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A: Good afternoon, Sir. Youre here to see about a Temporary Loan, right? The loans we offer are purchasing income-generating assets. Is that what you require?下午好,先生您到这里来是要了解关于临时贷款的事项,对吗?我们提供的贷款是用于购买创收资产的这是您需要的吗?B: Yes, that exactly what I need. How about terms these?是的,这正是我所需要的贷款期限是任何设定的?A: Well, we offer 60-day or 90-day loans. The balance of the loan is to be repaid in full by the end of the specified period.嗯,我们提供60天或90天的贷款贷款余额需要在指定期限的截止曰期全部还清B: Is there any flexibility on that?对此是否有任何的回旋余地呢?A: Untunately, not.对不起,没有B: OK. In my position, I think the best way to go would be the 90-day loan. That would give us a little more time to sort out the repayment plan.好吧根据我的处境,我认为最好的方式是申请90天的贷款这样我们就有更多的时间来理清还款计划A: Not a problem, Sir. If youd just fill out these ms, and of course with necessary clearance, we can get you the money right away.没问题,先生如果您这就填写这些表格的话,当然还要有必要的明,我们马上就可以把贷款发放给您 697PRESIDENT Barack Obama, locked in a tight re-election bid, was joining with one of his top Republican critics yesterday to visit victims of Superstorm Sandy, giving Americans a high-profile display of presidential leadership while leaving rival Mitt Romney awkwardly on the sidelines less than a week before Election Day.美国总统奥巴马暂停了紧张的竞选连任,昨天和他的一个共和党批评者一起探访了飓风桑迪的受害者,向美国民众高调显示了总统的领导力,同时在离选举日不到一个多星期时使得竞争对手米#8226;罗姆尼尴尬地在旁观。Obama will visit New Jersey, the state hardest hit by the storm which devastated much of the northeastern ed States, accompanied by Governor Chris Christie. The governor has been one of Romneys most prominent supporters, but has been effusive in his praise of Obamas response to the storm.奥巴马将前往新泽西州,摧毁美国东北部的飓风受灾最严重的地区,由州长克里斯#8226; 克里斯蒂(Chris Christie)陪同。该州州长已经是罗姆尼最明显的持者之一,但一直热情洋溢地赞美着奥巴马对于飓风的应对。Though Obama has officially suspended campaigning for three days and New Jersey is safe Democratic territory, the tour with Christie offers him clear electoral advantages. Obama can appear to be in command, directing US aid and showing his concern about the storms victims. Romney, meanwhile, must walk a careful line. Aggressive attacks on Obama could appear unseemly during a national crisis. Yet he is running out of time to make his case to voters ahead of Tuesdays vote.尽管奥巴马已经连续三天正式暂停竞选活动,新泽西州是安全的民主党领土,与Christie的探访为他提供了明显的竞选优势。奥巴马明显有权下命令,指挥美国的救援,并显示了他对风暴受害者的关心。同时,罗姆尼必须走小心行事。在一场全国性的危机面前激烈攻击奥巴马可能不合时宜。然而,他的时间不多了,在周二大选之前向选民推荐自己。Polls show the candidates virtually tied. But the winner will be determined in state-by-state votes and a handful of states that are not clearly Democratic or Republican will determine the outcome. For the moment, Obama appears to have a slight lead in the state tallies.民意调查显示两位候选人几乎不分上下。但获胜者将在各州的选票中确定,以及少数几个既非民主党也非共和党的州将决定结果。目前,在全国民调中奥巴马似乎略微领先。Obamas campaign announced yesterday he planned to resume campaign travel today after a three-day pause with stops in Nevada, Colorado and Wisconsin.在内华达、科罗拉多和威斯康辛州为期三天的竞选暂停之后,奥巴马的竞选团队昨天宣布他计划今天继续竞选之旅。After tamping down his partisan tone on Tuesday at an Ohio event that emphasized disaster relief, Romney had three full-blown campaign rallies yesterday in Florida, the largest competitive state.在周二在俄亥俄州的活动中放下他的党派语气强调救灾的信心之后,罗姆尼三场竞选活动昨天在最大的竞争州佛罗里达州全面展开。来 /201211/206919

请求告知信息请告诉我您的姓名和房间号A: Morning. I’m y to check out.早上好我要结账退房B: Sure. May I have your name and room number?好的请告诉我您的姓名和房间号同类问句:Certainly, sir. May I have your name and room number, please? 当然可以,先生,请告诉我您的名字及房间号码John Smith. Room 71. 约翰.史密斯,71号房间房费总额总共500美元A:Yes. I have to pay my bill now. My name is Richard, Room 5.是的我得把账给结了我的名字叫理查德,房间号是5B: Just a moment, please. Thaftl be 500 dollars. 请稍等总共500美元同类问句: ten days the price would be 00 dollars. 天要00美元The total cost would be 350 Yuan.—共是350元Please wait a moment. Here your bill. That comes to 750 dollars.请等一下,这是您的账单,一共 750美元 10

Eating a Horse说明自己很饿I think it high time we had lunch.我觉得是吃饭的时候了Of course.I can eat a horse now.当然是了,我现在饿的能吞下一匹马I am sorry that.I was so attracted by the beautiful scenery.非常抱歉,我被美丽的景色深深地吸引住了Where shall we go now ? A Chinese restaurant or a local one?我们现在去哪里?中式餐厅还是当地的特色餐厅7I suppose the local one.我认为还是去当地的餐厅比较好 3538

Silk丝织品Have you been taken of, Miss?有人招呼您了吗,?I am Iooking a T-shirt.我想买件T恤We have quite a variety of shirts here.我们这里有多种T恤供您选择What kind of matarial is this?这是什么料子的?Silk. You have a good taste. It excellent its handiness, elegance and beauty.丝的您眼光真好丝织品以轻巧,高雅及好看而显得极为出色Can I try it on?我能试一下吗? 0

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