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Money Changers ever wonder how a money changer machine knows if youve given it a one, a five or a ten dollar bill? When a bill is inserted into a money changer machine, it disrupts a light beam from within the machine.兑钞机是如何辨别塞进去的钞票是一元、五元、还是10元?兑钞人员也曾对此感到疑惑吗?当纸币被塞进一个兑钞机时,阻挡了机器内部的光束。This action triggers the motor to pull the bill into the money changer. The machine then begins a procedure by which it first makes sure the bill is actual currency and then determines the denomination of the bill. With a computer chip and measuring devices, the money changer checks the length, width and thickness of the bill.这个动作触发电动机把钞票拉进机器内。然后机器开始执行一系列的程序:首先确定纸币是否真实,然后检查纸币的面额。兑钞机通过一块电脑芯片和测量设备来检测钞票的长度、宽度和厚度。If the bill is not the exact length and thickness it should be, the changer will reject it and refuse to give you any change. The sensors that evaluate the bill are so sensitive that even an old, wrinkled bill usually will not pass this authenticity test because it will not measure precisely the same as a crisp, new bill.如果长度和厚度不达标,兑钞机就拒绝兑换。对钞票进行估价的传感器灵敏度极高。即使是旧的、有褶皱的钞票通常也不会通过验检测,因为这样的钞票的检测结果达不到崭新钞票的标准。After the machine measures the bills width, length and thickness, it optically scans the bill to determine if it is a one, five, or ten dollar bill. The machine makes this decision by “ing” how much ink is in different places on the bill.兑钞机测量钞票的长、宽以及厚度之后,便开始扫描钞票,判断它的面值是一元、五元还是十元。机器通过“读出”钞票上不同部位的油墨含量来判断钞票的面额。The U.S. treasury department uses specially manufactured ink that has unique magnetic properties. The machines optical scanner measures this magnetic ink. And because a one dollar bill has a different ink pattern than a five or ten dollar bill, the computer inside the machine is able to differentiate between these denominations with a quick scan.美国财政部门利用专门制造的油墨来印钞,这种墨水的特性是具有磁性。兑钞机内部的光扫描器能测量这种磁性油墨。因为一美元钞票上的油墨图案与五美元的不同,兑钞机内的电脑能通过快速扫描来识别不同面值的钞票。原文译文属!201211/211643赣州吸脂去双下巴多少钱赣州脸部激光脱腋毛哪家医院好江西省上犹县人民医院减肥瘦身多少钱

吉安韩式隆鼻哪里好信丰县人民医院祛痣多少钱The team began the precarious task of shifting a femur, the single heaviest bone in the dinosaurs body.刘易斯团队开始着手转移股骨,这是项不稳定的任务,因为股骨是恐龙身体里最重的骨骼。Try to keep in a line, because if we go on the side, its just gonna be really difficult. That one should go that way.尽量保持在同一条直线,因为如果我们从旁边移动,将会十分困难。那个应该移到那边。Because the fossil is so delicate, its been cased in plaster and reinforced with steel bars.因为化石十分脆弱,所以被包在石膏里,并用钢条加固。When youre handling bones that are heavy and fragile, that is definitely not an easy process. If, you know, you dont have the right people, the bones can break.如果你来处理这些笨重易碎的骨化石,你会发现那绝对不是一个容易的过程。稍有差池,这些骨头就会断掉。It will take many more months of work to excavate the entire skeleton and get it back to LA for analysis.挖掘整个骨架并把它运回洛杉矶进行分析还需数月的工作。Good, good.很好,很好。But to build an exhibition, you dont have to spend months in the desert digging out bones. There are other places to find fossils.为了举办展览,你没必要花数月时间在沙漠里挖掘。在其它地方也能找到恐龙化石。There are plenty of paleontologists working out in the field and excavating new fossils, naming new species every year, but there are also scientists here combing through existing collections in dusty storerooms, hoping to make new discoveries from bones that were found decades if not centuries ago.每年有许多古生物学家在荒地里挖掘新化石,并给它们命名,但也有科学家在满是灰尘的储藏室梳理已经收集到的化石,希望能从几十年甚至几百年前发现的骨化石中找到新线索。 Ive come to the natural history museum in Oxford, and Im here to meet Darren Nash. Hes a paleontologist who looks for new dinosaurs in the backrooms of museums. There are always a huge number of specimens behind the scenes, either because theyre incomplete, unglamorous, or unidentified.我去过牛津大学的自然历史物馆,我来这里会见达伦·纳什。他是一名古生物学家,他在物馆的暗室里寻找新恐龙。要么是因为不完整,太过平常,要么是因为身份不明,幕后总是积压着大量的化石标本。原文译文属!201209/198436赣州磨皮The term “Pell Grant” becomes very familiar to millions of college-age students and their families every year. Pell Grants assist undergraduate low- and middle-income college students with tuition assistance grants that do not have to be repaid. In addition, the program encourages low-income adults to return to school and in doing so, promotes life-long learning.;佩尔资助计划;这个术语每年都被数百万大学生和他们的家人所熟知。“佩尔资助计划”无偿为低收入或中等收入家庭出身的在校大学生提供学费补助。此外这项计划还鼓励低收入成年人重返校园,此举促进了终身学习的观念。The primary sponsor of the Pell Grant program was Rhode Island Senator, Claiborne Pell, who served in the Senate for 36 years. Himself — the product of the nations finest private schools— Senator Pell took a particular interest the problems that many low-and middle-income students were having in affording college.“佩尔资助计划”的主要赞助人是罗德岛的参议员克莱本·佩尔,他在参议院就职了36年。佩尔本人创办了美国最好的私立学校,并特别关注那些上学困难的低收入和中等收入家庭的大学生。As the Baby-Boom Generation entered college in the late 1960s, the college population swelled—straining college-based financial aid. Eliminating these barriers became an important priority for Claiborne Pell. His concerns were addressed by amendments in 1972 to the Higher Education Act. Originially known as Basic Educational Opportunity Grants, Congress renamed them Pell Grants in 1980, to honor the efforts of Claiborne Pell in creating them. Assisting one in every four undergraduates, the Pell Grant Program is now the federal governments largest grant program.20世纪60年代晚期,婴儿潮一代进入大学校园,大学生人数激增,以学院为主的经济援助一下子紧张起来。克莱本·佩尔把消除这个矛盾当作最重要的、该优先考虑的事项。在1972年的《高等教育法案》的修正案中,他的担忧得到解决。这项计划的前身是“基本教育机会助学金”,在1980年国会将其改名为“佩尔资助计划”,以纪念克莱本·佩尔所作出的贡献。“佩尔资助计划”资助了四分之一的大学生,现成为美国联邦政府最大的资助计划。原文译文属!201211/210281会昌县激光祛痘哪家医院好

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