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调查表明:女性“下床气”比男性严重Women are grumpier than men after waking up in the morning.Menknow better than torub their wives the wrong wayin the morning andhave their heads bitten off, for 6 in 7 women are in a foul mood after waking up.A new research has found that not only are women grumpier than men, but also that they remain in a foul mood for longer. A survey by The Sleep Council showed a quarter of men never wake up in a bad mood, compared to just one in seven women.And reeling from a sleepless night, caused mainly by stress and worry, 13 per cent of women remain in a bad mood for up to four hours, compared to ten per cent of men.Jessica Alexander of the Sleep Council said women's grumpiness may be worsened because they shoulder most of the household chores in the morning."Twenty-eight per cent of women as opposed to only 5 per cent of men do any housekeeping before going to work," she was ed by the DailyMail, as saying."It tends to be them that prepares the breakfast, spends time with the children, check their emails andattend to their beauty regime. Women far outweigh men in having a busy and packed morning.So what do men do? Apparently just get up and go out: 17 per cent of them spend only 10 minutes on their wake up and get out routine," she added.The survey found that four in ten people believe a disturbed night is the main reason for grumpiness in the morning.Nearly one in five of the population say they never really get a good night's sleep.7个女人中有6个都有“下床气”,所以,先生们都懂得早晨最好不要惹太太生气,免得吃不了兜着走。一项最新调查发现,女性早晨起床后脾气要比男性暴躁,而且持续的时间比较长。睡眠研究会所做的一项调查显示,没有“下床气”的男性占四分之一,而女性只有七分之一。由压力和忧虑导致的失眠是起床后情绪不佳的主要原因。13%的女性的“下床气”会持续四个小时之久,而男性中只有10%的人有类似情形。睡眠研究会的杰西卡·亚历山大说,由于女性早上得做很多家务活,所以她们的“下床气”更为严重。《每日邮报》援引她的话说:“28%的女性早晨上班前得料理家务,而男性中只有5%的人需要做这些事。”“女人们早上起床后得做早餐、照看孩子、上网查邮件、自己还要梳妆打扮一番,她们比男人忙多了。那么,男人们都做些什么呢?很简单,起床上班。17%的男人整个过程只需要花10分钟。”调查显示,40%的人认为,睡眠不好是早晨脾气暴躁的主要原因。近五分之一的调查对象说,他们晚上从来没有睡过一个好觉。Vocabulary:know better than to do sth. : 懂得…而不去做…rub sb. the wrong way: to annoy,irritate(惹恼;惹某人生气)bite off one's head : to respond to a comment in an angry or reproachful way(没好气的回答)attend to beauty regime : 指“梳妆打扮”、“美容护理” /200803/32057

世界虚构明星榜出炉 万宝路牛仔最“牛”A Marlboro billboard in Denver in an undated photo.They influence everything from how we look and act to eat and speak and have even helped sway the course of history - but they are not real.And topping a list of "The 101 most influential people who never lived" in a book released on Tuesday is theMarlboro Man- a macho American cowboy who emerged in the 1950s and helped boost sales of Marlboro cigarettes."The figments of our imaginations, the creatures we push out of our minds into the real world are fully capable of pushing back with surprising consequences," Jeremy Salter, one of the US book's three authors said.Coming in at number two on the list isBig Brotherof George Orwell's 1984, followed byKing Arthur, who the authors say embodies for many the ideal monarch, and Santa Claus comes in at number four."Santa Claus governs our entire economy for the last quarter of the year and without him businesses wouldgo broke," said co-author Allan Lazar.Barbie"the bodacious plastic babe who became a role model for millions of little girls, setting an impossible standard for beauty and style"makes the listat number 43."The idea came to us that influential characters didn't have to exist, that fictional characters were just as important in our lives, even in maybe some cases more so than real people," Lazar said.Even theLoch Ness Monstermakes the list at number 56."As the most popular tourist attraction in Scotland, Nessie's influence on the cash flow of that country has been significant," wrote the authors of "The 101 most influential people who never lived."(Agencies)他们的影响无处不在,从人们的衣食住行到言谈举止,甚至影响了历史进程,但他们在现实生活中并不存在。本周二,一本名为《最具影响力的101位虚构人物》的书新鲜出炉,其中,于上世纪50年代出现的“万宝路牛仔”荣登榜首,这个颇具男子气概的酷男形象曾使万宝路香烟热销全球。这本书共有三位作者,其中一位作者杰里米·索特说:“我们凭空虚构出来的人物和形象反过来会对我们自身产生意想不到的影响。”排名第二的是乔治·奥威尔的小说《1984》中的主人公“老大哥”,其次是亚瑟王,这本书的作者说他是很多人心中理想君主的化身;位居第四的是圣诞老人。作者阿兰·拉撒尔说:“圣诞老人在每年的最后一季度都是经济增长的最大动力,没有圣诞老人,很多企业会破产。”风靡全球的塑料芭比娃娃位居排行榜第43位,它是无数小女孩心中所向往的“美丽和时尚”的典范。拉撒尔说:“有影响力的人物不一定真实存在,虚构出来的人物在我们的生活中同样重要,有时他们甚至比现实人物的影响力还要大。”甚至连尼斯湖水怪也榜上有名,排行第56位。作者在书中解释道:“尼斯湖是苏格兰最受欢迎的旅游景点,它对大量资金流入当地具有举足轻重的作用。”Vocabulary:go broke :破产make the list :登上排行榜 /200803/32065

Milwaukee is named 'Drunkest City'   Milwaukee has been ranked by Forbes.com as "America's Drunkest City" on a list of 35 major metropolitan areas ranked for their drinking habits. Several drunk people.   Forbes said last Tuesday it used numbers from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to rank cities in five areas: state laws, number of drinkers, number of heavy drinkers, number of binge drinkers and alcoholism. Minneapolis-St. Paul was ranked second overall; followed by Columbus, Ohio; Boston; Austin, Texas; Chicago; Cleveland; Pittsburgh and then Philadelphia and Providence, R.I., in a tie for ninth.   Rick DeMeyer, 28, said last Wednesday as he was celebrating his birthday at G-Daddy B he could understand Milwaukee's ranking.   "I have had people stay with me from London and Chicago, and they can't get over how much we drink," he said. "I guess we do."   But officials at Visit Milwaukee contend that the city has come a long way in ridding itself of its beer-guzzling image.   Milwaukeeans have plenty of other ways to entertain themselves without drinking alcohol, said Dave Fantle, a spokesman for the group. He noted a new convention center and baseball park had been built and the Milwaukee Art Museum expanded in recent years.   "We've gone from Brew City to new city," he said.   (Agencies)  近日,福布斯网站对美国35个主要城市的“酒瘾”进行了排名,结果,密尔沃基当选为“美国头号酒鬼城市”。   上周二,据福布斯介绍,他们请美国疾病控制和防治中心的成员根据五个方面对35个城市进行了排名,这五项内容包括:所在州的法律、饮酒人数、酗酒者人数、严重酗酒者人数及酒精中毒人数。   明尼阿波利斯-圣保罗双城区排名第二,其后依次是俄亥俄州的哥伦布市、波士顿、德克萨斯州的奥斯汀、芝加哥、克利夫兰、匹兹堡,罗得岛州的费城和普罗旺斯并列第九。   上周三,在G-Daddy B酒吧庆祝28岁生日的里克·德梅尔说,他可以理解密尔沃基为什么名列第一。   他说:“跟我在一起的伦敦人和芝加哥人都喝不过我们。我觉得密尔沃基人确实很能喝。”   而密尔沃基旅游局的官员称,为了摆脱密尔沃基的“酒鬼”形象,他们已经做了很大的努力。   旅游局发言人戴维·范特说,除了喝酒外,密尔沃基人还有很多其他的方式。他说,近几年来,密尔沃基市新建了一个会议中心和一个棒球公园,还扩建了密尔沃基艺术物馆。   他说:“密尔沃基已经由一个‘酿酒城市’转型为新城市。”  Vocabulary:   drinking habit: 酒瘾  binge drinker : 酗酒者 /200803/28888Husband: Before I married you, I never thought of saving money.丈夫:在娶你进门之前,我从来没有想过要存钱。Wife: And now?妻子:那现在呢?Husband: Now I#39;m thinking About how much I could have saved if I hadn#39;t married you.丈夫:现在我在想,要是没有娶你的话,我可以存多少钱。

女性调查:你是企业管理层中的一员吗?Poll: Women hold senior positionsAre you holding senior management positions?Ninety-one percent of companies on the Chinese mainland have women holding senior management positions, ranking second in the world, after the Philippines, according to the results of a survey released yesterday.The poll, conducted by Grant Thornton, an accounting firm based in Hong Kong, covered 32 economies.Hong Kong and Taiwan also rank high on the list, with 83 percent and 80 percent of their firms having women in senior positions.In the Philippines, 97 percent companies have women holding senior positions."The findings suggest that China businesses focus on capability and performance when appointing senior management, and not on gender," said Alison Wong, partner of specialist advisory services at Grant Thornton.On average 65 percent of the companies in the world have women in senior management positions, the survey shows. China is ahead of many Western countries, including the US, Canada and Britain."Despite some people's perception about traditional gender bias in Chinese society, it is positive to note that todaythree places across two shoresachieve such a high proportion of business with senior females," Wong said.Almost all Asian countries have more businesses with women at senior levels than the global average, except Japan, whose rate is only 25 percent."Obviously Japan is unique in the cultural perception about women in business and women's role in the family as compared with other parts of Asia, " Wong said.The survey reflects an upward trend in the percentage of women in management roles in most economies, but only the Philippines has achieved true parity in male/female management. 据昨天公布的一项调查显示,中国内地有91%的企业聘用女性担任高级管理层的重要职位,这一比例仅次于菲律宾,位居世界第二。总部位于香港的格兰特·桑顿会计师事务所共在32个国家开展了此项民意调查。香港和台湾地区也高居榜首,分别有83%和80%的公司聘女性任高级职位。这一比例在菲律宾为97%。格兰特·桑顿公司的专家咨询务合伙人Alison Wong 说:“调查结果表明,中国的企业在聘用高级管理人员时,注重的是个人的能力和工作表现,而不是性别。”调查显示,全世界平均有65%的公司聘用女性担任高级管理职位。中国的这一比例超过美国、加拿大和英国等很多西方国家。她说:“尽管有人认为中国社会存在男女不平等的传统观念,但如今,两岸三地聘用女性任要职的企业比例达到很高水平,这是不容置疑的。”除日本只有25%外,几乎所有亚洲国家的这一比例都要高于世界平均水平。Alison Wong说:“很显然,与亚洲其它国家相比,日本对女性在职场以及家庭中的角色这一问题上抱有不同的文化观念。”调查发现,在大多数国家,女性在企业管理层中所占的比例呈上升趋势,但只有菲律宾在企业管理层中的男女比例问题上做到了真正的平等。Vocabulary: three places across two shores : 两岸三地 /200803/31794

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