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新疆省第一人民医院祛疤手术多少钱北屯注射丰下巴费用Local young people are facing a rare dilemma of the heart next month when Chinese New Year#39;s Day occurs at the same time as Valentine#39;s Day.春节正赶上情人节。单身的朋友们高兴了,不用再孤零零过情人节;有了主的就犯愁了,以前被骂重色轻友,现在还可能被骂娶了媳妇忘了娘。怎么办呢?那就一起过年呗。春节和情人节撞车,年轻人都犯愁了。Spend the holiday with your family or with your lover? Many saying they#39;ll try to do both.是和家人一起过节,还是陪自己的另一半?很多人说要两面皆顾。Chinese New Year#39;s Day, or the Spring Festival, is a traditional day for family reunions. With its arrival this year on February 14, the topic, ;To be with your parents or your lover on the day,; is arousing hot discussionon online forums.中国的传统春节一向是合家团聚的日子。今年春节正好在二月十四日,各大论坛上“陪情人还是陪家人”的讨论早已热火朝天。On a local parent-child forum sh.talk.iyaya.com, most participants said they will try to strike a balance.在上海一家亲子论坛sh.talk.iyaya.com上,许多参与讨论者都说不能厚此薄彼。;I#39;ll go to visit my grandparents#39; home with my parents during the daytime,and then go out dining with my boyfriend in the evening,; said an ID;piao; on the forum.一位名为“飘”的网友说道:“我会在白天和父母去爷爷奶奶家过年,晚上和男朋友出去吃饭。”Some young men said they would take their girlfriend home to have dinner with parents on the Chinese New Year#39;s Day.一些男士表示会带女朋友回家过年。Some hotels and restaurants said they will promote Valentine packages starting at the end of the month so young people can have a Valentine dinner ahead of time.一些宾馆和饭店表示会在一月底就开始情人节促销活动,这样恋人们就可以提前庆祝自己的节日了。The Shanghai Restaurants Association said restaurants which cover both family love and lovers#39; affection will win the market.上海饮食行业协会认为能同时提供家庭聚会和烛光晚餐的餐馆将赢得市场。;It will be satisfactory if the service and food can meet the needs of both seniors and young people,; said the secretary general of the association.协会秘书长说:“如果务和食物能同时满足老人和年轻人的需要,就能皆大欢喜了。” /201401/271371可克达拉激光祛胎记多少钱 The Communist Party ousted the senior officer of one of China#39;s largest state-owned enterprises, suggesting its anticorruption campaign--which has aly rattled upper echelons of the national leadership--is spilling into new sectors. 中国共产党免去了中国最大国有企业之一的一位高管职位,表明其反腐行动正蔓延到新的领域。这场反腐行动已经撼动了国家领导层的高层。Last week, the Communist Party#39;s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection accused China Resources Chairman Song Lin of unspecified #39;suspected serious violations of discipline and law,#39; phrasing Chinese authorities typically use in reference to corruption. The party on Saturday said it removed him from the conglomerate. 上周,中共中央纪律检查委员会(简称:中纪委)宣布华润集团(China Resources)董事长宋林“涉嫌严重违纪违法”,中国当局通常用这种说法指代腐败行为。中共上周六说,宋林已被免职。The firing followed allegations by a reporter for a newspaper owned by the government news agency Xinhua that Mr. Song abused his power in corporate dealings, for instance by personally benefiting from a coal mine acquisition. 相关阅读专栏:习近平的反腐难题在此之前,中国官方通讯社新华社下属报纸的一名记者举报宋林在公司交易中滥用权力,例如从一个煤矿收购交易中谋取私利。Before his dismissal, Mr. Song last week defended his reputation in a statement that dismissed the reporter#39;s allegations as #39;pure fabrication and malicious slander.#39; Mr. Song#39;s whereabouts were unknown but he is believed to be in the hands of party investigators, who routinely detain suspects without formal charges and deny them access to lawyers. 在被免职前,宋林上周发表声明为自己的声誉辩护,说那位记者的指控纯属捏造和恶意诽谤。宋林下落不明,但据信他被党内调查人员控制,党内调查人员经常在没有正式提起指控的情况下扣留嫌疑人,且不让他们会见律师。China Resources, a Hong Kong-based trading conglomerate with .5 billion in turnover last year, according to the company, is one of 113 business groups directly owned by China#39;s central government. 据华润集团信息显示,该公司是总部位于香港的一家贸易集团,去年营业额为645亿美元。华润集团是中国中央政府直属的113家企业集团之一。The shake-up illustrates how China#39;s massive state-owned enterprises represent a crossroads of commerce and politics, according to some analysts. They doubt professional misdeeds by Mr. Song fully explain his removal by the party, which has full discretion to appoint heads of its major companies. 一些分析人士认为,这次人事地震显示出中国庞大的国有企业成了商业和政治的交集。分析人士怀疑,宋林的渎职行为并不能完全解释他为何被中共免职,中国主要国企的负责人由中共全权任命。#39;This is not only about anticorruption, but also involves power struggle, #39; said Zhao Xiao, an economics professor at Beijing University of Science and Technology who formerly ran a research arm of the government agency that manages China Resources and the other 112 business groups, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission. Bloomberg News华润集团董事长宋林因涉嫌违纪违法被免去职务。北京科技大学经济学教授赵晓称,这不仅关乎反腐,还涉及到权力斗争。赵晓曾是国务院国有资产监督管理委员会(简称:国资委)下属一个研究机构的负责人。国资委负责管理华润集团和其他112家企业集团。Mr. Song#39;s removal likely represents a new chapter in the president#39;s corruption campaign, some analysts say, expecting other current or retired senior politicians will be affected by the shake-up. 一些分析人士表示,宋林被免职可能代表习近平的反腐行动进入了新的一章,预计其他现任或退休高层官员将会受到此次洗牌的影响。#39;When one falls, it signals the whole faction is affected,#39; said Xi Li, an expert on China#39;s state-owned enterprises at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. 香港科技大学(Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)中国国有企业问题专家李系称,一名官员落马意味着整个派系将受到影响。Until recently, party investigators appeared to focus on China#39;s petroleum industry by detaining on suspicion of corruption oil company executives and tycoons connected to the business. In several cases, those people enjoyed ties to former oil man Zhou Yongkang, who retired from the Politburo Standing Committee during the 2012 party leadership. Mr. Zhou hasn#39;t been named in those investigations, and he couldn#39;t be reached to comment. 直到最近,中共调查人员似乎一直专注于中国的石油行业,拘捕了多名涉嫌腐败的石油企业高管和与石油行业有关的企业巨头。在一些案件中,被拘者与前石油业高层周永康有关。2012年,周永康卸任中共中央政治局常委。这些调查并未提到周永康的名字,记者无法联系到他置评。#39;The change in leadership at [China Resources] shows that the anticorruption campaign is sping to the SOEs,#39; said Mr. Zhao. #39;Any high-level personnel change has a complicated political background.#39; 赵晓表示,华润集团领导层的调整显示出反腐行动正在扩大到国有企业。他还说,任何高层人事变动都有着复杂的政治背景。In the past, surgical removals sparked by Chinese party politics have done little damage to the workings of large business groups. Though exceptionally powerful, business figures like Mr. Song tend to be easily replaced, analysts said. 过去,中国党派政治引发的清洗对大型企业集团的运作损害微乎其微。分析人士表示,尽管像宋林这样的企业高层影响力很大,但通常很容易被替换。#39;There#39;s a system in place, not just one person,#39; said the SOE specialist, Mr. Li. The party#39;s appointee draws his position from patronage, Mr. Li said, and the task is to engage with state leaders and safeguard government assets, not maximize business profits. 李系表示,国企运行有一套机制,并不只是由一个人掌控。李系说,国企负责人由中共任免,其任务是贯彻国家领导人的指示,维护国有资产,而不是使企业利润最大化。China Resources appointed an interim chairman who said this is #39;a very serious time.#39; Share prices of several listed units fell in Hong Kong on Tuesday, including China Resources Enterprise Ltd., ended down about 4%, as trading resumed after a holiday and following the announcement of the party#39;s investigation into Mr. Song on Thursday. 华润集团任命了一位临时董事长,他表示,集团正面临非常严峻的时刻。周二香港股市在长假后恢复交易,受上周四宋林遭调查消息影响,华润系股票下跌,其中华润创业(China Resources Enterprise Ltd. )收盘下挫约4%。In China#39;s system, SOEs can be a proving ground, with executives sometimes moving on to political positions. Two of the seven members of the current Politburo Standing Committee rose through SOEs. 在中国的机制下,国有企业往往成为一个试验场,国企高管有时能够步入政坛担任高级职务。目前七名政治局常委中就有两位来自国企。Wang Qishan, whose responsibilities include the party#39;s anticorruption wing that is investigating Mr. Song, hails from the banking industry. The other, Zhang Gaoli, worked in the oil industry. 目前主管反腐败工作的王岐山就是提拔自业高管岗位。另一位常委张高丽曾在石油行业工作。 Mr. Song, by contrast, spent his career at China Resources, a conglomerate that predates the party#39;s control of China. Formed in 1938 and previously known as Hong Kong#39;s Liow amp; Co. it was initially credited with raising money for weapons for Chinese to fight Japanese forces. Today, China Resources has 420,000 employees and holdings in everything from property, power, retail, pharmaceuticals and beer. 相比之下,宋林一直就职于华润集团,这是一家在共产党取得政权之前就已成立的企业集团。华润集团成立于1938年,前身是香港联和行(Liow amp; Co),当初为抗日根据地筹集资金购买军需物资。今天,华润集团已拥有员工42万人,业务范围遍及房地产、电力、零售、医药和啤酒等各个领域。Mr. Song, known as Charley, joined China Resources after earning a mechanical engineering degree in college in 1985. He climbed through posts in the asset management, petrochemical, power and retail divisions of the vast China-focused company. 英文名叫Charley的宋林1985年从大学毕业获得机械工程学学位后加盟华润集团。他在这个以国内业务为主的庞大企业中不断升迁,工作过的部门包括资产管理、石化、电力和零售等。An early mentor was the current head of Chinese state-owned grain trader Cofco Corp., Ning Gaoning, a celebrated executive. In press interviews, Mr. Song embraced market economics--#39;heads have to roll for poor business decisions#39;--and he won appointment to corporate boards and honorary positions, including one advising Hong Kong#39;s anticorruption agency. Mr. Song took the leadership of China Resources around five years ago. 宋林当年的老领导是现任中国国有粮食贸易公司中粮集团(COFCO Corporation)董事长、知名企业管理人士宁高宁。宋林信奉市场经济学──“若商业决策失当,负责人必须承担责任,接受解聘”,他还获聘其他一些企业的董事及荣誉职位,包括担任香港反腐机构的道德委员会负责人。宋林大概从5年前开始担任华润集团董事长一职。The top positions at other big SOEs changed during China#39;s once-in-a-decade leadership succession in late 2012. New faces appeared at the helm of arms maker China Poly Group, builder China Railway Construction Corp., energy producer China General Nuclear Power Group and metals maker Sinosteel Corp. 2012年底中国政府换届期间,许多央企的领导也纷纷换人。军工企业中国保利集团公司(China Poly Group co.)、建筑公司中国铁建股份有限公司(China Railway Construction Co., 简称:中国铁建)、能源企业中国广核集团(China General Nuclear Power Group)和冶金企业中钢集团公司(Sinosteel Corp.)的领导班子均出现了新面孔。In all, the party replaced its top officer at 15% the biggest 113 SOEs between 2012 and 2013, affecting 17 groups in all, according to calculations by The Wall Street Journal. 根据《华尔街日报》的统计,2012年至2013年间,中国113家央企中有15%更换了一把手,共涉及17家集团公司。Still, U.S. companies may have changed chief executives more often. In the same two years, 90 companies, or 17% of the constituents of the Samp;P 500 index of the biggest U.S. business, changed CEOs, according to a tally by management consultant Spencer Stuart. 不过,美国企业更换首席执行长的频率可能更高。管理咨询公司史宾沙(Spencer Stuart (BIV) Ltd.)的统计数据显示,同样是在2012年至2013年间,标准普尔500指数成份股公司中有90家更换了CEO,比例为17%。#39;The senior leadership of SOEs is arranged by the party,#39; says Louis Kuijs, China chief economist at RBS Markets in Hong Kongand a former World Bank specialist in Beijing. He says party control may help China coordinate its industrial policy, but appears unusual from a western perspective. RBS Markets中国首席经济学家、前世界(World Bank)驻北京专家高路易(Louis Kuijs)称,中国央企高管是由中共一手安排的,这可能有助于政府协调行业政策,但从西方观点来看,这种做法并不正常。Among the recent personnel changes in China, the party assigned the head of a railway equipment maker to the helm of a solar panel business, and a metal-maker#39;s chief to a tourism business, though he was demoted 16 months later. In past changes, the party has swapped top managers between airlines and telephone companies; three years ago, Beijing shuffled senior executives among the country#39;s three biggest oil companies, in one case replacing a man appointed party chief of a province. 在中国国企近期的高层人事调整中,一家铁路设备制造企业的负责人被调任一家光伏企业的负责人;一家冶金企业的领导人被调任一家旅游公司的领导人,不过16个月后此人被降职。在过去的人事调整中,航空公司和电信公司的领导人曾经出现过对调;三年前,中国三大石油巨头的高管被大挪移,部分职位互换,其中一人还被调任某省担任省委副书记。James T. Areddy / Laurie Burkitt James T. Areddy / Laurie Burkitt /201404/290490克拉玛依抽脂多少钱

乌鲁木齐医院腋臭手术费用乌市大腿激光脱毛多少钱 乌鲁木齐铁路中心医院做祛疤手术多少钱

新疆自治区人民医院治疗痘坑多少钱Steel plant closures central to the Chinese government’s plan for cutting pollution are likely to be outpaced by steel mills under construction, casting doubt on Beijing’s ability to make headway against air pollution enveloping northern China.关停钢厂是中国政府减少污染计划的核心环节,但其关门的步伐可能赶不上钢铁产能扩张的步伐,这令人质疑中国政府抗击华北地区空气污染的行动能否取得进展。On Wednesday, Beijing was again gripped by the thick grey pall that has lingered over northern China for more than a week. Public anger over air pollution has spurred the government to speed up the release of air monitoring data, and could strengthen the hand of environmental regulators in shutting down powerful polluters.周三,北京再一次被浓浓的雾霾笼罩,这场雾霾覆盖华北地区的时间已超过一个礼拜。民众对空气污染的愤怒,促使政府加快了发布空气质量监测数据的频率,并可能促使环境监管机构关停有势力排污企业的力度增强。About 30m tonnes of new steel capacity across the country is still under construction, double the 15m tonnes of cuts pledged for 2014 by Hebei province, the industrial heartland surrounding Beijing which accounts for about a quarter of Chinese steel capacity.目前中国全国范围内在建的钢铁产能约3000万吨,比河北省2014年承诺削减的1500万吨产能多一倍。河北省是环绕北京的工业大省,钢产能占全中国的四分之一左右。Hebei agreed to the cuts as part of a national plan to reduce polluting emissions in the North China plain, where pollution regularly exceeds national standards.华北平原的污染情况一直比全国标准严重。为从一项旨在减少华北平原污染物排放的全国计划,河北省同意削减钢产能。State media showed footage of steel mills and cement plants being destroyed to underline the government’s resolve. About 8m tonnes of capacity have been permanently closed down in Hebei since the plan was announced.官方媒体播放了拆除钢厂和水泥厂的画面,以凸显政府的决心。自计划宣布以来,河北已永久关停约800万吨钢铁产能。But so far, it is the least powerful polluters that have taken it on the chin. “Generally speaking, the mills that have closed are older and unprofitable,” Wang Jiguang, a sales director at Hebei Iron and Steel Group, one of China’s largest steel producers, said at an iron ore conference organised by Metal Bulletin in Beijing. “Most of them have actually been idle for six months to a year aly due to economic reasons.”但迄今为止,被关停的只不过是那些实力最弱的排污企业。在英国《金属导报》(Metal Bulletin)于北京举办的一次铁矿石行业会议上,中国规模最大的钢铁制造商之一——河北钢铁集团营销管理处处长王继光说:“总体来说,到目前为止关停的都只是些陈旧落后、不赚钱的钢厂。其中大多数其实已经因为经济原因停产了6个月到1年。”Hebei pledged to cut its steel capacity by 60m tonnes by 2017, as part of a negotiated deal to reduce emissions in northern China, the Yangtze Delta and the Pearl River Delta while encouraging industrial investment in the arid west.河北省承诺在2017年底前削减6000万吨钢铁产能,这是一项经过协商的方案的一部分,根据该方案,中国将减少华北、长三角和珠三角的污染物排放,同时鼓励企业在贫瘠的西部投资发展工业。Meanwhile, the central government set up a .6bn fund to reward industry that complies with emission cuts, in recognition of the local jobs and taxes generated by polluting companies. It is expected to transfer about 0m to Hebei province, which is also the source of most of Beijing’s power supply.与此同时,考虑到污染排放企业对当地就业和税收的贡献,中央政府设立了一项16亿美元的专项资金,用于奖励污染减排达标的企业。专项资金预计将拨给河北省约3.3亿美元。北京的电力主要由该省供应。Past attempts by central planning agencies to reduce industrial capacity by fiat have similarly ended in tears, as plant bosses and the banks that lend to them almost always chose to expand rather than face closure.中央规划部门以往试图通过行政指令削减工业产能的举措同样以失败告终,因为工厂老板和为工厂提供贷款的几乎总是会选择扩张产能,而不是坐等被关闭。Allowing the market to cull the inefficient producers has proved even more difficult in China, as state-owned steel companies are generally the worst performers. Nearly every inland steel producer with more than 5m tonnes of capacity – in other words, at least a dozen of China’s biggest and most politically powerful mills – are losing money, according to industry expert Xu Zhongbo of Beijing Metal Consulting Ltd, with the exception of mills that have invested in automotive steel.事实明,在中国,让市场来淘汰缺乏效率的生产商更加困难,因为国有钢铁企业通常业绩最差。除了投资生产汽车用钢的钢厂以外,据北京梅塔科咨询公司(Beijing Metal Consulting)总裁许中波表示,内地产能在500万吨以上的钢铁制造商——也就是中国规模最大、最有政治势力的十数家钢铁企业——几乎全都在亏损。Policies directly tied to reducing pollution rather than cutting industrial capacity have generally been more effective. For instance, about a decade ago China ordered the phase-out of the heavily polluting Soderberg process at aluminium smelters, and smelters were duly upgraded.把政策目标直接放在减少污染、而不是削减工业产能,效果通常更好。例如,中国约10年前下令电解铝行业淘汰污染严重的自焙槽技术,铝厂都改造了设备。Power plants across China have installed emissions scrubbers, and have become more willing to use them in recent years after power subsidies were tweaked to reward their operation.近年来,中国各地发电厂都在安装涤气器,而且随着政府修改发电补贴规则、奖励使用涤气装置的做法,电厂也就更有意愿安装这类装置。 /201402/277627 In Confucian philosophy it is taken for granted that children will look after their parents. In 21st-century China, things are proving to be very different. With most adults working full time, plus the demographic issues resulting from the one-child policy, the country presents a fascinating case for those interested in the social and economic challenges of ageing populations, not to mention the business opportunities.按照儒学观点,子女照顾年老父母是天经地义的。但在21世纪的中国,情况已经变得大为不同。由于大多数成年人都有全职工作,加上独生子女政策引发的人口问题,中国不仅给研究人口老龄化所引发社会与经济挑战的人提供了一个极有吸引力的例子,而且因为老龄化而蕴含着巨大商机。For just this reason Florian Kohlbacher moved to China in August after 11 years studying demographic change in Japan — almost 50 per cent of the population of Japan is aged 50 or older.正因如此,弗洛里安#8226;科尔巴赫(Florian Kohlbacher,见上图)去年8月来到了中国。此前,他花了11年研究日本人口变化——该国50岁以上人口已经占到总人口的近50%。Now he is associate professor of marketing and innovation at the International Business School Suzhou, part of Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, where he will head up the Research Institute on Ageing and Society.科尔巴赫现为苏州西交利物浦大学国际商学院的营销与创新学副教授,并将领导老龄化与社会研究所(Research Institute on Ageing and Society)。The business school will take the lead in the institute to focus on the business implications of population ageing, though at least 10 other departments, including public health, architecture and industrial design, will be involved,该商学院将牵头组建该研究所,重点研究人口老龄化蕴含的商业意义,而包括公共卫生、建筑和工业设计在内的至少10个其他院系也将参与研究。Nationwide problems全国性问题With a population of 1.4bn, part of the issue in China is its scale, says Prof Kohlbacher, although the one-child policy has exaggerated the demographic trend. On top of this is China’s economic status. Japan was rich before the rise in its ageing population; China is not there yet. “The whole social system is not y for this,” warns Prof Kohlbacher.科尔巴赫表示,由于拥有14亿人口,中国的部分问题与其规模有关,但独生子女政策又放大了这种人口老龄化趋势。还有一个问题是中国的经济状况。日本在出现人口老龄化问题之前已经是个富国,而中国目前还不是富国。“整个社会体系并未准备好迎接人口老龄化,”科尔巴赫教授警告称。A Chinese government report published in September pointed out that 8 per cent of China’s consumption related to products and services for older people, a market worth Rmb4tn.去年9月中国政府公布的一份报告指出,与老年人相关的商品和务占中国国内生产总值(GDP)的8%,老年市场潜力达4万亿人民币。By 2050, according to the report, that proportion of gross domestic product will rise to a third.该报告预测,到2050年,老年人消费占GDP的比例将提高至三分之一。“This is a real business opportunity,” says Prof Kohlbacher. “Though 2050 might be far away, this is something to work on immediately. But companies are not putting much thought into it.”“这是一个实实在在的商机,”科尔巴赫教授说,“虽然2050年还很遥远,但现在就要采取行动,而企业界对此并未予以太多关注。”It is an attitude he finds hard to fathom. “Managers have problems converting these trends into specific applications. Management is about uncertainty, but demographics is one area where forecasting actually works.”他觉得这种态度令人费解。“企业管理者在具体利用这些趋势方面存在问题。管理必然面对不确定性,但在人口问题上,预测确实有用。”Impact on business对商业的影响First there is the ageing workforce. In China women usually retire at 55 and men at 60, so companies are losing people with tremendous experience and knowledge.首先是存在老年劳动力。在中国,女性一般55岁退休,男性60岁退休,因此企业正在流失具有丰富经验和知识的人才。Second, life expectancy in China is now 76, which means a healthy old age is increasingly achievable, which could lead to a tremendous demand for products and services for the “silver-hair market” as it is known in China, either through the adaptation of existing products or the development of new ones.其次,中国目前的预期寿命是76岁,这意味着健康的晚年可期,将导致对“银发市场”商品与务的巨大需求,企业可以通过对现有产品进行改造和开发新产品,满足这种需求。The travel industry is a prime example, says Prof Kohlbacher. “It was something they [older people] couldn’t do in their youth because China was cut off.”科尔巴赫教授说,旅游业就是一大例子。“由于中国以前比较闭塞,他们(老年人)年轻时无法旅游。”Need for innovation创新需求Pharmaceuticals is another obvious market, as are care homes and nursing services. And in the west premium cars are popular with older people, says Prof Kohlbacher. What is more, in China, older people have money to spend. Traditionally they passed on wealth to their children and grandchildren, but the one-child policy has changed this and they are now thinking more about themselves.制药业是另一个显而易见的市场,还有养老院和护理机构。科尔巴赫教授说,在西方,高端护理在老年人当中很受欢迎。此外,中国老年人手头有钱。传统上,他们会把财富留给子女和孙辈,但独生子女政策改变了这种情况,他们现在会更多为自己着想。“This means things are special in China. It can aly serve as a laboratory for us to study an ageing society,” he says. He believes this research will become more significant in future. “A lot of things here have to be built from scratch, so it is a new approach.”他说:“这表明中国有着特殊的情况。中国已经可以成为我们研究老龄化社会的一个实验室。”他认为,这种研究在今后会变得更加有意义。“中国的许多东西都要从零开始,因此这是一条新的道路。”Alternative research其他研究项目In the US, Boston College has an institute for ageing and work, while MIT Sloan has its AgeLab focusing on the labour market. But given the scale of the problem, rues Prof Kohlbacher, the levels of research are woeful.在美国,波士顿学院(Boston College)设有一个老龄化与工作研究所,麻省理工学院斯隆管理学院(MIT Sloan)设有专门研究劳动力市场的老龄实验室(AgeLab)。但科尔巴赫教授遗憾地表示,由于老龄化问题已经相当严峻,当前的研究水平还很低。 /201504/369401吐鲁番市去咖啡斑多少钱新疆医大第一附属医院光子脱毛多少钱



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