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科洛·格蕾斯.莫瑞兹,美国童星她因扮演《海扁王中的超杀女(Hit-Girl)一角而倍受影迷瞩目到底是手动还是自动?大卫·莱特曼教《黑影明星科洛·格蕾斯·莫瑞兹如何驾驶来看看详细内容吧Now listen,you are ,do you drive?现在听着,你岁,你会开车吗?Do you plan to drive one day?你打算在某一天开车吗?Yeah,my mum doesnt want me do.是的,我的母亲不让我这么做I start,I get my permit in August.我已经开始,我在8月才能得到自己的许可And have you done some practicing?你做过一些练习?Yeah,and my mother very admit about me learning how to driving manual.是啊, 对于我如何学习我妈妈很是关心You know,just stick to my mum.你知道,我的妈妈一直坚持自己的主张Yeah,It manual transmission.是啊,这是一个手动的传动系统Yeah, And I did , I’m not really like that good at regular driving.是的,我那样做了,我不是很喜欢通常的驾驶So working with three paddles.Im like.所以我很喜欢这种方式You get do it, though.显然你已经习惯了It not good.It hard.不是很好这很困难You get to do.I mean swear to do.你会做到的我的意思是,发誓去做那种Because this is a dying breed of people who know how to drive a manual transmission.因为一个垂死挣扎的人知道如何用手动操作的传动系统驾驶Do it.You have to do it. 去做吧你必须这么做I do.I do agree.我会做的我同意你的观点First of all,you have more fun driving more fun and more car control.Did you hear me?首先,你会有更多的乐趣驾驶,更有趣、更体贴的汽车控制你听见我说话了吗?More car control.更多的车控制Ok, And when your business shifting,好的,当你的业务转移,You are making mum so happy right now. do it,你让妈妈开心就这样做,She will replay this me and be late send so.她会对我重播这段而且这个节目迟些会送到她手里And do it and itll be so cool and you are run across guys in yourI don’t know how drive stick~,and you can just say hahaha.那就去做吧,就是那么酷,你碰到的家伙不知道怎么开手动,你只能说哈哈哈You gona do it,please promise me.你会做的,请答应我I will,I will.我会的,我会的Give up the films and walk on.放弃这个电影继续前进Who is acting when I can drive a manual?当我可以驾驶手动的时候谁来扮演这个角色?Exactly.这确实是个问题注:听力文本来源于普特 1886

汤姆·汉克斯美国著名电影演员,以演技精湛而著称,曾参演多部不同类型电影,饰演角色包括易受攻击的《阿甘正传、以灵感主演的《费城故事、温馨喜剧的漂亮男人在《西雅图不眠夜中他曾于199,1995年获得奥斯卡最佳男主角奖,他是当今好莱坞最具影响力的电影明星之一本期做客的他,要送出自己的节日问候Look. It Christmas time. We all actually like it.看,现在是圣诞节我们都很喜欢它 Have you been greeting all of your children?你一直祝福你所有的孩子吗? I do, I do. Christmas is on top of our house, because there a couple of big birthdays every Christmas. On the 5th they call the birthday the baby Jesus. And they right on the stomach 6th is my niece and one of my kids. And we usually like, we travel on their birthdays. Oh, this is great, happy birthday to me, great, great, let get up, kids, guess what we do your birthday. Weve a dollar at the airport, thank you, oh, great, a lot of planes there, it my birthday, everybody, nothing, nothing. So weve got to figure out, so Ive been there to thank they get a jump on my holidays.是的,我会的圣诞节就在我们的房子上面,因为每年的圣诞都有几个大型生日宴会在5号他们称生日的孩子为小耶稣而6号是我的侄女及我的一个孩子的生日通常我们很愿意给他们过生日噢,这是伟大的,祝我生日快乐,不错,不错,起床了,孩子们,猜猜为你准备了什么生日礼物我们有份特别礼物,谢谢你,哦,很好,很多飞机,今天是我的生日,大家,没什么,没什么所以我们必须猜出来了,所以我一直在这里,感谢他们在我的假日让我过的这么快乐Please do.请吧 If I could.如果我能的话Be my guest.我请客What I could.这是我能做的Everything.我所做的一切 If I could.如果我能的话 I get what I did can. You know this is what I dont today.我明白我所做的你知道这是什么,今天我不是 Watch, it looks like a missile.看,它看起来象一枚导弹 You bet it is, David.I just want to give a little. What a camera should I do this, this is just.你说的没错,大卫我只是想要一点点让步我应该做这个,这就是...You can.你可以的Would you mind getting down as lower as where I want?你介意跟我的差不多吗? All right.好的 It really a special moment.这的确是一个特殊的时刻 Easy.轻松一点 That I wanna say.这正是我想说的 You all made it.你们都成功了Merry Christmas, baby.圣诞快乐,我的宝贝 Yeah.是啊Hey, Dave?嘿,戴夫? Yeah.是啊Baby wants a little of this action?孩子们想要这个吗?No. I dont. Here. Will you take care, would you mind taking care of that?没有我不知道在这里你要小心,你介意照顾那个吗?Weve got some windlass right here.我们有一些风镜,就在这里 Oh, windlass right here.哦,风镜在这里 That where we are looking .那就是我们要找的Hey, you know what? Here bad news. I had a cold.嘿,你知道吗?这是坏消息我感冒了Thanks. Thank you.谢谢谢谢你Ive had a chest cold about a week.我大约感冒有一个星期了I had one about a month. Yeah. But that nice.我好像有一个月是啊但那也不错 5856

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