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Remember “Love Story”? If you’re like me, you remember the book and movie, both written by the classics professor Erich Segal, vividly. You remember how Harvard-Radcliffe it was. You remember sobbing your eyes out, and how great that felt.还记得《爱情故事(Love Story)吗?这本书和电影剧本都是由古典文学教授埃里奇·西格尔(Erich Segal)创作的,如果你和我一样的话,肯定也会对它们记忆犹新你会记得哈佛大学拉德克里夫学院的景象,记得自己是怎样哭红了眼睛,那种感觉又是多么美好Most of all, you remember how beautiful the leads, Ryan O’Neal and Ali MacGraw, were. You recall waiting in the snow hours during Christmas vacation of seventh grade at the Loew’s Tower East on 7nd and Third with Nancy Tichner and her mother — wait, that’s just me — to see it. It was worth it.当然印象里最清晰的还要算是美丽的两位主演,瑞安·奥尼尔(Ryan O’Neal)和艾丽·麦古奥(Ali MacGraw)你会记得七年级的那个圣诞节假期,冒着雪来到7街和第三大道交界的利奥大厦东影院,身边是南希·迪彻纳(Nancy Tichner)和她的妈妈——不对,好像只有我自己——等了几个小时,只为看这部片子然而非常值得When I think of the 1970 movie, I see the montages of the lovers frolicking in the snow, in Cambridge and in Central Park. Which is why I am nonplused when I hear a familiar melody playing in an arts-center ballroom here: a jazzy “Silent Night,” though it’s 9 degrees outside.每当我想起这部1970年的电影,我的脑海里都会浮现出这对在雪中、在剑桥与中央公园嬉戏的情侣所以当我在一处艺术中心的舞厅里听到熟悉的旋律——爵士版本的《平安夜,不禁心头一阵恍惚,尽管外面是9华氏度的高温It’s the middle of July, and I’m in this blazing hot city to live out my adolescent fantasy and actually meet Ms. MacGraw and Mr. O’Neal. I’ll sit in on a news conference. Then I’ll conduct a private interview with them. And finally I’ll attend an early look at the Gregory Mosher-directed national tour of A. R. Gurney’s classic two-hander “Love Letters” with — together again the first time in 5 years — Ali MacGraw and Ryan O’Neal as the ink-crossed lovers. (It officially begins on Oct. at the Wallis Annenberg Center the Perming Arts in Beverly Hills.)其时正值七月中旬,我在这个炎热的城市里重温了青春期的旧梦,而且真的见到了麦古奥和奥尼尔,过一会儿还要对他们做私人采访我坐在新闻中心,参加由格里高利·莫舍(Gregory Mosher)执导、A·R格内(A. R. Gurney)编剧的经典双人剧《情书(Love Letters)全国巡演的试演会,艾丽·麦古奥和瑞安·奥尼尔将在5年后首次再度携手,饰演一对鸿雁传情的情侣该剧将于月日在比弗利山庄,瓦利斯·安妮伯格表演艺术中心正式上演Bee “The Little Drummer Boy” begins to play, they arrive. It’s them. Ms. MacGraw is still striking, and Mr. O’Neal remains handsome, but we can see the lives they’ve lived: Mr. O’Neal is using a cane to help steady himself after tearing his Achilles’ tendon, and the raven-haired Ms. MacGraw is mostly gray. Their enviable bone structures have been softened by the four decades they’ve spent since “Love Story,” and by some hard living on both of their parts: good breaks, bad breaks, scandal and divorce. He’s in a blazer and button-down shirt, and she is in an Indian kurta and white jeans, wearing a chic assortment of silver jewelry.不等音乐放到《小鼓手(The Little Drummer Boy),他们就来了正是他们麦古奥依旧美丽,奥尼尔亦是英俊如昔但我们可以看到岁月留下的痕迹自从跟腱断裂后,奥尼尔就得拄着拐杖才能站稳麦古奥当年的一头黑发也变得花白自从《爱情故事之后,时间已经过去了四十多年,好时光、坏时光,丑闻与离婚……岁月和生活的艰辛让他们令人妒忌的身材变得松弛下来他穿纽扣领衬衣,外罩运动衫;她穿印度式长袖衫和白色牛仔裤,佩戴各种时髦的银首饰Their easy affection is apparent. As they are asked the usual anodyne questions (“Do you still have chemistry?”), they playfully hug, swat and pat each another. Mr. O’Neal cracks one self-deprecating remark after another – “She’s one of the few women who will still talk to me” — which make Ms. MacGraw laugh till she snorts.两人之间显然有种轻松的感情,被问到那些常见的乏味问题时(“你们之间还有化学反应吗?”),他们开玩笑地拥抱,拍打对方奥尼尔不住自嘲——“她是为数不多的几个还肯跟我说话的女人”——麦古奥听了忍不住大笑起来,最后嗤之以鼻The two had been in touch off and on over the years, mostly via letters and phone calls. Then, as part of a feature last year in The Hollywood Reporter, the stars of “Love Story” — the quintessential movie romance, at least until Nicholas Sparks picked up his laptop — were brought together an interview. The accompanying images affected Nelle Nugent, a veteran producer who produced “Love Letters” on Broadway last year.多年来,两人一直断断续续地保持联系,主要是通过书信和电话《爱情故事一直是经典的浪漫爱情电影,至少是直到尼古拉斯·斯帕克斯( Nicholas Sparks)开始写作,,去年,《好莱坞报道者(Hollywood Reporter)把剧中这两位主演又拉在一起做了一次采访两人在一起的形象打动了资深制作人奈丽·奈金特(Nelle Nugent),去年她在百老汇制作了《情书Despite positive reviews the play (“Deceptively simple and quietly moving” — The New York Times), that run closed after three months. It was the oft-produced play’s first time on Broadway. Indeed, some of the rotating cast members didn’t get their chances to at the table.尽管这部舞台剧颇受好评(“看似简单,其实不然,平静之下感人至深”——《纽约时报),这部剧只上演了三个月它虽然经常上演,但在百老汇还是第一次有些轮换演员甚至连登台演出的机会都没有Ms. Nugent suggested the O’NealMacGraw pairing to Broadway Across America, the largest presenter of touring shows, and with the O.K. of the playwright and director, they got to it.奈金特建议奥尼尔麦古奥组合做“全美百老汇”(Broadway Across America)巡演,这是规模最大的巡演体系,编剧和导演都同意,他们就开始行动了While “Love Letters” is no sequel to “Love Story,” it feels cut from similar tweed, and — this has to be said – it is the better written of the two. Andrew Makepeace Ladd III could be Oliver Barrett IV of “Love Story,” though he attends Yale and joins the service bee he heads to Harvard Law School. Melissa Gardner is a Fairfield County black sheep bohemian, though unlike Jenny Cavilleri, the feisty scholarship student in the Segal tale, she is rich, as she frequently, and bluntly, reminds Andy. Through letters, post cards, invitations and notes of apology, Mr. Gurney’s play chronicles a 50-year friendship of two loving friends and reveals a woody wagon full of regrets.虽然《情书并不是《爱情故事的续集,但确有异曲同工之感,而且必须说,它是两人更好的写照剧中的安德鲁·梅克皮斯·拉德三世(Andrew Makepeace Ladd III)也可以是《爱情故事中的奥利弗·巴瑞特四世(Oliver Barrett IV),但安德鲁上的是耶鲁大学,后来去兵役,之后才去了哈佛法学院梅丽莎·加德纳(Melissa Gardner)来自菲尔菲尔德郡,是个叛逆的波西米亚女郎,不过和西格尔笔下那个倔强的女学生不一样,梅丽莎很有钱,而且她经常笨拙地这样提醒剧中被称为“安迪”的安德鲁通过书信、明信片、邀请函和道歉信,格内的剧本记述两个相爱的朋友之间50年的友谊,揭示出无数悔恨与遗憾After the news conference, we go to dinner at a nearby restaurant — Mr. O’Neal and Charlie Mattera, a screenwriting friend who is acting as his fixer on the road, Ms. MacGraw, and me. I’m cool on the surface – at least indoors where it’s air-conditioned — but inside I’m thinking about everything that we have in common (and not just how I couldn’t have written my “Preppy Handbook” without “Love Story.”)新闻发布会后,我们到旁边的餐厅去吃晚饭,有奥尼尔、他的编剧朋友兼巡演助理查理·马塔拉(Charlie Mattera)、麦古奥和我我表面上还算冷静——至少是在有空调的室内——但在内心深处盘算着各种能聊的共同话题(不仅仅是说没了《爱情故事,我是写不出我的《预科生手册[Preppy Handbook]的)Like her, my young success was my greatest success, and I’ve always had an ambivalent relationship to my early career. And neither of us wears makeup!和麦古奥一样,我一生最大的成就是在年轻时取得的,我一直对自己的早年成就抱有含糊的态度而且我们俩都不化妆!Like him, I use humor as a tool to keep things light, and we’re also sentimental.和奥尼尔一样,我也喜欢用幽默来轻松气氛,而且我俩都有点多愁善感Ms. MacGraw, 76, and Mr. O’Neal, 7, have survived in an industry where few dare appear in public at 76 and 7. The names that dot the stories they tell include Farrah Fawcett and Steve McQueen, of course, but also Cary Grant, William Holden, Charles Bronson, Myrna Loy, Bette Davis, Sue Mengers and Frank Sinatra. Between them, they know or knew everyone.麦古奥今年76岁,奥尼尔今年7岁,在这样一个人到76或7就很少敢于公开亮相的行业里,他俩还蔚然挺立曾经出现在他们生命中的名人自然包括了法拉·福塞特(Farrah Fawcett)和史蒂夫·麦奎因(Steve McQueen),但也有加里·格兰特(Cary Grant)、威廉·霍尔登(William Holden)、查尔斯·布朗森(Charles Bronson)、玛娜·洛伊(Myrna Loy)、贝蒂·戴维斯(Bette Davis)、苏·门格斯(Sue Mengers)和弗兰克·辛纳塔(Frank Sinatra)两人和这些人彼此之间都认识Still, they seem incredulously grateful to be working together again, and in a two-hander that is slated to take them to Hartd, Boston, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Detroit, Dallas and Tulsa. The Ft. Lauderdale stop is a kind of out-of-town tryout.他们似乎仍然对能够重新在一起合作表示非常感激,而且这部双人剧即将在哈佛、波士顿、水牛城、匹兹堡、巴尔的、底特律、达拉斯和塔尔萨上演劳德代尔堡的一站是一场额外试演It’s touching to see how concerned they are about doing a good job. That their director, Mr. Mosher, is in Kenya and South Africa, directing “Antigone” in churches and commy centers, doesn’t make things easier. Though they rehearsed with him in February, filmed their run-through and spoke with him over the phone, they haven’t seen him in a while, and his absence adds to what appears to be a growing case of the now openly discussed jitters.两人非常尽力想演好这部戏,令人深深感动导演莫舍目前正在肯尼亚与南非执导在教堂与社区中心上演的《安提戈涅(Antigone),这让工作变得更加困难月,两人曾经和莫舍一起排练,他们把排练拍摄下来,和他通过电话交流,但他们已经有段时间没见过面了,莫舍的缺席更加重了公开的不安情绪Over salads (actors!), I ask them what they’re feeling on the eve of their first permance.吃着沙拉(毕竟是演员!),我问他们,第一场演出前夜是什么感觉“This is a little scary, not big scary,” Ms. MacGraw declared. “I feel supported. There’s the comt of doing it with someone I’ve adored years.”“稍微有点害怕,但不是特别害怕,”麦古奥说,“我觉得自己得到了持和自己喜欢了年的人一起工作很舒”“The key is she and I,” Mr. O’Neal said. “It’s meant to be. It’s the best acting Ali has ever done. You understand completely why he was in love with her.” Turning to Ms. MacGraw, he added, “It’s like it was written you.”“她和我在一起是关键,”奥尼尔说“本来就应该是这样这是艾丽迄今最好的演出能让你彻底理解他为什么爱上她”他转向麦古奥说,“这个角色就是为你量身定制的”Ms. MacGraw grew up in Westchester County, where her parents were artists. Her town was made up of haves, but she was a scholarship student at Rosemary Hall, a prestigious girls’ boarding school (which was absorbed by Choate). From there, she went on to Wellesley College, again on a scholarship.麦古奥在韦斯特切斯特郡长大,父母都是艺术家她的家乡全是富人,但她却在罗斯玛丽霍尔学校考取了奖学金,这是个受人尊敬的女子寄宿学院,后来被乔特学校合并后来她又上了卫斯理学院,依然是靠奖学金就读With her grand education and patrician looks, Ms. MacGraw was more than believable in “Love Story”; she was nominated an Academy Award. She had a big life, an older, powerful husband in the studio executive Robert Evans, and a baby. By 197, she was making “The Getaway” the director Sam Peckinpah, and falling madly in love with her co-star, Steve McQueen.因为不俗的教育背景与高贵的相貌,麦古奥在《爱情故事中的表演颇具说力,并获得一项奥斯卡奖提名她的人生步入巅峰,丈夫是电影公司高管罗伯特·伊文思(Robert Evans),年长而极具权势,她生了一个孩子197年,她在拍摄萨姆·佩金帕(Sam Peckinpah)导演的《亡命大煞星(The Getaway)一片时,与男主演史蒂夫·麦奎因陷入了疯狂的恋情She got divorced, married McQueen and became a housewife. After divorcing him, enduring a catastrophic fire at her home in Malibu and having only six films on her résumé, she left show business and Los Angeles and has since lived in Santa Fe, where she has a quiet life, engaged mostly in commy service and seeing friends.她离了婚,嫁给麦奎因,成了家庭主妇与麦奎因离婚后,她在马里布海滩的家经历了毁灭性的大火灾,最后她的履历上只有六部影片,她离开了演艺界与洛杉矶,此后就一直住在圣塔菲,过着安静的生活,主要是参与社区务,见见朋友She has a son with Mr. Evans and a -year-old grandson. A serious practitioner of yoga, she is fit and elegant, meaning she looks at least years younger than her age. Twenty five years ago, she permed in “Love Letters” in Texas opposite Robert Foxworth. “I was too young then,” she says. “I didn’t get it.”她和伊文思生有一子,目前还有个四岁的孙子她一直刻苦地练习瑜伽,所以身材苗条优雅,看上去比实际年龄至少年轻十岁5年前,她曾经在德克萨斯与罗伯特·福克沃斯(Robert Foxworth)同台共演《情书“我那时太年轻,还不理解这种感情,”她说Mr. O’Neal has never stopped working as an actor. From his early days on TV to big movies like “Paper Moon,” “What’s Up, Doc?” and “Barry Lyndon” — not to mention his public life with Farrah Fawcett — he is a figure of Hollywood. He has a well maintained website and social media s. Although I hadn’t been paying attention until July, he has a digital trail of tabloidy stories, mostly activities and misdeeds from long ago.奥尼尔一直没有停止演员生涯他早年曾经演过电视剧,后来又演过《纸月亮(Paper Moon)、《爱的大追踪(What’s Up, Doc?)和巴里·林登(Barry Lyndon)等大片更别提他和法拉·福塞特的公众生活,他在好莱坞算是一号人物他有精心维护的官网和数个社交媒体账户尽管直到7月我才开始关注,但他其实在网上许多小道故事里都出现了,主要是关于社会活动和很久以前的荒唐事He is far from preppy in real life. College was never on his agenda; instead he was a boxer until he decided to act. Yet the East Coast blue blood is the man he has portrayed, once and again.现实生活中,他和预科生相去甚远大学从来不在他的人生计划之内其实从事表演之前,他本来是个拳击手,然而却一再饰演东海岸的蓝血贵族I asked him why he became Hollywood’s Ur-preppy. “I think it’s the scarf,” was his answer.我问他,为什么他成了好莱坞的都市预科生回答是,“我觉得可能是领带的缘故”“Love Letters” is Mr. O’Neal’s stage debut. Why bother doing the hard work of traveling and being vulnerable in front of a live audience? “I wanted to get closer to Ali again,” he says. Besides, “what would be the downside? To get paid to have her in my arms? And it’s a new challenge.”《情书是奥尼尔第一次在舞台上亮相要长途旅行,还要面对现场观众的品头评足,为什么要做这吃力不讨好的工作呢?“我想再一次亲近艾丽,”他说此外,“这能有什么坏处,能拥抱她,还有人给我付钱?而且这也是个新挑战”He and Ms. Fawcett had been offered the play earlier, a run in Las Vegas. “It was just wrong Farrah,’’ he says. “I never even finished it.” On the other hand, “I’m the right guy now, and it’s perfect us. Ali and I just pick up where we left off.”早些时候,曾有人邀请他与福塞特在上演该剧“这个角色不适合法拉,”他说,“我根本没能完成它”另一方面,“我现在已经成了合适的男演员,这个剧对我们俩来说都很完美艾丽和我捡起了我们遗下的东西”Live theater — even without the pressure of having to memorize the script – is not a cakewalk. She was not interested until he was in, and vice versa. And the theyness of the project just works. (A Miami Herald critic thought so, too: “With their skills, their shared history and their movie-star aura, MacGraw and O’Neal take several thousand attentive people at a time on a simply delivered but emotionally engaging trip through a different era,” she wrote of the Ft. Lauderdale engagement.)就算没有背台词的压力,现场演出也绝不轻松直到他加入进来,她才开始感兴趣,他也是一样两人之间的化学反应运作得很好《迈阿密先锋报(Miami Herald)的家也这么认为,她在为劳德代尔堡的演出中写道:“麦古奥和奥尼尔的技巧、他们共同的历史与电影明星的光环,把千余名聚精会神的观众带往一个不同的时代,踏上一次简单质朴而又充满情感的旅行”Back in 1970, Mr. Mosher, the director, was thinking more about the Vietnam War and Kent State from his perch at Oberlin College than sentimental me was, and knew about “Love Story” only as a reference point. He didn’t see the movie until later, and even now he’s surprised by the big effect the stars still make together.1970年,导演莫舍在欧柏林学院就读,脑子里思考的大都是越战、肯特州之类的事情,不像我这么多愁善感,他只是听说过《爱情故事,最近才看过那部片子,不过就算是在现在,他也为两位影星在一起依然能够产生那么大的化学效应感到震惊In a reference Erich Segal would approve, Mr. Mosher cites “The Age of Insight,” a book by the Nobel Prize-winning neuropsychiatrist Eric Kandel. The book talks about “the beholder’s share,” in which the viewer’s participation enhances the work of art in a sort of collaboration.莫舍还搬出了诺贝尔奖得主,神经心理学家埃里克·坎德尔(Eric Kandel)在《思想的年代(The Age of Insight)一书,这本书讲的是“旁观者的分享”,观者的参与如同一种合作,增添了艺术品的魅力,埃里奇·西格尔无疑会对他的话表示赞同“Ryan and Ali trigger a very powerful beholder’s share,” Mr. Mosher said. “Their impact on our psyches happened together, and they are very generous permers.”“瑞安和艾丽触发了非常强烈的‘观者分享’,”莫舍说“与此同时,他们深深触动了我们的灵魂,他们是非常大方的演员”The next night, when Ms. MacGraw and Mr. O’Neal walk out onstage at the ,700-seat theater, they look so small. I’m feeling protective of my Jenny and Oliver. The audience rewards them with big applause. I can’t relax until they get their first laugh. And then I remember: I have three children, who don’t know where I am.接下来的晚上,麦古奥和奥尼尔在一个有700个座位的剧院演出,他们在台上看上去那么小我真想保护我的詹尼和奥利佛啊观众向他们报以热烈的掌声,直到看到观众们第一次大笑起来,我才松了口气,接下来才想起:我有三个孩子,他们根本不知道我到这儿来了I agree with Mr. O’Neal; the actors are doing what they’re meant to do, using one another’s encouragement and affection as life support. I get that they are senior citizens as they take the stage in “Love Letters.”我同意奥尼尔的话,演员就是做他们本来就应该做的事情,用彼此之间的鼓励与爱作为生命的撑当他们走上舞台,上演《情书,我忘记了他们已经是古稀老人They’re young again, laughing at their private jokes and playing in the snow.他们再度回到青春岁月,为私下的玩笑捧腹不已,在漫天飞雪中嬉戏 19

LOS ANGELES — With the help of the technology giants Google and Microsoft, Sony Pictures began distributing “The Interview” online Wednesday after a terror threat led the major theater chains to cancel the film’s release.洛杉矶——周三,在科技业巨头谷歌(Google)和微软(Microsoft)的帮助下,索尼电影公司(Sony Pictures)开始在线发行《采访(The Interview,又译《刺杀金正恩)此前,恐怖威胁导致大型连锁影院取消了放映该片的计划Among the Internet services that offered the film were the Google Play store, Google’s YouTube and Microsoft’s Xbox Video. Sony began showing the film on a website of its own, with help from the technology companies Kernel and Stripe. The film was available to rent and buy $.提供这部片子的互联网务平台包括Google Play商店、谷歌旗下的YouTube和微软旗下的Xbox Video同时,在科技公司Kernel和Stripe的帮助下,索尼也开始在自家的网站上放映该片影片的租金是6美元(约合37元人民币),售价则为美元A day earlier, Sony revealed new plans to release “The Interview” on Thursday in about 0 theaters owned by small chains or independent operators. Sony said that number had grown to about 300. In Manhattan, Lincoln Center’s Walter Reade Theater will begin playing it on Friday.早前一天,索尼公布了周四在大约0家影院上映《采访的新计划这些电影院的所有方均为小型院线或独立运营商索尼称,上映该片的影院数量后来增至大约300家在曼哈顿,林肯中心的瓦尔特·里德剧院(Walter Reade Theater)也将于周五开始放映该片Google and Microsoft joined what had become more a campaign to defend free speech against eign intimidation than a business initiative. The initial theatrical retreat followed a threat — traced by the F.B.I. to the North Korean government — of 9-style violence against theaters that showed the lowbrow comedy, which is about the assassination of North Korea’s ruler.谷歌和微软加入的这场活动,已经变得与其说是出于商业目的,还不如说是为了不顾外部恐吓而捍卫言论自由起初,有人威胁电影院,如果放映这部片子,便会对其发起9·式的暴力活动,院线方面于是退缩了美国联邦调查局(FBI)进行了追查,认为威胁源自朝鲜政府《采访是部粗俗喜剧,讲述的是刺杀朝鲜领导人的故事“It was essential our studio to release this movie, especially given the assault upon our business and employees by those who wanted to stop free speech,” Michael Lynton, chairman of Sony Pictures, said in a statement on Wednesday.“对我们公司来说,放映这部影片至关重要,特别是考虑到那些想阻碍言论自由的人对我们的业务及员工发起的攻击,”索尼电影公司的董事长迈克尔·林顿(Michael Lynton)周三发表声明称Eric Schmidt, Google’s chairman, personally helped broker the “Interview” deal, according to a person with knowledge of the discussions, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the talks were private. Senior Microsoft leaders were also quick to align. But both companies needed time to conduct an extensive assessment of their system capacities and security.一名知情人士称,谷歌董事会执行主席埃里克·施密特(Eric Schmidt)亲自出面,帮助促成了放映《采访的协议因为相关谈判是私下里进行的,这名人士要求不具名微软的几名高级领导人也很快加入不过,两家公司需要一些时间,以对各自的系统容量和安全性进行广泛评估The F.B.I. and Sony’s own ensic experts briefed the technology companies on the nature of the digital intrusion on Sony so that Google and Microsoft could ensure they would not be exposed to the same problem, this person said.这名人士称,FBI和索尼自己的鉴专家向这两家科技公司简要介绍了索尼遭受的数字入侵的性质,以便谷歌和微软能够确保自己不会遇到同样的问题The hacker group that attacked Sony had promised further hostile action if the studio cobbled together an alternate release “The Interview.” As of Wednesday, it did not seem that the revised plan had prompted any new attack, though pirated versions of the film were aly appearing online.攻击索尼的黑客团体发誓,如果该公司让发行《采访的替代方案匆忙上阵,就将采取进一步的敌对行动截至周三,索尼调整后的放映计划似乎并未引发新的攻击,不过网上已经出现了该片的盗版Google wrote in a blog post that Sony contacted it on Dec. , when it first became clear that the film’s planned theatrical release would be scrapped and bee irate Hollywood stars and President Obama began criticizing the studio caving. The Google post said that it was “eager to help — though given everything that’s happened, the security implications were very much at the front of our minds.”谷歌发表了一篇客文章,其中写道,当事情刚刚明朗,影片在院线上映的计划将被取消时,索尼就于月日联系到了谷歌那时,愤怒的好莱坞明星和奥巴马总统尚未开始对索尼的妥协提出指责谷歌的这篇帖子称,自己“迫不及待地想要帮忙——尽管考虑到已经发生的一切,安全问题是我们首先要考虑的”Brad Smith, Microsoft’s general counsel, wrote in a blog post on Wednesday that “a cyberattack on anyone’s rights is a cyberattack on everyone’s rights, and together we need to defend against it.”微软的总法律顾问布拉德·史密斯(Brad Smith)则在周三发布的客文章中写道,“用网络攻击任何一个人的权利,都是在攻击所有人的权利,我们需要合力抵御这种攻击”He added, however, “We’re not endorsing this movie or any other.”不过,他也表示,“我们并不是在为这部或其他任何电影背书”After suffering financially from the diminished theatrical release of “The Interview,” Sony will help its bottom line with the online distribution. Studios have been eager to increase on-demand viewing because they keep as much as 75 percent of that revenue. And although contracts vary, studios receive roughly 50 percent of ticket revenue from movie theaters, with the theater owners keeping the other half.在《采访公映范围缩小带来了财务上的打击之后,索尼将通过在线发行这部片子来增加收入影业公司一直迫切希望能够增加电影的点播观看量,因为它们最多可以获得其中75%的收入尽管合同的具体内容可能存在差异,但在影院发行中,影业公司一般可以获得约50%的票房收入,剩下的一半则会流入影院所有方的口袋Sony’s hope is that the Google and Microsoft deals, which do not cover viewing abroad, will serve as an icebreaker other partners. Last week, the movie studio contacted cable and satellite companies to rent “The Interview” but was rebuffed. Apple similarly refused.索尼与谷歌和微软的交易不涉及该片的海外发行索尼希望这些交易将帮助自己打开局面,与更多的伙伴达成协议上周,索尼联系了一些有线和卫星电视公司,希望他们可以提供租赁《采访的务,但吃了闭门羹苹果也拒绝了索尼的请求Apple has had problems with the security of its iCloud storage system; celebrities’ individual s were hacked in late summer.苹果的云存储系统曾经出现过安全问题;今年夏末,一些明星的个人账户遭到了黑客的攻击In its statement, Google said it “could not sit on the sidelines and allow a handful of people to determine the limits of free speech in another country (however silly the content might be).” Google also has business interests in play. YouTube is mostly known free viewing but has offered a rental service since . “The Interview” and the surrounding attention could give that service a boost.谷歌在声明中表示,它“不能坐视不管,任凭另一国的一小撮人来划定言论自由的界限(无论涉及的内容有多么荒唐)”此外,谷歌也有商业利益牵涉其中虽然YouTube最出名的是免费视频,但公司从年起就推出了视频租赁务《采访及其引发的关注或许能够为这项务带来助力Google also gets to one-up Apple on a prominent Hollywood matter.此外,通过与索尼合作,谷歌还可以在一个备受关注的好莱坞事件中胜过苹果一筹Sony’s alliance with Google runs counter to recent tension with the movie industry. This month, Google’s general counsel, Kent Walker, criticized the Motion Picture Association of America after the disclosure — in Sony emails that the hackers stole — of a plan by the association to revive an antipiracy bill. Google was perhaps the most aggressive opponent of that unsuccessful legislation.与索尼和谷歌的结盟形成反差的是,电影行业最近与谷歌关系紧张本月,谷歌的总法律顾问肯特·沃克(Kent Walker)对美国电影协会(Motion Picture Association of America)进行了谴责,因为此前,被黑客窃取的索尼的电子邮件显示,协会打算重新推动一部反盗版提案而谷歌可以说是这项不成功立法的最激烈的反对者“One disappointing part of this story is what this means the M.P.A.A. itself, an organization founded in part ‘to promote and defend the First Amendment and artists’ right to free expression,’ ” Mr. Walker wrote in a blog post. “Why, then, is it trying to secretly censor the Internet?”“这件事令人失望的部分在于,它对美国电影协会本身意味着什么这个组织创立的宗旨之一,就是‘促进和捍卫宪法第一修正案以及艺术家的言论自由权,’”沃克在客中写道“那么,它为何又要试图秘密地审查互联网呢?”The movie association fired back, “Google’s eft to position itself as a defender of free speech is shameful.”美国电影协会进行了反击,“谷歌摆出了言论自由捍卫者的姿态,这种做法是可耻的”While aligning Sony with new digital allies, the contretemps over “The Interview” weakened the studio’s ties with traditional ones — the large theater chains like Regal and AMC that typically get a first cut at its films. Over the last week, people associated with those chains complained bitterly that Sony had ced them to clean up a studio problem by taking a lead in canceling the planned wide release in about ,000 theaters.尽管《采访引发的风波让索尼拥有了新的在线合作伙伴,但却削弱了这家影业公司与传统伙伴的关系这些传统伙伴为帝王集团(Regal Entertainment)和AMC(AMC)等大型影院连锁机构,而它们一般会率先从影片发行中受益上周,与这些院线有关的人士愤怒地抱怨,索尼迫使它们为影业公司的问题埋单,让它们出面取消一个涉及00家影院的大规模放映计划At the same time, theater owners have been wary of Sony’s eft to make “The Interview” an online event, lest it become a precedent digital sales while movies are still working their way through theaters.与此同时,各影院所有方也对索尼在线发行《采访的努力心生警惕,担心这将为在网上销售仍在院线放映的电影开创先例 3575

Since her death in 196, Marilyn Monroe has never been out of the popular imagination. As the 50th anniversary of Monroe mysterious death approaches, her image has been re-examined.自196年离世后,玛丽莲梦露从未远离大众视线随着梦露离世50周年纪念日的临近,梦露的形象又再次引发公众探究热潮There was My Week with Marilyn, the Oscar-nominated biopic starring Michelle Williams. It came out last November. Last month, a new N series, Smash, about a fictional Monroe-themed Broadway musical, made its debut.影片方面有,由女星米歇尔bull;威廉姆斯主演的奥斯卡提名影片《我与梦露的一周该片于去年十一月上映上个月,由美国全国广播公司N打造的梦露主题的百老汇音乐剧《名声大噪初次亮相The latest take on Monroe is the exhibition at the Getty Images Gallery in London which opened last week. It a collection of photographs, dresses and other memorabilia.一组有关梦露的最新物品出现在上周于伦敦开幕的格蒂图像画廊展览会上其中包括一组照片、装以及其他的一些纪念物品In the early 1950s, as her movie career took off, Monroe established her image as a ;sex goddess;. Her status grows with the passing years and she is now a cultural iconndash;a one-of-a-kind.在上世纪50年代初期,梦露刚开始银幕生涯时,便塑造了自己性感女神的个人形象随着时间流逝,她的地位不断提升,如今她已然成为了一个独一无二的文化偶像;Monroe was divine and profane at the same time,; said a in Vanity Fair about Monroe legacy. ;And she quickly entered the realm of myth and metaphor as Hollywood most famous martyred saint.;年,《名利场杂志中一篇讨论梦露留给后人影响的文章说:;梦露是神圣的,同时又是世俗的她很快成为一个神话,一种象征,被喻为好莱坞最著名的神圣殉道者;Monroe was a ;sex goddess; who was emotionally immature. Many people talk about the sadness in her eyes, her vulnerability and how she cultivated an archetype in part to hide her own inadequacies.梦露是一位情感上稍显稚嫩的性感女神人们经常会讨论她眼中的忧郁,她的脆弱以及她如何在某种程度上为了掩藏自身的弱点而塑造出一种典型人物Monroe once said ;Marilyn; was a persona which she had to ;don;. Consisting of makeup, wardrobe and attitude, ;Marilyn; took hours to prepare.梦露曾表示,;玛丽莲;只是一张她不得不戴上的面具为了戴上这张面具,她总是要把大把时间花在化妆,华和姿态上As ;Marilyn;, Norma Jeane Mortenson (Monroe birth name) could lose her thoughts and memories of her early life (she spent time in foster homes and orphanages) and bask in the adoration and worship of her fans.作为;玛丽莲;,本名为诺玛bull;琼bull;培克的梦露的可能要丢掉自己的想法,忘掉早年的经历(她曾在寄养家庭和孤儿院生活多年),继而沉浸在粉丝的崇拜和仰慕中Monroe failed relationships with men made worse her emotional vulnerability. In her short 36-year life, Monroe was married three times, all ending in divorce.梦露失败的感情经历使她的情感变得更加脆弱在她短短36年的人生中,她的三次婚姻皆以失败告终;If even a woman that beautiful clearly has trouble and is damaged and has insecurities, then were all entitled,; Michelle Williams told the Los Angeles Times.;如果一位如此美丽的女性也会不可避免地遭遇感情问题,受到伤害并缺乏安全感,那我们就更不用说了;米歇尔bull;威廉姆斯在接受《洛杉矶时报采访时表示Williams said she believes there was something to admire in how Monroe crafted her image.威廉姆斯坚信,梦露成功塑造了;玛丽莲;这个形象,她身上一定具有值得赞赏之处;To be Marilyn Monroe, to be what people expected, to be that open and sexual and gorgeous, it takes an incredible amount of eft.;;要成为玛丽莲bull;梦露,满足人们的期望,集开放、性感、美丽于一身,这需要付出常人无法想象的努力;;I something where she said that it a very difficult thing to be when one is feeling unlovable,; Williams said. ;It a drain to put out that much energy. It leaves you exhausted.;;我曾读到过一些文章,其中梦露说,当一个人感到自己不再讨人喜爱时,就很难塑造这样的一个形象,;威廉姆斯说,;这将渐渐耗尽你的精力,浇灭你的热情最终令你筋疲力尽; 9

The time when dating shows created celebrities is over. Now we have moved into the next stage: celebrities date or even get married on TV.通过相亲节目出名的势头刚去,名人约会甚至结婚的真人秀就迎面而来“We Are in Love”, which premiered on April 19 on Jiangsu TV, was adapted from Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS)’s “We Got Married”. It pairs up celebrities to show what life would be like if they fell in love.月19日,根据韩国SBS电视节目《我们结婚了改编的真人秀节目《我们相爱吧在江苏卫视首播节目中,明星们组成情侣,展示他们的恋爱生活Cross-national couple Liu Wen, a Chinese model, and Choi Si-won, a member of South Korean band Super Junior, is the most eye-catching paring.目前,最抢眼的是一对跨国“情侣”,女方是中国模特刘雯,男方是韩国组合Super Junior的成员崔始源Choi, hailing from the country that first created this television mula, obviously knows well what audiences expect. their first date, the handsome hunk chose a white church and prepared beautiful flowers and exquisite gifts. He even learned to say “you are beautiful” in Mandarin from his Chinese teammate in advance, although his mentor plays a trick on him.来自此类节目创始国韩国的崔始源深谙观众的期待第一次约会,这位帅哥就把地点选在了一座白色教堂,还准备了美丽的花束与精致的礼物;他还事先向中国队员请教如何用汉语说“你很漂亮”,不过,他的队员“老师”给他开了个小小的玩笑An from Guangzhou Daily credited the popularity of “We Got Married” to the flawless relationship and marriage it displays. “It stimulates audiences’ longing a relationship like that,” says the .《广州日报曾在一篇文章中将《我们结婚了的走红归结于其中展现出的完美爱情与婚姻,“它挑起了观众对于完美爱情的期待”In “We Are in Love”, Choi and Liu show a perfect example of ideal dating. When they first met, Liu strutted down the imaginary runway to Choi wearing a casual yet trendy dress from Stella McCartney and carrying a limited edition Chanel cosmetic bag. Then on Choi’s birthday, Liu learned to cook noodles her partner, wearing a gorgeous dress that was a gift from Choi.在《我们约会吧中,崔始源和刘雯的约会堪称理想中的完美典范初次见面时,刘雯身穿斯特拉#86;麦卡特尼随意而时尚的裙装、手拿香奈儿限量版化妆包,从教堂的走道上昂首阔步地走向崔始源随后,在崔始源生日时,刘雯身穿崔始源送给自己的华丽裙子,为“男友”学做面条We all know nothing about these relationships is authentic. But scenes showing two adorable-looking people sharing romantic moments together just make us wish they were.我们都知道他们并非真正的情侣,但是看到一对璧人在你面前“秀恩爱”,我们还是会忍不住希望一切都是真的“It was a combination of the pairs pretending to really be in love and the fact that we all knew it couldn’t be true that kept us all watching, waiting, and hoping that virtuality could become reality,” K-pop site Mwave wrote.韩国新闻网Mwave则这样写道:“他们假装恋爱,我们也知道他们的恋情是虚构的,但就是这些让我们更想围观、等待、希望假戏成真”Another couple in the show, actress Ruby Lin and actor Ren Zhong, however, are still looking the right tempo. Some viewers believe it’s because of Ren, a typical northern man who is conservative and knows little about romance.与“石榴夫妇”相比,节目中的另一对“情侣”林心如和任重则还没有找到合适的节奏一些观众觉得,这是因为作为地道北方男人的任重有些保守、不懂浪漫But maybe it’s their awkwardness that gives us a sense of reality about the show. Wu Qiaoya, 7, an enthusiastic fan of Korean TV shows, said: “The embarrassing atmosphere between Lin and Ren reminds me of when I went a blind date, while Liu and Choi’s dates are what I dream of.”但也许,恰恰是他们的尴尬,为节目增添了真实感今年7岁的吴倩亚(音)是一个狂热的韩剧粉,她说:“林心如和任重之间的尴尬气氛让我想起自己在相亲时的种种经历,而刘雯和崔始源的约会则是我梦寐以求的” 37

In a statement posted on their website, they said: "We today announce our plan to go our separate ways after a greatest hits collection this Christmas and a farewell tour next year." 西城男孩在其官网发表声明,“今天我们宣布,在今年圣诞的精选集及明年的告别巡演后,我们将解散” "The decision is entirely amicable and after spending all of our adult life together so far, we want to have a well-earned break and look at new ventures." “这个决定是经过我们友好协商的结果至今我们一起度过了我们的成年生活,我们想要好好休息一下,然后开始新的冒险” "We see the greatest hits collection and the farewell tour as the perfect way to celebrate our incredible career along with our fans. We are really looking ward to getting out on the tour and seeing our fans one last time." “为和歌迷庆祝我们难以置信的职业生涯,我们安排了精选集和告别巡演,这是最完美的方式我们真的很期待开展巡演,最后一次见到我们的歌迷” It continued: "Over the years Westlife has become so much more to us than just a band. Westlife are a family." 声明上说道,“这些年来,Westlife对于我们来说意味着很多Westlife不仅仅只是一组合,它是一个家” "We would like to thank our fans who have been with us on this amazing journey and are part of our family too." “我们想要感谢一路持我们的歌迷,你们也是我们这个家庭的一部分” "We never imagined when we started out in 1998 that years later we would still be recording, touring and having hits together. It has been a dream come true all of us." “1998年当我们出道时我们从没想过年后我们还在录制唱片、巡演以及拥有热门的歌曲对于我们来说,美梦皆已成真” 8

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