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Improvisation lives at the core of Break Dancing,where dancers are continually adapting their moves.即兴创作是霹雳舞的精髓,舞者不断调整自己的动作。This Brooklyn-based New York dance group specialize in a dance form called Uprocking,which mixes Salsa, the Hustle, and action moves,which were added to imitate a fight against an opposing dancer.来自布鲁克林的纽约舞团以主跳Uprocking街舞,它混合了莎莎舞 哈尔斯舞 还有格斗动作,用以模仿与对方的斗舞。The leader of the crew is Ralph Casanova, also known as King Uprock.舞团的负责人是被誉为Uprock王的Ralph CasanovaHe says Bruce Lee was a big influence on their dance style.他说李小龙对他们的舞蹈风格影响很大Rocking started in Brooklyn where a lot of guys were gang members,and B-boying was really popular in the Bronx,where they were doing more of the backspins and stuff like that, acrobatic moves.摇滚舞起源于布鲁克林 当地许多人都是成帮成派的,而这些霹雳男孩在布朗克斯非常受欢迎,像旋转什么的杂耍动作很常见。See, everybody was watching Bruce Lee and taking...可以说 每个人都观察李小龙 获得...learning different dances that they took something of him and added in the flavor of the dance they were doing.从他那获得元素,加入自己正在练的舞中以组成不同的舞蹈。After the launch of Enter the Dragon in the 1970s,dancers were quick to replicate Bruce Lees kungfu moves and incorporate them into their dances.20世纪70年代;龙争虎斗;公映后,舞者们开始模仿李小龙的功夫电影,并将其融入到舞蹈中。Across america, numerous different dance styles emerged known to most today simply as Break Dancing.风格各异的舞蹈在美国各地兴起,如今都统称为霹雳舞。And a lot of karate moves have, like, windmills and,you know, backspins, which... they didnt call it that,but we just watched all these moves and just take whatever we saw and add into Breaking or Rocking and other dances.大量空手道动作 像是大轮转和倒旋等... 但是称法不同,我们看这类电影 并把任何看到的动作,加到霹雳舞(Breaking和Rocking都是霹雳舞)和其他舞蹈里。201403/278984

ANNOUNCER: Its time for ;The Shoutout.; “大声喊出来“的时间到了。The islands of Capri, Giglio and Sardinia are all located off the coast of what country? If you think, you know it, then shout it out!卡布里、吉廖岛和撒丁岛都在哪个国家的海岸线上?如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Is it Brazil, Portugal, Greece or Italy? Youve got three seconds, go! 它是巴西、葡萄牙、希腊还是意大利?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!Youll find all of those islands off the coast of Italy. Thats your answer and thats your ;Shoutout;.你会在意大利沿海找到那些岛屿。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: One of those islands has been getting a lot more attention recently. 这些岛屿中的一个最近得到了较多地关注。The Costa Concordia cruise ship ran aground on Giglio in January of 2012, 4200 people were on board, 32 were killed. “科斯塔·康科迪亚”号邮轮在2012年1月在吉廖岛搁浅,当时有4200人在船上,32人丧生。The ship has been lying there on its side ever since, at least until this week. 直到这个星期,这艘船依然侧躺在这里。A massive salvage operation is under way, and the first steps appeared to be a success. 大规模海上救援行动正在进行,此行动的第一步看起来是成功的。A steel platform was built on the sea floor. 海平面上架起了一座铁架平台。And pulleys cables and steel tanks were attached to one side of the ship. 滑轮的缆绳和钢槽连接着船的一边。The process is called, parbuckling. 这个过程被称为拉套索。And youre about to see what it looks like: the salvage crew rolled the ship off the rocks and onto that platform. 你可以看看这看起来什么样子:打捞船让轮船滚下石头,滚到那个平台上。The Concordia is 952 feet long, it weighs 114,000 tons. 康科迪亚号有952英里长,重达十一万四千吨。No ship that large or that heavy had ever been parbuckled before. 从来没有那么长那么重的船被套索拉过。Next stage is for floatation devices to be attached to the other side, and for the Costa Concordia to be refloated, so it can be towed away. 下一阶段是要将漂浮装置装到另一侧,科斯塔·康科迪亚将再次飘浮,那么它就能被拖走了。Organizers dont expect that to happen until next summer.组织者觉得那直到下个夏天才会进行下一步。 /201309/257738

;Quiet, please.;“请安静。”;Wait a second.;“等一下。”;Ill take one.;“我要一份。”;Oh, yeah.;“喔,耶。”;All right!;“好的!”;All good.;“一切順利。”;Take care.;“保重。”;Way to go.;“干得好。”;Nice.;“真棒。”;Bring it on.;“放马过来。”;Got you.;“了解。”;Im here for you.;“我在这陪你。”;Oh, no.;“喔,不。”;Please, please.;“拜托拜托。”;Please.;“拜托了。”;Im waiting.;“我在等着。”;Interesting.;“真有趣。”;Not buying it.;“我不相信。”;Not fair.;“不公平。”;Thats it.;“就这样。”;This conversation is over.;“这段对话结束了。”;Oh, brother.;“喔,老兄。”Body language can tell you all sorts of things.肢体语言可以告诉你各式各样的事情。;Im having a stroke.;“我中风了。”;Im having a stroke.;“我中风了。”Know the certain signs. Learn FAST.了解特定征兆。学会FAST。F—Face drooping.F--脸部松垮。A—Arm weakness.A--手臂无力。S—Speech difficulty.S--语言障碍。T—Time, time to call 911 immediately.T--时机,是时候立刻拨打119。The sooner they get to the hospital, the sooner theyll get treatment. And that can make a remarkable difference in their recovery.他们越快送医,就能越快接受治疗。而那可以为他们的痊愈带来重大影响。Learn the body language, the sudden signs, and spot a stroke FAST.学会肢体语言、突发征兆,并迅速发现中风。201410/332868

Persuading someone to buy is not always as easy as it sounds. Follow these steps to get your products moving off the shelves.说别人购买你的产品并不像听上去那么简单。遵循下面的建议,让你货架上的产品逐渐减少。You Will Need你需要Customers客户Product to sell需要销售的产品Steps步骤STEP 1 Get in front of the customer1.走到客户面前Get in front of the customer. Establish a face-to-face relationship to help establish credibility.走到客户面前。建立面对面的关系可以帮助建立可信性。Leave free samples and literature along with satisfied customer testimonials. Instill a guilty feeling in them that urges them to return the favor.留下免费的样品和印刷品,以及客户满意明。逐渐为他们灌输一点内疚感,可以敦促他们对你进行回报。STEP 2 Understand your customer2.理解顾客Listen to your customer and understand exactly what they need. Discover their current situation and issues.认真倾听顾客的说法,了解他们真正的需求。发现他们目前的状况和问题。STEP 3 Understand the principles of persuasion3.了解说的原则Study and understand the principles of persuasion, beginning with facilitating a good relationship.研究并理解说的原则,从建立良好的关系开始。People will do more business with you if they like you.如果人们喜欢你的话,他们会和你进行更多业务往来。STEP 4 Instill curiosity4.引起好奇心Instill curiosity in your sales presentation. Invite your customer to think about what will happen after their purchase and talk as if they aly own or are using your product.销售描述过程中引起人们的好奇心。邀请顾客思考,他们购买这种产品后会如何,就好像他们已经拥有或者正在使用你的产品。STEP 5 Create a bond5.建立纽带Create a bond with your customer by telling a story.讲述一个故事,在你和客户之间建立纽带。STEP 6 Create a sense of urgency6.制造紧迫感Create a sense of urgency. Offer discounts or incentives that are only available now to close the sale before leaving their office. Watch your sales grow.制造紧迫感。提供折扣或激励措施,只在现在到离开办公室之前有效。销量肯定会上涨。The Guinness Book of World Records pronounced Joe Girard, an automobile salesman, the worlds best salesman.吉尼斯世界纪录宣布汽车销售员乔·吉拉德是世界上最伟大的推销员。视频听力译文由。201407/312819

Think about it, hes got a black world, hasnt he?你想想 他的世界只有黑色And hes got smell and hes got sound, so...但他有嗅觉 有听觉 所以...Hes more likely to be responding to sound他更可能会对声音做出回应if he hasnt got the vision.因为他没有视Hes just inquisitive, I suppose.我猜 他只是很好奇Are you coming back?你会再回来吗There is hope for this little fellow.这只小家伙仍有复明的希望Hes due to have an operation on his eyes他已被安排接受眼部手术which may mean that as an adult那意味着 等他成年后he can be returned to the wild他也能返回大自然just like Elvis.跟艾维斯一样I do hope he gets a cataract operation.希望他能完成白内障手术It would be marvellous if he did.真成功了就更加不可思议了Enchanting creature.讨人喜欢的动物啊201409/326450

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