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“We kept MinecraftEdu very open-ended to be a platform that teachers could create their own content on top of,” said Levin. “The secret sauce has been early-adopter teachers coming up with ingenious lessons and then sharing their lesson plans and curriculums with other teachers. Educators can find, discover and download this content and get them running in their own classrooms.”莱文说,“我们将MinecraftEdu打造成一个高度开放的平台,这样一来,教师们就可以在其中创建自己的内容。该软件的秘密武器在于,早期使用该软件的教师会开发独具匠心的课程,然后将其教学计划和课程与其他老师分享。老师们可以寻找、发现和下载这一内容,并在自己的课堂上使用。”In the U.S., history teachers are recreating ancient worlds in the game and then having students go on virtual adventures, talking to historical characters, or having students create historical landmarks based on what they learned in class. In Australia, a science teacher created giant 3D models of cells and neurotransmitters and let the class explore them. Other teachers have used the simulation aspect of the game, having kids do experiments with MinecraftEdu gravity and then comparing that to the real world and coming up with a hypothesis and proving it.在美国,历史教师正利用游戏重建古代世界,然后让学生们开始其虚拟征程,与历史人物对话,或让学生根据课堂所学重建地标性历史建筑。在澳大利亚,科学老师创建了一个巨大的细胞和神经递质三维模型,并让学生们对其进行探索。其他老师则发挥了该游戏的模拟功能,让孩子们利用MinecraftEdu做重力实验,然后与真实世界的结果进行对比,从而提出假设并进行明。In Denmark, ESL teacher André Chercka used MinecraftEdu to help educate troubled teens. Kids can play the game in the classroom, but they have to speak only English. Because the game is so engaging, teachers find students pushing themselves and learning English.在丹麦,非母语英语课程教师安德鲁o查卡使用MinecraftEdu帮助教育问题少年。孩子们可以在课堂玩游戏,但前提是只能说英语。在该游戏的强烈吸引下,教师们发现学生们一个个都在努力地学习英语。“Book learning can only go so far,” said Levin. “You need to communicate to another person to solve problems and ultimately to succeed.”莱文说,“从书本上学到的东西总是有限的。要想解决问题并最终获得成功,人们得与其他人进行交流。”Even at younger grade levels, the game has been successfully integrated into education. In kindergarten classrooms, the game is used for play like LEGOs. Around the second-grade level, instructors are using the game to teach children about how communities work and the different roles in society. The game is good at modeling things like asking a group of kids to build a town and assigning different tasks like chopping wood and making tools. That concept was taken to another level at one high school, where a government teacher let kids form their own society. They wrote a town charter and had a great debate about how to govern and how to divide labor.即便是在较低的年级,这款游戏也已经被成功地整合到教学当中。在幼儿园教室里,孩子们像玩乐高积木一样玩这款游戏。在二年级,指导员利用游戏向孩子们介绍社区的运作方式,以及人们在社会上扮演的不同角色。将事物模块化是该游戏的专长,例如让一组孩子建设一座城镇,然后分配不同任务,例如锯木头和制作工具。这一理念在一所高中得到了进一步升华,一位公立学校教师让孩子们根据自己的想法来组建社会。他们撰写了城镇章程,而且就城镇管理方式和劳动分配方式进行了非常有意义的辩论。“At the meta level if you have some programming skills you can change the game to add whatever you want to it,” said Levin, who noted that the game is also being used to teach programming at some schools. “I’ve seen s from a calculus class where students were making shapes using MinecraftEdu blocks that conformed to the formulas they were studying. Other students built the Globe Theater and then stood on stage reciting Shakespeare.”莱文注意到一些学校在编程教学中也在使用该游戏,他说:“如果你拥有一些元级层次的编程技术,你可以对游戏进行更改,并按照自己的想法增加任何组件。在我看过的一段微积分课程视频中,学生们使用MinecraftEdu方块按照所学公式来拼凑各种形状。其他的学生则搭建了环球剧场(Globe Theater),然后站在台上朗诵莎士比亚的作品。”MinecraftEdu is helping debunk the stigma attached to games—generally that they’re a waste of time or lead to addictive or negative behavior. Levin said there’s enough research out there that disproves this idea, including a recent study in the ed Kingdom that tracked 13,000 kids over 10 years and was unable to show any negative effects from kids who played games when compared to those who did not.MinecraftEdu正在为视频游戏平反——人们过去普遍认为,玩视频游戏是浪费时间,而且容易上瘾或导致不良行为。莱文说,有足够多的研究表明,这一观点并不正确,其中包括英国近期对1.3万名儿童开展的长达10年的跟踪调查。该调查显示,与不玩游戏的孩子相比,玩游戏的孩子并未因为玩游戏而受到任何不良影响。“It’s about whether the school is willing to embrace new teaching methods and education in the classroom,” said Levin. “By and large, schools all over the world schools are really looking for teaching methods they can apply to 21st-century learning.”莱文说:“关键问题在于,学校是否愿意在课堂上使用新的教学方法和教育模式。总的来说,全世界的学校都在认真地寻找适用于21世纪教育的教学方法。”The cost of entry for educators is low at 1, which includes the software plus 25 licenses of the game. MinecraftEdu is only available for the PC, Mac and Linux, which fits in nicely with the classroom setting.对于教学人员来说,使用这款软件的成本低至391美元,其中包括软件及25项授权。MinecraftEdu仅适用于桌面电脑、苹果Mac电脑和Linux系统,而且可以很好地融入课堂环境中。 /201408/318933。

China Mobile plans 100 3G launches China Mobile, the world's biggest wireless operator by subscribers, wants to introduce more than a hundred new phone models in China by the end of the year to entice more of its users to switch to third-generation services, its chairman Wang Jianzhou said.Mr Wang said China Mobile, which has a user base of 493m, “still has a lot of room to develop” value-added services, such as music and games downloads, but is stymied by a lack of advanced devices that support China's home-grown TD-SCDMA standard for 3G services.“There are some [TD-SCDMA handsets] currently but the volume is limited. What we need is millions and tens of millions [of handsets],” Mr Wang said.While still the biggest of China's three telecommunications operators, China Mobile's grip on its market has slowly slipped since Beijing restructured the sector last year. China Mobile, which in December was still signing up nine of every 10 new subscribers in China, said last week its share of new subscribers dropped to 60 per cent.This was partly because China Mobile was given a licence to operate a network using the untested TD-SCDMA technology while its two smaller rivals, China Telecom and China Unicom, were granted licences for more established international 3G standards. Mr Wang denied criticisms that technical problems with the network were hampering growth.While there are more than 7,000 phone models that support GSM, the most popular mobile phone standard, as of June there were only 50 TD-SCDMA handset models, Mr Wang said. He hopes that number will rise to 200 models by the end of the year, and is turning to Taiwanese manufacturers to fill that gap.China Mobile will work with Taiwan's HTC to develop smartphones and will fund part of the research and development costs, Mr Wang said. HTC is the world's biggest maker of phones using Microsoft's Windows Mobile platform.HTC is expected to release a customised version of the Magic, a smartphone running on Google's Android platform, in China this year. Mr Wang said China Mobile planned to launch five more HTC models next year.Mr Wang also said he “has great expectations of MediaTek”, Taiwan's chip design company, the biggest supplier of mobile phone chips to China. MediaTek plans to launch its first chips for smartphones soon.China Mobile also announced that it would launch smartphones made by Dell, the world's number two computer maker, and Lenovo, China's biggest PC maker. Mr Wang said China Mobile was keen to launch more netbooks and electronic ers. /200908/82349。

PepsiCo. (PEP) has entered the make-it-yourself soda space with the announcement of Spire, a new machine that can stir up over 1,000 flavor combinations of carbonated beverages at locations such as restaurants and movie theaters.百事可乐公司(PepsiCo.)宣布推出一款新型设备Spire,从而进入了自制碳酸水领域。这种设备可以混合超过1,000种口味的碳酸饮料,主要用于餐厅和电影院。The self-service equipment was unveiled at a National Restaurant Association Show and there are aly around 50 locations in the U.S. where customers can try out Spire, according to the company#39;s website.百事可乐公司在美国餐厅协会展(National Restaurant Association Show)上推出了这款自助设备。据这家公司的网站显示,消费者可以在美国的50个地方尝试使用Spire。The machine, which is sleek and resembles an Apple (AAPL) product more than anything else, situates itself as a direct competitor to Coca-Cola#39;s (KO) Freestyle.这台设备造型时尚,看上去像是苹果公司(Apple)的产品。百事公司把它当作可口可乐公司(Coca-Cola)Freestyle可乐售卖机的直接竞争对手。The ;first digital fountain that lets you personalize your favorite Pepsi brands,; Spire aims to let customers ;explore new taste territories from a sleek, digital touch screen,; Pepsi said.百事公司表示,Spire是第一款可以个性化制作百事品牌饮料的数字冷饮售卖机,希望它能让消费者“通过造型优美的数字触摸屏幕,探索新口味。”;Soda fountains in pharmacies and apothecaries, where this all started, were points of engagement where an amazing amount of creativity and innovation took place at the hands of the soda jerk. But somewhere along the line, what was an experience has turned into a transaction, and that#39;s got to change,; said Brad Jakeman, president of PepsiCo#39;s global beverages group, toThe New York Times.百事可乐公司全球饮料集团总裁布拉德o杰克曼告诉《纽约时报》(New York Times):“冷饮柜台最初起源于药店,在冷饮售货员的手中会变幻出各种令人惊讶的创意和花样。但在过程中,这种用户体验却变成了交易,现在我们将改变这种状况。”Earlier in April, news that PepsiCo was in talks to buy stakes of SodaStream emerged, illustrating another way the beverage and food company has sought to expand its portfolio as sales for the soda industry continue to dip.四月初有报道称,百事可乐公司正在谈判购买苏打水机制造商SodaStream的股份,这进一步表明,随着苏打水行业的销量持续下滑,百事可乐公司正在寻求增加产品组合。Earlier in the year, news broke that PepsiCo partnered with Bevyz, a European company that sells beverage systems for the home.今年年初,有消息称百事可乐公司与出售家用饮料系统的欧洲公司Bevyz达成了合作关系。 /201405/300894。

In the August issue of Smithsonian#39;s Airamp; Space magazine, Tom Vanderbilt tests out NASA#39;s new Orion spaceship, which will go deeper into space than anyspaceship has before.在史密森学会8月份的《航天与航空》杂志中,汤姆·范德比尔特测试了NASA最新的猎户座宇宙飞船,该飞船将比以往任何飞船都要深入太空中去。Vanderbilt toured a ;low-fidelitymockup; of Orion at Lockheed Martin#39;s Exploration Development Laboratoryin Houston, and he describes the spaceship as resembling a Star WarsStormtrooper#39;s helmet.汤姆·范德比尔在位于休斯敦的洛克希德马丁公司的探索研究实验室里测试了该飞船的“低保真度模型”,他形容这架飞船很像《星球大战》里突击队员的头盔。Despite massive NASA budget cuts recently,NASA gave the lab .1 billion in 2006 for Orion#39;s construction. When theprogram was canceled, Lockheed Martin created a contact, which has beenextended to 2020, to build capsules for three missions. Orion, Vanderbiltwrites, is ;NASA#39;s most ambitious crewed vehicle ever; and will;carry the human space program for the next 30 years.; NASA hopesOrion will be able to complete everything from lunar exploration to Marsmissions.尽管最近几年NASA的预算得到了大量的削减,但是在2006年的时候给该实验室拨款61亿美元用以研发猎户座飞船。当该计划被取消时,洛克希德马丁公司又与NASA取得联系,于是该计划被延期到2020年,任务是建造太空舱以完成三项任务。范德比尔认为猎户座飞船是NASA最富雄心的飞船,而且将在未来30年内带领人类进行太空探索。NASA希望猎户座飞船能够完成从探月到火星探险等任务。Orion will eventually reach speeds of 20,000 mph, Vanderbiltreports, and will be able to leave low Earth orbit, where the InternationalSpace Station is located. According to NASA#39;s website, Orion#39;s first test flight willoccur by the end of the year, with Orion atop a Delta IV Heavy rocket. Orion#39;sfirst exploration mission, which will be the first to combine Orion with NASA#39;snew SpaceLaunch System, is scheduled for 2017.猎户座的最终时速将达到2万英里,而且有能力离开低地球轨道,而国际空间站正位于该轨道上。根据NASA网站上的说法,猎户座的首次测试飞行将于年底前完成,运载火箭将是三角洲四号运载火箭。根据计划,猎户座将于2017年进行首次太空探险,到时猎户座飞船将首次与NASA的新空间发射系统相结合。 /201408/317226。

韩国怀疑朝鲜“对首尔发动猛烈的网络攻击”来源:Times Online 编辑:Vicki美国独立日当天,韩国和美国的政府机关,和企业网络均受到攻击瘫痪,朝鲜成为最大嫌疑犯。从7月4号开始,美国队财政部和特勤处,韩国的总统府,议会,国防部及外交部均受到一系列网络攻击,如果这次事件真是平壤所为,那么事件就相当敏感了,从年初开出,朝鲜一直对美国和韩国进行一系列的挑衅动作,包括试射导弹。North Korea 'launches massive cyber attack on Seoul'North Korea is the main suspect behind a campaign of cyber attacks that have paralysed (麻痹,瘫痪)the websites of US and South Korean government agencies, banks and businesses since American Independence Day. News of the campaign — which would be the first such large-scale attack attempted by the dictatorship (独裁)— emerged yesterday as an ill and emaciated (衰弱的)Kim Jong Il made a rare public appearance. US government agencies, ranging from the Treasury Department (财政部)to the Secret Service(特勤处), and South Korea’s presidential office, parliament and defence and foreign ministries were among those hit by the attacks, which began on July 4. The South Korean intelligence agency told members of parliament that it believed Pyongyang or its agents abroad were behind the attacks. “This is not a simple attack by individuals,” Seoul’s National Intelligence Service (NIS) (国家情报院)said in a statement. “The attack appeared to have been elaborately(苦心经营地) prepared and staged by a certain organisation or state.” The Yonhap news agency(联合新闻社) ed an unnamed member of parliament who said that the NIS had suggested that the attacks were the work of North Korea or “a pro-North Korean force”. Experts said that there was no indication of data theft, but because the websites were still affected four days after the attacks began, an unusually sophisticated denial of service attack had probably been used. Thousands of computers were infected by a virus that flooded websites with traffic, then overloaded their servers and forced them to shut down. South Korean and US authorities were working to identify the creators of the virus, the NIS said. US officials would not speak publicly about the attack but an emergency notice has been sent to federal departments advising them of precautions(预防措施). One theory is that they were tests of American and South Korean cyber defences. Security experts warned last year, amid an attack linked to China, that America remained more vulnerable to cyber-terrorism than any conventional form of attack. President Obama announced the establishment of an inter-agency cyber-security office(机构间网络安全办公室) in May and the Pentagon(五角大楼) added a military Cyber Command (军事网络指挥中心)to supplement the civilian effort last month. South Korea had warned of the danger of cyber-espionage (网络间谍)by Chinese and North Korean hackers. The country’s Defence Security Command said last month that it was logging attempts to penetrate military networks at an average rate of 95,000 a day. If the attacks this week are the work of North Korea the timing is significant. Pyongyang has staged a series of verbal and physical provocations this year, including an underground nuclear test and the launch of an intercontinental rocket(洲际火箭). The aggressive attitude suggests that it has abandoned expectations of negotiation with the international community in favour of whipping up (激励,鼓励)nationalist fervour (热情)at home. /200907/77414。

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isis) is the first terrorist group whose members have grown up on the internet. They are exploiting the power of the web to create a jihadi threat with near-global reach. The challenge to governments and their intelligence agencies is huge – and it can only be met with greater co-operation from technology companies.“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国”(ISIS)是第一个成员在网络时代长大的恐怖组织。利用网络的力量,他们几乎在全球范围内制造圣战威胁。各国政府和情报机构面对的挑战是巨大的,只有与科技企业展开更深入的合作,才能解决这个挑战。Terrorists have long made use of the internet. But Isis’s approach is different in two important areas. Where al-Qaeda and its affiliates saw the internet as a place to disseminate material anonymously or meet in “dark spaces”, Isis has embraced the web as a noisy channel in which to promote itself, intimidate people, and radicalise new recruits.恐怖分子早就会利用网络了。但在两个重要的方面,ISIS的策略和此前的恐怖组织不同。基地组织(al-Qaeda)及其附属组织将网络看成匿名散播材料或者暗中集会的场所,而ISIS把网络当成传播大量消息的渠道,借助它宣传自身、恐吓民众、让新成员变得更为激进。The extremists of Isis use messaging and social media services such as Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp, and a language their peers understand. The s they post of themselves attacking towns, firing weapons or detonating explosives have a self-conscious online gaming quality. Their use of the World Cup and Ebola hashtags to insert the Isis message into a wider news feed, and their ability to send 40,000 tweets a day during the advance on Mosul without triggering spam controls, illustrates their ease with new media. There is no need for today’s would-be jihadis to seek out restricted websites with secret passwords: they can follow other young people posting their adventures in Syria as they would anywhere else.ISIS的极端分子使用Twitter、Facebook和WhatsApp等消息和社交媒体务,并且使用他们的同龄人理解的语言。他们发布视频,展示他们攻击城镇、射击或者引爆炸弹的画面,并刻意把视频制作成网络游戏的样子。他们使用世界杯(World Cup)和埃拉(Ebola)作为话题标签,将ISIS的讯息嵌入范围更广的消息源中。在向苏尔城进发的途中,ISIS成员每天发送4万条tweet消息,并且没有触发垃圾消息管控,这表明他们能自如地运用新媒体。今天,想成为圣战分子的人无需寻找访问受限、需要密码的网站:他们可以关注ISIS分子,像任何其他地方的年轻人那样,ISIS分子也会发布自己在叙利亚的“冒险”经历。The Isis leadership understands the power this gives them with a new generation. The grotesque s of beheadings were remarkable not just for their merciless brutality, which we have seen before from al-Qaeda in Iraq, but for what Isis has learnt from that experience. This time the “production values” were high and the s stopped short of showing the actual beheading. They have realised that too much graphic violence can be counter-productive in their target audience and that by self-censoring they can stay just the right side of the rules of social media sites, capitalising on western freedom of expression.ISIS的领导层了解,在新一代恐怖分子身上,网络赋予他们什么力量。ISIS发布的可怕斩首视频之所以不同寻常,不仅是因为内容残忍无情(我们在伊拉克的基地组织中也看到过这种残忍无情),还因为ISIS吸取了基地组织的经验。这一次,视频的“生产价值”很高,在展现真正的斩首画面前就停止了。他们已经意识到,太多暴力画面可能对他们的目标受众产生反效果。通过自我审查,他们能够恰巧保不触犯社交媒体网站的规则,利用西方的言论自由。Isis also differs from its predecessors in the security of its communications. This presents an even greater challenge to agencies such as GCHQ. Terrorists have always found ways of hiding their operations. But today mobile technology and smartphones have increased the options available exponentially. Techniques for encrypting messages or making them anonymous which were once the preserve of the most sophisticated criminals or nation states now come as standard. These are supplemented by freely available programs and apps adding extra layers of security, many of them proudly advertising that they are “Snowden approved”. There is no doubt that young foreign fighters have learnt and benefited from the leaks of the past two years.在通信安全方面,ISIS和以前的恐怖组织也不同。这给英国政府通信总部(GCHQ)这样的机构造成了更大的挑战。恐怖分子总是有各种方法来隐蔽自己的行动。但今天的移动科技和智能手机让可供选择的方法成倍增加。一度只有最老练的犯罪分子或者国家才能掌握给信息加密或者使信息匿名的技术,如今这些技术已成家常便饭。还有一些免费程序和应用可为他们提供额外的安全保护,其中许多在广告中自豪地宣称获得“斯诺登认”。毫无疑问,这些年轻的外国战斗人员已从过去一年多的斯诺登爆料中学习并受益。GCHQ and its sister agencies, MI5 and the Secret Intelligence Service, cannot tackle these challenges at scale without greater support from the private sector, including the largest US technology companies which dominate the web. I understand why they have an uneasy relationship with governments. They aspire to be neutral conduits of data and to sit outside or above politics. But increasingly their services not only host the material of violent extremism or child exploitation, but are the routes for the facilitation of crime and terrorism. However much they may dislike it, they have become the command-and-control networks of choice for terrorists and criminals, who find their services as transformational as the rest of us. If they are to meet this challenge, it means coming up with better arrangements for facilitating lawful investigation by security and law enforcement agencies than we have now.GCHQ及其姊机构军情五处(MI5)和秘密情报局(SIS,英国国内及海外情报机构)如果得不到私营部门更大的持,包括从主导互联网的美国各大科技公司得到这样的持,就无法大规模地应对这些挑战。我理解为什么这些公司与政府的关系比较紧张。它们希望成为中立的数据中转站,立于政治之外、或者政治之上。但它们的务不仅日益成为暴力极端主义或者儿童剥削相关材料传播的温床,也成为向犯罪和恐怖主义提供便利的渠道。无论它们多么不愿意承认,它们都已成为恐怖分子和犯罪分子首选的指挥和控制网络。就像我们其余人一样,那些不法分子也发现它们的务可以带来巨大改变。如果这些企业要应对这些挑战,就应该做出比现在更好的安排,为安全和执法机构进行合法调查提供便利。For our part, intelligence agencies such as GCHQ need to enter the public debate about privacy. I think we have a good story to tell. We need to show how we are accountable for the data we use to protect people, just as the private sector is increasingly under pressure to show how it filters and sells its customers’ data. GCHQ is happy to be part of a mature debate on privacy in the digital age. But privacy has never been an absolute right and the debate about this should not become a reason for postponing urgent and difficult decisions.就我们自身而言,GCHQ这样的情报机构需要参与公众对隐私的辩论。我认为我们有一些合情合理的事情可以告诉公众。我们需要展现,在调用数据以保护民众时,我们如何对所用数据负责,正如私营部门也面临越来越大的压力,展示它们如何过滤和出售用户数据那样。GCHQ乐于参与关于数字时代隐私的成熟辩论。但隐私从来都不是一项绝对的权利,相关的辩论也不应成为推迟一些紧迫而且困难的抉择的理由。To those of us who have to tackle the depressing end of human behaviour on the internet, it can seem that some technology companies are in denial about its misuse. I suspect most ordinary users of the internet are ahead of them: they have strong views on the ethics of companies, whether on taxation, child protection or privacy; they do not want the media platforms they use with their friends and families to facilitate murder or child abuse. They know the internet grew out of the values of western democracy, not vice versa. I think those customers would be comfortable with a better, more sustainable relationship between the agencies and the technology companies. As we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the spectacular creation that is the world wide web, we need a new deal between democratic governments and the technology companies in the area of protecting our citizens. It should be a deal rooted in the democratic values we share. That means addressing some uncomfortable truths. Better to do it now than in the aftermath of greater violence.我们这些人有责任应对互联网上的一些令人沮丧的行为,在我们看来,一些科技企业似乎在否认互联网存在被滥用的情况。我怀疑,绝大多数普通的互联网用户已经走在了它们的前面:他们对企业道德有鲜明的看法,无论是在税务、儿童保护或者隐私方面;他们不希望他们和他们的家人朋友使用的媒体平台为谋杀或者虐待儿童提供便利。他们知道互联网源于西方民主价值,而不是相反。我认为,这些互联网用户对情报机构与科技企业之间保持更好、更可持续的关系不会有意见。当我们庆祝万维网(World Wide Web)这个伟大的创造诞生25周年时,民主政府和科技企业需要在公民保护领域达成新的协议。这项协议应该基于我们共同的民主价值观。这意味着面对一些令人不安的实情。我们最好现在就采取行动,而不是等到更严重的暴力事件发生以后。 /201411/340984。

According to a transparency report released by Google, western governments, including that of the ed States, appear to be stepping up efforts to censor Internet search results and YouTube s, CNN reported.据美国有线新闻网报道,谷歌公司日前发布透明度报告称,包括美国在内的西方国家正大力审查网络搜索结果和YouTube视频。;It#39;s alarming not only because the right to free expression is at risk, but because some of these requests are coming from countries you might not expect this from - Western democracies not typically associated with censorship,; said Dorothy Chou, a senior policy analyst at Google.谷歌高级政策分析师桃乐茜#8226;周表示:“自由言论受到威胁令人担忧,不仅如此,西方民主国家本与审查制度无缘,它们也发出请求删除言论,让人始料不及。”During the second half of 2011, U.S. agencies asked Google to remove 6,192 individual pieces of content from its search results, blog posts or archives of online s, according to the report. The tech company did comply, at least in part, with 42% of the removal requests coming from the U.S.报告称,2011年下半年,美国相关机构要求谷歌删除6192条搜索结果、客网贴、在线视频等内容,谷歌公司也的确根据要求,删除了至少42%的相关内容。The company said: ;We review each request to make sure that it complies with both the spirit and the letter of the law, and we may refuse to produce information or in some cases will try to narrow down the request.;谷歌表示:“我们会审查每份请求,保其与当地法律意旨及明文规定相一致,某些情况下,我们会拒绝提供信息或对其要求不予完全满足。” /201207/188739。