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重庆医学美容医院重庆打瘦脸针最好的医院China is building a factory so big that when it#39;s done, it will be able to accommodate the construction of four submarines at once-out of sight from military enthusiasts and spy satellites alike.中国正在建造的这个工厂是如此之大,一旦完成,可以同时建造四艘潜艇——军迷和间谍卫星都看不到。According to Popular Science, Bohai Shipbuilding Heavy Industrial Corporation is building the plant in Huludao, Liaoning Province. The place will have two parallel assembly lines. The gigantic hall reportedly is where China will begin construction on is latest attack submarine, the Type 095.根据大众科学网站报道,渤海造船重工集团正在辽宁葫芦岛建造这个工厂。该工厂将有两条平行的组装线。据报道中国将在这里建造其最新型的攻击潜艇095型。Despite having control over its Internet and press, the Chinese government has had enduring problems with military enthusiasts sneaking pictures of new ships and aircraft under development or construction. While some of this is useful to telegraph China#39;s broader intentions and give a hint of its capabilities, the rest of it is considered a nuisance. Building an indoor submarine factory keeps sensitive subjects such as the hull shape of a submarine or even the propeller design a secret.尽管控制着网络和媒体,中国政府依然无法阻止军迷偷拍建造中的新舰艇和飞机。虽然其中有些可以用来宣传中国更广泛的意图和宣示自己的实力,但是其余的那些则被认为是令人讨厌的泄密行为。所以建造一个室内的工厂就可以保守秘密,比如潜艇的外壳形状或者螺旋桨的设计样式。This does not necessarily mean China now has a submarine-building edge over the U.S. The U.S. Navy commissions about two submarines a year, each of which takes about three years to build. That puts U.S. submarine construction at about six at a time, ahead of this factory#39;s four. Of course, China builds submarines at other locations too, and may even build them a little faster.这并不意味着现在中国在潜艇制造上对美国有优势。美国海军每年大约役两艘新潜艇,每艘三年时间制造。也就是说美国一次建造6艘潜艇,领先于中国这个工厂的4艘。当然,中国也在其他地点建造潜艇,而且建造的速度可能会更快点。Speed isn#39;t everything. Even if China ends up capable of building more submarines per year than the ed States can, there#39;s the question of quality. The Type 095 is expected to be quieter that the second tranche of Los Angeles-class attack submarines that were built in the late 1980s, and Russian Victor III or Akula-class submarines built in the early 1980s.但速度并非一切。即使中国每年的潜艇建造量多于美国,质量上不一定好。这款095潜艇预计比80年代末期建造的第二批洛杉矶级攻击潜艇以及80年代初期建造的俄罗斯阿库拉级潜艇更安静。In other words, China is approximately 30 years behind the ed States in submarine quieting technology. Chinese submarines in the 1980s were about as quiet as American submarines from the 1950s, while modern American submarines such as the Seawolf orVirginia-class boats are so quiet they#39;re described as ;quieter at 25 knots than the Los Angeles class at pierside.; This is not a field where China has been able to close the gap.换言之,中国在潜艇静音技术上几乎落后美国30年。80年代中国潜艇和50年代美国潜艇一样安静,而现代美国潜艇比如海狼和佛吉尼亚非常之安静,被形容为“25节速度航行时都比在码头区的洛杉矶级潜艇安静。”在这一领域中国还无法缩小差距。 /201705/508446重庆市第九人民医院正规吗?怎么样 重庆激光脱毛好不好

南充去痘多少钱愿意惹的麻烦As someone who subscribes to and s a dozen personal finance blogs, I have noticed something that many of those in the blogosphere would probably see as a wonderful problem to have. As both a hard worker and a diligent saver, I have been able to save the maximum retirement amount and the maximum SEP amount each year. I no longer meet the income level to contribute to a Roth, but you better believe I did when I was able. I also fund my 3 kids’ 529 plans every month. Educational charities and my kids’ PTA also get nice donations every year.After doing this for a decade or more, I realize that I love the idea of saving the money. I have prepaid my mortgage so that I have only a year to go to pay off a 15 year loan in 8 years. I also have non-retirement assets that have experienced the ups and downs of the uncertain economy.Poor me, right?What astounds me is that for the first time in my life, I can do whatever I want, but I don’t know what to do. I never prepared myself for this day. After 15 years’ of diligent and careful saving, I find that the spending of money doesn’t provide the joy or happiness I thought it would.Don’t get me wrong. The freedom to not worry when a car breaks down or I need a suit is satisfying. I love my house even more now that it is about to be all mine. My favorite luxury is actually using a service to do our laundry. For .00/lb they get it, wash it, fold it, and return it. I know it isn’t worth it, but both my wife and I hate doing laundry.For all you savers, please pay attention — do your best to figure out why you are saving the money. For me it was always the ability to stop working early — something I coveted when I was 25. Now that I am about to turn 40, I realize that I like my jobs, and that I don’t do as well without structure in my days. So yes, I saved, but now what?Here are 7 questions to consider in advance:What are you going to do once your financial moves come to fruition?What will you concentrate on next?What will make you happy?What will you do with the money?What aspects of my financial planning will be difficult to change?How have your priorities changed over time?And finally—how are they likely to change going forward?I always thought I could turn off the saving, frugal, careful part of my brain once I reached a certain level of financial security. However, I am increasingly aware of the fact that if you pursue something diligently for 15 years, it becomes who you are.Be careful in what you wish for. Please comment if you have experienced something similar. 当某些人在预定以及阅读许多个人理财客的时候,我发现许多客里都能看到有一个麻烦大家都很乐意去惹。作为一个努力工作以及努力存钱的人,我已经存了足够退休养老的钱以及每年都交足够的公积金。我现在没有到达可以买得起陀飞轮腕表的工资水平,但是请相信我如果一旦我有能力我一定会买的。我还每月为我的三个孩子在529计划基金里交钱。每年教育慈善基金和我孩子的家庭教师协会也从我那里得到了不小的捐助。这样交了几十年的钱之后,我意识到我喜欢上了攒钱这个想法。我已经为我的抵押贷款存了一笔钱,现在十五年的贷款我把它缩短到了8年付清,现在还有一年我就付清了。我还有一些经受了不稳定经济震荡的永久资产。我很可怜,对吗?令我惊讶的是我第一次发现我可以随心所欲的做我想做的事情,但是我却不知道该做什么。对此我根本没有准备。经过了十五年的努力攒钱,我发现花钱竟然不能带给我原本我认为应该有的快乐。认为我做的不对?车抛锚不用担心或者随心所欲地买套套装都很令我感到满意。因为我的房子即将正真属于我的所以我更加爱我的房子了。我最喜欢的奢侈享受是让别人为我洗衣。取、洗、叠、送整个务按照每磅一美元计算。我知道不值那价,不过我和我的生活不能忍受自己洗衣的日子。所有的“存友”们注意了,你必须搞清楚你攒钱是为了啥。对于我来说就是为了早点退休,我25岁就有这打算了。然而我现在都快40了,我发现我喜欢上了我的工作,而我的日子也不会过得无所事事。所以我开始存钱, 但是当你决定要在攒钱的时候首先应该干嘛呢?以下是首先要考虑的7个问题:1. 一旦你手头的资金稳定下来你打算做什么2. 你下面将要以什么为重心3. 是什么让你开心4. 你的这些钱要怎么用?5. 在哪些方面我的攒钱计划很难做出相应的调整6. 随着时间的推移你的侧重点有哪些改变7. 最后,他们怎么样向好的方向改变我总是想着一旦我有了一定的经济实力我可以摆脱攒钱、节俭以及绞尽脑汁。然而,我越来越有一种感触:当你努力追求某样东西十五年之后,那样东西基本已经变得和你一样。谨慎地决定你到底要追求啥东西。如果你有同样的问题请给我留言。 /200803/30495重庆大坪医院做整形要多久 China has launched the country#39;s first embedded neural network processing unit (NPU), marking one more major breakthrough in the country#39;s NPU research and development.近日,我国发布了国内首款嵌入式神经网络处理器(NPU),标志着我国在NPU领域的研究和开发上又取得了一项重大突破。The VC0758 NPU, developed by China#39;s leading technology supplier Vimicro, is based on a data-driven parallel computing model, which can greatly improve the smart chip#39;s computational ability, said Zhang Yundong, executive director of the Vimicro State Key Laboratory on digital multimedia chip technology.中星微“数字多媒体芯片技术”国家重点实验室执行主任张韵东表示,VC0758型号的NPU是由国内领先的视频技术供应商中星微电子基于;数据驱动并行计算;架构开发的。这种架构能极大地提高智能芯片的运算能力。Vimicro announced that it has realized mass production of the VC0758 NPU after five years of research, suggesting that China is now one of the countries with the most advanced artificial intellectual technology, according China National Radio (CNR).根据中央人民广播电台报道,中星微电子有限公司日前宣布,在五年的研究之后,已实现VC0758型号的NPU的量产。此外,该公司认为我国现在已经是世界上人工智能技术最先进的国家之一。Zhang added that the chip is especially skilled in processing multimedia data such as s and images. Its capabilities will especially be brought into full play when it is used for embedded computer vision applications, CNR reported.张韵东主任补充说道,该芯片尤其擅长于处理视频和图像类数据。中央人民广播电台报道称,这一能力,尤其是充分发挥时,将会在嵌入式机器视觉应用中发挥作用。The CNR noted that the smart chip will give a major boost to improvement for China#39;s surveillance industry and can help the country to establish a leading position in the world.中央人民广播电台指出,智能芯片将推动中国视频监控行业的发展,并且可以帮助我国确立在世界上的领先地位。According to China Central Television, the VC0758 will be widely employed in drone, intelligent drive assistance systems or in the field of robot vision.中央电视台声称,VC0758将被广泛应用到无人机、智能驾驶辅助系统或机器视觉领域。 /201607/452341南岸区第一人民医院电话多少

重庆怎样脱腋毛Online banking customers around the world should be on the lookout for scam emails that allow hackers to steal your passwords - and your money.世界各地的网上客户们都得小心了!黑客可以用诈骗电子邮件盗取你的密码——以及你的钱!Phishing emails which claim to be from reputable financial organisations contain hidden software - designed to exploit a newly discovered flaw in Microsoft Word.这些钓鱼电子邮件会声称来自信誉良好的金融机构,但是却隐藏有软件--这种软件利用的是微软Word新发现的一个漏洞。Documents opened with the word processing software may trick users into downloading code that allows cyber criminals to infect their computer and capture banking logins.这种Word文档会欺骗用户下载代码,而网络罪犯可以利用这些代码感染用户的电脑,从而获得登录信息。Cyber security firm Proofpoint warned that the exploit was being used to sp the trojan software - called Dridex.网络安全公司Proofpoint日前警告称,该漏洞被用来传播一种被称为“Dridex”的木马软件。Dridex has previously been used to steal online banking passwords globally, resulting in the theft of hundreds of millions of dollars worldwide.Dridex曾经就被用于在全球盗窃网上密码,造成全世界范围内数亿美元失窃。During an outbreak of the virus in 2015, the US was most heavily affected according to computer security firm Symantec.据电脑安全公司赛门铁克表示,在2015年该病毒肆虐期间,美国受灾最严重。This was followed by Japan and Germany, with significant numbers of infections also seen in the UK, Canada, Australia, and a number of other European countries.其次是日本和德国,而英国、加拿大、澳大利亚和多个欧洲国家感染者也为数众多。The latest email campaign started in Australia, but experts are warning this could quickly sp to the rest of the world.而此次通过电子邮件传播病毒的事件起于澳大利亚,但是专家警告称,很可能很快就会蔓延到世界其他地区。The exploit targets a previously undiscovered flaw - known in security circles as a #39;zero-day#39; vulnerability - in the software.该漏洞针对的是Word之前一个未发现的缺陷——在安全界被称为“零日”。This allows hackers to insert malicious code into the body of a document - in this case fake RTF files (Rich Text Format) which are actually disguised HTML code.黑客可以利用该漏洞,将恶意代码插入到一个文档中——这样一来,RTF格式的文件实际上是变相的HTML代码。 /201704/504487 遂宁治疗胎记的医院哪家好广安妇幼保健院是正规的吗



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