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遵义妇幼保健院网络预约贵阳天伦医院检查输卵管大概多少钱想必每个人都有捡到东西的经历,但相信很少有人能在大街上捡到金子。现在纽约就有一位失业珠宝商(jeweller)用镊子捡拾街头的珠宝和金子换钱。不得不令人心生感叹,纽约果然是金龟横行,有钱人的天堂啊,弯腰皆可拾金。An unemployed jewellery setter has taken to combing the streets of New York with a pair of tweezers to cash in on dropped gems and gold.一位失业珠宝商用镊子捡拾纽约街头的珠宝和金子换钱。The streets of New York may not quite be paved with gold. But one man in America is proving that the cracks on Manhattan pavements really can bear riches.纽约街道也许并不是金子铺成的,但一位美国人确实明了曼哈顿街道的间隙里确实藏着财富。Raffi Stepanian, 43, has begun crawling around the New York ;Diamond District; on his hands and knees, plucking jewels and fragments of precious metals from between the slabs.今年43岁的Raffi Stepanian经常匍匐于纽约;钻石区;,在石板的缝隙间夹出珠宝和部分贵重金属。Armed with a pair of tweezers, Mr Stepanian, an unemployed diamond setter from Queens, claims to have collected ,010 (623pound) worth in the past fortnight.Stepanian是纽约皇后区的一位失业珠宝商,他每天拿着镊子干活,据他介绍,这两个星期他已经找到了价值1010美元(623英镑)的贵重物品。;I#39;m surviving on it,; he said. ;I may be about to trigger a new gold rush on the streets of New York, The soil in the sidewalks of 47th street are saturated with the stuff ;;我就是靠这个生活的。;他说道,;我正打算在纽约街头掀起一股新的淘金热。第47号大街人行道上的泥土中充满着财富。;Mr Stepanian#39;s haul so far has included chips of diamonds and rubies, bits of platinum, and gold fragments from watches, earrings and necklaces.Stepanian的成果包括钻石及红宝石的碎片,小块片的铂金,还有手表、耳环和项链上的黄金材料。He has sold most of his discoveries to metal refiners or diamond sellers, while keeping some gold with a view to melting it down for future use.他已经将收集的绝大部分材料卖给了金炼者和珠宝商,只保留了少许黄金准备将来熔炼后再用。;You might get per piece, but it all adds up, It is a rich area and people simply drop things, or their jewellery falls on the street, and it gets stuck in the mud or the gum. It#39;s like a mine, but more concentrated.; he said.;这些黄金可能一片才30美元,但如果将它们熔炼在一起,价钱就大大提升了。这是一片富裕区,而人们经常掉东西,它们的珠宝掉落在大街上,然后被泥土或口香糖卡住。这里就像一座矿山,但宝藏更集中。;他介绍到。;Being in the jewellery industry for 26 years, it was second nature to spot glistening fragments on the floors and in elevators. It was always tempting to pick them up. Now that#39;s what I#39;m doing.; he said.;在珠宝业摸爬滚打26年,在地板和电梯里发现闪光的东西已经成为我的第二天性了。他们总是能吸引我把他们捡拾起来,这就是我所做的。;他如是说。 /201111/161970贵阳医学院第三附属医院治不孕 贵阳人流医院天伦一流

贵阳看男科好的公立医院?China is so big and so complicated that most scholars have viewed it in glorious isolation. 中国地域之大、情况之复杂导致多数学者都以“光荣孤立”的视角看待中国问题。 In #39;Beyond the Middle Kingdom,#39; a new collection of essays edited by Indiana University professor and China-hand Scott Kennedy, some of the world#39;s leading China scholars attempt to turn that around exploring China in comparative perspective. 美国印第安纳大学(Indiana University)教授、中国问题专家甘思德(Scott Kennedy)最新主编出版了一部名为;Beyond the Middle Kingdom;的论文集,在这部论文集中,一些世界一流的中国问题学者尝试转换角度──以比较的视角来探讨中国问题。 China Real Time recently caught up with Mr. Kennedy to get the lowdown on the new approach. “中国实时报”(China Real Time)栏目近期采访了甘思德,以深入了解这种新的思路。 Most China experts look at the middle kingdom in isolation, why is that? 《华尔街日报》:多数中国问题专家都以孤立的视角看待中国,为什么会是这样呢? Because of China#39;s size, the complexity of Chinese culture, and the country#39;s long history, many experts begin with the untested assumption that China is unique, and that comparison would only yield contrasts. 甘思德:中国的地域,中国文化的复杂性以及漫长的历史让许多专家一开始就做出想当然的假设,认为中国是与众不同的,如果进行对比只能发现差异。 Just as important, learning Chinese and doing field work in China requires a huge amount of time and energy. Since Chinese is not the main language in any other country, save perhaps in Singapore, the skill set China specialists have is not as portable as say for experts who do research on countries where people speak Spanish, French, or Arabic. 同样,学习中文和在中国进行田野调查也需要耗费大量时间和精力。由于中文在任何其他国家都算不上主要语言(也许除新加坡以外),与在西班牙语、法语或阿拉伯语国家做研究的专家相比,中国问题专家所具备的一套技能搬到中国并不那么好用。 You#39;ve uncovered a misunderstanding in what the term #39;middle kingdom#39; actually means? 《华尔街日报》:你发现人们对“middle kingdom”这个名词的理解有误? The Chinese word for China, zhongguo, is often mis-translated as #39;Middle Kingdom.#39; In fact, a more accurate rendering is #39;central states,#39; plural, not singular. The central states were those kingdoms that existed in what is today central, east and southeastern China during the Spring and Autumn Period prior to the Qin Dynasty and the creation of a unified country. 甘思德:汉语“中国”一词常常被错误地翻译成“Middle Kingdom”。其实更准确的译法应该是“central states”(注:中部列国),“states”为复数,而不是单数。“中部列国”是指秦朝(Qin Dynasty)统一中国之前,春秋战国(Spring and Autumn Period)时期位于今天中国中部、东部和东南部的王国。 Given this history, the more contemporary meaning of zhongguo likely is more about unifying the country than being in the center of the world. Foreigners ─ not Chinese people ─ use the term #39;Middle Kingdom#39; to imply Chinese see themselves as part of a superior civilization. But Chinese do not conceive of #39;zhongguo#39; as #39;Middle Kingdom.#39; So if there#39;s a Middle Kingdom complex, it#39;s the West#39;s, not China#39;s. 从这段历史来看,“中国”一词更现代的含义可能与统一国家(而不是处于世界中心)联系更为紧密。外国人──而非中国人──用“Middle Kingdom”一词暗示中国人认为自己的文明更优越。但中国人并不把“中国”理解成“Middle Kingdom”。所以,如果说存在“Middle Kingdom”情结的话,那也是西方的,而不是中国的情结。 What#39;s wrong with looking at China in isolation? 《华尔街日报》:如果以孤立的视角看中国,会存在什么问题? Whether we like it or not, we all compare China to other places. When you say that China is large, isn#39;t pro-environment, is ethnically homogenous, has a lot of inequality, or is highly corrupt, you are implicitly making comparisons. I advocate being explicit about cross-national comparisons because doing so reveals unexpected similarities and differences. 甘思德:不论我们喜不喜欢,我们都会把中国与其他地区进行对比。当你说中国很大,中国不重视环境保护,民族单一化,不平等或者腐败问题严重时,你其实是在进行隐性比较。我提倡进行显性的跨国比较,因为这样可以揭示出让人意想不到的共同点和不同点。 One obvious comparator is Asian neighbors like Korea and Japan. But there are some important differences in China#39;s growth story. 韩国和日本等亚洲邻国显然可以作为中国的比较对象。但中国的发展历程与这些国家之间存在一些重要区别。 Many Chinese officials have hoped that China would follow the lead of its East Asian neighbors. There is a common commitment to active industrial policy and limited faith in the ability of free markets to generate socially valuable outcomes. 许多中国官员期望中国追随其东亚邻国的脚步。东亚国家普遍致力于推行积极的产业政策,同时认为自由市场产生社会价值的能力有限。 But there are substantial differences between China and its neighbors. Policymaking in China is less coordinated and exhibits greater infighting and turf battles. Many of China#39;s economic policies are geared toward helping state-owned enterprises, more so than elsewhere in the region. And unexpectedly, China largely had lower trade and investment barriers than its neighbors in part because South Korea and Japan were given greater leeway until the 1980's because they were American allies during the Cold War. 但中国与其邻国之间存在相当大的差别。中国的决策协调性较差,内部纠纷和部门之间的地盘之争比较严重。中国的许多经济政策都是向国有企业倾斜的,这种倾向性比该地区其他国家要强。令人意外的是,中国的贸易和投资壁垒总体而言要比邻国少,这在一定程度上是因为,由于韩国和日本在冷战(Cold War)期间是美国的盟友,它们二十世纪八十年代之前一直能获得较大的自由空间。 Economic performance has also differed. China has actually enjoyed a longer #39;high-growth#39; era than any of its neighbors, but wealth there is much more unevenly distributed. 中国与邻国的经济表现也存在差别。中国的“高增长”期事实上比任何邻国都要长,但中国财富分配的不均程度也要比邻国严重得多。 Russia, as a former Communist state, also yields some fruitful comparisons. 我们也可以用曾为共产党国家的俄罗斯与中国做一番有意义的比较。 The Chinese state may be less functional than that of its East Asian neighbors, but China#39;s bureaucratic institutions and economy are much more robust than those of Russia. Take the auto sector. Cross-provincial competition and joint ventures with foreign partners have led Chinese automakers to substantially improve their performance over the last 15 years. By contrast, Russia#39;s auto companies have been far less successful as a result of Russia#39;s more chaotic inter-regional competition and less well-designed national policies. 中国政府的效能可能不如东亚邻国高,但中国的官僚机构和经济却比俄罗斯强大得多。我们以汽车行业为例。在过去15年中,跨省竞争以及与海外伙伴组建合资企业显著提升了中国汽车生产商的表现。而俄罗斯的汽车企业则远不如中国成功,因为俄罗斯的跨地区竞争比较混乱,国家政策的设计也不如中国合理。 And other emerging markets like Mexico, Brazil and India? 《华尔街日报》:如果将中国与墨西哥、巴西、印度等其他新兴经济体进行比较呢? These three democracies are excellent reference countries to understand the extent to which China#39;s authoritarian system shapes its political economy. There are clear differences, such as more aggressive business lobbying within these three countries as compared to China. For example, Mexican banks have successfully lobbied to be part of cross-national mergers and acquisitions, while their state-controlled Chinese cousins have not. But there are also surprising similarities across the four countries. Corruption levels, income inequality, and the unevenness of social welfare systems are similar. In addition, all four have faced similar difficulties moving higher up within the global supply chains. 甘思德:这三个民主国家为我们理解中国权力体系如何塑造其政治经济提供了很好的参照。差异是明显的,比方说,这三个国家企业界的游说活动要比中国有力。例如,墨西哥业曾成功游说政府允许业参与跨国并购,而中国国有则尚未获得成功。但这四个国家之间也存在惊人的相似。腐败程度、收入差距以及社会福利体系的不平等都是相似的。此外,这四个国家在提升自身在全球供应链中的地位时都面临类似的难题。 What does all this mean for our understanding of the #39;Beijing Consensus?#39; 《华尔街日报》:以上这些对我们理解“北京共识”(Beijing Consensus)有什么意义? The #39;Beijing Consensus#39; is a myth propagated by observers who have not bothered to compare China#39;s development experience to that of others. Systematic comparison yields both differences and similarities. Asserting that China is unique is no more valuable than recognizing that each of the world#39;s 192 countries has something special about themselves. Slogans such as the Beijing Consensus or China Model are more useful for advertising campaigns than for genuine understanding. 甘思德:“北京共识”是一些观察家宣传的没有真正获得太多认同的说法,他们未将中国的发展经历与其他国家进行比较。通过系统的比较,我们既能认识到不同之处,也能认识到相似之处。所谓中国与众不同的说法并不比承认全球192个国家均有独特之处更有价值。“北京共识”或“中国模式”(China Model)等口号在广告宣传中用处更大,它们并不是对问题真正的理解。 What#39;s the next step for the study of China through the comparative lens? 《华尔街日报》:通过比较视角来研究中国的话,下一步要做什么? There are still many areas of governance, economic policy, business performance, and international behavior that await more in-depth and systematic comparisons. Equally important, comparativists typically operate at the national level. But there is a tremendous amount that can be learned by sub-national comparisons. We may be able to gain more insights by comparing, for example, the growth strategies of Shanghai to Los Angeles, Cairo, and St. Petersburg, than comparing China with the ed States, Egypt, and Russia. 甘思德:现在仍有许多与治理、经济政策、企业表现及国际行为相关的领域有待更深入、更系统的比较。同样值得一提的是,持比较视角的学者一般是在国家层面上考察问题的。但我们也可以通过次国家对比学到很多东西。我们可以把上海的经济增长战略与洛杉矶、开罗、圣彼得堡进行对比,这可能会比对比中国、美国、埃及和俄罗斯更有启发。 /201207/192942贵阳天伦不孕不育医院精子液精 安顺市妇幼保健院输卵管不通治疗

贵阳皮肤科在线解答More signs have emerged during the weekend that a mysterious woman recently seen with North Korean leader Kim Jong Eun in several events might be his wife. 上周末,有更多的迹象表明,近期陪同朝鲜领导人金正恩(Kim Jong Eun)公开露面的神秘女子可能是他的妻子。 On Sunday, Korean Central News Agency showed the woman accompanying Mr. Kim on a visit to a kindergarten in Pyongyang. In a dotted yellow one-piece and a Chanel-style white tweed jacket, matching with ivory toe-open high heels, the woman gave the image of a confident — and fashionable - First Lady. 上周日,朝中社(Korean Central News Agency)的报道显示,一名女子陪同金正恩视察了平壤的一家幼儿园。这名女子身穿黄底带圆点的连身裙,外面罩了一件香奈儿式的白色粗花呢夹克,同时搭配了一双露脚趾的象牙色高跟鞋。这名女子俨然展现出了一名自信而且时尚的第一夫人的形象。 She looked at ease and natural with Mr. Kim. In some photos, she was standing right next to him when he was talking to a group of children. Other officials, including Mr. Kim#39;s uncle Jang Song Thaek, were several steps behind. She also appeared to send Mr. Kim affectionate looks. 她在金正恩身边时显得放松而自然。从一些照片来看,金正恩与孩子们交谈时,她就站在金正恩的身边,而包括金正恩的姑父张成泽(Jang Song Thaek)在内的其他官员都站在距金正恩几步远的位置。她似乎也多次向金正恩送去含情脉脉的眼神。 On July 7, she made her public debut by accompanying Mr. Kim to a musical extravaganza that featured a western-style band and rip-off Disney characters. Unlike other senior officials who were sitting stiffly with their hands on their thighs, she seemed more comfortable, with her arms on armrests and a slightly lean toward Mr. Kim. 7月7日,这名女子在陪同金正恩参加一场以西式乐队和山寨迪士尼人物为特色的大型音乐会时第一次公开亮相。与其他双手放在大腿上、坐姿拘谨的朝鲜高官不同,她看起来更加放松。她把双手放在扶手上,身体稍微向金正恩的方向倾斜。 The next day, she was shown again with Mr. Kim on a visit to Kumsusan Memorial Palace where the bodies of his grandfather and father, Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, are displayed. The event marked the 18th anniversary of Kim Il Sung#39;s death. Kim Jong Eun and the woman bowed in front of two photos of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jung Il while other officials standing behind them saluted. 第二天,这名女子再次露面,这一次是陪同金正恩到锦绣山纪念宫(Kumsusan Memorial Palace)参加纪念金日成(Kim Il Sung)去世18周年的活动。金正恩的祖父金日成和父亲金正日(Kim Jong Il)的遗体都被保存在锦绣山纪念宫供人瞻仰。金正恩和这名女子在金日成和金正日的画像前鞠躬,而其他官员则站在二人身后行礼。 With no way to confirm the identity of the woman, outsiders#39; guesses can go only so far. 由于没有办法确认这名女子的身份,外界的猜测也就只能到这个程度了。 But her repeated appearance with the leader and confident air suggests that there is a high possibility that she is actually his wife. 但是,从这名女子多次出现在金正恩身边,以及她自信的神态可以看出,她很有可能就是金正恩的妻子。 Cheong Seong-chang, a senior fellow at Sejong Institute, wrote in a recent report that #39;Kim Jong Eun might have decided that now is the time to reveal his wife since the succession process completed and his mother Ko Yong Hee was introduced to North Koreans via a propaganda film.#39; 韩国世宗研究院(Sejong Institute)资深研究员郑相昌(Cheong Seong-chang)最近在一份报告中写道,金正恩可能已经做出决定,现在是让他的妻子在公众面前露面的时候了,因为政权过渡已经完成,而且他的母亲高英姬(Ko Yong Hee)也已经通过一部宣传片被朝鲜民众所认识。 Also by introducing the leader#39;s wife, the regime is aiming to nurture Mr. Kim#39;s image as a stable and mature man since Mr. Kim#39;s young age and inexperience have been perceived as his weak point, he wrote. 郑相昌写道,通过对金正恩的妻子进行介绍,朝鲜政府还意在打造金正恩成熟稳重男人的形象,因为太过年轻和缺乏经验被认为是金正恩的弱点。 Speculation about Kim Jong Eun#39;s wife once surfaced in December last year when KCNA aired Kim Jong Il#39;s funeral live. At that time, a mysterious young woman was spotted wearing a black hanbok, traditional Korean mourning clothing. But she remained low-key and didn#39;t come forward to pay tribute. 去年12月有关金正恩妻子的猜测曾一度浮出水面,当时,朝中社直播了金正日的葬礼,人们在画面中发现了一名神秘的、身穿黑色朝鲜传统丧的年轻女子。但这名女子一直非常低调,也没有上前致敬。 Some North Korean analysts believe that Kim Jong Eun got married in 2009 and the couple had a daughter in 2010. 一些朝鲜的分析人士认为,金正恩已于2009年结婚,并且这对夫妇在2010年生下了一个女儿。 /201207/190979 贵阳哪家男科医院是公家开的贵州省贵阳市天伦妇科医院白带异常多少钱



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