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襄樊市军工医院男科专家挂号樊城区男科专家襄阳东风人民医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱 It#39;s not often a four-star general is called to account over the watch on his wrist. But when reporters confronted Gen Moeldoko over his timepiece he displayed no modest pride over a cherished trapping of success.通常,四星上将不会被要求交代自己手腕上手表的情况。但是,当记者询问Moeldoko将军关于他的手表信息时,他对拥有这一可以显示其成功地位的配饰没有丝毫骄傲可言。Instead the Indonesian military chief flew into a rage and insisting that the luxury Swiss watch was a Chinese-made fake.相反,这位印尼高级军官勃然大怒,并坚持说那块瑞士奢侈腕表是中国制造的假货。A Singapore website reported this week General Moeldoko was wearing a watch from the Richard Mille brand#39;s Felipe Massa collection worth more than 0,000 during a recent interview.本周新加坡某网站报道,在最近的一次采访中穆尔多科(Moeldoko)戴着一块理查德·米勒品牌的价值超过10万美元的马萨腕表。However the general, who goes by one name, angrily hurled the watch to the ground when confronted by reporters about the claims, insisting he would not have done so if it was genuine.然而当记者询问此事时,这位上将一听说起这块腕表,就愤怒地将手表扔在地上,并坚称如果手表是真名牌他是不会这么做的。;Just watch me, so you know I am not lying,; he was ed as saying in local media before throwing the timepiece onto the floor.“现在看着我,你就知道我不是在说谎了,”这是当地媒体引述的他扔手表之前的话。The general said it was a convincing imitation he had bought for just five million rupiah (0). He also told reporters it was just one of large collection of fakes that he owned.这位上将说,他买这块手表只花了5万印尼盾(430美元),他扔手表这一举动就是有力的明。他还告诉记者,这只是他所拥有的赝品中的一个而已。However the claim was met with scepticism and anger in a country where millions live in grinding poverty and there is much sensitivity about high-ranking officials leading luxurious lifestyles.然而在一个数以百万计的人民生活在赤贫中的国家,这一举动招致了怀疑和愤怒,人们对高官生活奢侈的话题是很敏感的。;Your watch is so expensive general! Compared to the salary of a worker,; said Lucky Harri on Twitter.“比起工人的工资你的手表是如此昂贵!”拉克·哈里在推特上说。Indonesia#39;s founding principles ;which discourage people from living in luxury, have been forgotten by the general;, commented Pakde Djojo on the microblogging site.印尼的基本原则“生活不求奢侈,已经被上将被遗忘了”,Pakde Djojo在微网站上评价道。One comment on the Jakarta Globe newspaper website noted: ;I think a general would not wear counterfeit watches.;雅加达环球报网站指出: “我认为上将不会戴仿牌手表。” /201404/293822襄阳市第一人民医院是几甲医院

襄阳人民医院男科襄阳妇保医院私人医院 Gentlemen, how many times you’ve found yourself with the right girl, wrapped in one another’s arms to create the right moment but have been lost for words? Well, you can avoid yourself the embarrassment by ing up these tips on the Most Romantic Things to Say to YOUR Girl.男士们,到底有多少次你发现和自己心爱的女生在一起,你们相拥搂抱气氛恰到好处,却发现自己语塞了?其实这样的尴尬可以避免,看了下面这些小贴士,学学如何对自己喜欢的女生说情话吧。5. Your smile can brighten up the most dullest of days再黯淡的日子都可以被你的笑容点亮Being Romantic in other words means showering her with compliments. Praising her hairstyle, getting mesmerized by her eyes and being bamboozled by her smile. When you want to lighten up her mood simply gush about her beauty and she’ll wrap you in her arms sooner than you could wish for a hug.要想浪漫,其实就是用赞美的好话把她淹没。称赞她的发型,迷恋她的眼睛,爱上她的笑容。仅仅是夸赞她的美逗她开心,让她拥有好心情,她就会投入到你的怀抱中去了。4. You look pretty without any make-up, just the way you are不化妆的你也很好看,自然就好Every woman is beautiful in her way. And she loves nothing more than being told so; especially by her man. When you see her next, admire her face, look deep into her eyes and say with all your heart how beautiful you think she is.每个女人都有着自然的魅力。所以这句话绝对是百说百灵,尤其是从她男人的嘴里说出来。下次看到她,称赞她的脸,深深注视着她的眼睛,然后发自肺腑赞叹一下她的美丽吧。3. I love what I become when I am with you我喜欢和你在一起时的我Very few things can brighten a girl up as much as her knowing that she has a positive and great impact on your life and your being. Let her in on how she is an indispensable part of your life and that you are the best you will ever be thanks to her.让女生知道她对你的生活和为人起到了正面积极的影响,才能真正让她开心起来。让她知道她是你生活中不可或缺的一部分,正是因为她才会有更好的你。2. You complete me你使我完整Tom Cruise had all the women in the world go ‘aawww’ when he said these words to ademure Renee Zellweger. Though clichéd, ‘You complete me’ is the most wholesome and lovable thing you can tell your woman. It will melt her anger away in a jiffy and forgiveness shall be dispensed without further ado.当电影《甜心先生》中汤姆·克鲁斯对端庄的蕾妮·齐薇格说出这句话时,全世界的女人都为之惊叹。虽然是陈词滥调,但“你使我完整”真的是一句最经典最浪漫的话语,可以瞬间让她的怒气消失,毫不犹豫的选择原谅你。1. You are my companion, confidante, love and life你是我的伴侣、知己、爱人和生命Simple, yet honest is always effective. Telling her that she is everything and anything you could ever ask for is the most wonderful way to get her to believe in your love for her.其实很简单,坦诚才是最有效的。告诉她她是你的一切,你所渴求的不过是让她深深的相信你爱她。 /201408/318614襄阳一医院治疗龟头炎怎么样

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