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Australia is the top destination millionaires on the move.澳大利亚是百万富翁移居的首选目的地An estimated ,000 millionaires moved to Australia in , according to a new report by wealth research firm New World Wealth. That compares to 8,000 millionaires who moved Down Under the previous year.据财富调查公司新世界财富的一项最新报告显示,年约有100名百万富翁移民到了澳大利亚而前一年移居澳大利亚的富豪人数为8000人The US and UK have traditionally attracted the highest number of wealthy migrants. But the allure of Australia has increased in recent years, especially wealthy citizens of China and India.传统上,吸引富豪移民人数最多的国家是美国和英国不过,近年来澳大利亚的吸引力一直在增强,特别是对中国和印度的富人It considered a safe place to live and raise children, and it geographically isolated from conflicts in the Middle East and the refugee crisis in Europe.澳大利亚在地理上与中东的战乱和欧洲的难民危机隔绝,被认为是生活和育儿的安全之地Business considerations also play a role: Australia is a good base doing business in emerging Asian countries such as China, South Korea, Singapore and India, the researchers said.研究人员表示,商业上的考虑也是其中一个因素:对于中国、韩国、新加坡和印度等新兴亚洲国家的人而言,澳大利亚是做生意的好基地The U.S. is still considered a highly desirable destination, welcoming ,000 eign millionaires last year. New World Wealth expects demand to remain high.美国仍然被视为非常理想的移民目的地,去年吸引了1万名富豪移民新世界财富公司预计移民美国的需求将会继续保持在高位;We dont think the new leadership in the U.S. will have a big impact. We expect another big net inflow of high-net worth individuals into the U.S. in ,; said Andrew Amoils, head of research at New World Wealth.新世界财富公司的研究部主管安德鲁·阿莫伊尔斯表示:“我们认为美国的新领导人对移民趋势不会产生太大影响年我们预计还将有大批高净值个人移民美国”Canada also saw of surge of 8,000 new millionaires coming to its shores. Rich Chinese citizens are moving to Vancouver while Europeans generally head to Toronto and Montreal.加拿大也迎来了8000名富豪新移民其中,富裕的中国公民选择移居温哥华,而有钱的欧洲人则移居多伦多和蒙特利尔 6635

After centuries, walls that once protected mighty emperors are beginning to show their age.历经几个世纪,曾经保护位高权重的一国之君的城墙开始显现出岁月的痕迹The Palace Museum in Beijing, also known as the bidden City, began a sweeping renovation of a 33-meter-long section of the walls north of the First Historical Archives inside the Xihua Gate.北京故宫物院(又称紫禁城)日前启动一项大规模修缮工程,修缮区域为西华门内第一历史档案馆以北一段33米的城墙The restoration work would focus on the inside of the city wall.修缮工作将以城墙内侧修缮为主Experts recently finished a survey on the condition of the 3,37 meters of wall. It shows hidden hazards:专家近日完成了对故宫37米城墙状况的勘察,发现一些隐患:Some sections have been hollowed out over time, and are sagging. Grass and tree roots that have infiltrated gaps pose another major threat to their stability.随着时间的流逝,部分城墙出现空心区、正在塌陷长在城墙缝隙之间的草、树根也对墙体的稳固构成威胁The western walls have sustained the most damage, Shan Jixiang, the museum curator said.故宫物院院长单霁翔表示,故宫西部区域的城墙受损最严重A 33-meter section on that side has been chosen as the first target renovation. Plans the rest are pending.该区域一段33米的城墙被选为第一个修缮对象其他城墙的修缮方案还在制定中Shan said he expects the whole project covering all endangered sections to be completed by October , when the bidden City celebrates its 600th birthday.单霁翔表示,他预计涉及所有危墙的整个修缮工程将于年月完成,届时恰逢紫禁城庆祝600岁生日 835A: When you need an apartment, where do you look one?B: Our school has a link on its website apartments.A: Can I share an apartment with someone?B: Some of the ads in the paper are from people looking roommates.A: Are apartments expensive in this city?B: Do you need a single apartment, or is this two people?A: I want a two-bedroom apartment.B: You can get that type of apartment around fifteen hundred dollars a month.A: Would you have time to go look at apartments with me?B: I love apartment hunting. I’ll be happy to go with you.

The first day of a new job is a chance to impress with boundless enthusiasm and a can-do attitude.新工作的第一天无疑是展现自己工作热情和实干态度的绝佳机会Untunately this young man, he was caught napping in his chair at the start of his new internship with a tech start-up company.然而在美国一家科技创业公司,一名年轻实习生却被发现在实习的第一天坐在椅子上打盹Luckily, it seemed his colleagues had a sense of humor about the situation and took this hilarious picture as he slumbered in the office.幸运的是,同事们似乎用一种幽默的方法化解了这个尴尬的情景他们趁着实习生在办公室睡觉时拍下了一张滑稽的照片They posted this photo on the Internet. It started a ;photoshop war;, as other users altered the photo in a number of hilarious ways.他们将照片上传到了网上这张照片掀起了一场;PS大战;,不少其他网友对这张照片进行了各种各样的PS恶搞And it seemed to be harmless fun, as the man who posted it - as user TheOrangeDuke - told those commenting on it that he did not lose his job as a result.目前看起来这次恶搞并没有带来什么坏的结果,因为作为TheOrangeDuke用户的上传照片者对相关作出回应,声称他并没有事件而丢掉工作 69

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