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More than 2 feet of snow fell as a a powerful blizzard swept through Colorado on Saturday forcing the cancellation of most of the scheduled flights at the Denver airport, officials said. 周六官员表示,超过2英尺的暴风雪席卷科罗拉多,迫使丹佛机场大部分航班取消。ed Airlines canceled all of its flights to and from Denver International Airport. 联合航空公司取消了所有来往丹佛国际机场的航班。All told, more than 800 flights were grounded on Saturday, or more than 65 percent of all scheduled take-offs and landings at the airport, the FlightAware airline tracking website showed. 总之,周六有800多次航班停飞,超过百分之65在机场预计起飞和降落的航班,联邦航空局追踪网站显示。Dozens of other flights were delayed. Denver International is the fourth-largest hub for ed Airlines and Southwest Airlines, and the primary hub for Frontier Airlines. 另有数十次航班被延误。丹佛国际机场是美国联合航空公司和西南航空公司的第四大枢纽机场。The heavy snow began falling on Friday night and was expected to continue through Sunday.大雪在周五晚上开始下落,预计将持续到周日。译文属。201604/437847When I landed,I was knocked out,then I regained consciousness,my first reaction,this is awkward后来我就摔得昏过去了 醒过来以后 第一反应是太囧了I want to sit up,but I couldnt.And theyre like dont move,dont move.In my cheeky way,I was like dont worry,I can.I was like oh,man,I cant move想坐 坐不起来 周围的人都喊不要动 开始还逞强说 没事儿别急 紧接着变成 天啊 我动不了了Okay,so then Its remarkable that youve come back to this place where确实很了不起的是 你又回到了滑雪场you decided that its not enough to just ski again but,and very well.I mean,like thats incredible决定要做滑雪之外的技巧 光滑雪就不可思议了But then to say I want to do a flip in the air which must be because I dont know你又说自己要做空翻 一定很难But I would imagine doing a flip,you need all you need the weight to kind of push yourself over from your lower body,right?我知道要做空翻的话 需要用腿来调整身体的重心 对吧Correct,yeah.So,how do you do,what youre how do you do a flip没错 那你是怎么办到的呢Um,simple science.Aerials is no more than just measured physics原理很简单 空中特技不过是物理测量What we did was we kind of,the idea came eight years ago when Im laying in the hospital这个想法是八年前在医院的时候想到的I was like I can do a flip.My parents are like,no you cant,dont even我说我可以做空翻 我爸妈就崩溃了 想都不要想And a couple years back,I started experimenting and just to see if it was possible过了两年 我开始试验 只是想知道这是不是行的通And then I met up with one of the coaches to the Canadian aerials team后来我认识了加拿大空中特技队的教练He said if you work this on your takeoff,if shape the jump like this,youll be good to go他说如果这样起跳 把跳板做成这种形状 就没问题了and you know,you can do this safely,and Im like all right.we started practicing and voila同时很安全 我觉得他说的很有道理 便开始练习 然后成功了Unbelievable.All right.We have to take a break.I have a little gift for you,That hopefully youll enjoy,and well be back太了不起了 我们休息一下 给你准备了个小礼物 希望你喜欢 一会儿见 /201609/465686

I know L.A.s got a awesome Olive Garden.我知道洛杉矶有一个很棒的橄榄园Yeah, its nice. - Thank you.I think we were good luck you stopped.对 挺不错的 -谢谢 我觉得我们真的很好运 你们停下了And, um, because of that you won vocal duo of the year, right?正因为这样 你们获得了年度最佳双人组合奖 是吧We did. - Fantastic.Okay.You guys all good luck.Yeah, yeah. - Thank you for the good luck.是的 -太棒了 好的 也祝你们幸运 对 对 -谢谢你们的好运I mean, really, vocal duo of the year Thats a thats a hot thing to win.我是说真的 年度最佳双人组合 是很多人都想赢得的奖项Like thats a year you know.Look at your The CMAs are the top.Yeah.年度奖项类的 你懂的 看看你们 全美乡村音乐是最高奖项 -是的Its a huge not for country music, it not for team of FGL Yeah, well, congratulations.And congratulations to you , you are engaged.不仅是对乡村音乐 对我们这个组合来说也非常重要 是啊 恭喜你们 还有 恭喜你订婚了Im engaged. - You are getting married, uh huh, thats great.Some people thought it would never happen, but it did.我是订婚了 -你要结婚了 嗯哼 太好了 有些人觉得那不可能 但确实是这样Im a very lucky, lucky man. - Yeah,I assume you are in a helicopter我是个非常幸运的男人 -是啊 我猜你们是在直升机上and not just wearing something and answering phone calls?不会是只带了个东西接电话吧Thats my actually...Thats actually my golf mike and I wear it on my weekend.其实那是 其实那是我周末一般会戴着的高尔夫耳机All the time? - Yeah.You taking orders for like plates and stuff like that?一直带着吗 -是的 用它来点餐吗Yeah. - Oh, yeah.That was a helicopter, that was as creative as I could get.Is that how you popped the question? - I did. Yeah.对啊 -哦 不错 那是个直升机 我想不到更有创意的方式了 你就在那儿求婚了吗 -是啊 对Thats really great. - Flying around.Where were you flying over, where were you?真的很棒 -在空中盘旋 你们在哪儿飞行的 在什么地方We were actually flying over a, our house.Whats gonna be our house in six months.Thats exciting. - Yeah, its um实际上是在我们房子上空 六个月内那里就会是我们的家 那太棒了 -是啊 那是I bought a house a year ago,and a little bit of property.And we just, you know.一年前我买了一座房子 还有一些地 然后我们就 你懂的Shes kind of help make it a home.So its kind of special, you know.是她让那里变成了真正的家 所以还挺特别的We flew around the property and I asked her,Thats a good night.Oh, thats great.我们在房子上空盘旋 然后我就向她求婚了 那晚很美好 噢 那很棒Alright, the name of the CD is called ;anything goes;.Everyone in the audience here going home with a copy of it.好的 这张专辑的名字叫做;万事皆空; 在场的每位观众离场时都能得到一张Thank you to Florida Georgia Line, Jennifer Lopez,Charlie Day and Twitch.See you tomorrow.Be kind to one another. Bye.感谢Florida Georgia Line 詹妮弗·洛佩兹 查理·戴 还有 特维奇 明天见 大家要友善相待 拜拜 /201512/415332

Human rights in Russia俄罗斯人权问题Grim to be gay悲惨的同志The plight of gays prompts calls for a boycott of the Sochi Olympics同志的困境激起人们对索契冬奥会的抵制SINCE Russia was awarded the 2014 Winter Olympics, it has had to deal with everything from cost overruns to the historical grievances of the Circassian diaspora and concerns over an Islamic insurgency in the north Caucasus. But an issue that the authorities did not foresee, nor seem yet to understand, now threatens to spoil its ambitions most of all.自从俄罗斯获得2014年冬奥会的举办权,他就不得不处理各种问题,从成本超到切尔克斯人的历史遗留问题以及对高加索北部伊斯兰教叛乱的担忧。但是,一件俄罗斯当局没有预见、似乎也不能理解的事情现在却成了破坏奥运会举办的主要威胁。Legislation signed by President Vladimir Putin in June outlaws “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations” among minors. Such imprecise wording—what exactly constitutes “propaganda”?—means it could be enforced widely or not at all. So far, it has not led to a single case.六月,总统普金签署法律,宣布对未成年人“宣传非传统的两性关系”是违法的。这种极其不精确的用语—如何确定“宣传”所包含的内容?——意味着执行起来可松可紧。目前为止,这项立法还没有导致任何确切的案例。As with other recent moves, such as the ban on adoptions by Americans and the criminalisation of blasphemy, the motive seems more political than moral. A deputy from the pro-Kremlin ed Russia party speaks of protecting the country against the “destruction of its fundamental cultural codes”. It is easiest to define those codes by what they are not: Western, liberal, modern. Masha Lipman of the Carnegie Moscow Centre, a think-tank, says the Kremlin has sought to “isolate and stigmatise” such people, while creating a myth of a new Russian identity from a hotchpotch of Orthodox piety, traditional values and provincial distrust of urban elites.正如像禁止美国人收养儿童和对亵渎宗教的刑事化等其他举措一样,这项举动的政治意义大于道德意义。一位亲克林姆林宫的统一俄罗斯党的代表谈到以反抗“破坏基本文化规范”来保卫国家。我们很容易定义哪些是规范所不包含的:比如西方、自由、现代。卡内基莫斯科中心(一个智囊团)的玛莎·利普顿说克林姆林宫试图“孤立并污蔑”那些人,同时创造一个糅合了正统信仰、传统价值观以及守旧的不信任城市精英的观念的新一代俄罗斯人。Gays and lesbians make easy targets. Russia is socially liberal on adultery, abortion and divorce, but attitudes to homosexuality resemble those in the West of a generation ago. Soviet-era doublethink about sex is compounded by the role of male rape in prison culture, and the stigma attached to its victims: opushenny, “made low” or debased, for life.同志总是容易成为靶。俄罗斯大众对通奸、流产和离婚都很宽容,而对待同性恋的态度却停留在上一代西方人的水平。苏维埃时代,由于监狱中存有男性被强奸的风气以及被害者被烙上污名,使得人们对性有了双重标准。Yet unease and distaste, more than overt hostility, have governed public attitudes. The existence of gays and lesbians is tolerated as long as they are not seen to “contaminate” the public square, says Tanya Lokshina of Human Rights Watch, though the near-invisibility of gays and lesbians has let prejudice and misunderstanding fester. A poll by the Levada Centre found that 80% of respondents do not have a single gay acquaintance. Alexander Smirnov, who was asked to quit his job at the Moscow mayor’s office after he came out in Afisha, an arts and culture magazine, says gays are seen as “alien people”.但是统治公众态度的是不安和厌恶,而不是公开的敌意。人权观察组织的塔尼亚说只要同志不在公共场所乱来公众就能忍耐他们的存在,即使这种让同志近乎隐形的做法还是让偏见和误解加深。列瓦达中心的民调发现80%的被调查者在生活圈中没有同志。亚历山大·斯米尔诺夫因在一本名叫Afisha的文艺杂志上出柜而被迫辞去其在莫斯科市长办公室的工作,他说同志被当成“外星人”看待。Now the new law adds an emotive slur to latent prejudice, by linking homosexuality and paedophilia. That resonates with a cultural idolisation of childhood purity. More than three-quarters of Russians polled say that they support the ban on gay “propaganda” to minors. In principle, the law appears to prevent any public defence of the rights of gays and lesbians—in effect, says Polina Andrianova of Coming Out, a campaign group, creating a “socially unequal” caste.如今,新法通过将同性恋和恋童癖联系起来,给这种潜在的偏见加上令人敏感的污点。这种共鸣是源于对童真的偶像式崇拜风气。超过四分之三的被调查者说她们持禁止在未成年人中宣传同性恋的法律。一个名为“出柜”的宣传团队成员波莉娜说,原则上,立法似乎是为了限制同志在公共场合辩护的权利,而实际上则是制造了一个被不公平对待的群体。Even more worrying, she says, the law has implicitly given a “green light to aggression”. A nasty new trend is the posting of s online showing gay men tricked into meetings where they are humiliated by vigilantes. Police treatment of gay-rights protesters has been harsh. Igor Kochetkov, another campaigner, notices “disillusionment and depression” among Russia’s gays; a poll finds that the number who experienced harassment or pressure doubled in the past year to 50%.她说,更让人担心的是这项立法暗中给侵犯同志的行为亮了绿灯。现在有一种下流的新趋势,人们把同志骗到集会然后将他们被义务警员羞辱的视频上传到网上。警察对待同志权利反抗者的态度十分严酷。另一名活动推广人伊戈尔表示“幻灭和绝望”笼罩了整个俄罗斯同志圈;民调发现感到烦恼和压力的人相比去年翻了一番,达到50%。Russian officials still seem baffled by the idea that outsiders really care about the issue. Spurred by campaigners calling for a boycott of the Olympics, foreign governments have complained. An official of the International Olympic Committee says it is “not happy”. It tried unsuccessfully to warn the government that the new law presented a potentially “massive issue”, but its calls went unheeded.俄罗斯官员至今似乎对外界真的在关注这个问题而感到困惑。受到抵制冬奥会活动的影响,外国政府也开始抱怨。一名国际奥委会的官员说这不是个愉快的结局。他们试图警告俄罗斯政府新法会产生潜在的“巨大问题”,但这些要求都被俄方忽略。The IOC is now waiting for a written document from a deputy prime minister, Dmitry Kozak, which should give what it calls “cast-iron assurances” that the propaganda law will not affect participants or spectators. Other Russian ministers have said repeatedly that the law will be in full force during the Olympics. A compromise for Sochi is likely—but given Mr Putin’s political priorities and society’s attitudes, the outlook for Russian gays is dark.国际奥委会正在等待俄罗斯副总理德米特里·科扎克的书面文件,坚决保新法绝不会影响参赛者和观众。其他俄罗斯大臣则反复强调新法在奥运会期间完全有效。对于索契来说,采取妥协是有可能的,但鉴于普金的政治选择和社会的态度,俄罗斯同志的前景将是黑暗的。译者:周洋 校对:程丽蓉译文属译生译世 /201512/416409Less than 1% of Germans were Jewish,and few dared to now claim they were Communists.当时德国只有不到1%的犹太人,几乎没有人敢承认自己是共产党。So the vast majority of Germans were not at risk from prosecution as long as they embraced the new world of Nazism.大部分德国人没有遭迫害,只要他们拥护纳粹主义的新世界即可。And since unemployment was falling and the economy seemed to be picking up,many ordinary Germans now felt this was the beginning of a new, more optimistic era.由于失业率降低,经济似乎也开始回暖,很多德国老百姓觉得,这是乐观的新时代。At first, you were carried along by a wave of hope,because we had it better.引自德国学生记述 起初我们心中充满希望,因为社会变好了。We had order in the country. We had, well, security.国家有了秩序,人人有安全感。In particular, the young were taught the Nazi world view.特别是年轻人的纳粹世界观中。Most importantly, that Hitler was a flawless leader.最重要,希特勒是完美的领导人。These members of the Hitler Youth were the future soldiers of Germany,from whom Hitler would demand absolute loyalty.这些青年团成员,是德国未来士兵,希特勒要求他们绝对忠诚。It was hammered into us even in the Hitler Youth-Germany must live, even if we have to die.在青年团中我们被灌输这种思想,德国必须生存,即使要牺牲性命。Then, I realised that people in the Hitler Youth had a vulgar way of dealing with each other.当我看到其成员时,对待彼此都很粗鲁时。A very unpleasant and violent manner was customary.不客气和暴力习以为常。The way, for example, we were told,例如我们被告知。If your teachers havent yet grasped this new era,then smack them in the mouth!若你们的老师还不认可这个新纪元,就去掌掴他嘴巴。Now that they were in power, many of those close to Hitler found their belief in him had intensified still further.现纳粹掌权,本跟希特勒共事的人,对他信心更是有增无减。 译文属201512/416054

Russia has named Slade mere Putin man of the year for the 15th year in a row.15th year in a row.俄国已经连续15年将瓦德米尔·普京选为年度人物了 连续15年哦Putin got 143 million votes and the guy,he was up against got killed in a mysterious voting accident.普京得到了1亿4千3百万票 他的竞选对手 死于船只神秘事故You think Putin was nervous last night,pacing in front of the phone?你觉得普京昨晚会紧张吗 在电话前不停踱步And the guy who got killed in the boating accident,the boat was in a warehouse.死于船只事故那家伙 那艘船还在仓库里呢But no investigation.Not one.但无人展开调查 完全没有This is a kind of cool news.A ;walking dead; Spinoff is going to be set right here in Los Angeles.这挺酷的 《行尸走肉》的衍生剧 将把故事背景设置在洛杉矶The Zombies are expected to do the two things in L.A refuse to do,walk and eat meat.僵尸将做洛杉矶人民不肯做的两件事 走路和吃肉Jeb bush making a lot of news.Jeb bush put up a facebook post about possibly running for president,and it was full of typos.杰布·布什最近总上新闻 杰布·布什在脸书上发表了帖子 关于将来可能参加总统竞选 但通篇错字After ing it,George W.Bush asked what typos?It looks fine.读过之后 小布什问 什么错字 没问题啊The porn industry has been in court arguing that making porn actors were condoms,Violates their first amendment rights.色情产业在法庭上抗辩 逼迫色情明星戴套 有违他们的第一修正案权利Porn is protected by the pursuit of life,liberty and the pursuit of safe happiness.他们还称 受追求生命 自由 和追求虚假幸福的权利所保护201610/471640

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