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China has launched an investigation into Volkswagen as the diesel emissions scandal engulfing the German carmaker reached the worlds biggest car market. 笼罩在大众汽Volkswagen)头上的柴油车尾气造假丑闻蔓延至中国这个全球最大的汽车市场,中国有关部门已对这家德国汽车制造商展开调查。The environmental protection ministry said on Monday that it was ;highly concerned; about the issue. However, it added that an initial investigation revealed that only 1,900 imported VW cars included the so-called defeat devices designed to fool emissions tests. 中国环保部周一表示,对这一事件高度重视。但该部又表示,初步调查结果显示,中国只900余辆进口大众汽车搭载了旨在欺骗尾气检测的所谓“减效装置defeat device)。It said VWs locally produced vehicles, which account for the bulk of its sales in the carmakers biggest single market, were not affected. 中国环保部称,大众在华生产的汽车没有受到影响。中国是大众最大的市场,中国市场销售的汽车中有很大一部分是大众品牌的汽车。VW said on Monday that it was recalling 1,950 imported diesel vehicles in China in order to ;correct the engine software;. 大众周一表示,将在中国市场召950辆进口柴油车,以“修正发动机控制软件”;After the internal evaluation Volkswagen is now working full speed on a technical solution,; it said, adding that ;all vehicles are technically safe and roadworthy;. 该公司称:“内部评估完成后,大众汽车目前正在全力开发相应的技术解决方案。”它还表示:“所有车辆在技术上均安全可靠,完全适合上路行驶。”The German car company is in the midst of a global recall of 11m cars that were fitted with illegal software to cheat emissions tests by regulators. 这家德国汽车制造商正在全球召回1100万辆安装了非法软件欺骗监管机构尾气排放检测的汽车。While diesel is widely used in China to power trucks, the vast majority of cars sold in the country run on petrol. 尽管中国的卡车普遍使用柴油发动机,但在中国市场销售的绝大部分乘用车是以汽油为动力的。John Zeng, an analyst with LMC Automotive in Shanghai, said he expected VW to ;have some PR issues; but not much material impact given that its diesel sales in China are tiny. 上海LMC Automotive分析师曾志凌(John Zeng)表示,他预期大众将“遭遇一些公关问题”,但鉴于它在中国销售的柴油车数量很少,它不会受到太多实质性影响。He added that VW would be cushioned from reputational blows because its production and sales are managed through joint ventures with SAIC and FAW, two state-owned vehicle companies. 曾志凌补充称,大众在华的生产和销售是由其与两家国有车企上SAIC)和一FAW)组建的合资企业管理的,因此其声誉受到的冲击会有所减轻。VW on Monday said it wanted to ;sincerely apologise; to its customers and would do ;everything humanly possible to win back trust and take care of any concerns;, noting that ;Volkswagen has been at home in China for more than 30 years;. 大众周一表示,它对客户“深表歉意”,“会尽一切努力重新获得客户的信任,并帮助消除他们的各种疑虑”,该公司还指出“大众汽车根植中国市场三十余年”。来 /201510/403000It was scarcely an accident that Alex Salmond’s Scottish Nationalist party set the 700th anniversary of the battle of Bannockburn as the year for Scotland’s vote on independence. Commemoration of Robert the Bruce’s famous victory over the English would surely rekindle the embers of patriotism ahead of September’s vote on separation.亚历克斯#8226;萨尔蒙德(Alex Salmond)领导的苏格兰民族SNP),选在“班诺克本之战battle of Bannockburn)七百周年举行苏格兰独立公投,这不会是个巧合。在9月的独立公投前夕纪念1314年罗伯特一Robert the Bruce)对英格兰那场著名的胜利,肯定会使爱国主义的余烬复燃。So the first minister will have been disappointed by this week’s news from sponsors of the planned two-day celebration of the defeat of Edward II’s English army on June 24 1314. So slow has been the take-up that the organisers have had to cut ticket prices. Perhaps it is an omen. The momentum of the nationalist campaign seems to have stalled.64日是苏格兰战胜爱德华二世(Edward II)的英格兰军队七百周年纪念日,届时将举行为期两天的纪念活动。而不久前从活动主办者那里传来的消息,肯定会让苏格兰首席大臣萨尔蒙德感到失望:因为门票卖得极慢,主办者不得不降低了门票价格。这或许是个兆头。苏格兰民族主义运动似乎失去了动力。Mr Salmond could still win on September 18, but there are signs some of them ugly that SNP confidence is waning.萨尔蒙德仍有可能8日的公投中取胜,但有迹象(其中一些还相当刺眼)显示,苏格兰民族党正在丧失信心。The Better Together camp, which has sounded negative and defensive in making the case for the 307-year union at the heart of the UK, has a spring in its step. By the calculation of its leaders the balance of opinion has settled at about 60 per cent for the union versus 40 per cent or so for separation. Nationalist nerves are fraying. Edinburgh’s salons hum with gossip about a falling-out between the formidable Mr Salmond and his equally formidable deputy, Nicola Sturgeon. Voters meanwhile are catching more than a glimpse of the dark side of nationalism.“在一起更好”阵营的声势则日渐壮大。该阵营反对苏格兰独立,主张维护已有307年历史的英格兰与苏格兰联盟。据该阵营的领袖估计,现在持和反对独立的人数已稳定左右。民族主义者的神经在经受折磨。在爱丁堡,流言盛嚣尘上,称萨尔蒙德跟他的副手尼古拉#8226;斯特Nicola Sturgeon)闹翻了。萨尔蒙德向来强势,斯特金也同样不好惹。与此同时,民族主义的阴暗面也越来越多地暴露在选民面前。Mr Salmond has built his argument for independence around a cuddly, inclusive pitch that eschews the angry politics of anti-English grievance. Scotland would break free but it would remain best of friends with its southern neighbour. Separation could even draw the two nations closer together. An independent Scotland would make its own way in the world but it would surely keep the Queen as head of state and the pound as its currency.萨尔蒙德倡导独立的论调一直是温情的、包容的,回避了愤怒的反英格兰式“悲情政治”(politics of grievance,指煽动和利用民众的委屈感为自己争取票数——译者注)。苏格兰会独立,但仍将做英格兰最好的朋友。独立甚至会让两个民族更加亲近。独立的苏格兰将以自己的方式存在于世,但肯定仍将以英国女王为国家元首,以英镑为法定货币。The tensions in this we-can-have-it-all-ways approach have always been apparent. So, too, has been the absence of substantive answers to the many hard questions about the economic future of an independent Scotland. But as long as SNP support was rising, Mr Salmond’s smiling reassurance seemed enough to carry the day. Best-friends nationalism has emotional pull. The unionist concentration on the costs of separation has sounded demeaning of Scotland and patronising of its people the more so when it comes from English Conservatives.这种“鱼和熊掌可以兼得”式论调,一直存在明显的矛盾之处。同样明显的是,关于英格兰独立后经济前景的许多尖锐问题还没有真正得到解答。但只要苏格兰民族党的持率在上升,萨尔蒙德的微笑和保似乎就足以让他稳操胜券。“好朋友”民族主义具有情感吸引力。反对独立者强调独立的代价,在苏格兰人看来有一种轻蔑、以恩主自居的意味,从英格兰保守党人口中说出来时尤其如此。The nationalist mask, though, is slipping. The Yes campaign now carries an air of menace. Mr Salmond, as Scotland’s first minister, holds the public purse strings. Potential opponents have been left in no doubt about that fact. Academics and artists who value the bonds with the rest of the UK say they worry about losing funding if they voice pro-union views. Business leaders speak of barely disguised hints about how they should best safeguard their commercial interests.不过,民族主义的面纱正在滑落。主张独立一派的造势活动眼下已带有威胁的意味。苏格兰首席大臣萨尔蒙德掌握着公共财政大权。在这一点上,有心反对独立者得到了毫不含糊的提示。珍视苏格兰与英国其他地区纽带的学者和艺术家说,他们担心,如果发表反对独立的观点,他们会丧失财政资助。商业领袖则几乎毫不掩饰地谈论,他们怎么做才最有利于保护他们的商业利益。This week the celebrated author, JK#8201;Rowling, braved online vilification by the so-called “cyber natswho inject a crudely abusive and bullying tone into the separatist campaign. Ms Rowling, a long-time resident of Edinburgh, gave #163;1m of her royalties to Better Together. She also wrote a sober and thoughtful open letter explaining why Scotland and the Scots prosper in a Britain that has always been much more than the sum of its parts.著名作家J#8226;K#8226;罗琳(JK Rowling)不久前勇敢地反击了“网络民族主义者”的中伤。这些“网络民族主义者”鼓吹独立的方式显得非常霸道,带有一种粗俗的攻击性。罗琳长期居住在爱丁堡,向“在一起更好”运动捐出了100万英镑版税。她还撰写了一封公开信,冷静而深入地解释了为何苏格兰留在英国更好,以及英国作为一个整体的好处、为何始终远大于各部分带来的好处之和。The Braveheart nationalists, though, claim a monopoly on patriotism: unless you are for independence you might have wielded the axe that severed the neck of William Wallace. The pivotal role of patriotic Scots in building Britain and the abiding influence of the diaspora count for nothing. Ms Rowling offered a timely rebuke to those who “demonise anyone who is not blindly and unquestionably pro-independence This fringe reminded her of Lord Voldemort’s Death Eaters in the Harry Potter saga. Not everyone, though, feels secure enough to speak out.然而,《勇敢的心Braveheart)式民族主义者霸占了爱国主义这个词。除非你持独立,否则你就无异于当年杀死威#8226;华莱William Wallace)的刽子手。苏格兰爱国主义者在英国建国过程中发挥的关键作用,以及旅居海外者的持久影响,在他们看来什么都不是。对那种“只要有人不是盲目和不加质疑地持独立,就将其妖魔化”的做法,罗琳进行了及时的驳斥。这种浅薄的做法,让她想到《哈#8226;波特》小说中伏地魔大Lord Voldemort)的食死徒(Death Eater)。不过,不是每个人都敢于公开反对独立。Mr Salmond stands aloof from personal attacks but has done little to counter them. Only the other day one of his senior advisers orchestrated an attempt to discredit the mother of a disabled child who had dared campaign against separation. Those who meet the first minister say a nod here and a raised eyebrow here perfectly convey an implicit warning.萨尔蒙德没有参与人身攻击,但也没有做什么来阻止人身攻击。不久前,他的一名高级顾问还试图抹黑一位残疾儿童的母亲,就因为这位母亲居然胆敢发起反对独立的运动。曾与萨尔蒙德会面的人说,他在不同场合的点头和扬眉,明显就是无声的警告。The referendum campaign has fewer than 100 days to run. The spectacle will not be edifying. Both sides have identified low-paid and no-pay working class voters as the important swing voters. SNP leaders talk of a nationalist drive to rouse the sans-culottes who might be persuaded that anything is better than rule by English Tories. Mr Salmond, a consummate politician, will play to the mood of anti-politics that carried the UK Independence party to victory in the European elections. Better Together will plug away at the dangers to living standards, pensions and the rest from a rupture with England.公投距今只有不到三个月了。届时场面不会好看。双方都将低薪和无薪阶层选民视为重要的摇摆选民。苏格兰民族党领导人谈论着要用民族主义运动唤醒“长裤汉”(sans-culotte,又称“无套裤汉”,法国大革命时期对广大革命群众流行的称呼——译者注),他们觉得有望说这些人相信,任何情况都不会比被英格兰保守党统治更糟。萨尔蒙德是个完美的政客,他会利用民众的反政治情绪。英国独立党(UK Independence party)在欧洲议会选举中取胜,靠的就是这股情绪。“在一起更好”运动则将竭力宣扬与英格兰闹翻可能带来的种种风险:生活水准降低、养老金可能失去保障,等等。Those of us who think there is a more elevated case to be made for ties of family, values, culture and mutual interest embedded in the union will probably be disappointed. That is a pity. Even with a No vote in the referendum, if the union is to endure there will be much to be done after September to reshape and revitalise the relationship between England and Scotland.我们中有人认为,苏格兰有更崇高的理由留在英国,那就是苏格兰与英格兰在家庭、价值观和文化方面的纽带,以及联盟带给双方的共同利益。可惜的是,持这种看法的人可能会失望了。即月公投结果是反对独立,之后在重塑、重振英格兰与苏格兰关系方面,我们也将有很多工作要做,否则联盟将无法长久维系。Almost as depressing as the politics of grievance now surfacing in Scotland is the shrug of indifference the campaign has stirred in the rest of the UK. If Mr Salmond does win the day, such nonchalance will seem more than irresponsible. The sundering of the union would be a political earthquake. And England has every bit as much to lose, and more, as Scotland.几乎与悲情政治在苏格兰抬头同样令人沮丧的是,英国其余地方对苏格兰独立公投显得无动于衷。如果那天萨尔蒙德真的赢了,那么这种冷漠态度就不只是显得不负责任了。如果苏格兰与英格兰的联盟散伙,那将是一场政治地震。而英格兰的损失将丝毫不比苏格兰少,只会更多。来 /201406/307959Cracks are beginning to show in Vladimir Putin’s grand project to form a Eurasian union to rival the EU as Russia’s partners have so far balked at joining Moscow’s trade war with the west.俄罗斯总统弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)组建“欧亚联盟Eurasian Union)以对抗欧盟的宏大项目开始出现裂痕,因为俄罗斯的合作伙伴迄今不愿加入莫斯科与西方的贸易战。When the presidents of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan gathered in May to sign the Eurasian Economic Union into existence, it was hailed as an “epochalmoment with geostrategic implications.今年5月俄罗斯、白俄罗斯和哈萨克斯坦的总统齐聚一堂,签约成立欧亚经济联盟(Eurasian Economic Union)的时候,此举被誉为地缘战略的“划时代”时刻。“Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan are moving towards a completely new level of co-operation,Mr Putin said at a ceremony in Astana’s Palace of Independence, Kazakhstan.普京在哈萨克斯坦首都阿斯塔纳独立宫举行的一个庆典仪式上表示:“俄罗斯、白俄罗斯和哈萨克斯坦的合作正在迈向全新的水平。”But when the Kremlin last month announced a ban on imports of meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, and dairy products from Europe and other western countries, Belarus and Kazakh#173;stan refused to follow suit.但是,当克里姆林宫上月宣布禁止从欧洲和其他西方国家进口肉、鱼、水果、蔬菜和乳制品的时候,白俄罗斯和哈萨克斯坦拒绝跟随。“This is our internal affair,said Alexander Lukashenko, the president of Belarus. “We need Polish apples#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201; We need some German delicacies.”白俄罗斯总统亚历山大#8226;卢卡申科(Alexander Lukashenko)表示:“这是我们的内部事务。我们需要波兰的苹果……我们需要一些德国美食。”Nursultan Nazarbayev, the Kazakh president, implicitly criticised Russian policy last week in Minsk, saying tit-for-tat sanctions were “a road to nowhere哈萨克斯坦总统努尔苏丹#8226;纳扎尔巴耶夫(Nursultan Nazarbayev)上周在明斯克含蓄批评了俄罗斯的政策,称针锋相对的制裁是“无果之路”。The Eurasian Economic Union is viewed by some in the west as an attempt by Mr Putin to recreate the Soviet Union.欧亚经济联盟被西方某些人视为普京重建苏联的努力。Yet the lack of a common stance undermines its stated aim of creating a common market with free movement of capital, goods, services, and labour.然而,由于缺乏共同立场,其宣示的创建一个资本、商品、务和劳动力自由流动的共同市场的目标遭到削弱。“It’s very much a problem for relations inside the union,says Dosym Satpayev, head of Risk Assessment Group, a think-tank in Almaty. “I am not sure that this integration project will exist in the long term.”阿拉木图智库风险评估集Risk Assessment Group)掌门人多瑟姆#8226;萨帕耶夫(Dosym Satpayev)表示:“欧亚联盟内部关系存在很大的问题。我不确定这个一体化项目是否会长期存在。”The strains have become clearer in recent days. Last week, amid growing concerns about Russia’s stand-off with the west, Mr Nazarbayev, who first proposed the idea of a union of post-Soviet states two decades ago, raised the possibility of leaving it.近日这种内部紧张变得更为明显。上周,在各方越来越担心俄罗斯与西方对峙的背景下,纳扎尔巴耶夫提出了退出欧亚联盟的可能性。纳扎尔巴耶夫0年前首先提出了后苏联国家成立联盟的想法。“Kazakhstan has the right to leave the Eurasian Economic Union,he said in an interview with state television. “Kazakhstan will not enter an organisation which threatens our independence.”他在接受官方电视台采访时表示:“哈萨克斯坦有权退出欧亚经济联盟。哈萨克斯坦不会加入危及本国独立的组织。”Both Moscow and Astana play down the prospect of Kazakhstan’s leaving the EEU, which is not due to come into existence formally until January.莫斯科和阿斯塔纳双方都有意淡化哈萨克斯坦退出欧亚经济联盟的前景。欧亚经济联盟要到明月才会正式问世。Nonetheless, officials and analysts agree that the crisis in Ukraine has strained relations. “It is clear now that this association with Russia can cost Kazakhstan dearly,says one person with knowledge of government thinking in Astana.然而,官员和分析师们同意乌克兰危机让各方关系紧张的看法。一位了解阿斯塔纳政府思路的人士表示:“现在明显的是,与俄罗斯的这种联系可能让哈萨克斯坦吃大亏。”Kazakhstan has long sought to balance the competing interests of its two powerful neighbours, Russia and China. But its strong trade, financial and social ties with Russia mean that sanctions against Moscow are inevitably affecting Kazakhstan, says Umut Shayakhmetova, chairman of the board of Halyk Bank, Kazakhstan’s second-largest lender.哈萨克斯坦长期寻求平衡两大邻国俄罗斯和中国相互竞争的利益。但哈萨克斯坦第二大——国民银Halyk Bank)董事长乌穆特#8226;沙亚赫梅托瓦(Umut Shayakhmetova)表示,该国与俄罗斯密切的贸易、金融和社会联系意味着,对莫斯科的制裁将不可避免地影响哈萨克斯坦。“We are aly getting lots of compliance questions from western banks,she says, predicting the effect of sanctions against Moscow would be “very badfor Kazakhstan.沙亚赫梅托瓦表示:“西方已经对我们提出了许多合规问题。”她预计,制裁莫斯科将对哈萨克斯坦产生“非常不利”的影响。Kazakhstan’s economy is aly feeling the chill, with gross domestic product growth slowing to 3.9 per cent in the first half of the year from 6 per cent last year, while trade with Russia has fallen by a fifth. The country’s economy minister last month revealed that it had prepared a Plan C in the event of further western sanctions against Russia.哈萨克斯坦的经济已经感受到寒流,今年上半年国内生产总GDP)增长从去年的6%放缓.9%,同时与俄罗斯的贸易下降五分之一。哈萨克斯坦经济部长上月披露称,该国已经准备了一份C计划,以应对西方可能进一步对俄罗斯施加的制裁。“Reciprocal sanctions have been taken between countries accounting for 60 per cent of global GDP this implies serious adjustments,Mr Nazarbayev said upon opening a new session of the Kazakh parliament yesterday.纳扎尔巴耶夫日前在哈萨克斯坦议会开始新的会期时表示:“占全球GDP 60%的国家实施了针锋相对的制裁,这意味着将会出现严重的调整。”But Mr Putin has appeared irked. Speaking at a town hall-style gathering, he took a question on whether Kazakhstan could see “a Ukrainian scenariowhen Mr Nazarbayev is succeeded as president.但普京似乎被激怒了。他在一个基层集会上被问到,当纳扎尔巴耶夫卸任总统、由其他人接替的时候,哈萨克斯坦是否会出现“乌克兰情景”?Given how carefully choreographed Mr Putin’s public appearances are, the question itself touched a nerve in Kazakhstan.鉴于普京在公众面前的形象是经过精心设计的,这个问题本身就触动了哈萨克斯坦的神经。The country’s single greatest uncertainty is what will happen after Mr Nazarbayev, who has ruled since the break-up of the Soviet Union, stands aside or dies.哈萨克斯坦最大的不确定性是,在纳扎尔巴耶夫下台或死亡后将会出现何种局面。纳扎尔巴耶夫自苏联解体后一直统治着哈萨克斯坦。Mr Putin praised the Kazakh president’s intelligence before asserting that “the Kazakhs never had statehoodbefore 1991. He was convinced that Kazakhstan would remain in the EEU, he added, because its people recognised that it was “good for them to remain in the sphere of the so-called greater Russian world, which is a part of global civilisation普京首先赞扬哈萨克斯坦总统非常聪明,然后宣称,991年前“哈萨克斯坦国从未存在过”。他补充称,他认为哈萨克斯坦将会留在欧亚经济联盟,因为其民众认识到,“留在所谓的大俄罗斯世界的势力范围内是有利的,大俄罗斯世界是全球文明的一部分。”The comment was taken as part threat, part insult in Kazakhstan which, like Ukraine, has regions with a majority ethnic Russian population, fuelling fears it might share Kiev’s fate.哈萨克斯坦认为这番话一半是威胁,一半是侮辱。与乌克兰一样,在哈萨克斯坦的某些地区,俄罗斯族人口占绝大多数,这令人担心它可能遭遇与基辅类似的命运。来 /201409/326617

Look up Sunday to see a truly special cosmic event: A supermoon total lunar eclipse.周日7日)我们将见一个特殊的天文现象:超级月亮和月全食同时出现。Not only will the moon be at its closest point point to Earth in it orbit on Sept. 27, it will also pass completely into Earths shadow, turning the lunar body into a red-tinted ;blood moon; for anyone who has clear, dark skies on the planets surface.97日,月球将距离地球最近,也会完全进入地球的阴影,把月亮染成一个“血月”。届时只要有黑暗无遮挡的天空,全世界的人都能看到这一奇景;All of South America and most of North and Central America will see the entire eclipse, while those west of roughly 120°W will see it in progress at moonrise,; NASA said in a statement. ;You wont need special equipment to see it. Just go outside and look up!;“所有南美洲地区,以及大部分北美和美洲中部地区将能看到月全食的整个过程,而在西经120°以西地区的人们可以在月亮上升的时候观察到。”NASA(美国国家航空航天局)在一次声明中表示。“你不需要任何特殊的设备,走到外面抬头看就可以。”This will mark the first time a total lunar eclipse during a supermoon has occurred since 1982, and it wont happen again until 2033.上一次超级月亮和月全食同时出现是982年,而下一次将出现033年。During a supermoon, the moon can actually look up to 14% larger in diameter; however, everyday skywatchers might not be able to tell the difference.在超级月球出现的时候,月球的直径可以比平时看起来大14%。不过大众天文观察者并不一定能观察到这种区别。Scientists can also collect a fair bit of data about the moon during a lunar eclipse that they wouldnt be able to get otherwise.科学家在月食期间可以也得到许多平时无法获取的月球数据。For example, NASAs Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) will be able to take measurements of the moons surface temperature.比如,NASA(美国国家航空航天局)的LRO(美国月球勘测轨道飞行器)将可以测量月球表面的温度。By learning more about how the temperature of the surface of the moon changes, scientists can actually have new insights about the structure of the surface of the moon, NASA LRO deputy project scientist Noah Petro, said in a NASA interview.“通过研究月球表面温度的变化,科学家们可以对月球表面结构有更新的认识”,LRO的助理项目科学家Noah Petro在一次视频采访中说。来 /201509/400765

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