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大理治输卵管粘连的医院大理哪家医院比较好做人流Uganda is counting on China to provide bn to build much of its infrastructure backbone because Beijing offers the cheapest capital, President Yoweri Museveni said.乌干达总统约韦#8226;穆塞韦尼(Yoweri Museveni)表示,该国正仰赖中国提供100亿美元,以建造其主干基础设施中的一大部分,因为中国的资本最为便宜。Mr Museveni said China does not interfere in the African country’s controversy over homosexuality. He said Uganda’s previous intention to issue a debut sovereign bond to finance infrastructure projects was now a “last resort The president added that he was not encouraging private investment in big hydropower plants because the electricity produced might be too expensive. “Now the Chinese are coming and they come with a sense of solidarity and they come with big money, not small money, and they also have experience,Mr Museveni said.穆塞韦尼表示,中国没有干涉这个非洲国家围绕同性恋的争论。他说,乌干达先前发行首主权债券为基础设施项目融资的想法是“最后的依靠”。穆塞韦尼补充称,他不鼓励私人投资于大型水电站,因为这样产生的电力可能过于昂贵。他说:“现在中国人来了,他们带着团结的意识和大量、而非少量的资金来了,而且他们还有经验。”Finance from state agencies such as the Export-Import Bank of China and China Development Bank was preferable to that from the World Bank in at least one respect, he said.穆塞韦尼表示,来自中国进出口(Export-Import Bank of China)和中国国家开发银China Development Bank)等国有机构的融资,至少在一个方面好于来自世界银World Bank)的融资。“I was a bit embarrassed when I was talking to [representatives from] the World Bank. They talked about a lot of things like structural adjustment but they don’t understand the basics. How can you have structural adjustment without electricity?Mr Museveni asked. “The Chinese understand the basics.”“我与世界(的代表)交谈时有点尴尬。他们对结构性调整之类的事情滔滔不绝,但他们不明白基本问题。你没有电怎么进行结构性调整?”穆塞韦尼问道,“中国人就明白基本问题。”Uganda expects Chinese state-backed capital to finance two hydropower plants the Karuma and the Isimba dams and a railway line connecting Kampala, the Ugandan capital, to Kenya, South Sudan and the oil-rich West Nile region that borders the Democratic Republic of Congo. Uganda is banking on an bn loan from China to build the railway, the country’s largest infrastructure project to date.乌干达希望中国政府持的资本为卡鲁玛(Karuma)和伊斯姆Isimba)这两座水电站以及一条铁路线提供融资。该条铁路将该国首都坎帕拉与肯尼亚、南苏丹以及石油资源丰富、与刚果民主共和国接壤的西尼罗地区连接在一起。乌干达正依赖中国提供的80亿美元贷款建设这条铁路——该国迄今最大的基础设施项目。China has become a key investor in sub-Saharan Africa. Such activity helps drive the Asian giant’s trade with the continent, which has grown from under bn in 2000 to more than 0bn last year, overtaking the US and the former colonial European powers.中国已成为撒哈拉以南非洲地区的关键投资者。此类活动帮助推动了中国与非洲大陆的贸易,双方贸易额000年的不足100亿美元,增长至去年的000亿美元,超过了美国和曾殖民过非洲的欧洲国家。Nevertheless, if China was not forthcoming with funding for the railway Uganda would build it using revenues from oil it intends to start pumping in 2017, Mr Museveni said, estimating annual oil revenues of bn.然而,穆塞韦尼表示,如果中国没有对这条铁路提供融资,乌干达将使用计划于2017年开始开采的石油的收入建设,他估计每年的石油收入0亿美元。Uganda’s economy is set to grow at 5.9 per cent this year, the International Monetary Fund estimates but its currency has suffered because of war in South Sudan and weak agricultural output.国际货币基金组织(IMF)估计,乌干达今年的经济增长率可能.9%,但由于南苏丹的战争和本国农业产出疲弱,该国货币承压。China was a desirable partner in boosting GDP, he said, not only because of its funding capabilities but also as it desists from interfering in the internal affairs of other countries. Mr Museveni condemned those in the west who have criticised the country for strict anti-gay legislation, which was thrown out by Kampala’s constitutional court.穆塞韦尼表示,中国是乌干达提升GDP的理想合作伙伴,不仅是因为其有能力提供资金,而且也是因为它坚持不干涉他国内务。穆塞韦尼谴责了那些对该国出台严厉的反同性恋法提出批评的西方人士。该法已被坎帕拉的宪法法院废除。来 /201410/337315大理中医医院妇科人流 German officials reacted ominously Monday to the latest allegations of U.S. spying, saying that the affair threatened to make a return to ‘business as usualimpossible.德国官员周一就美国在德国从事间谍活动的最新指控表现出的反应给人以不祥之感。他们表示,这起事件可能将导致德美关系再无可能回归“一切如常”的轨道。The air over Germany has been thick with moral outrage over the weekend after revelations that an employee of Germany’s secret service, the Bundesnachrichtendienst or BND, had been arrested on suspicion of passing information to the CIA in return for cash payments.上周末,一位供职于德国联邦情报局(BND)的雇员因为涉嫌向美国中央情报局(CIA)传递情报以获取现金报酬而被捕。消息一经披露,德国上下一片哗然,群情激奋。Reports citing political and diplomatic sources said the employee had passed information to the CIA from the very parliamentary committee that Germany set up last year to look into allegations made by former NSA analyst Edward Snowden.相关报道援引政治和外交消息源称,这位雇员是从一个议会委员会向中情局传递情报的,而德国去年成立这个委员会正是为了审查美国国家安全局(NSA)前分析师爱德华o斯诺登曝光的美国间谍活动。According to the newspaper Bild-Zeitung, officials swooped when the man tried to sell information to Russia. But as they made the arrest, he admitted “I’ve been selling to the Americans for two years aly!”据德国《图片报Bild-Zeitung)报道,就在这名男子试图向俄罗斯出售情报那一刻,他被执法官员一举捕获。但他在被捕后承认,“我一直在向美国人出卖情报,已经两年了!”The furore over Snowden’s disclosures–including accusations that the U.S. had tapped the mobile phone of Chancellor Angela Merkel–has never really died down.斯诺登此前披露称,美国曾经窃听德国总理默克尔的手机。这些指控引发的怒火从未真正平息过。Currently on an official visit to China, Merkel told a press conference that, if confirmed, the “seriousallegations “would be for me a clear contradiction of what I consider to be trusting cooperation between agencies and partners.”目前正在中国进行国事访问的默克尔在一个记者招待会上表示,如果得到实,这些“严重”指控“显然跟我所认为的两国机构的互信合作关系背道而驰。”Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier also weighed in, saying that if it’s confirmed that U.S. services are involved, “it will become a political issue and we can’t just get back to business as usual,Reuters reported.路透社(Reuters)报道称,德国外交部长弗兰瓦尔特o施泰因迈尔也发表了自己的看法。他说,如果实美国情报机构参与了这起事件,“它将成为一个政治问题,我们根本无法重建正常关系。”Lower-ranking officials have been less restrained, with senior Bundestag members calling for the expulsion of the BND agent’s U.S. handlers from Germany.低级别官员就没这么克制了,一部分联邦议院的资深议员甚至呼吁德国政府将这位BND雇员的美国联络人驱逐出境。The newspaper Bild-Zeitung, meanwhile, reported Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere as telling colleagues that they should be prepared to get themselves “a 360-degree viewby spying back on Germany’s western allies such as U.S., U.K. and France.《图片报》同时报道称,内政部长托马斯o德迈齐埃告知同事,他们应该做好万全准备,让自己获得“一60度的视角”,对美英法等德国西方盟友进行反刺探。The Interior Ministry didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment, but any such step would represent a dramatic watershed in post-war German policy. Acutely conscious of the excesses of the Nazi-era Gestapo and the communist East German Stasi, spying is something the Federal Republic would still rather pretend it didn’t have to do–especially if by doing so it casts doubt on its anchoring in the Atlantic alliance.内政部没有立即回应记者的置评请求,但任何此类动作都将成为德国战后政策一道颇具戏剧性的分水岭。德意志联邦共和国一直对纳粹时期的盖世太保和东德秘密警察的猖獗活动十分敏感,一直假装自己没必要从事间谍活动——特别是,如果德国搞这一套,外界对德国在大西洋联盟中的柱作用产生怀疑。Attempts by Merkel to agree a mutual “no spyingarrangement with the U.S. were rejected by Washington last year.默克尔去年曾试图与美国签署“互不刺探”协定,但遭到华盛顿拒绝。Snowden’s disclosures have aly encouraged some in Germany to hold back in the new free trade initiative between the E.U. and the U.S., known as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, or TTIP. U.S. internet and digital giants are set to be among the biggest beneficiaries of those talks.斯诺登曝光的间谍活动已经鼓励一些德国官员阻止欧盟和美国签订新的自由贸易协定——跨大西洋贸易与投资伙伴协议(Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership,简称TTIP)。美国互联网和数字巨头将是这些贸易谈判的最大受益者之一。“Free trade and spying don’t mix,said Ralf Stegner, a deputy head of the Social Democratic Party (Merkel’s coalition partners), told the newspaper Handelsblatt.社会民主党(默克尔执政联盟伙伴)副党魁拉尔夫o斯特格纳对德囀?商报Handelsblatt)说:“自由贸易和间谍活动不可调和。 /201407/310986More than 1m refugees and migrants have arrived by land and sea in the European Union this year, the UN refugee agency and the International Organization for Migration said Tuesday.联合国难民署和国际移民组2日表示,今年已有超过100万难民和移民通过陆路和海路涌入欧盟。Half of those arriving this year were Syrians escaping the war-torn country, while another 20% were Afghans, and 7% were Iraqis, the two agencies said in a joint statement.两机构在联合声明中称,今年涌入欧洲的100多万移民中,有一半是从战火纷飞的叙利亚逃离的难民。此外,0%的移民来自阿富汗%的移民来自伊拉克。Up to 7,000 migrants are currently holed up in the shanty town outside Calais which is called The Jungle. Again the figures do not cover those who entered undetected.有将000名移民目前被安置在法国加莱城外,那里也被称为“移民丛林”。与此同时,这些数字还不包括那些目前尚未被发现的人。UK Border Force officials foiled 30,629 attempts to cross to Britain illegally between April and July an annual rate of 92,000. This compares with 39,546 caught in the 12 months of April 2014 to March 2015.英国边境部队官员表示,仅仅是在四月到七月这几个月内,就已经拦截了30629人次企图非法进入英国的事件,而今年全年达到了92000人次之多。这一结果也与20142月到2015月的39546人次形成鲜明对比。Nearly 3,700 others died trying to cross the Mediterranean on rickety boats.除此之外,今年有700人因乘坐危险小船通过地中海而遇难身亡。来 /201512/418186大理民族医院治疗子宫肌瘤好吗

大理医院治疗不孕不育哪家好As voters the world over know, political campaign promises can fly out the window when they hit cold hard reality. So it is in Greece: Just look at the major port of Pireaus, which has served as Athensshipping harbor since the ancient Greeks ruled the seas 2,500 years ago.全世界的选民都知道,政客在竞选时的承诺是没法当真的,一旦碰上残酷的现实,那些甜言蜜语就飞到九宵云外去了。希腊就是这样:只要看看比雷埃夫斯港的命运就可以了。早500年前,当古希腊统治海洋的时候,它就是雅典的主要货运港口。Sadly, the glorious Greek Empire is long gone. And now its descendants in power in Athens are close to selling off Pireaus Port to a current-day imperial giant: China.悲哀的是,辉煌灿烂的古希腊早已湮没在历史的长河中。如今的雅典执政者正打算把比雷埃夫斯港卖给当今世界的强国之一——中囀?The sale, if it goes through as expected, would be a stunning political about-face. It would reverse one of the key promises of Prime Minister Alexis Tsiprasleft-wing Syriza party, which won the Greek elections back in January, partly by vowing to halt the sale of Greece’s strategic assets—one of the biggest being Piraeus Port—as part of his party’s defiance against austerity demands from international creditors. For months since, Greek officials have been loath to admit that their campaign promise will be impossible to keep; Economy Minister George Stathakistold reporters in late February that the port would “remain permanently under state majority holding…as we made clear from the first day.”如果这笔交易成功达成,它将是一次令人震惊的政治大变脸。今月份,总理阿莱克斯o齐普拉斯领衔的希腊左翼同盟之所以成功赢得大选,部分原因就是左翼同盟曾向选民誓称,绝不靠出卖国有战略资产向国际债权人还债(其中最大的一笔资产就是比雷埃夫斯港)。大选后的几个月,希腊官方仍不愿坦承他们不可能遵守当初的承诺。希腊经济部长乔治o斯泰撒基月曾对媒体表示,比雷埃夫斯港“将永远处于国家多数控股下……就像我们一开始就阐明的那样。”But what is much clearer now is that the Greek government’s control over their major port is about to end. As part of Syriza’s deal last month with the IMF, European Commission and the European Central Bank to repay about EUR240 billion (4 billion at the current rate) that Greece borrowed back in 2010, Tsipras was compelled to leave Piraeus Port up for sale.但现如今,局势已变得分外明显:希腊政府对比雷埃夫斯港的控制权即将终结。根据左翼同盟政府上个月与国际货币基金组织、欧盟委员会和欧洲央行达成的协议,希腊政府需偿还它于2010年借贷400亿欧元债款(以当前汇率来算约为2540亿美元)。在这种情况下,齐普拉斯几乎是不得不出售比雷埃夫斯港来筹措债款了。For China, that is excellent news, since its state-run shipping behemoth, COSCO Group, is in pole position to snap up the 67% of Pireaus Port the Greek government controls. Back in 2008, COSCO leased one of two Piraeus terminals in a 35-year operating lease worth about EUR490 million. For Greece, the infusion of money was a godsend. And for China, the deal brought advantages it has sought in Europe for years: A role in operating Europe’s infrastructure as a partner.对于中国来说,这是一个绝好的消息,因为国有航运公司中国远洋运输集团极有可能拿下希腊政府控制的67%的比雷埃夫斯港股权。早008年,中远集团就曾以约4.9亿美元的价格租下了比雷埃夫斯港两个集装箱码头中的一个,租期5年。这笔钱对希腊政府来说不啻于雪中送炭。另一方面,这笔交易也为中国提供了一个它已经苦苦寻找多年的机会,即在欧洲的基础设施领域扮演一个运营伙伴的角色。In fact, Pireaus is key to far bigger plans China has for Europe, including huge new trade with some of the E.U.’s fastest growing markets. “There was speculation that a massive investment in Pireaus might open a whole new entry point into Europe from the South,Alan Murphy, CEO of SeaIntel, a maritime consultancy in Copenhagen, tells FORTUNE. That investment, he says, will be supported by “growth markets in central and Eastern Europe.”事实上,中国有一个更加庞大的欧洲计划,而比雷埃夫斯港正是一枚关键的棋子:中国可以利用这个重要港口,与欧盟的一些经济增长最快的国家开展巨额贸易。哥本哈根航运咨询公司SeaIntel的CEO艾伦o墨菲对《财富》表示:“有一种推测认为,对比雷埃夫斯港的巨额投资,将会打开一个从南方进入欧洲的新大门。”他还表示,这笔投资将会受到“中东欧增长型市场的持。”China’s Greek plans are aly evident: Huawei now runs a logistics center in Pireaus Port, and a Chinese-built rail link is being constructed to connect Pireaus with Central Europe—a route that could trim several days off the regular journey container trucks and freight trains take from Europe’s three major ports of Hamburg, Rotterdam, and Antwerp. “Look at the map: Greece is really strategically placed,says BlankaKoleníková, Senior Analyst for the region’s economy for the consultancy IHS, by phone from London. ”It’s the gateway between Middle East, the Balkans, the E.U., so from the Chinese point of view it’s a really good entry point. To have more leverage in Greece it would be highly desirable for China.”中国布局希腊的计划已经相当明显:华为公司已经在比雷埃夫斯港建立了一个物流中心。此外,中资企业铺设的连接比雷埃夫斯港和中欧地区的铁路目前正在施工,这条铁路将为来自欧洲三大港口(汉堡、鹿特丹、安特卫普)的货车和货运客车节省几天的时间。咨询公司IHS的欧洲经济高级分析师布兰卡o库伦尼科瓦在伦敦接受电话采访时表示:“看看地图就知道,希腊的战略位置非常重要。它是中东、巴尔干和欧盟之间的咽喉。所以从中国的观点看,它是一个极好的进入点。中国要想在希腊取得更大的影响力,比雷埃夫斯港就将是非常重要的。”Since COSCO took control of Piraeus’s Pier II, the company has been massively upgrading the port’s outdated crane system and it has built a new deep-water dock capable of accommodating today’s giant new container ships. As a result, traffic in Piraeus has rocketed to about 3 million containers a year. COSCO says it aims to double that by next year if it wins the bid to operate the rest of the port. If it succeeds, Pireaus could feasibly become as big a container port as Hamburg, Rotterdam and Antwerp, all of which sit across the continent.自从中远集团接入比雷埃夫斯港号码头以来,该集团已对该码头老旧的吊装系统进行了大规模升级,并且新修建了一个深水船坞,用来停泊现代化的新型巨轮。因此,比雷埃夫斯港的年吞吐量已经飙升至300万只集装箱。中远集团表示,如果该集团成功收购了比雷埃夫斯港的其它部分,它的吞吐量明年将有望再翻一番。一旦实现这个目标,比雷埃夫斯港的货运能力将不亚于欧洲三大港,而后者均座落于欧洲大陆的另一端。But that is only part of the story. In fact, Piraeus’s bifurcated operation has become a study in contrasts between two worlds: China’s hyper-efficiency and the deep management problems that beset cash-strapped Greece.不过这仅仅是其中的一方面。另一方面,比雷埃夫斯港这几年“一港两制”的经历也展现了两个世界的鲜明对比:中国的效率超高,而缺乏资金的希腊存在严重的管理问题。On the one side of the port stand the two quiet piers, still in Greek government hands. On the other is COSCO’s operation, which has become a magnet for monster ships needing state-of-the-art loading gear to move millions of containers. “We are simply twice as fast,COSCO’s Piraeus chief executive, Chinese Navy captainFu Cheng Qui, told the German magazine Der Spiegelthis week. “We can complete 36 container movements per hour, and time is money. Look, Pier I is almost empty,he told the reporter, looking out the window at the Greek-run side of the port. “That is very sad.”在比雷埃夫斯港的那一边,还有两个静静的码头仍处于希腊政府的控制下。与那边的安静不同,中远集团的码头仿佛是吸引巨型货轮的磁铁一般,每年使用先进的吊装设备忙碌地装卸数百万只集装箱。中远集团比雷埃夫斯港负责人本周对德囀?明镜周刊》表示:“我们的速度是他们的两倍。我们每小时可以装卸36个集装箱。时间就是金钱。你看,1号码头那边差不多是空的。”他隔着窗子,看着希腊控制的那个码头,对记者说:“太可怜了。”Sad indeed, as much of Greece’s dire situation is. Since being elected, Tsipras and his key ministers have been in constant motion in Brussels, Paris, Moscow—and Beijing—attempting to forge agreements, and to plead for enough time to stave off bankruptcy, and so avoid Greece’s exit from the Eurozone. On Thursday Greece repaid a EUR450 million loan to the IMF with just hours to go before defaulting.的确是太可怜了,希腊的总体情况也是一样。自从当选后,齐普拉斯和他的部长们整天在布鲁塞尔、巴黎、莫斯科和北京之间穿梭,试图订立协议,争取更多时间避免破产,同时也避免希腊被欧元区“开除”。上周希腊政府刚刚向IMF偿还了一.5亿美元的贷款,当时离这笔贷款违约只剩下几个小时。But there are far more debts to be paid, and Greece’s public deficit is currently about 175% of its GDP. For Tspiras, warding off total bankruptcy has become a lot more urgent—and doable—than implementing the anti-austerity program that catapulted his Syriza party to power. If that means selling Greece’s prized assets to Beijing, it now seems worth ditching his statement that he would hold on to the country’s strategic assets. He would not be the first politician, nor the last, to break his election promises.当然,等待希腊偿还的债务还要多得多,而希腊的财政赤字目前已经达到了GDP75%。对于齐普拉斯来说,目前更紧迫也更实际的任务,是如何让希腊避免破产,而不是竞选时用来邀买民心的反紧缩政策。如果这意味着希腊不得不把宝贵的资产卖给中国,那么齐普拉斯丢掉“保卫国有资产”的豪言壮语也是值是的。毕竟违背竞选誓词的政客,他不是第一个,也不会是最后一个 /201504/371657云南省大理人工流产多少钱 祥云县妇幼保健医院体检多少钱

大理做无痛流产手术多长时间 The co- pilot of the German wings plane that crashed into the French Alps on Tuesday appeared to want to ;destroy the plane;, French officials said.法国官员称,周二在法国阿尔卑斯山发生空难的德国之翼貌似是其副机长想要;摧毁飞机;。Marseille prosecutor Brice Robin, citing information from the ;black box; voice recorder, said the co- pilot was alone in the cockpit.马赛检察官Brice Robin,根据黑匣子记录仪的信息称,副机长是一人在驾驶舱内。He intentionally started a descent while the pilot was locked out.在机长被锁在舱门外时,副机长蓄意进行了飞机下降。Mr Robin said there was ;absolute silence in the cock pit; as the pilot fought to re- enter it. Brice RobinRobin先生称在机长试图进入驾驶舱的时候,“驾驶舱内绝对的安静”。Air traffic controllers made repeated attempts to contact the aircraft, but to no avail, he said.Brice Robin说,空中交通指挥员多次试图联系该飞机,但都完全没用。Passengers could be heard screaming just before the crash, he added.乘客可能在飞机坠毁前听到了尖叫声,Brice Robin补充道。The co-pilot, now named as Andreas Lubitz, 28, was alive until the final impact, the prosecutor said.检察官称,28岁的副机长Andreas Lubitz,在飞机坠毁的那一刻还清醒着。The Airbus 320 from Barcelona to Duesseldorf hit a mountain, killing all 144 passengers and six crew, after an eight- minute descent.空客320从巴塞罗那飞往杜塞尔多夫途中突然下降,八分钟后撞上山脉,导致144名乘客和6名机组人员死亡;We hear the pilot ask the co- pilot to take control of the plane and we hear at the same time the sound of a seat moving backwards and the sound of a door closing,; Mr Robin told reporters.Brice Robin对记者说;我们听到机长让副机长来控制飞机,然后同时我们听到了椅子后移以及关门的声音;。He said the pilot had probably gone to the toilet.Brice Robin说机长可能是去上厕所了;At that moment, the co- pilot is controlling the plane by himself. While he is alone, the co- pilot presses the buttons of the flight monitoring system to put into action the descent of the aero plane.“那时是副机长在控制飞机,他一个人的时候按下了飞机监控系统按键,让他可以让飞机下降”;This action on the altitude controls can only be deliberate.;“如此高度控制的行为只可能是人为的”。He added: ;The most plausible interpretation is that the co-pilot through a voluntary act had refused to open the cabin door to let the captain in. He pushed the button to trigger the air craft to lose altitud e. He operated this button for a reason we dont know yet, but it appears that the reason was to destroy this plane.;Brice Robin补充说,“最可信的解释就是副机长拒绝开门让机长进来,他按下了按钮让飞了重力,副机长这么做的原因我们还不得而知,但看起来他想摧毁这架飞机。He said the co- pilot was ;not known by us; to have any links to extremism or terrorism.Brice Robin说目前副机长是否与极端组织和恐怖组织有关联还不得而知。But he said German authorities were expected to give further information on his background and private life later.但他说德国政府可能会在稍后给出他背景的更多信息介绍。Passengers were not aware of the impending crash ;until very last moment; when screams could be heard, M r Robin said, adding that they died instantly.乘客可能一直都不知道飞机要坠毁,直;最后一;听到了乘客的尖叫声,Brice Robin说,并称他们是立刻死亡的。Mean while, relatives and friends of the victims are due to visit the area of the crash.同时,遇害者的家属和朋友将要前往事发现场。Lufthansa, which owns German wings, arranged two special flights for families and friends on Thursday - one from Barcelona and one from Duesseldorf - to Marseille, and both groups will travel on by road. Separately, some relatives who did not want to fly are travelling by bus from Barcelona.作为德国之翼的母公司,汉莎航空将安排两架专机搭载遇难者家属和朋友,在周四分别从巴塞罗那和杜塞尔多夫出发,前往马赛,两架飞机都将避开山脉路线,一些不想坐飞机的家属将乘坐汽车从巴塞罗那出发。The second ;black box; - that records flight data - has still not been found.记录飞机数据的第二个黑匣子还没有被找到。来 /201503/366840云龙县最好的妇科医院大理州医院网上预约挂号



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