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Here’s Huggable—Teddy Ruxpin for the new millennium. It’s a talking blue teddy bot designed to care for and comfort hospitalized children。这就是抱抱熊(Huggable)——新千年的泰迪熊华斯比。它是一个会说话的蓝色机器人,为了关心和安慰住院的孩子们而设计。The New York Times reported today it’s currently being used in a study that gathers kids’ physiological responses to various stress-alleviating stimuli to determine whether Huggable offers ill children therapeutic benefits or not. Eventually, that data will be integrated in the robo-bear to make it automated and able to respond to kids’ various needs。据《纽约时报》报道,在某研究中该泰迪熊被用于收集孩子们应对各种压力缓解刺激的生理反应,以此来决定抱抱熊是否对病中儿童的治疗有好处。最终,这些数据将被整合到机器熊里,使它能够自动回复孩子们的各种需求。Right now, the bear is more of a “high-tech puppet,” the Times writes. An adult down the hall controls the bear, serving as its voice, shooting the breeze with the young patient. The robot’s a collaboration between MIT’s Media Lab and Boston Children’s Hospital, which has invested half a million bucks to research social robots。现在,这只熊远远不止是一个“高科技玩偶”那么简单。一个成人可以在走廊操控这只熊,通过它来发声和小病人们闲聊。这个机器人是麻省理工大学媒体实验室和波士顿儿童医院合作研发,投资50万美元的研究型社交机器人。As with most robots, the ultimate goal is to get it to adapt to changing situations on its own, just as humans do. So maybe one day, if a child doesn’t respond to the bear’s jokes, it could shift strategies automatically. Switching to a calmer activity might help that particular child relax, for instance。和绝大多数机器人一样,抱抱熊的终极目标是让他们能够像人类一样适应不断变化的情况。如此一来,也许某天,如果一个孩子听了熊的笑话没有笑出来,它可以自动转换策略。例如,切换成更为平和的活动模式,也许能帮助这个小孩放松下来。Will robots be caring for our future offspring? If the tech’s up to snuff, maybe. After playing with Huggable, the young patient in the Times says the bear suffered from lagged responses and limited motion—a major problem when they tried to play peek-a-boo。机器人会照顾我们的后代吗?如果科技能达到一定水平的话,也许可以。在和抱抱熊玩耍过后,小病人们在《纽约时报》视频里说,这只熊反应滞后而且动作幅度有限,若他们想要和抱抱熊玩捉迷藏,这就会成为一个大问题。 /201506/379594Barrage, geek culture and ACG (animation, comic and game) – behind this *jargon beats the pulse of the newest generation of youths. Born from the mid-1990s to the 2000s, this group is called Generation Z.弹幕,极客文化和动漫游(动画,漫画和游戏)——这些行话背后隐含的是最新一代年轻人跳动的脉搏。这些上世纪90年代中期至2000年代出生的一群人,被叫做Z一代。China Youth Daily has called them the Internet’s *indigenous residents; The Beijing News said their lifestyles seem naturally integrated with technology; and Zhang Xiaoquan, the 1995-born author of “I am Different From This World”, noted outsiders must crack their code of *discourse to gain access to the complexity of their minds. Generation Z is coming to take hold of Chinese campuses, and it is expected to remake the world as we know it with new values, judgments, ways of living and a fresh outlook on the world.《中国青年报》称这群人为网络原住民;《新京报》称他们的生活方式似乎与科技天生就是一体;张小权,这位《我和这个世界不一样》的95后作者,指出外界的人想要进入他们复杂的内心世界需要破解他们的话语密码。Online indigenous网络原住民According to Zhang Baoyi, the head of Tianjin Academy of Social Sciences, the post-1995 generation is hypersocial online. Since their childhood, their social behavior has been molded by online communities where the limitations of space, time and identity are stretched thin.天津社会科学院研究所所长张宝义称,95后热衷网络社交。从童年开始,他们的社会行为就被网络社区所塑造。在网络社区那里,空间,时间和身份变得淡化。“So the post-1995 generation is very adept at communicating with strangers and making friends to expand their aly diverse circle of *acquaintances,” said Zhang. “The drawback is that when caught in a face-to-face communication scenario, they could seem awkward.”“因此95后能非常娴熟地与陌生人聊天,交朋友,进而扩大本已多元的社交圈,”张说道。“这样子的缺点是如果换做面对面交流,他们可能会略显尴尬。”Where the post-1980s and post-1990s generations expanded their real-world social connections via the Internet, the reverse is true for the post-1995 generation: real-life connections tend to supplement online friend groups.80后、90后通过网络扩大现实生活的社交,95后则正好相反:现实生活中的社交是网友圈的补充。Young *paradox年轻的悖论Zhang Xiaoquan, the post-1995 writer, sees his peers’ double identity as the hallmark of his generation.张小权,95后作家,将同龄人的双重身份视为他这代人的印记。They can sometimes seem *blunt and wild, but they are also sensitive enough to capture slight emotional fluctuations like, say, in a selfie. “Post 1995-ers” might be the most plugged-in generation, but they’re still capable of being overwhelmed by the loneliness, fear and sense of having missed connections caused by being a single child.他们有时候看起来直率而不受约束,却也足够敏感到能捕捉,比如说自拍照里人的轻微情绪波动。“95后”可能是与科技结合最紧密的一代,但是作为独生子女,他们也可能会被孤独、恐惧和缺乏人际网络这些感觉吞噬。“I think that’s the paradox shaping this generation of Chinese who have opened their eyes to a world driven by a rush of technology that brings change to almost everything,” said Zhang, who is now enrolled at the Beijing Film Academy.“我想,这就是塑造这代中国人的悖论,他们看到的世界被科技的急流推动,而这股急流几乎给一切带来改变”,在北京电影学院就读的张小说道。Promising batch前途无量的一代However, often described as *capricious, bold and *maverick, the post-1995 generation is reported to be more socially responsible than their predecessors, according to a report conducted by the Ministry of Education on about 7,000 college students born after 1995.然而有报告称,尽管经常被冠以反复无常、放肆大胆、特立独行之类词汇,95后比他们之前的一代更具社会责任心。这是教育部调查了约7000名95后大学生后得出的结论。“Naturally tech-savvy and Internet literate, the post-1995 generation is more responsible for their online behavior and expression than post-1980s,” survey project administrator Wei Jinping told China Education Daily.“95后天生精通科技与网络,他们对自己的网络言行更加负责,”该调查的项目管理员魏进平这样告诉《中国教育报》。With various tags aly attached to post 1995-ers, the rising of a new generation is bound to bring more surprises.95后已被贴上诸多标签,这新一代的成长必将带来更多惊喜。 /201504/372533

Eight Dishes for the Eight Immortals鹤庆-八大碗 Eight Dishes for the Eight Immortals, consisting of seven meat dishes and one vegetable dish, are often served at celebrations in Heqing. As the name suggests, the dishes are connected with the Eight Immortals .在我国民间,每逢喜事节日宴宾会客。最是讲究用八仙桌上八大碗,七荤一素。而八仙桌与八大碗的由来,传说与蓬莱八仙有关。Legend has it that when the Eight Immortals went across the East Sea, they accidentally offended the Dragon King , also known as the God of Rain. Being furious, he launched the war which lasted for hours. Since both sides could not win the battle, they, starved plus exhausted, decided to cease fight to search for food. Unfortunately, there seemed no chance finding food around the boundless sea. Disappointed, all of the immortals except Royal Uncle Cao decided to head home.相传八仙过海时无意惹怒龙王,东海龙王便与之交战起来。因两边实力相当而久战难胜,劳累疲惫,退踞海滩稍憩,颇觉腹中空空,饥饿难忍,便分头寻食充饥,哪知一眼望去的海滩薄地,荒无人烟。除曹国舅一人未回,其余个个扫兴而归。It turned out that Royal Uncle Cao traveled a great distance to the inland to search for food. When arriving at Heqing, he was fascinated by the pleasant flavor floating from a local house where mortal people were celebrating the 50th birthday of the host. Disguised as a farmer, he gazed around and found the inviting dishes were served one after another to the table seating eight. “Being the brother-in-law of the emperor, I have tasted all the splendid dishes in the imperial court, but I have never tried farm food. I must have a good taste of it. ” He murmured. But before doing so, it occurred to him that it was unfriendly to enjoy the dishes alone while other immortals were starved. Therefore, he decided to bring seven dishes for them. In addition, he suddenly realized that the only Goddess in the group, Immortal Woman He, was a vegetarian, so he took another dish just for her. Before leaving, he left a message to the locals: Royal Uncle Cao had borrowed eight dishes for the Eight Immortals and promised to pay back in the near future. Since then, in order to have an auspicious year, people in Heqing began to name the table “the table for Eight Immortals”, which could seat eight people with eight dishes served.原来曹国舅一人不辞劳苦,远行至内地,忽闻一股奇香扑鼻,不觉垂涎三尺,立即寻香进入凡间一庄上,乔装农家村夫在庄主宅院窥视,只见四方桌上八人围座、诱人的菜肴一个接一个地上。国舅寻思道:我原乃朝廷国舅,宫廷菜肴我享用得发腻,农家菜肴我未曾见过,何不先让我大饱口福,忽想众仙友腹空我岂可独享,继而采带了七样菜肴,又想起仙姑不食荤,所以又为其独带了—素菜,计八大碗并留言:国舅为众仙借菜八碗,日后定当图报。 /201506/378354

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