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德兴市人民医院整形Video games are a huge industry kids and young adults spend more time playing them than watching movies or TV.是十分巨大的产业,儿童和年轻人在这上面花费了远比看电影和电视更多的时间。And some of the most popular games are ultra realistic war and fighting games featuring massive amounts of hi-res violence.许多当前最流行的游戏则是高分辨率暴力为特征的超现实战争和格斗游戏。So if youre a parent, or a pundit, or maybe even a dedicated gamer, youve gotta wonder: does spending countless hours doing virtual violence to pixelated monsters and warriors have any effect on our sensitive and malleable brains?如果你是一位家长,或者一位专家,抑或是一位游戏发烧友,你不禁会感到疑惑,花大量时间在这些由像素构成的怪兽和战士实施虚拟的暴力行为是否会影响我们敏感而且可塑性很强的大脑?To find out, researchers at the Indiana University School of Medicine studied the effects of violent games on twenty-eight non gaming guys.为了找出,印第安纳大学医学院的研究者们研究了暴力电玩对于28个从未接触过该类游戏的人产生的影响。Half of them played a violent game for a weekand then took a week off.他们让一半的研究对象持续打一周然游戏后休息一周。The other half didnt play any games, acting as the control group.而另一半的人作为对照组,不打任何电玩。After one week the subjects underwent MRI analysis and then again after two weeks.一周后,对研究对象进行核磁共振分析,两周后,再进行一次核磁共振分析。During the MRI sessions both groups did tasks meant to test their cognitive abilities.在进行核磁共振期间,两个小组都接受了旨在测试他们认知能力的测验。Now, twenty-eight subjects is a pretty small sample size, but the results were interesting.尽管28名测试对象这样的样本数是非常小的,但结果却是十分有趣。After onlyone week of gaming, the guys that played the violent game showed decreased activity in parts ofthe brain associated with cognitive function and emotional control.在仅仅玩了一个星期的电玩后,这些玩暴力游戏的人就呈现出大脑控制认知能力和控制情绪部分的活动减少的情况。After a cool down week of nogaming, the subjects brain functioning was closer to normal.而那些一周没有玩游戏的人,他们的大脑功则会恢复到和正常水平相近的状况。So does this prove that violent games warp young mens minds?那么这项实验是否能够明暴力电玩会扭曲年轻人的思想呢?Not exactly. That wouldtake a much larger study.也不尽然。想要明这个观点还需要更大规模的实验。But the study at the very least suggests that doing pretend violence may have a real effect on how we think and act.但这项实验至少表明,虚拟暴力确实会对我们的思想和行为方式造成一定的影响。 201404/283744上饶去卧蚕眼手术哪家医院好Jaco likes to compare experiences like this to climbing a pyramid. 杰科喜欢比较像这样爬金字塔经验。As you leave the outside world, 当你远离外面的世界,you gradually shut the accessories and comforts of normal life, 你逐渐远离正常生活的闲逸舒适,progressing to reach this remote spot of isolation in the Kruger.进而来到克鲁格这个遥远如世外桃源的独立地方。But unfortunately, life doesnt work like that. 但不幸的是,生活可不能这样。You cant stay at the top of forever. 你不能总是坐拥美景。Thats about rebalancing life. 这是关于重新平衡生活。You know what goes up must come down.你知道既然上去就必须想办法下来。So, right now, lets enjoy it. 那么,现在,让我们享受。We are on the peak.我们正位于顶峰。So its a big bless you can talk you can do that.这是神圣的祝福,你可以谈天,你可以做想做的事情。Thank you, Jaco. 谢谢你,杰科。Thanks for bringing me onto the top of your pyramid.My pleasure.谢谢带我来到你的金字塔的顶部。荣幸之至。The term, a unique experience, is quite musty and wellworn, 这一次独特的经验,虽然是必须之旅,而且平凡,but there is no doubt that the volet trail is incredibly special. 但毫无疑问,我们的旅程是一次独一无二的特殊之旅。You dont know what youre going to experience, 你不知道自己准备经历什么, what youre going to see, what animal you may encount, and its a liberating freedom. 你会看到什么,你可能会遇到什么动物,这是完全解放的自由。Jaco said to me, when you drive through this country, 杰科对我说,当你开车穿过这个国家,you see the land, but you feel the post of Africa through the soil.你看到的是大陆,但通过土壤能感觉到整个非洲。201308/253634Business商业报道Apple in China苹果在中国Better days ahead明天会更好The tech giant can rebound from its recent misfortunes in China科技巨头将从最近在中国遇到的霉运中走出THINGS have not gone well for Apple in China of late.苹果近来在中国发展并不顺利。Earlier this year official news media orchestrated a series of attacks on the firm, following allegations that it had offered Chinese customers unsatisfactory guarantees for its products.今年早些时候,官媒策划了一系列对苹果进行责难的报道,称苹果对中国消费者所购产品的保修务令人不满。Apple ended up issuing a humiliating apology.此事以苹果耻辱性地道歉而告一段落。The Middle Kingdom is the worlds biggest market for both luxury goods and for smartphones.中国是世界上奢侈品和智能机的最大市场。That should have propelled Apples iPhones to the top of the heap.这本该将iPhone的销售推向了顶峰。But the firms market share languishes at around 8% of all handset sales, whereas Samsung commands just over a fifth of them.但是苹果所占手机市场份额只有8%左右,而三星超过了1/5。Apples fortunes are improving.苹果的运势在改善。The main reason the companys iPhones have fared poorly in China so far is that they are not offered on the inferior 3G network run by China Mobile, the countrys largest mobile operator.迄今为止苹果在中国进展缓慢,主要原因是iPhone并不持中国移动提供的较次的3G网络,而中国移动是中国最大的移动电话运营商。But the arrival of a new, whizzier network could change that. On December 4th the Chinese government authorised the countrys three main wireless-telecoms operators to go ahead with the next generation of network technology, known as 4G.但是新的更先进的网络将会改变这一状况。12月4日,中国政府授权中国三大主要无线通信运营商继续开发下一代的网络技术,即4G网络。The same day it emerged that later this month China Mobile—a state-owned giant that is also the worlds largest mobile-phone operator, with more than 700m customers—will unveil a 4G iPhone for the Chinese market.同一天,中国移动宣布,将在本月下旬发布面向中国市场的4G iPhone。R, an investment bank, suggests that sales of such a device could be worth 9 billion to 10 billion to Apple.投资加拿大皇家暗示该设备的销售可能为苹果公司带来90亿到100亿美元的收入。Anand Ramachandran of Barclays, another bank, is more cautious.巴克莱的安纳德?拉马钱德兰更加谨慎。He wants to see whether Apple is forced to yield to demands by China Mobile that it split the cost of its handset subsidies with customers.他想看看苹果公司是否会被迫向中国移动让步,与顾客一起分担手机补贴的费用。Investors are also wondering whether Apple will give in to pressure to return more of its giant cash mountain to shareholders through such things as share buy-backs.投资者还想知道苹果公司是否会屈于压力,通过股份回购返回更多现金给股东。Carl Icahn, a veteran shareholder activist, had been pressing the tech giant to hand back 150 billion immediately.资深股东维权人士卡尔伊坎一直逼迫这个科技巨头马上返还1.5亿美元。But this week Mr Icahn reduced his demand to 50 billion, which is still an eye-wateringly large amount of money.但是本周伊坎将要价减少到5000万美元,但这还是非常大的一笔钱。Ironically, greater success in China could lead to more friction if it puts even more cash in Apples aly overflowing coffers.讽刺的是,如果苹果公司本已过剩的现金流因此而增多,那么在中国市场的成功反而会令它面临更大的压力。 /201312/267956上饶地区人民医院丰胸多少钱

上饶县做颧骨整型多少钱上饶玉山县冰点脱毛多少钱Science and technology科学技术Radiation and evolution核辐射与进化Surviving fallout辐射尘中 幸免于难Birds can evolve to cope with the lingering effects of nuclear incidents鸟类能够通过进化应对核事故的残余影响And the raven, never flitting, still is sitting那乌鸦并没飞去,它仍然栖息,仍然栖息THE disaster last year at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant, caused by an earthquake and tsunami, scored seven on the International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale.去年,地震和海啸引发了福岛第一原子能发电站核泄漏事故,在国际核与辐射事件等级标准中被评为第七级;No worse rating exists.没有比这情况还糟的分级了。Radiation is harmful to living things, yet the long-term effects of persistently high levels of background radiation on ecosystems are poorly understood.核辐射对生物有害,而长时间高水平的本底辐射对生态系统有何影响,人们还知之甚少。With this in mind, a team led by Timothy Mousseau of the University of South Carolina and Anders Moller of the University of Paris-Sud set out to compare bird species dwelling near the Fukushima plant with those living at the site of another nuclear incident that scored a seven on the INES:the Ukrainian town of Chernobyl, where disaster struck in 1986.为了研究这个问题,南卡罗莱纳大学的Timothy Mousseau和巴黎第十一大学的Anders Moller率团队着手比较在两个INES七级事故事发地附近栖息的鸟类种群。Remarkably, they found that some species seem to develop a tolerance for radioactivity over time.结果出人意料。他们发现随着时间迁移,似乎有些鸟类发展出了对核辐射的耐受力。Fukushima and Chernobyl are more than 7,000km apart, but Dr Mousseau and his colleagues soon realised that the two sites had much in common.福岛和切尔诺贝利相距7,000余公里,不过Mousseau和同事们很快发现,两地的鸟类种群有共同之处。Both are in areas that have a temperate climate with species that have similar habits and needs.两地均属温带气候,周围环绕着农田和森林,鸟类的习性和需求相似。And both are surrounded by a mixture of farmland and forest. Upon closer examination the researchers found that 14 species of bird lived in both regions, including the barn swallow, great tit, great reed warbler, buzzard and Eurasian jay.经过进一步调查,研究人员发现两地有14种相同的鸟类,包括家燕、大山雀、大苇莺、鵟、松鸦。With so many similarities between the two places, a comparison of the biological responses to radiation in each would surely be illuminating.既然情况如此相似,比较两地生物对核辐射的反应自然应当具有启发意义。To do this, during July 2011, the researchers counted and identified birds at 300 locations near Fukushima that had radiation levels as low as 0.5 microsieverts per hour and as high as 35.2011年7月,研究人员清点并鉴定了福岛核电站附近300个地点的鸟类。Then they compared these results to bird data collected in areas that had the same range of radiation levels near Chernobyl between 2006 and .这些地点的辐射水平低至0.5毫西弗/小时,高至35毫西弗/小时。作为对照,牙医给患者拍X光片的辐射量很少超过0.05毫西弗。Their results, published in Environmental Pollution, show that as radiation levels in an area rose to 35 microsieverts per hour, the average number of birds dropped by almost a third compared with the areas where radiation levels were only 0.5 microsieverts per hour.研究结果发表在《环境污染》杂志上:在辐射水平为35毫西弗/小时的地方,鸟类平均数量比0.5毫西弗/小时的地方少了将近1/3。This makes sense:这是合情合理的:in those areas with a high level of radiation, living things would tend to die or sicken and fail to reproduce.辐射水平高的地方,生物更容易生病死亡,更难繁衍后代。However, when researchers looked at the 14 bird species that lived in both regions, they found that the same level of radiation was associated with twice as large a drop in bird numbers in Fukushima as in Chernobyl.但是,当研究者比对两地共有的14种鸟类时,发现在同样的辐射水平下,福岛的鸟类下降数量几乎达到了切尔诺贝利的两倍。The reasons for this are not clear.人们还不清楚这个现象的原因。It is possible that the composition of the radionuclides are proving more dangerous to the Fukushima birds than they are to the birds near Chernobyl.也许是因为福岛的放射性核素成分对鸟类更危险。But Dr Mousseau suggests a more likely explanation is that evolution has aly been at work near Chernobyl, killing off individual birds that cannot cope with the background radiation and allowing the genes of those that have some tolerance to be passed on.不过Mousseau士称,这更可能是因为进化已经在切尔诺贝利周围的鸟群中起作用了。The birds at Fukushima are only beginning to face the evolutionary challenge of living in a radioactive world.不能适应本底辐射的鸟类死亡,对辐射有耐受力的基因则得以传承。而福岛的鸟类才刚刚开始面对辐射环境中的生存进化挑战。 点击此处下载本期经济学人讲解PDF与音频字幕 /201307/246227上饶肿瘤医院绣眉多少钱横峰县妇幼保健人民中医院做祛疤手术多少钱

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