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郑州华山美容医院开双眼皮手术多少钱郑州/祛额头纹河南省郑州华山整形美容医院手臂脱毛怎么样 Fifteenth-century Arabs were the first to cultivate coffee and a Frenchman was behind the 1843 debut of the world#39;s first commercial espresso machine.15世纪的阿拉伯人是最早栽培及食用咖啡的民族,而在1843年一名法国人首次制造出第一台商用咖啡机。There have been a few leaps forward since then.从那时起就有几次巨大的飞跃。;People are more and more interested in where the beans come from, and how they#39;re harvested and roasted, ; says New Zealand barista champion Nick Clark of Wellington#39;s Flight Coffee.“人们对咖啡豆的来源、如何收获、如何烘培越来越感兴趣,”新西兰惠灵顿咖啡比赛冠军咖啡大师Nick Clark说。;There are so many variables involved in producing a great cup of coffee these days, and the industry has had to evolve to meet growing consumer expectations.;“要想做出一杯好喝的咖啡,里面有太多的影响因素。咖啡业需要不断进步才能满足顾客日益高涨的期望。”The world#39;s best coffee cities are those where the coffee isn#39;t just good -- it#39;s great.在世界上咖啡最棒的城市里,那里的咖啡不仅仅是好——而是非常好。Aussies and Kiwis opened the city#39;s first espresso-focused coffee shops (such as Flat White and Kaffeine) a decade ago and they#39;ve been popping up across the city ever since.澳大利亚人和新西兰人十年前在该市开了首家以意式咖啡为主的咖啡馆(例如Flat White和 Kaffeine),从那时起,咖啡馆就不断出现。;London still has a long way to go with café service, but in the past five years there#39;s been so much growth; says Estelle Bright, head barista at London#39;s Caravan.“伦敦咖啡厅的务还有很长的路要走,但是在过去的五年里有很大的进步”, 伦敦Caravan的顶级咖啡师Estelle Bright说。Local order: Flat white or cappuccino.当地必点咖啡:白咖啡或卡布奇诺。;London is still in the grip of the flat white craze, but cappuccinos are similarly popular, ; says Bright.“伦敦人仍然热衷于白咖啡,但是卡布奇诺也同样受欢迎,”Bright说。;The coffee culture in Melbourne is just incredible, ; says reigning World Barista Champion Pete Licata, from the ed States.“墨尔本的咖啡文化简直不可思议,”来自美国的世界咖啡师大赛冠军Pete Licata说。Coffee is such an integral part of the Melbourne lifestyle that the city even hosts an annual coffee expo.对于墨尔本而言,咖啡是那里生活方式的不可分割的一部分,墨尔本甚至每年都要举行咖啡览会。Local order: Piccolo latte.当地必点咖啡:迷你拿铁。While lattes, cappuccinos and flat whites remain popular, piccolo lattes (made with less milk so the espresso tastes stronger) are the drink du jour.拿铁、卡布奇诺和白咖啡在那里仍然很流行,而迷你拿铁(使用了少量的牛奶,这样咖啡的味道更浓)最受欢迎。After the Dutch, Scandinavians have the highest coffee consumption per capita in the world.除了荷兰,北欧人是世界上人均咖啡消费量最多的国家。While Finns drink the most among Scandinavians, Icelanders are also coffee crazy.虽然在北欧人中,芬兰人是喝咖啡喝得最多的,但冰岛人也很热衷于咖啡。;You#39;d have coffee and cake and didn#39;t mind how the coffee was as long as the cake was good. ”“你会点咖啡和蛋糕,只要蛋糕口味不错,你就不会介意咖啡的味道。”;Then, about 25 years ago, people started to care about how their coffee was served.;“接着,大约在25年前,人们开始关心咖啡的务。“With Iceland#39;s lack of commercial coffee behemoths, smaller businesses have had a chance to flourish.冰岛缺乏咖啡巨头,小企业有机会蓬勃发展。Now you can hardly walk a city block without passing a coffee shop.现在你去每一个城市街区基本上都能看到咖啡店。Local order: Latte or cappuccino.当地必点咖啡:拿铁或卡布奇诺。;Drip coffee is popular in the home, but Icelanders tend go to coffeehouses for espresso-based drinks, ; says Thora.“过滤咖啡在家里很流行,但是冰岛人喜欢去咖啡馆喝浓缩咖啡,”Thora说。Coffee is so much a part of Italian culture that you#39;ll rarely encounter a local who doesn#39;t drink it.咖啡是罗马文化的一部分,你去罗马能难碰到不喝咖啡的当地人。But believe it or not, it#39;s not always that easy to find a decent espresso in Italy, with critics whispering that Italians have been resistant to adopt modern barista techniques.信不信由你,在意大利找到一家体面的浓缩咖啡店不是那么容易的,有批评者认为意大利一直抵制使用现代咖啡技术。But with the best of the nation#39;s baristas calling it home, Rome is your best bet for a quality cup.但是最好的咖啡师都把罗马称为咖啡之都,要想喝一杯高品质的咖啡,罗马是你最好的选择。Local order: Espresso.当地必点咖啡:浓缩咖啡Custom dictates that milky coffees can only be consumed at breakfast.那里的习俗是乳白色的咖啡只能在早晨时享用。;Coffee has always been an integral part of Singaporean life, but we#39;ve only recently embraced modern espresso technology, ; says Jovena Loon of Café Hopping Singapore. ;Locals have become so obsessed with latte art that it has become a basic criteria for a good café.;“咖啡一直是新加坡人生活中不可或缺的一部分,但是我们只在最近才开始接受浓缩咖啡的技术,”新加坡Café Hopping的Jovena Loon说。“当地人对拿铁艺术特别痴迷,以至于它成了好的咖啡馆的基本准则。Local order: Latte, mocha or cappuccino.当地必点咖啡:拿铁、 卡或卡布奇诺。If there#39;s one American city that#39;s consistently ahead of the game, it#39;s Seattle.如果从美国的城市中挑选一个咖啡城市,那非西雅图莫属了。The green mermaid is only a small part of the hometown coffee scene.“绿色美人鱼”的故乡是西雅图,而星巴克只是西雅图咖啡文化的一小部分。;Coffee is our liquid sunshine in Seattle, ; says Joshua Boyt from Victrola Coffee Roasters, one of the city#39;s best cafes for coffee geeks.“在西雅图,咖啡是我们的液体阳光,”来自Victrola Coffee Roasters的Joshua Boyt说。Victrola Coffee Roasters对咖啡极客来说是该市最好的咖啡馆。;Passion for the product, coupled with the sheer number of coffee shops across the city, has created a culture of constant improvement through competition and camaraderie.;“对产品的,在加上该市中大量的咖啡店,这些都创造了通过竞争和友谊不断改进的文化。”Local order: Espresso, cappuccino or a single-origin pour.当地必点咖啡:浓缩咖啡、卡布奇诺或 单品咖啡。They#39;re such an important part of Viennese culture that the city#39;s coffee houses were listed by UNESCO in 2011 as an Intangible Heritage.咖啡是维也纳文化中如此重要的一部分,以至于2011年该市的咖啡馆被联合国教科文组织列入非物质文化遗产。But modern coffee connoisseurs such as Vienna coffee blogger Lameen Abdul-Malik of From Coffee With Love admit that the standard of coffee in these beloved institutions, which act as public living rooms where people come to chat, newspapers and eat strudel, are lagging in terms of coffee technology and service expectations.但现代的咖啡鉴赏家如在CoffeeWithLove网站上写客的维也纳咖啡主Lammen Abdul-Malik承认,人们都喜欢去咖啡店里聊天、看报、吃点心,但咖啡店的咖啡标准在咖啡技术和务期望方面都有些滞后。Perhaps not for long.也许不会太久。;Since Vienna hosted the World Barista Championships in 2012, and new-style independent coffee shops began to open up, the quality of espresso drinks is steadily improving, ; says Abdul-Malik.“由于维也纳2012年举办了世界咖啡师大赛,新型的独立咖啡店开始开张,浓缩咖啡的质量在稳定提升,”Abdul-Malik说。Local order: Espresso or cappuccino in a new style cafe.当地必点咖啡:在新型的咖啡馆里点浓缩咖啡或卡布奇诺。 /201405/300327河南激光祛痘最好的医院

郑州市第一人民医院祛疤手术多少钱郑州市第一人民医院激光去痣多少钱 In most communities around the world, goddesses are symbolic of a spiritual world. But in Nepal, these sacred females live and breathe.在世界上大部分的国家和地区,女神是精神世界的象征,但在尼泊尔,这些神圣的女性在世间生活着呼吸着。Handpicked from birth, these pre-pubescent girls are known as Kumaris, which means virgin in Nepalese, and are believed to be incarnations of the Hindu Goddess of Power, Kali.这些被称为“库玛利斯”(尼泊尔语处女)的女孩是自出生时就被精心挑选出来的。直到进入青春期前,她们都被视为印度女神时母的化身。They are forced to leave their homes and are hidden away in temples as a living deity, only able to leave when they are required at festivals and processions as the subject of worship.她们被认为是在人间的神祗,必须隐居在神庙里,只有出席节庆或宗教活动时才被允许离开。回家更是不可能的事情。These Kumaris are even considered too special to walk, instead being carried in chariots, thrones and other people#39;s arms - sometimes meaning they do not learn to walk until they retire.人们认为这些女孩太特殊,她们无须步行,一般坐马车、宝座或肩舆出行。也就是说,有时她们在退休之前都不会学习走路。And the girls are banned from going to school or taking part in day-to-day society, only appearing outside their temples up to 13 times a year.她们不能上学,也不能过普通人的日常生活。一年最多只能离开神庙13次。But once they reach puberty, everything changes for these Kumaris. After menstruation starts, the girls are put through a 12-day #39;Gufa#39; ritual, after which their life as a Kumari ends - and they return to an ordinary life that they have never known.一旦到了青春期,一切都将变得不同。初潮开始后,她们会参加一个为期12天被称为“古法”的仪式。“库玛利斯”生涯就此结束,她们将回到此前从未经历过的正常人的生活中去。 /201406/305611郑州大学附属郑州中心医院纹眉毛多少钱

郑州中心医院打溶脂针价钱费用 Leopard prints have always played an important role in fashion,豹纹其实一直都在时尚中占有不败的地位,whether it#39;s spring, summer, fall or winter,不论春夏秋冬,we can always use leopard prints to mix and match.大家都可以用不同的方式穿搭豹纹,Leopard shoes, bags, tops/jackets, skirts/pants or scarves,豹纹鞋、豹纹包、豹纹裙、豹纹上衣/夹克、豹纹裙/裤子或是豹纹围巾,they are all perfect items for outfit styling.都是很好画龙点睛的单品。This time, I tried to match a wardrobe staple, white shirt, with a leopard print skirt,这次我就用最百搭的白衬衫搭配一件画龙点睛的豹纹裙或搭配,the classic and wild combo somehow made it work.Guess wild animal prints can also be elegant 。让看似狂野的动物纹单品也可以显得很优雅。 /201409/329987焦作市治疗痤疮多少钱郑州/纹眉毛多少钱



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