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小龙虾凭什么制霸夜宵界?(双语) -- 18:55: 来源:chinadaily 小龙虾(学名:Procambarus clarkii,俗称crawfish),夜宵界的实力霸主Chinese people love eating crawfish (小龙虾), nothing compares with washing down the delicacy with a glass of ice cold beer on a hot summer night. 带大家随便溜达一圈: 盱眙 Xuyi 在这里,吃小龙虾不是以只计,不是以盘计,而是以吨计 6月日晚,第十六届中国;盱眙国际龙虾节万人龙虾宴正式开席活动当天0吨小龙虾被3万人一扫而空 About 30 thousand people finished eating 0 tons of crawfish within one night at the international crawfish festival. 因为小龙虾,这个有着生僻名字的江苏小县城成了中国人耳熟能详的地方 Xuyi County in Jiangsu Province is called the hometown of crawfish. 武汉 Wuhan 在这里,最火爆的虾店门口有专业黄牛排号挣钱,据说可以月入上万在武汉,脾气火爆的当地人说:没有什么事是一顿小龙虾解决不了的,如果有,那就两顿 local people in Wuhan, there's not a problem that cannot be solved by a meal of crawfish. If there is, then have two meals of crawfish. 数据显示,武汉有超过一万家小龙虾餐厅,吃货们仅在小龙虾这一项上的消费就可以达到0亿元为了一顿好吃的小龙虾,痴痴等上一两个小时那根本不叫事儿 According to the statistics from Wuhan Crawfish Association, there are over thousand crawfish restaurants in the city, and it’s estimated that the city will earn over billion yuan in crawfish catering. 北京 Beijing 在这里,小龙虾有个特别的名字叫“麻小”,透露了帝都人民最热爱的口味说到麻小就不能不提到簋街请注意,是“簋街”,不是“鬼街” Maxiao, or spicy crawfish, has become the representative of Beijing's most famous gourmet street Guijie and night life. 说到簋街就不能不说到“胡大”要不要去排队随你,不过,如果路过的话,至少可以当旅游景点看一看 Huda Restaurant, the most famous restaurant in Guijie, sells at least 3000 kilograms of crawfish (about 70 thousand crawfish) every day. The daily sales can even jump to 5000 kilograms during the May Day Holidayor National Day Holiday. Why so popular?现在,问题来了:小龙虾为什么那么火? 好吃的那么多,为什么只有它能红遍全中国,制霸夜宵界?即使是“侵华日军引入中国,用来处理尸体”这样的谣言也无法阻止它征男女老少! 1. Low cost, good taste 这些年小龙虾越卖越贵,就快吃不起啦!不过,总的来说,虽然名为“龙虾”,但是其价格还是比较亲民的特别是每年五六月间,小龙虾大量上市,恰好赶上天气渐热大家相约去户外吃夜宵的季节,什么叫生逢其时?这就是! Crawfish has a strong adaptability to the environment. It's easy to breed it, and there's sufficient supply of crawfish. Theree, compared to other seafood like lobster(龙虾), crawfish(小龙虾)is much cheaper. Although the price increased after it became popular, it's still afdable most people who love it. . Way to relieve pressure 结束了一天忙碌的工作,三两好友坐下来,红亮诱人的小龙虾加上冰爽的啤酒,大快朵颐之后,感觉一天的生活从这一刻才刚刚开始好吗? The popular night market culture also promotes crawfish. After a day of hard work in the big city, eating spicy crawfish with ice beer seems to be a good way to relieve the pressure. In addition, it's a good way to eat crawfish with friends since you cannot play mobile phone with oil fingers. 3. Promotion 当小龙虾生意渐火,商家甚至地方政府齐上阵,他们对于小龙虾的流行也起到了推波助澜的作用 High profit also attracts restaurant owners, and they try every means to promote their crawfish, like crawfish festivals, or hiring beautiful girls help you get rid of hard shell of crawfish. These means increase the publicity of crawfish. 话说小编托某朋(lan)友(ren)的福,也享受过一次剥虾务结论是,还是要亲自剥,剥到手指油汪汪再舔舔,才是吃小龙虾最幸福的瞬间啊 Crawfish does not taste so good when you cannot lick your fingers after eating it. 由此引出了另一个问题:约会时候你会点小龙虾吗?吃完之后你会舔手指头吗?不想再做单身汪?赶紧上网找机会 --3 :58:01 来源: 如今,找到另一半已经成为了社会的一大热点话题随着网络和智能手机的不断发展,而越来越多的人开始上网寻找约会对象 A quarter of all first dates are now the result of meeting online, according to a poll.调查显示,有四分之一的人是在网上结识自己的约会对象的One in three Britons admit they prefer finding potential partners on smartphone apps than in real life.有三分之一的英国人承认自己更愿意在手机应用上寻找潜在的约会对象And almost half say they use search engines and social media to find out more about their possible mate – even if they met offline.而约一半的人表示即使和约会对象在线下见面,自己也会用搜索引擎和社交媒体寻找可能的约会对象But once we’ve found a likely candidate, it seems we become much more low-tech.然而一旦找到可能的约会对象,人们便不是十分依赖科技了The quiz of 1,000 adults by Domino’s Pizza found that going casual drinks is considered the ideal first date.多米诺披萨在00名成年人中发起了一项调查,调查显示人们在第一次约会时愿意找个地方随便喝点东西The poll found the nation still has a soft spot cheesy chat up lines, with respondents naming their favourite as ’Hi, I lost my phone number. Can I have yours?’调查还发现英国人仍旧偏爱一些聊天套话,受访者表示自己最爱的开场白是“嗨,我忘记自己的电话号码了,能告诉我你的电话吗?”And one in three Brits of all ages admit to having used dating apps like Tinder and Bumble in their quest love.三分之一的英国人承认自己使用过Tinder和Bumble这样的交友应用Of those questioned, 5 per cent said a good opening chat-up line could make or break taking things further.5%的受访者表示一句好的开场白对两人关系的进展非常重要The research also revealed going a casual drink is the UK’s favourite first date, with a comfy sofa, pizza and a film the top choice those in a relationship.调查还发现,英国人最喜爱的首次约会方式是喝饮料,而热恋情侣最钟爱的坐在舒适的沙发上吃着披萨看电影跟颜王孙红雷学词汇-“抢” -- :37:53 来源:chinadaily 作为一名集刷剧狂喵和综艺狂喵于一体的TV喵霸,小天最近爱上了帅雷雷,他也叫孙漂亮,还叫“颜王”,对!就是“本王颜值最高”的意思! 最近,我家帅雷雷变成了“好先生”,小天觉得帅雷雷颜值简直突破天际了! 如果用两个字形容我雷,除了“帅”,就是“抢”啊!从《极限挑战抢到《好先生,一秒都不停! 好,问题来了: “抢”能用英语怎么说呢? 1. Snatch(grab)抢走 Yixing clutched his code case tightly, fearing that Honglei might snatch it. 艺兴紧紧抓住密码箱,生怕被帅雷雷抢走 . Rob (take property from …illegally) 抢劫 Tom was robbed of his life savings. 汤姆一辈子的积蓄都被抢走了 3. Grab 抓,抢 Don’t grab! 别抢! . Steal (take surreptitiously) 偷偷夺取 Honglei got back at Jiang Haokun stealing his girlfriend. 帅雷雷因江浩坤抢走了自己的女票想报复他 5. Hijack (illegally seize) 劫持,拦路抢劫 Mary made a desperate attempt to hijack a plane. 玛丽铤而走险,企图劫持一架飞机 说了“抢”的词汇,快和小天一起再看看:和“抢”有关的短语和句子~ 1. 抢购 snap sth. up snap sth. up, 这个就是抢购啦(to buy or obtain sth quickly because it is cheap or ...very much) 抢购句子: All the cheapest dresses were snapped up within seconds. 所有便宜的裙子几秒之内就被抢购一空了 一名剁手党的入门资格—— “剁手必备”词汇: 快递 express delivery 购物车 trolley new product display 上架新品 quality guarantee 品质保 in stock 有货 out of stock 断货 only N left in stock 只剩N件 . 抢红包 snatch red envelope a. 红包:red packet;red envelope b. 粤语里红包不叫红包,叫利市: lai see;good business(也称利是、利事)其实就是lucky money(压岁钱)的意思~ c. 虚拟红包 virtual red envelopes 互联网公司最爱发这种红包啦!快来一阵红包雨吧! d. 微信红包 WeChat red envelope 看到微信红包四个字,词霸君就忍不住去Chat group(聊天群)发一个红包,一块钱,给个人抢~ 3. 抢票插件 ;ticket grabbing; browser plug-ins 暑假到了,可以回家啦~好开心有没有~可是怎么办,回家的票还没抢到…… 别担心:有神器—— 抢票插件:“ticket grabbing; browser plug-ins (Plug-in:a piece of software that can be added to the computer system to provide extra features or functions.) 抢票例句:IELTSers can use ;ticket grabbing; browser plug-ins to gain a small advantage in the fight over limited train ticket supply. 雅思考生可以使用浏览器“抢票”插件,这会让你在抢有限的火车票时略占优势

李克强在中欧论坛汉堡峰会第六届会议上的主旨演讲 -- :53: 来源: 李克强在中欧论坛汉堡峰会第六届会议上的主旨演讲国务院总理李克强日在汉堡出席中欧论坛汉堡峰会第六届会议并发表题为《树立互利共赢的新标杆的主旨演讲演讲全文如下:树立互利共赢的新标杆——在中欧论坛汉堡峰会第六届会议上的主旨演讲中华人民共和国国务院总理 李克强(年月日,德国汉堡)Set a New Example of Mutual Benefit and Win-Win CooperationRemarks by H.E. Li KeqiangPremier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of ChinaAt the Sixth “Hamburg Summit: China Meets Europe”Hamburg, October 尊敬的施泰因迈尔外长,尊敬的贝特尔首相,尊敬的舒尔茨议长,女士们,先生们:Your Excellency eign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier,Your Excellency Prime Minister Xavier Bettel,Your Excellency President Martin Schulz,Ladies and Gentlemen,很高兴出席中欧论坛汉堡峰会汉堡素有“世界桥城”的美誉,00多座桥构成这座城市独特的风景线在我看来,汉堡还有更多无形的桥通向世界汉堡自古就有自由贸易传统,世纪就建立了汉萨同盟现在,汉堡以欧洲最快转运港闻名于世,汉堡港装卸的集装箱每三个就有一个往来于中欧之间从这里,我们看到的是中欧交流的悠久历史和繁华现实It is my great pleasure to attend the “Hamburg Summit: China meets Europe”. Known as the “City of Bridges”, Hamburg boasts a unique view with over ,000 bridges. As I see it, Hamburg has even more intangible bridges that extend to the rest of the world. Hamburg has a time-honored tradition of free trade and had established the Hanseatic League back in the th century. Today, Hamburg is known to be the fastest transshipment port in Europe. In fact, one out of every three containers handled in the Port of Hamburg travels between China and Europe. This illustrates the long history and current dynamism of China-Europe exchanges.本届中欧论坛汉堡峰会议题丰富,包括中欧相互认知、贸易和投资体制、中国的城镇化、绿色增长等等,从中能感受大家对中欧合作充满期待合作需要加深了解,借此机会,我介绍一下中国经济当前形势和发展前景The “Hamburg Summit: China meets Europe” has a rich program, including topics such as how China and Europe perceive each other, trade and investment order, urbanization in China, green growth, etc. I can see from the program that there is a great deal of anticipation China-Europe cooperation. Cooperation requires more understanding of each other, so I wish to take this opporty to brief you on the current state and future prospects of the Chinese economy.今年以来,面对错综复杂的国际国内环境,中国经济面临下行压力,但运行总体平稳上半年GDP增长7.%,第三季度基本延续这种态势这一增速相对于中国过去%左右的高速度,虽有所下降,但还属于中高水平从世界范围看,我们的增长速度是高的中国的经济总量已经相当大,现在7%的增量相当于、甚至高于过去%的增量,也相当于一个中等经济体的规模Since the start of this year, in the face of a complex environment at home and abroad, the Chinese economy, under heavy downward pressure, has managed to maintain a stable permance on the whole. Its GDP grew by 7.% in the first half of this year, a momentum that has basically continued into the third quarter. Although this figure is somewhat lower than China’s high-speed growth of about % in the past, it remains a medium-to-high growth rate. Worldwide, our growth rate is still high. Given China’s large economic size, the 7% increase in its economy today equals, if not exceeds, a % increase in its economy in the past. The increase is also equivalent to the size of a medium-sized economy.今年年初和近几个月,中国经济一些指标出现小幅波动,但经济运行仍处于合理区间有波动是难免的,类似波动在去年也发生过,其他国家的增长也不是一条直线我们提出中国经济运行要保持在合理区间,今年增长的预期目标是7.5%左右请朋友们注意,这里有个“左右”也就是说,只要就业比较充分、物价比较稳定、居民收入同步增长、生态环保取得积极成果,经济增速比7.5%高一点、低一点,都是可以接受的对于中国政府来说,最关注的还是就业今年以来,虽然经济增速有所放缓,但就业不降反增1-9月,城镇新增就业超过00万人、与去年同期相比多增了十几万人,31个大城市调查失业率保持在5%左右In the beginning of this year and in recent months, there have been some small fluctuations in some of China’s economic indicators, yet the economy is still running within a reasonable range. It is inevitable to have some fluctuations, which also occurred last year. And the growth of other countries is not a perfect straight line either. We maintain that the Chinese economy needs to perm within a reasonable range. The growth target this year is set at around 7.5%. I would like to draw your attention to the word “around”. This means that with adequate employment and relatively stable price levels, and as long as we could ensure parallel growth of household income and positive progress in protecting the environment, a growth rate slightly higher or lower than 7.5% would be considered acceptable. the Chinese government, its focus is still on employment. Since the start of this year, although economic growth has somewhat slowed, employment has increased. From January to September, more than million urban jobs were created, over 0,000 more than that of the same period of last year. Surveyed unemployment rate has stayed at around 5% in 31 big cities.经济发展不是短跑,而是没有终点的长跑,要有一定的速度,但更重要的是看耐力和后劲中国经济增长的质量效益在提升,这是我们希望看到的务业比重继续上升,电子商务、物流快递等新兴业态快速发展,高技术产业和装备制造业增长快于整个工业,产业结构调整优化“跨了栏”节能减排也交出一份好的成绩单,上半年单位GDP能耗同比下降.%、碳排放强度下降5%左右,是多年来最大的降幅我们的居民收入持续增加,消费需求平稳增长,特别是大众消费快速上升,人民群众得到了实实在在的好处Economic growth is not a sprint but rather long-distance running that will never end. It demands certain speed. More importantly, it demands perseverance and staying power. The quality and efficiency of China’s economic growth is improving, something that we hope to see. With the continued rise of the proportion of the service industry, the rapid development of emerging industries such as e-commerce, logistics and express delivery, and the growth of high-tech industries and equipment manufacturing faster than the entire secondary industry, the adjustment and improvement of industrial structure has progressed by leaps and bounds. We have also seen encouraging results in energy conservation and emissions reduction. Energy consumption per of GDP was down by .%, and carbon intensity down by about 5% in the first half of this year, the biggest cuts in years. With growing household income, consumer demand is also rising steadily. In particular, consumption by the general public is increasing rapidly. People have enjoyed tangible benefits in the course of economic development.中国经济能有这样的表现,主要靠的是改革创新面对经济下行压力,我们没有实行“大水漫灌”式的强刺激,没有放松银根和扩大赤字,而是强力推改革,在加快行政、财税、金融、投资等重点领域改革的同时,改革和创新宏观调控方式,实施结构性调控,也就是在区间调控的基础上进行定向调控改革对经济也是一种刺激,能够再造微观基础,优化宏观环境,激发巨大市场活力和社会创造力我们推出一系列激活力、补短板、强实体的改革措施,就是要释放改革这一发展的巨大红利The Chinese economy has made these achievements thanks mainly to rem and innovation. Despite downward pressure on the economy, we have not adopted indiscriminate strong economic stimulus; nor have we ever eased monetary policy or expanded deficit. Instead, we have vigorously promoted rem in administrative, fiscal, financial, investment and other key areas and, at the same time, remed and innovated the approaches of macro-control by promoting structural adjustment, namely targeted macro-control on the basis of range-based macro-control. Rem is also a stimulus on the economy, as it helps to improve both the micro-foundations and the macro-environment economic growth, and could generate huge market vitality and social creativity. We have put in place a number of rem measures to incentivize market entities, strengthen weak links and boost the real economy, with an aim to release the massive dividend of rem development.今年以来,中国政府继续带头自我革命,大幅度简政放权,推进市场化改革,让更多的人、更多的企业展现创造创新的活力今年3月,全面推行了工商登记制度改革,半年多来新设立的市场主体“井喷式”增长,同比增幅超过60%这些新设立的企业大多属于小微企业和务业,带动了上千万人就业,而且成长性强,是中国经济增长新的撑力量我们不仅降低市场准入门槛,采取“雪中送炭”的政策持这些新设企业,还加强事中事后监管、创造公平竞争的市场环境,织密社会保障安全网、让创业创新者无后顾之忧,培植企业健康成长的沃土Since the beginning of this year, the Chinese government has continued to spearhead a “self-targeted revolution” by substantially streamlining administration and delegating powers and promoting market-based rems so as to boost the vigor of creation and innovation more individuals and businesses. Since the adoption of rem on the business registration system last March, we have seen an over 60% year- on-year growth, a massive upsurge, in other words, on the number of newly registered market entities over the past six months and more. These new businesses, mostly small and micro-enterprises or players in the service sector, have generated more than million jobs, and have become a new pillar of China’s economic growth thanks to their strong growth prospect. We have not only lowered the threshold of market access by offering much-needed policy support to these newly-established businesses, but also enhanced on-going and ex-post oversight, created a market environment featuring fair competition, and improved the social security network, so that those involved in entrepreneurship and innovation will have no additional worries and will grow healthily on the land we have fostered them.谈到这个话题,我想起歌德曾经说过,“你若喜爱你自己的价值,你就得给世界创造价值”创新创造是人类共同的理念和追求我们采取这些改革创新举措,就是要让市场新生力量站稳脚跟、发展起来,也让更多的人看到希望、敢于跟进,在中国大地形成大众创业、万众创新的热潮掀起这股热潮,让每个人都有机会实现成就事业、精人生的梦想,这可以把我们的“人口红利”转为“人才红利”,也可以完善收入分配、促进社会公平,更好实现经济可持续增长、人的全面发展Speaking as I am, I think of a line from Goethe, which s “If you want to love your own value, you must create value the world.” Innovation and creation is the common ideal and pursuit of mankind. We have adopted these measures of rem and innovation so that the newly-born market ces will grow steadily, and that more people will see the hope and follow suit. In this way, we will see a massive wave of entrepreneurship and innovation by the people on the Chinese land. This wave will help everyone to grasp the opporty of realizing the dream of greater accomplishments and a colorful life. It will enable us to turn our “demographic dividend” into “talent dividend” and improve income distribution and promote social equity, so that we could achieve sustained economic growth and all-round development of the people.为促进经济平稳运行,我们将在保持政策总体稳定的基础上,更加积极地作为下一步,我们还会加大改革创新力度,不仅对体制性障碍“拆藩篱”,还对结构性矛盾“动手术”,弥补发展中的“短板”,做强实体经济的“筋骨”比如,在财政资金、金融信贷上,盘活存量、用好增量,持“三农”、小微企业、新兴业态等实体经济发展,继续推进中西部铁路、城镇棚户区改造、水利、污染防治等重大民生和发展工程,增加公共产品供给有改革创新形成的强劲动能,我们对实现今年经济社会发展主要预期目标充满信心To ensure stable economic permance, we will be more proactive on the basis of maintaining overall policy stability. As a next step, we will further enhance rem and innovation. In addition to removing systemic obstacles, we will also address structural problems by strengthening weak links in development and in the real economy. example, on finance and credit, we will make good use of both existing and additional resources to support the development of agriculture, rural areas, farmers, small and micro-enterprises, emerging industries and other ms of the real economy. We will continue to advance major livelihood and development projects such as railways in Central and Western China, renovation of urban run-down areas, water conservancy and pollution prevention and treatment, and make efts to increase the supply of public goods. With the strong driving ce of rem and innovation, we have every confidence that we could achieve the main targets this year’s economic and social development.中国经济已经持续快速发展了30多年,未来发展依然有充沛的动力源,前景是光明的,因为我们的经济有巨大的增长韧性、市场空间和回旋余地在座的不少是中国工商界的老朋友,如大家所感受到的,中国的人力资源素质在提高,基础设施完备,产业配套性好,资金与技术有一定积累,经济抗风险能力强,这些都是我们的综合优势认识中国,需要立体地透视中国是一个亿多人口的大国,城乡之间、区域之间发展不平衡,工业化、城镇化还有很长的路要走广阔的农村和内陆腹地,可以使经济梯度发展、渐次开花,蕴藏着巨大的发展潜能改革创新是潜能最好的“挖掘机”中国人民吃苦耐劳,正在用自己的智慧创新体制、创新科技,推动中国经济保持中高速增长、迈向中高端水平The Chinese economy has been growing in a sustained and rapid manner over 30 years, and it still has ample source of energy future development. It has a bright prospect, thanks to its strong resilience of growth, as well as the huge market space and ample room leverage. Many of you are old friends of the Chinese business commy. As you may have noticed, China does have a number of advantages such as improved human resources, well-developed infrastructure, industries, capitals and technologies, and strong risk-resistance capability. Yet to know a country like China well, one also needs to see more than that, as China is a big country with over 1.3 billion people and there is uneven development between the urban and rural areas and among different regions. Much remains to be done bee we could realize industrialization and urbanization. The broad space in China’s rural areas and inland provinces allows the economy to grow in an incremental and gradual manner, and these are where we find still a huge potential development. As I see it, rem and innovation is the best “excavator” to bring out the potential. The diligent and hardworking Chinese people are making innovations on the system and science and technology development through their own wisdom, thus ensuring that the Chinese economy will maintain medium to high growth rate and move to the medium-and-higher end of growth.中国的发展是开放的发展中国经济发展离不开世界,世界经济的繁荣也需要中国中国经济不会出现有人担心的“硬着陆”,而是会给国际经济带来正面影响,是世界经济复苏的重要推动力量这有利于中欧经贸合作和互利共赢China’s development is open development. The Chinese economy cannot develop without the world, and prosperity of the global economy also needs China. The Chinese economy will not head a “hard-landing” as some have worried about. On the contrary, it will bear positively on the global economy, and serve as a significant ce propelling world economic recovery. That, I believe, is conducive to China-Europe business cooperation and ensures mutual benefit and win-win outcomes in our cooperation.中国的发展需要和平的国际环境和稳定的周边环境在世界政治经济形势错综复杂的情况下,中国是维护世界和平的重要力量,也致力于维护地区稳定与安全希望各国携手共进,相互尊重,和平相处,共同发展China’s development requires a peaceful international environment and a stable neighboring environment. As the global political and economic environment remains complex, China makes a major ce upholding world peace, and China is committed to upholding stability and security at the regional level. China hopes that countries may join hands, respect and live in peace with each other and seek to achieve common development.女士们,先生们!Ladies and Gentlemen,我多次来过欧洲欧洲有着悠久的历史、璀璨的文化,经济与科技发达,作为世界上十分重要的战略一极,对维护世界和平有着特殊的贡献欧洲关注中国,中国也关注欧洲我们看到,欧洲在稳定经济、重振竞争力中采取的努力已见成效,业联盟建设迈出重要步伐,重债国结构性改革取得进展,国债收益率明显下降,相信经受危机考验的欧洲会变得更加强大和昌盛I have visited Europe a number of times. Europe boasts a long history and splendid cultures and is advanced in economy, science and technology. As a major pillar of the world that carries strategic significance, Europe contributes in its own way to safeguarding world peace. Europe cares about China and has an interest in China, and I believe the same is true with China about Europe. We are heartened to see the positive results in Europe’s efts to stabilize economy and regain its competitiveness. Important steps have been made towards the building of a banking union , and progress has been achieved in the structural rems of the deeply indebted countries, with a notable drop of the treasury bond yields. We believe that Europe will emerge even stronger and more prosperous from the crisis.近0年的中欧关系,已由一棵小苗长成枝繁叶茂的大树,这棵树上挂满了累累果实无论是政治互信、经贸合作还是人文交流,都达到了前所未有的高度中欧建交以来,双方贸易增长了30多倍,现在平均每天就有亿美元的贸易往来也就是说,在我演讲的这分钟里,中欧之间达成了几千万美元的合作共同利益的纽带使双边关系充满吸引力和扩展力,这让我们对中欧未来充满信心Over the past four decades, the China-Europe relationship has grown from a seedling into a luxuriant tree that has borne rich fruits. Our political trust, economic cooperation and people-to-people exchanges have all scaled unprecedented heights. Since the establishment of diplomatic ties, trade between China and Europe has increased by over 30 folds. Every day, some US.5 billion worth of trade is being conducted between the two sides, which means that during the twenty minutes of my speech today, the two sides have aly concluded trade deals worth tens of millions of US dollars. The bond of common interests between us makes China-Europe relations even more appealing and expansible, which gives us every reason to be confident in the future of China and Europe.中国和欧洲是两大战略力量,肩负推动全球经济发展、促进人类文明进步、维护世界和平的崇高使命,双方正在形成不断放大的战略交集今年春天,习近平主席访问欧洲,倡导中欧共同努力建造和平、增长、改革、文明四座桥梁,建设更具全球影响力的中欧全面战略伙伴关系,把中欧关系推向了新的高度我们愿与欧方一道,把握好双方关系的发展航向,在国际上树立起互利共赢的新标杆中国是最大的新兴市场国家,欧盟是最大的发达经济体,“最大”与“最大”交融、一切都有可能,“新兴”与“发达”携手、优势就会倍增,中欧在新兴和发达经济体合作中可以成为典范中国和欧洲分处欧亚大陆的两端,这块大陆是世界上面积最大的大陆,也是人口最多的大陆,市场空间广阔,发展机遇巨大,中欧可以在促进亚欧地区繁荣发展、实现共赢多赢中作出更大贡献中欧都主张国际关系民主化,在许多国际重大事务上有共同利益,双方关系具有越来越重要的全球影响,在世界和平与全球善治中可以紧握双手中欧都有伟大的文明,都有理性考量和哲学思辨的传统,中国推崇“和而不同”,欧盟倡导“多元一体”, 亿多中国人与7亿多欧洲人命运相连、前途相关,中欧在不同文明包容互鉴中可以成为引领China and Europe are two major strategic ces. We both undertake the lofty mission of promoting global economy, advancing human civilization and progress and safeguarding world peace. The two sides are expanding their converging strategic interests. During his visit to Europe last spring, President Xi Jinping called on China and Europe to work jointly to build the four bridges peace, growth, rem and civilization between the two sides and a China-EU comprehensive strategic partnership of greater global influence, which brought our relationship to a new height. We are y to work with the European side to keep the development of our relationship on the right track and jointly set up a new model of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation in the world. China is the largest emerging market and the EU the largest developed economy. Nothing is impossible when the two “largests” converge. And strength will be multiplied if the “emerging” meets the “developed”. China-EU cooperation may serve as a fine example of that between the emerging and developed economies. China and Europe are located at the two ends of the Eurasian continent, the biggest landmass on earth and the most populous continent in the world with huge market and great development opporties. Together China and Europe may contribute even more to promoting prosperity and development and achieving win-win and all-win development in Asia and Europe. Both sides call greater democracy in international relations and we share common interests on many major international issues. Our relationship is acquiring more and more important global significance. The two sides may join hands in the course of promoting world peace and global governance. Both China and Europe enjoy splendid culture and the tradition of objective reasoning and speculative philosophy. While China advocates “harmony without unimity”, the EU stands “y in diversity”. The 1.3 billion Chinese people and the 700 million European people have a common destiny and a common future. China and Europe may well take the lead in promoting mutual learning and inclusiveness between different civilizations.欧洲正致力于一体化进程,无论全球风云如何变幻,中国对欧盟的持始终如一,持欧洲联合自强,持欧盟在国际事务中发挥更大作用我们也希望欧盟继续理解和持中国选择的符合自身国情的发展道路,尊重和照顾中国的核心利益Europe is committed to its integration process. No matter what may change in the international arena, China’s support to the EU will remain unchanged. We support Europe in seeking greater strength through y and a bigger role played by the EU in international affairs. We also hope the EU will continue to understand and support the development path chosen by China that suits its own national conditions and continue to respect and accommodate China’s core interests.女士们,先生们!Ladies and Gentlemen,我们身处一个新技术革命和产业变革的时代,当前中欧都处于发展的关键时期,都面临稳定增长、调整结构、促进就业的共同任务,双方深化务实合作既有客观要求,又有难得机遇中国有句古话,“掘井九轫,必得其水”,我们应当像挖井一样深挖合作潜力在此,我提出几点建议:We live in the age of new technology revolution and industrial transmation. Both China and Europe are at a critical development stage and are faced with the common task of maintaining growth, justing structure and creating more jobs. To deepen the results-oriented cooperation is an objective need both sides and both face rare opporties in doing so. There is an old saying in China which goes, “You will surely see water coming out if you really dig deep enough”. We should indeed tap deeper into our cooperation potential the way we dig a well. Along that line, let me make the following proposals:一是共谋贸易发展“大棋局”中欧经济总量占世界经济的,双方贸易总量占全球贸易的比重只有1.5%这两个数据虽然不能简单相比,但也说明双边经贸还有很大的成长空间这种空间既表现在扩大规模上,也表现在优化结构上,这就需要精心布局、做大做优我这次访德期间,中德两国商务界达成了0多亿美元的协议,不仅有商品贸易,而且有技术合作,你来我往我们注意到,欧洲计划投资500亿欧元用于交通、能源和数字网络建设,希望欧方积极采用中国有性价比优势的高铁、核电等装备对华高技术产品出口问题,中方一直关注,希望欧方在即将推行的出口管制改革中,公平对待中方中欧应共同反对各种形式的贸易保护主义,我们愿与欧方就无线通信反补贴案积极磋商,尽快达成共识中欧建立自贸区,对于提升贸易水平很有意义,双方可以尽早启动可行性研究First, we should make a “grand strategy” to promote growth in trade. China and Europe together one third of the world economy, but our trade makes a mere 1.5% of global trade. Although we cannot simply draw a comparison between these two figures, this does speak to the huge potential of growth of bilateral trade. Such a potential is not just about larger scale but also about improved structure. Theree, we need to make good planning in order to increase both the scale and quality of trade. During my current visit, our two business commies have concluded some US$ billion of agreements, which include both trade of products and technical cooperation between the two sides. We have taken note of Europe’s plan to invest 50 billion euros in the building of transport, energy and digital networks. We hope that the European side will favorably consider using Chinese equipment in high-speed railway, nuclear power and other projects, as our equipment is low in cost but high in quality. We have long expressed concern over the issue of European high-tech exports to China, and we hope that the European side will give China fair treatment in effecting the upcoming rem of its export control regime. China and Europe should jointly oppose trade protectionism of all ms. We are y to conduct consultations with the EU in search of an early consensus on the case of wireless communications equipment. The establishment of a China-EU free trade area will be a significant step upgrading two-way trade, and the two sides may launch feasibility studies on it at an earlier date.二是推动投资进入“快车道”投资合作是中欧关系战略性的体现现在双方投资发展机会多、态势好,应顺势而为,在产业发展、园区建设等领域持企业扩大投资中欧早日达成投资协定,能够为相互投资保驾护航,应加快谈判进程,尽快取得成果希望欧方对中国企业赴欧投资提供更加公正透明的营商环境,在市场准入、入境签、工作许可等方面提供更多便利中欧之间还可以采取联合投资等方式,开发第三方市场,实现多赢发展Second, we should take bilateral investment onto the “fast track”. Investment cooperation is the manifestation of the strategic nature of China-EU relations. China and Europe should seize the favorable opporties, build on the strong momentum of investment growth, and support their companies in expanding investment in such areas as industrial development and industrial parks. The early conclusion of a China-Europe investment agreement will provide strong guarantee mutual investment. The two sides need to speed up the negotiation process and work early outcomes. We hope that the European side will create a more equitable and transparent business environment Chinese companies investing in Europe, and provide China with more facilitations on market access, entry visa, work permit and other issues. China and Europe may also work together to explore market opporties in third countries through joint investment and other means in order to deliver benefits to all sides.三是开辟创新合作“深海域”中欧都致力于结构性改革和经济升级,这为拓展新技术、新产业、新领域合作提供了新机遇前年我访问欧洲,中欧建立了城镇化合作机制,这方面无论是“硬件”还是“软件”合作都大有可为在绿色经济领域,欧洲有优势,中国有市场,我们希望双方合作建设一批循环经济、节能环保示范区,以增强聚集和放大效应推进航空航天中长期合作,加强轨道交通运营、维护和管理合作,也是双方努力的方向Third, we should explore the “deep ocean” of cooperation on innovation. China and Europe are both committed to conducting structural rem and upgrading economic structure. This has provided new opporties us to expand cooperation in new technologies, new industries and new sectors. When I visited Europe in , the two sides launched the mechanism of urbanization cooperation. This is an area where a lot could be achieved through cooperation on both the “hardware” and the “software” aspects. In the area of green economy, Europe has advantages while China has the market. We believe the two sides may jointly develop a group of demonstration zones on circular economy, energy conservation and environmental protection in order to maximize the catalytic and multiplying effect of our cooperation. The two sides may also make a joint eft to advance medium- to long-term cooperation in aviation and space, and strengthen cooperation in the operation, maintenance and management of rail transport systems.人文交流就像一个解码器,能够解开彼此的隔阂,织密心灵和情感的纽带在徳国莱法州有一位食品加工师,30多年来往返中德50多次,不仅把自己的生产技术带到中国,还为中国地震灾区捐款,资助失学儿童这位友好人士称自己是“一个85%的中国人”这是中德、中欧友好的一个生动写照,也是一种“全息”缩影现在,中欧每年有500多万人员往来,到对方国家留学的学生总数近30万人双方应进一步加强教育、科技、文化、体育等领域交流,鼓励文化产业和产品务领域的合作,扩大人员特别是青年人往来,使中欧关系扎根深处、更加稳固People-to-people exchanges, like a decoder, serves to dispel misgivings and ge closer bonds between people’s hearts. I know that there is a food process engineer in the Rheinland-Pfalz State of Germany, who has visited China more than 50 times in the past thirty years and more. He has brought to China the technologies he knows, offered donations to areas hit by earthquakes, and provided funding support school drop-outs. This friend of China called himself an “85% Chinese”. His story is a perfect showcase and epitome of China-Germany and China-Europe friendship. Now, more than five million people travel between China and Europe each year, and nearly 300,000 students are studying in each other’s countries. We need to further strengthen exchanges in education, science and technology, culture, sports and other fields, encourage cooperation between our cultural industries and in areas of products and services, and expand personnel exchanges, especially the interactions between our young people, so as to lay a deeper and stronger foundation China-EU relations.女士们,先生们!Ladies and Gentlemen,中德关系已经走在中欧关系的前列年前的今天,中国同联邦德国建交现在的中德关系日趋成熟这次我访问德国,双方发表了《中德合作行动纲要,为两国各领域中长期合作制定了具体方案和措施我们愿与德方一道,继续携手共进,使中德关系更上层楼China-Germany relations have always been at the efront of China-EU relations. On this very day years ago, China established diplomatic relations with the Federal Republic of Germany. Today, this relationship has become much more mature. During my visit this time, the two sides have issued the Program of Action China-Germany Cooperation, which includes specific plans and measures advancing bilateral cooperation in various areas over the medium and longer terms. We are y to continue to work with the German side to take this relationship to a new height.中欧论坛汉堡峰会走过了年历程年来峰会为中德关系、中欧关系发展作出了贡献,在座的朋友们长期以来为双方的务实合作添砖加瓦,我要向你们表示感谢!峰会是智慧相激之地,灵感纵横之所德国人常说,“信念能移山”中国也有一个“愚公移山”的寓言在这个机遇与挑战并存的世界,有开放的信念、合作的信念,就能跨越山川海洋的重重阻隔,走出一条互利共赢的宽广道路The Hamburg Summit has entered its tenth year. Over the past decade, the summit has made contribution to the growth of China’s relations with Germany and with Europe as a whole, and our friends present have also provided valuable insights enhancing practical cooperation between the two sides. I wish to take this opporty to express my thanks to you all. The summit is a place where we can gain new inspirations through the exchange of ideas. The Germans often say, “Faith can move mountains.” And back in China, we have a similar story about a “foolish old man” who is determined to remove mountains that block his way. In a world of both opporties and challenges, faith in openness and in cooperation could help us overcome the distance of mountains and oceans and embark on a journey toward mutual benefit and win-win cooperation.最后,祝贺本届峰会圆满成功谢谢大家!To conclude, I wish the summit a full success. Thank you.(58en.com bruce)

湖南机器人5s店 高仿真美女超日本(双语) --01 :1: 来源:sohu 年 7 月 日,湖南首家机器人5S店在长沙开业店内的孩子们和机器人玩得十分愉快该家机器人5S店向顾客推出机器人整机销售、二手机器人交易、机器人维护保养等业务 Children play with a robot at a shop in Changsha, central China's Hunan province on July , . The shop, first of this kind in the province, sells robots of different kinds and provideds serves including second-hand robot trading and maintenance. 为门店“助兴”的两名美女机器人颜值爆表,十分逼真,丝毫不输机器人强国日本 美女机器人冰冰是中科魔力机器人5S店的大堂经理,属迎宾仿真机器人该款机器人采用的科技含量最高,全身硅胶,能扭动脖子、眨眼和微笑 可爱的机器人掳获了不少粉丝 怎么样,你觉得机器人走进生活是不是快了呢?你担心机器人和人工智能对人类社会造成影响么?

恒河水将网上开售 印度承诺送货上门 -- ::59 来源:sohu 印度政府最近宣布了一项重大的便民举措:要在网上销售神圣恒河水 The Indian government plans to sell water from the holy River Ganges via online platms. 这不是开玩笑印度电信部部长已经表态了:Why not? Communication and Inmation Technology Minister Ravi Shakar Prasad said, ;If a postman can deliver mobile phones, sarees, jewellery and clothes, then why not Ganges water?; 也就是说,今后,印度的邮政部门除了送信送包裹之外,还将肩负起寄送恒河水的神圣使命 The post department of India has been ordered to use e-commerce platm to provide pure Ganges water to Indian people. 部长给出的理由很充分——这是为了满足广大人民群众的精神文化需求 The minister added, ;The idea is to address the cultural under-pinnings of India.; 印度有9亿多印度教信徒,他们中的许多人把恒河视为圣河,并相信恒河水可以洗清人们身上的罪恶不过并不是所有人都有机会去恒河“朝圣” There are about 960 million Hindus in India, ing over 80 percent of the country's population. They believe that water of the holy River Ganges is able to to wash away their sins. 然而,让人略尴尬的是恒河是世界上污染最严重的河流之一 The ,55-km river is the third largest river and one of the most polluted one in the world. 今年月,印度政府承诺要在18年7月完成恒河的水质治理工作不过印度人民表示这只是个笑话

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