯特拉特福积累了巨大财富,扣除少数因非法囤积和逃税而缴纳的罚款,他可谓获利匪浅。早在1613年仅仅工作了24年,莎翁便可坐享其成了。”Shakespeare#39;s experience as a rich landowner at a time of famine may be reflected in plays such as King Lear, which depicts an ageing monarch trying to divide his lands, and the food they produce, between his daughters.莎翁在大饥荒时期的大财主经历在《李尔王》等戏剧中可见一斑——年迈的君王试图在两个女儿之间划分土地和生产的粮食。Professor Jonathan Bate, the Shakespeare scholar and provost of Worcester College, Oxford, said Archer and her colleagues had performed a valuable service in setting Shakespeare#39;s work in the context of the famines and food shortages of the period.乔纳森-贝特是牛津大学伍斯特学院的教务长,同时也是研究莎士比亚的学者。他说,阿彻女士及其团队的发现对研究莎翁笔下大饥荒与粮食短缺时期的作品很有价值。 /201307/246517义乌市中医医院韩式隆鼻多少钱 A deadly new strain of bird flu claimed its sixth life in eastern China on Friday as agricultural authorities in Shanghai began slaughtering birds in a local market in an effort to stem the sp of the disease.周五,中国东部地区出现第六例H7N9禽流感死亡病例。与此同时,上海农业部门开始扑杀当地一个市场中的禽鸟,以遏制禽流感的扩散。A 64-year-old farmer died in Hangzhou, capital of eastern China#39;s Zhejiang province. The man, from the nearby city of Huzhou, was later confirmed to have been infected with the H7N9 virus, the official Xinhua news agency reported on Friday, citing the local health bureau.浙江杭州一名64岁农民死亡。新华社周五援引当地卫生部门的话报道说,此人来自杭州附近的湖州,后被确认感染了H7N9病毒。His death brings the number of identified H7N9 infections in Hangzhou to three. China has confirmed a total 14 H7N9 cases nationwide, with patients ranging in age from 4 to 87. So far the virus has appeared only in parts of eastern China surrounding Shanghai, where the first human infection was publicly identified on Sunday.至此,杭州H7N9确诊病例上升至三例。中国全国各地已确诊14例H7N9禽流感病例,患者年龄从4到87岁不等。目前为止,H7N9病毒似乎仅限于中国东部的上海和周边部分地区。在上海,首例人感染H7N9禽流感病例于周日公布。With fears mounting around the country, Shanghai issued a temporary ban on all wholesale live poultry trading and ordered markets closed. The ban came a day after the city#39;s agricultural authorities cordoned off the live poultry trading zone in the city#39;s Huhuai market and ordered a cull following the discovery of the H7N9 virus in samples taken from pigeons being sold there.随着中国各地担忧情绪加剧,上海发布了临时禁令,禁止一切活禽批发活动,并下令关闭市场。这一禁令发布之前一天,上海沪淮农副产品批发市场销售的鸽子样本检测出H7N9病毒,随后上海农业部门封锁了该市场的活禽交易区,并下令扑杀交易区内所有禽鸟。Shanghai TV broadcast footage of sanitation workers in yellow boots, white hazardous-material suits and face masks dragging bags of dead pigeons out of the market. A local official told the station that the sanitation team expected to cull between 8,000 and 10,000 birds.上海的电视台报道的画面显示穿着黄色靴子、白色防护、戴着口罩的防疫人员将一袋袋的死禽拖出市场。当地一位官员对电视台说,防疫队预计将扑杀8,000至10,000只禽鸟。At a large market in the city#39;s former French Concession area, the live poultry business was quiet on Friday afternoon. Two of the salesmen were snoozing behind full cages of yellow chickens. A third seller said authorities were still allowing sales of chickens. #39;We can#39;t sell pigeons or ducks,#39; he said.在上海前法国租借地的一个大型市场,周五下午活禽交易很安静。两个商贩在装满黄色活鸡的笼子后打盹。另有一个商贩说,有关部门仍允许卖活鸡。他说,不允许卖鸽子或鸭子。While the number of infected people remains small, the appearance of the new virus has shaken China, where memories of the crippling 2003 outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome epidemic remain fresh. Unlike with SARS, the government has vowed to be transparent and promised to release information about H7N9 as quickly as possible, though many in China remain skeptical.虽然感染人数仍然不多,但新出现的这种病毒还是令中国感到恐慌。中国人仍然清晰地记得2003年爆发的严重影响人类健康的SARS病毒。和上次处理SARS疫情不同的是,中国政府誓言做到透明,并承诺尽快公布有关H7N9禽流感的信息。但许多中国人仍持怀疑态度。Adding to the fear on Thursday, Shanghai#39;s Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission said that it had placed under quarantine a resident who had developed a fever and itchy throat after coming into close contact with one of the patients who had died.上海市卫生和计划生育委员会周四表示,该机构此前已经将一位居民隔离。在与一位已经死亡的病人有过密切接触之后,这位居民曾出现发烧和喉咙发痒的症状。这一消息加大了民众的恐惧。Up until now, no cases of human-to-human transmission of the virus have been discovered. Among those infected so far, several are believed to have been in close contact with birds, including a 48-year-old who transported poultry, a 45-year-old poultry butcher and a 38-year-old chef.到目前为止尚未发现人际间传播禽流感的病例。迄今为止在所有感染者中,据信有多位曾同禽类有过密切接触,其中包括一个48岁的运送家禽的人、一名45岁的禽类屠宰员以及一名38岁的厨师。Aside from the person placed in quarantine, health authorities have found no symptoms in any of the people known to be in close contact with identified H7N9 patients, according to state media.据官方媒体报道,除了那些已经被隔离的人,卫生部门在那些同已经确诊的H7N9患者有过密切接触的人身上没有发现病症。The U.S. consulate in Shanghai issued a statement Friday urging people to remain calm.美国驻上海总领事馆周五发表声明,呼吁人们保持冷静。#39;At this point the risk for international disease sp is considered low,#39; the consulate said. #39;The latest advisory from the World Health Organization as of April 4 is that no travel or trade restrictions with China should be applied based on the current information.#39;领事馆说,眼下疾病进行跨国传播的可能性被认为很低。截至4月4日世界卫生组织(World Health Organization)给出的最新建议是,从当前信息看,无需限制外国人进入中国,也无需施加对华贸易限制。 /201304/233549Meet Mitsuaki. He recently arrived in the ed States to enter university. He wants to do well in his studies and adjust to the new culture. But Mitsuaki has a problem. It#39;s not his roommates. It#39;s not his school fees. It#39;s not even his English ability. Mitsuaki#39;s problem is that he doesn#39;t have a car. And in America, that really makes him a foreigner. Mitsuaki has aly discovered a basic fact of American culture: Driving is a way of life.  介绍你认识三和木,他最近刚到美国上大学。他的目标是想把书读好并且让自己能够适应这个新的文化。但三和木却遇到了一个问题。问题不是室友,不是学费,甚至不是他的英文能力,三和木的问题是没有车。在美国,没有车真的会让他成了一个十足的外国人。三和木已经发现了美国文化中一个很基本的事实:开车是一种生活方式。  It#39;s not that there#39;s no public transportation in America. Many cities have taxis, buses and subways to help commuters get to and from work. Some large universities even have buses to take students to classes across campus. But most people find it much more convenient to drive, even if they do have to deal with traffic. Nowadays busy families often have more than one vehicle. Many people view their car as a status symbol. But no matter their social status, people without wheels feel tied down.  美国不是没有大众运输工具,很多都市都有出租车、公车和地下铁帮助通车族上下班。有些规模大的大学甚至有公车在校园里载送学生到各个教室上课。不过大部份的人还是觉得开车更方便,即使他们得面对交通拥挤的问题。现今忙碌的家庭通常拥有一辆以上的车。很多人把车子视为地位的象征,但是不管他们的社会地位如何,没有车的人往往觉得很受束缚。.  When Mitsuaki first arrived, he was amazed at how young many American drivers there were. Young people in America often get their driver#39;s license around age 16 by passing a written test and a driving test. In many cases, before they can get their license, they have to take a driver education course. This course gives students hands-on practice with driving. It also helps to reduce the high cost of insurance. For teenagers, being able to drive——and in some cases, have their own car——is a big deal. It gives them a sense of power and freedom. Many young Americans consider a driver#39;s license a right, not a privilege. It#39;s rare to find an American teenager without one.  当三和木刚抵达美国时,他很惊讶美国许多开车的人年纪实在很轻。美国的年轻人通常在16岁左右就会通过笔试和路考,取得驾照。很多时候在他们取得驾照之前,他们必须上一个驾驶人教育课程,这个课程提供给学生们实际的驾驶练习,它也有助于降低高额的保险费。对青少年来说,能够开车,甚至拥有一辆自己的车是一件了不起的事,因为它带给他们一种权力与自由的感觉。很多美国的年轻人把驾照视为一种权利,而不是一项特权。在美国要找到一个没有驾照的青少年是很不容易的。  Mitsuaki finally decides that he needs a car. His host family helps him find a good used car to buy. But before he gets his license and starts driving, he has to understand that the American style of driving is defensive, not offensive. He also needs to learn some of the basic rules of the road that good drivers follow.  10 Commandments of Good Driving in America:  1. Yield to vehicles who have the right of way.  2. Don#39;t cut in front of other vehicles.  3. Drive within the speed limit.  4. Obey all road signs and police officers.  5. Pull over to the side of the road when you hear a siren.  6. Stop completely at red lights and stop signs.  7. Yield to pedestrians in crosswalks.  8. Park only in a designated parking space.  9. Use your turn signals when turning or changing lanes.  10. Don#39;t drink and drive.  三和木最后终于决定他需要一辆车,他的寄宿家庭帮助他找到了一辆好的二手车。但是在他拿到驾照并且开始开车之前,他必须先了解,美国人的开车方式是属于防守型,而不是进攻型。他也需要学习一些好的驾驶人应该遵守的基本道路规则。  在美国优良驾驶的十大诫命:  1. 礼让有先行权的车子。  2. 不超车。  3. 行车不超速。  4. 遵守所有的路标和交通警察的指挥。  5. 听到警笛声时,立即靠边停车。  6. 遇到红灯和停止标志时要完全停下来。  7. 在行人穿越道上要礼让行人。  8. 只能在指定的停车地区内停车。  9. 转弯或换车道时要打方向灯。  10. 不要酒后驾车。  As a car owner, Mitsuaki has the responsibility of maintaining his car. He knows that regular maintenance checkups can help to prevent many serious problems. But no matter how careful the maintenance, all vehicles need to be repaired sometimes. Many Americans take their cars to a garage for maintenance and repairs. Others like to work on their own vehicles. Not Mitsuaki. He decides that being a student is enough work for him.  身为一个车主,三和木必须负责维修他的车子,他知道定期作保养检查可以预防许多严重的问题发生。不过,不管多么小心地保养,所有的车子有时候都必须修理。很多美国人把他们的车子送到车厂保养和修理;有些人则喜欢自己动手修车。但三和木可不这么做。他觉得当一个学生已经够他忙的了。  Driving is to Americans what flying is to birds. It#39;s almost part of their nature. For many Americans, being behind the wheel is like their natural habitat. But if they don#39;t drive carefully, they can become an endangered species.  开车对美国人的必要性,就像鸟儿需要飞翔一样,几乎就是他们天性的一部份。对许多美国人而言,「坐在方向盘后面」就像是他们自然栖息之处。不过,如果他们不小心开车的话,他们可就会变成濒临危险的动物了。 /201303/228232武义县民族医院减肥手术多少钱

浙江省东阳市人民医院医院Her Majesty伊丽莎白女王1. She’s shy1. 她很内敛Her Majesty may have reigned for 60 years but she remains quite a shy person at heart. Yes, she’s learnt how to handle all manner of social situations, rise to the occasion, and meet the incredible demands of being a monarch in the modern age, thanks in part to the advice of her closest courtiers.女王尽管已登基60年,骨子里却仍是一个内敛的人。的确,她已学会如何处理各种境况,如何应付自如,或迎合现代社会人们对一位女王的要求;但这些成就部分得归功于她身边大臣的忠谏。2. The smile is real2. 她的微笑发自内心I’ve been very struck by just how happy the Queen looks these days. I think that’s down to the fact that the Royal Family has survived the travails of recent decades to emerge as strong as ever. Charles’s predicament following the death of Diana and the difficult years afterwards seems to have been resolved. What’s more, she’s still got the Duke of Edinburgh by her side, and her grandchildren William and Harry – have turned out to be everything she could wish for. In short, the future of the succession seems assured – and I think that’s a source of tremendous pride and satisfaction to her.近来女王看上去很开心。我想这跟王室坚强熬过几十年的艰难风雨有关吧。无论是戴安娜王妃之死还是查尔斯的窘境,都已成为过往。何况爱丁堡公爵还陪伴在她身边,孙子威廉和哈利一切也都顺顺当当,王室继承还将继续下去——对女王而言,这就是莫大的自豪和欣慰了吧。3. She has a wicked wit3. 她风趣聪慧She can be very funny – a side of her which the public rarely gets to see. I think she’s all too aware that as a monarch she has to be serious and representative of the nation, but in private she can often display a real sense of fun and a lovely, spontaneous sense of humour.女王有时非常风趣——只可惜公众很少有机会看到罢了。作为女王,她意识到自己得严肃正经,要展现一国君主之风范。但私下里,她真的很风趣,有时还耍点调皮的小幽默。4. Faith underpins her life4. 她对待信仰忠贞不渝The Queen is of course the head of the Church of England – but it’s sometimes forgotten that she’s also a woman of deep Christian faith. I once saw her holding a rather worn prayer book which I think is in itself telling – because it shows that this is a woman who doesn’t just pay lip service to God, but prays and is a true believer. She is of course a regular churchgoer, and I’m sure she has drawn great sustenance from her faith during difficult times in her reign.当然,女王是英国国教会的最高元首;但很少有人意识到她本人就是一名忠诚的基督教徒。我曾看她拿着一本非常破旧的祈祷书——这恰好说明女王绝非虚有其表,而是千真万确信仰上帝。她也经常去教堂做礼拜。我想,正是这种虔诚的信仰才帮她度过了在位期间的艰难岁月吧5. She’s a make-do-and-mend Queen5. 她勤俭节约The Queen has never been an extravagant person. She was 13 when World War II began, so her formative years were hugely shaped by growing up in the shadow of the conflict. The entire nation had to make sacrifices and while no one is suggesting the Royal Family had to slum it, Britain stood alone for a while against Germany, food was rationed and there was a real sense of make-do-and-mend. That’s something that has stayed with the Queen all her life, and I think that’s partly why she likes Kate, who’s not afraid to wear the same dress twice, and is so patently not in the ‘spend, spend, spend’ mould.女王向来不喜欢铺张浪费。第二次世界大战爆发时她才13岁,在战争的阴影中长大。当时全英国人民都得做出牺牲,尽管没人要求王室参与其中,但他们却并未逃避责任。英国与德国孤军奋战时,食物都定量配给,一切都得省吃俭用。而这种勤俭节约的作风就此伴随了女王一生。女王之所以喜欢凯特,很可能也因为凯特从不介意一件衣多穿两次吧。显然,凯特也不是“大手大脚”类型的人。6. Children are special to her6. 她特喜欢小孩It’s rarely remarked upon, but the humility the Queen shows when she receives flowers from children says a lot to me about the hidden monarch. She must have been handed thousands of garlands by countless children – but judging by the way in which she accepts them, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s the first time she’s been given flowers. The way she bends down to accept flowers from small children is tantamount to her saying that she regards them as her equals.这或许不值得一提,但女王接过孩子们鲜花时的谦逊神情也能展现她不为人知的一面。她一定收到过数不清的孩子们的鲜花——但每次看她接花的方式,你都会以为这是她第一次收到鲜花呢。她弯腰接过鲜花的神情,恰好表明她真将孩子平等相待的。7. She is serious about her duty7. 她恪尽职守The Queen has laid a wreath at the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday on all but a handful years during her long reign – the only exceptions being when she was either pregnant or overseas on an official visit (1959, 1961, 1963, 1968, 1983 and 1999). This terribly moving annual ceremony means a huge amount to her, in large part because she lived through World War II, and saw how great a price we as a nation paid to preserve our freedom.女王在位期间,除了怀或出国访问(1959年, 1961年, 1963年, 1968年, 1983年和 1999年),几乎每年都在阵亡将士纪念日那天去纪念碑前敬献花圈。女王自己就经历过二战,亲眼看到一个国家为争取自由所付出的巨大代价。所以,她尤为看重这个节日。8. She’s kind at heart8. 她温厚善良This isn’t something that’s ever much reported, but she’s very thoughtful for anyone she knows who has been bereaved or ill, performing little acts of kindness. For instance, she paid a private visit to Martin Charteris (above) – who served her for many years as her Assistant Private Secretary and then Private Secretary, and did so much for her as a young monarch – shortly before his death in 1999.很遗憾关于女王这方面的报道并不多。其实,她非常关心身边的人。不管谁病了或失去了亲人,她都会给予安慰。1999年,马丁查特里斯去世之前,她曾特意看望过他(见图)——马丁曾担任她的私人秘书助理,后来又成为正式私人秘书,为年轻时的女王立下过汗马功劳。9. She loved her palace on the water9. 她钟爱皇家游艇The Queen was terribly saddened to see the Royal Yacht Britannia pensioned off.She had a huge amount of affection for the ship because it was the only home that was ever specially created for her, in every sense of the word.It’s interesting to note that the Royal Yacht was furnished in a much more contemporary style than the palaces, with their George III antique tables.She also appreciated the freedom the yacht gave her to escape the prying eyes of the world and just be herself.皇家游艇“大不列颠号”被迫退役时,女王很难受。她对这艘游艇很有感情。严格讲来,这是唯一一艘专门为她而造的游艇。不过有趣的是,这艘皇家游艇的风格比皇宫登得多,里面配有乔治三世时代的桌子。而且在游艇上,她能躲开世人的八卦,完完全全属于她自己。10. Animals really are important to her10. 她是个动物迷This is a woman who is known for her love of animals, and in particular her corgis.As monarch, from time to time she invites people to Windsor Castle, and I remember being there once when one of her corgis rolled over onto its back at her feet and there was a look of sheer unadulterated joy on her face.人们都知道女王很喜爱小动物,尤其是她那些威尔士矮脚。 女王喜欢时不时地请人去温莎城堡做客。记得我有次在那儿看到威尔士矮脚滚了个四脚朝天,女王顿时乐开了花,开心不已。 /201301/222639浙江省金华无痛隆鼻收多少钱 浙江省义乌市妇幼保健院门诊部营业时间

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