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The Corporation, is what they called themselves,他们称自己为企业they topped themselves with those early songs by the Jackson 5,并超越了杰克逊五人组早年的那些畅销曲they were absolutely incredible.真的非常厉害Absolutely incredible.非常厉害When my boys had five gold records in a row,我的孩子们连拿了五张金唱片l was very proud of them because l know it was something that they wanted我很骄傲 因为我知道那是他们所想要的and it was their dream.是他们的梦想And they were happy and l was happy.他们很开心 我也很开心The whole family was happy about that.全家都为此而感到开心We did a show once for Jesse Jackson.我们有次为杰西·杰克逊表演You know, Jesse Jackson, hes the activist.杰西·杰克逊是个激进主义分子Hes got an organisation called PUSH Expo.他成立了一个组织名叫PUSH ExpoHe booked the Temptations and the Jackson 5.邀约了诱惑合唱团 以及杰克逊五人组They were just up and coming.他们那时才刚开始走红We were superstars at that time and, oh, man, it was so many people.我们当时已经是巨星了 那天人真是多到爆When they did that show,他们一上台演出the Temptations got a great response.诱惑合唱团的反应很好When the Jackson 5 came on, it was phenomenal.但杰克逊五人组上台更是青出于蓝l mean, almost blew the roof off the place.全场简直疯狂201509/396937。

One person is missing after days of heavy rain in Japan. Tens of thousands are stranded after river banks burst in cities north of Tokyo.日本连降数天大雨后有一人失踪。在东京北部城市,河岸决堤致数万人被困。National broadcaster NHK said more than 500 millimetres of rain fell in the last 24 hours. That is double the amount that usually falls in the region for all of September.日本广播协会NHK称,过去24小时降雨量超过500毫米。这一数据是该地区往年九月降水量的两倍。Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe warned of more “unprecedented heavy rains.”日本首相安倍晋三警告称,会有更大范围“前所未有的暴雨。”“There is concern that the region will see unprecedented heavy rains. The government will work as one to prioritise the safety of the people and do our best to prevent any further disaster,” said Abe.“我们担心该地区会遭遇前所未有的大雨。政府将团结一心优先保障人民安全,尽最大努力防止灾难进一步发生。”安倍说道。Landslides were triggered by the rain in mountainous areas.在山区,暴雨引发了山体滑坡。Many were trapped on roofs of their homes. At least one woman was reported missing after her house collapsed in a mudslide.许多人被困在自家的屋顶上。据报道,至少有一名妇女在她家房子被泥石流冲垮后失踪。Ninety thousand people have been evacuated to safety, and those numbers are expected to increase.九万人已被疏散到安全地区,预计这些数字还将会增加。译文属。 /201509/398315。




I have the element of surprise,but the reindeer can run 10 times faster than me.我占了突袭的先机 但驯鹿的速度比我要快10倍My advantage will be over in a few short seconds.我的优势在几秒内就将遗失殆尽The herd is panicking, theyre splitting up.Well, half of them have broken off left.驯鹿群受到惊吓 开始分头逃窜 半数向左边逃去The other half have gone down to that gully.另一半逃往了那条山沟Lets go and find out whether Ive had any luck with that.来看看我有没有什么收获Reindeer have kept man alive up here since the ice age.从冰河时期开始 驯鹿就开始为人类提供温饱As long as you control the head,you control the beast.只要你控制了头部 你就能控制整只驯鹿But in this terrain,dragging a carcass thats heavier than me is a mission.在这样的冰天雪地里 要搬运一个比自身体重还重的尸体 相当困难This plan has not gone to plan.Im 200 miles inside the arctic circle.计划赶不上变化 我在北极圈内200公里处in the sacred ancestral lands of the Sami reindeer hunters.Heres a chance! Go! Go, go, go!在这个萨米捕鹿猎人生存的史前大陆 机会来了 上 上 上My trap failed, but theyve allowed me one animal from their wild herd我的计划失败了 但是 还是从驯鹿群中抓到了一只to show you just what a difference this beast can make to survival up here.让你们见识一下不同的 物种为求生所作的奋斗Okay, come here.Heres one thats been secured right on the ankle.好了 这只驯鹿的脚踝已经被套牢了But I also want to secure this antler,its primary weapon.但我还是要防备下它的鹿角 这才是它的致命武器As long as you control the head,you control the beast.只要你控制住了头部 你就能控制整只驯鹿Okay, lets dispatch this quickly.A knife straight between the ears,and the animal is instantly brain-dead.现在让我们迅速了结了它 刀直接插入耳中 动物立刻就会脑死亡201601/420278。