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Ordering by Phone 电话订货S: Salesclerk 售货职员 C: Customer 顾客情景对话 Dialogue对话1S: Hello! Are you Mr. Peter?你好,你是彼得先生吗?C: Yes, Im.我是S: Hello, this is shop 3 Liu Hun clothes market. Your goods are y, please come to take.您好!我是流花市场3档的,你的货准备好了,请过来拿C: Sorry! Im not free. Im taking other goods.对不起!我现在没空我现在在拿别的货S: When are you free?那你什么时候有空?C: Hard to say, maybe this afternoon.很难说,也许今天下午吧!S: OK, please dont come too late, we close at five oclock.那好,请不要太晚,我们店5点钟关门C: OK, I will come bee five.好的,我会在5点之前过去S: OK, see you.好的,再见!对话S: Hello!你好!C: Im Kelly, remember me?我是凯利,记得我吗?S: Sure. Last month you order some fashion wear here.当然,你上个月底在这订了一批时装C: Yes. Are they y?是啊,准备好了吗?S: Almost. You promised to pay me today, remember?差不多了你答应今天付款的,记得吗?C: Yes.是的S: So when?那什么时候?C: Afternoon.下午S: What time?几点?C: About four oclock.大约点钟S: OK, see you this afternoon four oclock.好,今天下午点见C: Goodbye.再见! 976

At just ft 9in, Indian muscleman Aditya Romeo Dev is the world smallest bodybuilder.印度肌肉男“罗密欧”阿迪特亚·戴夫的身高只有英尺9英寸(约合85厘米),是世界上最矮小的健美先生Pint-sized Romeo is well-known in his hometown of Phagwara, India - his ability to lift 1.5kg dumbbells - despite his overall 9kg body weight.身材矮小的罗密欧在他的家乡印度帕格瓦拉很有名,因为他能够举起1.5公斤重的哑铃——而他的总体重也只不过9公斤Every day, crowds flock to the local gym to the see the mini-muscleman in training.当地健身房每天都人山人海,人们蜂拥去那里看这位迷你肌肉男是怎么训练的Unlike many dwarfs, Romeo is well proportioned, with a head circumference of in and a chest measurement of in.和其他矮小的人不同,罗密欧的身材非常匀称,他的头围是英寸(约合38厘米),胸围是英寸(约合50.8厘米)Romeo said: ;Ive been training as a bodybuilder the last two years and by now I think I must be the strongest dwarf in the world. I have always been fit but since I started working out, I have become famous my strength.;罗密欧说:“我健身已经有两年了,我想我应该是世界上最强壮的矮小者我一直都很健壮,不过我开始健身之后,我就因为力量而知名了”;My size has never stopped me. I train with dumbbells and do aerobics and dance. People are always pleased to see me. I have been invited on TV shows and dance on stage.;“我的身材从未成为我的阻碍我不仅用哑铃训练,还跳有氧操和练习舞蹈人们看到我总是很高兴我也受邀参加电视节目,并在舞台上跳舞”His trainer Ranjeet Pal spents hours helping his 19-year-old protege build his small muscles to perfection.他的教练兰吉特·帕尔花了很长时间帮助19岁的罗密欧将小小的肌肉变得完美;Because of his small size, I dont assign him hard exercises. But Romeo trains more or less the same as anyone else and he much more determined.;“因为他个子小,我不让他做太繁重的练习但是罗密欧尽力和常人做的一样多,而且更加有毅力”;When he first started, I insisted he did a month of basic exercises like aerobics, push-ups and basic gymnastics to prepare his body.;“他刚开始练习的时候,我坚持他应该做一个月的基本练习,比如有氧操、俯卧撑以及一些基本体操动作,为后面的练习做准备”;After that, I made lightweight dumbbells and taught him basic weight-lifting exercises to shape his biceps and triceps. His size and his weight were taken care of so that he never hurt himself.;“在那之后,我做了比较轻的哑铃,教他基本的举重练习,塑造他的肱二头肌和肱三头肌,我们注意了他的身材和体重,所以他没有受伤”Determined Romeo is hoping to have an entertainment career after perming in many local TV shows.罗密欧很有毅力,在当地各大电视台出镜之后,他希望能够从事行业He said: ;I earn good money through my dance and bodybuilding shows but being rich doesnt interest me. My dream is to travel a lot - I want to perm in London with my idol, Jazzy-B.;他说:“我通过跳舞和健身节目得到了不错的收入,但是我对挣钱不感兴趣我的梦想是游历四方--我想去伦敦和我的偶像Jazzy-B一起表演” 7731

If the big bang theory is correct — the scientific postulate, not the TV show — then the universe and all life as we know it is one big happy accident. Ditto evolution and natural selection. You could even argue that every man, woman and child on Earth is the result of the happy accident of their parents meeting and falling in love. Kind of a stretch, if you ask us. our list of history happiest accidents, we chose unintentional discoveries that changed the world the better – whether it was discovering beer or popsicles or Viagra. So bee you beat yourself up making mistakes, how our list of stalwart scientists, explorers and nomadic goatherds turned potential fails into discoveries of a lifetime.如果说“宇宙大爆炸理论”是正确的,那么整个宇宙和所有的生命都可以算作是意外之喜这里的大爆炸指的是天体物理学关于宇宙起源的科学理论,可不是美剧《生活大爆炸物种进化论和自然选择同样算作意外之喜甚至可以说地球上的每一个男人、女人和孩子都是他们的父母相遇相恋后,所带来的意外之喜关于这个话题,我们还可以谈得更深刻一些我们从史上意外发明中选了十个改变世界的意外发明故事,包括啤酒、冰棍儿、甚至伟哥所以,当你再为做错事而自责的时候,看一看这些意志坚定的科学家、冒险家和牧羊人们是如何把可能失败的事情变为人生中最重要的发明的.Penicillin.青霉素Bee penicillin — the world first mass-produced antibiotic drug — millions of people died each year from infected wounds and contagious bacterial diseases like scarlet fever. In World War II, bottles of penicillin saved countless lives in battlefield hospitals. Today, we still rely heavily on antibiotics to treat everything from common ear infections to potentially deadly bacterial outbreaks. Yes, mankind owes a tremendous debt to Dr. Alexander Fleming and his marvelous mistake.青霉素是世界上第一种实现量产的抗生素在它问世之前,每年有数百万人死于伤口感染和传染性细菌疾病,如猩红热二战期间,在战地医院里一瓶瓶青霉素挽救了无数伤员性命现在,抗生素依然广泛用于治疗各种疾病,无论是常见的耳朵发炎,或是致命菌爆发引起的疾病,抗生素都在发挥重要作用没错,人们应该感激亚历山大·弗莱明士以及他那伟大的错误Mistake? Absolutely. Scottish-born Dr. Fleming was in his lab in 19 researching the flu virus when he noticed that one of his bacteria cultures was infected with a fungus. Most scientists would have tossed the spoiled petri dish in the trash, but not Fleming. Six years earlier, he had discovered the mild antibiotic properties of human tears when one of his own accidentally dripped into a bacterial sample. Even mistakes, Fleming learned, had scientific value.错误?绝对是个错误19年,出生于苏格兰的弗莱明士,正在实验室中研究流感病毒时注意到,有个培养基被不明细菌污染弗莱明没有像大多数科学家那样,把污染的培养皿直接扔掉,从而意外发现了抗生素早在六年之前,他就发现人的鼻涕具有一定的抗菌性因为患重感冒的弗莱明仍坚持工作,鼻涕不小心滴入培养基中,这样一个偶然的错误使得溶菌酶被发现在弗莱明看来,即使错误也是具有科学研究价值的通过进一步的观察,弗莱明发现真菌边缘有一道清晰的印记,这说明霉菌能够很好地抑制葡萄球菌生长他将这种真菌单独保存起来进行研究,随后把他新发明的特效药命名为“盘尼西林”(青霉素)接下来所发生的一切,众所周知,便是真菌的发展历程195年弗莱明获得诺贝尔生理或医学奖9.Stainless Steel9.不锈钢 centuries, rust was the greatest enemy of everything made out of steel, from massive ships to humble household cutlery. By all rights, Harry Brearley should have been a hero when he accidentally discovered stainless steel in 19. Instead, his short-sighted employer dismissed his invention as a colossal waste of time.几个世纪以来,不论是对大型轮船还是小小家常餐具来说,锈蚀一直是所有钢铁制品的最大敌人不管英国科学家亨利·布雷尔利在19年发明的不锈钢是不是出于偶然,他都值得崇拜,但是目光短浅的雇主认为他的发明纯粹是浪费时间Born into poverty, Brearley began apprenticing at the steelworks of Thomas Firth and Sons in Sheffield, England when he was . By his early 30s, he was an expert in industrial chemistry and a lead researcher in his employer laboratory. In 19, his assignment was to develop a steel alloy — a custom blend of iron and other metals — that could withstand the superheated friction inside a rifle barrel. (The friction caused the gun barrel to get too big the bullet.)The enemy here was erosion, not corrosion, but sometimes you find exactly what you arent looking . As he experimented, Brearley noticed that one of his discarded alloys was still shiny and bright, while the rest had rusted. Searching his notes, he found the precise mula stainless or ;rustless; steel – percent chromium med a protective layer on steel when exposed to oxygen. Brearley begged his bosses to manufacture cutlery using the miraculous new alloy, but they nixed the idea as unprofitable. A German firm beat Brearley to the patent, but he was eventually recognized as the original — if accidental — inventor of the most important metal of the th century.布雷尔利出身贫困,岁时就在位于英国谢尔菲德的福生钢厂做学徒工30刚出头,他已是一名工业化学专家,同时也是他工作实验室的首席研究员19年,布雷尔利受英国政府军部兵工厂委托,进行武器研究的改进工作那时,士兵用的步膛极易磨损布雷尔利想发明一种耐磨损的,并且适于制造管的合金钢,却在无意中完成了另一项伟大的发明他在实验中,把铬加入钢中,但由于一些原因,实验没有成功他只好失望地把制成品抛在实验室外面的废铁堆里过了很长时间,奇怪的现象发生了:原来的废铁都锈蚀了,仅有那几块含铬的钢仍旧是亮晶晶的布雷尔利对此感到奇怪,翻看实验记录后发现,这种铬含量为%的“不锈钢”,会在表面形成一层保护膜,避免在空气中被氧化腐蚀布雷尔利请他的老板用这种神奇的合金钢来批量生产餐具,却因为生产成本高利润低遭到拒绝尽管布雷尔利偶然发明不锈钢在先,但不锈钢的专利权却被一家德国工厂抢先注册,但是社会仍认为他是世纪最重要金属的发明者8.Dead Sea Scrolls8.死海古卷A stray goat led to the accident discovery of one of the most important literary finds in history.伟大文学作品死海古卷的意外出土,完全归功于一只迷路的山羊In 197, two Bedouin shepherds were trailing their flock through the scorched hills of Qumran near the Dead Sea when one man wandered off to chase down a stray. He discovered — and nearly fell into — a deep cave in the hillside. Dropping a stone into the blackness, he heard a pot shatter. Returning with his companion, they carefully lowered themselves into the cave and retrieved several sealed clay pots containing worn rolls of papyrus. Not knowing what they had found, the men sold the blackened scrolls to antiquities dealers in Jerusalem a few dollars apiece. Eventually, a biblical scholar and historian from the Hebrew University recognized the text on the scrolls as early copies of books from the Hebrew Bible. When archaeologists and Bedouin explorers returned to the Qumran region, they discovered more caves containing hundreds of full scrolls and fragments known collectively as the Dead Sea Scrolls. The scrolls, written in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek, include the earliest-known copies of every book in the Hebrew Bible -- some 1,000 years older than other known works. Other scrolls contained previously unknown books and religious manuscripts that shed new light on religious beliefs in the Second Temple Period. The scrolls had been placed in the caves more than ,000 years ago by a separatist Jewish group called the Essenes who lived and worshipped near the Dead Sea.故事发生在197年的一天,在死海附近的昆兰山脉上,两名贝都因牧羊人,正在已被烈日烤焦的山丘上找寻他们丢失的羊群就在一个牧羊人追赶其中一只山羊时,他险些掉进山上一个深洞里他顺势向漆黑一片的洞内投了一块石头,随之而来的则是瓦罐破碎之音,于是这个牧羊人召来了他的同伴,两人一起进入洞中,带走了一些密封陶罐,陶罐里装着几卷纸莎草纸因为牧羊人并不知道这些卷轴是何物,他们便以每卷几美元的低廉价格,将这些草纸卖给了耶路撒冷当地的一位古玩店老板后来,希伯来大学的一名《圣经学者和一位历史学家辨认出这些卷轴里的真实内容,原来是一些《希伯来圣经篇章的早期抄本之后,考古学家与贝都因当地探险家再次探访昆兰山地区,他们又相继发掘出处的山洞,共藏有完整或残缺不全的卷轴多达上百卷,这些卷轴统称为“死海卷轴”死海卷轴经由三种文字撰写而成,分别为:希伯来语、阿纳姆语和希腊语既包含一些《希伯来圣经书卷经文早期抄本,还包含一些比其他为人熟知的文学作品早千年之久的文献其他卷轴,有的包含着以前不人所知的书籍抄本或宗教手稿而在第二圣殿时期,依据这些书卷经文对宗教信仰进行了全新阐释这些卷轴是在00多年前被存放在山洞里的,而存放人则是一群生活在死海附近的埃塞尼派犹太分离主义分子,他们也时常在死海附近做礼拜7.Viagra7.伟哥Until medical science invents a pill that makes men smarter, more attractive and filthy rich, Viagra will remain man little blue best friend. Released to rave reviews in 1998, Viagra is still a huge moneymaker drugmaker Pfizer, which reported more than $ billion in sales in alone. Incredibly, Pfizer never set out to cure erectile dysfunction (ED). The invention of Viagra was a miraculous accident. Pfizer researchers were testing batches of a new angina (chest pain) medicine called UK-980when subjects began reporting some unusual, er, stiffness. Further testing revealed that UK-980 inhibited the production of an enzyme that undermined erections. Renamed Viagra, the revolutionary ED pill became the fastest-selling drug of all time and made a lot of men a whole lot happier.除非医疗科技能研制出一种让男人更有魅力,吸引力更强,而且非常富有的药丸,不然伟哥这种小蓝药片就将一直是男人最好的伙伴回顾1998年间人们对伟哥的好评,辉瑞药业旗下的伟哥产品一直都处在吸金之巅,仅在年一年伟哥的销售就赚得亿美元让人难以置信的是,治愈男性勃起功能障碍并非辉瑞药业本意伟哥的发明来自于一场不可思议的事件,辉瑞药业的研发人员正在临床测试一种名为UK-980的新型药物,据说它可以治愈心绞痛,但受测者药后反应并不正常——下体勃起而随后的持续验表明,UK-980药物能抑制机体产生对男性勃起有害的酶伟哥的问世,立即成为有史以来最畅销的药品,并为众多男同胞们创造了无限性趣6.Velcro6.搭扣In 198, every kid in America had a pair of Reeboks with three sweet Velcro fasteners instead of lame laces. But decades bee Velcro kicks became a full-blown fad, Swiss engineer George de Mestral took a tuitous walk with his dog in the foothills of the Alps. Returning home, de Mestral noticed that his dog fur was covered in prickly burrs.198年,每一名美国孩子的锐步跑鞋上,都有三颗帅气的尼龙搭扣,取代了原来的金银丝花边但是在维可牢“热”引领时尚潮流的数十年前,它的发明还充满着戏剧性有一次瑞士工程师乔治·德·梅斯特拉牵着在阿尔卑斯山脚散步,他们回去后,德·梅斯特拉发现小的皮肤上覆盖着毛刺Naturally curious, de Mestral examined the burrs under a microscope to see how nature pulled off this sticky trick. The culprits were tiny hooks on the surface of the burrs that attached to loops of fur on the dog coat. De Mestral was an electrical engineer by trade, not a fashion designer, but he spent the next eight years researching and developing a clothing fastener based on his accidental discovery. De Mestral first hook-and-loop prototype was made from cotton, then nylon. He named his product Velcro — a combination of ;velvet; and ;crochet; — and debuted the invention at a New York fashion show in 1959. The fashion industry ignored Velcro until the high-tech fastener caught the attention of NASA engineers. Adhesive-backed strips of Velcro were perfect securing tools and toothbrushes in zero gravity. Shoemaker Puma was the first to put Velcro on sneakers in 1968, and you can find it on a plethora of objects today.受好奇心的驱使,德·梅斯特拉把毛刺放在显微镜下观察,他想看看大自然是如何造出这种带黏性的小把戏的原来毛刺表面的小钩子才是“罪魁祸首”,他们吸附在小外套上呈环状虽然德·梅斯特拉的职业是电子工程师,而不是时尚设计师,但是从那之后他花了八年时间,在他偶然的发现上继续探索,开发新型衣钮扣德·梅斯特拉钩与环原型是纯棉材质,后来改用尼龙他给自己的产品命名为“维可牢”——综合“天鹅绒”和“钩针”两个单词,并在1959年的纽约时装周首次展出刚开始时尚界对维可牢尼龙搭扣并不感冒,直到这种高科技搭扣引起了美国航空航天局工程师们的注意维可牢制成的胶粘剂持带在真空环境下能完美地固定各种工具和牙刷1968年彪马公司最先把维克牢搭扣他们生产的胶底运动鞋上,而如今维克牢搭扣已经随处可见审校:假微信 编辑:旭旭 前十网 553

A 60-year-old farmer in Sichuan province saw a small tune eaten up when ,000 yuan (,9) he had buried in his bedroom was destroyed by white ants.据报道,四川省一位60岁的农民藏在卧室里的一小笔财富--万元现金(约39美金)被白蚁啃成了渣渣But then his tunes changed, when a young artist in Beijing offered him that exact amount the ruined banknotes. The artist said he would turn them into a work of art as a wake-up call to alert senior citizens in rural areas about the dangers of storing large sums of money.但后来事情有了转机,北京的一位年轻艺术家愿意出万元钱来兑换这些钱渣渣这位艺术家表示,他将用这些钱渣渣完成一个作品,作为警钟去警告农村那些自行保管大量现金的老人们Qi Shengli mailed the banknotes on Tuesday together with a brick used to cover the hole where they were buried to Hu Disheng, a 33-year-old artist in Beijing.月日,齐胜利老人把这些钱渣渣连同用来盖洞口的那块砖头一起,寄给了北京33岁的艺术家胡迪生Qi, who lives in Goujiao town, Yuechi county, could not remember exactly how long ago he had buried the money in a corner of his bedroom. ;It might be one or two years,; he said. He was not comtable with the malities needed to deposit money in a bank. ;In addition, I might get the password or number code when I decided to make a withdrawal,; he said.住在岳池县苟角镇的齐胜利自己都不记得是什么时候将钱埋于地下他说,“应该至少有一两年了”老人觉得去存钱有一堆手续很麻烦,他说,“另外当我去取钱时,又可能忘记了密码”He placed the money, 0 notes with a value of 0 yuan each, in two plastic bags then dug a hole about centimeters deep in his bedroom, placed the bags into it and covered it with a brick. ;When I took away the brick on Feb , I found white ants had eaten away most of the banknotes,; Qi said.他把0张百元钞票分装在两个塑料袋里,在卧室里挖了个CM深的洞,把袋子埋进去,并用块砖头盖了起来老人说,“月号,当我移开砖头后,我发现大部分钱都被白蚁吃成了渣渣”Four days later, when banks resumed operations after the seven-day Spring Festival, Qi was accompanied by his two sons to an outlet of the People Bank of China where employees found only parts of banknotes that could be half-pieced together. The bank gave him 600 yuan after it accepted the half-banknotes.月日,7天的春节假期后,恢复营业,齐胜利和两个儿子一起,捧着钱渣渣到中国人民去咨询,工作人员仅仅找出了张可以半额兑换的钞票最终给他们兑换了600元Huang Jianjun, an inmation officer with the Yuechi county government, helped arrange the artist to contact Qi. ;While many may laugh at the old man online, an artist from Beijing learned about the story and decided to help,; Huang said.岳池县政府的信息管理人员黄建军帮助北京的艺术家联系上了齐胜利老人他说,“网上有很多人嘲笑这位老人,但北京的一位艺术家知道了此事后决定帮助他”Hu managed to find Qi on Monday and offered to exchange ,000 yuan the two bags of ruined banknotes. Qi initially refused, as his sense of honor meant he did not want a stranger to pay his mistake. But Hu persuaded Qi that the banknotes were useless in their present state but could be transmed into a work of art that could benefit elderly people by alerting them to the dangers of keeping large sums of money at home.胡迪生在月日联系上了这位老人,并出万元兑换掉这些钱渣渣最初遭到了老人的拒绝,因为在他看来,不能由一位陌生人来为他的错误买单但是胡迪生劝说老人,这些破碎的钞票现在放在他手上已经一文不值了,却可以变成艺术品来教育、警醒老年人不要在家里私自保管大量的现金Hu said he would even fly to Sichuan to clinch the deal if Qi continued to turn down his offer. Moved by Hu sincerity, Qi promised to send him the banknotes and the brick.胡迪生还说,如果老人坚持不接受他的兑换请求,他甚至要坐飞机到四川来说他们最终老人被胡迪生的诚意所打动,同意兑换,并寄出了钱渣渣和砖头 71

A new rule at a Wuhan university that punishes students skipping class by cing them to clean the dormitories of the opposite gender has social media swept up in debate.近日,武汉某高校为惩罚逃课学生出台了一项新政策,逃课的学生必须打扫异性学生的宿舍,此举在社交媒体上引起了热议The first to have their acts cleaned up at Wuhan International Culture University was a group of three male students after they were caught skipping class games during scheduled nighttime classes last Saturday.武汉商贸职业学院第一批执行该政策的是三名男生,原因是上周六这三人因为玩游戏没有上晚自习The students were punished with a -minute cleanup session in a girls dorm, which included mopping the floors and wiping down tables their female schoolmates.这三名男生被罚到女生寝室打扫了分钟,包括拖地、擦桌子等等They were only allowed to leave if the dorm residents were ;satisfied with their work,; Chutian Metropolis Daily reported.据《楚天都市报报道称:“只有在该宿舍的学生满意之后,他们才能离开”;It was embarrassing to clean up girls. I wont skip classes anymore,; one of punished students said.其中一名被惩罚的学生说道:“为女生做清洁很让人尴尬我再也不会逃课了”Cui Bowen, the head teacher of Media and Arts College who proposed the rule, explained it aims to discourage truancy with old fashioned humiliation.提出这项政策的是该校传媒与艺术学院的院长崔文,他解释称,该政策的目的是以这种传统的羞耻感来杜绝旷课现象Cui said the rule has had the desired effect. ;We wont skip classes. I dont want to clean up smelly boys dorms!; a female student said.崔文表示,这项政策达到了预期的效果一名女生说道:“我们不会逃课了我可不想打扫男生们臭烘烘的寝室”Many netizens who identify as male mocked the rule, saying a trip to the female dorms would encourage them to skip class even more.许多男性网民则对这项规定表示嘲讽,表示女生寝室一游可能会更加鼓励他们逃课;Is this university still recruiting students?; wrote a Sina Weibo user.一名新浪微用户就写道:“这所大学现在还招生吗?” 5885

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