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克拉玛依背部脱毛乌鲁木齐医院做双眼皮手术新疆医科大学附属医院激光祛斑多少钱 HBO shows headed to Amazon Prime HBO and Amazon have agreed to a deal that allows Amazon Prime users to stream HBO content. CNNs Brian Stelter explains.HBO is opening part of its massive TV library to Amazon. Amazon prime users, listen up, you will soon be able to stream many of HBOs hit shows, like theSopranos.Ah, present for Amazon users, but like the plot of any good show, there is a twist. HBOs presnt only applies to those old shows. New seasons of the Newsroom and Girls are taken around 3 years to show up on Amazon. HBO, like CNN is owned by Time Warner. CNN Senior Media Correspondent, Brian Stetler.Brian, thanks for joining me now. This is all weve been talking about is content, the battle for those eyeballs onlines. How significant is this deal?I think its very significant. Because HBO is always tight-fisted with their shows. They own all the programs that they broadcast and they are very careful not to share them in lots of other directions. Some repeat some old shows, like Sex and City are on cables. But the value of repeats like that is dwindling. Because people expect everything to be available on demand. And HBO is really good at making thse on demand. The 30 million people in the ed States, pretty much staying at home, they have HBO, can watch all the back seasons of shows Sopranos aly. What about homes that dont have HBO?What about the people might have Amazon prime might wanna watch Sopranos many years ago? Thats the people now have more access to shows thanks to this deal.So who wins here? Is it the win for all around? Because to me, when you are talking about those back shows, they are older. There are so many new hits there. Im not sure that HBO would give it any kind of present. What is Amazon to get out of it?They are constructing this deal very carefully. Amazon gets a bunch of bold name shows they can promote. They can now, say, for example, theyve got the whole seasons of the WIre. Its critically claimed the HBO series. That for some people, its still brand new for them. [Anchoress: Right.] You havent seen it before, its new to you. But HBO is most importantly still protecting its cable and satellite business. It is making sure that people still need to sign up for cable and for HBO if they want to watch the new hits, like Game of Thrones, like True Detective. They will have the cake and be eating it too, figuring out a new way to make money for their new library while protecting their core business.Thats right. And for Amazon, I should say, some of the younger people come into Amazon prime, perhaps they havent seen the shows. Brian, we are out of time. Content is the king, thats for sure. We can tell from this deal that content makes this...Every day it is reaffirmed every time we see a deal like this.All right. Prime users, if you havent seen those shows, you will be happy. Brian, we will talk again soon. Thanks so much.Thanks. /201405/294010Being overweight can put a person at risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and certain forms of cancer. Learn how you can help your partner lose weight and gain good health.体重超重会使有二型糖尿病,心脏病和某些癌症的风险。学习如何帮助伴侣减肥,拥有良好的健康状况。You Will Need你需要Listening skills倾听技巧Empathy同情心Facts about weight gain关于体重增加的事实Doctor医生Healthy eating habits健康的饮食习惯Healthy food preparation准备健康食品Sport or active hobby运动或积极的习惯Steps步骤Step 1 Discuss your concern and ask questions1.讨论你的担忧,问一些问题Discuss your concern and ask your partner to talk about what they believe has caused their weight gain. Listen and try to understand what they are going through.讨论你担忧的问题,让你的伴侣讲述一下他们认为体重增加的原因。认真倾听,努力理解对方正在经历的一切。Focus on their feelings and empathize with them. Avoid giving advice.集中精力关心他们的感受,表示感同身受。不要给出建议。Step 2 Address facts2.讲述事实Address your concern for their health with facts about the impact of being overweight and obesity.表明自己对他们健康问题的担忧,告诉他们超重和肥胖的影响。Step 3 See a doctor3.看医生Talk to a doctor with your partner about the issues associated with weight gain.和伴侣一起去看医生,了解与体重增加有关的事宜。Step 4 Let them take responsibility4.让他们担负责任Let your partner take responsibility for their past decisions and how they can solve their problem.让伴侣为过去的决定承担起责任,并努力解决问题。Dont tease them, make jokes about the issue, or nag them. Instead, be supportive.不要因为这个问题取笑或抱怨他们。而是持他们。Step 5 Get rid of unhealthy food5.丢掉不健康食品Get rid of unhealthy, tempting foods in the home and cook healthy meals together.丢掉家中不健康的,诱人的食品,一起烹煮健康大餐。Limit eating out, where ingredients and portion size are out of your control.限制外出就餐,否则成份和份量都会超出你的控制。Step 6 Take up a sport6.运动Engage in a sport or active hobby you both enjoy. It is a great way to have fun while being active.参加双方都喜欢的体育活动或比较积极的爱好。这是保持活力同时获得乐趣的好方法。Globally, 1 billion adults are overweight and at least 300 million are clinically obese, according to the World Health Organization.根据世界卫生组织提供的数据,全球有10亿成年人超重,至少3亿人临床诊断为肥胖。视频听力由。201401/273054乌鲁木齐市假体植入丰胸多少钱

乌鲁木齐达坂城区镭射去痘印价格自由光是全球知名汽车品牌Jeep旗下一款最新车型。这款车型采用全新空气动力学外观,搭配源自圣境灵感设计的内饰,并为驾驶者提供自动、运动、雪地和沙泥四大驾驶模式以及更先进互联化的人机交互系统。除此之外,自由光最大亮点是将搭载全球首款9速自动变速箱。片中的说走就走的感觉,要全新定于这种自由的方式,打破常规来一次不一样的旅程。以下是双语文本:广告内容:Are you among the restless many?你是否也不甘于平淡?Each tick of the old clock,陈旧的钟表每响一声,a reminder, that stillness is what actually kills us.都在提醒我们,一成不变会令我们消亡When the walls close in, do you climb out?当围墙逼近时,你会翻墙而出吗?When the road ends, do you go on?当长路到达了终点,你会继续前行吗?Restlessness starts with an itch.打破平淡,始于渴望And ends in progress.成于进步。It is your ambition refusing to be bottled up.你的野心是否让你拒绝沉闷Begging for a little blue sky time.渴求看到那一小片蓝天Genetics have a voice that you can only deny so long.你无法忽视深埋在你基因中的声音They scream: “GO. RUN. ACT. FIND. DARE.”他们尖叫着:“走吧。跑吧。行动。寻找。冒险。”Where you go when you have the itch is free will.你渴望去哪里是你的自由How you get there, is why we made the new Cherokee.而你如何到达那里,是我们制造新切诺基吉普的原因。201406/307911乌鲁木齐县去老年斑多少钱 新疆军区总医院治疗青春痘多少钱

阿图什打玻尿酸多少钱I tried to make my parents buy me some real ones. Thank God they didnt.我想让我的父母买个真的给我玩玩,多亏他们没买。Im nunchucking, Im busting myself all in the head.I had the rubber ones. So Im good.我玩双节棍老是要打到我的头,还好我的是橡胶做的,所以没出什么事。I got into it because I stopped carrying a gun.I carried a gun for years.Im not ashamed to admit it.我迷恋上它是因为我终于可以不背了,这些年我都带着,其实也没什么可惭愧的。I think I went into therapy and I thought,let me carry something else.疗伤的时候我在想要不带个别的东西吧This one particularly is sentimental for me.这副双节棍对我很有意义These are the same nunchucks that we used in The Game of Death.因为我们就是用它拍的《死亡游戏》He gave me these to keep in the house.It brings out really fond memories for me.他让我放在家里面,它给我带来了很美好的回忆。Fred Weintraub, who was an executive at Warner Bros,comes to visit him in Hong Kong on the set of Game of Death says,;Hey,man, weve seen what you can do.;弗里德·维特,华纳兄弟的总裁,来香港《死亡游戏》的片场看他。他说,小伙子,我们看到了你的能耐;We wanna do a film with you and we wanna do it with Warner Bros.; Boom.我们想和你合作一部电影是华纳兄弟出品的,哇。It was a time when Bruce had so much opportunity and he was so thrilled to co-produce Enter the Dragon.那段时间布鲁斯得到了相当多的机会,他很激动能参与电影《龙争虎斗》的制作。He said ;This is my opening back into Hollywood.;他说 这是他去好莱坞的机会201312/269695 We can even look at what we can regard as the spin of the records of the battle of Qadesh in his year five, which was a draw.例如,在他统治第五年进行的卡迭石战役, 一般认为是他篡改历史的据之一。He fought the Hittites, it was a draw.与赫梯人战斗打成平局。He came back to Egypt and had the record of this battle inscribed on seven temples, and it was presented as an extraordinary success, that he alone had defeated the Hittites.但他回到埃及之后,将这场战争在七座神庙分别记录下来,并把它描述为伟大的胜利,称自己独自战胜了赫梯人。So it was all spin, and he completely understood how to use that.;这一切都是编造出来的,他极擅利用谎言。This king would not only convince his people of his greatness, but would fix the image of imperial Egypt for the whole world.这位国王不仅让国民臣于他的伟大,也为世界固化了埃及帝国的强大形象。Later Europeans were mesmerised.他让欧洲人深深着迷。Around 1800, the new aggressive powers in the Middle East, now the French and the British, competed to acquire the image of Ramesses.十九世纪初,英法相继侵入中东,竞相争夺拉美西斯的雕像。Napoleons men tried to remove the statue from the Ramesseum in 1798, but failed.一七九八年,拿破仑的部下试图搬走拉美西斯神殿的这座雕像,但没有成功。There is a hole about the size of a tennis ball drilled into the torso, just above the right breast, which experts think came from this attempt, and by 1799 the statue was broken.雕像的右胸上部有一个网球大小的孔, 专家们认为正是这次不成功的尝试造成的。一七九九年,雕像遭到毁坏。In 1816 the bust was successfully removed, rather appropriately, by a circus-strong-man-turned-antiquities-dealer named Giovanni Battista Belzoni.一八一六年,一个叫乔瓦尼巴蒂斯塔贝尔佐尼的人找到了合适的方法,成功搬运了半身像。Using a specially designed system of hydraulics, Belzoni organised hundreds of workmen to pull the bust on wooden rollers, by ropes, to the banks of the Nile, almost exactly the method used to bring it there in the first place.贝尔佐尼曾是马戏团里的大力士,后改行做了古董商。他使用了一套设计独特的水力系统,组织了数百工人,用木制滚轮与绳索将雕像运到了尼罗河岸。这几乎与当年雕像被运到拉美西斯神殿所用的法完全一致。It is a powerful demonstration of Ramesses achievement, that just moving half the statue was considered a great technical feat three thousand years later.在三千年后,运送半截雕像仍可算作巨大的技术成就,由此每见拉美西斯当年的威力。Belzoni then loaded the bust onto a boat and the dramatic cargo went from there to Cairo, to Alexandria, and then finally to London.贝尔佐尼把雕像运到船上,这一巨大货物途经开罗和亚历山大港,最后抵达伦敦。201408/319122乌鲁木齐达坂城区去胎记多少钱乌鲁木齐全身美白针价格



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