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上海交通大学医学院附属新华医院开双眼皮多少钱上海市第六人民医院激光去烫伤的疤多少钱上海九院整形美容科打瘦腿针的费用 PATTON OSWALT, an American comedian, once told a story about a text exchange with his girlfriend. “I love you,” she texted. Mr Oswalt began to reply “I love you too.” Only the grouchy comic got as far as “I…” and the predictive texting program began to fill out the text based on his habits. “…hate…”, it provided. Mr Oswalt hit “send” before he could stop himself, and his poor girlfriend ended up receiving a rather offensive text.帕顿·奥斯瓦尔特是一名美国喜剧演员,他跟观众讲过自己与女朋友短信交流的故事。“我爱你”,女友在短信中写道。奥斯瓦尔特先生准备回复“我也爱你”。只有爱发牢骚的喜剧演员才懂得“我...”的句式效果,这时文字预测功能开始根据他的习惯自动填写短信,所写的内容是:“...恨...”。奥斯瓦尔特先生还没来得及反应,手一抖就按了“发送”键,结果他女友收到了这条冒犯意味十足的短信。Johnson would expect Mr Oswalt#39;s relationships to have moved on from such moments of communicative meltdown. Predictive texting was fairly new in 2009, when Mr Oswalt told his gag. But five years later, smarter and faster processors, plus better wireless broadband, have allowed smartphones to do much better at predicting what users mean, and what they are likely to say next. Apple has implemented new elements of language analysis and prediction in iOS8, its latest mobile operating system, for texting both with thumbs and with speech recognition.笔者约翰逊希望奥斯瓦尔特先生与女友的关系不要因为这种沟通失败而泡汤。2009年,奥斯瓦尔特先生向观众讲这个噱头时,文字预测还是比较新奇的功能。但是五年后的今天出现了更快更智能的处理器和更先进的无线宽带,使智能手机能更好的预测用户的心思以及下一句想要说什么。苹果公司为最新的手机操作系统IOS8提供了新的语言分析和预测元素,适用于手指打字和语音识别。Speech recognition relies on a big database of natural human English text. An unclear word can be disambiguated by the words around it, as the software tries to match a string of words to a string in its database. If the computer hears ;Four score and seven [mumble] ago;, it can scan its database and guess that the missing word is probably ;years;.语音识别技术依靠普通人类英语文本大型数据库。当软件听到一连串单词时,会从数据库中搜索与之相匹配的语句。所以当软件遇到一个发音模糊的单词时,可根据其前后其他单词来消除歧义。例如,当计算机听到“四十七[发音模糊]前”,它会搜索数据库猜测没听清的那个单词可能是“年”。In iOS7, the user had to dictate an entire passage, hit “done”, and wait for the (usually quite accurate) text to appear after a second or two. In iOS8, though, things get more interesting: the words appear nearly as they are spoken. The real-time appearance of each word allows the curious language pundit to peer into the software’s mind. I tried a deliberate “Four score and seven rrrrs ago.” Each of the first four words appeared almost instantly. After the rrrrs, the system paused for a brief moment, before offering “years ago” on the screen. The software clearly thought “hmm, rrrrs sounds like nothing in my database. But this ‘four score and seven’ is almost always followed by the word ‘years’, and the ‘ago’ seems to prove it.”在IOS7系统中,用户必须先口述一整段语音,点击“完成”键,一两秒后语音被转化成文字,准确率一般都很高。在IOS8系统中,该功能变得更为有趣:语音和文字几乎是同步的。由于每个单词可以实时出现,因此语言专家可以分析软件的思维方式。我故意说了“四十七rrrrs前”,前四个单词中的第一个单词几乎立刻出现。当我说到rrrrs时,系统短暂停顿后在屏幕上显示出“年前”。软件明显在想:“嗯...我的数据库中找不到rrrrs的发音,但“四十七”后面经常出现“年”这个单词,而“前”这个单词似乎明了这一点。To check my intuition, I tried “rrrrs” for “years” in several situations where ;years; is not the obvious word, including a classic line from ;Raiders of the Lost Ark;: “It’s not the years, honey—it’s the mileage.” The software returned things like “It’s not the errors honey it’s the mileage,” and “It’s not Thursday honey it’s the mileage.” The line obviously isn’t in Apple’s training text as frequently as “Four score and seven years ago.”为了验我的直觉判断,我在多个情景中将“年(years)”说成了“rrrrs”,在这些情景中单词“年(years)”并不是显而易见就能推测出来的,包括《夺宝奇兵》中的经典台词:“关键不在于车龄,宝贝,而在于行驶里程”。这时软件显示出的文字是:“关键不在于错误(errors),宝贝,而在于行驶里程”,以及 “关键不在于周四(Thursday),宝贝,而在于行驶里程”。这句话在苹果数据库中出现的频率明显不如 “四十七年前”。Another much-touted advance in iOS8 is predictive text for typing. When composing a text or e-mail, users see three words above the keyboard at any given time—the three words Apple reckons they are most likely to use next. As with speech recognition, the software must first be trained on a bunch of actual English text. But Apple also claims that the software learns from each individual user over time.苹果IOS8系统中另一个备受追捧的进步是打字预测功能。当用户在编辑文字或电子邮件时,随时能看到键盘上会浮现出三个单词,苹果认为这三个单词是你接下来最有可能用到的。与语音识别同理,这款软件也必须事先接受真实英语文本的训练。但苹果也表示该软件随着时间也会学习单个用户的使用习惯。iOS8 has had about a month to learn your columnist’s habits. At present, the three words Apple thinks Johnson is mostly to use to start a text are “I”, “The” and “I’m”. If that sounds depressingly ego-centric, remember that “I” is the most common word in spoken English. Pressing “I” reveals the three words most likely to follow “I”: “love”, “don’t” and “just”. Johnson is apparently not as disagreeable as Mr Oswalt.IOS8系统用了一个月时间学习笔者的习惯。现在苹果认为笔者在编辑文字时,开头最常用的三个单词是“我”,“这”,“我是”。尽管这种以自我为中心的感觉令人郁闷,但请记住“我”是英文口语中最常用的单词。在键盘上点击“我”会显示接下来最有可能用到的三个单词:“爱”,“不”,“仅仅”。笔者显然不像奥斯瓦尔特先生那般不友好。What is striking, however, is that though the software can pick words that are likely to follow the previous word, the trick does not produce great phrases. Repeatedly pressing the middle of the three choices on my phone results in令人惊奇的是,该软件能从先前出现过的预测结果中选词,但这种技巧无法产生令人满意的短语。在我键盘上重复重复点击第二个备选单词,结果产生下面的文本:“The day I have a great way of the year and the other hand is the only thing that would have to go back and I don’t think that I have a great way of life and the day I have to go back and the other hand…”我以一年中良好的方式度过了这一天(The day I have a great way of the year),另一方面(the other hand),这一天是我必须要回顾的(have to go back),我认为自己没有良好的生活方式(I have a great way of life),这一天是我必须要回顾的(have to go back),另一方面(the other hand)...Curiously, sometimes the system repeats its own predictions (“and the other hand” occurs twice). But sometimes it doesn’t (“I have a great way of” is once followed by “the year”, and the second time followed by “of life”). And if I clear the whole mess and begin again, repeatedly tapping the same button gives me a different string. What is going on behind the scenes is unclear. (Apple did not respond to requests to clarify.)令人惊奇的是,系统有时会重复之前的预测结果(“and the other hand”出现过两次)。但有时又不会重复(第一次出现的“I have a great way of”后面跟随的是“the year”,而第二次出现时后面跟随的是“of life”)。如果我删掉这些乱七八糟的文字重新编辑,然后同样重复点击第二个备选单词,产生的一连串单词会与上次不同。这究竟是怎么一回事我不得而知,苹果公司对于澄清此事的请求未作回应。When this new predictive feature was announced, a few observers harrumphed: offering the next potential word allows a writer to skip the work of choosing words. Well, to choose just one word: nonsense. At the most, iOS8 will allow you to avoid typing some fairly long but frequent words. But it’s not y to appease your boss, apologise to your spouse or do your homework for you. In 1965 Michael Frayn imagined automating journalism in his novel The Tin Men, automatically generating catchy headlines and composing predictable stories (like ones on the royal family) with a string of clichés. Fortunately, half a century later, we hacks must still be paid to string out clichés by hand.当这种新潮的文字预测功能刚问世时,少数观察人士曾对此嗤之以鼻:预测下一个可能用到的单词会让写字的人越过选词过程。只能用一个词来形容:荒唐。IOS8系统最多就是让你不必重复写出冗长又经常使用的单词,但它没想代替你去安抚你的老板,向你的爱人道歉,或者帮你做作业。1965年,迈克尔·弗莱恩曾在他的小说《铁皮人》中畅想过新闻工作自动化的情景:自动产生朗朗上口的新闻标题;编写可预测的故事(比如皇室故事);一连串的陈词滥调。幸运的是,半个世纪后的今天,我们这些拿工资的雇佣文人仍需亲手编写陈词滥调。 /201411/340516The long-running patent war between smartphone giants Apple Inc. AAPL -0.20% and Samsung Electronics Co. 005930.SE +0.74% will be back in the spotlight on Friday with two legal developments that could help tip the balance. 周五,智能手机巨头苹果公司(Apple Inc.)与三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)之间漫长的专利战将再次成为外界关注的焦点,届时做出的两项裁决可能会扭转形势。 The companies will argue before a federal appeals court in Washington over whether a lower court erred last year when it allowed Samsung to continue selling more than two dozen products after a jury found they infringed several Apple patents. 两公司将在华盛顿的一个联邦上诉法院就一家下级法院去年做出的裁决是否为误判进行辩论。去年,一个陪审团判定三星侵犯了苹果的多项专利,但法院仍允许三星继续销售20多款产品。 Also on Friday, the International Trade Commission, a quasi-judicial federal agency that can block imports of foreign-made goods, is expected to issue a ruling on whether Samsung infringed several different Apple patents. Samsung is based in South Korea, and Apple#39;s iPhone#39;s are manufactured abroad. 同样是在周五,预计美国国际贸易委员会(International Trade Commission)将就三星是否侵犯了苹果多项专利做出裁决。该联邦机构具有准司法机构性质,能够下令禁止外国产品的进口。三星总部位于韩国,苹果iPhone则是在美国境外生产的。 Spokeswomen for Samsung and Apple each declined to comment. 三星和苹果的发言人均拒绝置评。 The nearly 0 billion smartphone industry has been roiled by more than three years of expensive litigation among smartphone makers in courts all over the world. Still, a decisive winner has yet to emerge. 三年多来,智能手机生产商在世界各地法院打巨额官司,规模近4,000亿美元的智能手机行业也因此被搅动。尽管如此,目前尚未出现一个确定的赢家。 The events taking center stage on Friday could help clarify the strengths and weaknesses of the two leading sellers of smartphones. They follow the Obama administration#39;s veto last Saturday of an ITC order banning the import and sale of some Apple iPhones and iPads. 周五备受关注的事件可能帮助明确两大主要智能手机销售商的优势和劣势。此前,奥巴马政府上周六否决了国际贸易委员会做出的禁止进口和销售部分苹果iPhone和iPad产品的裁决。 Victories for Apple on Friday could keep some current and future Samsung smartphones from the marketplace and cut into the company#39;s commanding lead in world-wide smartphone sales. Victories for Samsung likely would allow the company to keep selling the full complement of its mobile devices. 若周五苹果胜诉,那么三星部分现有的和未来计划推出的智能手机将不能在市场上销售,该公司在全球智能手机市场上的主导地位将受损。若三星胜诉,那么它有望能够继续销售其全线移动设备。 The appeals court case, in particular, could help determine whether Apple will be able to win product bans in future cases, including one case pending in San Jose, Calif., which is set to go to trial early next year. 尤其值得一提的是,上诉法院的裁决可能帮助确定苹果能否在未来的案件中成功争取法院对三星发出产品禁售令,包括目前在加州圣何塞待审的案子。该案定于明年初庭审。 The case being heard Friday by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, a specialized court that handles appeals of patent cases, arose from a earlier complaint that Apple filed against Samsung in federal court in San Jose in 2011, which went to trial last year. 美国联邦巡回上诉法院(U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit)周五审理的案子因早些时候苹果起诉三星案而起。2011年,苹果在圣何塞的联邦法院起诉三星,该案去年进行了审理。 /201308/251828上海交通大学医学院附属第九人民医院减肥瘦身多少钱

青浦区人民中医院做双眼皮手术价格费用Google and Apple have called a truce in a long-running patent dispute, ending a high-profile legal battle between two Silicon Valley titans over smartphone technology.在漫长的专利纠纷之后,谷歌(Google)与苹果(Apple)最终达成和解。这场两大硅谷巨头在智能手机技术上的诉讼吸引过许多眼球,如今就此告一段落。;Apple and Google have agreed to dismiss all the current lawsuits that exist directly between the two companies,; the two companies said in a joint statement late Friday.在上周五的联合声明中,双方表示:“苹果和谷歌同意终止双方之间现存的一切直接相关的法律案件。”Google#39;s Motorola Mobility unit started the fight in 2010 by suing Apple for patent infringement. Apple (AAPL) responded by counter suing, ushering in an era in which major technology companies spent huge resources fighting each other in court. Google (GOOG) inherited the lawsuit when it acquired Motorola in 2012 for .5 billion. It has since agreed to sell off the unit to Lenovo, the Chinese computer maker, for .9 billion while keeping Motorola#39;s patents.2010年,托罗拉移动(Motorola Mobility)率先开战,起诉苹果专利侵权行为。苹果随即反诉还以颜色。科技巨头花费大量资源在法庭上你来我往互相起诉的时代从此拉开序幕。在2012年以125亿美元收购托罗拉移动之后,谷歌接手了相关诉讼。随后谷歌同意将该部门以29亿美元的价格出售给中国电脑制造商联想(Lenovo),同时保留托罗拉的专利。The lawsuits and counter suits – nearly two dozen in all globally – highlighted the increasing tensions between Google and Apple, which had been allies at one time. But their growing rivalry in everything from mobile devices to online maps to laptop computers left the relationship in tatters and an army of attorneys busy in court.在全球各地,谷歌和苹果的诉讼与反诉讼案件已经有二十余起,曾为同盟的这两家公司之间关系日趋紧张。在移动产品、网络地图、笔记本等几乎所有领域,谷歌和苹果的竞争都在加剧,这让他们的关系趋于破裂,双方的律师忙着在法庭上打官司。Google, arguing that Apple had infringed on its patents, had tried to get injunctions to force Apple to stop selling the iPhone. Apple argued that parts of Google#39;s Android software took their cue from the iPhone#39;s operating system.谷歌称苹果侵犯了他们的专利,试图禁止苹果出售iPhone。苹果则认为谷歌的一部分安卓软件抄袭了iPhone操作系统的创意。In dropping the suits, the companies may have simply come to the conclusion that it was no longer worth the bother. With Google selling Motorola, neither side had much of an incentive for years of further litigation.这次两家公司放弃诉讼,可能是因为他们意识到再这样纠缠下去并不划算。随着谷歌出售托罗拉,双方都没有意向将已经持续多年的诉讼继续下去。In the statement, the two companies said they would work together in some areas of patent reform. Big Silicon Valley companies, despite their rivalries, are largely united in their critique of the patent system and the desire to change it to reduce lawsuits by so-called patent trolls – small companies whose livelihood is largely from pursuing patent infringement claims.在声明中,两家公司表示他们会在专利改革的一些领域进行合作。硅谷巨头们尽管各为对手,但对专利系统大体都持批评态度,并愿意改进它们,减少“专利流氓”发起的诉讼。专利流氓就是指那些很大程度上依靠专利侵权起诉为生的小公司。Apple and Google said they had not agreed to cross-license their patents to each other. If they had, it would have been a sign of unusual cooperation between two rivals. Apple and Google, together, dominate the smartphone market. Apple does so with its iPhone while Google#39;s power lies mostly in its operating system, which it licenses to a number of mobile phone manufacturers.同时,苹果和谷歌表示,他们并未同意互相授权专利。否则,这就意味着两家竞争对手之间建立了非同寻常的合作。目前,苹果和谷歌共同主导着智能手机市场。苹果通过iPhone做到了这一点,而谷歌则主要依靠安卓操作系统,许多智能手机制造商都需要获得其授权。Apple#39;s agreement to make nice with Google does not extend to Samsung, a Google Android partner. Earlier this month, Apple received a 0 million judgment against Samsung for patent infringement.苹果与谷歌的和解协议并不适用于安卓合作伙伴三星(Samsung)。本月早些时候,苹果起诉三星的专利侵权行为获胜,赢得了1.2亿美元的赔偿。 /201405/299850上海五官科医院做双眼皮开眼角手术价格 上海市隆鼻多少钱

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