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湖州去眼袋湖州毛孔粗大如何改善湖州曙光整形美容医院隆鼻多少钱 Immigration policy移民政策Ready, steady, do nothing万事俱备,但缺行动Barack Obama defers his promise to help out illegal immigrants巴拉克·奥巴马在帮助非法移民走出困境一事上或有违背诺言之嫌“TODAY, Im beginning a new effort to fix as much of our immigration system as I can on my own, without Congress,” said Barack Obama in June. Lamenting the refusal of Republicans in the House of Representatives to pass an immigration reform bill, he vowed to use his executive powers to “fix as much of our immigration system as we can”. He vowed to have a plan by the end of the summer and to implement it “without further delay”. But on September 7th he admitted that he would not in fact do these things until after the mid-term elections in November.“今天,我开始在没有国会干扰的情况下尽最大努力最大程度的改革我们的移民制度”奥巴马六月如是说。为共和党人在众议院拒绝通过移民改革法案惋惜之时,奥巴马发誓要动用他的行政权尽可能地修改他们的移民制度。他承诺在这个夏天制定修改计划并保无任何进一步延迟地实施修改方案。然而,9月7日他承认除非九月的中期选举结束否则他根本无法做这些事。Some 11.3m immigrants—mostly Spanish-speaking—live illegally in America, according to the Pew Research Centre, a think-tank. That figure is roughly the same as it was when border controls started to tighten dramatically in 2006 or so. The main effect of making it harder to cross the border is that unlawful migrants no longer go back and forth as they used to. A decade ago, a typical migrant had lived in America for nearly eight years. Now the figure is almost 13 years.根据皮尤调查中心这个智囊团的统计数据,美国大约有1130万非法移民,这其中大多数是讲西班牙语。这一数据与2006年前后高调地开始严格进行边境管制是的数据大致相同。严格惊醒边境管制的主要的效果是那些非法移民将不再像他们过去那样来回于两国。十年前,移民在美国居住将近8年,现如今这一数据是将近13年。Only a fraction of those people will ever be sent home. Mass deportation would knock 1.5% off GDP each year and destroy 3.6m jobs in California alone, estimates Raúl Hinojosa-Ojeda of the University of California, Los Angeles. Mr Obama wants Congress to create a path for law-abiding, tax-paying migrants to become citizens. Since it wont, he has ordered the authorities to focus on deporting migrants who commit serious crimes.In 2012 he gave protection from deportation to around 1m people who had migrated illegally to America as children. A new executive order could extend that to parents.仅仅只有一小部分的非法移民会被遣送回国。加利福尼亚大学洛杉矶分校的Raúl Hinojosa-Ojeda估计,将非法移民强制驱逐出境,仅就加州而言,将导致GDP每年下降15%,减少360万工作岗位。奥巴马希望国会为那些遵守法律、积极纳税的移民成为正式公民开辟一条通道。由于这一提议遭否决,他只能命令当局致力于将重罪犯驱逐出境。。2012年他让将近100万在孩童时期就非法移民美国的人免遭驱逐出境的惩罚。新的行政命令将会将该政策扩大覆盖面至父母亲。Over the summer, however, thousands of Central American children surged across the border, creating an impression of chaos that Republican ads exploited. Vulnerable Democrats begged Mr Obama not to do anything that could be portrayed as soft on border security. He has obliged.然而,整个暑假成千上万的中美洲儿童偷渡渡过国界,上演了共和党人广告中描述的那种令人印象深刻的轰动效应。倍受攻击的民主党人恳求奥巴马不要再做任何事情以免造成自己在处理边界安全一事上立场软弱的处境。他已经答应这一请求。Supporters of immigration reform chide the president for breaking his promises. Many are also furious that he has deported more than 2m people since taking office. But some think he is being shrewd. If he tries to fix the system just before an election and Democrats lose, they may conclude that immigration reform is toxic and abandon it. Far better, some argue, to wait.移民改革的持者们斥责总统失信于民。有些人甚至对其上任后将200多万人驱逐出境甚为气愤。但是有些人则认为总统为人甚是精明。倘若他恰好在选举之前修改移民制度并且民主党在选举中失利,他们便可以下结论称移民制度改革是有害的并就此打住。另一些人则认为最好的方式就是什么也不做,干等。Delay may not hurt Democrats much. Latinos are angry, but historically they have been less likely to vote in mid-term elections than whites. In 2010 just 31% of them turned out, against 49% of non-Hispanic whites. This year, Democrats are counting on the Hispanic vote to clinch victory in only one Senate race, in Colorado. And so the system remains broken.拖延或许不会让民主党过于难堪。拉丁裔人都愤怒了,就历史经验而言,跟拜仁相比,他们不太可能参与中期选举。2011年他们中仅有30%的人投票,而非西班牙裔白人则达到49%。今年,科罗拉多的参议院竞选中,民主党人都寄希望于西班牙裔的选票以获得胜利。这样的话移民制度依然漏洞百出有待修订。 /201409/329641湖州哪家医院红血丝

湖州好的整容医院Struggling to repay student loans is something that unites many of us. Across the country, almost 40 million people are trying to repay .3 trillion in student loan debt.Here in Michigan, 1.5 million people are trying to erase more than billion in debt.Earlier today, U.S. Rep. Debbie Dingell, D-Michigan, was on the campus of the University of Michigan, where she hosted a roundtable on college affordability.Dingell is one of the sponsors of a bill in the House called the ;Bank on Students Emergency Loan Reinforcement Act.;The bill would allow students to refinance their current student loan debt.;You can refinance your home loan, you can refinance your auto loan, but you cant refinance your student loan right now,; says Dingell.According to Dingell, the average student loan debt for an undergraduate student is ,000. This new bill would save them ,000.But this is only one small part of a larger problem.In her talks with students, Dingell says they have given her many other ideas, including teaching financial literacy in high school.;Many of them get these loans and dont understand what the loans or their grants are there to cover,; she says.With so many suffering from student loan debt, Dingell says she thinks this isnt a partisan issue and hopes that her fellow members of Congress will support it. Elizabeth Warren introduced the bill previously, but it never passed through the Senate.;Im hoping that we can get something like this through the House and the Senate. Im going to work very hard to try to do that,; Dingell says.201504/369042湖州市治疗脸部脱皮医院 The amount of homework for some elementary school students is nearly three times the recommended amount, according to the American Journal of Family Therapy. 根据美国家庭治疗杂志的报道,一些小学生的家庭作业量是推荐量的近三倍。Most educators believe that the appropriate daily amount of homework for kids between kindergarten and second grade is 10 to 20 minutes. 大多数教育工作者认为,对于幼儿园到二年级的孩子,适当的每日家庭作业量为10至20分钟。For children, homework is a good tool to teach daily responsibilities and routine, but creating more work isnt necessarily going to create more achievement. 对于孩子们,家庭作业是教会日常责任和工作的好方法,但更多的工作不一定会创造更多的成就。According to child psychologist Lisa Damour, “Teachers are under pressure, which means students will be under pressure.; 儿童心理学家莉萨表示,教师有压力,这就意味着学生将受到压力。Most psychologists and teachers believe that the best way for children to spend time at home is with their families having dinners together and going to bed early.大多数心理学家和老师认为,孩子们在家里度过的最好的方式是与家人一起共进晚餐,并且早点上床睡觉。译文属。201608/462776安吉县妇幼保健院激光去痘手术多少钱

湖州曙光整形医院玻尿酸隆鼻Now you have seen ;that thing;,you have seen ;that thing;你看过他的“那个东西”吧 你看过他的“那个东西”吧You have seen it.Yes,I have seen that thing你看到了 是的 看到了I love referring to it as ;that thing; by the way,thats what I refer to it我喜欢你用“那个东西”来形容它 这就是我的说法Thats how he would like it referred to personally,but he wore that during,was it the whole taping of the show,did he wear that thing他个人也会喜欢这种说法 他会在全部拍摄过程中那样穿吗I hope not.It did not look comfortable我希望不要吧 看起来穿着并不舒I love that he has his own,hes got his own,thing.I dont know how to describe it我很高兴他拥有他自己的 自己的 ;那个东西; 我都不知道该怎样去形容它Do you want to take explaining on it,no I really dont你想解释解释吗 我不想Ive been asked by so many people and I dont,other than it is the most realistic looking thing Ive ever有许多人问过我了 这是我见过最真实的you know,I mean its been a while,but it looked real.right.yeah it was remarkable你懂的 我想说 已经有好一阵子了 但认历历在目 是吧 确实如此 非常不可思议I love that,hes a guy who just happens to,have one of those laying around但是我喜欢他那样 他只是和周围其他男人一样 有着那个东西而已Right,so anyway,how is it,is he like that all the time是怎样啊 他一直都那样吗because he really is Ashton loves to surprise people and put them off scared他真这样啊 Ashton喜欢吓吓大家 搞得大家心慌慌Does he wear that enormous prosthetic wiener all the time.I dont know他一直都带着他的假“小朋友”吗 我也不知道 /201610/473336 Its actually not, they decided not to release it. Okay.不上映了 决定禁播这部电影 好吧July 17th. July 17th.Yeah, can I stay with you till then?七月十七日 七月十七啊 在那之前 我可以和你呆一起吗Because I havent got my first check for the movie.因为我还没拿到我的影薪Was that... is that cool or...Plenty of room.可以吗 还是 -当然可以Okay cool yeah,Thank you, We would love to have you, that would be great,太好了 嗯 谢谢你 我们十分欢迎你的加入 那太棒了bring your uh your Hemsworth brothers, uh I do, I travel with that,把你的海姆斯沃斯兄弟带来 我会的 我到哪儿都带着它Okay good, you have it with you Yeah Um and your show was coming back那就太好了 你确实有这个 没错 你的真人秀节目会回归吗on Comedy Central for the third season?在喜剧中心播出第三季Yes. Starting up again? Congratulations,Thank you,是的 又上舞台了 恭喜啊 谢谢this season, Im so proud. Yes?Yes, April 21st, - April...这一季节目 我感到很自豪 是吗 是的 四月二十一日 -四月份啊Please watch it, dont just clap and then like not watch it, okay?大家一定要来捧场 别光鼓掌 然后不去看 好吗Be cool, be real.Oh my god, you make me laugh so, youre hilarious,当个真君子 真实点 天啊 你总能逗我发笑 你太逗了so 2015 MTV Movie Awards are live Sunday at 8 eastern on MTV,2015MTV音乐奖 将在东部时间周日八点上映well be back. Amy Schumer everybody.节目稍后继续 这是艾米·舒默 /201603/430687湖州除眼袋湖州双眼皮整形哪家好



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