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平湖市第一人民医院做韩式隆鼻手术多少钱嘉兴医院美容秀洲区治疗祛斑价格 A key aide of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad is to be awarded a prestigious degree by one of Britain#39;s top universities. Lamis Omar has been studying for a doctorate at Durham, and is likely to receive her PhD in September.叙利亚总统巴沙尔#8226;阿萨德的一位重要的女助手拉米斯#8226;奥马尔将获得英国一所顶尖大学颁发的声望很高的士学位。拉米斯#8226;奥马尔正在杜伦大学攻读士,可能于今年9月份获得学位。Emails obtained by the Wikileaks website suggest that Ms Omar enjoys a close friendship with Assad. Fellow students say she had a large picture of the dictator on the wall of her home in the university grounds.维基解密网站所截获的电子邮件显示,奥马尔与阿萨德关系非常亲密。她的同学反映说,她在杜伦大学住所的墙上挂着一张阿萨德的大幅照片。Officials at Durham University refused to say whether the institution has accepted money from the Assad regime in tuition fees.杜伦大学方面拒绝透露学校是否收取了来自阿萨德政权的学费。The emails appear to show that for the past four years, Ms Omar, who is believed to be in her mid-30s, has been working in Assad#39;s own department, known as the Ministry of Presidential Affairs.邮件显示,大约35岁的奥马尔过去四年里一直在阿萨德的个人机构—总统事务部工作。In more than 800 email exchanges between the pair, a picture emerges of a world of poetry and jokes.维基解密网站公布了所截获的800多封电子邮件,这些电邮充满了诗歌和笑话。They appear to have a close friendship, in which he buys her gifts and she repeatedly says that she ;loves; him. In the emails she refers to Assad, who has been married to British-born Asma, 37, for 12 years, as the ;sponsor; of her course.他们看起来关系很亲密。阿萨德为她买礼物,而她一再表示她;爱;他。她还在电邮中把他称作自己学费的;赞助商;。阿萨德与现年37岁的妻子、出生于英国的阿斯玛结婚已有12年。Tory MP Robert Halfon said: ;Ethical questions need to be asked as to why Durham University is providing an education to a member of the Assad regime. Given the murder of thousands of Syrians by the Assad regime, Durham should reconsider whether it awards this PhD.;英国保守党国会议员罗伯特#8226;阿尔丰说:;杜伦大学为什么招收了一名来自阿萨德政权的成员,这牵涉到道德问题。鉴于阿萨德政权害死了成千上万的叙利亚人,杜伦大学应该重新考虑是否颁发这个士学位。;At Durham, her PhD thesis was on Shakespeare. Last night Durham University said: ;We do not comment on the financial circumstances of individual students. Durham University does not have any formal or active links with the Syrian Government.;奥马尔在杜伦大学所写的士论文是有关莎士比亚的。杜伦大学昨晚表示,;我们不会评价某个学生的经济状况。学校与叙利亚政府没有任何正式或主动的联系。;A member of the House of Lords charged thousands of pounds to redesign the summer palace of Bashar al-Assad, emails obtained by Wikileaks reveal.维基百科解密的邮件还显示,英国上议院一位议员收取了数千英镑为阿萨德重新设计夏宫。Lord Kenilworth was hired to create a luxuriant new garden, including a spectacular water feature, at the Syrian dictator#39;s country residence near the coastal city of Latakia, the site of fierce fighting between government forces and rebels.上议院议员凯尼尔沃思受雇设计一座奢华的新花园,其中要设有壮观的水景。这处夏宫位于阿萨德的乡间宅邸,距离海滨城市拉塔基亚很近,这里也是政府军和反叛者激战的现场。The firm was commissioned by Assad in 2010. Initial stages of the work were priced at pound;176,500, with more bills to follow. Last night Lord Kenilworth said only: |;We stopped working there 18 months ago. I can#39;t comment any further.;阿萨德于2010年下令重修夏宫。工程初期的花费就高达17.65万英镑,后期费用更高。凯尼尔沃思昨晚只是说:;我们18个月前就停工了。我没法做进一步的。; /201207/189586嘉兴薄唇治疗

浙江嘉兴割双眼皮医院A pair of US academics have analysed 52 of the most famous paintings of the Last Supper painted between 1000 and 2000 -- and discovered that, over that period, the portions of food placed before Jesus and his disciples grew astonishingly.近日,美国两位学者对1000年至2000年间绘制的52幅以“最后的晚餐”为主题的著名画作进行分析比较后发现,在这一时期内,画中摆放在耶稣和他的信徒面前的食物份量不断增加。Using computer-aided design technology, they scanned the main dish, b and plates and calculated the size of portion relative to the size of the average head in the painting.研究人员采用电脑设计技术对画中的主菜、面包和餐盘进行了扫描,并计算出食物的尺寸与画中人物头的尺寸之间的比例。Over a thousand years, the size of the main dish progressively grew by 69.2 per cent, plate size by 65.6 percent and b size by 23.1 percent, they found.研究人员发现,在这一千多年间,画中的主菜、餐盘和面包的尺寸分别增加了69.2%、65.6% 和23.1%。The growing size reflects the success of agriculture over the ages, the researchers said.研究人员称,食物和餐盘尺寸的增长反映出这么多年来农业产量的增加。;The last thousand years have witnessed dramatic increases in the production, availability, safety, abundance and affordability of food,; said Brian Wansink, a professor of marketing and applied economics at Cornell University.康奈尔大学营销和应用经济学教授布赖恩·万辛克说:“在过去一千年间,食物的生产、可用性、安全性、 丰富程度以及可购性都大幅提高。”;We think that as art imitates life, these changes have been reflected in paintings of history#39;s most famous dinner.;“我们认为,由于艺术描绘的是现实生活,所以这些变化也反映在这一史上最著名的晚餐的画作之中。”The study, published in Britain#39;s International Journal of Obesity, is co-authored by Wansink#39;s brother, Craig, a Presbyterian minister and professor of religious studies at Virginia Wesleyan College.该研究报告在英国《国际肥胖杂志》上发表,由万辛克和他的兄弟、弗吉尼亚卫斯理公会学院宗教学教授、长老会牧师克雷格共同撰写。The Bible makes no mention of what was eaten at the Last Supper. But the main dishes depicted in the paintings contained fish or eel (18 percent), lamb (14 percent) and pork (seven percent).《圣经》中并未提及《最后的晚餐》中有哪些食物,但画作中出现的主菜包括鱼肉或鳗鱼(18%)、羊肉(14%)以及猪肉(7%)等。 /201507/389412海宁市第四人民医院胎记多少钱 LIBRA and ARIES:天秤-白羊:Polarity attraction. Tension, however, at a mental level. It can work if you are both willing to compromise.相互排斥的一对,容易造成精神紧张。只有双方互相妥协,关系才能维系下去。LIBRA and TAURUS:天秤-金牛:Not too bad as you both value the finer things in life. The Bull#39;s possessiveness can bring about some problems for you, but if the price is right, you#39;ll put up with a little control.彼此都对生活要求颇高,这让你们走到一起。不过,牛儿的占有欲太强会引起很多问题,如果有足够的好处,天秤座的你会考虑做出小的让步。LIBRA and GEMINI:天秤-双子:Intellectual connection. This relationship is much better left as a friendship. You both need a great deal of freedom to experience other people. If you both agree on ground rules right from day one, it can last.知识型的组合。这样的关系做朋友也许会更好。你俩都想要更多的自由以便和他人交往。如果能从第一天就达成基本协议,可以维持长久的关系。LIBRA and CANCER:天秤-巨蟹:This is not the best match. The moody Crab is just too difficult for you to handle. You need to surround yourself with positive individuals who will create a harmonious environment.不是太好的搭配。情绪化的蟹子让你很难应付。你需要的是一个保持乐观并能与你共建和谐环境的伴侣。LIBRA and LEO:天秤-狮子:This is a good union: similar lifestyles. The Lion#39;s dazzle and your refined nature balance out quite nicely. Together you make an extremely nice looking couple.这绝对是经典的组合,有着相似的生活方式。狮子座的光夺目与你的优雅自然配合地天衣无缝。你们会是一对令人羡慕的金童玉女。LIBRA and VIRGO:天秤-处女:No Way! The practical Virgoan will never satisfy your desires. You#39;re better not to pursue this partner for any kind of a long-term commitment.不般配的一对。实际的处女座从不满足你的要求。若想得到一份长久的爱情,最好别选处女座的人。LIBRA and LIBRA:天秤-天秤:This is not a bad connection, but boredom can be a definite risk as you will both expect to be entertained. Your lazy nature when it comes to domestic chores will also be a problem if you can#39;t afford to hire help.同样性格的两人是对还不错的组合,不过喜欢玩乐的你俩最终还是会厌倦太枯燥的生活。要是请不起人来帮忙收搭屋子,懒散的你俩终会因琐碎的家务产生矛盾。LIBRA and SCORPIO:天秤-天蝎:The Scorpion#39;s jealousy vexes the casual, harmonious nature that you possess. This is certainly not an alliance made in heaven and usually quite difficult for you to balance.嫉妒心极强的蝎子让追求和谐生活的你烦恼不堪。这当然不会是一对神仙眷侣,你们很难平衡彼此的关系。LIBRA and SITTARIUS:天秤-射手:This is an auspicious relationship. The Archer#39;s charisma and thirst for adventure will hold your interest. Your good looks and cultural knowledge will entice the Archer.这是一对幸运的组合。拥有巨大感召力和冒险精神的射手座恰恰能迎合你的兴趣。你美丽的外表和过人的内在修养也能吸引射手座的人。LIBRA and CAPRICORN:天秤-羯:It#39;s difficult for the Goat to accept your inactivity. Physically there is a powerful attraction between you; unfortunately, it is seldom lasting.羯座人很难接受你的不积极。虽然双方常被对方的外表吸引,不幸的是,这种关系很难持久。LIBRA and AQUARIUS:天秤-水瓶:This is a compatible coalition; You#39;re two of a kind; neither of you care about detail nor domestics.这是互补性最好的一对。你俩都很友善宽容,不会在意细节。LIBRA and PISCES:天秤-双鱼:This is not usually lasting. The Fish is too confused and sensitive in nature; that makes this connection a highly complicated combination. The end result can be devastating if you aren#39;t careful.这对组合通常不能持久。鱼儿的敏感困惑就是这对恋人最大的隐患。一不当心,你们的关系就会破裂。 /201507/388996嘉兴最大的美容医院

嘉兴疤痕修复费用;We back up our data on sticky notes because sticky notes never crash.;我们用即时贴来备份数据,因为即时贴从来不死机。 /201508/391963 嘉兴市中医院割双眼皮多少钱嘉兴美白嫩肤排名



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