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2020年01月25日 20:33:44 | 作者:安互动 | 来源:新华社
Ebay’s chief executive has added weight to Google’s antitrust defence by saying that the pair are direct competitors in online shopping, echoing the US search group’s claim that Brussels misunderstands how people buy products online.eBay首席执行官约翰#8226;多纳霍(John Donahoe)的言论持了美国搜索集团谷歌(Google)的反垄断辩护。他说,eBay与谷歌在网络购物领域是直接竞争对手,这呼应了谷歌的说法。谷歌曾声称,布鲁塞尔方面没有理解人们的在线购物方式。John Donahoesaid in an interview with the Financial Times that barriers were breaking down between different areas of online commerce. The auction website chief’s comments support arguments aly made by Google in its first response to the European Commission’s landmark competition case.在接受英国《金融时报》采访时,多纳霍表示,不同电商领域之间的壁垒正在打破。该拍卖网站CEO的言论,持了谷歌首次回应欧盟委员会(European Commision)反垄断案时的说法。Brussels’ complaint, announced this month, focuses on a claim that Google has abused its dominance of web search to squeeze out rival specialist shopping search engines by favouring its own in-house service.本月,欧盟公布了对谷歌的起诉,重点是指控谷歌涉嫌滥用在网络搜索方面的主导地位,通过偏向其旗下务的方式,将其在购物搜索引擎方面的对手排挤出市场。Google has responded by saying that European regulators have not recognised how it is dwarfed in online shopping by eBay and Amazon, making questions about how it handles product queries on its own site beside the point.谷歌对此回应称,欧洲监管机构没有认识到谷歌在网络购物领域比eBay和亚马逊(Amazon)逊色许多,以致其对谷歌网站处理商品查询方式的质疑离题万里。Asked if eBay was a direct competitor of Google Shopping, Mr Donahoe said: “Yes#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;We are a strong commerce competitor [of Google’s].”在被问到eBay是否是谷歌购物(Google Shopping)直接竞争对手时,多纳霍表示:“没错……我们是(谷歌的)强劲商业对手。” /201504/372530For Carolin , as for many Germans, the Volkswagen emissions scandal is personal.和许多德国人一样,卡罗琳圠德尔(Carolin )也认为大众汽车(Volkswagen)的尾气造假丑闻影响到了个人。Speaking in the centre of Frankfurt, the country’s financial capital, the young charity worker says: “It’s catastrophic. I feel let down. VW and the other [German carmakers] were companies I felt I could believe in, but Volkswagen has ruined that image for me.这位年轻的慈善工作者在德国金融之都法兰克福市中心发表演讲时表示:“这件事是灾难性的。我感到失望。大众和其他(德国汽车制造商)是我觉得可以信任的公司,但大众破坏了我心目中的这一形象。”“It’s hurt their business, it’s hurt their image, and ultimately it has also hurt people,” she adds.她补充称:“这伤害了他们的业务,伤害了他们的形象,最终也伤害了人们。”Her opinion is widely — though not universally — shared. The German media are almost united in warning that the revelation that VW had been cheating on US emissions tests for years could affect the world’s opinion of “Made in Germany” — the country’s reputation for quality, especially in manufacturing.很多人都抱这种观点,尽管不是所有人。德国媒体几乎一致警告称,大众多年来在美国汽车尾气检测中作弊一事曝光,可能会影响世人对“德国制造”的看法——德国以产品优质闻名于世,尤其是在制造业。Bild, the top-selling tabloid, said this week in an editorial: “What has made Germany great is our engineering skill — and trust in our machine builders... is now directly at risk.”德国发行量最大的小报《图片报》(Bild)本周刊载的一篇社论称,“德国之所以伟大,系于我们的工程技术——以及对我们机器制造商的信任……现在,这种信任直接处于危险之中”。Political leaders from chancellor Angela Merkel down have called on the company to take rapid remedial action, not least to protect the good name of other German companies.从德国总理安格拉默克尔(Angela Merkel)往下的各级政治领导人都呼吁大众迅速采取补救行动——这么做的一大原因是要保护其他德国公司的良好声誉。Sigmar Gabriel, economy minister, said: “We are worried that the justifiably excellent reputation of the German car industry and in particular that of Volkswagen is suffering.”德国经济部长西格马尔加布里尔(Sigmar Gabriel)表示:“我们担心,德国汽车业——尤其是大众——无可非议的卓越声誉正在遭受损害。”Some marketing experts agree that damage from the scandal could easily extend far beyond VW, where the chief executive resigned on Wednesday. BMW and Daimler, two other standard bearers for German engineering, also produce cars with diesel engines — the vehicles at the heart of the affair.一些营销专家也认为,丑闻的影响很容易扩散至大众以外的公司。周三,大众首席执行官辞职。德国另外两家旗帜性工程企业宝马(BMW)和戴姆勒(Daimler)也生产柴油引擎汽车——柴油车正是此次丑闻事件的核心。Doreen Pick, marketing professor at Berlin’s Free University, is firmly in the pessimistic camp. “I think this will very badly damage the image of ‘Made in Germany’. [VW] stands as a synonym for what’s best in Germany — honesty, reliability and efficiency.”柏林自由大学(Free University)营销学教授多琳皮克(Doreen Pick)明显属于悲观派,她说:“我认为这将严重破坏‘德国制造’的形象。(大众)在德国是顶尖的同义词——代表着诚实、可靠和高效。”She adds: “What really matters is whether Germans see this as affecting them personally because they have a VW car or because they believe that the environment here has been polluted.”她补充称:“真正重要的是,德国人是否会因为自己拥有一辆大众车、或因为相信这里的环境已遭到污染,而认为这起事件影响到了他们个人。”However, she notes that a strong legal assault from the US authorities, who uncovered the cheating, could prompt Germans into “a bit of a patriotic/defensive” reaction. “People will ask why the Americans, who don’t really care about the environment, are attacking a German institution.”但她也指出,揭露大众作弊的美国当局发起的猛烈法律攻击,可能会让德国人产生“轻微的爱国/防御性”反应。“人们会问,为什么并不真正关心环境的美国人要攻击一家德国公司。”Others argue that history shows companies can weather even the biggest scandals as long as they respond properly, and that reputational damage rarely extends beyond the culprit business.还有人认为,从过往经验来看,哪怕是最严重的丑闻,只要应对得当,企业也可以平安度过,而且肇事公司以外的企业很少会因为受到牵连而声誉受损。“This scandal damages VW but does not damage ‘Made in Germany’ at all. Images of countries are very long-lasting. People still associate Germany with Hitler, as well as with Merkel. You can see how long it takes to change an image,” says Sven Reinecke, director of the marketing institute at Switzerland’s St Gallen University.瑞士圣加仑大学(University of St Gallen)营销研究所负责人斯文克(Sven Reinecke)表示:“这桩丑闻给大众造成了伤害,但完全没有损害‘德国制造’。国家形象是非常持久的。人们现在仍将德国与希特勒(Hitler)以及默克尔联系在一起。你可以看出一种形象要多久才能改变。”He adds: “As for VW itself, it depends on how it handles the affair. If they do it badly it will destroy the brand, but if they do it well, then not.”他补充称:“就大众本身来说,这取决于它如何处理这起事件。如果应对不当,那就会毁掉其品牌,但如果应对得体,就不会。”There are plenty of examples of German companies that have been able to rebuild investor and customer confidence after a crisis and a management clear out.过去曾有多家德国企业在遇到危机后,通过整顿管理层,重新获得了投资者和客户的信任。Bayer, the German chemicals group, was rocked in 2001 when its blockbuster cholesterol drug Lipobay was found to have serious side-effects. The company paid .1bn to settle nearly 3,000 cases, replaced management, comprehensively restructured its business and is now Germany’s biggest company by market value.2001年,德国化学品集团拜耳(Bayer)热销的降胆固醇药物拜斯亭(Lipobay)被发现有严重副作用,这让该公司遭受巨大冲击。拜耳拿出11亿美元和解了近3000起诉讼,撤换了管理层,并全面重组业务。如今拜耳是德国市值最高的公司。Siemens, the electronics group, had to shell out bn in fines and advisory payments after the 2006 discovery that slush funds were used to pay bribes to win contracts. The resulting probe shook the company to its core, led to the departure of dozens of senior managers and led to an overhaul of compliance systems.电器集团西门子(Siemens)在2006年被曝出设立贿赂基金行贿以赢取合同之后,不得不付20亿美元罚款和咨询费用。相关调查撼动了该公司的核心,导致数十位高层离职和合规制度的改革。Daimler in 2010 paid almost 0m of penalties to settle US charges that it systematically paid bribes to officials in foreign countries. It responded by appointing a former German judge to its management board to look after “integrity and legal affairs”.2010年,美国指控称,戴姆勒在海外系统性贿赂官员,该公司不得不付近2亿美元罚款了结这些指控。戴姆勒为此还指定一位前德国法官进入董事会负责“廉正和法律事务”。VW knows from its own past how scandal can hurt a company. A former group labour leader was jailed in 2008 after being found guilty in a bribery scandal. He was convicted of accepting almost ㈠洀 in illegal bonuses after a probe that also revealed company cash was used to pay for prostitutes and holidays for VW union chiefs.大众从自身经历中也知道丑闻会对一家公司造成什么伤害。2008年,一名前大众劳工领袖在一起贿赂丑闻中被认定有罪,结果被判处监禁。此人被判定收受了近200万欧元非法奖金,之前的一项调查还显示,大众用公司资金付公司工会领导人招妓和度假的费用。That affair did not stop the group in its drive to try to replace Toyota as the world’s biggest carmaker. But the latest scandal is far more serious, as it affects millions of customers directly.那起事件并没有让大众停下努力超越丰田(Toyota)成为全球最大汽车制造商的脚步。但眼下这起丑闻要严重得多,因为它直接影响到了数百万客户。Professor Martin Gornig, of Berlin’s DIW research institute, says: “If VW can clarify the situation, it can still limit the damage.”柏林DIW研究所的马丁高尼希教授(Martin Gornig)表示:“如果大众能够解释清楚,它就仍能将损害控制在一定范围内。” /201509/401119

Huawei, the Chinese technology group, has made its first acquisition in Ireland with the purchase of a Dublin-based telecoms network management business from developer Amartus.中国科技公司华为(Huawei)首次在爱尔兰进行收购——买下了软件开发公司Amartus位于都柏林的电信网络管理业务。Huawei has agreed to buy the Amartus software and team that specialises in software-defined networking (SDN) — controlling telecoms virtually, reducing the need for engineers to physically work with the equipment.华为已同意收购Amartus专注于软件定义网络(SDN)的软件和团队。SDN是一种电信虚拟控制技术,能够减少工程师现场操作设备的需要。The Irish group will split into two after restructuring, allowing Amartus’s Ireland-based senior team and product staff to join Huawei in the country. The Chinese group said that the deal showed Huawei’s commitment to expanding its research and development investment across Europe. Huawei would not disclose the value of the acquisition.这家爱尔兰集团将在重组后一分为二,位于爱尔兰的高层管理团队和产品员工将加入华为在爱尔兰的业务。华为表示,这笔交易体现了华为致力于在欧洲各地加大研发投资。华为没有披露这笔交易的价值。Network equipment providers such as Huawei are increasingly shifting their business away from supplying the physical wires and cabinets — which has become a commoditised business given the high level of competition — and into higher margin software and services.像华为这样的网络设备提供商正日益转变商业战略,从提供实物线缆和设备——在激烈竞争下这已变成了一种大宗商品化的业务——转向利润更高的软件和务。The technology acquired from Amartus makes it much easier and less costly to make changes to the network as it can be done remotely using the software rather than by physically adjusting the telecoms equipment.从Amartus购买的技术将使针对网络的改动更加简单、成本更低,因为可以远程使用软件来完成操作,无需工程师本人到现场对电信设备进行调试。The acquisition of Amartus’s software and technology will enable Huawei to accelerate its work in cloud-based network management, which will be crucial to the future of telecoms networks.收购Amartus的软件和技术后,华为在基于云技术的网络管理方面将可以加快步伐,这个领域是未来电信网络的关键。Michael Kearns, chief executive of Amartus, said: “We [will] bring this innovative technology to Huawei at a time when the telecoms industry is experiencing unprecedented change, driven by software.”Amartus首席执行官迈克尔#8226;卡恩斯(Michael Kearns)表示:“在软件的推动下,电信业正在经历前所未有的改变,在此之际,我们(将)把这一创新技术带给华为。”Huawei has made relatively few acquisitions during its rapid growth to become one of the world’s largest providers of telecoms equipment, and has instead mainly focused on growing internally through heavy investment in its own research and development.在华为快速成长为世界最大电信设备提供商之一的历程中,其进行的收购相对较少。相反,华为主要专注于通过大举投资研发,使自身得到发展。In the UK the company has made only two smaller acquisitions to fill in gaps in technology and expertise. Three years ago, Huawei acquired the Ipswich-based Centre for Integrated Photonics (CIP), which conducts research, design, development, manufacture and testing of photonic devices. Last year it bought Cambridge-based Neul, which provides chip set, platform, base-station and cloud management systems.在英国,华为只进行了两笔规模较小的收购,目的是弥补自身在技术和专业知识方面的不足。3年前,华为收购了位于伊普斯威奇(Ipswich)的集成光子中心(CIP),该中心研究、设计、开发、生产和检测光子设备。去年,华为收购了位于剑桥的Neul,该公司提供芯片组、平台、基站和云管理系统。Huawei said that the acquisition would “improve its competitiveness in SDN solutions and services by introducing fast business innovation and multi-vendor capability”.华为表示,本文开头提到的这笔收购将“通过引入快速的业务创新和多供应商能力,提高自身在SDN解决方案和务方面的竞争力”。Zha Jun, president of Huawei’s fixed network product line, said the acquisition would “help deliver our commitment to produce and develop innovative and high quality cloud and network services.”华为固定网络产品线总裁查钧表示,这笔收购将“有助于兑现我们关于生产和开发具有创新性的、高质量的云和网络务的承诺。” /201507/385745

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