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The release of Apple’s latest mobile software system, iOS 8, was riddled with major bugs, and Apple customers actually seem to care. They are adopting the new software update more slowly than they did past releases.苹果(Apple)发布的最新移动软件系统iOS 8出现了各种重大漏洞,而苹果用户似乎对此相当在意。与该公司过去发布新系统时相比,用户现在更新软件的步伐要慢得多。The company said on a webpage that as of Sunday 47 percent of Apple mobile devices are running iOS 8 after it was released about two and a half weeks ago. That is much lower adoption rate than that of the previous version, iOS 7, which was running on about 70 percent of device about two and a half weeks after its release, according to an estimate by Mixpanel. The blog MacRumors earlier spotted the statistic.苹果公司在网站上表示,该公司在大约两周半之前发布了iOS 8系统,截至周日,47%的苹果移动设备运行了该系统。据Mixpanel估计,新系统的采用率远低于之前的iOS 7,在发布大约两周半后,iOS 7的采用率约为70%。客网站MacRumors早些时候公布了这一数据。There are a couple of popular theories for why people might be picking up iOS 8 more slowly. For one, they could have heard about the serious bugs, like the one that temporarily caused some users’ phones to stop working. For another, the software update requires a significant amount of storage on the device — about five gigabytes — when it is installed wirelessly over the Internet.至于人们更新步伐较慢的原因,有两种比较普遍的观点。一个原因是,他们可能对这些严重漏洞有所耳闻,比如有一个漏洞会导致一些用户的手机暂时停止运转。另一个原因是,通过网络无线安装升级软件要求设备拥有大量存储空间——大约5G。Why should anyone care? For Apple, it is a big plus when a large amount of people grab the latest iOS: The newest system is made to work best on newer phones, and that encourages people with older devices to eventually buy new ones. As for third-party software developers selling apps through Apple’s App Store, it is more efficient to focus on building apps for a single audience running the same software system.为什么大家会关心这个问题呢?对于苹果来说,如果大量用户采用新版iOS系统,这将是一个有利因素,新系统为新版iPhone量身制定,在新手机上使用效果最佳,这会促使使用旧设备的用户最终购买新设备。对于通过苹果App Store出售应用程序的第三方软件开发商而言,集中力量为使用同一软件系统的单一用户群开发应用会更有效率。“If you’re a developer, you want the largest possible base of devices to be able to use your app, but if half the people with iPhones are on iOS 7 or earlier, the addressable market becomes a lot smaller,” said Jan Dawson, an independent technology analyst for Jackdaw Research.Jackdaw Research公司独立技术分析师简·道森(Jan Dawson)表示,“如果你是开发商,你会希望尽可能多的设备能够使用你的应用,但如果一半的iPhone用户使用iOS 7或更早的版本,潜在市场会变得小很多。”Apple declined to comment. But the company is expected to release soon the next update, iOS 8.1, which will probably be more stable than the current one and could persuade more people to update.苹果公司拒绝置评。但该公司有望很快发布下一个更新软件iOS 8.1,该软件可能会比当前的版本稳定,或许能吸引更多人进行升级。 /201410/333775

Japanese entrepreneur Takahito Iguchi wants people to see the world through other people’s eyes. But as a less ambitious jumping off point, he’ll kick it off with a world that looks like a Japanese manga cartoon. His device, called the Telepathy One, is the closest thing I’ve seen under development yet to Google’s Glass gadget, and at an event in New York City on Tuesday night, Iguchi and his team showed off prototypes (two working and several others just mockups) of the wearable image-streaming glasses to the media.日本企业家井口尊然希望人们能通过别人的眼睛来看世界。不过他的第一款产品并不那么有野心,通过它看世界,整个世界看起来有点像日本卡通漫画。在我目前见过的处于研发阶段的产品中,这个名为“心电感应1号”的产品是最接近谷歌眼镜(Google Glass)的一款。本周二晚上,在纽约的一场活动上,井口尊然和他的团队向媒体展示了这款眼镜的原型机,它可以用来传送图像(其中两台是实物,其它几台是实物模型)。Like with Google Glass, users wear the Telepathy One on their heads, in front of the eye and wrapped around the ears. Telepathy actually has ear buds that fit into the ears, so you can presumably hear audio functionality when they add it in.像谷歌眼镜一样,用户可以把“心电感应1号”戴在头上,然后把眼镜腿挂在耳朵上。“心电感应1号”还配了一幅耳机,因此可以推测,未来它应该会在产品中添加音频功能。Unlike with Google Glass, the Telepathy One has an optically projected small screen in front of the eye of the wearer, and a cell phone app controlled by the partner captures the images that the wearer sees in a tiny screen. The Telepathy team said the device will also be able to take photos or s from the headset and stream those images to the partner’s cell phone app, but the prototype didn’t yet have that functionality.与谷歌眼镜不同,“心电感应1号”在眼镜前方有一个光学投影的小屏幕,另一个人通过一款手机应用,可以将拍摄的图像传送到眼镜的小屏幕上,呈现在佩戴者眼前。“心电感应1号”团队表示,这款设备还可以通过眼镜直接拍摄照片或视频,然后把这些图像传输到另一个人的手机应用上,不过目前原型机上还没有这些功能。Iguchi emphasized that he wants the Telepathy One to enable users to share what they’re seeing with their loved ones. “You feel the love when your loved one is standing beside you,” said Iguchi, who flew in from Tokyo days before and half the time spoke to the group in English and half the time spoke in Japanese using an interpreter. The core functionality of the Telepathy One is the social sharing of experiences in real time between people over distance, explained Iguchi. He pointed out that this is in contrast to some of the more open-ended apps that will come out of Google Glass.井口尊然强调,他希望“心电感应1号”可以让用户跟所爱的人分享所见的景象。他说:“当你爱的人站在你旁边的时候,你会感觉到爱。”井口是几天前从东京飞到纽约的,他在演讲时,有一半的时间说英语,一半的时间说日语,有一位翻译在旁边帮忙。他解释说,“心电感应1号”的核心功能就是让身处两地的人们可以实时分享某种体验。他指出,这和谷歌眼镜可能使用的某些开放性的应用形成了鲜明对比。The first app that the Telepathy One will use is the Manga Camera app, which is a popular app in Japan that’s gotten 6 million downloads. For the demo, I put the headset on and the Telepathy team took photos of people around me, and the Manga-versions of those people streamed to the little projected screen in front of my eye.“心电感应1号”将使用的第一款应用叫Manga Camara。这款应用在日本很流行,已经获得了600万次的下载量。演示过程中,我戴上了这副眼镜,然后“心灵感应1号”团队的人给我周围的人拍照,随后我眼前的小屏幕上就出现了这些人的日本漫画形象。Sound a little weird? Well, that’s because it was a little weird.听起来是不是有点奇怪?呃,那是因为它本来就有点奇怪。Seeing a bunch of strangers look like tiny black and white cartoons might not have the same type of pull as, say, seeing your best friend or partner as a goofy manga character. The prototype also wasn’t fitted comfortably enough to be able to see the image very well, so most people that tried the device on ended up holding it with their hand at a certain angle, looking up in an awkward manner, and practically squinting to see the image.看着一群陌生人变成黑白漫画式的小人儿,可能不如看到好朋友或合作伙伴变成漫画人物更有喜感。另外这款原型机戴起来也不是很舒,没有办法很清晰地欣赏图像。所以大多数试戴过这款设备的人最后不得不把它拿在手里,用一个尴尬的姿势往里瞄,最后几乎是眯着眼睛看里边的图像。 /201304/237143

The face of Windows 8-the tablet-like, tile-based Start Screen that comes up every time you start a new PC-is nicely designed and works well on touch screens. But a lot of people hate it. They do almost all of their computing in the traditional Windows desktop environment, which has been demoted to secondary status in Windows 8. And they are annoyed that Microsoft has replaced the familiar Windows Start Menu with the Start Screen in Windows 8.现在每次启动一台新的PC电脑,就会进入Windows 8那平板风格、布满磁贴的开始屏幕(Start Screen)。这一界面设计精美,在触摸屏上运行顺畅。但很多人却讨厌它。因为这些用户几乎所有的电脑操作都在传统的Windows桌面环境下进行;而在Windows 8中,传统桌面已经沦为了第二界面。微软(Microsoft)在Windows 8里面用开始屏幕取代了这些用户熟悉的开始菜单,他们对此感到恼火。That means when you want to launch a new app that isn#39;t pinned to your taskbar, you have to jump back and forth between the desktop and the Start Screen, two radically different user experiences. It drives some folks crazy. They dearly miss the Start Button, which launched the Start Menu, at the left end of the taskbar.由于开始屏幕的存在,如果你想打开尚未固定到任务栏上的应用,你就得在桌面界面和开始屏幕这两种截然不同的用户体验中不断切换。这让很多人感到抓狂。他们非常怀念原先任务栏左侧的开始按键,只要一点就可以启动开始菜单。Microsoft is planning a revision of Windows 8, code-named #39;Windows Blue, #39; later this year that may smooth out the interaction between the two interfaces. But there#39;s been no promise that the company is dumping the Start Screen, refocusing on the desktop, or restoring the Start Menu.微软正打算在今年晚些时候推出代号为Windows Blue的修改版Windows 8,新系统可能会让两个界面之间的切换变得顺畅。但目前还没有迹象表明微软会放弃开始屏幕,重新专注于桌面界面,或是恢复开始菜单。If you#39;re a desktop and Start Menu lover using Windows 8, you don#39;t have to worry about Microsoft#39;s plans. That#39;s because ever since Windows 8 emerged in October, numerous third-party utilities have sprung up that restore the Start Menu, allow you to boot the PC directly into the desktop mode, and otherwise reassert the desktop#39;s primacy over the Start Screen. They essentially allow you to use Windows as you always have.如果你用着Windows 8,又锺爱桌面和开始菜单,你也并不需要因为微软的计划而担心。因为自从去年10月Windows 8发布以来,已经有为数众多的第三方软件不断涌现,这些软件可以恢复开始菜单,让你可以直接开机就进入桌面模式,或者让桌面界面取代开始屏幕重新成为默认界面。借助这些软件,你可以像以往一样使用Windows 8。This week, I tested two of these Start Menu add-ons and found each different, but both effective. If you don#39;t like these, there are many others to choose from.本周,我测试了其中两个开始菜单插件;虽然有所不同,但都行之有效。如果你不喜欢这两个插件,那还有其他诸多软件可以选择。Start8Start8插件This is a utility I found to be the best I tried at simply restoring the old Start Menu. If the price deters you, there#39;s a 30-day free trial. Start8 comes from a company called Stardock, which makes utilities and games.我觉得,这款售价五美元的工具软件是我用过的简便恢复传统开始菜单的最佳软件。如果你因为付费而犹豫,那也可以免费试用30天。Start8的开发商是一家叫Stardock的工具软件和游戏开发商。As soon as I downloaded and installed Start8, the old Start Menu was back. You can choose its taskbar icon-either a Windows 8 logo, the Start8 logo or a custom image, including ones that resemble the Start icons from older versions of Windows. A nicely designed, easy-to-use settings screen allows you to customize many other features of the Start Menu, desktop and computer.下载安装Start8之后,原先的开始菜单就回来了。你还可以选择任务栏图标,可以是Windows 8标志,也可以用Start8标志,或者自定义图标,包括一些类似更老版本Windows上开始按键的图标。通过设计精美、简单易用的设置屏幕,你可以自定义开始菜单、桌面和电脑的很多其他功能。One huge feature is the ability to boot directly into the traditional desktop once you#39;ve signed into your PC. So you don#39;t have to see the new Start Screen at all. This essentially makes your Windows 8 PC behave a lot like a Windows 7 machine. Start8 can be configured to look something like Windows 8#39;s #39;all apps#39; view, if you prefer, but I suspect most users will stick to its default Windows 7 style.一个非常棒的功能是,登入PC后,你可以开机直接进入传统的桌面,再也不是必须看到新的开始屏幕了。这让你的Windows 8电脑运行起来很像是Windows 7。如果你喜欢,也可以设置Start8,让界面看起来像Windows 8里“所有应用”的外观。但我怀疑大多数用户都会坚持用默认的Windows 7风格界面。The program allows you a host of other choices. You can pin apps to the top of it, show your user picture on it and change the behavior of the physical Windows key so it launches the Start8 instead of taking you to the ded Start Screen. You also can disable the various new Windows 8 controls that appear when you perform certain swipes or mouse movements.这个软件还可以让你有诸多其他选择。你可以把应用固定在它上面,在上面显示你的用户头像,改变Windows物理按键的功能设置,以便可以直接启动Start8菜单,而不用进入烦人的开始屏幕。你还可以取消在新Windows 8下某些动作或鼠标移动时出现的诸多功能控制。What if you want to be able to get to the Start Screen quickly and you#39;ve disabled all the usual ways to do it? Well, Start8#39;s comes by default with a link at the top to the Start Screen and it lets you directly launch the new-style Windows 8 apps.如果你想迅速切换到开始屏幕,而你又已经取消了所有常规设置,怎么办?Start8的菜单顶部有个默认设置,可以连接到开始屏幕,让你直接启动新风格的Windows 8的应用。Start8 worked very well and was worth . The company says it#39;s been downloaded five million times since Windows 8 launched. You can download it here.Start8用起来非常不错,五美元是物有所值。Stardock公司宣布,自Windows 8发布之后,这款软件下载量已经达到500万次。 点击这里下载。PokkiPokki插件If Start8 recreates the traditional Windows Start Menu, Pokki aims to modernize it. The free product, from a company called SweetLabs, does restore the Start Menu, but with an updated look and feel, as well as a built-in app store.如果说Start8再现了传统的Windows开始菜单,那么Pokki就是把开始菜单更新了。这款免费软件由一家叫SweetLabs的公司推出,不但恢复了开始菜单,还加入了更新的外观和体验,并且内置了一个应用商店。Pokki is a window that lists your program categories and recently used apps on the left, and favorite apps in a series of panels on the right. These right-hand panels, which you can flip through, resemble the screen of a smartphone or tablet, with apps represented by icons.Pokki通过一个窗口,在左侧显示你的软件类型以及最近打开软件,右侧以系列面板显示你最喜欢的应用。右侧的面板可以翻阅,应用以图标显示,很像是智能手机或平板的屏幕。The left-hand side is a list, with major categories for Favorites (the smartphone-type view), All Apps, and the Control Panel items.左侧则是一个列表,可以显示最爱软件(智能手机风格界面)、所有应用以及控制面板中的项目。There#39;s also an app store, which was Pokki#39;s main business before Windows 8 came along and opened the Start Menu opportunity. The apps Pokki offers are all free and many are like Web apps with the browser interface removed. I downloaded YouTube and Gmail, which behaved exactly as they did in a browser. Pokki hopes to make money from app developers.这个软件还内置了一个应用商店,在Window 8带来恢复开始菜单的需求之前,这是Pokki的主要业务。Pokki提供的应用都是免费的,很多就像是去除了浏览器界面的网页应用。我下载了YouTube和Gmail应用,运行起来完全跟在浏览器中运行一样。Pokki希望从应用开发商那里获取营收。When first installed, Pokki advertises its apps at the bottom of the Start Menu, but you can turn this off. You can#39;t, however, turn off the icon for the Pokki app store itself, though you can move it. Apps you buy from Pokki are automatically pinned to the taskbar, though you can unpin them.初次安装时,Pokki会在开始菜单底部推荐应用,但你可以关闭推荐广告。不过,你不能关闭Pokki应用商店的图标,但可以将其进行移动。你从Pokki购买的应用会自动固定到任务栏,你也可以取消固定。Pokki also has a smartphone-like notification system, that, in my tests, listed new messages in the Gmail app.Pokki还有类似智能手机的通知系统,在我的测试中,会列出Gmail应用中的新邮件。Like Start8, Pokki also allows you to boot directly into the desktop, skipping the Start Screen. You can set the Windows key to open Pokki, not the Start Screen.和Start8一样,Pokki也可以让你直接开机进入桌面,跳过开始屏幕。你可以把Windows按键设置为启动Pokki,而不是开始屏幕。To get quickly to the Start Screen, Pokki has an icon at the lower left. You can download Pokki here. The company says the product has been downloaded three million times since Windows 8 launched.为了迅速进入开始屏幕,Pokki在左下方设置了一个图标。点击这里下载。SweetLabs公司表示, Windows 8推出之后这款软件的下载量已经达到300万次。Bottom line: Whatever Microsoft does or doesn#39;t do later this year, you can get back your Start Menu and desktop supremacy in Windows 8, right now, with these utilities.结论:无论微软今年晚些时候是否恢复开始菜单,现在你就可以通过这些工具,在Windows 8上回到开始菜单和桌面模式。 /201305/240023

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