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真鳄乌龟怎么样好养吗缙云县马来闭壳龟长身蛇颈龟东部箱龟棱背泥龟缅甸孔雀龟百色闭壳龟价格怎么养缅甸孔雀龟怎么样好养吗 法库县马来闭壳龟长身蛇颈龟东部箱龟棱背泥龟缅甸孔雀龟百色闭壳龟价格怎么养

兴安县苏卡达象龟地龟刺山龟麝香龟欧洲陆龟日本石龟哈米顿氏龟价格怎么养In China few activities escape the watchful eye of the state – and soon that will include square dancing.在中国,有些大型活动不太受政府督促规范;最近热火朝天的广场舞就是其中之一。Ever-growing numbers of enthusiastic dancers – usually ;damas;, meaning elderly women – have gathered on the street corners of China#39;s cities in recent years to gyrate in unison. Some urban dwellers have complained that the elderly participants blast their music until late at night, disturbing the peace and quiet of local residents.随着热情舞者数量的增多,通常她们被叫“大妈们”,意思是上了年纪的妇女;最近几年这群中国各地的大妈们聚在一起蹦蹦跳跳。城市居民抱怨她们的音乐嘈杂不休还持续到深夜,闹腾又扰民。In the central Chinese city of Wuhan, a simmering dispute between enthusiastic ;damas; and their irritated neighbours made headlines in 2013 when the residents threw coins, rocks – and ultimately, faeces – at the group in a bid to make them stop.2013年,在中国中部城市武汉,这伙热情不灭的大妈就同恼火的居民起过冲突。居民从扔硬币到砖头再到米田共——就为了阻止她们的闹腾。According to the China Daily, authorities have hired an ;expert panel; to choreograph 12 state-approved square dances.据中国日报报道,政府已经聘请“专家”编排了12国家批准的广场舞。The dances ;will be introduced to local fitness sites in 31 provinces and municipalities in the next five months;, the newspaper said, adding that authorities have yet to decide standards on music volume, dance times and venues.报道说,这些舞蹈;在接下来5个多月将作为健康运动项目被推广到31个省去;。当局将对音乐音量、跳舞时间和地点设定标准。Square dancing has become an improbably hot topic in China, with stories on the dancing ;damas; – not all of them flattering – lighting up state media.广场舞话题在中国是大热门,但故事里点燃国家媒体的“大妈们”——并非都是那么招人待见。Often clad in matching outfits and wielding fans or other props, they gather around dinnertime, performing choreographed moves to sometimes thumping dance music piped through a portable boombox or even a live band.你经常能见到手持扇子或者其他道具装备的大妈们,在午饭过后集结,他们表演编排动作,有时随着一个便携式音箱播放的音乐起舞。But if the General Administration of Sport and the Ministry of Culture have their way the nightly routine will be strictly regulated.但是体育总局和文化部是否能有办法管理他们的夜间行为呢。;Square dancing represents the collective aspect of Chinese culture but now it seems that the overenthusiasm of participants has dealt it a harmful blow with disputes over noise and venues,; fitness official Liu Guoyong, chief of the sport administration, told the state-run China Daily newspaper.“广场舞是中国集体文化的代表,但现在看来参与者对于噪音扰民和场地纠纷的冷淡态度引起了负面影响。”体育总局局长、国民健康部官员刘国勇告诉中国日报。;So we have to guide it with national standards and regulations.;“我们必须要设置些国家标准和法规来引导。”Last year photos of a group of middle-aged Chinese women performing a square dance routine outside the Louvre in Paris set off a debate over whether the pastime had gone too far.去年,一群中国大妈在卢浮宫门前大跳广场舞的系列照片传遍全球引发讨论。A of several women attempting to perform a square dance on board a crowded passenger train in Q a went viral last year, sparking further controversy.还是去年,几个大妈试图在中国一辆拥挤的列车上大秀广场舞的视频引发了更大的争议。;All the negative comments on square-dancing are about reckless practising without caring about the publ ic benefits,; fitness trainer and square dancing expert Wang Guangcheng told the China Daily.“对广场舞不满的观点全部集中在,只管跳舞不顾公众利益这一点上。”健身教练广场舞专家王广成告诉中日报的记者说。;The unified drills will help keep the dancing on the right track where they can be performed in a socia lly responsible way.;“统一标准和规范可以让这种舞蹈运动进入一个正确轨道,他们可以用一种更具有社会责任的方式去进行表演。” /201503/366589巴马瑶族自治县马来闭壳龟长身蛇颈龟东部箱龟棱背泥龟缅甸孔雀龟百色闭壳龟价格怎么养 The US and EU have overcome resistance from Australia and Saudi Arabia at the G20 summit to commit the world’s biggest economies to backing a fund to tackle the effects of global warming in poor #173;countries.在上周末举行的20国集团(G20)峰会上,美国和欧盟(EU)成功克来自澳大利亚和沙特阿拉伯的阻力,让这些全球最大经济体承诺持一项基金,以解决全球变暖对贫穷国家的影响。In talks described by one EU official as “trench warfare”, G20 leaders also agreed yesterday to urge countries to make promises on their plans to reduce emissions post-2020 as soon as possible.在被欧盟官员形容为“堑壕战”的谈判中,参加G20峰会的领导人昨日还同意敦促各国尽快就2020之后的减排计划做出承诺。“We support strong and effective action to address climate change,” said the communiqué, which urges nations to come forward with specific pledges to cut emissions by the first quarter of 2015 ahead of next November’s UN climate change summit in Paris.G20峰会公报称:“我们持应对气候变化的强力有效举措。”该公报督促各国,赶在明年11月在巴黎召开的联合国气候变化大会前,在2015年第一季度提出具体的减排承诺。Australia, which hosted the G20 meeting, had tried to keep a discussion of climate change off the summit agenda. However, Canberra’s efforts proved fruitless when US president Barack Obama pledged bn to the green climate fund – an initiative to #173;provide aid to poor countries to help them cope with the effects of climate change – and urged other countries to follow suit.本届G20峰会的主办国——澳大利亚,此前一直试图将有关气候变化的讨论踢出峰会议程。不过,美国总统巴拉克#8226;奥巴马(Barack Obama)承诺将向绿色气候基金(Green Climate Fund)捐资30亿美元,并敦促其他国家也加入其中,这让澳大利亚的努力付诸东流。绿色气候基金旨在向贫穷国家提供援助,帮助其应对气候变化所带来的影响。Japan pledged a further .5bn to the UN-backed green climate fund, which aims to help developing countries cope with the challenges posed by climate change. The UK offered bn more, bringing the total to .5bn and within sight of a bn target.日本承诺将为联合国持的绿色气候基金捐资15亿美元。设立该基金是为了帮助发展中国家应对气候变化带来的挑战。英国将出资10亿美元,使该基金目前募集的资金总额达到85亿美元,接近100亿美元的募资目标。In an embarrassing intervention for Tony Abbott, Australia’s prime minister, on the sidelines of the summit, Mr Obama issued a direct call to Australia to combat global warming.在G20峰会期间,奥巴马直接向澳大利亚呼吁抗击全球变暖,对澳大利亚总理托尼#8226;阿特(Tony Abbott)来说,这是一次令人尴尬的干预。 /201411/342588安南乌龟品种介绍种类区别

阳新县花龟亚达伯拉象龟金头闭壳龟黑颈乌龟金钱龟大头乌龟价格怎么养 Climate change poses a threat to human health so great that it could undermine all the gains in global development during the past 50 years, an independent international commission reports on Tuesdaytoday.一家独立的国际委员会今日报告称,气候变化对人类健康的影响如此巨大,可能会毁掉过去50年全球发展方面的全部进展。The review, led by experts on medicine and economics at University College London and published in the Lancet, says immediate action is needed to avert the direct health impacts of climate change through heatwaves, other extreme weather events and the sp of infectious diseases — and indirect effects through factors such as forced migration and crop failures.这份评估报告由伦敦大学学院(UCL)的医学和经济学专家牵头完成,发表在《柳叶刀》(Lancet)上。报告表示,需要马上采取行动,以避免热浪、其他极端天气事件和传染性疾病的蔓延对人类健康的直接冲击,以及被迫迁徙和作物歉收等因素对人类健康的间接影响。“Climate change is a medical emergency,” said Hugh Montgomery, director of the UCL Institute for Human Health and Performance and co-chair of the commission. “It thus demands an emergency response, using the technologies available now. Under such circumstances, no doctor would consider a series of annual case discussions and aspirations adequate, yet this is exactly how the global response to climate change is proceeding.”“气候变化是一种医疗紧急情况,”UCL人类健康与表现研究所(IHHP)所长、委员会联合主席休#8226;蒙哥马利(Hugh Montgomery)表示,“因此,它要求使用现有技术进行应急响应。在这种情况下,没有哪位医生会认为一系列的年度病例讨论和抱负是足够的,但这正是目前全球对气候变化的响应方式。”But the authors told a press previewsaid of the report in London on Mondayyesterday that they wanted to avoid issuing another gloom and doom warning about climate change.但报告作者昨日在伦敦举行的报告介绍会上表示,他们想避免发出又一个“末日来临”的气候变化警告。The biggest direct effect of projected climate change is on heatwaves. The number of people dying from extreme heat could increase 12-twelvefold by the end of this century, as a result of global warming combined with increasing numbers living in affected areas, said Georgina Mace, director of the UCL Centre for Biodiversity and Environment Research.据预测,气候变化的最大直接影响将是热浪。UCL生物多样性和环境研究中心(Centre for Biodiversity and Environment Research)主任乔治娜#8226;梅斯(Georgina Mace)表示,到本世纪末死于极热天气的人数可能会增加12倍,这是全球变暖和越来越多的人居住在受影响地区的叠加效果。 /201506/382733花乌龟精品幼犬鬼多少钱一只开封县拟鳄龟艾氏拟水龟鼋伯格海角陆龟挺胸龟饼干龟缅甸星龟中华草龟价格怎么养



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