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It's my please to write this column about international students at an American business school, from the perspective of an American. Though Yale, and all other top schools, focus on granting a 'global' MBA experience, the style of instruction, the classroom environment, and the nuances of school culture are very much American. In speaking to my classmates who come from other countries, particularly China, it seems that three key pillars of the U.S. education experience actually come as a major culture shock: loud and often boisterous in-class discussion; the reliance on teamwork to complete tasks; and the unofficial importance of socializing to build a network within the class. For someone who has grown up in the American school system, conforming to these three attributes happens almost subconsciously, and thinking that others may find them surprising or difficult to tackle reveals the unintended limits of my own world view. Let's take each one in turn.我很荣幸能有机会从一个美国人的角度来谈谈我们身边的国际同学。与其他众多顶级商学院一样,耶鲁管院一直强调打造“全球化”MBA项目,但是我不得不承认,其教学风格、课堂氛围到校园文化的诸多细节却非常“美国化”。在平日里与国际学生尤其是中国同学的交流中,我发现他们面临的文化冲击主要来自三个方面:“过分热闹”的课堂教学风格、团队合作的学习方式以及极为重要又略显微妙的同学间社交关系网络。对于我们这些在美国土生土长的学生,校园文化一脉相承,商学院无非是强度略有加大而已,所以这种过渡在不经意间就自然完成了。坦白地说,我从不曾想到这些在我们看来再平常不过的事情,对远道而来的国际同学会是此等挑战。下面我们就来一一讨论。 /201005/103978

More than a century ago, the Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy wrote, Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.The words have become immortalized, and the unhappy story of Anna Karenina is considered one of the greatest novels ever written. Recently, however, psychologists and sociologists are starting to question the observation.I think Tolstoy was totally wrong, said John Gottman, a professor of psychology at the University of Washington in Seattle. Unhappy families are really similar to one another - there's much more variability among happy families.Gottman and others are trying to understand why as many as one in two marriages end in divorce, and why so many couples seem to fall out of love and break apart.Some of the most revealing answers, it turns out, come from the couples who stay together.While conventional wisdom holds that conflicts in a relationship slowly erode the bonds that hold partners together, couples who are happy in the long term turn out to have plenty of conflicts, too. Fights and disagreements are apparently intrinsic to all relationships--couples who stay together over the long haul are those who don't let the fighting contaminate the other parts of the relationship, experts say.Why do people get married in the first place? asked Thomas Bradbury, a professor of psychology at the University of California at Los Angeles. To have someone to listen to--to have a friend, to share life's ups and downs. We want to try to draw attention to what's valuable in their relationship.  Researchers are finding that it is those other parts of relationships--the positive factors--that are potent predictors of whether couples feel committed to relationships, and whether they weather storms and stick together. As long as those factors are intact, conflicts don't drive people apart.What we've discovered is surprising and contrary to what most people think, said Gottman, the author of The Mathematics of Marriage. Most books say it's important for couples to fight fair - but 69 percent of all marital conflicts never get resolved because they are about personality differences between couples. What's critical is not whether they resolve conflicts but whether they can cope with them.  Every couple has irreconcilable differences, agreed Diane Sollee, the founder of www.smartmarriages.com , a Web site devoted to teaching couples the skills to improve their relationships. She explained that such differences ought to be managed, instead of being grounds for separations, split-ups and divorce.Almost 90 percent of Americans marry at some point in their lives. An overwhelming number of those who get divorced marry a second time, meaning that although they may have lost faith in a partner, they have not lost faith in the promise of the institution. At the same time, changing social mores and expectations have placed stresses on long-term relationships. Two-income couples juggle demanding jobs, and professional advancement can sometimes detract from family and intimate relationships.Simultaneously, the rising number of women in the work force has given women the economic security to leave unhappy relationships, the sexual revolution has made sex before and outside marriage common, and the destigmatization of divorce has contributed to the phenomenon of serial monogamy.Despite these pressures and temptations, most Americans still seek lifelong soul mates--and expectations from love and marriages have never been higher.The juxtaposition of high expectations with the stress and cycles of relationships appears to be an important reason why many relationships don't work, said Ted Huston, a professor of human ecology and psychology at the University of Texas at Austin, who tracked 168 couples over 13 and a half years  Huston found that changes in the first two years of marriage often predicted the outcome of relationships. Almost half of divorces occur within the first seven years of marriage, according to national census data, and many of these early exiters report a decline in bliss right after marriage.When you look at them as newly-weds, they look like they are mutually enchanted and deeply in love and a prototype of your perfectly wed couple--they hug, kiss, say 'I love you' all the time, he said. Two years later - they've lost a lot of that romance. They think, 'We once had this great romance, and now we don't.'  People have this fairly unrealistic idea: 'I have got to have bliss and it's got to stay or this is not going to work,' he said. at some level, you don't need the bliss. The Hollywood romance may not be the prelude to a long-term happy marriage.Couples who were happy over the long term reported being content at the start of relationships and still content two years later. Some of these couples told Huston, 'I wasn't sure I was in love because I didn't have the tingly feelings you are supposed to have,' he said. They worried their feelings were positive but not intense. /200812/59290

SITTARIUS The Sagittarian is seen as being natural, energetic and vivacious. You are drawn to the fresh uncomplicated fragrances. Using perfumes with lightness and clarity will underline your infectious personality. The fragrance to suit your Sagittarian qualities is Chanel射手:一个崇尚自由、精力旺盛和充满活力的星座,你往往喜欢简单清新的香水。清亮透明的香水最能将你的个性展现地淋漓尽致。Chanel当是你理想的选择。 /201208/194980

  Most women will have the occasional moan about the length of their legs, the size of their waist or the shape of their bottom.多数女性都会偶尔叹息自己的腿不够长,腰不够细,或臀部不够丰满挺翘。But it seems Pippa Middleton and her peers might find less to grumble about than most – this year, at least.但皮帕#8226;米德尔顿和她的同龄人与多数人相比却似乎很少抱怨——至少今年是这样。Women feel their sexiest at the age of 28, according to a survey.据一项调查显示,女人在28岁的时候觉得自己最性感。Miss Middleton, millionairess Tamara Ecclestone and actress Mila Kunis are all at the magic age for embracing their sex appeal, according to the research.该调查称,米德尔顿、超级富婆塔玛拉#8226;埃克尔斯通和女演员米拉#8226;库尼丝都处于正散发着性感魅力的奇妙年龄。Although they may feel most sexy at 28, a woman’s confidence doesn`t peak until she is 32 - with supportive friends and family acting as the biggest boost to their self-belief.也许女人觉得自己在28岁的时候最性感,但她们的自信通常到32岁时才会达到顶峰——持她们的朋友和家人会最大程度地提升她们的自信心。The findings come from a new study by Lil-Lets which focused on British women’s attitudes towards being female.该发现来自英国研究机构Lil-Lets的一项新研究。这一机构主要研究英国女性身为女人的心态。Researchers found that most women are happy with the shape of their bum and boobs and the size of their hips and waist.研究人员发现多数女性都对自己的臀型、胸型和腰臀尺寸感到满意。In fact, three quarters of British women said they would not change their body shape if they were given the opportunity.实际上,四分之三的英国女性都表示即便有机会也不会去刻意改变自己的体形。The body part women are most proud of is their eyes, with 23 percent feeling that they are their best physical attribute. Twenty percent opted for their breast, with brains coming in third (13 percent).女人们最引以为傲的部位是她们的眼睛,有23%的女性认为眼睛是她们最好看的身体特征。20%的女性更欣赏自己的胸部,排在第三位的是头脑(13%)。When asked which part of themselves they would change if they had to, 41 percent of women said they`d like to have longer, slimmer legs.当被问到如果一定要改变自己身体的某一部位她们会如何选择时,41%的女性说她们想拥有更修长更苗条的双腿。And the aspects of womanhood which they enjoyed the most were getting dressed up, wearing heels and doing their hair and make-up.而身为女人她们最喜欢做的事就是打扮自己、穿高跟鞋、做头发和化妆。Although they may feel most sexy at 28, women’s confidence peaks at 32 - with supportive friends and family the biggest boost to their ego.尽管她们可能觉得自己在28岁时最性感,但她们的自信通常到32岁才会达到顶峰——持她们的朋友和家人是她们自信起来的最大动力。A fifth of those surveyed wished they could be more confident around men while the biggest reason for broken confidence was being dumped by a partner.五分之一接受调查的女性希望她们能在男人面前更自信,而女性自信心崩溃最常见的原因就是被男友甩掉。 /201207/192474

  花色:suit  红桃:hearts 黑桃:spades 方块:diamonds 草花:clubs  将牌的花色(就是主牌):trump suit  例:What's the trump suit now? 现在什么是主?  主牌:trump  I only had three trumps last round. 上一盘我才有三张主。  调主:draw trumps  对子:pair    三个头,四个头:three of a kind, four of a kind  天绝:void (例:void in spades,天绝黑桃)  庄家埋完牌,手上如果没花色了也用这个词,动词方式:She must have voided all her hearts. 她一定把红桃全埋掉了。  毙:trump  用更高的主牌去毙较低的主牌:overtrump  如果对家用很高的主牌毙了,可又没别的牌好跑,只好出个小主:undertrump  大:high ;小:low  例:high trump 就是比较大的主,low diamond 就是比较小的方块  跑副牌:discard  出一圈牌(名词):a trick  例句:One game of bridge has 13 tricks. 一盘桥牌要出13圈牌。  Who won the last trick? 刚刚那圈牌是谁赢的?  底牌:kitty  庄家:house  埋:bury (例:你埋分了吗?Did you bury any points?)  甩:throw  造反:revolt /200911/89398。

  Step one:Plant yourself deep in a bed of faith, and pack it down solid and tight. Drench daily with positive thinking, and keep saturated just right. Mulch often with forgivenss, for this will help you grow. Quickly remove any seeds of worry, for they will soon germinate, and keep out the weeds of despair. Nourish disappointments with hope whenever it is neeeded, and always stay cool and shaded when you feel irritated or heated. Trim away guilt or depression, for they create decay, and cultivate with happy memories as often as every day.步骤一:把自己紧紧牢牢地埋在“信念”的土壤里。每天浇灌以“积极”的思想,并始终保持湿润。经常以“宽容”来护根,这样有利于幸福的幼苗成长。一旦发现忧虑的种子,及时除掉,否则它们很快就生根发芽,同时也将绝望消灭在萌芽状态。在必要时,用希望来滋养失望;烦躁不安的时候,保持冷静。修剪枝叶,修剪去愧疚和沮丧,否则很快出现衰枝败叶。每天用“幸福回忆”细心照料幼苗。Step two:Harvest the lessons of the past; just dig, pick, and hoe. And nurture the roots of the present, for now is when you flourish and grow. Start planting for the future; set your goals in a row. Spade the bed well for all your dreams to grow.步骤二:挖掘、收割、筛选,从“过往”收获经验。精心照料“此时此刻”的根茎,因为这正是旺盛生长的时期。有所计划与目标,着手种植“明天”。翻掘一下泥土,为育明天的梦想做好准备。Step three:Remember that grief is a natural predator, so learn to tolerate some damage. Protect your garden with daily prayers, for this will help you manage. Bury the criticism and complaining, for they are injurious pests. Sow the seed of love wherever you may go--for joy, love, and laughter are surely bound to grow. Although the thorns of life may be here to stay, just sprout a smile along the way...and be thankful for what you have today!步骤三:记住,“不幸”是天生的肉食动物,明白它们带来的伤害在所难免,你就会对不完美多一份理解和宽容。每天“祈祷”,保护你的花园,这有利于掌控。将 “批评”与“埋怨”这些害虫掩埋起来。将“爱”的种子播散到你足迹所至的每个角落,“欢乐”、“爱”和“微笑”就会生机无限地发育成长。哪怕生命“荆棘” 满途,也要在一旁种上微笑的芽苗……不管一切如何,为今天你所拥有的全部心存感激吧! /201108/147138

  The Supremes once sang "You can't hurry love." As it turns out, scientists have determined it's not advisable to hurry marriage either. Get the scoop on the best age to be wed.   正如一首名为《至高无上》的歌曲中曾经唱到的:“你不能爱得太急。”科学家们也同样建议,结婚也不可以操之过急。现在,让我们对应该何时结婚来探个究竟吧。   We doubt you were shocked when Avril Lavigne announced she was splitting from her husband of three years. But while it's tempting to assume the cause was her brattypersona or rocker lifestyle, comments from her friends suggested that something more universal was at play: She was only 21 when she tied the knot and later told pals that she realized she'd been too young to make such a life-altering decision. Could fellow young celebrity divorceés Reese Witherspoon, Kate Hudson, and Britney Spears have also hit the same age-related issue?  当艾薇儿宣布与她结婚了3年的丈夫离婚时,你一定感到非常震惊。于是大家纷纷猜测其中的原因,或许是由于她令人讨厌性格,或许是由于她那种摇滚式的生活。然而,来自于她的朋友们的却暗示了一个非常普通的原因:当年艾薇儿结婚时才只不过21岁,后来她曾跟她们说过,她意识到自己还太年轻,不应该就这样做出一个会改变一生的决定。同样,像瑞茜威瑟斯彭、凯特哈德森以及布兰妮斯皮尔斯等这些离了婚的名人,会不会也是由于年龄的问题?  The Magic Number  There are practical reasons for the mid-20s dividing line, and most of them boil down to two biggies: education and money. Turns out, the more years of higher education a woman has under her belt on her wedding day, the lower the chances that she'll get divorced ... and by 25, you're more likely to have earned a degree or two. "Educated women tend to be more confident about who they are and less willing to settle for a man who doesn't meet their standards," explains Terri Orbuch, Ph.D., author of Five Simple Steps to Take Your Marriage From Good to Great.  神奇的数字  以25岁作为一个结婚的分水岭是有一定的现实理由的,这些理由的绝大部分都可以归结于两大因素:受教育程度和金钱。其结论是,一个女人受到高等教育的年数越多,其离婚的可能性就越低。到了25的时候,你很可能已经获得了1个或者2个学位了。《5个步骤使你的婚姻从良好走向完美》一书的作者特里奥布奇士说:“受过良好教育的女人往往更了解自己需要什么,所以不会选择那些不符合自己标准的男人。”  Odds are that by 25 you're also supporting yourself, so there's less incentive for you to rush into marriage because you're seeking financial security from him.But the marriage-related benefits of working and having money of your own go beyond feeling secure, says Pepper Schwartz, Ph.D., author of Finding Your Perfect Match. Learning to budget your cash carefully when you're single will help you avoid financial problems — one of the main causes of couple fights — for the rest of your life. And juggling responsibilities, dealing with differing personalities, and resolving conflicts on the job force you to develop skills that are necessary for maintaining long-term love.  这也可能是,等到了25岁,你便可以养活自己了,所以也就不急着需要一个婚姻里去寻求男人在经济上给予的保障。但是,《找到你的完美婚姻》一书的作者派帕施瓦辛格士说,与婚姻有关的好处,比如工作和自己赚到的钱,会超越这种感觉上的保障。当你还是单身的时候,给自己的消费做好预算,能够避免你今后的生活出现经济问题,而这也是夫妻双方出现争吵的最主要原因。至于逃避责任,与各种不同性格的人打交道,处理工作上的矛盾等事情,都会迫使你培养出那些为维持一段长期婚姻所需要的技能。  Knowing the Real You  At 25, you've had time for some crucial life experiences, including a relationship or two that may have improved your Mr. Right radar. "You've probably dated enough to have a better idea of what you don't want in a man, which makes it easier to know what you can live with and can't live without," says Orbuch.  认识真正的你  到了25岁,你就有时间去做一些很重要生活体验,包括一两次恋爱,这会有助于你更好的去寻找自己真正的另一半。奥布奇还说,“你很可能在约会了很多次以后,就会知道自己不喜欢什么样的男人,这会使你更容易的知道什么样的人是你的唯一。”  Perhaps the most important aspect of waiting is that you'll know what your goals and values really are, says Paul Coleman, Psy.D., author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Intimacy. While you don't want to marry someone just like you, marriage is a lot easier if you two share a similar outlook on life.  《完整的白痴指南》一书的作者,哲学士保罗卡尔曼说,或许等一等再结婚最重要的理由是你会知道你真正的目标和价值观是什么。当你不想与一个跟你一样的人结婚的时候,跟一个与你有着相同观点的人结婚就会变得很容易。  Twenty-four and aly married to the man of your dreams? Don't worry: Many young marriages survive. But given the choice, you might consider putting off the big day until your mid-20s or later.  你是不是已经24岁并且嫁给心中的白马王子了?如果是这样也用不着担心:很多年轻的婚姻照样能够白头偕老。如果再给你一次选择的机会,你或许可以考虑一下把自己的终身大事推迟到25岁以后。 /201005/103308Seemingly harmless habits can affect what size you'll be five or 10 years from now. Peek into your future with our quiz. Then use this cheat sheet to target the most effective ways to make a difference. Want to see how you’re doing? 一些看似无害的习惯可能会影响到你未来5年到10年的体形。如果想为你的未来好好打算,那就来看看我的小窍门。有效运用这些窍门能够使你的未来有所不同。想知道现在的生活习惯对自己有什么影响吗?  Improve your eating 改善饮食习惯  Write off weight.  To lower BMI, keep a food journal. Jotting down all bites is the top predictor of weight loss.  饮食记录  如果想有效地减轻体重,那就做一下饮食记录。把你吃的每一口东西都记下来,然后计算自己的体重是不是会增加。 /201108/150289A little arguing now and then is good for you, if done for the right reasons, a new study suggests.  最新研究发现,时不时地以正当理由小吵小闹,对你的身体有好处。  The results show when people experience tension with someone else, whether their boss, spouse, or child, sidestepping confrontation could be bad for their health. Avoiding conflict was associated with more symptoms of physical problems the next day than was actually engaging in an argument.  结果显示,无论是和老板、配偶还是和孩子关系紧张,退而忍让对健康不利。与正面产生冲突相比,委曲求全会在次日产生更多健康问题的征兆。  Previous research has shown married couples who avoid arguments are more likely to die earlier than their expressive counterparts. Another study found that expressing anger contributes to a sense of control and optimism that doesn't exist in people who respond in a fearful manner.  此前已经有研究表明,避免正面冲突的夫妇比擅于发泄的夫妇有可能去世更早。而另外一项研究则发现表达愤怒有助于可控制感和积极情绪的建立。而这些在以恐惧方式应对冲突的人身上并不存在。 /201008/111698

  Women wearing skirt suits are viewed as more successful than those wearing trouser suits favoured by powerful women such as Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel, scientists have found. 社会学家发现:穿裙子的女性要比喜欢穿裤子套装的女性,比如Hillary Clinton 和Angela Merkel 看起来更成功。 They are seen as the uniform of the high-flying career businesswoman, but it seems trouser suits are not the best way to make a good first impression. 裤装看起来似乎是对于职场女强人的职业套装,但是似乎裤装有时候并不能给人一个很好的第一印象。 Research has revealed women who wear skirts and jackets are viewed as more confident, higher-earning and more flexible than those opting for a trouser suit. 调查发现,相对于穿裤装来说,穿裙子和短上衣的女性看起来更加自信,收入更高也更加可靠。 Scientists also found that opinions of others, based purely on the clothes they are wearing, are formed within seconds of first meeting. 社会学家还发现,基于人们所穿的衣,别人在第一次见面时,几秒钟之内就会形成一个印象。 So while trouser suits – favoured by powerful women such as US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and German chancellor Angela Merkel – are associated with ambition and success, a skirt suit gives a more positive first impression. 所以当想美国国务秘书Hillary Clinton以及德国司法官Angela Merkel等职场女强人喜欢裤装示人,并以因此使人联想到强势和成功时,裙装则更容易给人一个更加正面的第一印象。 Professor Karen Pine, who co-led the research at the department of psychology at the University of Hertfordshire, said: "We make very rapid judgements about people within the first few seconds of meeting them based on their clothing. 参加调研的Hertfordshire大学教授Karen Pine说:我们通常在第一次见面的前几秒之内就会给对方一个快速的判断,而这个判断就是基于他们所穿的衣。 "It was surprising that the skirt suit elicited more favourable attributes than the trouser suit as other studies have suggested that women who dress in a more masculine style were perceived as having greater professional status. 真是出人意料——穿裙装会得到更多的认同,而不是像之前其他的研究所建议的,在职场中,穿着更加男性化的女人更加职业。 "What we found suggests women can still dress in a feminine way yet still be perceived as confident and successful. The skirt suit seems to balance professionalism with attractiveness." 我们的调查发现:女人可以穿着女性化的装,这也表达了一种自信和成功。裙装似乎是职业和吸引力的一种平衡。 Researchers showed 306 volunteers a series of pictures of a man or a woman wearing suits for three seconds before asking them to rate them on a number of personality traits. 调查有306名志愿者,向展示了一系列的男人或女人穿套装的图片,并紧跟着让他们回答关于照片上人的个人品质的一系列的问题。 The facial features of the man and woman in the pictures had been obscured so the volunteers were only making judgements about what they were wearing. 照片里的人的社会特征被掩盖住了,所以志愿者们只能根据他们的穿着进行判断。 They were also shown the images individually so they could not compare the suits side by side. 照片时单独展示的,所以志愿者们不能放在一起进行对比。 The woman was rated more confident and having a higher salary and better flexibility when she was wearing skirt suits. 调查结果就是穿裙装的女人看起更自信,收入更高,并且更加可靠。 Brenda Polen, director of programmes at London College of Fashion, said: "Trousers are traditionally the uniform of power because men wear it. 伦敦大学时装学院的Brenda Polen,也就是本项目的发起者说:裤装是传统的职业装,因为男人就是这么穿的。 "This could be more about fashion as we have had two decades where the trouser suit has not had a significant role to play in fashion. 这可能会带起新的时尚潮流,因为在过去二十几年里裤装在时尚里一直没有一个举足轻重的角色。 "Women wear trousers at the weekend and for leisure so the skirt suit has become far more associated with successful women. Heels also look a lot better with pencil skirts than with trousers flapping around them." 女人会在周末休闲的时候穿裤装,所以裙装与成功女士的联系更加密切了。高跟鞋配铅笔裙也要比配罩在四周的裤子好看的。 Among men, wearing made-to-measure bespoke suits were rated as having better personality traits than those wearing good quality off-the-peg suits bought from a major high street retailer. 对男人来说,穿定制装要比穿在装店里买的高档成品衣要看起来更有个人魅力。 Although the suits were made from the same material, men wearing the bespoke suits were regarded as being more confident, more successful, having a better salary and a more flexible personality than those wearing the high street suit. 即使面料相同,穿定制衣的男人比穿高档成品衣要看起来更加的自信,成功,收入高以及有更加可靠的个人品质。 Professor Pine added: "We seem to make these judgements very instinctively and rapidly. 教授Pine补充道:我们似乎是凭着直觉很迅速的就做出了那些判断。 "The man was rated as a higher salary earner when wearing the bespoke suit. People are influenced by subtle features such as the cut of a suit and it has a powerful impact on judgments of personality and professional status." 穿定制装的人被认为是高收入者。人们被类似于衣飞剪裁这样微小的特征影响着,并且更深的影响着于判断一个人的品质和职业状况。回帖话题:What's your opinion about the passage? /201109/154396Peugeot PantsIf you can't afford a Peugeot, just buy the pants! 标致汽车(Peugeot)裤子如果买不起标致汽车,那就买条裤子吧。 /201104/131275


  Obama's election voted top news story of 2008The epic election that made Barack Obama the first African-American president was the top news story of 2008 — followed closely by the economic meltdown that will test his leadership, according to US editors and news directors voting in The Associated Press' annual poll.The campaign, with subplots emerging throughout the year, received 100 first-place votes out of 155 ballots cast for the top 10 stories. Two other political sagas — the history-making candidacies of Hillary Rodham Clinton and Sarah Palin — also made the list.The vast economic crisis, plunging the US into recession and ravaging many business sectors worldwide, was the No. 2 story, receiving 49 first-place votes. The precipitous rise and fall of oil prices was No. 3.The top story of 2007 was the massacre of 32 people at Virginia Tech University by a mentally disturbed student gunman.Here are 2008's top 10 stories, as voted by AP members:_1. US ELECTION: Obama emerged from Election Night as a decisive victor and a symbol for the world of America's democratic promise._2. ECONOMIC MELTDOWN: It was the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, and will cost the federal government well over trillion in various rescue and stimulus packages._3. OIL PRICES: The price of crude soared as high as 0 a barrel in July before crashing to this month. In the U.S., the average price for a gallon of regular gas peaked at .11, then plunged below .70._4. IRAQ: The much-debated "surge" of US troops helped reduce violence after more than five years of war, but Iraq is still buffeted daily by bombings, ambushes, kidnappings and political uncertainty. A newly ratified U.S.-Iraqi security agreement sets a timetable for U.S. troop withdrawal by 2012._5. BEIJING OLYMPICS: China hosted the Olympics for first time, drawing praise for logistical mastery. The games themselves were rated a success, highlighted by the record-shattering performances of swimmer Michael Phelps and sprinter Usain Bolt._6. CHINESE EARTHQUAKE: A huge quake in May killed 70,000 people in Sichuan province._7. SARAH PALIN: Few Americans outside Alaska knew much about its governor when Republican John McCain picked her as his running mate._8. MUMBAI TERRORISM: Ten attackers allegedly sponsored by a Pakistan-based Islamic group terrorized India's financial capital in November, killing 164 people in coordinated attacks on hotels, markets and a train station.._9. HILLARY CLINTON: She didn't win, but Clinton came closer than any other woman in US history to becoming a major party's presidential nominee._10. RUSSIA-GEORGIA WAR: The two nations waged a five-day war in August ignited by a Georgian artillery barrage on the breakaway region of South. /200812/59534。

  I don#39;t like to judge or talk poorly about people and I sincerely believe that EVERY single person possesses at least 3 wonderful qualities.我不喜欢评价别人或者说别人的坏话,我由衷地相信,每个人都至少具有3条极佳的品质。In fact, it is a game I sometimes play when I get really frustrated with someone. While I am huffing and puffing, I try to find 3 positive qualities about the person, who has pushed my buttons. Not always an easy task, but 3 good qualities is a realistic number.实际上,这是当我确认因某人而抓狂时有时会做的一个游戏。当我要大发雷霆时,我努力去寻找惹我生气的这个人的3条积极的品质。这并不总是一件容易的事,但是3条好品质的确是现实存在的。So where were we… Oh, yes – people that make our life harder. Not because they are bad people, but because they do certain things that may demotivate us, hurt our feelings or rub our ego the wrong way. Ultimately, it is not their problem but ours.好吧,我们说到哪里了……哦,对,生活中令我们抓狂的人。这不是因为他们是坏人,而是因为他们做的某些事可能会让我们失去动力、伤害我们的感情或者磨灭了我们的自我意识。归根结底,这不是他们的问题,而是我们自己的问题。So here is what we can do to avoid unnecessary conflicts, stress and hard feelings.因此,做到以下几点可以让我们避免不必要的冲突、压力和怨气。1.Teachers that suggest that we might not be talented enough to do something1.暗示我们没天分做不好某事的老师Years ago psychologists did a classroom experiment. A group of children were randomly divided into two classes. The teachers were told that the students in first class were high achievers that should do well. The second class was labeled as ;underachievers; who needed special help.几年前心理学家做了一个课堂实验。一群孩子被随机分成两个班。老师们被告知:第一个班里的学生是优等生,会表现很好。第二个班的学生则被打上标签:需要特殊帮助的;差等生;。At the beginning of the year there was no difference between the two groups of children in terms of ability. However, by the end of the school year the class that was labeled ‘high-achievers#39; did better than average work, while the class of so-called ;underachievers; not only scored poorly, but they were less liked by their teacher.在学年初,两个班的孩子在能力方面并没有表现出什么不同。然而,到了学年末,被认为是;优等生;的班级成绩要出色得多,然而所谓的;差等生;的班级不仅考试分数很低,也不怎么受老师喜欢。It turned out that people unconsciously create situations that encourage expected behavior. If our expectations of a person are negative, we actually encourage them to behave negatively.结果表明,人们无意中创造了一些激励预期行为的环境。如果我们对一个人的期望是消极的,我们真的会导致他们去做一些消极的事情。What to do about it:如何应对:If you want to change someone else#39;s behavior, change your expectations about this person. Expect better from people, treat them accordingly and sooner or later they will begin to act that way.如果你想改变别人的行为,那就改变你对此人的期望。对人们期望得更好,并相应地去对待他们,迟早他们会开始如你所愿去做的。2.Bosses that ask ;Would you do me a favor?; 5 minutes before you have to leave the office2.在离下班5分钟时问你;能否帮个忙;的上司It is easy to suspect that these people are actually making our life harder on purpose. But for the sake of your own peace of mind, it is better not to let these thoughts get you all worked up.我们很容易就怀疑,这些人实际上在故意地为难你。但是为了你自己内心的安宁,最好不要让这些想法把你激怒。What to do about it:如何应对:Well, there is always a polite way to say ;no; and offer a constructive solution. However, if you feel that the project is urgent, take the initiative to help your team or your company out. It#39;s give and take.好吧,总有一种礼貌的方式来说;不;,然后提出一个有建设性的解决方法。然而,如果你感到这个项目比较紧急,那么就积极主动地帮助你的团队或者公司。互相迁就一下。Today you will stay after work to finish the project and next time your boss may be equally understanding if you have to leave work early.今天你在下班后留下来完成项目。下一次,如果你不得不提前下班,你的老板或许也会同样理解你并做出让步。3.Mean old ladies3.刻薄的老太太There is always a reason why an old lady gives you a stern look – you are being too loud, you are dressed inappropriately, you are not crossing the street in the right place. Sometimes it can be endearing, but if you are aly having a bad day, a mean old lady can drive you to the edge of frustration.老太太严厉地看着你,必定会有一个原因:你说话声音太大了,你的穿着不得体,你没有在正确的地方过马路。有时这也挺讨人喜欢的,但是如果你心情已经很糟糕了,那么一个刻薄的老太太会把你逼到崩溃的边缘。What to do about it:如何应对:I#39;ve come to realize that when people initiate conflicts, it is actually an expression of their inner state expressed externally. You, your personality, your looks or your actions have nothing to do with it. It is not personal, so why take it personally?我渐渐意识到,每当人们激起矛盾,这实际上是一种将内在状态外化的表现。你、你的个性、你的外貌还有你的行为与此无关。这并不是关乎某个人的事情,所以为什么认为这是针对你的呢? /201208/193265

  1。如果只是遇见,不能停留,不如不遇见。   If we can only encounter each other rather than stay with each other,then I wish we had never encountered. /200909/84991

  1.What the *** is going on?(到底他母亲的怎么回事?)           通常此话出于黑人之口,且口气最宜为疑惑,不解,愤怒等等。           若是白人则多数时候会说-What the hell is going on?           意义相同而适用于更多场合。           说此话之人身份通常为上级,且相处较久。           不过如果你出差回家时看见老婆身边躺着个赤条条的陌生人,那它可就    派上大用场了!     2.You son of A *! (你个母亲养的!)           令人意外的是,最爱说这句话的往往是女性。           越高贵,越端庄的女性越容易在压力达到一定值时便会脱口而出。           万万不要和有文化的MM顶嘴,否则被骂了还以为受表扬了呢!     3.All rise! (全体起立!)           国产英语老师最误人子弟的就是口语太差,爱说想当然口语。           从小学到高中英语课代表一直喊的是-Stand up!           当然没什么不可以,但为什么不说标准的话呢?就象我们朗读中文时说    普通话一样!     4.It's bull*! (胡说八道!屁话!)           这句话一旦学会,包你用的乐不思蜀。           用途太广泛啦!           最绝是和老妈抬杠时搬出来,用你的眼睛直视她,以忏悔的口气恕秭。           什么?你老妈是外交官?           就当我没说过!不过……           你妈贵姓? 5.* it!(可恶!)           此句往往从某个孤胆英雄的嘴中冒出,发音要轻,然口气要重!           此英雄往往正面临生死抉择,例如是先剪蓝线还是先剪红线等。           说时要有壮士一去不复返的气势!           此句适合用在被MM拒绝时,向MM的背影恕秭!           万万不可忘记要配合以右手中指的朝天一刺! /200903/64496

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