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Being irresponsibleWars, genocide, death- and concentration-camps, constructing and using atomic bombs, weird genetic experiments, all this has been done by men because they like to do whatever is feasible. Obviously they don’t think about the consequences of their actions. The world has to struggle a lot with those consequences.On a more harmless and playful level there is men’s predilection for breaking records. Construction or driving the fastest car for example, although the world would rather have cars that don’t damage the environment.Where would we be without all the useful and important inventions that men made? Of course we need men’s habit of doing what is feasible. But please think about the consequences before doing and act responsibly!不负责任战争、种族灭绝、死亡集中营、制造和使用原子弹、诡异的基因实验、所有这些都是男人做过的,因为他们喜欢有可行性的东西。显然他们不考虑他们这些行为的后果。这个世界不得不奋力反抗这些后果。在更无害更有性的方面,男人则嗜好破记录。比如他们嗜好制造或驾驶最快的车,即使这个世界情愿要不会危害环境的车。如果没有男人发明的这些有用又重要的玩意儿,我们又会怎样呢?当然我们需要男人这个做有可行性东西的习惯。但是拜托在做之前理性地考虑下行为的后果! /201003/98378

Japan shoppers grab lucky New Year bags amid gloomForget the recession, at least for now in Japan, where it's time for some mystery New Year's shopping designed to cast off the economic gloom.Thousands of shoppers queued for hours in front of department stores across Japan on Friday to buy limited-edition, traditional New Year's "goodie" bags in what has become one of the biggest events of the holiday season.The so-called Lucky Bags are priced between 10,000 yen (0) and 30,000 yen, and are completely sealed, with nothing to indicate the contents.But experienced shoppers know that they are often filled with fashionable accessories and clothes at a substantial discount, which makes them especially desirable during the current financial crisis.In Tokyo's glitzy Ginza shopping district, excited shoppers dashed inside the Mitsukoshi department store to grab over 20,000 lucky bags."There's this excitement before you open your bag, then comes the surprise and some degree of disappointment, but most of the time I'm happy with what I get," said Hisayo Kuwabara, a 52-year-old part-time worker.Some shoppers sought to banish the economic gloom with these festive bags."Though the economy is worsening, I wanted to buy some lucky bags because it is sold at a discounted price. I also wanted to get some luck in this recession," said Eiichi Kakegawa, a 47-year-old businessman.Takashi Masuko, director of "Lucky Bags" operations at Mitsukoshi, said the yearly shopping extravaganza is especially popular this year."People tend to buy more Lucky Bags during a recession," he said."We've been preparing for this day since last August, and since we were expecting some recession ahead, we changed the volume and items of our bags to better satisfy our customers at times like this."The economy appears set for a gloomy 2009 in Japan, as firms cut their outlooks and industrial output slumps.Most economists say a recovery in Japan will have to wait until global demand picks up. Some say that will not happen until the final quarter of next year, at the earliest. /200901/60383每个人都向往永恒的爱情。而事实上,日常生活中有许许多多的"绊脚石"正在悄然无声地影响着恋人们的爱情。认识到这些“绊脚石”(wrecker)后,我们又能采取哪些措施呢?英国《每日邮报》顾问Andrew Marshall问道:“爱情的保质期比以前更短了么?人们分手的频率更快了么?”阅读下文,专家将为你爱情变量表中的上升和下降趋势,教你如何阻止爱情变质。 Relationships are changing faster than ever before? and so are the triggers for break-ups, says counsellor Andrew Marshall. Here is the authoritative guide to what's going up and what's going down in the argument charts and how to stop your relationship being derailed:1. 降低期望值(上升趋势) One: Low Expectations (GOING UP)我们“期望”爱情失败。“男人没一个好东西”和“女人都神经错乱”的想法已经从好友间的玩笑变成了自我应验的预言。我们等着新男友/女友犯错误,然后再将错误放大。 We expect relationships to fail. The "all men are bastards" mind set and "all women are bunny boilers" mentality has sp from being a joke with our mates into a self-fulfilling prophecy. We wait for our new boyfriend or girlfriend to trip up and then zoom in on their mistakes.解决方法:如今,人们对不完美事物的容忍度大不如前。但是,如果我们能秉持坚持不懈的态度,更加相信自己,或许,我们不仅能解决这些潜在问题,更能收获一份亲密、美好的爱情。 Solve it: Today we are less willing to tolerate anything that is not 100 per cent perfect. Yet if we all hung in longer and believed in ourselves more, we would address the underlying issues and reap the rewards of a truly intimate and satisfying relationship. /201008/110914A Cambodian couple who separated after 40 years of marriage may have taken things too literally when it came to splitting their assets:A couple who separated after 40 years of marriage split their house in two -- literally.A couple who separated after 40 years of marriage split their house in two -- literally.The husband cut the house in two."It is the strangest thing I've ever seen," said May Titthara, who wrote about the case for The Phnom Penh Post, an English-language newspaper in the Cambodian capital. "People there never saw this happen in a divorce. It is very interesting for them."The husband and wife had been living together in the house in a village in the Prey Veng province of southern Cambodia, roughly 50 miles (80 km) from the capital.The couple would not talk to the newspaper, but the village chief told May Titthara that the husband was angry because his wife wouldn't tend to him when he was ill.Last week, the husband and his friends moved his belongings to one side of the house -- and sawed and chiseled it off, said the reporter, who interviewed the village chief and neighbors.The couple also divided their property into four sections: for themselves and their two children.Because the couple side-stepped the provincial courts when they parted ways, their unusual resolution could pose a problem later, said Prak Phin, a lawyer for Legal Support for Child and Women in the province."This was a not a legal divorce. It never went to the court," he said. "If they have disagreements in the future, they will not have a legal (recourse)."The man moved his part of the house to his parents' property, May Titthara said. He lives with his parents, while the wife continues to reside in her precariously perched, upright half. 一对柬埔寨夫妇在结束40年婚姻时可能太过教条,居然把他们的家产真的一分为二了。A couple who separated after 40 years of marriage split their house in two -- literally.一对夫妇结束其40年婚姻时把他们的家一劈为二---名副其实的“分家”丈夫把房子一劈为二。“这是我看到的最为奇特的事情,”为位于柬埔寨首都的英文报纸《金边邮报》撰写此报道的MAY TITTHARA说道,"那里的人从来没看到过离婚会发生这样的事情。对他们来说,这太有趣了。”这对夫妇一起居住一个村庄的一所房子里,那里位于距首部大约50英里(80公里)的柬埔寨南部的波萝勉省。这对夫妇对记者保持沉默,不过,据那里的村长告诉MAY TITTHARA说,丈夫因为生病而他妻子不愿意照顾他,所以他很气愤。记者在采访村长和邻居们后获知,上周,这位丈夫和他的朋友们把他的财产搬到了房子的一边,然后用锯子锯,用凿子凿,把房子一分为二。这对夫妇也把他们的财产分了四份: 他们两人,还有他们的两个孩子。这个省为孩子和妇女提供法律帮助的律师PRAK PHIN说,因为这对夫妇分开的时候绕过了省法院,所以他们非同寻常的决定会留下后遗症。他说:“这不是一个合法的离婚。他们没去法院。如果他们以后出现争议,将无法获得法律持。”May Titthara说,这位丈夫把他的那一半房子搬到了他父母那里。他和他父母居住,而他的妻子则不安全地继续栖息在房子的右半部分。 /200810/54042

10. 蕾丝花边 Either you completely cover the wedding dress with lace or you only embellish a part of your wedding dress. The lace part you will surely make you look the best. 不论你是想穿着布满蕾丝的婚纱还是只想用蕾丝装饰花边,蕾丝这个元素必定会让身着婚纱的你成为最美的新娘。 /201108/148754我给你开些抗压力的药。无论何时只要你的电话响的时候,给每一个耳朵贴一片。Pizza as health food? Food chemists say yesWant a slice of pizza?It's the junk food junkie's wildest dream come true -- pizza as health food.University of Maryland food chemists said on Monday they had found ways to enhance the antioxidant content of whole-grain wheat pizza dough by baking it longer at higher temperatures and giving the dough lots of time to rise.Antioxidants are substances that protect cells from damage caused by unstable molecules known as free radicals. Some experts believe antioxidants can lower the risk of cancer, heart disease and other ailments.Lucy Yu, a food chemistry professor, said the findings arose from broader research into ways to improve health-promoting properties of wheat-based food products."The reason that we chose pizza is just because it is a very popular food product, not only in the U.S. but worldwide," researcher Jeffrey Moore added."So we thought if we could find ways to improve (its antioxidant) properties, doing this for such a product could have a larger impact on public health," Moore added.But Moore had a slice of advice for pizza aficionados who might want to cover theircrustwith mounds of fatty toppings like extra cheese, pepperoni, sausage and ground beef."If you're adding back all these other things that have potential negative health consequences, then you're negating anything that you're adding in terms of (health) value," Moore said.The research wasserved upat a meeting of the American Chemical Society in Chicago, a mecca for thick-crust pizza.“垃圾食品”狂热者们最美妙的梦想实现了--比萨被认定为健康食品。马里兰大学的食品化学专家们于本周一公布,他们已发现提高全麦比萨生面团中抗氧化物含量的方法,即用更高的温度烘烤、延长烘烤时间及生面团发面的时间。抗氧化物是一种能够保护体内细胞免受不稳定粒子自由基破坏的物质。一些专家认为,抗氧化物能够降低患癌症、心脏病等疾病的风险。食品化学教授Lucy Yu说,这些发现源自一项范围更广的、有关如何提高全麦食品中所含有益健康成分的研究。研究员杰弗里·尔说:"我们之所以选择比萨作为研究对象,主要是因为比萨是一种十分流行的食品,不仅在美国如此,在世界各地都很流行。"他说:"所以我们想,如果能找到提高比萨中所含抗氧化物的方法,那么为这样一种食品做研究将能对大众健康产生更大的影响。"但尔对那些想在比萨外壳上加很多如奶酪、辣味香肠、腊肠或牛肉粒等浇头的比萨爱好者们提了一条建议。尔说:“如果你把那些不利于健康的东西又都给加了回去,那之前加进来的有益物质都起不到作用了。”这项研究在美国化学研究学会在“厚皮比萨之乡”芝加哥召开的一个会议上公布。Vocabulary: crust : the hard outer portion or surface area of b(面包外壳)serve up: 提出;提供;端出(菜肴) /200808/46487

If you haven’t contemplated murder, you ain’t been in love. If you haven’t seriously thought about killing the motherfucker, you ain’t been in love. If you haven’t had a can of rat poison in your hand and looked at it for 45 minutes straight, you ain’t been in love. If you haven’t bought a shovel and a bag and a rug to roll they ass up in, you ain’t been in love. If you haven’t practiced your alibi in front of the mirror… you ain’t been in love. And the only thing that stopped you from killing this motherfucker was an episode of CSI.在座的只要有真正爱过的,都可以帮我做见!假如你没有考虑过要杀人,你就称不上爱过。假如你没有认真想过要杀了那个混帐,你就没真正爱过。假如你没有手里拿着一罐老鼠药,然后盯着罐子看四十五分钟,你就没真正爱过。假如你没有去买过铲子,布袋还有地毯来毁尸灭迹,你就没真正爱过。假如你没有在镜子前练习你不在场明,你就没真正爱过。而唯一阻止你动手的原因,是你为你看了CSI犯罪现场。See, relationships are hard. But in order for any relationship to work, both people have to be on the same page. Both people have to have the same focus…and the focus is all about her,is all about her! Fellas, when you wake up in the morning, you should look yourself in the mirror and say,” Fuck you. Fuck your hopes, fuck your dreams, fuck your plans, fuck everything you thought this life was gonna bring you. Now let’s go out there and try and make this bitch happy.”没错,男女交往是个难题,如果一段感情要成功男女双方必须有共识,双方焦点要一致。大家都知道那个共识是什么,焦点是什么。 感情要成功,双方焦点就要相同。那么焦点是什么? 那个焦点就是女生!焦点都得在她身上!女生老早就知道这一点了,她们可是在等你跟进呢!男士们,你们一早醒来,应该对着镜中的自己说"去你的!去你的希望,去你的梦想,去你的计划。跟你对人生的所有期望都说再见吧!现在,你只要想办法取悦那个女生就够了!”Yes. It’s all about her, fellas. Say yes to everything. Everything. Everything you can afford, say yes to. Just say yes. Before she even gets it out of her fucking mouth. “Honey, can…” Yes. “Honey, I…” Yes. Just get a stamp. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. 没错!所有焦点都在她身上。面对一切,你都得说好,一切,只要你付得起就说“好“。说“好“就对了,根本不用等她说完。“亲爱的,我想...”“好““亲爱的,我能...”“好”“亲爱的,那个...”“好”……干脆去弄个印章,好!好!好!好!好!好!好!好! /201104/132393“美容软件”:让普通人变得像封面模特一般具有吸引力特拉维夫大学布拉瓦尼克电脑科学院教授丹尼尔#8226;科亨—奥尔主持编写了一套“美容软件”,帮助爱美之人调整照片上的五官比例,在不改变面貌基本特征的基础上让面容变得更富有吸引力,在指导整形手术实施方面也有较大应用前景。这一软件可将照片中的普通人变得像杂志封面模特一般具有吸引力。Researchers have created a "beauty machine" they say can turn a woman's photo into the likeness of a cover model with the push of a button.The goal is not just to toy with pictures. Sure, the new computer software could help editors distort magazine cover photos even more than they aly do. But it could also guide plastic surgeons(整形医师) in efforts to achieve some perceived level of perfection in a patient.Or the software might even be incorporated into future digital cameras to make us all appear gorgeous, the researchers suggest."Beauty, contrary to what most people think, is not simply in the eye of the beholder," said lead researcher Daniel Cohen-Or of the Blavatnik School of Computer Sciences at Tel Aviv University.Attractiveness - for men or women - can be objectified by a computer and boiled down to a function of mathematical distances or ratios, Cohen-Or said, admitting that the work is likely to be controversial."Beauty can be quantified by mathematical measurements and ratios. It can be defined as average distances between features, which a majority of people agree are the most beautiful," he said. "I don't claim to know much about beauty. For us, every picture in this research project is just a collection of numbers."All this is actually backed by a study, published recently in the proceedings of Siggraph, an annual computer graphics conference.Cohen-Or and colleagues asked 68 Israeli and German men and women, ages 25 to 40, to rank the beauty of 93 different men's and women's faces on a scale of 1 to 7. The scores were entered into a database and correlated to 250 different measurements and facial features, such as ratios of the nose, chin and distance from ears to eyes, according to a statement from the team. From this, they created an algorithm of "desirable elements of attractiveness" that then spits out the new you.The beauty machine is more subtle than a typical Photoshop makeover, they say. The machine does not seem to work so well on celebrities, however."We've run the faces of people like Brigitte Bardot and Woody Allen through the machine and most people are very unhappy with the results," Cohen-Or said. "But in unfamiliar faces, most would agree the output is better." /200811/56281Curse Words in ShakespeareThe works of William Shakespeare are often held up as the epitome of good English. However what most people aren't aware of is that they are full of sexual innuendo and that they even contain the odd curse word. In fact there are even references to the C-word, with it being alluded to three times in Shakespeare's plays. Once in Hamlet, once in Henry V and most blatantly of all in Twelfth Night, where the character Malvolio actually spells the word out.CIA/MI6 Overthrowing Democratic GovernmentsIn the west we're taught at school that we are the good guys and that the rest of the world are the bad guys, and that it's our job to sp our “democratic values” around the globe. However what we're not taught is that our governments (namely the British and American) have actually at times masterminded the overthrow of democratic governments in order to pursue their own nefarious ambitions. There are numerous examples of this, particularly in South America and the Middle East, one of the most notable being the ousting of Iran's democratically elected government in the early 1950's.College Drop OutsAnother thing not often spoken about at school is that many of the worlds most successful and intelligent people didn't actually like education and in some cases left it altogether. In fact, Albert Einstein, the very poster boy of intellectualism, intensely disliked school. He compared being at school to like being in the army and resented the way it tried to put boundaries and constraints on people. Other famous people who were critical of organised education include Victor Hugo, Leonardo da Vinci and the writer Alexandre Dumas.Historic PornographyIn history class, when we learnt about ancient Greece and Rome, we were taught about the wars, literature, art and invention of those classical civilisations. However what was never mentioned was the obsession the ancient world had with sex. It permeated almost every aspect of society and was graphically represented in much of their artwork. In fact when places such as Pompeii and Herculaneum were excavated they were found to be covered in erotic frescoes and sexual inscriptions. So much so that the discoveries were kept from public view and sometimes even vandalised so as to obscure their explicit nature.Fascist Coup Planned for AmericaAnother piece of history that you probably weren't taught about at school concerns a little known plot to implement a fascist takeover in the ed States. The plot, recently investigated by B Radio 4, was led by wealthy industrialists and bankers, including Prescott Bush (grandfather of George W. Bush), who were displeased with Franklin D. Roosevelt's progressive political policies in the early 1930's. The plan may have succeeded were it not for a Marine Corps Major General named Smedley Butler, who blew the whistle on the plot after being approached by the influential power brokers who wanted him to lead the uprising.Columbus Didn't Discover AmericaThe truth is that Columbus wasn't even close to being the first to discover the New World. The Vikings visited the Americas some 500 years before Columbus did and there are also people who believe that the Chinese beat him to it as well. On top of this there is the simple fact that there were people in the Americas before Columbus arrived. It's only a vestige of Eurocentric imperialism that leads us to think of America as having been “discovered” in the traditional sense and it's left many people who are native to the continent with the feeling that their pre-Columbus history has been ignored and devalued.Playing Video Games is Good For YouChildren are often chastised for wasting their time playing computer games. However research shows that games can help improve reflexes, eyesight and intelligence. Shoot-em-up games in particular were shown to aid visual skills. There is even a doctor from New York's Beth Israel Medical Center, named James C. Rosser, who co-authored a study suggesting that surgeons that played games were faster and less prone to making mistakes than their non-game playing counterparts.TV is EducationalTV, like games, is another thing that is often seen as being a bad influence on people. The criticism it gets however couldn't be more misguided, as television is in fact one of the most educational things ever invented. It allows people to learn about the entire world from the comfort of their own living room and has been responsible for the collective education of a large chunk of humanity for the last fifty years. The fall of the Berlin Wall, the Moon Landings, the plight of Africa and global warming are just a few of the things we've been informed and updated about by television. May it continue to entertain and illuminate us long into the future.Fractional Reserve BankingFractional Reserve Banking is a system of banking that essentially allows banks to lend out money that they don't actually possess. It's legal and operates to varying degrees across the planet. It's the root cause of inflation and is something that few people know about and even fewer people understand. If people were educated about it, they wouldn't allow it to continue. However as our education systems are more concerned with the superficial than the essential, we'll probably all continue in ignorance of it until the world economy collapses under the weight of our collective debt.The Drug Use of Poets and WritersOne of the greatest ironies of education is the way children are constantly told of the dangers of drugs and alcohol while at the same time being encouraged, and sometimes forced, to learn about poets and writers, most of which were notorious drug users, alcoholics and womanisers. Famous figures in literature who are associated with drugs include Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Thomas de Quincey and Jack Kerouac. One popular drug of choice amongst writers was laudanum, a solution of opium in alcohol, and was commonly used for both medicinal and recreational purposes, particularly during the Romantic period. Author Aldous Huxley was also open about his drug use, writing about his experiences with LSD. In fact I'm sure that in a hundred years time teachers will be forcing children to learn about Marilyn Manson and Pete Doherty in much the same way that they try to teach them about writers of poetry and fiction today. /200804/35924

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