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Alternative Wisdom: 7 Ways to Zig When Everyone Else is Zagging 二选一的智慧:众人取长,吾短求之,献上七个建议 The world is whizzing by and your head's spinning. 世界变化莫测,你的脑袋也得滴溜溜的转得快点。 Change isn't just constant. It's freaking relentless. The information flow's a gusher. The order of the day? Chaos. Let's see. What was that plan you made to stay sane? 改变不是固定的模式,这非常残忍。信息量泛滥成灾。秩序在哪里?到处是一片混乱。让我们看看,如何在这种环境下保持清醒。 You could just join the nearest crowd or take your place in the longest line. After all, there's safety and comfort in numbers. 你可以选择就近扎堆,或者是在最长的队伍里找到自己的位置。毕竟数字让人觉得有安全感和比较舒。 But here's something to consider. One cool way to cut through the madness is to forge your own trail. Cutting left when everyone's heading right can be a great adventure. Alternative wisdom is the backbone of every great breakthrough. 但是这里还要考虑的一些东西,一种打破混乱的局面,开辟自己的轨迹的最佳方法。当大家选择向右转谓之“取长”时,左进往往是通往西天取经之险径。二选一的智慧有助于让你成为每一次巨大成就的中流砥柱。 Think Einstein. Think Curie. Think Picasso. Think. 成功的例子有爱因斯坦,居里夫人,毕加索,还有…… Ready to move in your own new direction? Here are: 准备好进入自己全新的领域吗?这就是:7 Ways to Zig When Everyone Else is Zagging 取长补短的七大妙招:1. Steady your pace when everyone else is accelerating. 大家冲锋陷阵的时候,你选择步步为营 Faster, faster. It's the call of the modern age. We have the need for speed, or so we think. 快点,再快点,现代化呼唤我们加快步伐。我们需要速度,也因此而思考。 But while you're pushing the pedal to the metal just to keep up with the Joneses, ask where everybody's going and why they're in such a hurry. 当你马不停蹄,只为跟上大队伍的时候,问问大家都去哪,为什么那么匆忙? A lot of people got behind the wheels of some pretty dumb loans and drove them down the drag strip towards ridiculous homes they couldn't afford. Everyone was high on the exhaust fumes, until they crashed and burned. The winners, much to our dismay, are the ones who took the slow road, saved their money, and lived within their means. Hmm. Interesting. 许多人傻呼呼的去贷款而栽跟头,莫名其妙的就被拉到房奴的行列。每个人都像热锅上的蚂蚁一样,焦虑万分,精疲力竭,粉身碎骨,直到崩溃。最后没有惊喜,胜利永远属于选择路漫漫的节省族,他们往往量入为出。恩,这很有趣。 It's an old saying, but it's still true. Slow and steady wins the race. Find your pace and know where you're headed. It's better than getting nowhere fast. 坚持就是胜利,这句古话还是很有道理。找到自己的步伐,知道你要去哪里。总比盲目乱飞的苍蝇强。2. Follow your instincts when everyone else is following trends. 大家顺应潮流的时候,凭自己的直觉做事。 When I was in college, I made a dumb move. I tried to be practical. Turns out, I suck at it. 我在大学的时候,做了一个让我沮丧的举动。我尝试选择了比较实践的,结果却适得其反。 I the career guide magazines, the ones that blathered on about the hottest industries and the top ten careers for anyone with a brain. Those magazines left out a few things like interests, passion, and strengths. Following their advice, I ended up banging my head against the work for the next two decades. 我当时翻阅了职业规划杂志,一些报道对最热门的行业瞎编乱造,什么有脑之人必选的十大职业。这些杂志压根没有提到一些东西,例如兴趣,和强度。采取他们的建议,我在接下来的20年为了工作,跟人竞争得头破血流, Those years are gone, but I still have today and so do you. If the hot trends leave you cold, follow the trend from within. It's the surest way to a path that keeps you warm. 那些日子算是过去了,最起码我还和你一样捱到今天。涉水而行,何不顺流而上?顺水推舟是让你事倍功半的方法。3. Work on mastering the pieces when everyone else is working on a masterpiece. 大家都在为了成为大师而努力的时候,先掌握真功夫。 Everyone wants to be a master, but mastery takes practice and that just bores some folks to tears. 每个人都想成为大师,大师们都是从反复练习扎马步开始的,一些人也因为枯燥无味而泪如雨下。 Some want to write the great American novel, but won't take the time to craft a great sentence. Others dream of being millionaires, but would never dream of doing all the stuff that millionaires do. 有些人想成为美国小说巨匠,却不肯花费时间去琢磨字句。还有些人梦想成为百万富翁,却吝啬于和百万富翁一样付出努力。 While everyone else has their eyes on the prize, focus your sights on the hundred and one steps it takes to win it, and master them one at a time. You'll need to learn to draw a straight line before you can paint the Mona Lisa. 大家都盯着奖杯的时候,你应该看到迈向成功的101个台阶,一个萝卜一个坑。在你可以画蒙娜丽沙以前,最起码你应该学会画直线吧。 /201110/157364

We’ve talked about human attraction between men and women in the past here and here. Previous researchers argued that what women value depended on the type of relationship they were looking for. Women looking for long-term partners want someone who will be a good provider for them and their children, but women seeking short-term flings care more about masculinity and physical attractiveness, features that may be passed down to children.New research, however, has identified four categories of characteristics women seek in a partner:* Good genes, reflected in desirable physical traitsWomen look for attractiveness because it means the person has “good genes” (whether or not they actually do).* ResourcesWho doesn’t like a person with good resources — a home, money, a stable good-paying job — that can help provide for them and future children?* The desire to have children and good parenting skillsThis, of course, only applies to women who are actually looking to have children (or more children).* Loyalty and devotionNot much point in getting involved in a relationship if the person you’re interested in being involved with isn’t able to be loyal and committed to you.Most women attempt to secure the best combination of the qualities they desire from the same man. A small portion of women who do not find a partner with all the qualities may trade some characteristics for others.We don’t think any of this is rocket science or particularly new. Although women’s selectivity across categories reflected how attractive they appeared to other people, the researchers found the characteristics men desired in a partner did not vary based on their own physical attractiveness. 不管是过去还是现在,我们都谈论着关于男人和女人相互之间吸引的事。早先的研究者认为女性的价值观和她们所要寻找类型的关系有关。如果女性寻找的是长期的另一半,就会要求对方对她们和她们的孩子是一个很好的供给者;但假使女性寻求的只是短期的另一半,可能更关心男性的阳刚之气和外貌以及能够传递给下一代的特征。然而新研究已经确定了女性寻找另一半的四个特征分类:1.良好的基因,这反映在理想的身体特征因为这意味着该人已具备“良好的基因”,从而吸引着女性(不管他们是否真的具有)。2.资源谁会不喜欢和一个有丰富资源(良好的家庭,有钱,一个稳定高薪的工作),能够供给她们和未来的孩子所需的人呢?3.希望有子女和良好的为人父母的技巧当然,这仅适用于想要孩子的女性(或要更多的孩子)。4. 忠诚和奉献精神如果一个人不能够忠诚和承诺与你,很少会有人和他在一起。多数女性企图从同一个人身上获得最好的素质整合。有一小部分女性找不到另一半的上述特质,就会转而去寻求其他的特质。我们不认为这是一个突破性的特别新研究。尽管女性的选择是依据这四个分类来希望其他人来吸引她,但是研究者发现具有这些理想特征的男性并不十分在意他们自己身体的吸引力。 /200810/53683

“生肖”是代替十二地、用来表示人们出生的12种动物,即鼠、牛、虎、兔、龙、蛇、马、羊、猴、鸡、、猪。如寅年出生的人属虎,卯年出生的人属兔。“生肖”也就是俗话说的“属相”,是中国人特有的一种表示出生时间的方式,相当于西方的黄道十二星座(双鱼座、白羊座、金牛座、双子座、巨蟹座、狮子座、室女座、天秤座、天蝎座、人马座、羯麻、宝瓶座)。  英语中,当谈个人出生的属相时,表达为“What animal sign were you born under ?你属什么?I was born in the year of the Cock / Mine is the Cock.我属鸡。”十二生肖的12种动物在汉语中只有一个:鼠:Rat,牛:Ox,虎:Tiger,兔:Hare,龙:Dragon,蛇:Snake,马:Horse,羊:Sheep,猴:Monkey,鸡:Cock,:Dog,猪:Boar   汉语中,人们往往以十二生肖中的动物来比喻人,即把不同(性格、特征、习性等)的人比作动物,如常以“毒如蛇蝎”,“笨猪”、“胆小如鼠”来比喻心毒手辣的人、笨人、胆小怯懦的人等。英语中同样可用十二生肖中的动物喻人,其所表达的意思更加广泛而有趣。现简述如下:  一. 鼠——Rat  英语中用以比喻讨厌鬼,可耻的人,告密者,密探,破坏罢工的人;美国俚语指新学生、下流女人   当看到smell a rat这一词组时,是指人们怀疑在做错某事。a rat race则表示激烈的竞争。rats desert a sinking ship(船沉鼠先逃,这一谚语意指那些一遇到危险就争先寻求安全或一看见困难便躲得老远的人。) /201002/96091

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