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I've Just Bitten My Tongue  "Are we poisonous?" the young snake asked his mother.  "Yes, dear," she replied - "Why do you ask?"  "Because I've just bitten my tongue! " 我刚咬破自己的舌头  “我们有毒吗?”一个年幼的蛇问它的母亲。  “是的,宝贝”,她回答说,“你问这个干什么?”  “因为我刚刚咬破自己的舌头。”Step 1: Speak to inner gremlinsGet rid of those subconscious negative thoughts that make you seem more shy and self-conscious. Telling yourself that you are great and that will reflect in your body language.1.自我暗示抛掉那些潜意识里消极的想法,因为它们只能让你看起来更害羞,更忸怩。告诉自己,自己是很棒的。这在你的肢体语言中也会有所体现。Step 2: Realign postureWhen you feel shy or nervous, you tend to curl up and do barrier gestures, which make your posture seem more negative. Stretch up to your full height,as if you are trying to touch the ceiling with the top of your head. Bring your shoulders back and down, arch your back slightly and make sure your weight is evenly divided on both feet.2.调整姿势感到害羞或是紧张时,人总会放不开手脚,做一些阻挡性的动作,这会让你的举止显得不够落落大方。舒展身体,就像你要用头顶到天花板一样。肩膀向后下方微倾,后背稍成弧度,确保两脚均匀承受身体重量。 /201006/105860A tourist attraction in Henan announced during the Labor Day holiday that visitors whose family name are Li would be exempted of the 80-yuan admission fee, China News Service reported.据中新社报道,河南某景区在劳动节假期宣布,任何李姓游客可以免除80元的门票费用。Laojunshan Mountain#39;s origin dates back to China#39;s Warring States Period, when philosopher Li Er, ancestor of Taoism, allegedly spent his hermit life here, according to Xu Lei, the attraction#39;s vice general manager.景区副总经理徐雷称,老君山的历史可以追溯至战国时期,道家始祖李耳据说曾在此归隐。Xu said the exemption for Li was to honor the name#39;s origin.徐雷说免票原因是为了纪念李姓渊源。 /201205/180578林书豪的突然爆红赤手可热真是一球成名?那是林书豪一直以来的坚持和对梦想的不放弃。这样的励志故事怎么不让球迷热血沸腾。对中国球迷来说,最高兴的莫过于对NBA又有了新的期待~He is a Harvard graduate playing in the National Basketball Association. He is an Asian-American in a league devoid of them, which makes him doubly anomalous. No team drafted Lin in 2010. Two teams cut him in December, before the Knicks picked him up.他是NBA赛场上少有的名校哈佛毕业生,他是联盟里少见的亚裔美国人,这样双重特殊身份的林书豪,在2010年NBA新秀大会上落选,2011年12月先后被金州勇士队和休斯敦火箭队裁掉,之后纽约尼克斯队宣布签下他。His contract, potentially worth nearly 0,000, was not even guaranteed until Tuesday afternoon. So for the past six weeks, Lin, 23, has been sleeping in his brother Josh#39;s living room, waiting for clarity and career security.尼克斯与他签下的合同价值约为80万美元,也许在这之前他持有的是非保障合同,但到周二下午6点(球队裁员的截至日子)林书豪的的合同自动转为了保障合同,他将安全的留在尼克斯队。事实上在过去的6周里,23岁的林书豪因为不确定自己是否能够继续留在纽约,一直寄居在哥哥家当沙发客,等待职业生涯中保障合同的出现。On Saturday night, Lin came off the bench and powered the Knicks to a 99-92 victory over the Nets at Madison Square Garden, scoring a career-best 25 points with 7 assists. Two nights later, he made his first N.B.A. start and produced 28 points and 8 assists in a 99-88 win over the Utah Jazz.上周六的晚上,纽约尼克斯在麦迪逊广场花园主场迎战新泽西网队,板凳席上的林书豪临危受命,拿下了职业生涯最高的25分7助攻,帮助尼克斯99比92战胜网队。两天后,林书豪获得NBA的第一次首发机会,在对阵犹他爵士队的比赛中砍下28分8助攻。Knicks fans now serenade Lin with chants of ;Je-re-my!; and ;M.V.P.!;. With every game, every precision pass and every clever drive to the basket, Lin is raising expectations, altering the Knicks#39; fate and redefining the word ;unlikely.; On Twitter, fans and basketball pundits are using another term to describe the phenomenon: ;Linsanity.;麦迪逊广场花园的球迷们齐声欢呼;Jeremy;和;MVP;。每一场比赛,每一个精准的过人,每一次聪明的突破,林书豪给球迷们带来希望,改变了尼克斯队的命运,也再次重新定义了;不可能;。在推特上,球迷和篮球权威人士用Linsanity ;为林疯狂; 这个标签来描述这种林书豪热现象(Linsanity:Lin+insanity)。Two weeks ago, the 6-foot-3 Lin was not even part of the Knicks#39; point-guard rotation, despite their lack of talent at the position. He played sparingly in a few games, showing just enough promise to keep getting another look; a few more minutes, another quarter. But there was never any hint of what was to come.两周前,这个身高1米91的华裔小个子甚至根本不在尼克斯队的控球后卫轮转名单中,尽管尼克斯目前在控卫的位置缺乏优秀的人才。在此之前他只打过几场比赛,但他的表现足以让教练注意到他。慢慢地,他的上场时间在增加:多了几分钟,再打一节。林书豪的传奇成功不是无迹可寻的。With 25 points Saturday, Lin set the N.B.A. scoring record for a player from Harvard. For an encore, he became the first player in more than 30 years to record at least 28 points and 8 assists in his first N.B.A. start. The last to do so was Isiah Thomas, the Detroit Pistons#39; Hall of Fame point guard, in October 1981.在周六砍下25分的一球成名战后,林书豪也创下了NBA赛场上哈佛毕业生的得分记录。第二场比赛中,他再次创下记录,成为NBA赛场30多年里首发首秀拿到28分8助攻的第一人。上次拿到这个得分的是在1981年10月,底特律活塞队伊塞亚;托马斯(NBA名人堂球员)。;I don#39;t think anyone, including myself, saw this coming,; Lin said after the game Monday.林书豪在周一比赛后表示,;我相信任何人包括我自己在内,都没有预想到这样的成绩;。 /201202/172383

Anger really can kill you: studyAnger and other strong emotions can trigger potentially deadly heart rhythms in certain vulnerable people, US researchers said on Monday.Previous studies have shown that earthquakes, war or even the loss of a World Cup Soccer match can increase rates of death from sudden cardiac arrest, in which the heart stops circulating blood."It's definitely been shown in all different ways that when you put a whole population under a stressor that sudden death will increase," said Dr. Rachel Lampert of Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, whose study appears in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology."Our study starts to look at how does this really affect the electrical system of the heart," Lampert said.She and colleagues studied 62 patients with heart disease and implantable heart defibrillators or ICDs that can detect dangerous heart rhythms or arrhythmias and deliver an electrical shock to restore a normal heart beat."These were people we know aly had some vulnerability to arrhythmia," Lampert said in a telephone interview.Patients in the study took part in an exercise in which they recounted a recent angry episode while Lampert's team did a test called T-Wave Alternans that measures electrical instability in the heart.Lampert said the team specifically asked questions to get people to relive the angry episode. "We found in the lab setting that yes, anger did increase this electrical instability in these patients," she said.Next, they followed patients for three years to see which patients later had a cardiac arrest and needed a shock from their implantable defibrillator."The people who had the highest anger-induced electrical instability were 10 times more likely than everyone else to have an arrhythmia in follow-up," she said.Lampert said the study suggests that anger can be deadly, at least for people who are aly vulnerable to this type of electrical disturbance in the heart."It says yes, anger really does impact the heart's electrical system in very specific ways that can lead to sudden death," she said. /200902/63119

Do you live in St Albans? If so you live amongst the highest-earning people in the UK。  你住在圣奥尔班斯吗?如果是,那你就生活在英国收入最高的地方了。  St Alban's population has an average salary at pound;43,500 per year,according to research from UHY Hacker Young, whilst residentsof Blackpool (pictured) earn an average of pound;17,400.  据UHY Hacker Young的调查,圣奥尔班斯居民年人均收入43500英镑,而布莱克普尔(图中城市)年人均收入只有17400英镑。  The average wage in the UK, amongst those lucky enough to still havea job, is currently pound;24,292 - with pound;4,333 of that going to the taxmanin income tax. The ten highest - and lowest - paid towns or cities arebelow。  目前,在走运还没丢掉工作的英国人中,年均收入为24292英镑,其中包含4333英镑的个人所得税。以下分别是收入最高和最低的十个英国城镇排名:  1. St Albans 圣奥尔班斯  Average income per year: pound;43,500 年均收入:43500英镑  Average income tax paid per year: pound;10,500 年均缴税:10500英镑  2. Windsor 温莎  Average income per year: pound;42,100 年均收入:42100英镑  Average income tax paid per year: pound;10,100 年均缴税:10100英镑  3. Guildford 吉尔福德  Average income per year: pound;38,200 年均收入:38200英镑  Average income tax paid per year: pound;8,850 年均缴税:8850英镑  4. Wokingham 沃克汉姆  Average income per year: pound;37,500 年均收入:37500英镑  Average income tax paid per year: pound;8,240 年均缴税:8240英镑  5. London 伦敦  Average income per year: pound;34,700 年均收入:34700英镑  Average income tax paid per year: pound;7,740 年均缴税:7740英镑  6. Macclesfield 克莱斯菲尔德  Average income per year: pound;34,500 年均收入:34500英镑  Average income tax paid per year: pound;7,540 年均缴税:7540英镑  7. Wycombe 维康比  Average income per year: pound;33,900 年均收入:33900英镑  Average income tax paid per year: pound;7,220 年均缴税:7220英镑  8. Reigate 赖盖特  Average income per year: pound;33,400 年均收入:33400英镑  Average income tax paid per year: pound;7,080 年均缴税:7080英镑  9. Chelmsford 切尔姆斯福德  Average income per year: pound;30,000 年均收入:30000英镑  Average income tax paid per year: pound;6,050 年均缴税:6050英镑  10. Basingstoke 巴辛斯图克  Average income per year: pound;30,300 年均收入:30300英镑  Average income tax paid per year: pound;6,020 年均缴税:6020英镑 /201001/94904

Amanda amp; Nate Reynolds Amanda amp; Nate Reynolds is a husband and wife team that loves getting to know their clients and capturing their love for each other. Not only do they give their clients great memories, they also cherish the memories lovers give them. Amanda amp; Nate Reynolds是夫妻拍档,他们喜欢了解客户,捕捉客户相互之间的情愫。不仅是他们的客户得到了美妙的记忆,他们自己也珍藏了爱侣们留下的美好回忆。 /201108/149106

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