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大理人工流产手术的价格大理市巍山县治疗不孕不育哪家医院最好的云南大理东方医院妇产科怎样 The Large Water-driven Spinning Wheel水力大纺车The ancient spinning wheel usually had two to three, or even five, spin-dIes.At the juncture of the Song and Yuan Dynasties when the society experienced substantial economic development, on the basis of various kinds of spinning wheels at the time, a new kind of large-size spinning wheel with dozens of spindles gradually appeared, with the prominent features different from the previous spinning wheels in that it had dozens of spindles and was powered by water. These features, which resembled those of modern spinning machines, made the waterwheels suitable for large-scale professional production.The large water-driven spinning wheel also greatly improved the efficiency of the textile industry. For in-stance,one hand-driven spinning wheel could weave l. 5 kilos of hemp ( fiber from the hemp plant which is used to make textiles) at most each day, while a large water-driven one could weave more than 50 kilos daily. In this way, once the wheel began to work, there had to be enough hemp for constant production. The large water-driven spinning wheel was an important invention that applied natural power in textile manufacturing in ancient China. The water-driven spinning wheel in China precedes its Western counterpart by more than four centuries.古代纺车的锭子数目一般是2—3枚,最多为5枚。宋元之际,随着社会经济的发展,在各种传世纺车机具的基础上,逐渐产生了一种有几十个锭子的大纺车。大纺车与原有的纺车不同,其特点是:锭子数目多达几十枚,及利用水力驱动。这些特点使大纺车具备了近代纺纱机械的雏形,适应大规模的专业化生产。水力大纺车还大大提高了纺织业效率。比如,通用纺车每天最多纺纱3斤,而大纺车一昼夜可纺100多斤。纺织时,需使用足够的麻才能满足其生产能力。水力大纺车是中国古代将自然力运用于纺织机械的一项重要发明,如单就以水力作原动力的纺纱机具而论,中国比西方早了四个多世纪。 /201601/419345Apple Inc told a U.S. judge that accessing data stored on a locked iPhone would be ;impossible; with devices using its latest operating system, but the company has the ;technical ability; to help law enforcement unlock older phones.苹果公司向美国法官詹姆斯·奥伦斯坦表示,提取一台安装了苹果最新操作系统、且已被锁定的iPhone手机上的数据是“不可能的”,但苹果具备帮助执法机构解锁较旧iPhone的“技术能力”。Apple#39;s position was laid out in a brief filed late Monday, after a federal magistrate judge in Brooklyn, New York, sought its input as he weighed a U.S. Justice Department request to force the company to help authorities access a seized iPhone during an investigation.苹果在周一晚提交的诉书中陈述了上述立场。此前美国司法部向法院提出要求苹果协助当局提取一台在调查中缴获的iPhone上的数据,布鲁克林的联邦治安法官奥伦斯坦正在考量该要求,并寻求苹果的意见。In court papers, Apple said that for the 90 percent of its devices running iOS 8 or higher, granting the Justice Department#39;s request ;would be impossible to perform; after it strengthened encryption methods.在法庭文件中,苹果称,在苹果强化加密方法后,对于90%运行iOS 8或以上版本的苹果设备,美国司法部的要求是“无法被执行的”。Those devices include a feature that prevents anyone without the device#39;s passcode from accessing its data, including Apple itself.这些设备具备一个特性,可以防止没有密码的任何一方获取该设备的数据,包括苹果公司也不行。Apple told U.S. Magistrate Judge James Orenstein it could access the 10 percent of its devices that continue to use older systems, including the one at issue in the case. But it urged the judge to not require it to comply with the Justice Department#39;s request.苹果向奥伦斯坦表示,苹果可以提取仍在使用较旧版本操作系统的那10%的苹果设备,包括上述案件中的iPhone手机。但苹果敦促奥伦斯坦勿要求苹果按照美国司法部的要求行事。;Forcing Apple to extract data in this case, absent clear legal authority to do so, could threaten the trust between Apple and its customers and substantially tarnish the Apple brand,; Apple#39;s lawyers wrote.“在缺乏明确法律许可的情况下,在本案中迫使苹果提取数据,可能威胁苹果与其客户之间的信任,并极大损害苹果品牌,”苹果的律师写道。A spokeswoman for Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Robert Capers, whose office is handling the case, declined comment.美国布鲁克林联邦检察官罗伯特·凯普斯的办公室负责此案,凯普斯的发言人拒绝就此置评。 /201511/407263大理大学附属医院妇产科建卡要多少钱

大理市附属医院做输卵管通液多少钱Films and TV shows are aly effective at tugging our heartstrings or putting us on the edge of our seats.电影和电视节目已经很大程度上的扣动着我们的心弦,让我们在座位上看得如痴如醉。But new technology could be about to make the small screen a great deal more immersive.但是新科技将会使看电视的人更加沉浸其中。Researchers are developing ways of generating emotions through the sense of touch, smell and taste that could lead to what the designers are calling 9D TV.研究者们正致力于研究通过触感、嗅觉和味觉来产生情感的方法,也就是制造所谓的9D电视。While current cutting-edge 3D TVs help turn flat images into an experience that has depth and distance, it is often not enough to create truly compelling viewing, explained the researchers.研究者们解释说道,现今先进的3D电视能够使平面图像具有深度和广度,使其栩栩如生,但却还不足以创造出真正激动人心的视觉体验。Instead, the team based at the University of Sussex in Brighton is developing a system that uses bursts of air to stimulate different parts of the hand.相反,在英国布莱顿苏塞克斯大学工作的一团队正在研究一种系统,通过阵风,刺激手掌不同位置的神经,令用户产生各种情绪。Separate regions of the hand have been linked with generating certain emotions - although the emotion triggered can depend on the location and force of the touch, for example.比如,尽管所激发的情感取决于触摸的位置和力度,但手不同的区域已经与产生特定的情感联系起来。The device being developed in Brighton, built by electronics firm Ultrahaptics, takes advantage of this research to touch hands in a way that conveys a range of emotions from happiness and sadness to excitement or fear.超触觉电子公司制造了一种设备,现正于布莱顿开发,这项设备能够利用这个研究在一定程度上触摸手部,使其传达一系列的情感,从快乐和悲伤到激动或害怕。It works by using ultrasound speakers to produce a flow of air that can be transmitted to a person#39;s skin.通过使用超声波扬声器,它能使空气流动,从而流动的空气能传输信号到人体的皮肤。By using short sharp bursts of air to the area around the thumb, index finger and middle part of the palm to generate excitement, for example. To create sad feelings, the air is used to create a slow and moderate stimulation of the outer palm and the area around the #39;pinky#39;.例如用短促的风吹拇指、食指及掌心,令人产生兴奋感觉,或用慢而柔和的风吹手掌边及尾指,令人觉得伤心等。如果装置配合电视使用,相信用户看电视时会更投入。The group is now starting to develop similar technology that exploits our sense of smell and taste.这个团队现在开始研究类似的技术,使其能够开发我们的嗅觉和味觉。The result would be a 9D TV that combines vision, sound, touch, smell and the five tastes - sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami.而研究的结果将是9D电视,结合了视觉、听觉、触觉、嗅觉及甜、酸、苦、咸、鲜五种味觉。Dr Marianna Obrist, who led the work at the department of informatics at the University of Sussex, said combined together they could bring all of our senses into the experience of watching television.玛瑞安那·奥布里斯特教授在苏塞克斯大学信息系领导这项工作,她说道,9D电视将这些相结合起来,能够让我们在看电视时带动所有感官。Early research by her team has shown that taste can be used to convey certain experiences.这个团队早期的研究表明,味觉往往能够传达某种体验。Participants in a trial study experienced sweet tastes as being #39;smooth#39; or #39;round#39; while sour was more #39;spikey#39;.参与尝试性研究的人们体验到,甜味较为平稳或是圆润,而酸味较为“尖锐”。Similarly, her group found it could establish #39;smell stories#39; for participants by finding smells they associated with particular experiences.类似的,她的团队发现,他们能够为参与者建立“味道故事库”,也就是那些能和参与者的特定经历联系在一起的味道。There are aly some technologies that attempt to manipulate the sense of taste and smell, such as electrically stimulating the tongue or releasing perfumes to replicate certain smells.已经有一些技术尝试去操控人的味觉和嗅觉,比如用电刺激舌头或释放香味来复制出特定的味道。Dr Obrist and her colleagues presented details of their Ultrahaptics device to the annual Computer Human Interface conference in South Korea.奥布里斯教授和她的同事在韩国年度计算机人机界面大会上展示了超触觉设备的详尽细节。She said: #39;Relatively soon, we may be able to realise truly compelling and multi-faceted media experiences, such as nine-dimensional TV, or computer games that evoke emotions through taste.她表示,很快将能真正的实现引人注目的和多层面的媒体体验,比如九维电视,或是通过味道引发情感的电脑游戏。#39;While the first four senses are aly well established or emerging, I am particularly intrigued by the potential of taste and exploiting the taste experiences in a media context.;虽然前四种感官体验已经得到很好的开发,我却对味觉的潜力很感兴趣,正试图在媒介环境下去开发味觉体验。#39;Longer term, we will be exploring how multi-sensory experiences can benefit people with sensory impairments, including those that are widely neglected in Human-Computer Interaction research, such as a taste disorder.#39;;今后,我们还会研究如何运用多感官体验造福于有感官缺损的人们,包括那些人机互动研究普遍忽略的人群,比如味觉障碍者。;She said the technology could even be used to send emotions via mobile devices like smartphones.她说,这项技术甚至能被用来通过智能手机等移动设备发送情感。 /201505/374095大理无痛人流医院哪最好 3.Hacking And Cracking3.黑客入侵和破解Anytime a website is defaced, an important account is compromised, or some group steals a bunch of login information, it#39;s always blamed on hackers. This is the result of a misunderstanding about what hacking involves, though. Hacking is when someone who has a strong knowledge of computer security finds a vulnerability in the system and uses it to get in, usually through some kind of backdoor method.任何时候,一个网站被损坏,一个重要的账户受到威胁,或一些团伙盗窃了大量登录信息,人们总是归咎于黑客,这是不了解黑客入侵究竟是什么的结果。黑客入侵的意思是,一些人对电脑系统安全知识非常了解,能从系统中找到漏洞,利用它入侵,通常通过某种不正当的方式进行。Cracking, on the other hand, involves using a program written by somebody else that sort of breaks the virtual door down, often by trying different combinations of passwords over and over. These are known as ;brute force; attacks. To make things more confusing, the media often refers to things as ;hacking; when nothing was hacked or cracked in any way.另一方面,破解电脑就是使用一些人写的程序来打破电脑的虚拟门,通常是尝试组合不同的密码,这就叫;暴力破解;。为了使事情显得更复杂,媒体在任何情况下都将事情说成;黑客入侵;。2.Viruses And Spyware2.病毒和间谍软件Viruses are one form of malicious program, but there are many others with different names and methods of distribution. Some are entirely different groups like Spyware and Adware, which are designed to steal your information or annoy you with spam. Some malicious programs are designed so that you will never even know they are there—they hide from your anti-virus software and wait to use your computer, not affecting its functioning in any noticeable way.病毒是恶意程序的一种形式,它有很多不同的名字和传播的方式。像间谍软件和广告软件这种完全不同的团体,它们主要是窃取信息,或用垃圾邮件进行骚扰。一些恶意程序你永远不知道它的存在,因为它们隐藏在杀毒软件中等你使用,却不会明显的影响它的功能。While the various programs you use for security may be helpful in dealing with this, to be forewarned is to be forearmed. You#39;ll have a better chance at dealing with malware if you know what you are up against. Protecting yourself isn#39;t as easy as keeping your anti-virus up to date, either. Oftentimes, the anti-virus companies themselves aren#39;t up to date on the latest malware threats, and people with evil intentions are constantly looking for ways to get around your security.也许为保护安全性所使用的多数程序是有用的,因为事先得到警告就会事先做好准备。如果知道你要面临什么问题,你就会有更好的机会来处理这些恶意软件。保护自己的隐私不像升级杀毒软件一样简单。通常,杀毒软件公司自身也没有更新恶意软件的威胁,然而,有不良意图的人在不断寻找方法避开你的安全保护。1.Malware From Email1.电子邮件中的钓鱼软件Warnings about awful viruses waiting in your inbox have been circulating since the advent of malware, but oftentimes, the warnings are false alarms. This has fueled all kinds of ludicrous practices, such as deleting suspicious emails un due to the belief that even opening such a message can lead to viral infection. While it is certainly true that you should never open an email attachment from an untrusted source, you cannot get a virus simply from ing an email.因为恶意软件的出现,邮件中出现病毒的警告一直流传着,但是这些警告通常是假的。所以就出现了各种奇怪的做法,比如,相信打开这些邮件会遭到病毒感染,所以删除未读的可疑邮件。的确,你永远不打开来自不受信任来源的电子邮件附件,就不会轻易的从邮件中感染到病毒。However, there are other situations where getting a virus or other form of malware can be much easier than you might imagine. Simply by visiting a shady site, for example, you may fall victim to a drive-by download. If you#39;re lucky, you will receive a pop-up message or other warning, but many drive-bys won#39;t warn you of their presence before they install hidden malware. This is why it is a good idea to scan your system regularly, just in case.然而,相比感染病毒或其他形式的恶意软件,还有其他情况比你想象得更容易感染病毒。比如只要访问一个可疑网站,因为强迫下载你就可能成为受害者。如果幸运的话,会收到弹出的消息或另一个警告,但是很多下载在安装隐藏的恶意软件之前是不会提醒的。这就是为什么定期扫描你的系统是一个好办法,仅仅是为了以防万一。翻译:文思捷 来源:前十网 /201507/388937大理治疗妇科炎症医院哪里好

大理东方妇产医院看妇科好不好 Apple has owned up to a rare incursion of malicious software into its App Store, forcing it to pull some of the most widely used mobile apps in China from the service.苹果(Apple)承认其应用商店(App Store)遭遇罕见的恶意软件攻击,迫使它撤下了一些在中国被广为使用的移动应用。Late on Sunday in California, the iPhone and iPad maker confirmed reports by security researchers who had warned that a swathe of popular Chinese apps had been created using developer tools that were infected with the malware, resulting in the compromised apps.上周日晚,这家iPhone和iPad的生产商在加州实了安全研究人员报告中的说法,这些研究人员警告称,一大批热门的中国应用是用被恶意软件感染的开发工具创建的,结果导致这些应用被攻陷。“Hundreds of millions” of users of the popular Chinese apps were at risk of having their personal data exposed, including people who use Tencent’s WeChat mobile messaging service and ride-hailing app Didi Kuaidi, according to Palo Alto Networks, a US cyber security company.美国网络安全公司Palo Alto Networks称,一些热门中国应用的“数亿”用户的个人数据可能被泄露,包括使用腾讯(Tencent)微信(WeChat)和打车应用滴滴快的(Didi Kuaidi)的用户。Apple said it had removed the infected apps, which had been created with what it said was a fake version of its software for app developers, known as Xcode.苹果表示,它已移除被感染的应用,这些应用是开发人员用假冒版的Xcode软件创建的。It did not explain how developers of a large number of China’s most widely used mobile services had all been infected with the same piece of malware, or how the infected apps that resulted had got through its security screening for the App Store.苹果没有解释大批中国热门应用的开发人员是如何被同一款恶意软件攻陷的,也没有透露被感染的应用是如何通过苹果应用商店的安全审查的。“To protect our customers, we’ve removed the apps from the App Store that we know have been created with this counterfeit software and we are working with the developers to make sure they’re using the proper version of Xcode to rebuild their apps,” Apple said.苹果表示:“为了保护我们的客户,我们已从应用商店移除那些我们知道是用假冒软件创建的应用,我们正与开发人员合作,确保他们在使用正版Xcode重建他们的应用。”The admission is a black eye for the US company, which has made much of its superior security track record in mobile apps compared with that of Google.这番承认对苹果而言是个打击。苹果移动应用的安全记录在很大程度上优于谷歌(Google)的应用。Palo Alto Networks said in a blog post on Friday that it had found 39 apps in Apple’s App Store that had been created with the infected developer software, which has been dubbed XcodeGhost. Along with WeChat and Didi Kuaidi, the compromised apps include ones for games, banking, stock trading, maps, social networks, and mobile phone services, it added.Palo Alto Networks在上周五发布的一篇文中表示,它已在苹果应用商店发现有39款应用是用被感染的开发软件创建的,这种软件被称为XcodeGhost。Palo Alto Networks补充称,除了微信和滴滴快的,被攻陷的应用还包括游戏、、股票交易、地图、社交网络和手机务等应用。Tencent said in a statement on social networking service Sina Weibo that it had replaced the compromised version of its app. It also said that users had not lost personal information or other property because of the infection.腾讯在新浪微上的一份声明中表示,最新版本微信已经解决此问题,目前尚没有发现用户会因此造成信息或者财产的直接损失。 /201509/400284大理东方妇科医院看乳腺检查怎么样好不好大理州医院妇产科建卡要多少钱



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