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I#39;ve got super powers, so I never need any help, I even fly, so I don#39;t even have use for the infrastructure ... 我有超能力,所以我从不需要任何帮助,我甚至可以飞,所以我基本没有使用基础设施…So, yes, I think it#39;s unfair I need to pay taxes like everybody else ...所以,我认为像其他人一样纳税这是不公平的…… /201601/420339

It#39;s said that love has no limits, but how far can a person really go to express their feelings?据说爱情无界限,但一个人为了表达自己的感情能做到什么程度呢?Apparently, all the way to the stratosphere.人们似乎最高也就飞上平流层求婚。When the time came for Shawn Wright of Calgary, Alberta to solidify his marriage proposal to his fiancée, doing it on Earth simply wasn#39;t enough.不过,亚伯达省卡尔加里市的肖恩·赖特要向他未婚妻求婚时,觉得仅仅在地球上求婚不足以表达出他对未婚妻的爱。So, he strapped the engagement ring to a weather balloon and launched it 30 kilometres into the sky.于是,他把婚戒绑在一个气象探测气球上,并使气球升到3万米高空处。Wright first proposed to his fiancée, Maylynn Stephenson, last year during a trip to Barcelona according to The Huffington Post Alberta.据亚伯达赫芬顿邮报报道,去年在巴塞罗那旅行时,赖特第一次向他的未婚妻梅莲·斯蒂芬森求婚。The two have been together for six years, and have known each other for 20.他们已经在一起六年了,而且彼此认识20年了。While the beachside proposal, which followed a day of skydiving, was #39;incredible,#39; Wright did not yet have a ring, and had to use a stand-by.玩了一天的跳伞运动后在海滩求婚,这令人“难以置信”,然而那时赖特还没准备戒指,所以只好用其他东西代替。Upon returning home, the husband-to-be began saving money for a ring, and planning an unforgettable way to present it.回到家后,这位准丈夫就开始省钱买戒指,并且准备以一种令人难忘的方式送给其未婚妻。#39;As soon as I started saving up for the real ring, I started thinking, #39;What could I do?#39; Wright told The Huffington Post Alberta.“我着手为买真戒指而省钱时就开始思考‘我能做什么?’这个问题。”赖特在接受赫芬顿邮报采访时说。In order to send the ring space-bound, Wright built a specialized craft to carry it safely high above the Earth, and deliver it back to a point near its Canadian starting place.为了将戒指发送到太空边缘,赖特制造了专门的工具用于安全携带戒指到地球上空,并递送戒指回到距加拿大发射处不远的地方。The ring was strapped to a wooden spatula, which was then tied to a high-altitude weather balloon. Wright also equipped the craft with a radio transmitter and GPS, and a Go-Pro to capture the view.赖特把婚戒绑在一木制铲上,然后把木制铲栓在一个高空气象探测气球上。他还在该设备上装置了无线电广播发射机,GPS和Go-Pro摄像机来拍下这个场景。After launching, the ring journeyed for four hours before landing 300 kilometres away from where it began.婚戒被发射后,历经4小时高空遨游,降落在距其发射处300千米的地方。Wright retrieved the ring from the edge of a pond in Taber, Alta, and showed the to his fiancée.赖特在阿尔塔塔伯一池塘边取回那枚婚戒,并向他未婚妻展示了那份录像。#39;Her mind was blown,#39; Wright told the website. #39;She didn#39;t know I even had the real ring.#39;“她一下子都懵了。”赖特在接受网络采访时说。“她不知道我还准备了真的戒指。”#39;For the past few months I haven#39;t really been working late, and I haven#39;t been working weekends. I have been working on a secret project for you,#39; Wright said in a .“在过去的几个月里,我其实并没有加班,也没有周末还去上班,而是在秘密准备向你求婚的仪式。”赖特在录像里说。#39;I love you very much, and I really hope you think it#39;s out of this world.#39;“我非常爱你,而且我真的希望你觉得这次求婚非常棒。”Stephenson was delighted by the proposal, according to The Huffington Post Alberta, and she said yes.据赫芬顿邮报报道,斯蒂芬森对这次求婚仪式感到欢喜,并且答应了赖特的求婚。The couple will tie the knot next year in Bali.明年,这对恋人将在巴厘岛完婚。 /201512/418557

Divorce lawyers have a reputation for burning through warring couples’ finances. The last thing they need is to spend even more money on splitting up, surely? Yet that is the desire of divorce coaches, a new industry dedicated to helping husbands or wives navigate their way out of marriage.对于“交战”的夫妇来说,离婚律师以烧钱著称。他们最不需要的就是在分手这件事上花更多的钱,是吧?这就是离婚指导师(divorce coach)想做的,这是一个致力于帮助丈夫或妻子走出婚姻的新行业。Karen McMahon, a divorce coach in New York, says: “Coaching is in its and divorce coaching is embryon .” Practitioners come from a range of backgrounds, including financial planners, therapists and mediators. Crudely, coaching — traditionally associated with executives — focuses on future goals and potential, whereas therapy might explore past emotional issues in order to gain insight.纽约离婚指导师卡伦麦克马洪(Karen McMahon)表示:“指导行业正处于发展初期,而离婚指导行业则还处于萌芽期。”从业者拥有各种各样的背景,包括理财规划师、治疗师和调解员。粗略地说,指导——传统上主要是为高管务——着眼于未来的目标和可能性,而治疗则是通过探究过去的情感问题来获得深入了解。Karen Bigman, also based in New York and known as the “divorcierge”, charges about per hour. She describes the work: “We help educate [clients] about their options. We can act as a sounding board, help put together a plan, coach through difficult periods as well as guide clients through meetings with divorce professionals such as attorneys and financial advisers.”同在纽约的卡伦比格曼(Karen Bigman)被称为“divorcierge”,收费约为每小时95美元。她这样描述这份工作:“我们帮助(客户)了解他们面临的选择。我们可以提供意见,帮忙制定计划,指导他们度过艰难的时期、与律师和财务顾问等离婚方面的专业人士会面。”SAS for Women, a divorce coaching business for wives, is run by Kimberly Mishkin and Liza Caldwell. They charge up to 0 an hour and typically see clients in their New York office once a week, though it can be more frequent if required. The two divorcees met in Haiti in 2011 when they were both experiencing a kind of second adolescence and enjoying their post-coupledom freedom. Many of their clients are paralysed by the immensity of the task ahead, coming as it does at an emotional time. Ms Mishkin describes the kind of decisions that assail people contemplating divorce. “They think: what now, where do I live, what do I tell the kids, how do I tell work I need time off for court.”专门为女性提供离婚指导务的SAS for Women由金伯莉猠什金(Kimberly Mishkin,上图左)和莉莎考德威尔(Liza Caldwell,上图右)经营。她们的收费最高为每小时300美元。她们通常在位于纽约的办公室里会见客户,频度为每周一次,不过如果客户要求,会面的次数可以增加。这两名离异女性2011年在海地相识,当时她们都在经历某种“第二青春期”,享受与配偶分手之后的自由。她们的许多客户都因离婚需要面临的繁杂事务而感到不知所措——在这种心情不好的时刻。米什金描述了困扰正在考虑离婚的人群的种种问题:“他们会想:现在该做什么?我要住在哪里?我该怎么告诉我的孩子们?需要请假去法院的时候,我如何告知我工作的地方?”Phyllida Wilson, co-author of A Woman’s Guide to Divorce, notes that many people try unburdening themselves to their lawyers, which is both ex and unwise: “It’s very difficult for a solicitor to provide emotional ad . The majority of solicitors don’t have the time or the skills.” A divorce coach may help clients plan ahead for legal meetings to maximise efficiency.《写给女人的离婚指南》(A Woman’s Guide to Divorce)的合著者菲莉达威尔逊(Phyllida Wilson)指出,许多人试图把自己的负担扔给他们的律师,这个选择不仅成本很高,还很不明智:“律师很难为你提供情感建议。大多数律师既没有这个时间,也不具备这种技能。”离婚指导师能帮助客户提前为他们与法律人士的会面拟定计划,以使效率最大化。In the UK, Sara Davison, who ran a self-development and training business with her ex-husband, stumbled upon the idea of divorce coaching when the couple separated. “I had been coaching for 14 years yet the divorce hit me. I wondered how people without coaching skills got through it.”在英国,萨拉戴维森(Sara Davison)曾经和前夫经营一家自我发展和培训公司。当她和前夫离婚的时候,无意中萌生了从事离婚指导的想法。“我从事指导行业14年了,然而离婚依然让我受到打击。我不知道没有指导技能的人是如何渡过这个难关的。”The long, messy and costly process, involving expensive lawyers, struck Ms Davison hard. A couple of months of therapy had given her more clarity but no strategy so she decided to create a coaching program to get through her own divorce. In the past three years, she has offered it to others for up to 165 an hour. She also runs retreats and has created an app.离婚的过程漫长、繁杂、代价高昂,其中还牵涉到费用不菲的律师,这给戴维森女士带来了沉重打击。几个月的心理治疗让她的思路清楚了一些,但并没有为她提供应对策略,因此她决定设立一个指导项目,让自己度过离婚的困境。过去3年,她为其他人提供这个项目,收费每小时165英镑。她还举行静修活动,并创建了一款应用。Despite the number of marriages that break down, she believes divorce still has a stigma. The issues tackled include how to talk to a child about separation (heaps of reassurance, make them feel loved and make sure they know that it is not their fault; nor should you treat them as a go-between or a therapist); how to hand your child over to your ex; how to move on and forge a single life.尽管破裂的婚姻很多,戴维森相信,离婚依然是一件让人有耻辱感的事情。她的项目解决的问题包括,如何和孩子谈论离婚(大量抚慰、让他们感觉自己是被爱着的、确保他们知道父母离婚不是他们的错;不应该把孩子当做中间人或者心理治疗师)?如何把你的孩子托付给前任?如何继续前进,经营一种单身生活?One issue many clients seem to suffer from, she says, is remaining stuck in the past. “I create little stepping stones, for example, making them commit to going out, rather than hide under the duvet.”她表示,一个令许多客户为之痛苦的问题是他们深陷于过去而不可自拔。“我建立了小小的垫脚石,比如,促使他们走出门,而不是躲在被子下面。”There is also a loss of self-esteem, she notes. Those coming out of relationships can find it tricky to untangle their personality from that of their ex-partner. Ms Davison cites one woman who claimed her favourite television programme was Top Gear, despite hating cars and Jeremy Clarkson. It quickly became apparent that it was not the programme itself she liked but sharing time with her husband snuggled up on the sofa.她指出,还有失去自尊的问题。那些结束一段情感关系的人可能会发现,自己的个性和前任难以分开。戴维森援引了一名女性的例子,她声称自己最喜欢的电视节目是《英国疯狂汽车秀》(Top Gear),尽管她讨厌汽车和杰里米克拉克森(Jeremy Clarkson,译注:Top Gear节目主持人)。很快事实就变得明了,她喜欢的不是节目本身,而是与她丈夫一起依偎在沙发上度过的时光。Many people express feelings of shame about divorce. Ms Mishkin says that part of the process is helping them overcome the belief they are an aberration.很多人表达了离婚给他们带来的羞耻感。米什金表示,指导过程的一部分就是帮助他们克自己是异类的想法。Friends and family are not always a source of comfort. “They’re lovely, but often burnt out” by the divorcing person’s anxiety and anger, says Ms Mishkin. In her own case, she knew when her nearest and dearest had had enough. “Their eyes glazed over and you could tell they thought ‘Oh here she goes again.’”朋友和家人并不总能提供慰藉。“他们很亲切”,但离婚人士的焦虑和愤怒“往往会让他们疲于应对”,米什金表示。在她的亲身经历中,她知道到最后她最亲近的人已经忍无可忍。“他们的目光呆滞,你能够判断出来,他们在想‘不是吧,她又来了。’”Coaching is more interactive and practical than psychotherapy, argues Ms McMahon. The characteristic most of her clients share is their ability to “time travel”, she jokes. “Someone divorcing tends to be filled with regret about the past or fear the future.” Her mantra is to “keep your head where your feet are”.麦克马洪表示,指导比心理治疗更具交互性和实践性。她开玩笑说,她的大多数客户的一个共性是他们进行“时间旅行”的能力。“离婚人士往往会充满对过去的悔恨和对未来的恐惧。”她的格言是“让你的头留在你的脚所在的地方”。Ms Bigman says the most challenging type of client is one clinging to their version of events and not willing to change perspective. The other challenge she faces is persuading men to embrace coaching. “I find that if I meet a man in a social situation [who] is going through a difficult situation in their marriage, he will share with me and I will end up coaching him and he’s quite receptive. On the other hand, they never follow up. I’m not sure why but I suspect it has something to do with being vulnerable and asking for help.”比格曼表示,最难以应对的一类客户是坚持自己对于事情的看法,不愿意改变自身观点的人。她面临的另一个挑战是说男性接受指导。“我发现,如果我在社交场合遇到一个婚姻出现问题的男性,他会和我分享,最后我会对他进行指导,他也乐于接受。另一方面,他们从不采取进一步行动。我不确定原因,但我怀疑这和感情脆弱之类的因素有关。”However, Ms Davison finds that men feel more comfortable being coached than seeing a psychotherapist.然而,戴维森发现,比起去看心理治疗师,男性更能接受指导。Many people feel concerned that they will not cope without a spouse, says Ms Caldwell. She cites one very wealthy client who is paralysed at the prospect of being alone and worries that she will not be able to look after herself. For the stay-at-home parent (typically women) who does not work, the world of lawyers and courts can be imposing, she says. For this reason she has a list of good driving instructors and handymen to provide clients with practical help.考德威尔表示,许多人担心,没有配偶他们就无法应付事情。她举了一位非常富有的客户的例子,这名客户对孤身一人感到恐惧,她担心自己无法照顾自己。她说,对于全职照顾家庭的一方(通常是女性)而言,律师和法庭让他们倍感压力。出于这个原因,她有一张名单,上面列出了许多优秀的驾驶教练和各种修理工,这能为客户提供实际的帮助。One of the biggest challenges of the job can be witnessing heartbreak. “There are moments when I cry after a session,” notes Ms McMahon. “But it is transitory.”这份工作最大的挑战之一或许是见令人心碎的事情。“有时在指导后我会哭泣,”麦克马洪表示,“但这只是暂时性的。”“Seeing people upset is never easy but because I can help them I feel lucky”, says Ms Davison.“看到人们难过并不是一件轻松的事情,但因为我能够帮助他们,我感到很幸运,”戴维森表示。 /201511/409608


  The workplace is a fascinating place for anyone who loves language. There’s something about the office environment that seems to encourage the inventive use of language. For better or worse, the English language is often toyed with in the office space, creating whole new words and phrases that you’ll seldom hear outside of an office environment。对于喜爱语言的人来说,工作场所是一个极其具有吸引力的地方。办公环境看起来似乎是鼓励人们尝试创造性的使用语言。不管怎样,英语经常被玩弄于办公场所,人们经常创造出全新的单词和短语,你可能很少在办公环境外的地方听到过这些短语。Here are some of the most common words, phrases and idioms that you’ll come across if you’re working in an English-speaking office today。如果你现在在一个说英语的公司工作的话,下面是一些你可能会遇到的使用最普遍的单词,短语和习语。1、Water-cooler chat茶水吧闲聊This is an Americanism that has crossed over into British English too. Most offices these days have a water cooler, and this phrase has come to mean anything that people talk about when they happen to meet at the water cooler. This tends to refer to gossip or trivial things like discussing what happened in the soap opera that was on last night。这是一个美式短语,它同样也存在于英式中。现在许多公司都有饮水机,这个短语的意思是,大家在喝水的时候碰到会谈论一些事情。这会涉及到一些闲聊或者琐碎的事情,像讨论前天晚上肥皂剧的剧情是怎么发展的。2、Close of play下班临近Often shortened to COP in emails and text messages, and also as end of play or EOP, this simply means by the end of the working day. Why do bosses ask if they can have this work done by close of play rather than just asking if they can have it done today? Perhaps they are trying to make work sound more fun, as close of play is a sporting term, particularly used when it comes to cricket, where it means when the game ends for the day。在邮件和短信里通常会被缩写为COP,也同样可以写作EOP,end of play,它的意思仅仅是下班前。为什么老板会问他们是否能在下班前把这个工作做完而不是问今天他们能不能把它做完?也许他们在尝试让工作听起来更有趣,结束是当做一个体育术语,特别是用于板球的结尾,在这里它的意思是一天板球运动的结尾。3、Annual leave休假In the days before office-speak took over, people would simply say that they were going on holiday. But that doesn’t sound quite corporate, serious and professional enough. So you’ll often find people referring to their summer holiday as their ‘period of annual leave,’ for example, in their out-of-office auto reply email。这些天,在办公室闲聊接手之前,人们会简单的说他们要去度假。但是这听起来相当不合群体,不严谨和不专业。因此你会经常发现人们会提到他们的暑假作为他们的‘休假’,例如,在他们不在办公室的时候回复邮件。4、Hard copy打印稿More and more of our work documents are created and shared online without the need for printing, which is better for the environment as well as saving us time and effort. But sometimes real, physical documents are required. When someone wants a physical print out of a document rather than an electronic copy, they will ask for a hard copy。我们越来越多的工作文件没有必要打印,在网上直接写出来同大家一起分享,这种环境会更好,也会节约我们的时间和努力。但是有些时候真的,一些物理文档是需要纸质版的。当有人想要纸质文件而不是电子版的文时件,他们会要一个打印稿。5、Think outside the box打开思维No one knows what the box is, or what’s inside it, but bosses seem to like it when workers are outside it. If someone at your work asks you to think outside the box it means they don’t want you to limit your thinking. They want creativity, and ideas, and thinking outside the mainstream. This term is used to try and encourage new ideas and a fresh approach to problems。没有人知道这个盒子的范围是什么,或者里面装有什么,但是老板们似乎喜欢员工们都在外面。如果有人在你的工作范围要求你去打开思维想想外在的方面,这意味着他们不想限制你的思维想让你开发空间。他们想要的是创新,好点子和想到市场的主流。这个术语被用作试图激励员工想出新办法和一个新方法来解决问题。6、Brainstorming头脑风暴Brainstorming is another way to encourage workers to think outside the box. It’s a technique by which a group discussion is held to produce ideas. Ideas are spontaneously bounced around the group, often as a way of trying to solve a problem. Brainstorming actually goes back a long way, all the way back to 1939 when it was first devised by advertising executive Alex F. Osborn. He began developing methods for creative problem solving, as he was frustrated by employees’ inability to develop creative ideas individually for ad campaigns. In response, he began hosting group-thinking sessions and discovered a significant improvement in the quality and quantity of ideas produced by employees。头脑风暴是另外一种激励员工打开思维的方式。这是一种技术,一个团队一起讨论问题提出方法。团队里面,大家的办法都是突然想出来,经常用来解决问题。头脑风暴事实上回顾到了一种很长久的方式,回溯到了1939年,当广告执行总监亚历克斯F第一次设计出来。当他被员工们无能为广告活动想出有创新性的主意而备受挫败时,他开始为具有创造性的问题想出好的办法。作为回应,他开始举办集思广益期,发现员工们的想法的质量和数量,在很大程度上完善了很多。7、Desk jockey办公室工作This is a pun on the term disc jockey, and the chances are you’re being a desk jockey right now. Instead of spinning lots of records, you might be on your laptop checking emails, ing this article, while you’re eating a pasta salad or drinking a coffee from your work’s canteen. Ringing phones, beeping pagers, overflowing inboxes – they’re all the tools of the desk jockey。这是舞曲唱片播放员这个术语的双关用法,现在有机会让你成为坐办公室的人。而不是旋转很多的唱片,你可能在用笔记本电脑查看邮件,阅读文档,与此同时你在工作餐厅里面在吃通心粉沙拉或者喝咖啡。手机响,电话响,邮箱邮件满----他们都是在办公室工作的工具。8、USP独特卖点This stands for Unique Selling Point or Unique Selling Proposition. It’s used a lot in the marketing sector and was introduced as office-speak way back in the 1940s. It refers to those successful products that have unique, specific attractions to consumers – so much so that they were willing to switch to it from their brand of choice。USP代表的是独特的卖点或者独特的销售主张。在市场部分用的很多,被引用到办公室会话还要回溯到1940年。它指代那些成功的,对于客户而言有特点、有独特的吸引力的产品----如此以至于客户希望改变他们的品牌选择。 /201509/400919。


  The spending power and keen interest in travel by those in China#39;s well-heeled LGBT community are attracting growing attention from tourism startups and investors.我国富裕的同性恋群体的消费能力和对旅游的热衷正愈发吸引旅游创业公司以及调查者的注意。Wang Zhao, CEO and co-founder of GLOW Travel, an acronym for Gays and Lesbians On the Way, had been a travel consultant for years when his gay friends said he should be providing services tailored for people like them.GLOW Travel(同性恋在路上的缩写)公司的创始人兼CEO王钊,在他的同性恋朋友们告诉他应该为同性恋人群提供务时,已经担任旅游顾问很多年了。In November 2014, Wang organized a trip for a group of 11 gay travelers to the island of Bali, Indonesia. Its success confirmed his decision to start a company focusing exclusively on such services for China#39;s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.在2014年11月,王钊组织了11名同性恋游客前往印度尼西亚的巴厘岛度假的活动。这一活动的成功也坚定了他创办一家专注于为中国女同性恋,男同性恋,双性恋和变性人社区等提供务的网站。;People like us have totally different interests and demands when traveling abroad. We want to explore local communities that are friendly to homosexuals instead of pure sightseeing,; said Wang, 35. ;Additionally, LGBT people have strong demands for acceptance during their trips. Travel is also a good way for them to make friends.;“像我们一样的人,在旅游时有完全不同的兴趣和需求。我们想要探索那些对同性恋友好的地方,而不是纯粹的观光。”35岁的王钊说道。“此外,同性恋群体在旅行期间有强烈的接受外界的需求。旅行也是一个很好的交朋友的方式。”Although there are no official statistics, it is estimated that China has 50 million to 70 million people who identify as LGBT. A report from WorkForLGBT, a nonprofit business network in Beijing, said those they surveyed in China#39;s cities are not only doing well financially, they also enjoy traveling.虽然并没有官方数据,但是据估计,我国已公开的同性恋者数量在5000万到7000万之间。根据北京的一个非营利的商业网络站--WorkForLGBT的报道,他们调查的这些中国城市里的群体,不仅财务良好,而且很享受旅行。The survey said 75 percent of its respondents traveled within the Chinese mainland over the past year and a quarter traveled overseas.该调查还显示,受访者中的75%在过去的一年中曾在国内旅行,四分之一的人曾去海外旅行。 /201601/422393A healthy test tube baby was born Wednesday in northwest China#39;s Shaanxi Province from an embryo frozen 12 years ago, a record on the Chinese mainland.周三,一个健康的试管婴儿出生于中国西北部的陕西省一个冷冻了12年的胚胎,这也创造了中国大陆的一项纪录。On Wednesday morning, a 40-year-old woman gave birth to her second son, weighing 3,440 grams at birth at Tangdu Hospital in provincial capital Xi#39;an.周三早上,一名40岁的妇女在省会西安唐都医院生育出自己的第二个儿子,孩子重达3440克。She suffers from blocked fallopian tubes and polycystic ovary syndrome, a health problem that can affect a woman#39;s fertility and pregnancy. She began trying to get pregnant through IVF in 2003. That year, doctors harvested 12 of her eggs and created 12 embryos with her husband#39;s sperm. They implanted two fresh embryos to her womb, and froze the remaining seven that they considered viable.据悉,她患有输卵管阻塞和多卵巢囊综合征,这是会影响到妇女不的一个健康问题。2003年,她开始试图通过试管受精怀。那年,医生采集了12枚她的卵子,然后用她丈夫的精子创造出12个胚胎。他们把两个新鲜的胚胎植入她的子宫,然后冷冰了七个可用胚胎。Li gave birth to a healthy boy in 2004, and has since spent three yuan per day to store the embryos in the hospital in case of an emergency. Last year, when China dropped its one-child policy, she decided to have a second child.2004年,李某生育出了一个健康的男孩,自那以后,她每天花费三元在医院储存胚胎,以防万一。去年,当中国取消独生子政策后,她决定再生一个。Three embryos survived the thawing process. The two best were implanted in her womb, but only one survived.在解冻过程中,三枚胚胎存活了下来。两个品质最好的移植入了她的子宫,但是只有一个存活了下来。;The success rate of implanted thawed embryos is more than 40 percent in our hospital, so doctors usually place more than one embryo at a time,; said Wang Xiaohong, director of Tangdu Hospital reproductive medicine center.唐都医院生殖医药中心主任王晓红说道:“我们医院移植冷冻胚胎的成功率大于40%,因此,医生通常每次会多植入几个。”;Our first boy is 12 years old now. The purpose of freezing the embryos was to have a second child some day, and luckily, we succeeded,; said her husband.李某的丈夫说:“我们的第一个孩子已经12岁了。冷冻胚胎的目的就是为了有第二个孩子,幸运地是,我们成功了。”The infertility rate is high in China. China Population Association statistics from 2012 showed 40 million people with fertility issues, accounting for around 12.5 percent of the population at child-bearing age.中国的不率很高。中国人口学会2012年以来的数据显示,有4000万人患有不不育,占育龄人口的12.5%。;IVF is one of the most effective assisted reproduction techniques for treating of infertility,; said Wang.王晓红主任说:“试管婴儿是治疗不不育最有效的辅助生殖技术之一。”Tangdu Hospital began to freeze embryos for infertile couples in 2003. Up to now, it has frozen around 100,000 embryos, thawed more than 27,000, and created 4,293 healthy test-tube babies.2003年,唐都医院开始为不夫妇冷冻胚胎。迄今为止,已经冷冻了大约十万个胚胎,解冻27000多个,育了4293个健康的试管婴儿。 /201603/428958

  Chinese doctors recently achieved the country#39;s first successful uterus transplant to help a woman born without a uterus to realize her dream of giving birth.近日,中国首例子宫移植手术在西安成功进行,帮助患者实现可以做母亲的愿望。The operation was performed on Nov 20 by 38 experts from 11 medical departments in Xijing Hospital in Xi#39;an, the capital of Shaanxi province. The hospital said on Thursday that the patient and donor were recovering well.11月20日,在陕西省省会西安的西京医院,来自11个门诊的38位专家一起进行了这项手术。医院方面表示,患者和捐献者身体都恢复良好。Yang Hua (not her real name), 22, a resident of Ankang, Shaanxi, was diagnosed at the hospital in 2013 as having been born without a uterus or vagina.杨华(化名),22岁,来自陕西省安康市,2013年被诊断为先天性无子宫无阴道。;I felt so desperate after the incredible diagnosis, but I saw a glimmer of hope when doctors told me that I could still have my own baby by receiving a transplanted uterus,; the woman said.“当看到这个诊断结果时,我失望极了,但当医生说我可以接受子宫移植来实现育孩子的愿望,我看到了一丝希望。”杨华说道。Yang#39;s 43-year-old mother, after learning from doctors that she could help her daughter, decided to donate her uterus. ;In order to let my daughter have a perfect life, I am willing to even donate my life,; the mother said.杨华的母亲,43岁,听到医生的建议,毅然决定将自己的子宫移植给女儿。“为了让女儿有个完整的人生,我愿意将子宫捐献给女儿。”杨华母亲说道。Fortunately, the human leukocyte antigen of mother and daughter matched, which was necessary for a transplant. While waiting for the transplant, Yang got married, and her husband fully supported her having the operation.幸运的是,杨华和母亲的白细胞抗原体吻合,这是实现移植的必要条件。在等待移植时,杨华已经结婚了,她丈夫全力持她进行这个手术。Uterus transplantation is highly difficult because the uterus is located deep in the pelvis and its fine blood vessels are very difficult to cut and suture during an operation, said Chen Biliang, the hospital#39;s director of obstetrics and gynecology. Additionally, rejection of a transplanted uterus is more intense than for other organs, Chen said.医院妇产科学的主任医师陈碧亮说道,因为子宫深藏在盆骨下方,周边的血管很难切除和缝合,子宫移植手术是非常有挑战性的。另外,子宫的排异反应会比其他身体器官要强烈。This was the first successful transplant for China and the 12th in the world, Chen said. The operation lasted for 14 hours, and doctors had robotic assistance.这是国内首例成功移植子宫的手术,世界上第12例,这项手术持续14个小时,医生有机器人助理协助。 /201511/412683






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