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中文名:佐伊·丹斯切尔 英文全名:Zooey Claire Deschanel   昵称:Zo   身高:1.68 m出生地:美国加州洛杉矶  生日:1980年1月日   星座: 羯座 67。

看电影学英语:Dreamgirls《追梦女郎精讲() -- :53: 来源:   影片对白  Curtis: A girl like you can get hurt out there if you ain't got somebody protecting you. Now, I'm here to do that you, baby. But you got to believe me. You got to trust in me. I ain't gonna disappoint you.  Deena: Come on, Effie? What do you say?  C.C.: Come on, Effie.  Effie: Well, Mr...  Curtis: Curtis Taylor, Jr.  Effie: Curtis Taylor, Jr., our manager, says we're singing behind Mr. Jimmy Early tonight!  Deena: Oh, baby, I love you!  Lorrell: This business sure has got a lot of ups and downs!  Host: Are you y the Thunder Man? Now, he's all the way down in the basement, and he ain't coming up unless he can hear you!  Marty: Let's hit it, boys. Showtime.  Jimmy: Hey, Marty, I said no mayonnaise, man. How many times I got to tell you? No mayonnaise on the chicken sandwich!  Marty: We got bigger problems, baby. I warned you to lay off the women that you work with. There's plenty other ladies out there.  Jimmy: Well, who got time to go out and find them, Marty? I'm always working, baby.  Marty: Yeah, 'cause Marty always keeps you working.  Jimmy: Hell, yeah. That's why I keep letting you give me the wrong sandwich. Let's go get this money now. Is everything set?  Marty: Yeah, Jimmy's down with the two girls.  Curtis: This is a group. It's either three or nothing.  Jimmy: Hey, man, who is this guy?  Curtis: My clients always work together.  Jimmy: I know you. Didn't you sell me my Cadillac?  Curtis: Yeah, yeah. In addition to my management company, I have a Cadillac dealership on Woodward Avenue.  Jimmy: Yeah, well, my kitty needs a tune-up. And Jimmy only works with two, baby.  Marty: Sorry, brother, it's two or nothing.  Jimmy: Those the girls right there? I think three is gonna work out just fine. Ladies! Ladies. Ladies, thank you so much. You're saving Jimmy's life. Thank you so much, ladies. I'm at your feet. You see that? I'm at your feet, baby. Thank you so much. And I'd do anything y'all. Anything. You hear what I'm saying? Anything. Exactly what would you like Jimmy to do you, baby?  妙语佳句,活学活用  1. Let's hit it  这一句就相当于汉语中的"走吧",意思是"let's go, or let's do it"Hit 是一个老美很喜欢用的词,表示"开始去做某事"例如摇滚乐团的主唱常会看看吉他手, 键盘手, 贝斯手准备好了没, 如果大家都准备好了的话, 他就会大喊一声:"Let's hit it."  . Lay off  这里的意思是"解雇",例如:When they lost the contract, they had to lay off a hundred workers.  这个表达法最初用来指"暂时性的解雇",在经济萧条的时期,公司会暂时性地解雇一些员工,等情况好转之后再聘用回来但90年代后随着经济规模的缩小,这个片语转指"永久性的解雇"  3. Work out  Work out 在这里指"suitable and go smoothly, prove effective or successful",例如:I wonder if their marriage will work out.  . Be at someone's feet  这个片语也写作sit at someone's feet,意思是"Be enchanted or fascinated by someone",当用来指被女性的魅力折时,有点像汉语中的"拜倒在……的石榴裙下",例如: Dozens of boys are at her feet. 学英语 看电影 女郎。

Born in Oygarden in south-western Norway, Dale Oen's career was ground-breaking Norwegian swimming, and his bronze medal at the short course championships was the first a Norwegian man in a world event.。

你比规定的时间晚了两个小时回家- :7:00 A:Do you know what time it is?你知道现在是几点吗?B:Um. Ten?嗯,十点?A:Get in this door young man. It’s midnight, you are two hours past curfew.进来,年轻人,现在是午夜,你已经超过规定的回家时间个小时了B:I know, but it wasn’t my fault! I told Jennifer she had to drop me off bee ten, but she wouldn’t leave the party!我知道,但这不是我的错,我告诉Jennifer必须在点前送我回来,但是她就是不肯离开晚会A:I don’t care! You are grounded life,mister!我才不管呢先生,你被限制自由了B:Mom! That is so unfair!妈妈,那不公平A:You know the rules and you broke them. No allowance and no TV a week. I usually never ground you but this time I have to put my foot down!你知道规则但是你破坏了规则一周不给零用钱,不许看电视我从未管过你,但是这次我必须果断行动B:What! being a couple of hours late? You have to be kidding!什么?就因为晚回来个小时?你一定在开玩笑A:I don’t want to hear it! Now go to your room!我不想听你说话回到你的房间去!。

周日去教堂做礼拜-1 :3:01 A:Wake up, Mary.玛丽,醒醒B:What is it? It's eight in the morning.有什事吗?现在才早上八点A:We're all going to church. Do you want to come?我们全家都要去教堂做礼拜要不要一起去?B:No. I'm not a religious person.不要我不是一个有宗教信仰的人A:Are you sure?你确定吗?B:Maybe next weekend. I went to bed too late last night.也许下个周末吧我昨晚很晚才上床睡觉A:Okay, then. We'll be back around noon.那,好吧我们大概是中午的时候回来B:Alright.好的。

学汉语的新方法- ::53 A:Are you ok, Chuck? You look pale.查克,你没事吧?你脸色看起来不太好.B:I'm fine, Katherine. I just stayed up late last night working on my Chinese.我没事,凯瑟琳,就是昨天晚上熬夜学汉语,很晚才睡.A:Oh, poor you. You know what? I found a new way to learn Chinese and it works very well.真可怜.你知道吗,我发现一个学汉语的新方法,还挺有效的呢.B:You did? Do tell me. I've spent all these months trying to learn something new about it, but I've made little progress!是吗?你可一定要告诉我我这几个月一直在学,可几乎什么都没学到.A:Sure. I'm learning Chinese through songs.当然可以啦,我的方法就是“唱歌学中文”B:So you're learning Chinese songs?那你就是在学中文歌啦?A:You can say that. I can actually sing some of them now.没错!我现在都会唱几首B:That's a real achievement. How did you do that?真了不起!你是怎么学会的A:I start by listening to the song a few times and after several times I am able to follow the singer.一开始,我先听听,几遍下来,我就能跟上节奏啦.B:It makes sense.挺有道理的A:It does. I've learned some Chinese folk songs this way. They are clearly presented and easy to follow.是啊我这么学了几首中国民歌,这些歌都唱得很清楚,很好学.B:Can I join you, Katherine? I do want to have a try.凯瑟琳,我照跟你一块儿吗?我也想试试这个方法.A:Why not? I downloaded a beautiful song the other day. We can learn it together now.当然.可以,几天前我下了首好听的歌,我们可以—块儿学.B:Great. Do you think we need a Chinese dictionary?太好了.我们要带本汉语字典吗?A:Yes, just in case we run into me new characters.带吧,要是我们遇上生字,可以查一查B:Ok. I will bring it with me.好的,我把我的字典带上.。

品牌英语口语00句():触动良心 --9 ::5 来源: 每天背句,你能坚持多久?1. Shall we go halves on this?我们分开付帐吧#9658;go halves 平分halves half的复数形式e.g. Never do things by halves. 凡事不可半途而废. Temperance is wholesome.生活节制有益健康3. She tried to bolster my morale.她想鼓励我#9658;来分别看一下bolster和morale这两个词bolster 作动词时,“持,撑,鼓励”,这里可以记个小词组:bolster up 持,援助,帮助,鼓舞morale n. 士气,信心,道德,风纪. Marry in haste, repent at leisure.结婚太早你就后悔去吧5. It seems to run in the family.好像是遗传#9658;run in the family 世代相传6. It’s just a passing fad.一时的时尚而已7. The man was absolutely certifiable.他肯定是个精神病8. It pricked my conscience.这事触动了我的良心9. We’ll pay you up front.我们会预先付款#9658;up front 在前面;提前,预先(付、付款);坦率地挤时间的小诀窍中就建议大家每天将最难的工作放到最前面来做Do the hard work up front.. I wasn’t talking about sex. You’ve got a one-track mind.我不是指那方面你脑子里怎么竟是男女之事?#9658;a one-track mind 脑子里光想着一件事;死心眼儿,狭隘而固执的思路. 英语口语。

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活Are you happy?你快乐吗?Would you rate your health and well-being as above average? You dont have to be a perfect - anything from 6 on up means youre ahead of the game. If youre comparing yourself to others,make sure it a fair comparison. A 60-year-old cant rate his health as above average if his standard is the way he felt when he was . 你是否认为自己的身体状况高于大众平均值?不必是满满的分,只要6分以上都说明你领先于他人如果你拿自己与他人比较,请确保其公平性一个60岁的老人的身体状况不可能高于平均值,如果他的标准自己岁时的状态 Do you often find yourself feeling content? Being content means youre comtable with where you are at this moment in life and you have no burning desire to make a change. Life is good and you want to savor it. 你是否经常感到满足?满足是指你对自己的现状感到非常舒,没有急切地想改变现状的想法生活很美好并且你想慢慢品位【知识点讲解】ahead of 在 ... 前面; 先于adv. 在 ... 前面例句:A still better tomorrow lies ahead of you.展现在你们前面的是更加美好的未来The young man walked at the head of the parade.那年轻人走在游行队伍最前面make sure 弄明白; 设法确保例句:Make sure you all the small print bee signing.一定要先看清小号字体印刷部分再签字I think the door locked, but Id better go and make sure (it is).我想门已经锁了,但我最好还是去查看一下更多详情敬请关注新浪微:安夏Ukki 微信公众号: (安夏01)anxia01[本节目属] 87。

组织很棒的婴儿送礼会- :: A:Thank you organizing this great baby shower me! I’ve always been to baby showers but never actually had one held me! Let’s get started!谢谢你们为我组织这个很棒的婴儿送礼会我一直参加别人的婴儿送礼会,但从未为我组织过现在我们就开始吧.B:Ok, let’s start opening some presents!我们来打开礼物吧A:Oh look! What a great little bib the baby! This will definitely come in handy! Oh wow, you also got me a stroller! That’s so great! Thank you!看看,这是多适合婴儿戴的围兜啊这迟早会派上用场,天哪你还给我买了折叠式婴儿车.太棒了,谢谢你B:This next one is from Betty.下一个礼物是Betty送的A:A highchair and car seat! Wow Betty,thank you so much! I really appreciate it!一个高脚椅和汽车坐垫Betty太谢谢你了我真的十分感激B:One more from Carla.Carla送的礼物A:A playpen and crib! Thanks Carla! This is just what I needed!婴儿用围栏和小儿床,谢谢Carla,那正是我需要的B:OK, that’s all of them. No more gifts. Now who wants to guess when the baby is due?所有礼物都在这儿了现在谁想猜猜婴儿的预产期?A:Umm. I think my water just broke! Get me to a hospital!恩,我想我的羊水刚刚破了,送我去医院吧。