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Ethnic Clothing and Silver Ornaments少数民族的饰与配饰Entitled ;Silver Art-Costumes of China#39;s Ethnic Minorities;,the exhibition features over 100 pieces of clothing and silver ornaments, including those of southern ethnic groups such as the Miao and the Zhuang,and those of northern ethnic groups such as the Mongol and the Uygur.这个名为“银色艺术饰的中国少数民族”,展会的产品超过100件衣和银饰品,包括南方少数民族如苗族,壮族,而那些北方少数民族如蒙古和维吾尔族的饰。Silver ornaments also play an important part in the life of ethnic Chinese people as many minority ethnic groups believe that silver has the power to ward off evil spirits and that wearing silver ornaments represents the quest for fortune, peace and prosperity in life.银饰品也发挥中国少数民族人民的生活中重要的一部分,许多少数族裔群体认为,白银具有辟邪的力量,戴着银饰品代表着对追求财富、和平与繁荣的生活的向往。 /201608/458915。

Your Horoscopes — Week Of June 21, 2016星座运势——2016年6月21这周Aries | March 21 to April 19白羊座 3.21-4.19Nothing noteworthy will occur in your life this week, as you have not paid your cable bill in months.本周你的生活中不会发生大事,因为你已经数月未交有线电视费了。Taurus | April 20 to May 20金牛座 4.20-5.20The loneliness you feel cannot last forever. It can, however, last 40 years until the moment of your death.你感觉到的孤独不会一直持续下去的。但是,直到你离世前,它还能持续40年。Gemini | May 21 to June 20双子座 5.21-6.20Your religious faith will be shattered when, after years of piety, you discover a little-known Bible passage condemning murder.几年虔诚之后,你发现《圣经》中只有鲜为人知的篇章谴责谋杀,这时你的宗教信仰就会破碎。 Cancer | June 21 to July 22巨蟹座 6.21-7.22The disappearance of Mars from the sky may indicate that it is time to let go of your warlike nature. Also, it could indicate that Mars has taken orbit behind the sun.天空中火星的消失可能意味着是时候放弃你好战的本质了。也有可能意味着火星是在太阳后面的那个轨道运行的。Leo | July 23 to Aug. 22狮子座 7.23-8.22Your beloved cats Oscar, Sofie, Tim, Gibson and Malcolm are asked to appear on national television after smothering you in your sleep.在你最喜爱的猫咪们:奥斯卡,苏菲蒂姆,吉布森和马尔科姆睡梦中抚慰你之后,就有人请它们上国家电视节目。Virgo | Aug. 23 to Sept. 22处女座 8.23-9.22Due to circumstances beyond your control, you will make absolutely no effort to take charge of your miserable life this week.由于不受你控制的情况,本周你根本不会努力去主掌你苦逼的生活。Libra | Sept. 23 to Oct. 22天秤座 9.23-10.22Your birthday party will once again be ruined by highly trained, combat-tested military demolitions experts.你的生日聚会将再一次被训练有素的,经过战斗考验的军事爆破专家所破坏。Scorpio | Oct. 23 to Nov. 21蝎子座 10.23-11.21Reaffirm your commitment to weight loss this week. Eat five pounds of cottage cheese, six cans of peach halves in heavy syrup, and a liter of Diet Coke for each meal.本周再次确认你减肥的承诺。每餐食用5英镑的松软干酪,6罐浸在浓糖浆里切成一半的桃子和1公升的健怡可乐。Sagittarius | Nov. 22 to Dec. 21射手座 11.22-12.21A crazy person will try to convince you that the stars are vast, distant balls of gaseous matter. Ignore him.一位疯狂人士将会尽力说你恒星是广阔无边的,是气体物质的遥远球。不要理他。Capricorn | Dec. 22 to Jan. 19羯座 12.22-1.19You will discover the power of chain letters this week when you accidentally break one and suffer no terrible consequences whatsoever.当你这周无意打开了一封连锁信,但也没有发生糟糕后果时,你就会发现连锁信的力量。Aquarius | Jan. 20 to Feb. 18宝瓶座 1.20-2.18Nothing can stop Destiny from exerting its powerful influence over you if it so desires. However, it does not.如果命运十分想要对你产生重大影响的话,那么没有什么是能阻止它的。但,它没有想对你产生影响。Pisces | Feb. 19 to March 20双鱼座 2.19-3.20You may be entitled to a large refund this week when the gynecologist you’ve been seeing announces that you are not pregnant but male.本周当一直给你看病的妇科医生宣布你没有怀,还说你是男性时,你可能会得到一大笔退款。译文属 /201606/451272。

There are very few people that actually find the prospect of cleaning the house exciting.几乎没有人会为将要打扫房屋欢呼雀跃。But these inventive hacks could make your least favourite chores a whole lot easier - or more fun, at the very least.但是下面这些别出心裁的小技巧能让你最讨厌的家务活变得轻松许多——或者至少,乐趣更多。Fellow slackers have been taking to social media to share their favourite cleaning tricks, ranging from the clever to the downright bizarre - not to mention disgusting.懒汉们在社交媒体上分享他们最喜欢的清洁技巧,这些诀窍既有巧妙的也有特别怪异的,更不要说恶心的了。While sellotape is more commonly used to wrap up presents, it also doubles up as an inventive way to dust.透明胶带一般用于包装礼物,但也可以独出心裁,兼做除尘工具。Simply stick a piece of tape onto the surface and pull it off. Voila, just like that the dust is removed.只需把一条透明胶带粘到物体表面再撕掉。瞧,灰尘就被粘掉了。Those fluffy socks you got at Christmas but have never worn could also be put into good use with this trick.你圣诞节买的那些从来没有穿过的毛茸茸的袜子用类似的办法也可以好好利用起来。Just pop them on your feet, walk around your kitchen and you#39;ve cleaned the floor. It#39;s as easy as that, according to one groundbreaking pioneer.一位颇具开拓精神的先驱说,你只需把袜子套脚上,在厨房里走一走,地板就擦干净了。就这么简单。Meanwhile, do not underestimate the power of the dishwasher. One person showed how their children#39;s toy Stormtroopers could be washed along with all their cutlery.与此同时,可不要低估洗碗机的威力。一个人向我们展示了他孩子的帝国冲锋队玩具是怎么和所有餐具一起洗干净的。While blenders are fantastic for whipping up a healthy smoothie, it#39;s always a chore having to wash it up afterwards.尽管用搅拌机打一杯健康的鲜果奶昔特别棒,但清洗起来总是很麻烦。But instead of using your own elbow grease, it#39;s possible to use the power of the blender to let it clean itself.但是你不用自己费力气,利用搅拌机自己的力量就可以清洗干净。Simply put some soap and water into the kitchen appliance and turn it on.你只需往这个厨房小家电里放一点肥皂和水,再打开开关。You can upgrade this method by putting one part vinegar and one part water in your coffeemaker, and get it to churn it out afterwards.你可以改良一下这个方法,以1:1的比例给咖啡壶倒上醋和水,然后让它自己搅拌。If you cover your fridge with cling film, you can easily remove and replace it with another layer after any spills.如果你冰箱架子上盖的是保鲜膜,那么如果什么东西洒在上面,你只要再换一层就可以了。Similarly, if you always use tin foil when grilling your sandwiches you can avoid any unnecessary washing up. The only snag is that throwing away all that foil is not great for the environment.类似地,如果你总是用锡纸烤三明治,就可以避免不必要的清洗工作。唯一的问题是,扔掉那么多锡纸对环境不好。Using food packaging as a bowl is one way to get out of doing the washing up, as shown by this snacker who poured milk into her pack of cookies.食品包装当碗用是逃避洗碗的好方法,就像这个吃零食的人一样,把牛奶倒在饼干盒子里。Can#39;t budge the stains in the bottom of your toilet bowl? One social media user advises pouring a whole bottle of Coca Cola down the loo and leaving overnight. In the morning your pan will be pearly white with no elbow grease invested.洗不掉马桶下面的污渍?一位社交媒体用户建议往里面倒一瓶可口可乐,留一晚。不用吹灰之力,早上你家的马桶就会散发珍珠般白皙的光泽。The laziest household hackers have discovered that the solution to a stinky fridge is placing sheets of newspaper inside it. This apparently absorbs smells, catches grime and can be easily replaced.最懒的家务劳动者发现了一个解决冰箱味道难闻的办法,那就是在冰箱里铺上报纸。报纸能显著吸收异味,吸附污垢,并且容易更换。Another favourite life hack published on social media is to place an oven-proof jug of water with two lemons cut in half inside your microwave. Simply turn it on high for four minutes and your microwave will have been steamed clean.社交媒体上还有另外一个最受喜爱的生活小窍门,拿两个柠檬,每个切两半,放进微波炉适用的罐子里,里面加满水,放进微波炉。只需高火加热四分钟,你的微波炉就会被蒸干净。 /201605/442591。

What Would People Do in Spring Festival人们过春节时的活动The Spring Festival like Christmas Day in the western countries, is the most important festival in China. Children like it very much because they can have delicious things to eat, pretty clothes to wear and many nice things to play with. When Spring Festival comes,people away from their hometowns usually come back and spend it with their families. People mainly do two things during the festival. One is eating, and the other is playing. They usually buy different kinds of food and make different kinds of delicious dishes, and play in different ways.春节像在西方国家的圣诞节,是中国最重要的节日。孩子们非常喜欢它,因为他们可以有好吃的东西吃,有漂亮的衣穿,有很多好玩的东西玩。当春节来临时,人远离自己的家乡,通常回来与家人团聚。人们主要在节日期间做两件事情。其中之一是吃,另一个是玩。他们通常购买不同种类的食物,做不同种类的美味佳肴,并以不同的方式玩。In the spirit of setting things straight,all account books should be balanced, debts paid off, and houses cleaned before New Year#39;s Day. Then houses,businesses,and streets are decked and draped with banners,flowers, and scrolls of vivid red, a traditionally lucky and demon-dispelling hue. People exchange red-wrapped gifts, most commonly the hong bao—cash enclosed in a compact red paper packet—and offer their friends propitious edibles such as red dates (whose Chinese name,hong zao,sounds like the words for ;prosperity comes soon;) and tangerines (whose Cantonese pronunciation,kat,sounds like that of the word for ;lucky;)本着使一切顺利的精神,所有账册应该是平衡的,元旦前还清债务,清理房屋。接着房屋,企业和街道挂满横幅、鲜花、生动的红色、传统的幸运与辟邪的色。人们交换红色包裹的礼品,最常见的是红包——在一张压缩的红纸里包着现金,并提供他们的朋友吉利的零嘴,如红枣(他的中国名字是红枣,听起来像字“福乐即将来到”)和柑橘(其粤语发音,吉,这个词听起来像“幸运”) /201606/449379。

Whether it#39;s while giving a formal work presentation, meeting with clients, or attending a wedding, most women wear high-heeled shoes at one time or another. But wearing high heels can cause health problems ranging from bunions to plantar fasciitis to knee and lower back pain. Although it may be hard to avoid heels altogether, your choice of footwear doesn’t have to wreck your feet, legs, or overall health. Here are six ways to minimize the negative effects of high heels.无论是在工作报告、会见客户、参加婚礼或其他正式场合,大多数女性都会穿高跟鞋出席。但是,穿高跟鞋会导致一些健康问题,包括脚趾囊肿、足底筋膜炎、膝盖疼痛、腰部疼痛。完全避免穿高跟鞋似乎是不可能的,但是通过选择更舒适的高跟鞋,也可以不伤害你的脚、腿部以及整体健康状况。以下是六个技巧,可以减少高跟鞋对你的健康的负面影响。1. CHOOSE YOUR HEEL HEIGHT WISELY.1.理智地选择你的高跟鞋When you’re shopping for fancy footwear, stilettos may catch your eye, but try to buy a heel with a gradual incline—like a platform or wedge—rather than a steep one. According to Dr. J. Scott Rosenthal of Airport Podiatry Group, the more walking you’re planning to do, the lower the heel and the wider the toe should be. “If you are going to dinner and a movie, for example, the heel can be high and pointy [since you#39;ll be sitting most of the time]. But an event where standing for more than an hour is involved, a lower heel [less than 3 inches] and a less pointy toe is recommended to avoid overloading the forefoot and toes,” Rosenthal tells mental_floss.当你逛街买鞋时,细跟高跟鞋可能会更吸引你的眼球。但你最好尽量选择坡跟高跟鞋,而不是细跟的。美国航空足部医疗集团的J#8226;斯科特#8226;罗森塔尔医生说,如果你接下来要步行的路程越长,你就越应该选择低跟或鞋尖较宽的高跟鞋。罗森塔尔告诉mentalfloss杂志的记者说:“如果你只是出门吃饭看电影,你就可以选择鞋跟较高、鞋尖较窄的高跟鞋(因为大部分时间里你都可以坐着)。但如果你参加的活动要站立超过一个小时,那么我建议你穿鞋跟低于3英寸(约7.6厘米)的高跟鞋,并选择鞋跟较粗的高跟鞋,避免前脚掌和脚趾承受过多压力。”2. CONSIDER A HEEL WITH A SHOCK ABSORBING CUSHION…2.选择带有减震垫的高跟鞋Not all insoles are created equal: Seek out heels that have padding in the footbed. Podiatrist Dr. Phillip Vasyli told Shape that you should add an insert to your shoe or look for high quality footwear that supports the ball of your foot with cushioning. Not sure where to start? Brands like Clarks and S#246;fft are known for their padded insoles, and Dr. Scholl#39;s makes cute, comfortable heels now, too.不是所有的鞋垫都是一样的:买那些在鞋内底有防震衬垫的高跟鞋。足科医生菲利浦#8226;瓦斯利告诉美国《Shape》杂志的记者说,你应该在鞋子里贴一个脚垫或购买高质量的鞋子可以让你的脚掌接触地面时有所缓冲。买鞋的时候觉得无从下手?Clarks和S#246;fft这两个品牌的鞋子的鞋垫就很软很舒适,爽健(Dr. Scholl)这个品牌也有既美观又舒适的高跟鞋。3. …OR A DETACHABLE HEEL.3. 或选择鞋跟可调整的高跟鞋Lugging your sandals or flats to every event you attend while wearing high heels gets old fast. Designer Tanya Heath makes high heels with detachable heels, so you can swap your low, sensible office heels for the sky-high variety before a dinner date. At the end of the evening, just clip the lower heels back into place for a more comfortable walk home.随身携带你的凉鞋或平底鞋,因为穿高跟鞋让人老得更快。设计师塔尼娅#8226;海斯设计出鞋跟可调整的高跟鞋,所以你可以在晚餐出去约会之前,把在办公室穿的高度舒适的鞋跟调整为霸气的“恨天高”。到了晚上回家的时候,又可以把鞋跟调低,以更舒的高度走路回家。4. SLIP THEM OFF WHEN YOU’RE SITTING DOWN.4.只要坐下就解放你的双脚According to podiatrist Dr. Jason Bruse, slipping your heels off when you don’t need to wear them can considerably lessen the pain you might feel. “Wear them in a business meeting and take [them] off when you sit in your desk,” Bruse told Salt Lake City#39;s Fox 13. Wearing your heels only when absolutely necessary can reduce the likelihood that you develop heel-related health problems such as ankle sprains, early onset osteoarthritis, and joint problems.根据足科医生杰森#8226;布鲁斯的建议,当你不需要穿着高跟鞋的时候就脱掉,这样可以大大减少疼痛。布鲁斯告诉盐湖城的Fox 13新闻网站的记者:“当女性朋友穿高跟鞋参加商务会议时,在坐下以后就可以把你的双脚从鞋子里解放出来。”只在真正有必要的时候才穿高跟鞋可大大减小你患高跟鞋引起的健康问题的可能性,如踝关节扭伤,早期骨关节炎和其他关节问题。5. STRETCH YOUR TOES AND FEET TO MINIMIZE PAIN.5.足部伸展,减少疼痛Because chronic high heel wearing can shorten your Achilles tendon, podiatrists suggest doing simple stretches and exercises to combat any damage to your feet. Tap your toes while sitting at your desk, stretch your toes back towards your ankle, do heel raises, or stretch your calves. Women’s Health has helpful diagrams of stretches heel wearers should master.由于长期穿高跟鞋会缩短你的跟腱,医师建议做简单的伸展运动来减少高跟鞋对你的脚造成损害。当你坐下的时候,轻点你的脚趾,脚趾向膝部伸展,脚跟抬起,或伸展你的小腿。《健康女性》杂志上有相关的伸展简图可供你参考练习。6. SOAK YOUR FEET.6.泡脚When you get home after a night out, take your heels off, breathe a sigh of relief, and head to the tub. Soaking your feet in warm water for 15 minutes or so can feel relaxing, relieve pain, and bring down swelling. And add a cup of Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) to the bath to further ease pain and inflammation.晚间外出回家后,立刻脱掉你的高跟鞋,休息片刻之后,就去浴室泡脚。双脚在温水中浸泡15分钟左右,可以使你放松,也可以缓解疼痛,并减轻高跟鞋导致的肿胀。在沐浴用的水中放一杯泻盐(硫酸镁)可以进一步减轻疼痛和炎症。 /201606/448008。

Doctors were able to give Ellie Jones her confidence back after they corrected a facial deformity that meant her jaw had stopped growing at age eight.艾丽·琼斯八岁时下巴就停止生长,医生通过面部畸形矫正让艾丽重拾自信。She was born with a condition that meant the bones in her lower face did not develop properly and were smaller than they should have been. But although she knew she needed dental work, Ellie had no idea that it was a congenital facial condition that had caused her teeth alignment problems.小艾丽出生时脸部下半端骨头发育不良,比正常情况下小很多。尽管她知道自己需要牙齿矫正,但是她却不知道正是由于先天性面部问题导致她的牙齿畸形。When she went to have braces fitted aged 14, her orthodontist Joy Hickman realised what had happened.14岁去戴牙套时,她的牙齿矫正医生乔伊·希克曼意识到了问题所在。Over the next six years, Joy worked with maxillofacial surgeon Emma Woolley at Glan Clwyd Hospital in Rhyl, Wales, to transform Ellie#39;s looks and her whole life#39;s outlook.接下来的六年里,乔伊与威尔士里尔的格兰克卢伊德医院颌面外科医师艾玛·伍丽共同合作,改变了艾丽的相貌,同时也改变了她的整个人生。She had her first operation at 16. Ellie, who is now 20, said: #39;It was really painful but had to be done to sort the problem.艾丽16岁时接受了第一次手术,现在的艾丽已经20岁了,她说:“手术真的很疼,但是为了解决问题必须要做。”#39;I was on a liquid diet for about a month, which was really hard, and I couldn#39;t talk properly – I had to use a notepad to communicate. After a while I was able to mumble a few words and I had a lisp for a while due to how swollen my mouth was.#39;“最开始我吃了一个月的流食,非常艰难,那时候我也不能好好说话,我得用纸笔写下来与人交流。不久后我能够含糊地说几个单词,而且由于嘴唇肿胀,我很长一段时间内口齿不清。”The major surgery involved cutting her jaws horizontally and vertically, and then having more surgery to her chin a year later.大外科手术包括水平和垂直切割颌骨,一年后再对她的下巴做进一步手术。But despite the pain of the operations, she says she is delighted with the results: #39;I mostly just felt relieved – I finally felt like I could be myself. I was shy but now I feel really confident. It#39;s changed my whole life.#39;尽管手术很疼,艾丽表示自己对结果感到高兴:“主要是感到宽慰。我终于可以做自己了。我之前很害羞,但现在感到非常自信。这改变了我的整个人生。”Shop assistant Ellie, 20, who lives at home with dad Simon, mum Natalie and sister Chloe, 21, now dreams of being a photographer.20岁的艾丽是一个售货员,目前与父亲西蒙、母亲娜塔莉以及21岁的克洛伊住在家中,她梦想有一天能够成为摄影家。#39;A lot of people don#39;t actually realise they have a jaw deformity and just accept that they have difficulties biting,#39; her surgeon Emma said. #39;By not treating it at a young age, it can cause real difficulties later in life.#39;“很多人并没有意识到自己有偏颌畸形,而只是接受了他们有啮合问题。”艾丽的主治外科医生艾玛说道。“如果小时候不进行治疗,长大可能会造成真正的困难。” /201608/458261。