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福州做输卵管修复手术哪家医院好福州省妇幼医院人工受孕怎么样英语口语1+1:Wined and dined【1+1英文】Angela: "How was your business trip?" Andy: "Great- they wined and dined us all week."【1+1中文】安吉拉:你的商业旅行怎么样?安 迪:太棒了—他们热情款待我们一周。【1+1】You "wine and dine" someone when you take them out to nice restaurants and treat them to expensive food and drink. 中文意思:热情款待。 /200605/7024南平做复通术哪里比较好 Severe bleeding, known as postpartum hemorrhage, or PPH, is the leading cause of maternal death worldwide,严重出血,即产后大出血或PPH,是全世界产妇死亡的主要原因,killing more than 100,000 women every year.每年都有10万多名妇女因此离开人世。For those who survive, it is a painful and traumatic experience.而对于那些幸存下来的人来说,这段经历真是让她们痛苦不堪。;I was bleeding, they were inciting something in me, even I was dying, they should give me blood.“我当时一直在流血。他们却还在刺激我。就算是我马上就要死了,他们也应该给我输血不是么。Now I want to die, can#39;t live, I want to die, please let me…;现在我一心只想要死,真的活不成了。我想死。求求你们让我死吧……”The world#39;s poorest countries, are the worst hit, especially in Africa and the Indian sub-continent.世界上最贫穷的国家也是受影响最为严重的国家,尤其是在非洲和印度次大陆。But there is new hope the death can be significantly reduced.但如今我们又有了新的希望,因产后出血导致的死亡有望大幅减少。In the 1960s, Japanese researchers developed a drug called tranexamic acid, which works by stopping blood clots from breaking down.20世纪60年代,日本的研究人员开发出了一种叫做氨甲环酸的药物,通过阻止血块分解以达到治疗的作用。But they could not persuade doctors to carry out the trial of the drug for treating postpartum hemorrhage.但是他们却没能说医生对该药物进行试验,以治疗产后出血。The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine has done just that, in a trial involving 20,000 women in 21 countries.然而伦敦卫生和热带医学学院却着手进行了这个试验,试验范围包括21个国家的2万名妇女。;And the really good news is it reduces the risk of bleeding by about a third.;“而真正的好消息是,它可以将出血的风险降低三分之一。”The research has found no side effects for either mothers or babies.研究发现该药物对母亲和婴儿都没有任何副作用。They want it rapidly rolled out as a frontline treatment for PPH across the world.因而学院研究人员希望能够将其作为全球PPH一线治疗方法尽快推出。If a drug can prevent hysterectomies, a drug can prevent death, a drug can minimize the amount of blood we need to give,“如果有一种药物可以帮助女性免遭子宫切除,预防死亡,还可以最大限度地减少我们所需要提供的血量,then that is a good thing, all over the world.;那么这对于全世界都是一件非常好的事情。”But there are challenges to getting the drug where it is needed, first, the doctors must know about it.但是要想把该药物带到有需要的地方去也面临重重挑战。首先,医生们必须对其了如指掌。We want everyone to hear about the results, but then, we actually, you know, there are the nitty-gritty issues.“我们希望所有人都能够知悉结果。但实际上,如今还有许多本质上的东西亟待解决。Is the treatment available in the hospital? Do doctors and midwives know how to use it?比如医院里能否能用上这种治疗方法?医生和助产士是否知道使用方法?It#39;s heat stable, so it does not have to be kept in the fridge.氨甲环酸耐热,所以无需再冰箱中保存。It#39;s relatively inexpensive—you know, it#39;s about a dollar.而且它相对还是比较便宜的,才一美元。And no child should grow up without a mother for lack of a treatment that costs a dollar.;所有母亲都不应该因为得不到仅需一美元的治疗方法,而缺席孩子的一生。”In the trial, tranexamic acid was given via a drip.在试验当中,氨甲环酸是通过滴注方法使用的。Researchers say the next step is to find an easier way to administer the drug so it can be used in clinics and rural settings around the world.研究人员称,他们下一步要找到一种更简单的用药方法,以便世界各地的诊所和农村地区使用。Henry Ridgwell, for VOA news, London.VOA新闻,亨利·里奇维尔于伦敦为您播报。 Article/201706/513118福州男子结扎手术去那最好

福州人民医院做试管FLASH英语口语:Visiting Grandma in the Hospital 探望外婆 /200607/8479福州精子检查去哪好 So you decided to take the IELTS exam, great choice! It#39;s the test that was tried and trusted throughout the world.你决定考雅思了,真是明智的选择!雅思考试是被全世界广泛接受和参与的一项语言测试。The IELTS listening test is designed to assess your ability to understand spoken English.雅思听力测试的目的在于评估你理解英语口语的能力。The listening test is the same regardless of whether you#39;re taking the IELTS Academic or General Training Module.不论你参加的是学术类雅思考试,还是培训类雅思考试,听力部分的考题是一样的。These are key details of the IELTS listening test.雅思听力考试包括很多关键细节。The paper includes forty questions sp over four sections in thirty minutes.试卷共有四组考题,每组10题,考试时间30分钟。The sections get more difficult as you progress through the test.四部分考题的难度逐渐加深。You will only hear each passage once.每篇文章只放一遍。It#39;s vital you follow the instructions, for instance, if the question says write no more than three words, any answer with four words or more is automatically marked wrong.审题至关重要,如果题目要求你用最多三个词作答,那么任何四个词或以上的都算答错。At the end of the listening, you have ten minutes to transfer your answers to the answer sheet.听完所有文章后,你有十分钟的时间把誊到答题纸上。Write your answers carefully; spelling is important; capitalization however is not.书写时要认真细致;单词拼写会影响得分,采用大写或小写均可。There are no penalties for wrong answers, so attempt all the questions even if you#39;re not sure of the answer.不要怕答错,即使不确定是否正确,也不要留空不写。Here are some tips to help you prepare for the test.以下是一些帮助你备考的小技巧。You are given time to the questions ahead of listening.在听录音之前会给你时间读题。It#39;s vital you analyze the questions here.此时仔细分析问题至关重要。Look for key words in the question, usually the nouns or verbs, underline or circle them.寻找问题中的关键词,通常是名词或动词,把他们标记出来。Make sure you know the type of answers needed, for instance, is it a name, a telephone number, an adjective?自己要知道是什么类型的,比如说,应该是个名字,一个电话号码,还是一个形容词?Try to predict as much as you can before you listen.在听录音之前尽你所能地预测问题。Ask yourself: What is the situation? What is the topic? Who might be speaking? What might be the answers?问问自己:这个对话发生在什么情景下?话题是什么?说话的可能是谁?可能是哪个?等等。Synonyms are important, there is often a word in a question and a different word with a similar meaning in the listening.同义词要留神,录音中往往有个词的意思和问题中的某个词相近。Expect tricks. The speaker may try to confuse you, for example, they may give an answer and then change their decision.对于欺骗性要有所准备。说话的人可能故意误导你,比如他们可能会给出一个,接着却改了主意。Also be wary of negatives.同时要留意否定词。Speakers might sometimes slip the word ;not; into a sentence, don#39;t choose in answer just because you hear specific words.讲话者有时候会丢一个表示否定的“not”在句子里,不要只是听到中的几个词就盲目选择。Considering the overall meaning carefully.仔细揣上下文的整体意思。Changes in the tone of voice can indicate this, for example, #39;excitement#39; or #39;disappointment#39;.语气变化也可以做为提示,比如(兴奋地说)‘excitement’和(失落地说)#39;disappointment#39;。Always have the next question in mind.要时刻留意下一个问题。It#39;s easy to miss several answers if all of your focus is on one question.要是你把所有注意都集中在一个问题上,很容易错过很多问题的。It#39;s important to practice listening to a range of resources that might include television, films, radio, lectures or online s.用尽量丰富的资源去练习听力很重要,这些资源最好是来自电视节目、电影、广播、讲座或在线视频。Aim for a variety of sources of spoken english, particularly different accents.寻找尽可能多的听力资源,最好涵盖不同的英语方言。There is no substitute for practice.练习是无可取代的。For more information on IELTS please see our other s on speaking writing and ing.更多雅思信息请参考我们关于口语、写作的阅读的视频。 Article/201706/514199龙岩精液检查哪家医院最好

福州市中医院做复通术多少钱In this American English pronunciation , we#39;re going to go over how to pronounce the word AT in a sentence.I love reductions.在这节美式英语发音课上,我们将要学习句子中的单词“at”如何发音。我爱略读。As you probably know, there are lots of words in American English that will sound different in the context of a sentence then they do on their own.你们可能知道,美式英语里面面有很多单词,在句子中的发音和单独发音有所不同。AT is one of these words. On its own, it has the AA as in BAT vowel and the true T.At.(loop two times)“at”就是这样一个单词。单独发音时,它是“bat”中的aa元音和清音T。“at”(循环两次)But in a sentence, it will often reduce to the schwa vowel. The final T will either be a stop T or a flap T depending on the next sound.但是在一句话中,它经常略读为弱读音。而结尾的“t”则根据后面单词的发音来决定是停顿T还是闪音T。If the next sound is a consonant, then it will be a stop T.If the next sound is a vowel or a diphthong, then it will be a flap T.如果后面单词的首字母是辅音,则是停顿T。如果是元音或者双元音,则是闪音T。Let#39;s take a look at some sentence fragments.我们来看一些句子片段。First, at my(loop two times). The word after the word #39;at#39; begins with the M consonant. So the T here is a stop T.At (loop four times), at my(loop two times).首先,“at my”(循环两次)。单词“at”后面的词首字母是辅音M,因此这里是停顿T。“at”(循环四次),“at my”(循环两次)。At a(loop two times) The sound after the word #39;at#39; here is the schwa sound, a vowel. So the ending T will be a flap T.At a (loop four times).“at a”(循环两次)单词“at”后面的音是弱读元音,因此结尾是闪音T。“at a”(循环四次)Now let#39;s look at some full sentences.现在我们来看一些完整的句子。I#39;ll be at school. At(loop two times), the word after the word #39;at#39; here is #39;school#39;, beginning with a consonant, so the T will be a stop T.At school(loop two times). I#39;ll be at school.I#39;ll be at school. “at”(循环两次)这里单词“at”后面的词是“school”,开头是辅音,所以是停顿T。“at school”(循环两次)I#39;ll be at school.Also, are you noticing how fast the word is?As a function word, as a reduced word, it#39;s very fast: at (loop three times).另外,你有注意到这个单词的发音有多快吗?作为一个功能词和略读词,这个词发音很快,“at”(循环三次)This provides nice rhythmic contrast in the sentence to the stressed syllables.这就和句子中的重读音节形成了很鲜明的节奏比较。For example, at school (loop three times). They#39;re both one syllable, but the word #39;at#39;, much quicker than the word #39;school#39;. At school.例如,“at school”(循环三次)。这两个单词都只有一个音节,但是单词“at”比“school”的发音快很多。At school.I#39;ll be at her house. The next word, after the word “at”, is the word “her”. But I#39;m dropping the H to reduce that word, so the next sound is actually the schwa sound.I#39;ll be at her house. 单词“at”后面的单词是“her”,但是我省略了“h”来进行略读,所以下一个发音实际上是弱读元音。That means the T will be a flap T.At her(loop three times). I#39;ll be at her house.(loop two times)这意味着结尾是闪音T。“at her”(循环三次)。I#39;ll be at her house.(循环两次)I got it at the corner store. At the(loop two times). So the word after the word #39;at#39; begins with a consonant, therefore the T is a stop T.At the(loop two times). I got it at the corner store.I got it at the corner store. “at the”(循环两次)。单词“at”后面的首字母是辅音,因此结尾是停顿T。“at the”(循环两次)。I got it at the corner store.I#39;m going to be at Anna#39;s until 6. At Anna#39;s(loop two times). The next word begins with a vowel sound, so the T is a flap T.At Anna#39;s. I#39;m going to be at Anna#39;s until 6.I#39;m going to be at Anna#39;s until 6. “At Anna#39;s. ”(循环两次)。下一个单词以元音开头,所以T是闪音T。At Anna#39;s. I#39;m going to be at Anna#39;s until 6.I#39;m busy at the moment. At the(loop two times). Again, the next word, #39;the#39;, begins with a consonant, so it#39;s a stop T.At the(loop two times). I#39;m busy at the moment.I#39;m busy at the moment.“at the”(循环两次)下一个单词“the”开头是辅音,因此这里是停顿T。“at the”(循环两次)I#39;m busy at the moment.I hope you#39;ll notice when native speakers do this and start doing it yourself.我希望当母语者这样说时你能注意到并且你自己也开始这样说。Integrating the reduced #39;at#39; into your speech will help smooth out the line, and also add some nice rhythmic contrast to the longer, stressed syllables in a sentence.将略读“at”融入于你的讲话中将会使你的讲话更流利,并且和句子中长的重读音节形成节奏对比。 Article/201706/515050 TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201606/447628福州多囊治疗去那比较好福州试管生儿子最好的三甲医院



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