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日经指数暴跌3.5%,中韩股市纷纷受挫 -- 19:1:8 来源: 受国际市场不确定性影响,日元成为国际投资者避险良选而走高的日元导致日本国内大型出口企业受损,昨日日经指数暴跌3.5%,受此影响,中国和韩国股市纷纷受挫 Japan’s benchmark Nikkei 5 finished Monday’s session down 3.5% at ,019.18 as a rise in the value of the yen hurt big exporting companies such as Toyota.由于日元走高影响,类似日本丰田等大型出口公司受损,本周一日经指数收于019.18点,下跌幅度达到了3.5%Investors remained cautious ahead of meetings later this week by the US Federal Reserve and the Bank of Japan, although no rate cuts are expected.本周晚些时候,美联储将会和日本央行举行会议尽管不可能会降息,但是投资者依然十分谨慎Uncertainty over the UK’s EU referendum is also affecting the markets.英国退欧公投的不确定性也影响了市场The yen is often regarded as a haven in times of uncertainty, and the dollar weakened to below 1 yen.在市场不确定性很强时,日元经常被作为一个避险港,(在目前的市场条件下)美日汇率已经下跌到一美元兑换1日元的价位Shares in Toyota closed down by more than 3.5%, Honda’s shares were % lower, while Nissan’s fell by %.丰田股价下跌幅度超过了3.5%,本田股价下跌幅度不到%,尼桑股价下跌了%The Nikkei’s close on Monday marks a five-week low and the third straight session of losses.经过周一的股价下跌过后,日经指数达到了5周以来的低点,并且是第三次出现亏损In China, markets followed the downward trend. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index closed down 59.65 points, or .5%, at ,5.99, while the Shanghai Composite ended 3.% lower at ,833..中国股票市场也出现了下跌的趋势香港恒生指数收盘于.99点,下跌了59.65点,下跌幅度达到了.5%,上综合指数收盘于.点,下跌了3.%Among a raft of economic data released by Beijing earlier, figures showed that growth in China’s fixed-asset investment - a key measure of infrastructure spending - slowed in the January-to-May period.从中国前段时间发布的经济数据来看,在一月到五月期间,中国的固定资产投资(固定资产投资是基础设施建设的重要衡量指标)增长放缓了Investment increased by 9.6% from the same period a year earlier, but this was the first time the rate had fallen below % since 00.和去年同期相比,投资增长了9.6%,增长率从00年以来首次低于%Separate figures showed Chinese industrial output grew at a rate of 6% in May compared with a year ago. The industrial output numbers were in line with most expectations and unchanged from the previous month.据单独数据显示,中国五月份工业产出和去年同比增长6%工业产出数量和大多数人的预期一样,并且和上个月的数据持平Retail sales in China grew % in May from a year earlier, also in line with most expectations.中国五月份零售额和去年同比增长%,同样符合大多数人的预期South Korea’s benchmark Kospi index closed down 1.9% at 1,979..韩国综合股价指数收盘于1979.点,下跌了1.9%In Australia, stock markets are closed the Queen’s birthday long weekend.澳大利亚因为女王大寿放了长假,周末期间股票市场关闭了交易

iPhone 7会是一个失败品吗?苹果新手机取消耳机接口 -- :01:55 来源: 还有几个月的时间,苹果就即将发售iPhone 7,新版苹果手机和旧版的变化很”微小”,其中最大的两个变化便是取消耳机接口和对Home键的更新 Apple has traditionally overhauled its flagship handset every other year - but that is set to change this year, the Wall Street Journal has claimed.据《华尔街日报声称,从传统上来说,苹果每隔一年就会对旗舰手机进行大幅修改--但是今年的情况似乎要改变了It says the tech giant will offer only ’subtle changes’ the the handset, including removing the headphone socket and making it slightly slimmer.据说苹果只会对iPhone进行“微调”,包括取消手机接口、让机身更加纤细一些等’The biggest planned change in this year’s phones is the removal of the headphone plug, which will make the phone thinner and improve its water resistance, said people with that matter,’ it claims.《华尔街日报报道到:“据知情人士透露,今年iPhone计划中最大的改变是取消手机接口,这会使得机身更加纤细,并提高防水性能”Instead of a headphone socket, users will connect headphones wirelessly or via the luightning socket used mainly charging at the moment, it has been claimed.届时,正如苹果一直声称的那样,iPhone将不再持耳机接口,用户可以使用无线耳机,或者主要使用“luightning”接口来连接耳机However, the Journal claims huge changes are planned , the th anniversary of the original iPhone.但是,据《华尔街日报声称,到年iPhone问世周年的时候,这款手机将会有一些巨大的改变They include a new low power OLED screen and eliminating the home button by building the fingerprint sensor into the display, according to people familiar with the matter.据知情人士透露说,这些改变包括一个功耗更低的OLED屏幕,还将通过在屏幕中植入指纹传感器的办法来取消掉Home键In a note to clients last week, the WSJ says Credit Suisse analyst Kulbinder Garcha said he expects ’muted’ sales increases the thcoming models because he expects them to be a ’modest upgrade’ to the existing phones. Mr. Garcha said he expects a ’super cycle’ the following year.在上周给客户的一份报告中,《华尔街日报表示,瑞士信贷分析师库宾德·戈查说他预计即将发售的iPhone 7能够有“轻微”的销量增长,因为他预计到新iPhone在旧版本上只有一些“适度的升级”戈查说他预计在明年iPhone将有一个“超级增长”Recent leaks of the highly anticipated iPhone 7 suggests also Apple is rethinking its famous home button this year’s handset.iPhone 7受到万众瞩目,而最近泄露消息也显示苹果正在重新考虑是否要在今年发售的设备中保留其著名的Home键The latest images to surface appear to present this feature not as a button, but as a touch sensitive pad.据最新的图片显示,iPhone手机表面的“Home”将不再是一个键,而是一个触摸垫Sources say the new ’button’ will be flush with the body of the smartphone, instead of protruding from the bottom bezel, and users will have to perm tapping actions to activate specific functions.据知情人士透露,这个新的“键”将和机身保持平整,而不会在底部边框那里突出来,用户们将不得不轻敲这个“键”来执行其他命令The blurry photos were first reported by MobiPicker, who points out the missing metal ring that currently encases the home button.这些模糊的照片第一次出现是在MobiPicker网上,显示出Home键被嵌在一个金属环里In addition to a revamped home button, the images also suggest that the lower and upper areas of the bezel are much narrower than the iPhone 6 family, and the front camera and proximity sensor have both been shuffled around.除了Home键的更新以外,这些照片还显示新手机底部和顶部的边框要比iPhone 6系列窄得多,前置摄像头和传感器的位置也被打乱了Sources confirmed with the mobile and technology website that the touch-sensitive design will be implemented in the iPhone 7, which is set to hit the market in September.经该移动技术网站实的消息称,iPhone 7将采用触摸传感设计iPhone 7将于今年九月正式发售This button is perfectly in level with the rest of the bezel and cannot be pressed,’ sources told MobiPicker.知情人士在MobiPicker网站透露道:“Home键和边框的高度完美一致,并且不能够往下”If this feature is implemented, users will have to perm tapping actions to activate functions, like tap and hold Siri or double tap to see a specific category of apps.如果这个设计针对被采用到了iPhone 7上的话,手机用户们将必须通过轻敲的动作来执行其他的手机命令,例如单击一下可以实现和Siri对话,单击两下可以浏览特定分组的应用软件And with the new Touch ID, users can expect a much smother and faster experience than they have with their current handset.而且iPhone 7还采用了新的指纹识别技术,手机用户们将能够有一个比目前的设备更加平滑、更加快捷的体验

赛龙舟包棕子祭屈原,各地庆祝端午节 -- :59:5 来源: 农历5月5日,各地庆祝传统节日端午节,包粽子、赛龙舟、颂《离骚 00-year-old tradition celebrated nationwide in various ms全国各地以多种不同的形式庆祝这个有着00年悠久历史的节日Dragon Boat Festival, which comes on May 5 on the lunar calendar - June 9 this year on the Western calendar - is a traditional festival in China to commemorate the ancient poet Qu Yuan, who committed suicide out of love his country.中国农历五月初五的端午节——今年阳历在6月9日这天——是中国人为了纪念爱国诗人屈原的传统节日Traditionally, people eat Chinese rice pudding and hold dragon boat races in the poet’s honor.人们历来以吃棕子和赛龙舟的方式来纪念这位诗人In September , UNESCO added Dragon Boat Festival to the Intangible Cultural Heritage list, the first Chinese festival to receive the honor.年9月,联合国教科文组织将端午节加入了世界非物质文化遗产名录,其成为第一个获此殊荣的中国节日As time passed, Dragon Boat Festival has been celebrated with many various activities in different provinces, yet most of them include traditional Chinese rice puddings and dragon boat races.随着时间的推移,现在端午节在中国不同的省份有了多样化的庆祝形式,不过,大多都还保留着吃棕子和赛龙舟的传统Over the decades, it has even sp to neighboring Asian countries - dragon boat racing has aly become an international sport.过去几十年来,这个习俗甚至流传到了其它的亚洲国家——赛龙舟已经成为了一项国际性的运动A character, to protect the child from harm, is drawn with realgar on a boy’s ehead in Chengdu, Southwest China’s Sichuan province.在中国西南部四川省,一个保护小孩不受伤害的汉字,用雄黄写在小孩的额头上A resident of Shizuishan, in northwest China’s Ningxia Hui autonomous region, makes traditional Chinese rice pudding.中国西北的宁夏回族自治区石嘴山的一个居民,正在包棕子A traditional ceremony in honor of Qu Yuan is permed in Nantong, in East China’s Jiangsu province,中国东部江苏省南通市正在举办纪念屈原的传统活动Children bathe in tubs of water with ai, an herb, in Zigui, a county in central Hubei province, the hometown of Qu Yuan. It is believed that ai will help them avoid bad luck在屈原的故乡,中国中部湖北省秭归县,小孩在艾草水里泡澡据说艾草可以驱邪

英女王:我要加薪啦! -- 18:55: 来源:chinadaily The Queen is in line a 6.5% payrise and could net a cool pound;5.6 million from the taxpayer next year if the way she is funded stays the same. 英国女王可能将加薪6.5%如果拨款方案不变,明年她将从纳税人手中获得560万英镑 Figures released show a total profit of pound;3.1 million the Crown Estate. 公布的数据显示,英国皇家财产局的总利润为3亿万英镑 If the Queen receives her Sovereign Grant calculated at the customary % of that she would be handed pound;5.6 million from the Treasury in April , an increase of pound;.8 million up from pound;.8 million this year. 皇家财产局利润的%通常作为君王拨款若以此计算,年月,女王将从财政部获得560万英镑,比今年的0万英镑高出0万英镑 However, the mula the Sovereign Grant is being reviewed this year by The Prime Minister, Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Keeper of the Privy Purse who will potentially change the way it is calculated to less than % of Crown Estate profits. 但今年,君王拨款的方案正交由首相、财政大臣和王室司库负责人重新审议,计算方式可能被改变,拨款将少于皇家财产局利润的% This could mean her payrise is smaller, but she will still be in line a bumper sum as rules state she cannot get less than any previous year. 这或许意味着女王加薪的幅度会减小,但因为“女王的收入不得低于以往任何一年”的规定,其总收入依然将非常丰厚 But a source said about the negotiations lately in light of Brexit turmoil: “This is hardly the moment where we are going to finalise a review of the Sovereign Grant.” 然而鉴于英国退欧的混乱局势,有消息透露了日前的磋商情况:“当前不是我们敲定君王拨款的时候” News of the potential payrise came as Keeper of the Privy Purse Sir Alan Reid revealed how the royals have spent the pound;0.1 million they were given in April - amounting to 6p per person per year in Britain. 王室在年月获得0万英镑,相当于英国国民为此每年人均付出6便士女王可能加薪一事传来的同时,王室司库负责人艾伦?里德爵士透露了这笔收入的花销情况 He also stressed they have added to this by raising pound;.9 million of their own money including through renovating and renting out apartments. 爵士还强调,王室除此收入外,还有90万英镑的私人收入,包括整修和出租房屋的所得 Last year it was reported they were renting one in St James’s Palace thought to bring in nearly pound;50,000 per year. 报道称,王室去年出租了圣詹姆斯宫的一套房子,据认为带来了近5万英镑的年收入 Prince Charles also revealed that his income from the Duchy of Cornwall estate rose to more than pound; million the first time to pound;.67 million up from pound;19.85 million the previous year. 查尔斯王子也透露,他从康沃尔公爵领地获得的收入从前一年的198.5万英镑上升到6.7万英镑,首次超过了00万英镑 Expenditure on the area of his s that funds Prince William, Kate and Harry was also up 9.5% from pound;.965 million to pound;3.9 million, although officials would not say how much of the increase was down to the three young royals or itemise how that money was spent. 查尔斯王子账户上用于威廉夫妇和哈里王子的出也从96.5万英镑上升到3.9万英镑,上涨9.5%不过官方不会说明上涨的出有多少是因为这三位年轻的王室成员,也不会详细列明钱是怎么花出去的 The bill royal travel was down to pound; million from pound;5.1 million the previous year, but there were still some eye-watering travel costs billed to the taxpayer including a pound;9, charter plane Prince Charles and Camilla’s tour of the Balkans in March. 王室旅行开从前一年的5万英镑降至00万,但纳税人依然要承担一些巨额旅行开销,比如查尔斯王子和卡米拉三月访问巴尔干半岛时所花的9万英镑包机费

高温来袭说说“防暑神器” --7 ::1 来源:chinadaily 据气象预报显示,7日白天,华南、江南、华北、四川盆地以及新疆、内蒙古等地有高温天气其中,浙江、安徽、江苏、湖北、湖南、重庆等地的部分地区最高气温可达0℃部分地区体感温度高达50℃这样的高温天气在英语里有很多种表达方式,比如:sizzlingsevere heat 酷热scorching sun 烈日、骄阳blistering summer day 炎炎夏日torrid sun 灼热的太阳而持续一段时间的高温天气可以直接用hot spell来表示经历高温的网友们纷纷表示,这样的天气,每天都是“出门5分钟,流汗小时”,自己的命就是空调之父威利斯·开利给的高温来袭,你家里都备了哪些“防暑神器”?Apart from joking that they would live ever anywhere that has air conditioning and Wi-Fi, online users are also sharing and saving "magical" solutions that can beat the scorching heat.网友们在调侃“只要有空调和wifi的地方就能活下去”的同时,还分享了一些“防暑神器”龙虎清凉油 Dragon #38; Tiger balmIt contains many herbal mulas, such as menthol, camphor and mint oil, that its fans claim keep their skin cool.清凉油含薄荷醇、樟脑及薄荷油等草本成分,据说可以使皮肤保持凉爽感The balm is commonly applied on temples to keep the body cool and refreshed. Some also use it as a mosquito repellent due to its strong smell and also to ease carsickness.清凉油一般涂抹在太阳穴达到提神醒脑的功效,有时也可用于防蚊以及防晕车六神花露水 Liushen florida waterIt has a long history of dominating the domestic market as mosquito repellent and eliminating prickly heat.在驱蚊防暑界,六神花露水长期以来都是国内市场霸主风油精 FengyoujingFengyoujing is also menthol water, although not as expensive as Liushen.风油精跟六神花露水一样是薄荷水成分,不过价格更便宜藿香正气水 Huoxiangzhengqi waterHuoxiangzhengqi water, a kind of TCM concoction made by many herbs, has tested the will of millions of people with its bitter and spicy taste.藿香正气水是一种中药合剂,其苦涩的味道曾经挑战过无数国人的味蕾It is claimed that it's the best medicine to fight diarrhea and emesis in summer.不过,据说藿香正气水是夏季治疗腹泻和呕吐的最佳良药这些防暑神器,你用过几个?或者,你还有更棒的选择?(中国日报网英语点津 Helen)

英式英语药丸?连英国人都开始使用美式拼写了 --01 :0:5 来源:chinadaily 关于英式英语和美式英语之间的差异,我们点津的Tip Talk栏目曾专门出过三期内容给大家讲:Tip Talk:英英大战美英之spellingTip Talk:英英大战美英之accentTip Talk:英英大战美英之vocabulary differences然而现在有消息称,英式英语地位不稳,就连英国人都开始使用美式英语了……British English may have come first, but around the world, the American way of spelling is now far more popular.英式英语出现的较早,但从全球看,现今美式英语的拼写方式却更受欢迎A recent examination of these two variants of the English language show that publications now largely use the American version, swapping words like ‘centre’ ‘center’ after the 1880s.近期一项对这两种拼写的研究发现,现在的出版物广泛使用的是美式写法,自从19世纪80年代后,就有把“centre”替换成了“center”等类似情况出现According to the data, this shift was further strengthened around the time of World War I – and as the language evolved, even the British have ditched the spelling of some words their trans-Atlantic counterparts.数据显示,这种替换现象在第一次世界大战时尤为明显随着英语的发展,甚至连英国人都开始使用美式拼写了The charts revealed on Steemit were generated using Google Ngram Viewer, and show the usage trends of numerous words between 1800 and 00. In the graphs, American spelling is shown in blue, and the British version is indicated in red.社交媒体Steemit上流传的这些图表是用谷歌Ngram Viewer制作的,展示了1800年至00年间大量词语的使用趋势在图表中,美式拼写以蓝色线条表示,英式的则为红色Among many words, including ‘grey’ and ‘flavour,’ British English can be seen dwindling around 1880, when American English began to cross into wider use.英式英语中许多词语,如“grey”和“flavor”等,都在1880年左右开始衰落,而那时美式英语开始盛行Since then, English-language publications have preferred ‘gray’ and ‘flavor,’ and despite fluctuations in use over the years, they’ve remained more popular than the preceding versions since overtaking them.从那以后,英语出版物更偏爱使用“gray”和“flavor”等拼写方式,尽管这些年使用频率有所波动,但是这种美式英语的拼写方式在取代了英式的地位之后,一直保持着主流地位The American way of spelling has continued to grow in usage over the years, with ‘liter’ passing ‘litre’ around 1900, and ‘center’ becoming the more common choice over ‘centre’ in 19.近年来人们继续偏爱美式拼写,大约在1900年时,“liter”代替了“litre”,19年,“center”取代了“centre”‘19 marked a turning point in the usage of the British spelling, as the American alternative became more frequently used in literature,’ the post explains, in regards to 'center.'提到“center”一词时,主解释道,随着美式英语在文学作品中的频繁出现,19年成为了英式拼写的一个转折点‘This was just a year bee the beginning of World War I, which many view as a key period in America’s rise to superpower status.’ 而这一年正是第一次世界大战爆发的前一年,一战被视为美式拼写取得主流地位的关键时期During World War I, the world also began to favor ‘defense’ over the British English version, ‘defence.’第一次世界大战期间,人们对“defense”一词的喜爱也超过了英式版本的“defence”Though this switched again between 19 and the late 1930s, the American spelling took over good around 190.尽管在19年至1930年末期之间,英式拼写曾经抢回过一次其“地位”,但是在190年,美式拼写永远地确立了其主导地位Around the same time, use of the spelling ‘airplane’ spiked dramatically over ‘aeroplane,’ and continued to dominate through the century.同时,“airplane”一词以迅雷不及掩耳之势取代了“aeroplane”,并且一直被广泛使用 many years, British English maintained its hold on ‘honour,’ grappling with the American version years as the two flip-flopped in popularity around the world.曾经,英式英语的“honour”一词与美式英语版本的流行度不相上下,由此二词展开了长期的拉锯战In the 1970s, however, American English gained a clear lead as ‘honor’ increasingly became the more spelling of choice.但在世纪70年代,美式拼写“honor”明显处于领先地位,“honor”逐渐成为更受欢迎的拼写方式‘If there were ever a word that failed to make it across the Atlantic, it must be ‘gaol,’ the post says.“如果说曾经有一个词没有跨过太平洋,被美式化的话,这个词肯定是’gaol’”,主称‘Ever since the middle of the 19th century it has been fading into obscurity as even the British Isles slowly rejected the old spelling.’19世纪中期以后,这个词变得越来越少见,连英国各岛都开始逐渐拒绝使用这种旧的拼写方式英文来源:每日邮报翻译:冯露(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)编审:yaning

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