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Why Chinese property buyers ALWAYS seem to win at auction - and it has nothing to do with their bank balances为什么中国房产买家总是赢得拍卖,这与他们的存款没有关系 Chinese buyers are consistently outbidding locals at auctions in Australia, and it has nothing to do with their bank balances.在澳洲的拍卖会上中国买家总是打败当地买家,而且这与他们的存款没有关系。According to leading real estate agents, the bidding skill sets of Chinese buyers that speak English as a second language have skyrocketed over the past few years.根据主要的几家房地产中介的说法,过去几年以英语为第二语言的中国买家在竞拍技巧组合的数量上急剧增长。Gavin Norris, head of Chinese international property website Juwai.com, told the Advertiser it came down to their willingness to #39;fight for every dollar.#39;中国国际物业网站Juwai.com负责人Gavin Norris对记者说这主要归因于他们“为每一块钱而战”的意愿。#39;It#39;s not because they overpay,#39; he told the publication. #39;It#39;s because, like every smart buyer, they fight for every dollar.“并不是他们多付,”他说。“而是因为像任何一个聪明的卖家那样,他们为每一块钱而战”#39;If a Chinese buyer doesn#39;t feel comfortable at an auction, they very commonly ask a friend or family member who is more experienced to stand in for them,#39; Mr Norris said.“如果一个中国买家觉得自己不适合去现场竞拍,通常他们会要求更有经验的朋友或者家人去现场,”他说。#39;That tends to produce some individuals who are highly skilled and very cool and comfortable under pressure.#39;“他们会找一些技巧熟练的抗压能力强的人去。”Mr Norris said the days of Chinese buyers slowing down auctions with interpreters were long gone.他说因为中国买家使用翻译人员而导致竞拍过程缓慢的日子已经一去不复返了。He said Chinese buyers were in reality some of the most #39;sophisticated#39; bidders at auctions, with a huge improvement in English fluency playing a big part in their success. 他说中国买家实际上是拍卖会上最富有经验的竞拍者,而他们英语能力的提高起到了很大的作用。 /201608/461545



  Discoveries of new oil reserves have dropped to their lowest level for more than 60 years, pointing to potential supply shortages in the next decade.新探明石油储量已降至逾60年来最低水平,这预示着未来10年可能出现供给短缺。Oil explorers found 2.8bn barrels of crude and related liquids last year, according to IHS, a consultancy. This is the lowest annual volume recorded since 1954, reflecting a slowdown in exploration activity as hard-pressed oil companies seek to conserve cash.咨询公司IHS的数据显示,石油勘探企业去年新发现的原油及相关液态能源为28亿桶。这是自1954年以来录得的最低年探明储量,反映出随着拮据的石油公司设法节约现金,石油勘探活动正逐步放缓。Most of the new reserves that have been found are offshore in deep water, where oilfields take an of average seven years to bring into production, so the declining rate of exploration success points to reduced supplies from the mid-2020s.大多数新发现的石油储量都处于海洋深水区,投产平均需要7年时间,所以,探明成功率的下降预示着,从本世纪20年代中期开始,石油供给将会减少。The dwindling rate of discoveries does not mean that the world is running out of oil; in recent years most of the increase in global production has come from existing fields, not new finds, according to Wood Mackenzie, another consultancy. Additionally, there has been a predominance of gas, rather than oil, in recent finds.另一家咨询公司伍德麦肯兹(Wood Mackenzie)认为,新发现石油储量速度的下降并不意味着全球石油正在耗尽;近年来,全球石油产量增长的大部分来自已有油田,而非新发现油田。此外,在新近发现的储量中,占绝大多数的是天然气,而非石油。But if the rate of oil discoveries does not improve, it will create a shortfall in global supplies of about 4.5m barrels per day by 2035, Wood Mackenzie said.伍德麦肯兹表示,如果石油勘探的速度不提高,到2035年将造成全球每天约450万桶的供给缺口。That could mean higher oil prices, and make the world more reliant on onshore oilfields where the resource base is aly known, such as US shale.这或将意味着油价上涨,并使全球更依赖已知资源储量的陆上油田,比如美国的页岩。 /201605/441989


  Mondelez International will make its first major foray into China’s tricky chocolate market in September, as it introduces its bn Milka brand at a time when rival and recent takeover target Hershey battles falling sales in the country.亿滋国际(Mondelez International)将于今年9月首次正式打入复杂的中国巧克力市场,把旗下价值20亿美元的品牌“妙卡”(Milka)引入中国。这家美国公司的竞争对手、近期成为其收购对象的好时(Hershey),正在与中国市场销售下滑作斗争。The US company, which also owns Cadbury, will sell Milka at “slightly above” average chocolate prices in China, says Tim Cofer, Mondelez’s chief growth officer. He declines to give any sales targets.亿滋首席发展官蒂姆#8226;科弗(Tim Cofer)表示,妙卡巧克力在中国的售价,会定得比一般的巧克力“略高一些”。他拒绝透露具体的销售目标。亿滋旗下还拥有吉百利(Cadbury)品牌。Mr Cofer says he is confident of the .8bn market’s long-term promise, citing low penetration and Mondelez’s 30 years of experience selling other sweet treats and snacks in China. He also talks of creating gifting opportunities on top of existing ones and the growth of online sales, which Mondelez plans to exploit via a partnership with Alibaba.科弗表示,他对中国这个28亿美元的市场的长期前景有信心,理由是巧克力在中国普及率较低,而且亿滋有30年的在华销售其他甜点和零食的经验。他还提到要创造出新的机会,比如让巧克力成为一种礼品,还有就是网上销售的增长,亿滋计划通过与阿里巴巴(Alibaba)合作来开拓网上销售。China’s per-capita consumption of chocolate is 100g annually, compared with 8kg for the UK, 1.6kg for Brazil and 5kg for Russia, Mr Cofer says. The market is dominated by Mars’ Dove brand and Mondelez plans to launch 12 different Milka products, with special editions for specific holidays, for instance.科弗表示,中国人均巧克力消费量为每年100克,英国为8千克,巴西为1.6千克,俄罗斯为5千克。中国市场目前被玛氏(Mars)旗下品牌德芙(Dove)主导,亿滋计划推出12种妙卡产品,比如,会针对特定节日推出特定版产品。Mondelez has minor exposure to the Chinese chocolate market through a small volume of imports of its Cadbury and Toblerone brands. But it says that the introduction of Milka, which will be produced in the country using milk imported from the Alps, marks its serious launch into the market.亿滋在中国巧克力市场所占份额较低,仅靠旗下吉百利和瑞士三角(Toblerone)品牌的少量进口产品打天下。但亿滋表示,引入妙卡标志着该公司正式打入中国市场。届时妙卡将在中国生产,所用牛奶将从阿尔卑斯山地区进口。While Mondelez also owns Cadbury, Mr Cofer says that the company is introducing Milka on the back of research that suggested Chinese consumers would appreciate the taste.虽然亿滋还拥有吉百利,但科弗表示,公司决定引入妙卡是因为有研究表明,中国消费者会喜欢妙卡的味道。 /201607/456949

  BENGALURU: After drawing flak over a proposed steel flyover, the Karnataka government is staring at another controversy . The Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation’s proposal to procure 150 electric buses at a cost of Rs 2.7 crore per vehicle has raised eyebrows.此前提议修建一座钢架天桥而遭到抨击,卡纳塔克邦政府这次又引起一个争议。Experts say this amount is exorbitant as the price of a battery-driven bus at current market rate is not more than Rs 1.5 crore.班加罗尔市交通集团提议以每辆2700万卢比的价格采购150辆电动车,引来人们的质疑声。To tap into funds provided under the Centre’s Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of (Hybrid) Electric Vehicles (FAME), the BMTC board of directors on Monday gave in-principle approval to the proposal to purchase 150 electric buses to be run on a pilot basis. 作为试点项目,班加罗尔市交通局原则上批准采购150辆电动巴士。The scheme offers in centives for electric vehicles as FAME, launched by the Union heavy industries ministry last year, and envisages not less than Rs 15,000-crore support. 去年,联合重工业部发起了电动车项目,希望获得不少于1500亿卢比的持。The BMTC’s move to introduce battery-driven buses is in keeping with the concerns of environment protection and saving fossil fuel even as the transport corporation had triallaunched the electric buses in February 2014. Although BMTC has not officially announced the cost, sources in the corporation said it’s Rs.2.7 crore per bus.班加罗尔市交通局引入电动巴士的举动,符合保护环境和节省化石燃料的初衷,在2014年2月就曾经试推出过电动巴士。虽然并未正式宣布价格,然而消息人士透露每辆为2700万卢比。 /201610/474782



  A world-class airport cluster will be established in Beijing and its two neighboring areas - Tianjin municipality and Hebei province, promoting regional integrated development, China Securities Journal reported.据《中国券报》报道,为促进区域一体化发展,一个世界级机场集群将在北京及其两个邻近地区——天津市和河北省建立。A guideline, which aims to push forward coordinated development of civil aviation in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area (or Jing-Jin-Ji in their abbreviations), was approved at a meeting presided by Feng Zhenglin, head of the Civil Aviation Administration, last Monday.上周一,在民用航空局冯正霖主持的一次会议上,一项旨在促进京津冀地区民用航空协调发展的指导方针得到了批准。Airspace integration and comprehensive transportation connectivity will be basically achieved in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region by 2030, building a more powerful policy guarantee system.到2030年,京津冀地区将基本实现空域整合和综合交通连接,形成更强大的政策保障体系。A total of 23 tasks were put forward to build a world-class airport cluster and aviation hub, serving the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei city cluster, according to the guideline.按照该指导方针,建设世界级机场集群和航空枢纽的23项任务,将务于京津冀城市群。In order to achieve this goal, the guideline also set up two timelines: structural adjustment period (2016-2019) and all-round upgrade period (2020-2030).为了实现这一目标,该指导方针还设置了两个时间表:结构调整期(2016-2019)和全面升级期(2020-2030)。Beijing#39;s two existing airports have reached their maximum handling capacities and so the capital city is building its third civil airport - the Daxing International Airport - which will be the second-largest airport in the city, following the Beijing Capital International Airport.北京现有的两个机场已达到最大处理能力,因此首都正在建设第三个民用机场——大兴国际机场,这将是北京首都国际机场之后的第二大机场。The facility, located adjacent to Daxing district in Beijing and Langfang in the neighboring Hebei province, will involve 79.98 billion yuan (.11 billion) of investment and take about five years to complete, according to the National Development and Reform Commission.根据国家发展和改革委员会的数据,该设施毗邻北京大兴区和邻近的河北省廊坊市,将涉及投资779.8亿元(约合131.1亿美元),需要约5年的时间。The airport is designed to handle 72 million passengers, 2 million tons of cargo, and 620,000 planes in 2025.机场设计在2025年接待7200万乘客、200万吨货物和620,000架飞机。Meanwhile, Tianjin Binhai International Airport and Shijiazhuang Zhengding International Airport have aly taken measures to diversify their services and facilitate journeys.同时,天津滨海国际机场和石家庄正定国际机场已经采取措施,使务多样化、使旅程更加便利。 /201612/485286


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