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每天,我们都在进行成千上万次的网络购物。可是是谁(或什么)将货物按照复杂的订单装进了我们的包裹呢?在本次的演讲中,米克 芒茨将用一个充满机器人的迷人而惊奇的世界来展示到底大型仓库中发生了什么。 Article/201412/350456【新闻精讲】The trend is not confined to the private sector. Several governments, including those of America, Britain, France and Australia, now publish for the benefit of their citizens regular reports on levels of national well-being. Bhutan has long measured its gross national happiness, and the ed Arab Emirates boasts a brand-new Ministry of Happiness.这一趋势不仅局限在私营部门。包括美国、英国、法国及澳大利亚在内的多国政府出于国民利益考虑,现在都定期发布国民福祉水平报告。不丹长期以来测量国民总幸福指数,而阿联酋则对全新设立的“幸福部”引而为傲。confine v.限制,囚禁- He was confined in a prison.well-being n. 幸福安宁(the state of being happy, healthy or successful)boast v. 夸赞Businesspeople have long known there is money to be made in the field. Dale Carnegie, a leadership guru, said the best way to win friends and influence people was to seem upbeat. Disneyland is still “the happiest place on Earth”. American firms regularly bid their customers to “have a nice day”. One of the sharpest books published on the phenomenon is “The Managed Heart” from 1983, in which Arlie Hochschild, a sociologist at the University of California, Berkeley, noted that many employers demanded “emotional labour” from workers in the form of smiles and other expressions of “positive emotion”. Firms are keen to extract still more happiness from their employees as the service sector plays an ever greater role in the economy. Run-of-the-mill service firms are fighting for their lives against discounters. As customers, most people prefer their service with a smile rather than a snarl.商人们早就知道这是有利可图的领域。领袖学大师戴尔#8226;卡耐基(Dale Carnegie)说过,一副乐观向上的样子最有助结交朋友及施展影响力。迪士尼乐园依然是“地球上最快乐的地方”。美国公司总是祝愿客户“拥有美好的一天”。对这一现象分析得最为尖锐的图书之一是1983年出版的《被管理的心》(The Managed Heart)。加州大学伯克利分校的社会学家阿莉#8226;霍克希尔德(Arlie Hochschild )在该书中指出,许多雇主要求员工以微笑及其他形式的“正向情绪”提供“情绪劳动”。随着务业在经济中份量日重,公司更是热衷要求员工进一步展现快乐情绪。一般的务公司正绝地反击来自折扣店的竞争。作为顾客,大多数人都喜欢得到微笑务而非恶言怒吼。upbeat adj.高兴的extract v.提取run-of-the-mill adj.普通的(average, ordinary)discounter n.折扣店- discount n.折扣snarl v.生气咆哮Some firms are trying to create some wellbeing, too, showering their employees with mindfulness courses, yoga lessons and anything else that proves that managers are interested in “the whole person”. Only happy fools would take that at face value. Management theorists note that a big threat to corporate performance is widesp disengagement among workers. Happy people are more engaged and productive, say psychologists. Gallup claimed in 2013 that the “unhappiness” of employees costs the American economy 0 billion a year in lost productivity.一些公司也正努力为员工创造福祉,为他们提供正念课程、瑜伽课程以及其他明管理层乐于把员工打造为“全人”的手段。只有不知愁的傻子才会相信这只是为了创造快乐。管理理论指出,公司绩效的一大威胁便是员工普遍散漫无心。心理学家说,快乐的人工作更投入、更有生产力。市场调查公司盖洛普称,在2013年,员工“不快乐”令美国经济因生产力下降而损失5000亿美元。disengagement n.不配合One problem with tracking happiness is that it is such a vague metric: it is difficult to prove or disprove Gallup’s numbers since it is not entirely clear what is being measured. Companies would be much better off forgetting wishy-washy goals like encouraging contentment. They should concentrate on eliminating specific annoyances, such as time-wasting meetings and pointless memos. Instead, they are likely to develop ever more sophisticated ways of measuring the emotional state of their employees. Academics are aly busy creating smartphone apps that help people keep track of their moods, such as Track Your Happiness and Moodscope. It may not be long before human-resource departments start measuring workplace euphoria via apps, cameras and voice recorders.追踪计算快乐程度的一大问题是那是个模糊的指标:很难实或反驳盖洛普的数据,因为你不完全清楚所测量的是什么。公司要是能舍弃“鼓励知足”这类模糊不定的目标,境况会好得多。它们应专注扫除具体的恼人问题,比如浪费时间的会议和毫无意义的备忘录。但相反,它们很可能会制定出越发繁琐的方式来测量员工的情绪状态。学者们已忙于创制智能手机应用来帮助人们记录自己的情绪变化,例如“追踪你的快乐度”(Track Your Happiness)及“情绪仪”(Moodscope)。也许在不久的将来,人力资源部就会开始采用应用、摄像头和录音设备来测量员工在职场的快乐指数。track v.追踪metric n.衡量标准better off adj.情况更好的wishy-washy adj.软弱无能的(weak)- wishy-washy leadershipeliminate v.去除annoyance n.烦恼- annoy v.使烦恼sophisticated adj.成熟的euphoria n. 兴高采烈-euphoric adj. 高兴的-bubbly, jolly, upbeat Article/201702/492876Clutch / Accelerator Exercise加速度练习The way we gonna do that.要实现平行转弯滑行。Think of clutch and accelerator, we gonna stand on the top ski,首先想象一下开车时,离合器和油门之间的配合。and that#39;s we do that roll it flat, let the ski come around the first bit of corner by themselves,站在滑雪板上,慢慢翻转雪板,使其自然顺畅地转向第一个弯道。that#39;s what we want to do, and we gonna finish nice and parallel.我们要尽可能顺畅地完成这个动作,并保持滑雪板的平行。There are two things you gonna use to help you achieve that, let#39;s take a look.那具体应该如何实现呢,让我们一起看一下吧。I#39;m going to use my hands down here to show you where the pressure or weight is changing from foot to foot.我将用交替下压的双臂来展示滑行过程中身体压力或重心是如何从一只脚转移到另一只脚的。Think about what you do when you change gear.想象一下开车时,你是如何换挡的。As a lifted accelerator, I would start to push down the clutch, it#39;s the same feeling.松开油门,踩下离合器.....就是这种感觉。You can see this close-up: the way is coming off the down-hill ski and onto the top ski, as it rolls onto the new edge.来看一下近景:在滑雪板转换立刃的过程中,雪面脱离;山下板;,贴触;山上板;。It#39;s a combined movement, as I stand on the top ski, I can feel the way coming off the down-hill ski.这是一个交替的过程。当身体重心落在;山上 板;时,你能感受到雪面脱离;山下板;。Okay, so I#39;m on that left leg. Smoothly onto the right, feel the way coming over, now onto the up-hill ski.身体重心当前落在左腿上,平稳地转移到右腿上,请你们体会一下雪面掠过并貼触;山上板;的感觉。Remember, as I start to stand on that right leg, roll it over.记住,当我准备把重心落在右腿上时,我就得翻转滑雪板。But it comes round smooth.如上所述,交替进行,就能平稳顺畅地平行转弯滑行了。If you#39;re finding that hard, it#39;s not working for you, you might be not changing the edge, as you changing the weight.如果你感觉上述过程进行得很艰难,动作运行不畅,那是由于你在转换重心和立刃的时候不够协调一致。So feel, as you gonna stand onto that top ski, roll the ski flat and gently over to inside,让我们来原地体会一下,当你要将重心转移到;山上板;时,先将滑雪板翻转平稳,然后逐渐转向内侧,and it would start to come around much smoother.从而实现平稳转弯。I#39;m going across the hill, and now I gonna to start to stand on that top ski.我现在要穿过山丘,然后站在山上板上面。If you keep fit on the outside of the edge, it#39;s gonna simply keep going the same way of pointing.如果你在外侧的立刃感觉比较舒,那就继续按照前面所说的相同的方式进行吧。So remember the second you gonna start transfer the way, roll that ski over,第二点需要记住的就是,你要开始转弯,翻转滑板。and it would start to turn for you much easier. Make a nice smooth blend.在你完成重心转移后,要记得及时翻转滑雪板,保转弯滑降顺畅。It#39;s an combination of standing on the up-hill ski and rolling ski over onto the new edge.平行转弯滑行的过程,就是身体重量落在;山上板;,并交替立刃的过程。You can see that as I do this, the ski will naturally start to turn down hill.可见,当我平行转弯时,滑雪板能自然顺畅地沿着山坡蜿蜒而下。You notice that the snow plough has disappeared at the start and skis extend parallel throughout the whole turn.注意啦,从一开始;犁式滑行;就消失了,在整个转弯下坡的过程中,滑雪板始终保持平行。注:本文翻译由en88字幕组完成。 Article/201504/369106

There are all sorts of different components我们把各种不同的组成部位that we#39;re putting together to make this model放在一起建造了这个模型So it is like doing a jigsaw puzzle这就像玩七巧板where you have lots of different pieces and as you work on it,工作进行时 在你面前有很多不同的板you find new pieces but you also find,你会发现几块新板 同时还发现;Ah I#39;ve got a little cluster of pieces here that now fit together我发现这几块正好可以拼在一起;into something very, very meaningful.;变成非常非常有意义的东西It#39;s very much work in progress还有很多工作仍在进行中but we are building the clearest picture ever但我们正在构建的是of the areas of the brain that are involved in talking.迄今最为清晰的大脑语言功能区域图But how does it all begin?但这一切是如何开始的呢Hi, baby!你好 宝宝When does a new brain switch on to language?一个新生大脑何时开始处理语言呢Hi, baby!你好 宝宝Part of our research has to do with helping to understand我们的部分研究得有助于人们理解the roots of, of language reception语言接受的根源and how it is that babies begin to understand speech sounds.和婴儿开始认识说话声音的过程 Article/201412/346952栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201507/384207原味人文风情:Pass the Salt当低头族儿子遇上霸气老爸...Hey Jake, you wanna pass the salt, please?嘿 Jake,麻烦一下,你可以把盐递过来吗?Dad. What are you doing?老爸。你在做啥?Dad!老爸!Sorry, I must#39;ve been a little...distracted! Pass the salt.对不起,我肯定是有点...分心了!把盐递过来。 Article/201507/384721

Introduction and equipment导言和装备Welcome to your first study on ski.欢迎第一次来滑雪Never ski before,从来没有滑过雪吗we are gonna take through everything you need to know.我们会教你全部的必要知识Firstly, we will have a quick look at equipment首先我们来介绍下滑雪装备to show how to get skis on and off.演示下如何穿脱雪板And then, sliding down the hill nicely and gently on a very easy slope.然后演示下在缓坡慢速滑行The next thing is the first control: a break of a snow pole.然后是如何通过犁式控制雪板减速And finally, put some turns together, so you can control your descent down the slope.最后把转弯连起来,好让你能在下滑时控制速度It is a gorgeous day. Let’s give it a go.天气不错,让我们开始吧First things first. The skis,先来介绍下雪板tipped ski, tailed ski.板头和板尾Binding board goes forward nice and simple.板子很容易向前滑行Bindings,固定器toe binding, heel binding.脚尖部分 脚跟部分These things are gonna hold you on the ski.固定器把你固定在雪板上And here we go to a ski break.这里是止滑器Basically, when you are on a ski that being out of a way,当你踩在雪板上时 止滑器收起you do take a tumble that release, break pop down,当你摔跤雪板脱落的时候 止滑器会释放stop the ski sliding down and killing someone.防止雪板下滑 伤害他人Underneath, plastic pace, you are gonna slide down by this.板底 塑料板底是主要的滑行部分And each side of that, you’ve got a metal edge.两侧是两条金属板刃If anybody refer to the wooden edge,如果有人说到“立刃”they talk about tipping the ski one the side and using that metal edge.是指横向倾斜雪板 以利用金属板刃滑行All you need to know.基本上就是这些The heel binding get two positions: close and open.固定器脚跟部分有两个位置 锁紧和打开when you in the ski, you’ll be closed to get yourself fixed.当你踩在雪板上时 固定器锁紧You are gonna play the ski to hint the hole in the back,需要脱下雪板时 需要用雪杖尖顶在固定器的凹陷处push down firmly, lift the heel, and you’ll up.用力施压 然后抬起脚跟 就脱下雪板了The bare mind, if you do take a tumble. It is a good chance to heel binding.要记住如果你摔倒雪板脱落的话It still be closed,很有可能脚跟固定器仍在锁紧位置so you’ll spend less time trying to get the ski on.It is almost closed.这时候雪鞋是卡不进去固定器的Push down, open the binding,需要压住后固定器使其打开and you let it go again.就可以卡进雪鞋了注:本文翻译由en8848字幕组完成。 Article/201504/367894Whoa, okay, we#39;re in.Even if it is an ice-covered river.好了 我们进来了 即使是冰封的河流When you#39;re moving through the wild,you can never predict what obstacles lie ahead.当你在荒野中行进时 你永远无法预测前方会有什么障碍But today I know exactly what to expect.但是今天我能预测到My team are with me to give nature a helping hand and ensure that I face her at her wildest.我的团队要助大自然一臂之力 保我看到她最狂野的一面Temperature#39;s well below freezing.温度完全在零度以下You can see we#39;ve got a big frozen lake in front of us here.观众们可以看到在我们面前 有一个已经冰冻的湖And what we#39;re gonna do is cut a channel actually into the ice我们要做的就是 打开一条通往湖中的通道And then show you what happens if you fall through the ice and get submerged.然后向你展示如果失足踩裂冰面 被淹没之后会发生什么It#39;s gonna be a cold one.看着就很冷啊Every year in canada, 45 people fall through the ice and die from cold-water immersion.加拿大每年有四十五人掉入冰窟 溺毙于冰水之中The danger is very real.这危险是真真切切的Temperatures recently dived to minus-40 degrees here,and the ice was a foot thick.这儿的温度大约在零下四十度 冰有一英尺厚The crew will monitor my vital signs as I swim under an 18-foot ice bridge,工作人员会监视我的生命体征 我会在十八英尺长的冰桥下游泳negotiate a long, open channel,and then take on another bridge,this one twice as long.穿过一条长的开放水道 然后游过另一座桥 这座桥三十六英尺长Diver going in the water.A diver goes in for one final check.潜水员要下水了 最后检查之后一个潜水员下水了The danger for me here is very clear.眼前的危险很明显If I swim off at an angle and miss that exit hole,I#39;ll be trapped under the ice.如果我游歪了 错过出口 我将被困在冰水之中The crew will film me above and below the surface,and to show my heat loss,They#39;ll use a thermal imaging camera.工作人员将跟随拍摄我在冰上冰下的活动过程 并且记录我身体的热损失 他们将使用的是热感摄像机 Article/201703/495576TED演讲者们对这个世界各抒己见。 Article/201506/382096

This part of the internet even had a new name - the Dark Web.这一部分的互联网甚至有个新名字 暗网A dark website is impossible to shut down暗网是无法关闭的because you don#39;t know where a dark website is hosted因为你不知道暗网的主机在哪里or even where it#39;s physically located or who#39;s behind it.它的物理位置在哪 谁在幕后操控And there was one other thing which made Silk Road让丝绸之路和他的效仿者and its imitators difficult to stop.都难以自拔的还有另外一件事You paid with a new currency你要用一种全新的货币付that only exists online, called Bitcoin.只存在于网络的货币 比特币Before, even if you had anonymity as a user,在以前 即使你是一个匿名用户you could still track the transactions,仍可以追踪到交易the money flowing between persons,资金的流动because if you use your Visa card,因为如果你用维萨卡your ATM, bank transfer, Western Union,自动取款机 转账 西联汇款等等there is always... Money leaves a mark.钱总会留下痕迹This is the first time that you can anonymously这是首次你可以move money between two persons.使资金流动匿名化重点解释:1.part of 一部分例句:The last part of the ascent is very steep.最后一段上坡路很陡。2.even if 即使;虽然例句:Even if I fail this time, I would try again.即使我这次失败了,我还要再试试。3.Silk Road 丝绸之路 Article/201703/499800It seems to have an impact which goes beyond simply eating less.这好像比少吃有更好的效果And I think it could work for someone like me.而我认为这能适用于像我这样的人My final stop is Baltimore.我的最后一站是巴尔的I#39;m here because I need a final bit of motivation.我来这是因为我需要一个最终动机There#39;s one aspect of ageing我发现一个衰老中I find more terrifying than any other.最为可怕的部分The effects of ageing on my brain.即衰老对大脑的影响I#39;m trying to catch up with Professor Mark Mattson.我试着追上马克·麦特森教授Mark is a leading expert on the aging brain.马克是引领研究大脑衰老的专家His research suggests that fasting他的研究表明禁食may help delay the onset of diseases能帮助延缓像老年痴呆like Alzheimer#39;s, dementia, and memory loss.痴呆症和健忘症这类疾病的发生Very good! How you doing?非常好 你怎么样Hi there! Michael Mosley.你好 我是迈克尔·莫斯利Mark Mattson.马克·麦特森- You work here?! - Work here? No!-你在这里面工作吗 -什么 不是Nor do I work out here!我也不是来锻炼的重点解释:1.seem to 似乎例句:Does that seem to make sense?这讲得通吗?2.a bit of 一点儿的例句:It was a bit of a bore, wasn#39;t it?这有点叫人厌烦,不是吗?3.catch up with 赶上例句:She walked too slowly to catch up with us.她走得太慢,跟不上我们。 Article/201511/409310Since humans evolved, it#39;s ice, through glaciers, ice sheets and floods,随着人类的进化,正是冰层,通过冰河,冰原和洪水方式that has been the dominant force shaping our planet.强行修整我们的星球But the greatest influence of ice relies on far more than brute force.然而冰层最大的影响力莫过于其残忍的威力That#39;s because ice has some unusual properties that have a profound effect on the Earth#39;s climate.因为冰层有些非凡的道具 它们深深的影响着地球的气候I am on the west coast of Greenland in what#39;s known as Iceberg Alley.我正处在格陵兰岛西海岸著名的冰山巷中This is the biggest iceberg factory in the world.这里是世界上最大的冰山制造工厂I#39;ve never been up this close to icebergs before.我从未如此的接近冰山I know they#39;re chunks of glacier这些是巨大的冰块that fall off the front of the ice sheet and they float here,它们从前面的冰原掉落然后飘到这里but when you get this close,然后当你靠近它们they#39;re like majestic beautiful ships flowing silently by.它们就像是庄严美丽的船只静静的从你身边使过This is known as an iceberg nursery.而这里就是冰山托儿所Most substances are denser when solid than when liquid多数物质在固体状态下比液体状态下密度大which means they sink. Ice is an exception.这就意味着会下沉,可是冰块恰恰反向Because it expands when it freezes, it becomes less dense and so it floats.因为当冰块冻结的时候体积变大,密度变小,因此能够漂浮It#39;s also dazzlingiy bright, which makes it highly reflective,这也令冰块能够高度反光,看起来明亮耀眼and this combination has a dramatic effect on the Earth#39;s climate.这种化合物会对地球气候产生重要影响 Article/201510/405218

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