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At the southern end of our planet,在我们星球的最南端the Antarctic sea ice is still at its greatest extent.南极正是海冰面积最大的时候But there are a few islands on its outer edge但是大陆外缘有一些岛屿that the sea ice never quite reaches.周围没有海冰覆盖South Georgia is washed南大西洋丰富的by the rich waters of the Southern Atlantic相对温暖的海水and the comparative warmth of the sea冲刷着南乔治亚岛takes the edge off the vicious southern winter.减弱了南极冬季的恶劣气候Its even possible for a few hardy animals,对于一些耐寒的动物like the wandering albatross,如漂泊信天翁来说to live here throughout the whole year.在这里度过一整年也是有可能的The enormous albatross chicks take 13 months to fledge,体形庞大的雏鸟需要十三个月才长出羽毛so they have no choice but to sit here throughout the winter.所以它们不得不在这里过冬It cant be easy, but the thick layer of fluffy down这不容易 但是厚厚的绒毛keeps out the worst of the cold.能抵挡极度的寒冷Their parents travel thousands of miles to collect the fish and squid他们的父母飞行几千英里去抓鱼和鱿鱼they need to stay warm and to grow.他们需要这些来维持体温 促进发育 /201211/208264

Successfully walk your way to a flatter stomach by combining a reduced-calorie diet, cardiovascular exercise, and toning exercises.低热量饮食,有益于心血管的运动和有氧运动相结合,坚持步行,成功地拥有更加平坦的腹部。You Will Need你需要Correct posture正确的姿势Pacing定速Goals目标Stamina耐力Friend or club朋友或俱乐部Steps步骤Always consult a physician before attempting any exercise plan.尝试任何运动计划之前一定要向医生咨询。Step 1 Stand straight1.站直Stand straight. Look forward, keep your head up, pull in your stomach, and pull your shoulders slightly back.站直。目视前方,头部挺直,收紧腹部,肩膀稍微向后挺。Step 2 Relax arms2.放松双臂Relax your arms and let them swing naturally, close to your body at a 90-degree angle when you walk.放松双臂,自然摆动,步行的时候双臂贴紧身体,与身体形成90度。Step 3 Walk3.步行Walk for 30 minutes every day when you start your regimen.刚开始的时候每天步行30分钟。Break the 30 minutes into three 10-minute walks if necessary.如果必要的话,可以将30分钟分解为3次10分钟的步行。Step 4 Walk at a comfortable pace4.保持舒适的速度Walk at a comfortable pace – slow enough that you can comfortably carry on a conversation.保持舒适的步行速度——慢到可以让你舒地和别人对话的程度。Step 5 Set realistic goals5.设定切实可行的目标Set realistic, reachable goals for yourself. Keep track of your steps, time, and distance, which will help you set new goals.为自己设置切实可行的目标。记录自己的步伐,时间和行走距离,这样可以帮助你设定新的目标。Step 6 Gradually increase distance6.逐渐增加距离Gradually increase both distance and speed. Work your way to walking 45 to 60 minutes per day. The faster and longer you walk, the more calories you will burn.逐渐增加距离和速度。向每天行走45分钟至60分钟的目标靠近。行走的越快,时间越长,燃烧的卡路里越多。Step 7 Walk with a friend7.和朋友一起步行Walk with a friend or join a local walking club to keep yourself motivated.与朋友一起步行,或者加入当地行走俱乐部,让自己更有动力。Did you know? The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends adults get two and a half hours of physical activity each week to stay healthy.你知道吗?美国医疗与公共务部建议成年人每周进行2.5小时的体育活动来保持健康。视频听力栏目译文属。 201304/234699

2011 was a year of summer blockbusters, 3D epics and thrill-packed action films. And now, as the year draws to a close, lets look back at one of the top movies this year, ;Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides;. 2011年是夏季热门电影,3 D史诗及惊悚动作电影盛行的一年。而现在,2011年已经接近尾声,让我们回顾一下今年的顶尖电影,那就是《加勒比海盗:惊涛怪浪》。 Johnny Depps return after 5 years as Captain Jack was huge - ;On Stranger Tides; was the third biggest film of the year. 约翰尼bull;戴普五年后重新回归杰克船长无疑获得了巨大成功,《惊涛怪浪》是今年第三部最震撼的电影。 With Spanish star Penelope Cruz joining the crew as a feisty pirate, ;Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides; made more than one billion US dollars at the box office worldwide, according to Box Office Mojo. 随着西班牙女星佩内洛普bull;克鲁兹加盟扮演一名活跃的海盗, 据统计在世界范围内《惊涛怪浪》获得了超过十亿美元的票房。 Disney will reportedly shoot ;Pirates; five and six back-to-back, with five slated for a summer twenty-thirteen release. 迪斯尼继续拍摄;海盗;系列的第五,第六集、据称2013年夏天发行。 166320

To get the best out of your vegetable harvest, you must pick them at the right time and in the right way for a flavoursome and bountiful crop. Tom Cole shows us how to harvest spinach.为了最有效地收获蔬菜,你需要在合适的时间,以合适的方式采摘美味十足,产量较大的作物。汤姆·科尔向你展示怎样收获菠菜。Step 1: You will need1.你需要A small knife1把小刀Step 2: When to harvest2.何时收获You can start to harvest spinach just a couple of months after sowing and on throughout the summer. This can involve cutting leaves as often as twice a week depending on rain levels, so regularly check your plants.你可以在播种两个月之后开始收获菠菜,然后一直持续整个夏季。包括每两周采摘一次叶子,具体情况取决于降雨量,所以经常亲自查看一下你的作物。If cooking the spinach, wait for the leaves to reach 25-30 centemeters in length, as they will boil down dramatically. If using in a salad, you can cut the leaves when they are small and immature.如果菠菜拿来烹煮,等到叶子长度达到25-30厘米的时候,因为烹煮的过程中菠菜会明显变小。如果用来做沙拉,叶片很小还未成熟的时候就可以采摘了。Step 3: Harvesting3.收获With a sharp knife, cut the stem of a leaf close to the base, taking the outside leaves and leaving the majority of new growth at the centre. You are aiming to leave at least a quarter of the plant so that it will regenerate.用比较锋利的刀子在基部附近切掉叶子的主干,摘掉植株的叶片,留下中心大部分叶片继续生长。至少要留下植株四分之一的部分以便继续繁殖。Step 4: Taking care4.护理Whilst harvesting, it is worth tending to the plant. Remove any diseased leaves that have any minor pests, and place these on the compost heap.在收获的过程中,顺便对植株进行一下护理。摘掉任何被昆虫侵蚀的患病叶片,用来制作堆肥。Cut off any stems that feature flowers, as this will allow the plant to concentrate its nutrients on the leaves. These flowering parts are a little tougher, but still perfectly edible.切掉任何开花的茎秆,以便整个植株的养分用来供应叶片生长需要。开花的茎秆比较坚硬,但是仍然可以食用。Step 5: Storage5.储存Spinach is best when used fresh. It will keep for a couple of days in the fridge but will wilt quickly.菠菜新鲜食用口感是最好的。也可以在冰箱中存放几天,但是很快就会枯萎。If you wish to freeze, boil or steam the leaves first, then simply re-heat them when needed.如果想要冷冻的话,首先把叶子煮一下或蒸一下,需要食用的时候再简单地重新加热一下。Thanks for watching How To Harvest Spinach.感谢收看“怎样收获菠菜”视频节目。201210/206730

Winding westwards into the hills,蜿蜒向西深入山地these were once some of the most important highways in Asia,曾一度是亚洲地区的要道the southwesterntea and silk road.西南部的茶马古道(即为西南丝绸之路)Built thousands of years ago,茶马古道源于古代西南边疆的茶马互市兴于唐宋盛于明清the southwestern tea and silk road gaveaccess tothe world beyond Chinas borders,西南茶马古道越过中国的边境迎来了远自罗马的商人与旅者carrying tradesmen and travellers fromas far away asRome.将这片古老土地与世界相连Wars werefought overaccess to this tiny path,这条路上曾燃烧过连绵的战火the only sure routein or out ofChina,也是出入当时中国的唯一咽喉要道that was guaranteed to be clear of snow all year round.必须要保全年畅通无阻So, what causes Gaoligongshans strange and remarkable climate?那么是什么造就了高黎贡山独特的气候In late May, gusts of wind arrive,五月后旬阵风来临bringing with them the key to Gaoligongshans mystery.带来了解开高黎贡山气候之谜的钥匙The winds are hot and saturated with water.热风富含水分They come all the way from the Indian Ocean.它们完全来自于印度洋Channelled by Yunnans unique geography,受云南独特地形的影响they bring with them the moisture of the tropical monsoon.热带季风带来了充沛的雨量The giant river valleys,created millions of years ago,形成于千百万年前的巨大河谷act likeimmense funnels.如同巨大的漏斗一般The gorges are so deep and narrow,这些峡谷深邃狭长that the moist warm air is driven right up into the north of Yunnan.引导湿热气流径直流向滇北The result is rain, in torrents!然后就是降雨暴泄的狂流 /201208/193375

特别声明:该节目由可可原创。视频出处:出自B纪录片《英国史》第7集《女王的诞生》。精视觉:精解说:From the moment Mary Stuart arrived in Scotland at the age of 18 from the French court where she had been brought up, the relationship between the cousins was tainted with mutual suspicion. 从玛丽·斯图亚特在18岁时从自小长大的法国宫廷来到苏格兰的那一刻起,这对表姑妈和侄女之间的关系就蒙上了互相猜忌的阴影。 At the first opportunity, Elizabeth behaved badly, almost irrationally, denying Mary safe conduct through England to her new realm and forcing her to sail the long way round to Scotland. 从一开始伊丽莎白表现得很恶劣,几乎有点无理——她拒绝让玛丽途经英格兰到达自己的新领土,迫使玛丽不得不从海上绕道抵达苏格兰。 Though very much the injured party, Marys response aly betrayed the theatrical self-pity which so got up Elizabeths nose. 玛丽虽然是受伤的一方,但她的反应也超出了夸张的自怜的底线,让伊丽莎白火冒三丈。 I trust the wind will be so favorable, as I shall not need to come on the coast of England. And if I do, Monsieur LAmbassadeur, the queen, your mistress, shall have me in her hands to do her will of me. And if she be so hard-hearted as to desire my end, she may then do her pleasure and make sacrifice of me. 我相信会有顺风的,所以我不必沿着英格兰的海岸线航行。如果我那样做的话,大使先生,您的女王陛下就会把我抓到,对我为所欲为。她心那么狠,那么想除掉我,说不定她会一时兴起借此杀掉我。 /201212/214806

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