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栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201511/406851。

  • Across the Middle East, the first cities rise,在中东土地之上 第一批城市纷纷崛起A revolution in human life.代表着人类进步的一大变革Kanesh, today in modern Turkey.卡内什 现位于土耳其Part of the rise of the city is so farmers can live together,该城市建立的一大原因是为了让农民聚居一起and not just farmers同时除了农民but the people who make the tools for the farmers.其他那些为农民制作工具的人也居住其中The city gives birth to two new keys to human progress:城市为人类的进步提供了两大重要法宝:Trade and industry.那就是贸易和工业And a new kind of man: the entrepreneur.另外还有一个新的群体 那就是企业家Imdi ilum, one of the first traders we know about益姆迪·伊冷是人类历史上In the story of mankind.为人们所知的第一个商人He trades in one of the rarest他以当时一种非常稀有And most valuable materials of his day: tin.也非常珍贵的材料做交易 那就是锡Tin is the key to a new industry.锡是新工业的一大关键Added to copper, it produces bronze.与铜混合后可以制成青铜Strong, sharp,它坚固而又锋利The metal that changes the face of warfare改变了其后两千年For the next 2,000 years.战争的面貌But tin is one of the ancient world#39;s rarest metals,但锡是古代最稀有的金属之一Found in only a few distant places.只在为数不多的几个遥远的地方才能找到 Article/201508/396054。
  • Deborah Scranton谈论并且展示了她的纪录片《战争影像》的一些片段,这部纪录片由战斗在伊拉克前线的美国士兵亲手录制。 Article/201503/365062。
  • In Rome at this time Christianity became the state religion, and almost contemporaneously, in Iran, the Sasanian Dynasty built a highly centralised state, in which secular and religious authority were bound together. At its height, this Iranian empire stretched from the Euphrates to the Indus-in modern terms, from Syria to Pakistan. And for several centuries it was the equal, and the rival, of Rome, in the long struggle to control the Middle East.当时,基督教刚成为罗马国教。而在伊朗,萨珊王朝几乎在同一时期建立起了高度中央集权、政教合一的国家。伊朗帝国的领土从幼发拉底河一直延伸到印度河流域,用现代地理概念来说,便是从叙利亚一直到巴基斯坦。在数个世纪的时间里,它的实力与罗马相当,是与罗马争夺中东控制权的强有力的对手。The Sasanian king out hunting on this programme#39;s silver dish is Shapur II, who ruled with resounding success for 70 years, from 309 to 379. It#39;s a shallow silver dish, I suppose it#39;s about the size and the shape of a small Frisbee, but it#39;s made of very high quality silver, and as you move it around you can see that it#39;s got highlights in gold. The King sits confidently astride his mount, and on his head he wears a very large crown, with what looks like a winged globe on the top of it. Behind him, ribbons flutter over the silver, giving an impression of movement. Everything about his dress is rich-pendant earrings, long-sleeved tunic with carefully embroidered shoulder pads, highly decorated trousers and ribboned shoes. What we#39;re looking at is an elaborate, carefully worked out ceremonial image of wealth and power.银盘上狩猎的萨珊国王是沙普尔二世, 他在位时间为公元309年至公元379年,他成功地统治伊朗长达70年之久。这是一个浅底银盘,大小与形状都类似小号飞盘。它用上好的白银制成,一经转动还会发现它曾用黄金点缀。国王镇定地跨坐在坐骑上,头顶巨大的王冠,冠顶的装饰就像一个带翅膀的地球仪,绶带飘扬在身后,表现出动感。他的衣饰极为奢华:垂坠的长耳环,带精美垫肩的长袖束 腰外衣,装饰华美的长裤以及带缎带的鞋子。一副精心塑造的表现财富与权力的仪式性形象。 Article/201505/373589。
  • 三分钟搞定科技英语(视频+中英字幕) 第4期:Twitter 推特《三分钟搞定科技英语》属于《原来如此》系列的英语视频听力栏目,用一系列绘图拼接视频,生动形象地展示了科技英语知识,能够激发人们的英语学习兴趣 ,是拓展英语知识面,积累科技英语词汇,了解科技中的一些常识的极好材料。 Article/201508/389802。
  • I take training very seriously.我非常认真看待训练。I#39;m always trying to find ways to improve my game.我总是在尝试着找出方法来改善我的比赛表现。To really push the envelope, lately I#39;ve been working with the new training partner I brought over from Sweden, using a lot of methods, pioneering the Scandinavian mountains.要确实挑战极限,最近我都在利用我从瑞典带回来的新训练伙伴来做训练,使用很多方法,开拓斯堪地那维亚山脉。300! 12! 58!300!12!58!Some may call it a little unorthodox. You can question the methods, but you can#39;t question the results.有些人也许会说它有一点非正统。你可以质疑方法,但你不能质疑成果。I#39;m using every muscle, really building every part of my game.我正使用每一块肌肉,确实地发展我比赛表现的每一部分。I#39;ve never felt more confident or dominant on the court.我从未在球场上感到更有自信或是更佔优势过。Thank you!谢谢你!Are you serious?你是认真的吗?I#39;ll take that.我拿走啦。Money.好球。And no! Deny! Rejection!别想!盖死你!搧火锅!You know, it#39;s not for everybody. But I#39;m a professional athlete.你知道,这并不适用于所有人。但我是个职业运动员。No easy buckets!得分没那么容易! Article/201411/340603。
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