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China has lifted more than 10 million rural residents out of poverty this year with a record-breaking investment of more than 100 billion yuan in government funds, and it plans to pull another 10 million people out of poverty next year.今年我国投入破纪录的000亿元的政府扶贫资金,000万以上农村贫困人口脱贫,此外,我国计划在2017年再000万人脱贫。That goal was announced last Tuesday by Liu Yongfu, director of the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development, at the offices annual national meeting.这一目标是国务院扶贫办主任刘永富上周二在扶贫办的年度全国会议上宣布的。Unlike the previous practice of most special funds being spent by higher-level governments, these funds have filtered down to the grassroots level.与以往大部分专项资金由上级政府使用不同的是,这些扶贫资金下达到了基层。This year, 95% of the funding is directly accessible by county governments, up from last years 75%, Liu said.刘永富主任表示,今年县级政府有权直接使用的扶贫资金比例从上年5%提高到了95%。The government has organized 2 million people to check the status of every poor household registered nationwide to make sure that each person in need can get help.政府组织00万人对全国所有建档立卡贫困户进行排查,以确保每个贫困对象都能得到救助。As a result, they removed 9.29 million names of those who are not really poor, while adding the names of 8.07 million others who were previously not registered, according to the office.据扶贫办表示,今年排查共剔除识别不准人口929万,补录贫困人口807万。来 /201612/485526Two military planes go down in unrelated incidents两架军事飞机在不相连的事故中坠毁Two military planes went down on Thursday in coincidental unrelated incidents in Colorado and in Tennessee, and the pilot in one incident died, the U.S. Navy confirmed.周四,两架军事飞机分别在科罗拉多和田纳西州坠毁,坠毁原因不一,但同时发生。美国海军确认,其中一架飞机的驾驶员在事故中去世。A U.S. official identified the Tennessee pilot, a member of the fabled Blue Angels, as Marine Capt. Jeff Kuss, the Associated Press was reporting.美国联合通讯社报道,美国陆军官员识别出田纳西州的飞行员是传说中蓝天使的一员,即海军上校杰#8226;库斯。Kuss was 32, according to the Blue Angels website.根据蓝天使网上所述,库斯32岁。The U.S. Navy Blue Angels jet crashed just after takeoff for a practice flight in Smyrna, Tenn., U.S. Navy officials said.美国海军官员说道,美国海军蓝天使喷气式飞机刚从田纳西州的士麦娜起飞进行飞行演习,就坠毁了。The incident happened shortly after 3 p.m., local time.当地时间下午3点刚过,该事故就发生了。On Thursday morning, the Blue Angels urged fans in Nashville via Facebook to look up at about 9:40 a.m. local time to see the jets on their way to a Nashville International Airport flyover.周四早上,蓝天使通过脸书呼吁纳什维尔的粉丝们在当地时间早:40时抬头仰望天空,那时候可以看到飞机正在飞往纳什维尔国际机场天桥的路上In the other incident, a U.S. Air Force elite Thunderbird jet crashed during a flyover for the Air Force Academys graduation ceremony near Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado. The Air Force confirmed the crash of the F-16.在另一起事故中,在靠近位于科罗拉多的彼得森空军基地,美国空军精英雷鸟飞机在为空军学院毕业典礼编队飞行时坠毁。空军确认坠毁的是F-16战斗机。The pilot managed to eject safely before the crash and was unharmed, Air Combat Command confirmed, adding that the pilot steered to an unpopulated area before ejecting.坠毁前,飞行员成功安全的从飞机内弹射出来,没有受伤,美国空军空战司令部确认道,并补充说在从机内弹出来之前,飞行员将飞机开向到了无人区。The pilot was rescued by local first responders, Master Sgt. Chrissy Best, Thunderbirds spokeswoman, told The Air Force Times.该飞行员被当地的现场急救员营救,克丽茜对《空军时报》说道,她是雷鸟的发言人。The Thunderbirds website lists Maj. Alex Turner as pilot of the jet.雷鸟官网上写到少校艾利克#8226;特纳是此次飞机的飞行员。The incident happened at about 1 p.m. local time, officials said.官员说,事故发生时,当地时间约为下午1点。President Obama, in town to deliver the commencement address at the Air Force Academy, visited with the pilot and thanked him for his service to the country, the White House confirmed.白宫确认,当时总统奥巴马在镇上为空军学院的毕业典礼致辞,随后拜访了该飞行员,感谢他为国家务。The pilot was up and walking around during President Obamas visit, White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters.白宫发言人乔#8226;欧内斯特告诉记者说,在奥巴马访问期间,飞行员已经可以站起来走动了。In Tennessee, Blue Angels fans expressed condolences and concerns on the teams Facebook page.在田纳西州,蓝天使的粉丝在他们队的脸书上留言表达了慰问和关心;Prayers for the loss the Angels face today,; fan Katie Bella wrote. ;God bless all of you and thank you all for your service to this country.;“为今天蓝天使失去的一员祈祷,”粉丝凯#8226;贝拉写到,“愿上帝护佑你们,谢谢你们为国效忠。;My heart is broken for your loss,; wrote fan Rachel Long-Distelrath. ;God bless the Blue Angels.;“你的逝世让我心痛不已,”粉丝瑞秋写到,“愿上帝保佑蓝天使。”译文属 /201606/447455Dilma Rousseff vowed to fight to the endafter Brazil’s senate voted to suspend her as president, opening a formalimpeachment process against her for budgetary crimes.巴西总统迪尔#8226;罗塞Dilma Rousseff)誓言要战斗到底,此前,巴西参议院投票暂停了其总统职务,开启了围绕预算方面犯罪指控对她的正式弹劾进程。The decision, threatens to end 13 years ofrule by Ms Dilma’s leftist Workersparty, the PT, and opens the way for anexpected market-friendly government led by vice-president Michel Temer. He tookoffice as interim president immediately after her suspension.此次投票或将终结罗塞夫所在左翼工人党(PT)长达13年的统治,为由副总统米歇#8226;特梅Michel Temer)领导的期待中的亲市场政府开辟了道路。罗塞夫被停职后,特梅尔随即出任临时总统。“Brazil’s young democracy is being subjected to a coup,”Ms Roussefftold a chanting crowd of supporters in front of the presidential palace. “I will resistthrough all legal means.”“巴西年轻的民主制度正遭遇一场政变,”罗塞夫对总统府前高呼口号的大批持者表示,“我将通过所有法律途径进行反抗。”The new government takes the helm as LatinAmerica’s largest economy suffers potentially its worse recession for acentury and as its political class is being devastated by a sweeping corruptionscandal at state-run oil company Petrobras.新政府掌权之际,正值这个拉丁美洲最大经济体遭遇有可能是一个世纪以来最严重的衰退,巴西国家石油公Petrobras)爆出的大规模腐败丑闻也正在严重打击该国政治精英阶层。Investors have been cheered by Mr Temer’sappointment of respected former central banker Henrique Meirelles as financeminister.特梅尔将任命受尊敬的、前巴西央行行长恩里#8226;梅雷莱斯(Henrique Meirelles)出任财长部长,投资者对此倍感鼓舞。But Mr Temer faces an uphill task inrallying support in the fractured congress for painful economic measures,including stabilising the budget.但特梅尔面临着一项艰巨的任务,他要在四分五裂的国会里获得持,从而推行包括稳定预算在内的痛苦的经济措斀?Ms Rousseff choked up as she recalled howshe had been tortured as a young Marxist guerrilla during Brazil’s militarydictatorship more than 30 years ago. “I have suffered the unspeakable pain oftorture, the agonising pain of disease [cancer] and now I suffer yet again theequally indescribable pain of injustice,”she said.罗塞夫回忆起30多年前巴西军事独裁统治期间,还是一名年轻马克思主义游击队员的自己曾遭受过的折磨,忍不住哽咀?她说:“我曾遭受酷刑带来的无法言说的痛苦,(癌症)疾病带来的极度痛苦,现在我又遭受不公正带来的同样难以形容的痛苦。”Senators voted 55-22 against Brazil’s firstfemale president. She will be suspended for up to six months while the chargesare deliberated by the house.参议员们5票对22票通过弹劾这位巴西首位女总统。在议院审议相关指控期间,她将暂时停职最个月。来 /201605/443818

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