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桐乡复合彩光祛斑多少钱嘉兴治疗腋臭的医院Finance and Economics;Europe in limbo;Home and dry财经;迷途的欧洲;安然无恙?岌岌可危!Europes weaker economies are in the grip of a worsening credit crunch;欧洲经济本已弱风扶柳,怎奈又陷入愈演愈烈的信贷危机; The joke recounted by the boss of a large Italian bank is an old one, but it captures the moment. Two hikers are picnicking when a bear appears. When one laces up his boots to run, his friend scoffs that he cant outrun a bear. The shod hiker retorts that it is not the bear he needs to outrun, merely his fellow hiker. “Were sitting at the picnic with our boots still on,” says the bank boss.一家意大利大老板讲了一个笑话,虽然笑话老掉牙了,但是正切合现在的状况。两名背包客正在享受野餐,一只熊出现了。其中一个立刻穿上靴子准备逃命,他的朋友却嘲笑他不可能跑得过熊。前者却反驳道,他不用跑得过熊,只要跑得过他的同伴就够了。这个老板说:“我们现在就是穿着鞋子野餐。”As policymakers and pundits try to work out the effects of a Greek exit, banks and investors have aly been taking precautions. One course of action has been to pull money out of more fragile markets. Never mind the weakest economies like Greece, Ireland and Portugal; Spain and Italy have also lost foreign bank deposits of about 45 billion Euro(56 billion dollar) and 100 billion Euro respectively from their peaks. Add in things like sales of government bonds by foreigners (see chart 1), and capital flight is probably equal to about 10% of GDP in those countries, say Citigroup analysts. Such outflows are hard to stop.政治决策人和专家们正在努力想办法消除希腊脱离欧盟带来的影响,而和投资商早已未雨绸缪,做好了预防措施。第一步,先从较为脆弱的市场里撤资。希腊,爱尔兰,葡萄牙这几个最弱的经济体就不说了,甚至西班牙和意大利也流失了大量外资存款,与各自最高存款金额相比,分别损失了450亿欧元(约合560美元)和1000亿欧元。花旗分析师说,再加上其他种种,如外国政府债券持有量锐减(见图表一),估计上述国家外流的资金很可能达到GDP的百分之十。外流量如此之高,想要收线,可没那么容易。The European Central Bank (ECB) has filled this funding gap by providing liquidity to the banks. But that has in turn reinforced the second precautionary tactic: matching assets and liabilities within countries as much as possible. It is a common refrain from bankers that the euro area no longer functions as a single financial market, although that has the paradoxical advantage of making a break-up less destructive. Banks have used ECB loans to borrow from the national central banks of the countries in which they have assets; that should mean that both sides of the balance-sheet would get redenominated in the event of a euro exit.欧洲中央(ECB)已经向提供流动资金来填补这个资金缺口。这样做却反而强化了预防措施第二步,即在上述国家尽全力实施资产与负债匹配。家们总是在喋喋不休欧元区已经不再以一个单一的金融市场运作,即使这样有一个看似荒谬优势,即降低欧元区崩溃的破坏程度。利用ECB贷款向它们已有资产的各国央行借钱,这意味着,一旦欧元不复存在,负债资产表的两部分都需要重新计算。Much of that ECB liquidity is meant to find its way into the real economy, of course. But the third precautionary technique, for both lenders and borrowers, is to hang fire while uncertainty is so high. The Economist has compiled credit-crunch index, comprising a number of measures on everything from bank lending to the cost of buying insurance against default for banks, firms and sovereigns in the euro zone. A single index disguises big differences between weaker and stronger states, but it shows that credit is crunchier now than it was at the height of the banking crisis in 2008 (see chart 2).ECB当然想要把大部分流动资金投入到实体经济中。但是,借贷双方保护措施第三步,就是在极其不确定的情况下,按兵不动。《经济学家》编辑了一份信贷紧缩指数,其中包含若干各种数据,从贷款额,到防止欧元区、公司和国家违约而投入的保险费。区区一个指数掩饰了强弱国家之间不小的差距,然而,这组数据却显示出,当下的信贷危机比08年危机最严重时更严重。(见图表二)Much economic activity is being strangled as a result. In Spain firms have put bond issues and asset sales on hold. Volatility makes it almost impossible to value an asset, bankers say. The Catalan government failed to sell 26 buildings in Barcelona earlier this year for about 450m Euro because one of the bidders wanted to introduce a clause that said rents would be paid in dollars in the event of a euro break-up; the other bidder pulled out because it had been told by headquarters to hold off on deals in southern Europe.结果,很多经济活动被扼杀掉。西班牙各个公司暂停发行债券,中止销售资产。家称,鉴于如今局面不稳定,资产评估只能是望洋兴叹。今年早些时候,加泰罗尼亚政府未能成功卖出位于巴塞罗那的26栋建筑,其价值约为四亿五千万欧元,究其原因,是一位投标人想要建立一项新条款,条款规定,如果欧元解体,租金将由美元付;另一位投标人选择退出,因为其总部要求暂停南欧市场的交易。The number of Spanish companies filing for bankruptcy climbed by 21.5% in the first quarter. Nearly a third of these were in the property or construction industries, but the rot is sping. Alestis, an aeronautical supplier to aircraft manufacturers, filed for bankruptcy earlier this month after failing to reach an agreement with banks to refinance its debts.今年第一季度,申请破产的西班牙公司数量攀升了21.5%。其中,将近三分之一是房产公司和建筑公司,然而,破产还是同瘟疫一般传染开来。不乏就有一家叫Alestis的航空产品制造供应商在本月初申请了破产,因为该公司与达不成债务再融资的协议。The sound of credit crunching can also be heard next door in Portugal, where loans to non-financial companies fell by 5% in the first quarter compared with the same period last year, and credit to households by 3.6%. One of the conditions of the countrys bail-out programme is that banks should reduce their total loans to 120% of assets. The quickest way to do that is to avoid making loans.邻国葡萄牙也听得见信贷危机的声音。与去年同期相比,在今年第一季度,葡萄牙非财务公司贷款下滑了5%,家庭贷款下滑了3.6%。在葡萄牙的纾困计划中,条件之一就是将总贷款额减少至其资产的120%。避免再向外贷款是实现这一目标的最佳捷径。Conditions are little better in Italy. The province of Varese, near Milan, is a manufacturing heartland: its factories make plastics, textiles and a range of engineering products. Once firms there griped about poor infrastructure and red tape; now the credit squeeze is their main complaint. The local bosses association says that 40% of firms were hit by lowered borrowing ceilings between January and March, and 15% were told to pay back loans. Banks turned down 45% of requests for new funding.意大利的情况也不容乐观。毗邻米兰的瓦雷泽省,是意大利的一个制造业中心,这里的工厂主要生产塑料,纺织品和各种工业制造品。曾经,这里的公司老是埋怨基础设备落后,官僚风气严重;而现在,他们主要抱怨贷款紧缩。当地领导联盟表示,今年一至三月,有40%的公司因贷款上限下降受挫,要求15%的公司偿还贷款,并拒绝了45%的新贷款申请。Those loans that are extended carry hefty interest rates, in part because higher sovereign-borrowing costs have a knock-on effect on banks funding costs. Differences in sovereign rates can be self-reinforcing, especially when German firms across the border are rivals. “A marginal northern Italian company competing against an equal company in Bavaria will go bust,” says the boss of one bank. “Then the cost of risk goes up and has to be shared by all the other small companies.”那些延期的贷款利率很高,部分原因是较高的主权借贷成本会对集资成本产生连锁影响。国家主权信用评级不同反而能增加本国的竞争力,尤其是当竞争对手是边境以外的德国公司。“一家意大利北部边界的公司想要和位于德国巴伐利亚的对手竞争,无疑是自取灭亡,”一家老板说,“然后风险成本随之上升,其他小公司就必须分担这些成本。”If firms cannot borrow from banks they lengthen payment terms to their suppliers, exacerbating the credit problem, says Michele Tronconi of Sistema Moda Italia, a body representing textiles and clothing firms. Fashion is Italys second-largest export industry, but no sector has a higher level of non-performing loans.意大利纺织装协会,是纺织装公司的主要行情代表。协会主管米歇尔·特隆科尼(Michele Tronconi)称,如果公司从借不到钱,他们就会拉长给供应商的付款周期,造成信贷问题进一步恶化。时尚业是意大利第二大出口产业,幸好没有任何时尚部门被较高层次的不良信贷缠身。This credit squeeze will have tightened since Greeces inconclusive election this month. That further dents growth prospects: estimates by Now-Casting, a forecasting firm, suggests that euro-zone GDP will contract by 0.2% in the second quarter. That in turn risks worsening the debt dynamics of the zones peripheral countries at just the wrong time. Policymakers keep trying to buy time to solve the crisis, but they may be only speeding the end they are trying to avoid.由于本月希腊选举不了了之,信贷紧缩问题更是雪上加霜。于是,发展前景进一步削弱:据预测公司Now-Casting 估算表明,在今年第二季度,欧元区GDP将会下滑0.2%。这反而使欧元区国家的贷款活力在这个错误的时间遭受恶化的风险。决策人奋力争取更多的时间来化解这场危机,然而却可能适得其反,他们不愿看到的结果可能更早降临。 /201304/232929嘉兴隆鼻手术医院 So Luis, is this one of the specimens from Utah?那么刘易斯,这是从犹他州运来的标本之一吗?Yes, it is.是的,正是。It looks like its taking ages to extract this from the stony matrix that these bones built around it.看起来要把这从坚硬的岩石中提取出来需花费几年的时间。Well, Ericas been working on this bone for several weeks. It will definitely take years for the entire skeleton to be prepared to be cleaned up.但是,艾丽卡研究这块骨化石已有几周了。当然,要将这整个骨骼清理妥当绝对要花几年的时间。Do you have an idea at the moment what species of dinosaur this might be from?那时你清楚这是什么类型的恐龙吗?Not entirely in terms of the species, but we know its a camarasaurus.就物种而言,不是很清楚,但我们知道它是圆顶龙。Camarasaurus were a family of long-necked dinosaurs. We currently know 4 different species of them. But Luis is hopeful that he might have found a fifth.圆顶龙属于长颈恐龙家族。目前我们发现了四种不同的长颈龙。但是刘易斯相信很有可能发现第五种长颈龙。So what features will you be looking at as their bones are cleaned up to help you refine your identification?因此,在清理骨化石时,为了定义恐龙的身份你们会留意哪方面的特征?Well, youll be looking at the shape of the centrum here, the configuration of the different processes, the structs, these pines of the vertebrate. They are in general very diagnostic. Theyre very telling.是的,你会去观察这里的椎体形状,观察它的结构,脊椎动物的特性。这些特征对判断很有价值,很能说明问题。You must have to be an amazing anatomist. So you must have to know the anatomy of so many different dinosaurs to be able to work out what it is youre looking at.你一定是一个了不起的解剖专家。你肯定精通许多种恐龙的解剖图,这样才能够弄清楚你寻找的是什么。Yes, but sometimes its difficult. For example, here, we have two bones of one dinosaur. Can you figure out what they are?是的,但是有时候很难。例如说,我们必须找到两块同一只恐龙的骨化石。你能弄清楚它们是什么吗?Well, Im a human anatomist, so this is stretching my expertise so more as to identify dinosaur bones.我是人类解剖学家,因此要辨别恐龙化石,我还得强化一下我的专业知识。And these ones are not very well preserved, Im sorry.不过这些骨化石保存得不是很完好,不好意思。原文译文属!201209/199549浙江嘉兴妊辰斑多少钱

嘉兴曙光医院鼻部整形哪家好Todays Social Security program has its roots in the Great Depression of the 1930s. With 22 million unemployed, many Americans lived in poverty, and many elderly workers lost all their pension funds when their companies went bankrupt.如今的社会保障计划在20世纪30年代的经济大萧条时期就有其历史根源。在大萧条时期有两千两百万人失业,许多美国人在贫困线上挣扎。各类公司纷纷倒闭,致使许多老年人失去了所有的养老基金。As part of the governments response, known as the ;New Deal,; President Franklin Roosevelt created an advisory panel to make recommendations to Congress for a program to protect workers from losing their pensions or retirement savings.作为政府的应对措施,即“新政”的一部分,富兰克林·总统设立了顾问小组,专门为国会提供建议,以保护工人的养老基金和退休金不受损失。In January of 1935, Congress began its consideration of the Social Security Act. Not everyone thought it was a good idea. There was a lot of opposition expressed during the congressional debates and in the opinion pages of the nations newspapers.1935年1月,国会开始考虑成立社会保障法。这一法案并没有得到每个人的持。国会就这一问题进行了激辩,美国各大报纸的舆论页面也出现许多反对声。Supporters praised it as a form of social responsibility, while others found it ;dangerous and unconstitutional,; imposing too much government in the private economic sector. Yet proponents carried the day, and the House and Senate passed the Social Security Act. Expanded by Congress over the years, Social Security has had a major impact on the lives of older Americans.持者赞美这项法案体现了一种社会责任,然而反对者则称这是“危险的、违反宪法的”,称其在私企强加了过多的政府干涉。然而持者占优势,众议院和参议院通过了这条法案。许多年来,社会保障体系对老年美国人的生活产生了重大影响。Without it, almost half of all Americans over 65 would be living in poverty. Often considered one of governments greatest achievements, it is also the single most costly federal program; and the systems continued financial viability is currently a major issue of national concern.如果没有这项法案,近一半的65岁以上的老人将会生活在贫困中。社会保障常被视为政府最伟大的成就,但它也是联邦各项计划中最昂贵的一项。目前社会保障体系的财务可行性将成为一个国民主要关注的问题。原文译文属!201211/209554桐乡市第一人民医院激光去胎记多少钱 Obituary逝者Claude Lévi-Strauss克洛德·列维-斯特劳斯Claude Lévi-Strauss, anthropologist, died on October 30th, aged 100.人类学家克洛德·列维-斯特劳斯于10月30日逝世,享年100岁。 Before Claude Lévi-Strauss revolutionised the discipline, anthropology in France, and generally elsewhere, was a matter of ill-attended lectures in small, cold halls, and the collection of feathers and fish-hooks as evidence of the quaint divergences of the “primitive” tribes of mankind. He made it as fashionable as philosophy and poetry, both of which he wove through his ethnographical studies as perhaps only French intellectuals can. The proper study of mankind was indeed man: not in his politicking, warring or banking, but naked, painting his body, hunting bears, snaring birds. Here lay the universal truths about how the human mind worked and what man was. 在克洛德·列维-斯特劳斯变革这门学科之前,无论在法国,还是世界其它地方,人类学普遍是下面的情形:又小又冷的讲堂,冷冷清清的课堂,各色的羽毛和鱼钩(作为人类“原始”族群文化多样性的物)。列维-斯特劳斯让人类学变成了和哲学、诗歌一样时髦的东西,并把这两种元素融入进自己的民族学著作中,这恐怕只有法国的知识分子才办得到。研究人类就应该纯粹去研究人:不是披着政客、士兵或家外衣的那类人,而是赤身裸体、肤着油、猎熊捕鸟的这类人。这里存在着关于人类思考模式及人之本性的普遍真理。Obedient to Rousseau, who always “set him aflame”, Mr Lévi-Strauss observed men from afar. He never got too near or stayed too long in his rare stints of field-work, mostly in Brazil in the 1930s; he grasped only a few words of the languages, and avoided the “hateful” distractions of individual characters. In the bitter phrase of Jean-Paul Sartre, with whom he sparred for years, he preferred to view men like ants. He focused not on their differences but on the deep-lying patterns and systems in everything they did, until he could proclaim that all tribal myths were reducible to one formula, and that all human thought, “savage” or not, was built up from binary opposites such as hot and cold, night and day, raw and cooked, good and bad. Round these concepts whole societies, as well as stories, were organised.列维-斯特劳斯是卢梭的忠实信徒,后者的思想经常让他“热血沸腾”,所以,斯特劳斯是用一种超然于物外的态度观察的人类。在他屈指可数的几次田野调查中(多数都是1930年代在巴西完成的),他从不和当地的族群走得太近,也不久留,所以土著语也说不了几句,并极力避免让“可恶”的个人性格特点干扰自己的研究。和他口上交锋多年的让-保罗·萨特曾用辛辣的语言评价列维-斯特劳斯,说他喜欢把人类看成是一堆蚂蚁。斯特劳斯做观察时,会忽略掉族群间的差异,而是注重隐秘于所有行为下面共通的模式和系统,直到他可以将所有族群的神话都归到同一个方程式。除此之外,人类所有的思考——无论是“野蛮人”的想法,还是“文明人”的思维——都是一种二元对立结构,像冷和热、白天和黑夜、生食和熟食、好和坏。所有社会,无一例外,都是围绕这些对立的概念构建而成的,各种的神话故事就更不用说了。Mr Lévi-Strauss, throwing down the gauntlet in “La Pensée Sauvage” in 1962, saw nothing primitive about the tribes he studied. Totemism, for example, was a system as complex as the Linnaean classification. In tribal myths, apparently diverse and arbitrary elements—eruptions by lizards and woodpeckers, the significance of black arrows or the artemisia plant—were suddenly revealed to have a universal unity at their heart, a quest for objective knowledge and origins as acute as any in the West. The minds behind them were not savage, just “untamed”. The salient difference was that his tribesmen stayed within their limits, simply putting the materials they had together in new ways, like handymen or bricoleurs. “Civilised” man, on the other hand, tried to defy his constraints and change the world with new inventions, like an engineer.列维-斯特劳斯在1962年出版了《野性的思维》一书,等于是(向萨特)下的战书。斯特劳斯认为自己研究的原始族群一点都不原始。比如,图腾这个系统的复杂程度堪比林奈的植物学分类体系。族群神话中那些表面看起来复杂任意的元素——比如蜥蜴、啄木鸟和火山爆发,比如黑色的箭或是蒿类植物的特殊含义——如果究其内核,会突然显现出协同一致性,那是一种对于客观知识和万物由来的探求,当中表现出的急切感不亚于西方任何一次同类的探求。神话背后折射出的不是一群野蛮人的思维,只是“未驯的”思维。斯特劳斯笔下的原始人和我们明显不同的地方在于,他们并不逾越自身所处的限度,而只是把已有的东西换一种方式重新组合而已,就像杂活工一样。而“文明”人则好像工程师:通过创新发明来藐视人类自身的局限,来改变世界。The world needed both these types, said Mr Lévi-Strauss. And he embodied both. He too hopped from subject to subject like a bricoleur, discarding philosophy for its arid moralising, giving up law out of sheer boredom, vaunting socialism until it tired him, turning to anthropology as if he was still a fascinated boy in a curio shop. He abandoned theories like scorched earth in the forest. But the far-sighted engineer in him set up a “laboratory” at the Collège de France, where he held the brand-new chair of social anthropology from 1959 to 1982, and produced the four huge volumes of “Mythologiques” (1964-71), in which he tracked 813 myths the length of the American continent. He happily called himself both “neolithic” and a man of science.这两种类型,列维-斯特劳斯说,世界缺了哪种都不行。而两种在他身上都有所体现。他也像杂活工一样,不断在各种行当间跳来跳去:先是放弃了哲学,因为讨厌那些枯燥的道德训诫;后又放弃了法律,只是因为厌倦了;还一直热衷歌颂社会主义,但也是以厌倦收场。当他转向人类学的时候,似乎仍然像一个走进奇异玩意店的好奇的孩子(因为他以往抛弃种种理论就象抛下森林大火留下的焦土一样没有顾忌)。但是他身体里那个富有远见的工程师这时出动了:他在法兰西学院创立了“实验室”,在这个崭新的教席上传播他的社会人类学思想,从1959年开始,直到1982年。他还拿出了四卷名为《神话学》(1964-1971)的鸿篇巨制,在书里,他跟踪了813个神话的传播轨迹,幅度跨越整个美洲大陆。他既喜欢自称为新石器时代的人,也爱说自己是搞科学研究的。The underlying order隐蔽的秩序Generations of students considered him the father of structuralism—the theory of underlying order in everything. This annoyed him. He invoked the word in the 1950s mostly in homage to linguists like Roman Jakobson, who had posited binary opposites (voiced and voiceless elements) as the building blocks of language. Thereafter structuralism had become a “vogue”, he thought, “besmirched” by being wrongly applied, and weirdly linking him with thinkers—Jacques Lacan, Michel Foucault—with whom he had nothing in common.列维-斯特劳斯在一代又一代学生的眼中都是“结构主义”(研究万物表面之下隐性秩序的理论)的缔造者,斯特劳斯本人对此很是无可奈何。他在1950年代使用这个词的时候,主要是为了向罗曼·雅各布森(认为语言是由清音和浊音这两种二元对立的元素所构成)一样的语言学家致敬。自那时起,斯特劳斯认为,结构主义便俨然成了一个“时髦的东西”,但却总是被误用或滥用,于是,这个词的纯粹性就受到了“玷污”。令他甚为诧异的是,“结构主义”竟把他和雅克·拉康或是米歇尔·福柯这样的思想家联系到一块儿,他们之间其实毫无共同点。But there was really no avoiding structure in his life. He loved Rameau’s music, Poussin’s paintings. His own career appeared to contain a fair element of chance: the second world war, with exile in New York, that led him to Jakobson, or his meetings with Max Ernst and André Breton, who taught him to look at objects with a surrealist’s eye. And yet possibly all this too, as he wrote in “Tristes Tropiques” in 1955, exemplified how, over time, “events without any apparent connection, and originating from incongruous periods and places…suddenly crystallise into a sort of edifice conceived by an architect…”但是关于他的生活,却没任何(因为模糊或指代不清而)需要回避的东西。他喜欢拉莫的音乐,喜欢普桑的绘画。他自己的职业生涯中似乎包含着相当部分的机缘成分在里面:比如二次大战流亡纽约时与雅各布森的结识,或是和马克斯·厄恩斯特及安德烈·布勒东的会面(教他用超现实的眼光看待客观事物)。但是,也许所有的这些同样明了他在《忧郁的热带》(1955)中的那个表述:“一些看起来毫不相关的事件,发生于不同的地方,来源自不同的时期...... 突然结晶成某种纪念物,好像是建筑师所精心设计出来的......”Ever diffident and retiring, he wished to be remembered only for his “moment in anthropological thought”: an effort at systematising cultures as profound, he hoped, as what Marx had done for ideologies, or Freud for dreams. Proselytising was left to his difficult, often beautiful, books and the pages of his journal L’Homme. The existentialists, and all who thought that man should be studied as an individual rather than en bloc, noisily attacked him. He dismissed their “shop-girl metaphysics”.列维-斯特劳斯向来谦虚谨慎、不喜抛头露面,他只希冀于人们记住自己在“人类学思想史上那片刻的辉煌”:即针对文化的系统化作出的努力;他希望自己的研究能够引起像马克思之于意识形态、弗洛伊德之于梦的诠释一样深刻的影响。改变人们思想观念的任务就交给了他那些通常装帧精美、却异常艰深的著作,还有他在自己创办的《人类》学刊中发表过的文章。存在主义哲学家和所有认为人应该作为个体而非群体进行研究的人都七嘴八舌地攻击他。他对这些人的想法很是不屑,认为是“商店女店员式的形而上”。Before his immense age turned him into a national treasure for thinkers of all stripes and none, greens claimed him, and he was happy to be claimed. The consumer filth and monoculture of the “civilised” world had depressed him ever since the writing of “Tristes Tropiques”. As he faded, he mourned the vanishing of the tribes. “Primitive” man was not nobler or purer than he was, but they were, in the deepest sense, connected: for universal laws linked his thinking, in all its book-lined complexity, to that of the Indian clad only in tree-bark, trailing a deer along a forest path.古树般的高龄让他成了国宝级的人物,其实在被认为是“所有流派(和无流派)思想者的财富”之前,绿色主义者就对他心有戚戚,他也很乐于得到这些人的肯定。消费时代的单一文化令他心生厌倦,早在写作《忧郁的热带》之时,他就对“文明”社会表现出了失望感。伴随着自己黄金时代的慢慢远逝,他同时为日渐消失的原始族群感到惋伤。“原始”人虽不如他文明,却在最深层的意义上与他连结:因为统一的法则将他们各自的思维联系在一起;尽管他的思维穿的是书籍作衬里由复杂编织出外衣,而沿林间路追逐鹿的印第安人的思维外衣只是树皮衣。 /201208/197305嘉兴牙齿黄怎么变白

嘉兴市妇幼保健院切眼袋多少钱Love Really Does Hurt?爱很伤?In a recent study, scientists observed that when the participants felt rejected,在最新的科学研究里,科学家发现被测试者有以下现象:如果他们感觉到他们被人拒绝的话,the flow of blood increased to the area of their brain known as the anterior cingulated cortex.在人们熟知的大脑前环带皮层的血液流动量会增加。This same area has been associated with the emotional response to unpleasant physical pain.这个地方是人们感觉生理上的疼痛时情感的反应。The same part of the brain apparently responds to both physical bruises and bruised feelings.大脑的同一个部分可以对身体和心灵的创伤作出反应。This may signal that the need for social connections is as strong as the need to stay out of physical harm.这事可以反映出我们与社会的融合跟我们要免于受到身体伤害一样重要。For mammals, apparently, being excluded from a group can be dangerous, and even deadly.而对于哺乳动物来说,显然,被群体排斥在外是很危险的,甚至是致命的。I mean, evolutionarily speaking, living and working in a group is a key component of how well humans have managed to survive.我的意思是,从进化论的角度讲,在族群中工作和生活是人类生存优劣的关键因素。This means we have to stop dismissing emotional pain as something imaginary.这意味着我们必须停止漠视情感伤痛,不要把它作为想象的东西。And the next step might be to test whether the extent to which you feel comfortable socially helps lessen the pain of rejection.接下来可能就是要测验出哪些社交中让你觉得舒的事情可以帮助减轻被拒绝的痛苦。 /201212/213949 Science and technology.科技。Scientific publishing科技出版业Brought to book好书来了Academic journals face a radical shake-up学术期刊面临彻底改变IF THERE is any endeavour whose fruits should be freely available, that endeavour is surely publicly financed science. Morally, taxpayers who wish to should be able to about it without further expense. And science advances through cross-fertilisation between projects. Barriers to that exchange slow it down.如果有人试图把成果免费公开的话,那他一定是科学资助者,确实,纳税人都希望不再花额外的钱来阅读科学著作,并且科学的进步也是通过各个学科之间的相互促进吸收,而其间的交流障碍使这种进步慢了下来。There is a widesp feeling that the journal publishers who have mediated this exchange for the past century or more are becoming an impediment to it. One of the latest converts is the British government. On July 16th it announced that, from 2013, the results of taxpayer-financed research would be available, free and online, for anyone to and redistribute.在过去一个世纪,期刊出版商给人广泛的感觉就是他们调停了这种交流,甚至阻碍了这种交流。而最新的改变发生在英国政府身上,它在7月16宣布,从2013年开始,由纳税人资助的科研成果都会在网上免费公开,并且任何人都可以阅读和转发。Britains government is not alone. On July 17th the European Union followed suit. It proposes making research paid for by its next scientific-spending round-which runs from 2014 to 2020, and will hand out about 201208/193466嘉兴割双眼皮要多久恢复嘉兴曙光中西医医院激光去痣




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