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宜昌泌尿外科哪家医院比较好枝江市人民中妇幼保健医院男科预约Mr President,Prince Philip and I would like to thank you and Frau Schadt for the warm welcome you have given us at the start of our fifth State Visit to Germany. In the 50 years since our first visit, our countries have lived through many profound changes. I am very glad to record that one of the irreversible changes for the better in my lifetime has been in the relationship between the ed Kingdom and Germany.Mr President, it falls to a Head of State to lead a nation in the marking of anniversaries. Every month this year we commemorate either the centenary of a momentous event in the First World War; the 70th anniversary of a milestone at the end of the Second World War; or, here in Germany, 25 years of reunification following the fall of the wall which divided this city and this nation for so long.But, tonight, I would also like to cast back rather further in time. Last week in a water-meadow by the River Thames, I attended an event to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta. Of course, in common with other events in our remote history, the precise facts of 1215 are disputed. The consequences of the agreement between King John and his barons, however, are not disputed: for the first time we established in England that no man should be above the law and that individuals as well as rulers have rights. Thus began the long, slow and interrupted process of our countrys evolution into a democracy.Tomorrow I shall visit St Pauls Church, where the first freely-elected legislature in Germany met in 1848. The Frankfurt Parliament turned out to be a false dawn; it took another century and the loss of the most terrible wars in history to set Germany on the path of democracy.Earlier this year my cousins visited Germany to mark with you, Mr President, more recent and painful anniversaries. The Duke of Kent visited Dresden and The Duke of Gloucester visited Bergen-Belsen. I myself shall visit Bergen-Belsen on Friday. These visits underline the complete reconciliation between our countries.Germany has reconciled with all her neighbours. I pay tribute to the work of the German statesmen since the Second World War who reinvented Germany and helped to rebuild Europe. I met Chancellor Adenauer at Windsor in 1958. He rejected the idea of a neutral Germany, preferring to anchor Germany in the West. His successors took up the challenge of uniting Germany as a member of all the institutions of Europe and the West.Since 1945 the ed Kingdom has determined to number among Germanys very strongest friends in Europe. In the intervening decades, Britain and Germany have achieved so much by working together. I have every confidence that we will continue to do so in the years ahead.Since Berlin and Germany were reunited there has been much to celebrate. Today I cruised with you, Mr President, along the Spree. I saw fewer cranes than when I was last here in 2004. But still the most magnificent element of Berlins skyline is the Reichstag dome, an enduring reminder of our cultural cooperation. Our work together includes every part of life, from politics to commerce, from industry to every aspect of the arts, in particular, music, museums and education.We also saw a wonderful example of partnership in education and science during our visit to the Technical University this afternoon. The enthusiasm and interest our students and young people have for each others ideas and work is our greatest asset: the next generation is at ease with itself and with contemporaries across Europe in a way that was never the case before.The ed Kingdom has always been closely involved in its continent. Even when our main focus was elsewhere in the world, our people played a key part in Europe. In the nineteenth century in the Russian Empire a Welsh engineer called John Hughes founded a mining town which is now Donetsk in Ukraine. And in the seventeenth century a Scottish publican called Richard Cant moved his family to Pomerania; his son moved further East to Memel and his grandson then moved South to K?nigsberg, where Richards great-grandson, Immanuel Kant, was born.In our lives, Mr President, we have seen the worst but also the best of our continent. We have witnessed how quickly things can change for the better. But we know that we must work hard to maintain the benefits of the post-war world. We know that division in Europe is dangerous and that we must guard against it in the West as well as in the East of our continent. That remains a common endeavour.Ladies and Gentlemen, I ask you to rise and drink a toast to the President and the people of Germany.201508/394852宜昌男科医院 Message number three:建议三:dont leave before you leave.在你离开前别放弃。I think theres a really deep irony我认为这是一个非常深刻的讽刺to the fact that actions women are taking --对于女性所采取行动而言--and I see this all the time --我一直目睹类似情况的发生--with the objective of staying in the workforce女性希望留在职场这个目标,actually lead to their eventually leaving.往往导致它们最终不得不离开职场。Heres what happens:曾发生这样的事:Were all busy. Everyones busy. A womans busy.我们都忙;每个人都很忙;作为一个女人也很忙。And she starts thinking about having a child,她开始考虑生小孩。and from the moment she starts thinking about having a child,从她开始考虑生小孩的时候起,she starts thinking about making room for that child.她开始考虑为孩子准备房间。;How am I going to fit this into everything else Im doing?;“我该如何调整孩子这件事和手头上的其他事呢?”And literally from that moment,言下之意,she doesnt raise her hand anymore,她不再举起她的手,she doesnt look for a promotion, she doesnt take on the new project,她不寻求提升,她不找新的计划,she doesnt say, ;Me. I want to do that.;她不会说,“我,我想做那个。”She starts leaning back.她开始退缩。The problem is that --这是个问题lets say she got pregnant that day, that day --让我们说说她怀的那段日子nine months of pregnancy, three months of maternity leave,9个月的怀胎,3个月的产假,six months to catch your breath --6个月来调养休息fast-forward two years,快速调整要2年,more often -- and as Ive seen it --更多的,正如我看到的women start thinking about this way earlier --女性开始过早考虑这事when they get engaged, when they get married,当她们有约会或者结婚时,when they start thinking about trying to have a child, which can take a long time.当她们开始考虑要小孩,这会花相当长的一段时间。One woman came to see me about this,一位女性关于此事来找我,and I kind of looked at her -- she looked a little young.我看着她,她显得有点年轻。And I said, ;So are you and your husband thinking about having a baby?;我说,“那么你和你丈夫考虑要小孩了?”And she said, ;Oh no, Im not married.;她说,“哦不,我还没结婚。”She didnt even have a boyfriend.她甚至没有男友。I said, ;Youre thinking about this我说,“你考虑这个just way too early.;太早了吧。”But the point is that what happens但关键是once you start kind of quietly leaning back?一旦你开始退缩下来,接下来会发生什么呢?Everyone whos been through this --每个人都会经历这个and Im here to tell you, once you have a child at home,在这儿我告诉你,一旦在家你有了孩子,your job better be really good to go back,你真的最好是回到你的工作中去,because its hard to leave that kid at home --因为把小孩留在家太难了,your job needs to be challenging.你的工作得有挑战性。It needs to be rewarding.它也得有回报。You need to feel like youre making a difference.你得感觉到世界因你而变。And if two years ago you didnt take a promotion如果2年前你没有得到提升and some guy next to you did,在你旁边的一个男孩得到提升,if three years ago如果三年前you stopped looking for new opportunities,你放弃寻找新的机会,youre going to be bored你会变得很乏味because you should have kept your foot on the gas pedal.因为你应该紧踩油门,加油。Dont leave before you leave.在你离开前别放弃。Stay in.保住工作。Keep your foot on the gas pedal,紧踩油门,until the very day you need to leave除非到了那一天你需要离开to take a break for a child --为了孩子休假and then make your decisions.然后做出你自己的决定。Dont make decisions too far in advance,不要提前做太长远决定,particularly ones youre not even conscious youre making.特别是你甚至不晓得自己该做怎样的决定。My generation really, sadly,我这一代的女性非常可惜,is not going to change the numbers at the top.没能改变高管职位的数据变化。Theyre just not moving.女人们就是呆在原地。We are not going to get to where 50 percent of the population --我们没能达到50%的高管职位in my generation, there will not be 50 percent of在任何行业的高管职位中,at the top of any industry.女性都未达到50%。But Im hopeful that future generations can.但我希望未来一代人可以做到。I think a world that was run我认为我们世界上where half of our countries and half of our companies半数国家和半数公司were run by women, would be a better world.会由女性所领导,那将会是一个更美好的世界。And its not just because people would know where the womens bathrooms are,这不仅仅是因为人们会知道女性洗手间在哪儿,even though that would be very helpful.尽管这也有非常大的帮助。I think it would be a better world.我认为它将会是一个更美好的世界。I have two children.我有2个孩子。I have a five-year-old son and a two-year-old daughter.我5岁的儿子和3岁的女儿。I want my son to have a choice我想我儿子会选择to contribute fully in the workforce or at home,在职场或在家里都尽心尽责,全心奉献。and I want my daughter to have the choice我女儿的选择to not just succeed,不仅仅是成功,but to be liked for her accomplishments.她会更热爱她所做出的成就。Thank you.谢谢。201509/397964But the idea that science can cure death但科学能够治愈死亡的观点is just one more chapter in the story只是神奇的灵丹妙药故事的of the magical elixir,又一个章节,a story that is as old as civilization.和古文明一样古老的故事。But betting everything on the idea of finding the elixir但把所有的赌注都压在寻找灵丹妙药and staying alive forever和长生不老上面is a risky strategy.这样风险未免太大。When we look back through history当我们回顾整个历史at all those who have sought an elixir in the past,所有那些在过去寻找灵丹妙药的人the one thing they now have in common都有个共通点is that theyre all dead.是他们都难逃一死。So we need a backup plan, and exactly this kind of plan B所以我们需要个备用方案,精确讲叫B方案is what the second kind of immortality story offers,也就是第二类永生的故事,and thats resurrection.那就是复活。And it stays with the idea that I am this body,概念是我有这个身躯,I am this physical organism.是一个有机体。It accepts that Im going to have to die我是会死去的but says, despite that,但不论这些,I can rise up and I can live again.我可以再次活过来的。In other words, I can do what Jesus did.换句话说,我能和耶稣一样。and then he rose up and lived again.然后又活过来了。And the idea that we can all be resurrected to live again能够复活的这个概念is orthodox believe, not just for Christians不单源于东正教but also Jews and Muslims.也属于犹太教和穆斯林的。But our desire to believe this story但我们渴望去相信这个故事is so deeply embedded是深植在我们的内心that we are reinventing it again而到了科学时代for the scientific age,我们又重新将它提了出来,for example, with the idea of cryonics.比如,人体冷冻。Thats the idea that when you die,意思是当你死后,you can have yourself frozen,你可以把自己冷冻起来,and then, at some point when technology然后,直到有一天,科技has advanced enough,高度发达的时候,you can be thawed out and repaired and revived你可以把自己解冻和修复and so resurrected.然后复活。And so some people believe an omnipotent god并且有些人相信万能的神will resurrect them to live again,会人他们重新活过来,and other people believe an omnipotent scientist will do it.还有人则相信万能的科学。But for others, the whole idea of resurrection,但是对某些人,对复活的这个看法,of climbing out of the grave,从坟墓里爬出来,its just too much like a bad zombie movie.太像一部摆烂的僵尸电影。They find the body too messy, too unreliable他们发现自己的身躯腐朽,也不大可能复活,to guarantee eternal life,无法拥有永恒的生命,and so they set their hopes on the third,所有他们有第三类型的故事,more spiritual immortality story,更偏向于精神上的永生故事,the idea that we can leave our body behind就是我们能够离开我们的身躯and live on as a soul.但灵魂永久长存。Now, the majority of people on Earth目前,地球上绝大多数的人believe they have a soul,认为他们是有灵魂的,and the idea is central to many religions.这个观念是许多宗教的核心,But even though, in its current form,即便是这样,在现有的形式下,in its traditional form,在传统的形式下,the idea of the soul is still hugely popular,灵魂的观念依旧受到了广泛欢迎,nonetheless we are again在当今的数字化时代reinventing it for the digital age,再次提起它,for example with the idea比如that you can leave your body behind你可以离开你的身体by uploading your mind, your essence,你的心智,你的本质,the real you, onto a computer,真正的你,上传到了电脑中,and so live on as an avatar in the ether.以化身活在乙太的世界。But of course there are skeptics who say但是当然,有人会怀疑说if we look at the evidence of science,如果我们察看科学的依据,particularly neuroscience,特别是神经系统科学,it suggests that your mind,提及你的心智,your essence, the real you,你的本质,真正的你,is very much dependent on a particular part非常依赖你身体上一个特别的部分,of your body, that is, your brain.也就是,你的大脑。And such skeptics can find comfort这样的怀疑者in the fourth kind of immortality story,有着第四类型的永生的故事,and that is legacy,那就是遗传的传说。the idea that you can live on你可以长存在世through the echo you leave in the world,透过你遗留在世上的事物,like the great Greek warrior Achilles,就像古希腊战士阿基里斯,who sacrificed his life fighting at Troy他在特洛伊的战斗中牺牲了自己的生命so that he might win immortal fame.使他赢得了不朽的名声。And the pursuit of fame is as widesp追求这样的名声从古至今and popular now as it ever was,都一样流行,and in our digital age,在当今的数字时代,its even easier to achieve.它更容易实现。You dont need to be a great warrior like Achilles你不必要成为像阿基里斯这样的勇士or a great king or hero.或者一个伟大的国王或者英雄。All you need is an Internet connection and a funny cat.你只要能上网和一只有趣的猫。But some people prefer to leave a more tangible,但有些人希望留下后代----biological legacy -- children, for example.子孙。Or they like, they hope, to live on或是他们想要,希望as part of some greater whole,成为整个整体中的一部分活下去,a nation or a family or a tribe,一个名族,或者一个家庭或者一个部落,their gene pool.他们的基因库。But again, there are skeptics但有人会怀疑who doubt whether legacy这些遗产是否really is immortality.真的能永久流传下去。Woody Allen, for example, who said,比如,伍迪·艾伦,曾说过,;I dont want to live on in the hearts of my countrymen.“我不想活在我同胞的心里。I want to live on in my apartment.;我想活在我的公寓里。“So those are the four所以那些都是四种basic kinds of immortality stories,基本的永生的故事,and Ive tried to give just some sense我试着说明这些故事of how theyre retold by each generation如何一代一代流传着with just slight variations但也都大同小异to fit the fashions of the day.以迎合当今时代的潮流。And the fact that they recur in this way,事实上这些故事不停的被传述,in such a similar form but in such different belief systems,在不同的信仰中有着相似的形式,suggests, I think,我觉得,that we should be skeptical of the truth我们应该对of any particular version of these stories.所有这些故事的真实性要有所怀疑,201507/384729宜昌三医院男科挂号

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宜昌夷陵区治疗睾丸炎多少钱Hi,everybody.In 1620,a small band of pilgrims came to this continent,refugees who had fled persecution and violence in their native land.Nearly 400 years later,we remember their part in the American story-and we honor the men and women who helped them in their time of need.大家好。1620年,一小拨朝圣的清教徒来到这片大陆,他们为了逃离故土的迫害和暴力镇压逃难至此。将近400年来的今天,我们依然记得他们在美国历史上的重要位置,我们也崇敬那些在他们最需要帮助的时候伸出援手的人们。Thanksgiving is a day for food and football,and for hoping the turkey didnt turn out too dry.But its also a day to count our blessings and give back to others-a reminder that no matter our circumstances,all of us have something to be grateful for.Maybe its good health,a new addition to the family,or a child taking a next step toward college or a career.Maybe its a new job,or long overdue raise.Maybe its something as simple,and as important,as the chance to spend time with the people who matter most.感恩节是分享美食、观赏球赛的日子,大家都希望火鸡不要烤的太干。这也是我们将祝福和帮助送给他人的日子,无论我们生活在什么环境中,我们都有一些需要感恩的东西。也许是有个好身体、家里有了新居、或者是孩子们在学业或职业上取得了新进展。也许是有了新工作、期待已久的升职。也许是很简单、很重要,与最关心的人一起共度时光的机会。Of course,every American can be thankful for the chance to live in a country founded on the belief that all of us are created equal.And as President,Im thankful that I get to see the best of America every day-the courage of our troops and veterans,the resilience of our families,and the basic goodness of the ordinary people who call this country.当然,每个美国人都会为生活在这样的国家而感动,因为这个国家相信所有人生而平等。作为总统,我感谢每一天我看到的都是最美好的美国,我们有英勇不屈的将士和退伍军人,坚忍不拔的家庭,普通百姓称赞这个国家的一切美好的地方。On this uniquely American holiday,we also remember that so much of our greatness comes from our generosity.Theres the generosity of Americans who volunteer at food banks and shelters,making sure that no one goes hungry on a day when so many plates are full.Theres the generosity of Americans who take part not just in Black Friday and Cyber Monday,but Giving Tuesday-recognizing that in the holiday season,what you give is as important as what you get.在这个独具美国特色的节日里,我们也感谢慷慨大方的人们。乐善好施的美国人民自发设置食品发放中心和救济站,确保在大部分人都有吃的情况下没有人挨饿。慷慨的美国人民不仅参与黑色星期五和网购星期一的活动中,也参与到分享星期二的活动中,这些在假期里的活动让我们记住,你所给予的与你所得到的一样重要。And Ive been touched by the generosity of the Americans whove written me letters and emails in recent weeks,offering to open their homes to refugees fleeing the brutality of ISIL.最近几个星期,很多人给我写信、发邮件,大家敞开家门接纳逃离ISIL魔掌的难民们,我也一直被美国人民的慷慨大方所感动。Now,people should remember that no refugee can enter our borders until they undergo the highest security checks of anyone traveling to the ed States.That was the case before Paris,and its the case now.And what happened in Paris hasnt stopped Americans from opening their arms anyway.现在,大家应该了解,任何来到美国的人,只要没有通过最高级别的安全检查,是不可能进入我们国家的。巴黎事件之前是这样,之后也是这样。但巴黎事件的发生不会让美国敞开的怀抱关闭。One woman from Pennsylvania wrote me to say,;Money is tight for us in my household ...But i have a guest room.I have a pantry full of food.We can do this.; Another woman from Florida told me her familys history dates back to the Mayflower-and she said that welcoming others is part of ;what it means to be an American.;一位来自宾夕法尼亚州的女士写信给我,她说:“我持家过日子,钱很紧张…但我腾出了一间客房。我家的食品还算充足。我们可以做到。”另一位来自佛罗里达州的女士告诉我说她家祖上是随五月花号过来的,她说欢迎其他人正是“美国传统”的一部分。Nearly four centuries after the Mayflower set sail,the world is still full of pilgrims-men and women who want nothing more than the chance for a safer,better future for themselves and their families.What makes America America is that we offer that chance.We turn Lady Libertys light to the world,and widen our circle of concern to say that all Gods children are worthy of our compassion and care.Thats part of what makes this the greatest country on Earth.距离五月花号启航将近四个世纪了,世界上依然充满了朝圣者,这些男男女女不为别的,就为一份更安宁的生存机会,为自己和家人更争取更美好的未来。美国之所以成为美国,正是因为我们提供的这样的机会。我们将自由女神的光明传递到世界各地,我们将我们的关怀扩大到所有上帝的子民,他们值得我们去同情、关爱。而这也正是我们成为这个星球上最伟大的国家的原因。I hope that you and your family have wonderful Thanksgiving,surrounded by loved ones,and full of joy and gratitude.And together,may we all play our own small part in the American story,and write a next chapter that future generations can be thankful for.我希望大家过一个美好的感恩节,与心爱的人团聚,充满欢乐和感激。愿我们共同努力,扮演好我们在美国历史上的角色,写下可以让子孙后代感激的新篇章。From the Obama family to yours,have a great Thanksgiving.最后,我代表奥巴马全家祝大家感恩节快乐!201512/413288 伍家岗区人民中妇幼保健医院看泌尿科怎么样宜昌治包皮包茎哪家医院比较好




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